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More gifts of Recaps! Robin @myheartsong shows HomeTown Pride when Meeting in St. Louis – a MUST READ, Tina adds her perspective! Kristin’s Evolution of @davidarchie blog, a Seattle Concert message from Diana to David, David in Logan ~ with Pongo/Pogo the Fox, Dinner at Sabores in Logan, and Contigo!

Robin’s Beaming with Hometown Pride for David and friends by Robin (@myheartsong) Meet me in St. Louis  I did my best to encourage everyone to come here to my hometown for multiple reasons but one of those was that I … Continue reading

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Vegas Time Baby! @davidarchie and the stratosphere! Vids, pix and more, park right here y’all! David at FOUR TOFW events! Best concert recap ever (or very close)! Costa Mesa Winners, Tickets for Mesa Needed! All that Glitters is Numb Gold! O Holy Night picks David! As Found aRound

fodfrontpage@gmail.com and one more, because it’s sooooo right.  Awesome pic Michelle! * * * * * * Road trippin’ to Vegas! Gathering up some incredible IG Stories where David shows how much he appreciates ALL music!  And there’s even a … Continue reading

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