Chat Rules

Rules of Fans of David Chat:

Language – Fans of David is a family-friendly (and David-friendly) site. We do not allow profane or inappropriate language in our chats. Doing so will get you warned and possibly banned. Please keep the chat friendly and engaging, you can do so without foul language.
Attitude – We like to keep a positive attitude amongst the site. This site is about promoting David. It is NOT about trashing his competitors. If you wish to do that, please do so elsewhere. You may express a dissenting opinion of something, but any negative comments that are either illogically supported or continuously repeated will be considered a bash or rant and will be edited out by a moderator.
Subject Matter – While the chats do not have to, and often don’t, revolve entirely around David and his music, please be wary of the subject matter you are discussing. Please keep in mind that discussions such as political or religious debates can often be found offensive and are therefore best off avoided. We ask that you try to keep others feelings in mind, and, in turn, notify the chatters and/or the Moderators if there is a topic being discussed that causes you to feel uncomfortable or offended.
Identity – Maintaining a sense of identity is very important on the site. We ask that you do not change your chat name to any name that is commonly used by another chatter, or one that suggests that a special person (such as David or Jeff) is present. Additionally, while we in no way require that you give out any personal information regarding your real name, location, age, gender, or anything even more specific than that, we do ask that you merely say you are uncomfortable giving out that information rather than lie about it, as it deludes the other chatters and effects how and what they say.

Advertisements – We ask that you do not post any links unrelated to David or the current chat being discussed. Links and email addresses that give out personal information, or information regarding to a person’s personal site or virus downloads will result in a warning and/or ban.
Moderators – Our Moderators observe and monitor the chat boxes. If you have a question, comment, concern, complaint, or message to send to a Moderator, ask in chat to speak to one privately, and one will privately message you shortly thereafter. If the Moderator on duty cannot help you, you may seek help from a Chief Moderator. Our Chief Moderators are  DavidG,  Donna and Tricia.

Suggested Terms/Abbreviations to Know Before Entering a FOD Chat

Senator – Unmoderated chatter whose text appears larger and black. There can be up to 10 Senators in each chat box at any given time.

Smurf – Moderated chatter whose text appears smaller and blue. There will be some delay in posting comments while the Moderator approves the comment.

Refresh – Term used to designate a time when all the Senate seats are emptied and then refilled with potentially new Smurfs based on their ability to answer a David or chat-related question.

Panelist – Off-Duty Moderator chatting in the chatbox. Panelists’ messages are identitcal to those of Senators.

Producer – On-Duty Moderator in the chatbox. Producers can chat with Senate-like font as well as approve Smurf comments and play media.

Media – Any song, picture, or video played by a Producer in a chatbox.

CiL – Stands for CoveritLive, the chat client used to create the chatboxes. Often used by frustrated Moderators when problems arise.

Jtv – Stands for, referring to, our URL. This is open 24/7 and is often the place chatters go after the chatboxes close if they would like to continue chatting.

4 Responses to Chat Rules

  1. Valere says:

    Hey David , i first saw you on American idol and i fell in love I have been watching and listening to you from day one. I have all your CDs .

  2. fanky says:

    wow,David is David he will never change.He was amazing from de start nd he will always be.A man of GOD in de making too,he is totally awesome.mwahhhhhhhhhhhh Elder Archie

  3. Rocío says:

    Hi! I’m Rocío, i’m from argentina and I looove David! LOL

  4. minione says:

    Hola 🙂

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