David G. (From Texas)

Grand Prairie picture DFT and mom

My FOD name is David From Texas.  I am a 30 year old college student.  My degree focus at the university is in Interdisciplinary Studies with components in Psychology, Math, History, Anthropology, Horticulture, Real Estate, and Spanish.  My hobbies include crocheting, quilting, and gardening.  I enjoy volunteering.  I volunteer with the local school district.  Our goal is to keep children of all ages in school.  We do many programs to help them to dream sky high and to continue reaching for the stars even after high school.  I also volunteer at health fairs, school supply drives, and Zoo runs!  I pretty much volunteer anywhere I can. The first time I saw David Archuleta was when he was on Star Search.  I was cheering for him all the way.  Like so many, I lost contact with him after this point in time until the day that he performed on American Idol.  I had never watched an episode of American Idol.  During Season 1, I remember a college classmate being a cousin to Kelly Clarkson, but never voted or even watched.  As soon as I saw David Archuleta on American Idol, I recognized him as the same person I had seen on Star Search.  I can’t choose a favorite week or song as they are all my favorites.  If I had to choose, I would probably have to choose Apologize.
I consider myself a member of the Founding Lurker Society.  I started lurking in the chat room when everyone was at the fanblast site.  When the FOD site was created, I lurked in the FOD chat rooms.  I would love doing my homework and listening to the music. Once or twice, I did chat for a few minutes.  I would chat under the name David of Texas (DOT) because it was similar to David Of Kentucky (DOK).  I soon realized that the initials spelled (DOT) and I changed it to DFT.  I also lurked on the comment portion of the front page.  I would occasionally test the waters over there as well.  I met David in Grand Prairie, Texas on July 5th.  I can’t wait to go to other David Archuleta concerts.  I would love to meet all of you one day.
Robin F. would encourage all Texas FODers to request at KVLY. KVLY played Crush and ALTNOY and my local station played Crush and never played ALTNOY.  I would rush to request.  One morning about 2 months ago at the KVLY site, RobinF started to talk to me.  She didn’t know who I was, but I knew who she was.  I told her that I was a lurker that I did all my David Archu-duties.  Robin encouraged me to come out of lurkdom.  We talked for quite a while until I had to go get ready for school.  She left me a welcoming comment on FOD that day and when I had the chance, I left her a message. Everyone on the FOD site was so welcoming.  I started to make friends with other FOD’ers.  Robin invited me to support TriciaTxLady as she was moderating the chat room that night.  I loved it.  That was the first night that I really started chatting in the chat room.  Ever since that night, I rarely miss chat.  I have stayed up with Kalei and Randy all night.  I spend time on the front page comments when there is no chat and support the chat room every time that it is open.
~David From Texas (DFT)

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    Hey david I love u

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