Thanks to the Troops Project ~ from Friends of David Archuleta Worldwide

david female soldier croppedHello everyone:

dan speaks group militaryToday I read Jason Hewlett’s blog from Kuwait ( By the end I felt I had to do something and I can’t think of any better helpers than David’s fans.   I know that each of us can do things individually (I provided some links below) but together, we can accomplish so much!  I am happy to co-ordinate care packages to send to US troops and Canadian Peacekeepers,  on behalf of Friends of David Archuleta Worldwide.  Some of the instructions to send packages off to our troops are specific and I’m offering to sort through the instructions and packaging requirements and mail gifts, letters and music to our troops, but I need your help! 

Who’s in???   

operation gratitudeI have found an organization, Operation Gratitude, (, who does this for US troops and several people have told me that this is a worthwhile organization. How can you help?

  1. Send items to me, which I will package up and send to Operation Gratitude, based upon their mailing requirements:
    1.  BEGIN. cover credit Shadow MT records - CopyTo help, there is a list of items that the troops desire. Add David Archuleta CD’s to that list! .
    2.  Another idea for donation is Beanie Babies. Soldiers carry the stuffed toys with them and give them to local children as gifts and sometimes the children give locations of IEDs when they receive these toys. I remember doing this several years ago with my own children when they outgrew their beloved Beanie Babies. Operation Gratitude also accepts Webkinz, trolls and other small plush toys 6 inches or less. Please make sure they are clean and in good shape.
    3. They also like hand knitted scarves and hats. There are specifics as to size and material. Find that info here: .
    4. IMG_5472-1024x764For you crafty people Paracord “Survival” Bracelets are needed. They are known as survival bracelets, because they can be unraveled and the paracord can be used for many purposes in a pinch. They are also exchanged among the servicemen and women as friendship bracelets.  Here are instructions for making them: I have also seen these pre-made at many stores.

You can obtain my address for shipping these to me by emailing me at

  1. timthumbIf you prefer that someone else makes the selection or you cannot send an item, I will accept monetary donations via Paypal for use in purchasing items and for shipping costs. If Paypal is not your thing I will accept checks or cash.   You can get my Paypal account info and mailing address for checks by emailing me at

We are working on landing on a similar organization for sending care packages to Canadian Peacekeepers.  More on that soon.   And of course, Jason’s blog suggested other ideas to make military and peacekeepers know they are appreciated.

So, are you with me?  Can you help show the soldiers how much we care and appreciate them?   Please write me and let me know if you can help!


If you prefer, you can send Direct Contributions:  

Shipping Address for Item and Letter Donations:
Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406

 Here is the address to send candy: 

Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Attn: Halloween Candy

uscanadaflagsFor Canadian letters and packages to be sent individually, please visit Morale Mail.  If you would like Holly to help co-ordinate, please email her.

Holly informed me that the deadline for all mailed items  is August 15, 2014, and monetary donation deadline is one week before: August 8, 2014.

Thanks Holly for co-ordinating this!

* * * * *

15 Responses to Thanks to the Troops Project ~ from Friends of David Archuleta Worldwide

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  2. MUNK says:

    I’M IN!!! 😀 thanks so much!

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  5. ambber says:
    I’d like to send a check. but need a post office address.

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  9. supergrandjudie #DA2014 says:

    How do I donate money thru paypal for shipping and who is it sent to??

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  13. Wow, you are amazing. This makes me so proud of you, your willingness to take positive action, and do something most people only say they’ll do for the Troops. I admire you all for this, and so grateful I could be a part of such a special tour with DEAN, DAN, & DAVID which inspired me to be a better person and appears to have inspired others, too. So awesome. Thank you!

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