David Archuleta ~ Promo Tuesday, Pandora, Vive la promotion! What does DRA mean to you? Don’t Run Away on FlyFM! Janel’s tribute, Say Yes to Love, It’s a Wrap in Manila, Cherry’s discovery


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Original sketch from Roselyn

Talk about talent.  Roselyn has it in spades.  Link to her site here.

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Pandora Loves David

Pandora Internet Radio  is an automated music recommendation service available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The service plays musical selections of a certain genre based on the user’s artist selection. The user then provides positive or negative feedback for songs chosen by the service, which are taken into account when Pandora selects future songs.  While listening, users are offered the ability to buy the songs or albums at various online retailers.

According to Winnie, @AnneMarieFOD and others, Pandora regularly plays David Archuleta music based your musical taste.  A number of fans are requesting Don’t Run Away on via @pandora_radio on Twitter.   Let me know if they add it!

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Vive la promotion!

Promo from France! As found by @GwenPo

The link takes you to this site, for exchanges, jobs and promotions for artists and professionals from the world of music.   I like it!  Je l’aime beaucoup!

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Don’t Run Away means what to you?  This reviewer wants to know

This reviewer wants to hear in the comments section what you think of Don’t Run Away; what the lyrics mean to you.  He’s a fan of the song 🙂

Take a look, and a listen, and provide your feedback 🙂  What does Don’t Run Away mean to YOU?

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Dedication Video for David

From Janel!

This video is a dedication to David, our hero by myself (Janel Woodbury) and Stephanie Hitchcock in OH. She put the pictures together with the song. The song is “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler, sung by me. There are pics in there by Jennifer Barry, Naree and others. Stephanie picked the perfect pictures for it!

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Don’t Run Away on FlyFM!

You can vote for David’s Don’t Run Away starting at 6 am EST to 9 am EST!  Yesterday, DRA premiered at No. 2!!!!


All the voting yesterday worked!!!  Final debut position is #2!!!!!  Not a bad number :).  Do it all again starting at 6 am Tuesday!

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And the rest here!

        •  TV GUIDE POLL Best AI Contestant EVER : VOTE HERE
        • Musiqtone 2013 Countdown:  You can vote 100 times a sitting usually 2 times a day on the web: http://bit.ly/loinlg & 50 times a sitting on a mobile device, 2 times a day: http://bi.ly/pwqlBY  The mobile links gives you 4 votes per 1 entry, so there is more value for voting on this link.
        • MYX:  Vote HERE    For Rainbow mv!  
        • Chart Central:  Vote HERE

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Its a wrap in Manila

On a lite-day, sending you to our post from one year ago, and wrapping things up in Manila.  It was a happy day for the start of Nandito Ako; it was a sad day for all the goodbyes.

Here is an awesome post with all the news from Feb. 19th, 2012.

Twitter Trending Party TONIGHT!; David Archuleta leaves the Philippines; Another appearance on TV5′s Talentadong; David promo’s Nandito Ako – new vid; More great Bench pix; You know you’re a David Archuleta fan when….; Blast from the past; Slideshow re-cap!

What I will do it leave you with a slideshow of some memorable moments!  Enjoy!

Or click on the pictures individually to see them bigger:

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Say Yes To Love

Not David related, but Eric Alper tweeted this amazing vid yesterday.  Click here to go to his site where he explains the entire story.  Simply, this video portrays one family’s reasons for saying yes. Yes.  YES!  BTW, the song “Yes to Love” is sung by American Idol alum Stefano Langone.

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Cherry’s discovery

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Have a wonderful back-to-work-Tuesday all!

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217 Responses to David Archuleta ~ Promo Tuesday, Pandora, Vive la promotion! What does DRA mean to you? Don’t Run Away on FlyFM! Janel’s tribute, Say Yes to Love, It’s a Wrap in Manila, Cherry’s discovery

  1. VaBeachArchie says:


    THANKS Pastel for a SUPER post! Roselyn’s sketches of David are AMAZING! GREAT job by Janel and Stephanie on the tribute vid! We sure have talented Archies!! LOVED the slide show…the whole Manila trip was INCREDIBLE! NEVER get enough of the vids and pics from that trip! Hope more of that is in 2014!!

    Off to do my David duties! ENJOY YOUR DAY and David time! 🙂

  2. Candy says:

    I would like my MCGORGEOUS super-sized please, One can never get enough of David Archuleta! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Milen #D.Archie 2014 ‏@davion10
    @DavidArchie now playing on @FlyFM958! So happy!


  4. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:


    OneDavid ‏@onedavidnet
    @DavidArchie Dont Run Away #np on@FlyFm958 THANK YOU!! @cowbear THaNKYOU!

  5. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    good morning folks!!

    David’s Don’t Run Away made it to #1 on FlyFM958 today!!!!!


    it sounded GREAT!!!!!!!!

  6. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Candy ha no kidding.. I want one of them! no MANY!!!

  7. Candy says:

    kimk-I tried to listen but couldnt get any sound, clicked “listen live” button a zillion times but no luck. Is there a secret to listening?

  8. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Candy the upper right hand side where it said Listen Live?
    yes just click and another page opens up and it starts playing.
    no clue why not working for you.

  9. Candy says:

    kimk- I may have to install a different flash player, when my computer crashed whatever was on it disappeared.

  10. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning kimk and Candy! LOVED hearing David on the radio…even if it’s in another country And #1 at that!!

  11. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan
    SEMI FINALS: @GirlsGeneration, @ArianaGrande, @DavidArchie, and more! Who’s Album Are You Most Excited For? VOTE! http://bit.ly/Vs5B0J

  12. OoO says:

    omg wow I didn’t see this coming. Wow we got a lot to catching up.

  13. kmb says:

    Hello FOD friends!

    To me, Don’t Run Away is about not being scared of what you have to do in your life and not letting fear paralyze you. “Wait a minute, you know this road, it’s gonna leave you on overload.” The reason we don’t need to let fear paralyze us is because we have people who care about us. True friends tell us to turn around, take a breath, and not run away from our troubles. True friends are willing to listen to what we have to say and then help us get through it. The bridge says, “Open up, let it all out tonight. Yeah. Open up, and everything will be alright.” To me, it’s a song about what supportive friends and family do for each other. It has such a positive message and I love it!

    Janel – I really like your version of Wind Beneath My Wings. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it, and I just fell in love with it again. David is so good at calmly and quietly letting other people shine and it is his humility that truly makes him great. And yes, Stephanie did choose the perfect pictures. What a moving montage.

  14. Lucy says:

    I tried to watch Janels video but when I clicked on it, it said video unavailable, darn!

  15. Candy says:

    Janel-What is the tradition for missionaries to celebrate one year of their mission? I think it was to burn a tie at 6 months, is that right?

  16. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Memories of David at the Del Taco drive through before the Jingle Ball in 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9cO1eIXBpM

  17. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Candy, 6 months is burn a tie, 1 year is burn a shirt, 18 months is burn a pair of pants, 2 year mark is burn a whole suit. I’m sure not all missionaries do it, but I have heard it done. Usually a cake might be involved too.

  18. Anne-Marie says:

    Good morning folks! Just a friendly reminder to put in requests at @pandora_radio for them to add DRA to their playlist! (If you have Twitter!) They play David’s music! Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

  19. Fiona says:

    Janel, I love your video!!! And the Yes to Love one, oh man it made me cry!
    As for that McGorgeous … SIGH!!!!! Yes please! 😉

  20. Candy says:

    Thanks Janel- Woot- David and fans are coming up on burning a shirt. When the time comes, I know a suit I could recommend, been wanting to burn that one for years now. LOL

  21. Anne-Marie says:

    Candy- Ha ha…are we talking about the famous AI black suit? lol.

  22. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the awesome Tuesday post.
    I’m sure these guys on missions are ready to burn their uniforms…having to wear tie, suit or just even tie with with shirt and black pants seven days a week for two years, yikes!…I guess not any different than a monk, nun or priest…I guess the only thing is that missionaries is a two year commitment (they are regular guys and gals) where as the rest have lifetime commitments. So David might of already done some burning accord to what Janel, lol. burn away David, the more article of clothing you burn the closer it is for your return to us fans, lol.

  23. cq#DA2014 says:

    oops, according to Janel, not accord to what.

  24. Candy says:

    Anne-Marie-that would be the one, the Liberace Suit! Lordy how I disliked that shiny , butt ugly thing!

  25. tami lyn says:

    what all this about a new MV???!!

  26. Anne-Marie says:

    Candy- Ha ha! I bet he wasn’t too fond of it either! I think I remember his dad saying something like David wasn’t fond of it but didn’t want to hurt the person’s feeling who designed it for him.

  27. kmb says:

    tami lyn – I haven’t heard anything about a new MV. That would be awesome if that happened! Did I miss something? Does anyone else know anything about a new MV?

  28. Good Morning Archiekins>Beautiful morning in Cali.
    Pastel> Love the post this morning, wish i could stick around, but i have to work.
    janel>what a beautiful video you & stephanie made.
    Kimk> I wanted to vote on FlyFM, but i can’t find where to vote. or click on.
    I have requested on Pandora for DRA.
    Lets get David #s up on the Ryan Seacrest show.
    I have to get ready & do my DD but i will be lurking before i leave.

  29. Anne-Marie says:

    kmb- I haven’t heard anything. That would be awesome though! 🙂

  30. tami lyn says:

    kmb~ peeps on twitter! ask about it but no one answered me. i just tweeted kari and hopefully she will respond! 🙂

  31. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi Linda! I can’t seem to vote more than once on the Seacrest poll. I have voted once on my computer and once on my phone. Even if I come back a few days later, it tells me they have already counted my vote. Oh well.

    Have a great day!

  32. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @OnAirJake now if we only get your boss @RyanSeacrest to play the single Don’t Run Away by @DavidArchie out now!

  33. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Linda it starts about 6 pm their time which is 6 am eastern time US. poll will open up then!
    very early indeed!

  34. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    ok now she is with Neyo?
    hope she comes back to David!

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    At the filming of @KellyandMichae at Disney and @NeYoCompound just finished rehearsals. Should be a fun show. http://lockerz.com/s/284193410


  35. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    hope this means… CONNECTIONS COME 2014!!!!!

  36. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    ha Candy you are funny. thanks for being you.

  37. Kimk, WOW! Thats 3am PT too early for me. Guess i won’t be able to vote.
    I see that Kari sent a tweet to for Ryan hopefully he will play DRA. Wouldn’t that be something.
    Kari moves around! OH! well she has to earn money somehow.

  38. Candy says:

    thats exactly what I was thinking…CONNECTIONS!!! NeYo, JT, Im not picky, either will do. 🙂

  39. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Candy bwhaha.. ARE YOU KIDDING.. can we have both and DAVID!!??

  40. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    from reading David’s timeline I can tell Girl’s Generation is very popular… pretty darn cute, young and fresh.
    kind of like their video
    ok if I was their age
    ok if I was really their age.

  41. DA says:


    RT: @kariontour: now if we only get your boss @RyanSeacrest to play the single Don’t Run Away by @DavidArchie out now!

  42. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice words about the video! I enjoyed singing it. I’ll pass the word to Stephanie too!

  43. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here’s an Elder who did the 6 month tie burning ritual http://elderbergeson.blogspot.com/2013/01/6-month-tie-burning.html

  44. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here’s an Elder who did the one year shirt burning ritual (scroll down some to find the pics) http://trevorisablog.blogspot.com/2010_08_01_archive.html

  45. stop says:

    no thanks. i prefer not to watch.

  46. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here’s a Video of an Elder, 18 month pants burning ritual http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBSVu_YFa2c

  47. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sorry stop. All those people are of Elders who already finished serving their missions, nothing of David, no need for a mission warning thing.

  48. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oh except for the first one, he is still on his mission (tie burning)

  49. Candy says:

    Thanks Janel- Im sure most like forward to approaching or passing a timeframe as to when they will return home.

  50. Candy says:

    *look forward

  51. kmb says:

    Personally, I don’t think David will do the clothes burning thing. It just doesn’t seem like something he would want to do. Who knows though.

  52. Candy says:

    kmb-I dont think he would either as he is way to frivolous…just curious thats all.

  53. stop says:

    david or not i don’t care about religion here/i kept my to myself but hey i can scroll over. sorry.

  54. kmb says:

    I’ve got an idea – David is probably enjoying marking his milestones by giving stuff to his fans! With NMHF almost out, he must be thinking, “Gosh, it’s almost been a year already!”

  55. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I would think more that David would be the “giving the shirt off his back” kind of missionary. Give a tie or a shirt or a pair of pants away to someone who needs it instead of burning it. But like I said, not all missionaries do the ritual.

  56. kmb says:

    Speaking of stuff for the fans, I wonder if there are any surprises in store for the first 3 months of 2014. Hope so! I’m not complaining at all though; we’ve had more already than I had hoped for!

  57. Candy says:

    Its hard to believe that a year ago most of us were wailing at Davids leaving for two years and were ready to jump off the ledge, looking back…it wasnt so bad (ok thats a lie) it went by pretty fast. 🙂

  58. Candy says:

    kimk-did I miss the dougie video, there were times when I wasnt able to be here that often?

  59. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Candy nope. not sure what is up with that. someone took an illegal vid that is out there but hers she hasn’t posted yet. she told someone when she gets back from The Grammys but I am thinking she is putting it off? maybe David pooh pooh’d it or
    they could be saving it for album release time to get things going for David some? something a little personal would be nice.

  60. Philly Fan says:

    Regarding the Dougie vid they might find it inappropriate to release at this time because he is on a mission and may gets some flack. JMHO

  61. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Philly fan dancing is inappropriate? what was Rainbow?

  62. Philly Fan says:

    I don’t see the harm in it but…………………………………others may.

  63. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Philly Fan ha I get you. but they think everything in inappropriate.

  64. Philly Fan says:

    Just trying to give a reason. I would definitely like to see it. And I agree Kim about the Rainbow vid.

  65. Candy says:


  66. breanne says:

    Sorry, didn’t know my lst comment went through so sent it through again.

  67. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    stop Janel is a sweetie.. I didn’t mind those. I guess I am past a lot of all that. ok sometimes it gets heavy here but for the most part it is fun!

    hope he does burn his tie, pants and shirt.. oh and eventually when he gets back that sparkly suit! I hope
    he does all the things the guys do. I say let the testosterone flow.
    being a pop star I bet he has not done many fooling around guy things.

  68. Anita says:

    Janel-The video you and Stephanie made is lovely. I’m happy you included a clip of Edith meeting David!

    Candy- I wonder what David did with that Liberace suit after the AI Tour. I he still has it, maybe he could have a bon fire and make a video for all of us to see the buring of that ridiculous suit!!! What on earth was that person in charge of making everyone’s tour clothes thinking when wanting to dress a 17 year old boy in that?!!

    Kari-Thanks so very much for tweeting Jake and Ryan about playing DRA!!

  69. tami lyn says:

    if ryan won’t play DRA then something is really wrong 🙁

  70. Anita says:

    kmb-Knowing David, there just might be more suprises next year. But none of us were expecting another album after BEGIN., so if NMHF is it, that will certainly be more than enough to satisfy me for another year!

  71. Oinkiers says:

    Good Afternoon everyone!!!

  72. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Anita, thank you! Which picture is Edith?? Is it the lady he brings birthday balloons to?

  73. tami lyn says:

    oinkiers~ welcome back!!! 🙂

  74. Candy says:

    Anita, Exactly! Everyone else on the tour was able to wear normal, everyday clothes and he had to wear that ugly zoot suit!! One had to be delusional to put a handsome baby-faced 17 yr old in that hot mess! Of course once he began to sing you quickly forgot about the suit! Thankfully!

  75. Oinkiers says:

    Thanks TamiLyn!! Its been crazy busy here!! 😀 Just now starting to slow down!

  76. JEB says:

    Tami lyn – As powerful as Ryan Seacrest is, he cannot just play whatever songs he wants on the radio. Only those who pay can get their songs played. It’s illegal technically but stations get aroung it by having the payments go to a middle man. This all started when communications regulations were softened some years ago and large corporate entities were then allowed to own many stations effectively “owning” the markets in most American cities. The number of these companies is very small and they have all the control. They own Top 40, AC, Hot AC etc., all the stations. So, for the most part, only those artists who can pay big bucks will be heard on the radio. Gone are the days when DJ’s would hear new music and give it a try to see what people think of it. Really a shame IMO. Maybe internet will find a way to fill this void, but right now for me the internet is too fragmented to allow new songs and artists to gain traction.

  77. Anita says:

    Janel-Yes, that’s Edith! It was sooooo touching and cute as heck!! She passed away last month.

    Candy-A hot mess is a perfect choice of words! His performances far overshadowed that ugly thing though! I wish he wasn’t afraid to say he didn’t like it, especially since it was the only thing he could wear on that whole tour. I think sometimes David can be too nice. He is getting better at standing up for himself now than he was five years ago!

  78. tami lyn says:

    thanks JEB! very much appreciate the info! that explains alot! kinda shocking that even someone as famous and media connected as ryan seacrest can’t pick and choose what songs he would personally like to play! what a sad situation for us music fans 🙁 guess it really is true~ corporations rule the world now

  79. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Anita, Oh I hadn’t realized she passed away. I am so glad David was able to do that for her, and for that one lady he and Sunny visited who had cancer. What a great wish for them to have come true at the end of their lives.

  80. MunkFOD says:

    Jeb! Thanks so much for the info! What about Satellite radio? Like The Pulse or The Blend? Is it the same with those stations?

    So we are force fed the stuff we don’t like.. well.. I don’t listen to the radio much anymore for that very reason! Thank goodness for my ipod!!

  81. MunkFOD says:

    Candy, We are almost to the half way point! The next year will FLY on by!!! 😀

  82. JEB says:

    Monk FOD – The only satellite radio I know is Sirius (where The Blend and The Pulse are channels). They are an independent company and seem more interested in playing what their subscribers request which is great, but I think satellite radio reaches far fewer people than traditional radio stations, but it is gaining traction primarily because so many new cars come from the factory with Sirius already installed. You can choose not to continue subscribing once the free trial period is up, but in my case, I continued because I was hooked!

  83. tami lyn says:

    oh the power of twitter! i love it! 🙂

  84. DA says:

    SEMI FINALS: I voted David Archuleta @DavidArchie as the most anticipated album of 2013! No Matter How Far out 3/26! http://bit.ly/Vs5B0J , <– 3rd and final round!!! GO!

  85. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    tamilyn you see the Clive Davis and Kelly stuff!?

  86. DA says:

    Hi! thanks Janel aka Nellie for posting the rituals, that’s neat! I didn’t know that, and it’s pretty cool! The elders wouldn’t have recorded it if they didn’t want others to see it! haha

  87. DA says:


    SEMI FINALS: @GirlsGeneration, @ArianaGrande, @DavidArchie, and more! Who’s Album Are You Most Excited For? VOTE! http://bit.ly/Vs5B0J

  88. tami lyn says:

    kim~ yeah! that’s what i was referring to! bravo to kelly for defending herself!

  89. Oinkiers says:

    Kim and Tamilynn- I agree bravo for her!

  90. Candy says:

    GO KELLY!!! That takes guts, brass guts!

  91. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    DA saw it.. who knows I heard Ryan mention Crystal’s new song and I think he was either talking to her or premiering it on his show?
    same management.. not sure if she has a regular label though.

  92. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Candy apparently Clive has a book out.. interesting to say the least. loved how Kelly went after him. wonder if David has any issues with him? did he ever have to work with him?

  93. Candy says:

    Clive outed himself in the same book that he dissed Kelly. Clive can be anything he wants but when you have skeletons falling out of your own closet, why would you go on the attack of someone else.

  94. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Candy who knows.. most likely just saying it all like he sees it? right or wrong.

  95. Candy says:

    Good point Kimk, perhaps thats how he saw it in his minds eye. Not sure how much if any contact David had with him.

  96. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    listening to FlyFM958 this morning while voting for DRA was fun.. they play Top 40
    good songs at that.
    when they got to DRA (#1!!!!!) I gotta say DRA held its own.
    it sounded good!!
    guess what I mean is I felt he belonged there. it was a very good feeling indeed!
    ha I wonder how much it would cost to get DRA played here in the states?

  97. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OK, sometimes being a Girl Scout leader is just too cool. I learn neat stuff. Did you know that Pixar animated pics has hidden “easter eggs” in all of their films? They are items you find in every movie. And they have references to their other films in each movie too. Like did you know that the number A113 is in every movie? It’s from one of the classrooms at California Institute of Animation which almost all the animators at Pixar attended.
    Another example, Pizza Planet or the Pizza planet delivery truck can be found in every Pixar animated movie. Even Brave! 🙂 Sulley from Monsters Inc. and Monster’s University is in Brave too. (Think witch’s cottage)
    I know this is all not David related but now I’m wanting to watch these movies to see what I can spot. I know David loves Finding Nemo too. Luigi from Cars and the Pizza Planet Truck can be seen in Finding Nemo, and other things too. 🙂

  98. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Candy umm hope not too much.

  99. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan
    SEMI FINALS: @GirlsGeneration, @ArianaGrande, @DavidArchie, and more! Who’s Album Are You Most Excited For? VOTE! http://bit.ly/Xqr1uG

    woo hoo Ryan just posted the poll AGAIN!! 😀

  100. Donna says:

    I believe Clive picked Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me for David to sing. Also sung by runner-up’s Justin Guarini, Clay Aiken, and Bo Bice. (and by Pia Toscano). It’s like a curse or something.

  101. DA says:


    SEMI FINALS: @GirlsGeneration, @ArianaGrande, @DavidArchie, and more! Who’s Album Are You Most Excited For? VOTE! http://bit.ly/Xqr1uG

    GO GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS TO RYAN!!! DON’t RUN AWAY on the air please!

  102. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    bubble-hime ‏@bubble_tea96
    OMG David Archuleta released a song!?!?!?!!? OMGGGG ITS BEEN A WHILE, BBY <3

    bubble-hime ‏@bubble_tea96
    I'm so glad David Archuleta is back <3 <3

    bubble-hime ‏@bubble_tea96
    Girls' Generation, SHINee, Justin Timberlake, and now, David Archuleta!!! <3 _<

  103. DA says:

    OH MY HECK!!!! Here’s the link to make a song suggest to PANDORA thanks @gwenpo for asking Pandora Radio How you “suggest” music on Pandora Radio http://help.pandora.com/customer/portal/articles/202439

  104. cq#DA2014 says:

    Dougie video…David not any skin showing doing a dance that is just fun, but NOT sexual..how can that be WRONG to be released while he is on a mission?!?!?
    I saw in youtube a video of a bunch of missionaries dancing the “you should of put a ring on it” buy Beyonce…doing it like her video, I’m sure a little fun dance by David would be sunday school compare to those guys, lol.

  105. tami lyn says:

    i’m still so surprised that ryan can’t play whatever he wants on his own radio show! 🙁

  106. tami lyn says:

    cq~ i agree! 🙁

  107. Anita says:

    Janel-Actually, it was sometime last year that Edith passed away. I’m so happy that Phyllis got to meet David and Sunny before she died. All the cards she received from David’s fans was just amazing!

  108. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    cq David didn’t do it while he was a missionary. it should be fine no matter what it is. we have no idea what the reason is.

  109. Nora says:

    Just read that that Crystal Bowersox is signed with an independent label called Shanachie. Isn’t David with Eone kochrecords? I wonder if Shanachie is bigger. Why would Ryan premiere or talk to Crystal and not play DRA. Maybe they have put more money up front. Just wondering. She was dropped by her record labels jive

  110. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Nora maybe a better relationship.. or just maybe that Crystal is around and David is not? got me. maybe David and team have decided not to spend that much too.

  111. cq#DA2014 says:

    Nora, FUSTRATING!!!! Are we all just tone deaf..is David not as talented as we think he is…why does it seems like no one gives him a chance anymore…Ugh, just gets my blood boiling, lol.
    That’s it I’m calling the head of the LDS church and demanding that he orders David to return to his music career, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  112. Anne-Marie says:

    Evening folks! You can request/email Pandora Radio at this link:

  113. Anne-Marie says:

    Sorry! Forgot to put request DRA at Pandora Radio! lol.

  114. Anne-Marie says:

    Oops! Sorry, didn’t see the link already posted above! lol.

  115. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    cq ha did that make you feel better?

  116. cq#DA2014 says:

    Kimk, HAHAHA yes, it did…now on to spazzing about upcoming album from our man!!!!

  117. Cheryl #DA2014 says:

    Thanks for the great post today. Love all of the great pix’s of handsome David. Missionary grandson was transferred today to Tunkhannock, PA………….does anyone in the FOD family live up that way or know anything about that area?

  118. Anne-Marie says:

    Hoping that we might get info on the track list soon! Can’t wait for that!

  119. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Anne Marie ha that word.. yes please SOON!!

  120. Nora says:

    cq-I’m with you if you need a back up I’ll be there with you, we can do more in numbers,hahahaha is right in our dreams.
    I just remember when Ryan was doing some charity thing at a hospital or something, who was there for him “DAVID” and those baskets that go to some hospital that Ryan is affiliated with whose fans help with them DAVID’ FANS. I know we are not supposed to think like that because David doesn’t as for favors in return, but a mention of DRA on his show. I just don’t understand,. Well enough of my rant, gets my blood pressure raging.

  121. Anne-Marie says:

    Kimk- Well, can’t be too much longer, right? Do we know exactly how many tracks there are? Did that info ever come out?

  122. sarahhazel says:

    Good evening, folks!!! How’s everyone doing? Great post, Pastel!
    No track list yet from Mr. McGorgeous’ new CD???…..hope it comes out s**n!
    Wonderful that FlyFM plays DRA but wish it was here in the US for radio premiere….*sigh*
    Is it March 26 yet??! Is it March 2014 yet??!

  123. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Anne Marie think all we heard was Wait would be on it, maybe Day After Tomorrow, and two Lady V songs. oh and Don’t Run Away.

  124. Nora says:

    welcome back sarahhazel, we missed you. Hope you stay around for a while, Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  125. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    Thought I’d get the next chapter of my David story posted today.

    I agree with all of you on how infuriating it is that DRA can’t get airplay. Whoever’s in charge of the laws that regulate radio needs to close the payola loophole. That or radio needs to rebel against it and play what’s requested whether or not they’re being paid to do so. David would already be huge if the loophole didn’t exist. ALTNOY would’ve gotten more airplay, SBL would’ve gotten airplay and so on. We wouldn’t have half the problems we do and radio wouldn’t be anywhere near as crappy if that loophole was gone. It needs to be gone. If it’s illegal to pay for play, then that rule needs to be enforced, no middlemen, no arguments. Illegal is illegal plain and simple.

  126. sarahhazel says:

    Nora–Hi! just got back early this evening….haha….kinda tired but pretty sure I’ll be back to my full Archumode starting tomorrow!

  127. Anne-Marie says:

    Charlotte- I agree. It’s so frustrating. Sad to think that is the way the music world works these days. 🙁

  128. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi- Dropping in to say hello everyone. Pastel, great post. That drawing of Roselyn’s is amazing. She is so talented. I love reading all your comments. It takes me a while and then I get lost in the videos. Oinkiers nice seeing you here. You too Fiona and Cheryl.
    sarahhazel- Get some rest. Traveling is fun but hectic. No place like home! 🙂
    Going to vote ant eat dinner. BBL

  129. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–FRUSTRATING is the word. 🙁
    BTW, just read your latest D story…..”KILIG”!!!….keep it coming, girl! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  130. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–enjoy your dinner and voting time….haha!

  131. sarahhazel says:

    LOL…this comment on YT for DRA…..

    “2 days ago, I had no idea who david archuleta was! Now my whole ******* playlist is full of his songs! xO”

  132. Oinkiers says:

    Good evening everyone!! There is nothing wrong with showing the Dougie video while David is on his mission……. I am sure Kari has her reasons!! 😉

    Hi, Sarahhazel

  133. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Oinkiers! glad to see you here again! 🙂

  134. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, glad you’re enjoying the story. Kilig will be THE word for the rest 😉
    And yeah, ITA about the frustrating stuff. Wish we could pool enough money and pay off Ryan to play it. His show is broadcast nationally. A few plays form him would get things going.

  135. breanne says:

    Vote hourly for Rainbow on Chart Central. It has been #1 for 5 weeks on that chart!! 🙂

  136. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kari not sharing the Dougie video might simply be because she’s a very busy girl. Fans request things from her and she may very well just be forgetting or hasn’t had the time to get to it. She’s not one directional focused on David. She is manager to JT, BSB and others. And, she might quite possibly have a life. 🙂

  137. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I mean fans request stuff from her and of her a lot, so she might not remember everything.

  138. McKenzie Harris says:

    Janel, I’m pretty sure Kari’s very busy putting together a big multimedia video for March 28 set to Don’t Run Away to simultaneously thank fans for their continuing support, to promote the upcoming CD and to commemorate the many career successes that David has achieved during his year. You know,

    1. The Gold CD Forevermore.
    2. The #1 hit Forevermore.
    3. The Billboard Top 30 CD Begin.
    4. The 1 million twitter followers and multiple twitter trends.
    5. The three million Facebook likes.
    6. Another Top 10 finish on Forbes Top 10 earning Idols
    7. The 3rd CD since his departure No Matter How Far.

    The world loves success stories. David’s had lots of success this past year. Why not trumpet it and create the aura of success that energizes fans and promotes more success?

    I’m sure Gina is also busy working all her media connections to push a story about how a pop star has been able to sustain a music career despite not being around to do so. Whether you’re a David Archuleta fan or not, what he has been able to achieve is unique and probably unprecedented so why not pitch it. If pitched properly, it could get some interest and produce some free buzz for David.

    And I’m sure Gina and Kari have a whole bunch of exciting contests for fans ready to go on CD release day so that they can use fans to promote No Matter How Far on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter.

    Yep, they’re working around the clock thinking of innovative and cost effective ways to promote No Matter How Far. When fans find out, jaws will drop.

    Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  139. Candy says:

    McKenzie-Have no idea what to say to your comment! I could be really snarky (surprise) but that would play right into your hands.

  140. McKenzie> And a good story it is!!! Got me excited. I can hardly wait for what is to come.

  141. McKenzie Harris says:

    Candy, anything is possible 🙂

  142. Hello everyone.
    Sarahhazel> welcome back, i just got home from having dinner with my grandson.
    sure have missed our power voting. Ha Ha.
    I’m excited for the tractlist for NMHF. I know that David has much more for us this year.
    He really thought of everything. What a Guy!!!

  143. Nora says:

    Mackenzie possible but not probable!!! That is my story and I’m sticking to it also

  144. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Janel…What a great Dedication video…..Wonderful job and a great voice……….Miss Vicki

  145. cq#DA2014 says:


  146. ATX #DA2014 says:

    What DRA means to me: on the simple side – David is one special artist and truly appreciates his fans. December 19, 2011 – announcement date, if ANYONE would have told me that we would have all these “gifts”, I would have told you there is no way any one human could do all of this. But, as we all know, David is no ordinary person.

    We ALL want what is best for David, that goes without saying. But, as I thought on December 20, 2011 – “Trust the Archuleta”.

    I absolutely believe he has his music future well planned out. Back when he did the Something Pitchy interview for his book, he did say he wanted to get from point A to C, but had to go through point B first.

  147. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Welcome back sarahhazel….Hope you had a great time in Vegas and Cali….What part of Cali did you go to????? Loved your comment at 8:19 about someone listening to DRA and now their whole playlist is full of David’s songs….Winning over one fan at a time….Miss Vicki

  148. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Loved the fact that Pandora radio plays David….I just got a Pandora starter bracelet for Valentines Day…..Wish I could get a David charm and dangle him from my sterling silver bracelet…..HA HA HA……(Paula Abdul would have loved that too!!!!!)…..Miss Vicki

  149. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    ATX DA#2014…….We all know David is an overacheiver who doesn’t sleep much or have time for romance…….Hence…..all these beautiful gifts for us……What a keeper…..Miss Vicki

  150. Nora says:

    What a great job a couple of fans posted comments on the Eone version of DRA, I would like to post a comment, but don’t have the means that you need to post one there. I think that is good promo for DRA. Check it out. Has anybody posted a comment on the person who reviewed DRA on fronpage of FOD?

  151. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    doesn’t bother me that DRA doesn’t get airplay here.. will probably get it in Asia. already started.
    does bother me folks aren’t supporting him..
    by spending a buck.

  152. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Miss Vicki #DA2014 – I agree! What ever else he has or doesn’t have, I am completely grateful. As with the rest of us, I will be here.

  153. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    has Pandora played DRA yet?

  154. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    I’m with cq…

    tracklist, tracklist tracklist!!!!!!!!!

  155. stop says:

    I love the way BLUE and MCKENZIE thinks. Some how we need to clone u guys and thanks for bringing out the bright side to us.

  156. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Kimberly Ann fan of one smoking Hondurana……..Gosh I have spent mega bucks supporting David. (My husband says I have to curb my David spending or else he is going to put me on strick budget)……Miss Vicki

  157. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Miss Vicki me too. fans here are great.

  158. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yep…Anyone guessing what will be on the track list and when we will find out???? Miss Vicki

  159. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    BTY…love the David pic at the bottom of this post…..MCGORGEOUS……love the five o’clock shad0w!!!!! Miss Vicki

  160. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Miss Vicki I asked Kari when DRA was released and she said ‘in due time’
    lol no idea what that means.. my guess s**n!!

  161. Charlotte says:

    I’ve spent a ton supporting David, too. I actually keep an envelope with all the receipts and such and added up once to see what the over all total was. For the amount I make a year, I’ve spent a lot, and here’s why…..

    David is worth every single penny 🙂

  162. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Charlotte ain’t that the fact! he sure is!!

  163. Charlotte says:

    P.S. Forgot to say earlier :rolls up to McDonald’s drive thru window: I’ll take a McGorgeous with cheese(cause his cheesiness makes me smile) fries and a bottled water 🙂

  164. Charlotte says:

    Kim, amen to that 🙂

  165. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yep Charlotte….I agree…..David is worth every penny….. I hate McDonald’s but I will still order a David Mcgorgeous burger to go….Miss Vicki

  166. Charlotte says:

    Gonna get off for the night and settle in for some favorite shows. Sweet David dreams to you all 🙂

  167. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Night all…Happy David dreams…..Miss Vicki

  168. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Janel Kari is very busy lately isn’t she. wonder if Davids team has picked up any more folks to fill in. lol I wonder who Davids team is.

  169. collegemom says:

    I don’t think David’s team needs to fill in for Kari – I am sure that she can handle everything for multiple clients especially with David gone.

  170. Candy says:

    Does David actually have a team…or is Kari solo? She tweets under both…

  171. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Charlotte- Just finished reading your chapter. I love it. Very good writing and your main man in this story is winderful. Thanks for my bedtime story. 😀 Take care

  172. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    HaHa *wonderful* not winderful sorry

  173. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Night Miss Vicki.

  174. Candy says:

    SGJ-I actually like the word “Winderful” sounds like it might have a German accent 🙂

  175. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Guess I’l turn in tonight. Put in a lot of votes on Ryan poll tonight. Goonight all. See you tomorrow.

  176. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Ha Ha Thanks Candy, you’re a trip. Goodnight 🙂

  177. DA says:

    @DorkAngel: RT @Ql02Land: DONT RUN AWAY – DAVID ARCHULETA (12:25 AM ET) http://t.co/sOneCwah WOOT! WOOT!!!

    THATS IN KENTUCKY USA!!! yup! Go tweet and tell them how much you live it!!! It’s a top 40 station!!! Show the love to hear more of David Archuleta ON THE RADIO!!!

  178. shansien says:

    DA..thanks for the info! Fans should keep promoting airplay because you never know!

  179. DA says:

    Tweet @JoJoWright if you want him to add @DavidArchie’s new single “Don’t Run Away” to his Top 9 @ 9! —> http://t.co/WusSkILo

  180. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! HAPPY WEDNESDAY, especially for me…NO more crutches!YAY!

    GREAT story McKenzie! The list of what David has accomplished. even though he’s been away for almost a year, is INCREDIBLE! Should be applauded!

    Charlotte… ” David is worth every single penny”..if that ain’t the truth!! Want to add to that spending come 2014….VIP and concerts!!

    Back on Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY and your time in Davidland!! 🙂

  181. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Q102 WQXQ ‏@Q102Land
    DONT RUN AWAY – DAVID ARCHULETA (12:25 AM ET) http://rdo.to/WQXQ

    AHH that is fabulous!!!!!!!!!

    good morning folks!!

  182. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Fly FM ‏@FlyFM958
    Last night, David Archuleta was king with his song Don’t Run Away. Who do you think is gonna be #1 tonite? #FLY30 #FLYFMASOT600KL

  183. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:


    David’s DRA is #2 so far on FlyFM958!!!! 😀

  184. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    VABeach ahh that is fabulous!! good morning!!

    Carmen Ng Jia Wen ‏@carmenblur
    Haven’t listened to David Archuleta in a bit, maybe I shall buy his album when it releases.

  185. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    OneDavid ‏@onedavidnet
    Voting starts on Flyfm #Fly30 ! Dont Run Away currently no 13 .Let vote to bring it up the chart! @DavidArchie fans! http://www.flyfm.com.my/shows/weekdays/fly30/index.1.html

    Weiyan haha. ‏@weiyannn
    @DavidArchie’s cover of Bubbly makes me want to lie on the floor and cry until my heart stops hurting.


  186. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan
    SEMI FINALS: @GirlsGeneration, @ArianaGrande, @DavidArchie, and more! Who’s Album Are You Most Excited For? VOTE! http://bit.ly/Xqr1uG
    Retweeted 120 times

  187. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    KISS FM Jember ‏@kissfmjember
    NP: David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away #36-TOP40COUNTDOWN (New Entry)#Channel *Retweet If You Like It!


    go RT!!!

  188. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Jay Oliver Durias ‏@jaydurias
    @milkyology @gellidbelen @msaikomelendez @gtongi @alwynzky @percinotpercy @TV5manila @MyDearWriter awwwww…@kariontour @DavidArchie 🙂

  189. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    Happy #NanditoAko anniversary. The wonderful adventure will always be remembered #JoshBradley #TeamJolly #TeamJonya #UncleSteve #TrueLove

    solana ‏@ascphil
    Happy anniversary, Nandito Ako Family! @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith @oheulacaballero @anagfeleo @JoAnnBanaga @MyDearWriter @TV5manila
    Retweeted by MyDear Writer

  190. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Persada 92.4 FM ‏@Persada924FM
    #NP David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away #HAPPYHOURS / With PJ ANDRA

  191. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Sanjana!! ‏@Archuroxx
    Retweeted by Alicia Loh

  192. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:


  193. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    OneDavid ‏@onedavidnet
    YAY !! Loverboy is now #1!! woohoo! Keep voting http://www.flyfm.com.my/shows/weekdays/fly30/index.1.html


  194. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Fly FM ‏@FlyFM958
    Fierce battle between Taylor Swift’s 22 and David Archuleta’s Don’t Run Away for #1. Who will triumph? Vote @ http://fly30.flyfm.com.my #FLY30

  195. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    @jackryan4DA 15 gifts for 15 birthdays, the handstand… and the opening scene of the pilot episode #TrueLove #NanditoAko fave scenes.

  196. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    32 secs OneDavid ‏@onedavidnet
    Wooohoooo!!!!! We did it!!!! No 1 !!! https://twitter.com/onedavidnet/status/304226411164626944/photo/1

  197. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    Ellyna. ‏@EllynaMxy
    WE TAKE THE THRONE AGAIN @DAVIDARCHIE YOU’RE THE CHAMPION. Tune into @FlyFM958 for the premier of Don’t Run Away! http://www.flyfm.com.my/shows/weekdays/fly30/index.1.html

  198. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    David is #1 and I am in twitter jail AGAIN!!!
    life is good in Archuletaville.. like old times!!!

    listening to Don’t Run Away right now…. SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    lol the DJ is calling him King Archie… uh huh you got that right!!

    DRA sounds very good on the radio.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    ha sorry guys about all the spam.. it is almost like old times and Nandito Ako!
    really hope he goes back there again and does all he did last time and more!!

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    Happy Nandito Ako Anniversary! @DavidArchie aka Josh Bradley faces http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEweabOcV

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake
    I see all your tweets David Archuleta fans… And I agree #DontRunAway needs to be played on the radio. I love you @DavidArchie fans! 🙂

  201. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!!
    Q102 is playing DRA??? Is that a trick to get more Archies to vote on their polls???….haha….well, whatever…..a radio play is a radio play and so I say, WOOT! AND SQUEEEE!!!!
    Hooray for DRA winning over 22!!!
    Appreciate that FlyFM is giving it the exposure it needs in that part of the world…..
    Have the Philippine radio stations played it already?

  202. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hey kimk! Thanks for all the links and tweets! Sure LOVED hearing Don’t Run Away on FLYFM this morning…and #1 tp boot! Let’s KEEP it there!

    Hope too this is TRACKLIST DAY!! Can’t wait to see what made the album!! Hope Not A Very Good Liar makes it this time! Everbody can relate and catchy!

    THANKS Sam…you’re the MASTER! LOVED Nandito Ako and that whole time in Manila! David better go back and pick up where he left off….that would be AWESOME!

  203. VaBeachArchie says:

    sarahhazel…Glad to have you back in good old Virginia!

  204. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Nandito Ako started airing a year ago today. THANK YOU to everyone that watched! Tell me your favorite scene! (KS)



  205. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin hot Honduran!! says:

    he needs a shave!
    ha bet he is coming back hairy!
    wonder if he will grow a beard!?

  206. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–thanks!…no place like home & FOD!

  207. VaBeachArchie says:

    kimk…Can’t imagine covering that beautiful face with a beard….but who knows! Maybe some scruff?

    Wish they would have an anniversary run of Nandito Ako …better yet release a DVD!!!!

  208. sarahhazel says:

    OMJJJJ…..awesome pic with the billboard!!! 😀

  209. OoO says:

    I think the DJ is having a blast with the archies ha ha. I am having fun reading them.

  210. sarahhazel says:

    Yup, NA DVD and the NMHF track list, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. sarahhazel says:


  212. Kimberly Ann fan of one smokin Honduran!! says:

    Vabeach gorgeous man there.. scruff, no scruff, long short hair, beanies, even a shaved head! no denying that!!!

  213. sarahhazel says:


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