Happy “Perfect” Valentine’s Day!!!! New Music Video! David and Nathan cover Ed Sheeran and Nathan Pacheco, 2NEW CONCERTS! Past Sweet Treats from @DavidArchie, Fan Valentines, Fun Fan Finds


Happy Valentine’s Day!



Happy “Perfect” Valentine’s Day!! New Music Video from David and Nathan!!


WOW!! David and Nathan have truly given us THE MOST “PERFECT” Valentine’s Day gift ever!! Perfect by Ed Sheeran has quickly become one of my favorite songs. When the Perfect Symphony was released, I immediately fell in love with the harmonies and “Italian” vocals brought into the song by Andrea Boccelli with Ed. And then Nathan shared that he and David were covering this duet. I was thrilled and full of anticipation.

 Ed wrote this song as a profession of love for his (now) fiancรฉ. Knowing this, I was curious to see how David would match the intensity, passion, and emotion that Ed delivers when he sings Perfect. I didn’t have to wait longer than the first line to know that David was here to deliver fully in a most beautiful way. Those first few words were sheer perfection! David’s full low, smooth, “I Found a love” completely took me off guard! I had to restart the video a few times just to hear it again. Eep! His tender vibrato as he gently holds the word “love” is spellbinding! 

He’s singing a beautiful love song, folks and with every line I’m feeling it, believing it! “Darlin’ just kiss me slow your heart is all I know… “I’m captivated  listening then at :59 seconds I’m hit by another force! “Baaaaby (<—that inflection and subtle lift mirrors Ed’s and has the ability to melt you!). We are blessed with 1 1/2 minutes of David fully immersed in a sweet love story that has convincingly become his own.

Nathan enters~ Oh how beautiful is the Italian language?! Nathan offers a quiet strength and gentle vibrato as he sings about a woman who has the strength of the sea and who understands his dreams and secrets. They will build a home together, have a family, a life together, and they’ll dance together in the dark. David and Nathan join harmoniously together in Italian as Chad’s piano parts and Becca’s cello parts are showcased! Perfecto!!! 

Nathan Pacheco screencap Perfect mv 1

Telling a Story

When asked recently in the “Seasons’ You Tube Q & A about telling a story you may not personally have gone through, David had a wonderful answer:

Whether or not David has ever experienced a deep or similar “love” to Ed Sheeran’s, he has done a remarkable job of placing himself in Ed’s shoes to communicate the love written about in “Perfect.” He nailed it!  David’s ability to connect to the feelings of others is truly rare and special. โค

David Archuleta screencap Perfect cover with Nathan


David Shares “Perfect” Photoshoot pics and post

David is excited to share this new “Perfect Symphony” mv cover of Ed Sheeran’s song and WE’RE EXCITED TO SEE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This pic from the shoot was shared by Kim in comments. 

David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco recording studio Perfect

2 NEW SHOWS Posted!!

The northwest will be RAINING David Archuleta Concerts in Early May as 2 more shows have been posted in Salem, Oregon and Olympia, Washington!!!! Check out the venues below; they are lovely and unique!

Salem Oregon – Elsinore Theater  May 7th-Ticket West

Elsenore Theater Salem Oregon exterior

Elsenore Theater sating Salem Oregon



Thank you David (DFT our fb MOD and super sleuth for this info!!) CLICK BELOW


Olympia, Washington- May 9th- Capitol Theater

Capitol Theater- Olympia, Washington Olympia Film SocietyCapitol Theater- Olympia, Washington

The Capitol Theater is all ages, holds 765 seated, 900 standing room, and has a smaller performance area called The Backstage, which holds up to 120 people standing room.


REMINDER! PRESALE FOR SPOKANE,WA AND SALEM, OR START TODAY AT 10am PST ~ TICKET WEST PRE-SALE CODE—->  “SBL”    Click below to purchase tix ~ VIP add on available


Shows Posted on The OS and David’s fb Page

YES!!!! Team Archie has been busy updating David’s Tour Schedule and info on the OS and on his fb page!!! The list is growing folks!!! Ticket and VIP tabs are included so click the graphics below and check it out!

And on Facebook!


Valentine’s Day Messages From The Past

David has given us many sweet treats in messages over the years! I’ll never tire of listening to these. ๐Ÿ™‚

– credit Team Archie & Kari


Valentines Shared By Fans

A few more Valentines!


Fun Fan Finds

BEAUTIFUL comments and pics re: David. He recently dined with this group in TN.

David Archuleta Word Finds!

Postcards In The Sky ~ Peru!!


I’ll be here throughout the day updating and be sure to check back! Wishing all of you a Happy Hearts Day! May your heart be happy and remember to let those you care about know how much they mean to you!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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