David Archuleta ~ Friday Musings: David Sends Get Well Wishes, Vote for UAN on Musiqtone, Gracie Debuts New Music Vid, Get Your Tix to Kamas, Nathan Pacheco in Layton 7/29, Guess the Name of the Next EP – It’s in the Stars!


Waiting for new music…

– credit Shelley



David Sends Get Well Wishes

Despite his social media break, David made Linda’s day with a cute Get Well card and personal message! Snail mail still works and what a great surprise! David never ceases to amaze us with his kindness and caring! 🙂

We’d like to add our heartfelt wishes to Get Well Soon Linda! You are in our thoughts and prayers too!


Vote for Up All Night!

While we wait patiently for new music, please take a few minutes to vote for Up All Night on the Musiqtone Poll. UAN is currently #3 and surely we can get it to #1 where it belongs!


Gracie Debuts A New Music Video

There’s lots of new music being made, and here’s something from Gracie! If you’ve been following her on Twitter, you know that she’s been on an amazing trip through Europe and was most recently in London! She’s also been busy making new music and is debuting a new music video today – so check it out!


Get Your Tix for Kamas!

There’s still time to grab your tix for David’s upcoming concert at the DeJoria Center in Kamas, UT – we’re more than half-way through Summer, so September will be here before we know it! You can also enter to win tix from Mix 1051! Enter today!


Nathan Pacheco – Layton July 29th

If you have some free time this weekend, get your tix to see Nathan on Saturday, July 29th at the Kenley Amphitheater in Layton, Utah. David seems to like to drop in on his friends’ performances so you never know where he might show up!


What’s In A Name?

At the Sacramento VIP, David gave us a hint about the next EP – he said that the title will be the name of another constellation. He explained how he was inspired looking up at the night sky and seeing all the stars, and that led him to naming the first EP Orion. Any guesses about the name of the second EP?

So here are a few great guesses!

Pegasus:  The 7th largest constellation in the sky – the winged horse who carried thunder and lightening bolts for Zeus.

Phoenix:  Mythical bird that rises from its own ashes.

Sirius:  In the constellation Canis Major (Big Dog), Sirius is the brightest star in the sky

Sagittarius:  Represents the Archer and is depicted as a Centaur with a bow & arrow

Polaris: Called the North Star it’s located in Ursa Minor and its fixed position above the North Pole makes it useful for navigation. It’s also used to represent something reliable and stable that can be depended upon – True North.

What’s your guess? Share it with us in comments or twitter and we’ll share it on FOD!


We’re at the end of the week, and we’re still hoping for news about the new EP and perhaps Fall Tour dates and venues. We’ll keep an eye on social media and bring you all the David news we can find! Have a great weekend!

– credit Shelley


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David Archuleta ~ Wednesday Wanderings Update – David Spotted Out & About – Jamming to Higher Ground with The Strike, Hanging Out at The Pizza Factory, Cluff’s Car Hop Cafe & Visiting the Video Game Store! – Tuesday Treasures: David Jamming with The Strike? Pocatello VIP Q&A, Happy Merry-Go-Round Day! TOFW Worcester, MA Sept. 15 & 16, Twitter Tweet Treats!


Reaching the Highest Ground

– Crop of pic credited to Amandacarrera’s IG

Here’s the original pic:

– credit Amandacarerra’s IG



Higher Ground With The Strike!

It was confirmed today that David was in Logan yesterday and joined his friend Brady Bills and the band The Strike for a rousing performance of Higher Ground. We’re so lucky that DFT found a video clip on Facebook that captures some sweet high notes and David rocking the crowd with his soulfulness. Vid credit to Harold Heap.

– Click to view!

– credit wild_thayne IG


Time For Pizza!

That looks like Chad with him!

Was the kitchen so hypnotized and mesmerized that they couldn’t get his order right? 😀


When One Door Closes…

You win the jackpot!!

Justin Bieber cancelled the remainder of his tour, so these lucky gals can now go to Kamas to see David’s concert!!


Cluff’s Car Hop Stop

Supersleuth DFT found this pic and it seems David visited this popular cafe in Fillmore, UT – he sure gets around! And he sure loves that shirt and Obey cap!


David & A Place Like Heaven

For those of you who saw Jazzy’s latest IG Story, she visited a video game store that had Pokemon and Zelda games, so she was in heaven! As she pans around the store, guess who we get a quick peek of? It looks like David was there too!

Ummm, yes, we did too! 🙂


Well David has been a busy bee these last few days showing up at a Logan park to join Brady and The Strike for Higher Ground, The Pizza Factory for a meal, Cluff’s Car Hop for a snack maybe and video game shopping with his sister whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Hopefully he has enough energy left to post some news about his next EP! Stay tuned and hopefully there’ll be music news this week!


Waiting for music news…

– credit Shelley



Jamming With The Strike?

Supersleuth David from Texas (DFT) found some pics that indicate David may have performed with Brady’s band The Strike! Wonder what song they jammed to? Higher Ground? Don’t You Worry Child? Something else? No confirmation on Brady’s timeline… yet!  But we’ll keep an eye out for more pics and info! Hopefully a vid or two!


Pocatello VIP Q&A

The Orion tour included the coveted VIP opportunity at many of the concerts, and fans who were lucky enough to attend took full advantage of the Q&A sessions to ask David a variety of questions from music-related, “Can you tell us about the next EP?” to thought provoking questions like how does he feel about fame? And there was my question about dancing lol.

Shelley captured the VIP Q&A from Pocatello, and it’s 12+ minutes of pure perfection with David answering fan questions all relaxed and chatty in his signature ArchuRandom style that we all know and love! VIP is rarely captured on vid as you’re often sitting in the front row, making it awkward to record without being totally obvious – thanks to Shelley for going ninja and capturing these precious moments!

Questions VIP – Pocatello, ID (credit: ShelleyFOD)


Happy Merry-Go-Round Day!

There really is a celebration for everything! Today we celebrate National Merry-Go-Round Day! You can find one near you and go for a ride! While this special day was likely in reference to the traditional carnival ride pictured above, in the ArchuWorld, Merry-Go-Round has a very different meaning! 

While it still means something that goes round & round, the Archu-Go-Round is when fans take their favorite part of a video and play it on a loop – repeating the awesomeness over and over so we can enjoy it forever!

Here are a few amazing Merry-Go-Rounds that capture some memorable concert moments!

Works For Me Reno MerryGoRound (credit: tinabeebop)

Bubbly-Runs Merry-Go-Round (credit: tinabeebop)

Merry-Go-Rounds David (playlist by: RArchieFan 1st)

I’d say these vids are certainly worth watching over and over and over again!


East Coast Archies! TOFW Worcester, MA

Thanks to Jeff for sending in a pic of the mailer he received from Deseret Book promoting the upcoming TOFW event in Worcester, MA September 15th & 16th – pre-registration is being accepted through August 16th so there’s still time!

Let us know if you plan to attend this East Coast TOFW event!

To register: CLICK HERE


Twitter Tweet Treats


It looks to be a slow week unless we get some new music or Fall Tour news! I’m ever optimistic that we’ll hear something SOON! We’re more than half-way through Summer and well on our way to Christmas so feel free to start playing your David Christmas music!

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