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David Archuleta ~ Meet Him In St. Louis! #Baseball, #Arch, “baseballplayersintightpants, Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Laisa’s Blog: Meeting David After 9 Years! Denver Roundup Pics & Vids

fodfrontpage@gmail.com #Baseball, #Arch ********** ********** Take Us Out to the Ball Game! He’s adding comedy to his performance! Archies at the Arch FTW! David and company had a travel day to St. Louis and took in a baseball game at … Continue reading

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David Archuleta~ Traveling Tuesday & On To Denver But First: Adventure & Family History in New Mexico! Sweaty Feet Socks & Sandals! Hip Hip Hooray! Perfectly in Foot Fashion~ More From Troubadour, St Louis on Saturday, Fun Fan Finds~ EARLY Wednesday Updates~ New IG Story David and HSP

fodfrontpage@gmail.com Contagious Good Vibes ****** ******* WEDNESDAY 6-28-17 ~ UPDATES! DENVER SHOW TONIGHT!! David’s latest IG story with a shout-out to Brooke White re: HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)! David lets us know he’s in Denver and invites people to come … Continue reading

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