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Just one look – that’s all it took….

– credit Naree

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– credit maanumberaday

Mahalo to all my ArchuBuddies for the thoughtful birthday wishes on twitter, Facebook and in our very own FOD comments!  Thanks to Joanie for the awesome birthday post with David singing Happy Birthday and the SSB from the ProBowl – it will forever be my favorite SSB of all time!  Celebrated with lots of David music and cake!

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The Look of Love

Celebrating the first anniversary of Nandito Ako, I’ll continue where Joanie left off yesterday – David asked about our favorite scenes from NA, and many of you tweeted your responses, which was  in itself a walk down memory lane!  While I love all the scenes mentioned yesterday, my favorite scene lasts just a few seconds and has no dialogue – it’s just a look shared between Josh and Anya through a hanging curtain of bamboo rings – though it is silent, the way they look at each other speaks volumes!

The unspoken dialogue that takes place between the characters – a side glance, a quick peek, an intense glare, a longing gaze… these scenes are more dramatic and have more impact because they are silent – no words are necessary – no translation required.

Anya looking at Josh:

– GIF credit ohnopurple

Josh looking at Anya:

HAHAHA!  Actually there were lots of longing gazes shared between them as the story of Nandito Ako unfolded.  Anya starts out mostly glaring at Josh, and Josh mostly looks confused and/or worried – however, the magnetic attraction between them can’t be denied, and soon a friendship forms and then friendship blossoms into love!

Ohnopurple (aka Sam) created a series of Nandito Ako vids that perfectly captures the blossoming of young love between Josh and Anya – they also include my favorite “looking through the bamboo curtain scene” – for all you Team JONYA fans, these vids are for you!

JONYA – The Search is Over (credit: ohnopurple)

JONYA – Tell Me (credit: ohnopurple)

JONYA – Fallin’ for You (credit: ohnopurple)

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some Josh and Holly vids for you Team JOLLY fans.

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A Bargain! NMHF $10 at Walmart.com

For those of you who would like to share the gift of David’s music – Walmart.com is offering a pre-order of NMHF for the bargain price of just $10 per copy!  Great time to stock up for all those Easter baskets!

– click to order

DRA Still $0.99 on Amazon!

– click to order

WHAAAT? GCT DVD $2.99 at DB!

Talk about an early Christmas gift!  If you don’t have a copy of the MoTab’s Glad Christmas Tidings featuring David, this is your lucky day!  Deseret Book must be having a Spring Cleaning Sale because you can clean up at this amazing price!  Grab a copy for yourself and a few to share with friends and family!

– click to order

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DRA #1 on FlyFm

It’s great to see the buzz building around David’s new single, Don’t Run Away!  Fans have been in Go-Getter mode, requesting from their local radio stations and tweeting requests to major radio stations around the world.  Joanie posted some great tips on making requests to your local radio stations – we want to be polite and not spam the station’s site or twitter – but a few requests using the station’s preferred method, either calling in, requesting on their website or tweeting your request is fine.  Make requests to your local AC and Hot AC stations, as these are the stations that received distribution of DRA.

– click to leave them a thank you for playing DRA!

Keep Requesting!

Bringing over this information from Joanie’s post yesterday:


Don’t Run Away above (L)  on Q102 KY :You can call or send a mssg via their FB acct to request DRA. Their twitter acct is @Q102land.  You can also listen live.

 KISSFM (Above Right) is in conjunction with Ryan Seacrest in LA. JoJo has a Top 9 at 9 to vote on, but you must first be added to the Top 9 list. You can tweet @Jo JoWright and also @MichaelMurray as per @onAirJake to request airplay with Ryan Seacrset.

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ArchuVoting Links

Bringing these links over from Joanie’s post yesterday:

2013 is going to be a great year for music and you guys are telling us who you’re most excited for. We’ve reached the semi finals and the poll will be ending on Monday, February 25, at 11:59PM! Vote now!

Click on logos to vote! Fly30 DRA finished in the #1 spot yesterday!!!

MYX and Chart Central  Vote for “Rainbow!”



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Pics, GIFs & Other Fun Stuff

– click to activate ohnopurple’s NA GIF via My Kind of Perfect’s tumblr

– credit Larissa Pic of the Day

– JONYA Collage – let us know if this is yours for credit

– collage credit canadianarchie

– via @cherry08mariano

– via @cherry08mariano

– credit Larissa pic of the day

– click to activate – via ohmyheckdavidarchie’s tumblr

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Wishing everyone a Fun-Filled Friday!  We’ll be back tomorrow with more Nandito Ako memories!  I’ve sometimes pondered about a different ending for Nandito Ako – has anyone else done that?  Would you have liked Nandito Ako to end differently?  Share your thoughts with us in comments.

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81 Responses to David Archuleta The Look of Love – Nandito Ako Memories, NMHF $10 on Walmart.com! GCT DVD $2.99 at Deseret Book! DRA Requesting – #1 on FlyFM, ArchuVoting Links, Pics, GIFs & Fun Stuff

  1. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Kalei lol I don’t know what to say but OHMYJOSH what an amazing post!!! thank you!!

    the look of love… so kilig!!!!!!

  2. potluck8 says:

    Wonderful post, great videos and beautiful pics of David. I wished that Holly didn’t have to die, but on the other hand I don’t think she would ever have been happy without Josh. The last scene I would have liked to have seen them getting married.

  3. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning kimk and FOD! HAPPY FRIDAY! This weekend is jam packed with ALL kinds of events!! GOOD LUCK to all!

    This post is SUPER DUPER HOLY MOLLY! Starting with the KILLER LEAD OFF PIC from Naree! JAM PACKED with all kinds of DAVID GOODIES! THANK you to all!

    Back to the vote….really a challenge on my daughter’s computer…S….L……O……W!

  4. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello potluck8! If they would have gotten married….David would have had to KISS the bride!! lol Really hope that if he acts again…it will be a NEW story line! Something a little more adventurous and mature…mystery , police drama or maybe even a comedy!

    Off to vote and then puppy patrol! Got to get my ankle in shape to go back to work Monday!!

  5. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    I was hoping for the Thing!!

  6. Candy says:

    HOLYMOLY KALEI-You just killed off Friday with this post! The memories, all I can say about that animated gif where he is touching Anya’s face…just kiss the danged girl and get it over with!! GAHHHHHHH The hair sniffing, the kite flying, the everything! I just love, love, loved this show!
    My Dear Writer…you better be busy writing up a script for something new….a gorgeous 23 year old latino hunk and this time leave the kiss in there!!

  7. Candy says:

    VABeach-me too, the show fit perfectly with where he was in life at the time, ok one danged kiss would have been good, but when he comes back…he better hit the beach and not being doing handstands this time!

  8. Candy says:

    If David didnt have feelings for Anya then he deserves and Academy Award!!!

  9. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone! One of my favorite scene is the look shared by Josh & Anya through a hanging curtain of bamboo rings, simply because this is what people do when they love or like each other. Gazing each other in a silent mode lol. Kilig to the extreme lol

  10. LaLiliana says:

    Oooooh love this post! David did a miniserye. Never would have thought in a million years. Wonder what else is planned for him when he gets back?

    Maybe an angsty love action -packed thriller? But he has to sing in it somehow? Hmm, lol how he would do that I can’t imagine. Dear Writer would come to the rescue and I really like David in action scenes. So many dreams from David fans floating out there.

    GAHHHHHH The hair sniffing. Loved that part and the dream Anya had was so promising. So we need to progress to some serious handholding or something.

  11. Jhen says:

    David should unleash his Latino smexy when He return to acting

  12. LaLiliana says:

    Jhen I second THAT!

  13. Candy says:

    Gessh-I didnt even get half way through the “Search is Over” video with boo-hooing!! I really, really hope someday we get a DVD. Come on NA & TV 5 work your magic!!

  14. LaLiliana says:

    Candy-Yes, we need that DVD so we can reply our favorite parts. All of them over and over again.

  15. Candy says:

    LaLiliana-Forget the handhold…bring on the somethin soemthin…

    jhen- I hope so too, unleash that inner Latino sexyness…its just naturally there.

  16. Jhen says:

    David can be an action star or comedy romance. He is natural comedian.

  17. sarahhazel says:

    Happy TGIF, everyone! Fantastic post, Kalei!!!
    Top pic…the EYES! Love the Looking at Josh, LAA stuff….fan videos–my fave is Fallin’ for You….aaahhhh!…..super KILIG memories of NA!
    Please, TV5, have mercy on us and release that much-longed-for NA DVD!!!

    No track list yet for MNHF???….Maybe March 1st??? Patience…patience….. **sigh**

  18. sarahhazel says:

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake

    @kost1035fm Kost, will you please play David Archuleta’s [@DavidArchie] new single “Don’t Run Away’ please?
    That’s my fave Hot AC station when I lived in CA! 🙂

  19. Jhen says:

    Candy, Sarah- wishing TV5 will release NA DVD soon. We need it!

  20. sarahhazel says:

    “Random Vlog Adorableness”
    I miss that smile….

  21. sarahhazel says:


  22. sarahhazel says:

    He’s got the most adorkably expressive face in the whole world…..

  23. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–we sure do!!!

  24. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    lol you guys.. just hope they have him back for another show at this point!!!
    oh and well at 23 there is no reason NOT to kiss a girl you are in love with!

  25. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    RT @LSCtheliverlady: HI! Can we get an RT @kariontour? @DavidArchie 21.13% now !!!!! Woohoo!! #FabFanFriday … http://m.tmi.me/LrgcQ

  26. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    woah almost tied on the Ryan S poll!! 😀

  27. Jhen says:

    Kimberly- hope he return to acting after his mission. Since he already started it. Next time with a kiss lol

  28. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Video Pick of the Day “Shop Around” AI Season 7, 2/19/2008

  29. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Susan ‏@SusanFOD
    Watching “Good Things Utah” and they show @DavidArchie in the intro. 🙂

  30. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Musiqtone.com ‏@musiqtone
    for the 2nd straight week, @taylorswift13 and @DavidArchie go 1-2 while @onedirection is your latest third wheel at no. 3!

  31. breanne says:

    Kalei LOVE your post!! Naree’s pic at the top is fantastic. She and other fans really capture the best pictures of David!! I want a N.A. dvd and I want it NOW!! I don’t understand why TV5 didn’t put one out right after N.A. because it would have sold lots of copies?! Josh and Anya together were adorable! The ending was perfect for me except the part where Holly died. I cried my eyes out for hours after seeing that scene.

    Rainbow has been #1 for 6 weeks on Chart Central. Keep voting hourly:

  32. breanne says:

    Suggest @DavidArchie’s Don’t Run Away on Pandora, click “you can suggest music here” & write in info: http://help.pandora.com/customer/portal/articles/202439

  33. breanne says:

    I heard “Crush” playing at a McDonald’s in Salt Lake City yesterday. My 2 grandkids were in the play area & I was eating a salad and about choked on my lettuce when I heard it because I was so excited!! 🙂

  34. sarahhazel says:

    Linda S.Callaway ‏@LSCtheliverlady

    22.03% !! 2nd place & on the Move!! KEEP VOTING 4 @DavidArchie Ryans poll = Exposure 4 our guy! >>> http://ryanseacrest.com/2013/02/19/semi-finals-whos-album-are-you-most-excited-for/

  35. livestolurk(cindy) says:

    Dang, I miss that beautiful boy. : (

  36. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    livestolurk we all do!!

    Tina #DA2014❤ ‏@ArchieTina

  37. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    TeamDavidArchie ‏@CanadianArchie
    WOO HOO @DavidArchie #2 keep it going ARCHIES!! Thank you for voting for David Archuleta! You guys RAWK!! http://shar.es/jX4ur


  38. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    Lots of kilig stuff in today’s post :0 And speaking of kilig, here’s the next chapter of my story for those reading it.

    Sarahhazel, saw your mention of KOST 1035 above. One of my faves, too. KOST and KBIG 1043 are my go tos when I want a break from sirius/XM. KOST isn’t really HotAC, though, at least not now. They tend to play more older stuff whereas KBIG has more newer AC music. I’d be requesting on KBIG first.

    Livestolurk, we all miss him. 2014 better come soon.

  39. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Kalei, What everyone else has said so far about your post today. It is remarkable how David’s (josh) expressions reflect his feelings for Jasmine(Anya) without (allegedly) not ever been in a relationship. An Academy Award indeed!! I loved all the trailers, scenes and Vanjie commercials of N.A. The whole deal was exciting and exhilarating. Oh yes, The Bench And Hair gigs were exceptional,too. Gees I love the Philippines, the people, TV5 Manila and all the cast and crew of Nandito Ako. A DVD would be such a lovely memento of our dear David’s superb acting.

  40. Charlotte says:

    Darn typos. Meant to put 🙂 in the first line of my other post.

  41. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Charlotte, Can hardly wait for the next chapter. I like how you got a lot of the real friends of David in there. I’m almost forgetting this is a story. More please?

  42. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Kim- I watched Dave Letterman last night and Johnny Depp was on. Funny how so many things and events remind us of David. Speaking of David’s acting, I remember David saying he liked Johnny Depp and would like to act like him. Well, David is always so knowlegdeable. Johnny Depp told Letterman he just published a book about The Dust Bowl, he’s a musician and played with a band last night and he’s a great actor,I do add. AANNDD he is as gorgeous as Mr. Archuleta. David has great taste all the way around. TaDa

  43. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Looks like nobody’s home. I’ll go vote BBL

  44. Charlotte says:

    SGJ, glad you’re enjoying the story and there’ll be plenty more to come 🙂
    ITA with you on Johnny Depp. Hope David will get to meet him and other actors he admires someday. Might give him a boost of confidence in his own acting 🙂

  45. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    sgj I love Johnny Depp.. wouldn’t it be the bomb if they did something together one day!!?

    marian ‏@SanAntonioM
    I almost forgot how gorgeous this man is! ☺❤

  46. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Abigail Claire ‏@abigailclairefi
    When I asked Ashely who was hosting the oscars, she answered David Archuleta.

    ha I wish!!

  47. Charlotte says:

    Kim, I wish, too. That’d be a neat thing for him to get to do someday 🙂

  48. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Charlotte can’t really imagine him doing that.. but who knows what he will come back like.

  49. canadianarchie says:

    stay calm and VOTE for David Archuleta ryanseacrest.com/2013/02/19/semi-finals-whos-album-are-you-most-excited-for/ … 🙂 haha! He’s holding at #2 but that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. oh no oh no ♪ ♫ hehe.. voting ends on Monday folks so give David all you have. I know some of you are tired of voting but we’re letting all know that we’re not going anywhere and David still has the love and support of his fans even while he’s away. And album recognition and all that good stuff that leads to more good stuff for us in the future from David! Way to go you guys for getting him up to #2!! Do you thinnk we can get him to #1 ??? anything is possible!

  50. Candy says:

    WHY OH WHY am I torturing myself by watching Ohnopurples videos posted up top!! They are a treasure trove of Josh/Anya heartbeat moments!!!
    Someone please make the DVD happen!

  51. Charlotte says:

    Kim, true. We probably will see some changes in him.

    Candy, I hope they’ll get the DVD out soon, too 🙂

  52. Candy says:

    Me too Charlotte-I not above begging, pleading, bribing, groveling, whatever it takes!

  53. Hello everyone, Gosh what a great post.
    Kalei, you outdid yourself girl. The nandito ako Memories, vids, And last but not least
    Josh&Anya True love, Kilig indeed. They made me fall in love all over again.
    The top picture of David.was awesome, so handsome,Smexy, McGorgeous, Honduran, latino, Guapo & just plain goodlookin young man. Proud to be a fan.
    I’m ready for him to act again, hope he does HINT!! MDW.
    OH!!! NA DVD Pleeezzzz!!!!

  54. Evening Everyone 🙂
    Thanks Kalei for the post that’s ALL NANDITO AKO KINDA WONDERFUL!!!!!
    I’m gonna level with you that that 5 wk series will FOREVERMORE BE IN MY PSYCHE LIKE SOME MOVIE CLASSIC!!! Like Josh, it’s worked it’s magic on me and all Archies…oh and one more thing…WE WANT OUR NA DVD…PLEASE <3 <3

  55. Charlotte, I am loving your David and Sundae romance….so believable. Can’t wait for the next installment 🙂

  56. Miss Vicki Da#2014 says:

    Hi Idamae and everyone else…..Watching the Nandito Ako videos….All those romantic looks, gestures and almost kiss worthy scenes…..Any speculation on why David did not just bite the bullet and kiss the girl????? Miss Vicki

  57. Hi idamae!
    Miss Vicki, I have no idea. He was so close in the watch scene where they hugged. He was just inches away from her neck, But i guess he wasn’t ready.

  58. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey LindaFromCali…..Where is everyone else on a fine Friday night????? Did you watch AI last night….I did and I did not see ANYONE who even comes close to David… In fact, I didn’t really see anyone who looks like an American Idol…..Miss Vicki

  59. Hi Miss Vicki and Linda from Cali… how do you 2 inspire me to be poetic ? haha
    About that kiss, I think it’ll be talked about for yrs to come but for naught, cuz only that smokin hot honduran knows la verdad hehehe Maybe he was waiting for after his mission…hmmm????

  60. Miss Vicki, everyone is on tweeter, voting heavy, david is #2 on Ryan Seacrest poll and want to try & get him to #1. Power voting. Important poll. maybe Ryan will play DRA on his Radio station.

    No i didn’t see anyone that even comes close to David. no one that caught my eye anyway.
    IDAME__ He was so close in the watch scene when they hugged. DANGIT!!!!!!

  61. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yep Idamae….the romantic in me thinks David wanted to wait for that kiss with his special someone….maybe after he gets home from his Mission….Miss Vicki

  62. Miss Vicki and Linda, I keep my SIL in Cuba updated on David, been doin it since AI7 She was squueeeiing about one of the collages I sent her. She shares all the pics with her Godchild who is now 18 and has always loved David. She was complaining how she can’t get any videos of his music or anything else about him on youtube for that matter 🙁 I send her all his CDs through the mail and they take forever to get there. They don’t mind as long as they get them.

  63. idamae, thats nice of you. We have to spread Davids love with everyone that we know will appreciate him and what he’s about.

  64. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Dropped in to say Goodnight. I’ve been voting on the Ryan poll all evening. When I left we were catching up to those girls. See you all tomorrow.

  65. Linda, you can’t imagine what Gladys’ blogs meant to her in Spanish!!! You know she and Milena will go out of their minds when ever David comes out with a Spanish CD!!!!

  66. Goodnite SGJ…been tryin to vote on that dang Seacrest poll for days. It let me vote initally but IMO if you vote a bit too early the next day, they’ll tell you that you’ve already voted and they recalibrate the time for your next vote based on your most recent attempt. That means that you’ve lost your chance to vote until tomorrow…very frustrating!!!!

  67. Idame, guess thats what it does to me too.
    DJA found a latin voting link, will bring it over right now. I think it would be good to vote on it. We nee to get david some prom from latin country. BRB @tvtelehit An entertainment site. I saw @davidarchie song requests on twitter & joined in 🙂 http://www2.esmas.com/telehit/que-es-telehit/

  68. Idamae i left a comment and asked them if they could play Davids DRA

  69. nora says:

    hi Beth if you are lurking at some point, did you ever get the info on that fan from Brazil who wanted to be gifted a BEGIN CD? If so are you going to send her one?

  70. nora says:

    is anyone having a problem posting comments? It is very slow, maybe my computer. Every time I leave the sight my info gets erased and I have to re-enter it, seems strange, everytime I try to vote on the Ryan poll it says my vote has already been counted why? Have been requesting DRA on local stations, will keep on doing it, don’t care if they get sick of me.

  71. Nora, i just had to enter my required field too. & It wont let me vote on Ryan poll either. But i keep trying even if it say i have already voted,

  72. nora says:

    Linda-is everything okay with Beth, if you know, I really miss her comments, she is so funny sometimes and informative at other times. I hope she comes back. Have been trying to get the #s up on DRA Eone video, seems to be going up some, but the other 2 seem to be going up still too.

  73. miss vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guys…..Fell asleep watching David videos…..It’s been a long, long work week…Happy David Dreams All….Miss Vicki

  74. Nora, Beth is ok! as far as i know. She just has other things to tend too, so she just pops in once in a while.
    I try to listen to DRA every day while i’m on my comp doing other things

  75. nora says:

    Thanks Linda, good night getting late here in MA. better hit the sack. good night everybody.

  76. Nora Goodnight, i’m heading out too.

  77. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Lisa in Austin ‏@txarchie
    David Archuleta Live in Singapore – Wait – very close!!! 🙂 http://youtu.be/WTBclCMSSI0

  78. OoO says:

    Please we need more voters. That Girls Gen is running away with the Titled for sure.

  79. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    good morning folks!!

    both Adele and Barbra Streisand is performing at the Oscars this Sunday!!
    not only that a woman.. Danica Patrick will be leading the pack at the Daytona 500!
    woo hoo great weekend and woo hoo
    WOMAN POWER!!!!!

  80. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Radio Suara Akbar ‏@suaraakbar
    New Rival #ChartHot20 No.18 David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away

    hmm my guess we will get the tracklist Tuesday!!?
    one moth til NMHF!!

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