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 “Some people just have a spark of greatness in them, that when brought out, benefits the world.” 

~ Quote from Dean Kaelin about David Archuleta

Screencap Credit: Pastel

“A ray of light in a dark world … “

Screencap Credit: Pastel

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Called to Serve ~ A glimpse at the life of a missionary

But not just any missionary.  This missionary is Elder Archuleta.

Before David left two  years ago, he made it clear that his life as a missionary and his life as the artist were two different things.

But on Friday, he reached out to his fans with an invitation to obtain a glimpse into that world.  And what a glimpse we got.  It was visually beautiful, emotional, sometimes funny, but very revealing journey with David, from his emotional mission announcement to his return home into the arms of his family two weeks ago.  With some parts stirring and personal, at times I felt a bit awkward peaking in on a touching scene, a family moment. We were moved to tears nevertheless, throughout the entire documentary.

For many of us, it was an emotional 30 minute journey.  If you haven’t watched yet, we’ve embedded it here.

link to the On Demand version of “Called to Serve”

Called to Serve

I’m not in any position to put a good summary together for you, even after watching the 5 times I have.  Everyone will take away something different, something meaningful to them.  No matter what our faith, we have to admire and respect David for his conviction, humility, honesty and transparency as he took us through his journey.  Woven sublimely throughout this segment are indications of David’s commitment, his pureness, his bravery, his desire to serve and do good for others.

But none of these attributes are a surprise to us; rather, they just affirm what we already know about David:  it’s about the music, but about much more than the music.  And we got an opportunity to peak into that “much more” during the 30 minute journey.

Sorry folks, I’m finding all these feelings a little difficult to explain.  I’ve been trying for 4 hours to do so.  So instead, I offer a collection of thoughts from fans on twitter:


And the special provides some wonderful words from David, from his fellow missionaries and from friends.  And they all reinforce what a dedicated and spiritual person David is.  Below, a collection of visuals (from PattyAnn @pabuckie, unless otherwise stated) and quotes:

“My goal wasn’t to be technically perfect (for Imagine from American Idol).  My goal was that people would feel the spirit”. ~ quote from Dean Kaelin about David’s words after the performance

“I don’t think you appreciate the sweet moments, until you pass through the hard times”. ~ David Archuleta

 “Facing the challenges is how you learn how to do it.”

David Archuleta 


 “I thought (being a leader) was learning how to tell people what to do.  But now I realize it’s just serving people.”  

David Archuleta

“I know that music is a gift that God wants me to use to not only bless my life but the lives of others”.  

David Archuleta

Screencap Credit: Pastel

 “I’m still David, but I feel so different.”  ~ David Archuleta

“I’m not afraid to show people who I am.  And I’m not afraid of what I believe.  I’m not afraid for people to know that”  ~ David Archuleta

Screencap Credit: Pastel

“I’m hopeful for the future.  Regardless of how it goes, I know music will always be a part of my life.”  

~ David Archuleta

Screencap Credit: Pastel

“It’s about moving forward with faith.  Not always knowing what’s going to happen with the decisions we make.  We’ll just see what happens from here”.

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  1. MUNKFOD says:

    Thank you! Beautiful post! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I just hope I live long enough to see on Earth what David becomes. I will always be grateful for the light he is in my life. Thank you David!

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