David Archuleta~ Silent Sunday Short and Sweet, Happy Birthday Amber!! Perfect Viral on fb!, David Shares a Spotify Worship Playlist, Christmas Show in San Bernardino: Canada and Hawaii Calling! A Perfect Puzzle


Silent Sunday 

David Archuleta Nashville Franklin Theater 11-4-2017 credit Joanie

David Archuleta performing in Nashville (Franklin Theater) 11-04-2018 credit Joanie


It’s  Silent Sunday so we’ll keep it short and sweet with a few weekend additions as well as a look ahead!


Happy Birthday Amber!

Amber Happy Birthday gif

David Archuleta and sister Amber at Love Loud Fest in ORem, UT. Credit @Senahu on IG

David Archuleta and sister Amber at Love Loud Fest in Orem, UT. Credit @Senahu on IG

David’s Youngest sibling Amber is celebrating her 19th  birthday today! She is a beautiful young woman inside and out and if you were at a concert this past year, you most likely had the joy of meeting her!! Wishing Amber a very happy birthday and blessed bright new year ahead!! And we hope to see you out on the road again with your brother! 🙂

Amber Archuleta 2018

 Amber and Emily on Tour


Perfectly Viral on Facebook!

“Perfect” continues to capture the views and hearts of millions on facebook with the views  number as of Sunday morning rapidly closing in on 3 MILLION!!! 

Along with the millions of views, let’s talk about shares and comments!!! Over 50K shares and near 6,000 comments! Awesome!!!

Overall the comments are WONDERFUL!! Here are a few and you can click HERE to peruse through all ~6K if you’d like. 🙂

Nathan’s You Tube~ Perfect

The views on Nathan’s You Tube for Perfect are slowly climbing. Let’s visit his channel today and show some additional love! If you haven’t already left a comment, you can do that as well. And in case you haven’t yet purchased your own copy, Click the “Available on iTunes bar in the upper right corner as the video plays! 


David Shares a Worship Playlist on Spotify!

ANOTHER GIFT FROM DAVID! Last week we were treated to the first in a group of playlists David plans to share with us. Groovy songs was the theme of that playlist and on Friday, David shared a new Spotify playlist with us: WORSHIP SONGS!! This list includes 40- yes 40 songs and plays for just under 3 hours!!! Many of these songs I personally already listen to and hold dear and now I have more new ones to love! This list includes worship songs that are classic as well as contemporary, those that offer quiet worship & praise, some that make you want to dance & shout it out, and some that came straight from his heart! <3

It’s perfect and fitting to see David included a few of his own songs i.e. “My Little Prayer”  (#39) and “Shine a Light”(#21) on his playlist! 

Spotify- Free Or Premium!

Don’t Have Spotify? You can sign up and listen “Free or pay monthly for additional no-add and offline listening.

If you don’t have an account, click below to get started. 🙂


Instagram Spotify Post & Invite to Share Yours~

From David’s Playlist, I’m sharing a few today . “I’m Trying To Be like Jesus” was introduced to me by David and hearing him sing it live in Beaver Creek (2011) was an incredible blessing but on his playlist, David shares the MOTAB rendition which is divine!

Kari Jobe – Majestic Live

Nathan covers this song on his “Higher” Album and as an amazing surprise some of us heard David singing Forever inside Knuckleheads (warming up) as we waited outside waiting to enter for VIP. It caught us by surprise and immediately hoped that one day we’ll hear David sing Forever on stage. <3


My Little Prayer ~ David Archuleta 🙂

I love hearing David talk about the writing of this song, his divine inspiration while sleeping, and hearing him sing it live in concert. Today, however, I’ll share his recorded version with the exquisitely filmed mv that has well over a million views.


Christmas Show in San Bernardino: Hawaii and Canada Calling! 

 David’s Christmas Show on Dec. 1st in San Bernardino with the Symphony is already a hot topic for inquisition around the world!!!! Dean McVay with the California Theater in San Bernardino shared our fb post regarding the concert on his own page and check out his comment at the top!!! LOLOLOL Canada and Hawaii calling???? hmmmm I wonder who that might be??? 



Graphics Saturday on fb!

David Archuleta Fan creation by Bianca "Menace"

DavidDFT on fb has started a super fun Saturday feature that’s all about you! Every Saturday we’ll be featuring fan art/graphics/creations!! Check out the beauties submitted this week by clicking on this AWESOME  David the Menace (<—-typed tongue in cheek) from Miss Bianca above!! Thank you David for this great idea, and thank you fans for your participation!! 🙂


A Perfect Puzzle to Play!

Perfect collage Puzzle Jigsaw Planet

Inspired by David and Nathan’s “Perfect” cover, here is a new puzzle for your Sunday enjoyment! This week’s puzzle has a twist though~ to make it a little more interesting, or frustrating, 😉 The pieces require rotation! Have fun everyone! CLICK BELOW to head over and solve!

Perfect Puzzle

Wishing everyone a Sunday that’s restful and sweet.  David must be busy preparing as TOUR BEGINS at BYU next weekend! Kalei will be here to bring you all the fun. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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