OHMYHECK new #LeoEP concerts in Pittsburgh, Sellersville, Cinci, MINNESOTA (scream!), Indy, Kansas City and Nashville! With VIP! Friday is big ticket buying day! A nod to the fans, @davidarchie is Into the Woods! Swanky @davidarchie Official Site for your visiting pleasure! Still on vacay (sort of)

David Archuleta crosses his arms across his chest at TOFW credit goes to Lily

Picture of David Archuleta during Time Out for Women event – credit Lily


Fill your life with adventures not things. Have Stories to Tell not stuff to show quote from Fans of David Archuleta

Fill your life with adventures not things. Have Stories to Tell not stuff to show quote 

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Flood gates have opened!  Nothing is on the OS yet but David From Texas, bless him, found a slew of new concerts this fall!

I’ll post the current calendar and OS update, then later I will provide all the links to buy tickets!

Here is the OS Link!

In summary, David added NEW shows in:

Sellersville, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Cincinatti, OH

Minneapolis, MN (EEK JOANIE!)

Indianapolis, ID

Kansas City, MO

Nashville, TN (EEK everyone!)


Here is the news on the OS and we created a little calendar!!

Look at those dates!  Book off end of Oct early November now!


Link to the OS with all the official info.  This is the place folks!

Big fan gathering in Nashville?  Could be!

Alot of fans have expressed interest in gathering at a “central” location during this tour, and Nashville might be he right place!  Take a look!



Sellersville  Wednesday Oct 25th Tickets already on sale with Seasons Membership.  Here is the link.  

You can also phone for a VIP purchase of $125  215-257-5808.  The cabaret section and first 4 rows are reserved for Theater Members until 1 month before the show.  However, on Sept. 25th tickets are released to the general public.  If you have already purchased a ticket, you can upgrade for a small fee.

The next group of tickets for these shows (other than Kamas and Pocatello) go on sale this Friday August 18th.  If you are planning to go to multiple shows, some ticket buying starts times collide, so read carefully.   Log on early to ensure your Ticketfly account is working!  I will list the order that we know of:


  1.  Pittsburgh PA show on THURSDAY October 25th – General Admission WITH VIP   LINK HERE

2.  Cincinnati Ohio, Ludlow Garage on Friday Oct.26th – Seated Venue with VIP  LINK HERE

3.  Indianapolis, Indiana show on Wednesday November 1st, General Admission WITH VIP   LINK HERE

4.   9 am CDT  Minneapolis MN show on Tuesday Oct 31 – General Admission with VIP  LINK HERE


4.  10 am CDT Kansas City, MO show on Thursday, Nov. 2 – General Admission, no VIP LINK HERE

FRIDAY 12 noon EDT

5.  11 am CDT Nashville, TN show on Saturday, Nov 4 – Seated show, NO VIP at this time  LINK HERE


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David shares his Alberta Canada, Helena Montana Family Vacay pics!

How nice of David to show us pictures of his road trip with his family.  And so thrilled David came to Canada again.  Let’s make this a habit, okay David?

These past few days my mom had some days off of work and she wanted to take a trip to Canada to see #sherlockthemusical that our friend created and is playing in his hometown, Cardston. I took my two little sisters who also got work off and we got to see the beautiful view in Waterton, catch Sherlockβ€”along with other local productions of Into the Woods (which we grew up watching on VHS) and The Music Man. We had a great road trip to Alberta! Even had some nice family time venturing in Helena, Montana as we had to wait a day for our car to get fixed. Haha. Huge thanks to our talented Sherlock friend Denny Burton, his awesome family and to everyone else who made it an unforgettable time! (I ended with a drawing my sister Jazzy made of us at a breakfast place). #roadtrip #alberta #canada #musicals #waterton #calgarytemple #cardston #helena #montana

A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

Welcome to Alberta Sign from David ARchuleta at Fans of David site

Welcome to Alberta Sign from David ARchuleta 


Family Picture of the David Archuleta Family.  Left to Right is David, Amber, Jazzy and Mamma Lupe.  Taken in Calgary Alberta overlooking town

Family Picture


David Archuleta, Jazzy, Amber and Mamma Lupe stand in front of LDS Temple in Alberta

David Archuleta and Family in front of temple

And this has to be my fave. Jazzy nails it! The flowy hair on Amber! The handbag on Mama Lupe! The earbuds on Davey-boy! And of course Jazzy-poo gets the fairy dust sprinkled on her lol! LOVE IT!



David gives Patty-Ann, Linda a kind nod

A response to a fan on Twitter from David is becoming less and less commonplace.  As such, I was uber happy to see David Archuleta acknowledge fan reaction and support to #Leo

* * * * *

The OS a vision in Blue!

The OS has had a #Leo Facelift!  Love it! Given the change, you all need to head on over and say hi to the David Archuleta OS gang!

As Found aRound in Canada and Atlanta!

David still in Canada as of Friday night *sigh* .  I love that he loves Canada, and wish he’d consider a chalet in Alberta for even longer trips!  


Remember when David visited Seacrest Studios in Nov. 2016?  At that time, David Archuleta sang to and was asked questions by the children?  Well, a new picture has surfaced!

Look who I ran into! πŸ˜‰ it was great coming to @vumcchildren hospital For a broadcast at the Seacrest Studios. They had a Facebook live of the broadcast so you can check it out on their Facebook! Now if it were really Ryan he is one of the friendliest, engaging folks in the business I've ever met and you would have seen that. Haha. Aside from that, it is really cool being able to come do visits like this. A lot of times I feel I don't know how I can help when kids are going through hard times. I don't know what gifts to bring, what medicine or treatments they need. But then I remember I can give what I have. I can give my time and give them music, and that's a tender mercy for me. So glad Kelly from Children's Miracle Network invited me to come and Mamie with Seacrest Studios hosted us so well! Thanks everyone for coming and we hope to see you again soon! @ryanseacrest @ryanfoundation

A post shared by David Archuleta (@davidarchie) on

There is a new picture of Abby from the Studios and David and one of the children!   

I thought Abby was the sweetest, I love how excited she was during the entire interview

* * * * *

A vacay … sort of

It’s vacay week unless something major happens in David Archuleta world.  If that happens, then it’s no longer vacay week and even then it was really only quasi vacay week.

It’s now Tuesday Aug 15 and definitely no longer a vacation week

Because, well, you know us …

Enjoy your week everyone!

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David Archuleta: Pre-order Leo on Amazon!!! Song Snippets are here; we want to hear your thoughts!! Back to Canada: David with his sisters~ Friends treats and chipmunks , Tix for Washington next May pkgs on sale, Fun Fan Finds, Late Friday Updates


Other Things In Sight~

David Archuleta Screenshot credit Nancy's vid 12/2016

“David Archuleta Orion Tour credit Shelley 2017”

David Archuleta Orion Tour credit Shelley 2017

David Archuleta Orion Tour credit Shelley 2017

** * * * * *

* * * * *

Late Friday Updates!

New IG Stories from David!

David explains that their car has broken down and won’t be fixed until tomorrow (Saturday.) While waiting, he shows us a little “Hula” and some cool shades! *note~ David looks great in cool shades but you most likely won’t find him with Maui Jim’s or Ray Bans~ Nope, David is just fine with sunglasses <$10!  (I’m with David on this one!) πŸ˜‰

And via a minuscule “tag” in one of the frames, we learn that Mama Lupe is also with them! πŸ™‚ Watch below and look for “tagged Mom” in the background!

Kalei caught that little Hawaiian Hula Dancer thrown in there! πŸ˜‰

Kalei tweets about David in Canada as he shares a Hawaiian Hula Dancer.

Sunglasses screenshots, we must! 

screencaps David Archuleta IG Stories sunglasses CanadaDavid Archuleta screencap sunglasses in Canada

David Archuleta ,Canada, sunglasses, mom

David Archuleta Canada sunglasses final frame

* * * * * 

David With a Sweet Tweet for Patty-Ann & Linda!!!

These sweet tweet/responses are few and far between these days! Patty-Ann shared a tweet with David re: her approval of the Leo snippets and David offered thanks to her and Linda!!! (Linda had RT’d the original tweet and me thinks that David, as he follows Linda on twitter, must also see tweets that she has liked along with RT’s 😘. It’s wonderful to have that connection present!!! 

Tweet by Patty Ann RT by Erlindita

* * * * *

Leo !!!! Preorder on Amazon: Setlist and Snippets! YAY!!

The internet erupted with cheers and tweets last evening with the discovery of David’s upcoming Leo Ep (release date 8/25) found posted and available for pre-order on Amazon!!!  Nothing up on iTunes yet but we’ll continue to check and announce when we see it posted! πŸ™‚

Leo EP listed on Amazon Music for pre-order

Seeing the reality of Leo complete with snippets to whet our ears and excitement was wonderful!! As anticipated, “I’m Ready” is there; a lovely song we’ve been introduced to with live performances over the past year, but with much more complexity and layering in the studio 30 second snippet! Then an additional 3 new songs!

“Other Things in Sight”

~ Ohhhh I love love LOVE the groovy vibe of this song!!! ~David’s giving us some great self affirmation lyrics along with just a little- bit- ‘o- sass! Yes sireee! Love it! I’m moving and swaying already!! SO SO GOOD! Along with “Numb,” this song is another collaboration with Trent Dabbs.  πŸ™‚ Remember this twitter exchange from 2014??


“This-is-not-your life…it’s not your call-to-make-this-time”

“I just want a little more breeze, a little more ease, a little less people I can’t please got other things in sight in mind~

Give me a little more faith- a little more space- a little more room for my mistakes~ got other things in sight in mind~”

“Someone to Love”

“~and I had to learn to love -something had to change” <—not sure I have every word correct in the complete snippet but this line is clear~ Someone to Love is definitely peaking my interest… it seems to be a self enlightening song about growth and what needs to change if one is to move forward and let walls down. 

“I’m Ready”

We’ve heard David perform this song alone at the piano over the past year beginning at Tuacahn. The bridge gets me every time…tugs at my heart as David pleads

“~either way I’ll give it all I’ve got~ cuz I only got one life to live ~ yeah I only got one life to give & I know it’s gonna change the ending ~ I’m ready I’m ready for a change I’m not afraid to lose and leave it all behind~ and I know~ that I can’t see around the bend but if I let you in (I know I’ll be all right.)

And not included int the snippet, but that bridge~ “hold me just a minute~ hold me just a minute won’t you hold me just a minute…”  Now in this 30 second studio snippet there is an additional layering of vocals and more dimension. Wondering if we’ll get that same gripping angst in the bridge with the studio version or maybe even more? Looking forward to hearing it!

“Spotlight Down”

Some of you may remember being introduced to this song in a little snippet that was posted on one of the collaborators Instagram accounts well over a year ago before it was subsequently removed. Isabeau Miller’s if I remember right?

These few lines certainly show raw emotion and honesty… an acknowledgement and a quiet growing strength~

 “~I’m stronger now so turn the spot light down~ I can’t live a life on display watching every move that I make this world’s not a stage it’s been remade~

Seems we’re moving too fast waiting for the curtains to crash I’m standing now”

The more I listen to these snippets, the more I’m feeling that Leo is a great title for this Ep: a display of inner strength, personal growth, and the heart of a lion.

And I have to say that yesterday was the perfect day to receive Leo snippets as it was World Lion Day! Thank you Deb for the heads up on this one!! πŸ™‚ 

tweet from Debz416 re World Lion Day and Leo Ep

The Leo Preorder and Snippet posting on Amazon caused quite the stir on twitter!

Shelley’s daughter is excited, too! 😘

What are your thoughts about the Leo snippets?? Do you have a favorite based on these 30 second gold nuggets? Hopefully the iTunes posting will come soon and we’ll be indulged with those longerrrrrr 1:30 song clips. Until then, we’d love to hear your preliminary thoughts on Leo in the comments! 

* * * * * *

Road trip to Canada!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

We haven’t heard from David himself , but his sisters are very good about sharing! 😘 David, Amber, and Jazzy are in Canada! David’s been in Canada a few times recently and I fully expect him to now add more “eh’s” along with his “y’alls” in conversation.  πŸ˜†

 What is the specific purpose of this excursion? Not sure, but my guess would be that David wanted his sisters to see the Sherlock production his friend Denny composed the music for before it closes on August 21! πŸ˜‰ Denny is a guy of many talents; he’s even a chipmunk whisperer it seems! πŸ˜…

Here is a combined IG story vid of Amber and Jazzy’s adventure shares yesterday as they crossed through Browning MT and on into Alberta! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦  Food, flags, and a CUTE CHIPMUNK!! lol

Shanelle captured the lovely “stills” for us! Thank you, Shannelle!

And Kalei had the prize response to their Canada “Waffleton” choice!!🀣

* * * * * 

Seattle Symphony May Concert Tix on Sale Now!!

Benaroya Hall SeattleTaper auditorium Benaroya Hall Seattle

Season Package Tickets for the Season 5 Ensign Symphony Concert Series (which lists David Archuleta as the guest performer for their Friday May 11th, 2018 concert) are now on sale with various season package seat price points. David + a full orchestra = nirvana!! Click below for more information and/or to purchase your season package tickets!  *note- this concert is not yet listed on the OS)* We will post any additional information as it becomes available.

* * * * * * 

Fun Fan Finds

File this under more David Arquette /David Archuleta randomness! πŸ˜‚

DAvid Arquette tweet re David Archuleta

* * * * *

** * * *

A Very Nice TBT from Chelsearobson

Ok~ That’s about all I’ve got for now, but I’ll be here to add thru the weekend as best I can.  I hope y’all have pre-ordered your copy of Leo on Amazon and are enjoying the snippets. This Leo Ep is going to be GOOD and we just need more live tour dates, now, so we can get out and celebrate with David!!! I’m Ready! We’re all ready, right?! 😍 Take care everyone!

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