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More gifts of Recaps! Robin @myheartsong shows HomeTown Pride when Meeting in St. Louis – a MUST READ, Tina adds her perspective! Kristin’s Evolution of @davidarchie blog, a Seattle Concert message from Diana to David, David in Logan ~ with Pongo/Pogo the Fox, Dinner at Sabores in Logan, and Contigo!

Robin’s Beaming with Hometown Pride for David and friends by Robin (@myheartsong) Meet me in St. Louis  I did my best to encourage everyone to come here to my hometown for multiple reasons but one of those was that I … Continue reading

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David Archuleta ~ St. Louis SLAYS! Rockin’ Out at the Old Rock House – Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

fodfrontpage@gmail.com Bittersweet… ********** ********** SLAYING In St. Louis! It is 2:00am – I’ve resisted starting this post because I’ve convinced myself that if I don’t start, maybe this Orion Summer Tour won’t end…  Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and there’ll … Continue reading

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