David Archuleta’s Monday Merriment! Updates from Kari, It’s Official ~ David is an Over-Achiever! New on ASCAP! Watching that wrist-watch, World Cancer Day ~ Who are you Standing Up for? Vote y’all!


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Credit: Andrea

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More updates from Kari!

Kari took some time from the excitement in New Orleans to answer a bunch of fan questions.  I’m posting some now:

About access to “No Matter How Far” internationally

About the photoshoot

 About a long-awaited vid

Lots going on these days.  Dougie will come when it will comes, folks. No worries Kari 🙂

Mail those cards NOW!!!!!  

Thanks for the updates Kari!

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Yes, he is an over achiever!

“Think you’re a great multi-tasker? Well, you might have met your match”.

We all know that this is not entirely accurate, as David is not working on music during his mission, but the part about David being an over-achiever, a hard worker, is totally accurate!

The album, entitled No Matter How Far, will feature a mix of newly recorded material and previously unreleased tracks. The new David Archuleta album follows up his self-titled debut CD, which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and follow-up releases Christmas From The Heart, The Other Side of Down, and the covers album Begin. 

Wondering just how successful David has been since his reign on Idol?Forbes released the top salaries by American Idol alums in 2012, and the adorable Utah singer rounded out the top 11 by earning a cool $1 million.

Click on the picture above to read the article in its entirety.

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A new song?????

As found by @grayAAA

New songs do pop up from time to time…let’s see if this is any indicator…..of anything lol!  Love that title tho.  Thanks @GrayAAA.

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About that watch!

David does not wear a watch very often, so why was that very turquoise watch selected for this photoshoot?  Such a great colour, colour co-ordinated with that shirt too.  So, in a rare excursion to the mall this weekend, I went a-hunting for a maker of a turquoise watch.  A men’s turquoise watch.  Best fit?  A Swatch!  How purdy……

But, then I saw RJ’s cool one below 🙂  And with a right price!   I think that would impress David!

Let’s take a look at some of the other interesting wrist adornments worn by David in the past, shall we?

Who could forget Idol Red! Well, that’s the name I gave it 🙂

Another very traditional one here…..

A nice one in Vietnam

A nice one from Larissa.  She said David selected this watch himself.  Love the massive face on this watch.

And here’s a pic of David selecting that watch, perhaps?

This is a shot from the Something Bout Love music vid.  Did we ever find out why it’s on his left wrist?  Highly unusual for a lefty.  Wait, don’t tell me he’s ambidextrous too!

At the 2009 Alma Awards.  All dressed up!

That’s it for the tour of watches.  Have any other pics for us?  Send them along!

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Today is World Cancer Day!  Who do YOU stand up for?

From the Stand Up to Cancer website:

From the website:

World Cancer Day is a time when people across the globe take a stand against a disease that’s affected us all – mothers, fathers, friends, grandparents, and, heartbreakingly, even our children.

Join the global movement. Download the placard on the SU2C site and tell the world who you honor when you Stand Up To Cancer.

Together, let’s send a message around the globe that we stand for the end of cancer. Watch the promo here.  I have to think Ambassador David Archuleta may provide a message like this one day….

International fans, you can download the placard in your native language!  Take a picture of yourself indicating who you stand up for!  Be brave, show the world why you care!


SU2C has opened up their wall for the day, and you can do the following with your placard:

  1.  you can post your picture on their FB wall
  2. tweet it to @Su2C or use hashtag #istandupfor on Twitter
  3. Post on Instagram using hashtag #istandupfor
Like this!

I have a personal placard I will post on FB sometime today, but here is one from FOD:

Take the challenge, and let us know if you post something.  Love to see them.
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Let’s not forget to vote!!!

Here are all the links!  And Breanne has provided some context for all of us.  Thanks Breanne!

  • EL Foreign Act Newsmaker of the Year:  Vote HERE

We are in the last 9 days of voting on the Foreign Act Newsmaker/EL Poll. We lost 85,000 votes from our lead from Saturday night to Sunday so time to refocus!

You can also tweet an unlimited number of votes by tweeting this:

@ELifestyleBlog #TELPinoyNewsmaker I vote for David Archuleta for Foreign Act Newsmaker of the Year

  •  TV GUIDE POLL Best AI Contestant EVER : VOTE HERE
  • Musiqtone 2013 Countdown:  Vote HERE  

You can vote 100 times a sitting on the web: http://bit.ly/loinlg and on a mobile device you can vote 50 times a sitting & these vote counts 4 for each vote:

  • MYX:  Vote HERE    Rainbow is currently #7.
  • Chart Central:  Vote HERE  Rainbow is currently #1.

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Ending with Contigo

I have a hard time passing an opportunity to end in a luscious Spanish vocal performance, once the power of suggestion was too strong after posting the Alma pic up above. So here it is.

MOAR. MOAR! In 2000 – 1 – 4 !!!

* * * * *

Enjoy a wonderful week everyone!


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318 Responses to David Archuleta’s Monday Merriment! Updates from Kari, It’s Official ~ David is an Over-Achiever! New on ASCAP! Watching that wrist-watch, World Cancer Day ~ Who are you Standing Up for? Vote y’all!

  1. ksf says:

    Thanks for the new post!

    Congrats to D for making the Forbes list yet again while being out of the country for most of it! To call him an “overachiever” is definitely an understatement. I think its great that he so carefully planned his time away to provide for his family and the fans while he’s away. Bravo! 🙂

    Lol. I didn’t realize that people still wore watches. Probably because I’m a smartphone addict.

    Contigo! Contigo! Contigo! Love it! 😛

    Goodnight for reals. I know I said it on the last thread but I’m serious this time. Lol.

  2. Ali says:

    LOVE that lead off pic, ML! Oh what a beautiful smile to start off the week with. Thanks for the great post!!!

    I think Contigo could use a re-watch right about now 😉

  3. Shanny in Australia says:

    What a fun post today Pastel. Thanks! 🙂
    This post actually got me wondering…..i’m sure we’ve all noticed how david ALWAYS wears a watch when he’s performing but does anyone know WHY? Maybe someone could ask Kari when she’s not busy with JT please?

    I’ve just started wearing two watches at the same time. lol I’m hoping by wearing two, it will help me be on time more often..lol…no not really, just yet another bad joke from Shanny. I didn’t wear a watch for ages but I hated having to hunt through my bad and flip out my phone everytime I needed to know the time, so when hubby was in Korea last year, I ordered a watch for my prezzie and he brought me home an awesome bling bling (but cheap) watch. So then I started feeling like I wanted a bracelet to kind of match it and I fell in love with a bracelet that actually has a heart shaped watch face hanging off it. So there’s my intriguing and enthralling story of how I came to wear two watches. If anyone is dying for more details, ask away and i’ll be more than happy to answer them. 🙂

  4. nora says:

    Ali thanks for letting me know about the new thread. That lead off picture is great. A new day and a new start. Good night Ali and ksf.

  5. jeani/ut says:

    I think this means I’m up too late. Pastel is so fast with Monday’s great post and It’s not even Monday where I am. Love it. Great watches and that top picture just makes me happy. Thank you.

  6. nora says:

    just saw your post and good night Shanny.

  7. Sigi says:

    Sorry David, I am very sad to see you drop down, Now LMH is up. This is the last comment Post from me!

  8. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ali – lol – well at least your joke was a notch above mine. 😆 😉

  9. Shanny in Australia says:

    Nite nite Nora, sleep well. 🙂

    Sigi, why your last comment? You’re welcome to keep joining in. 🙂

  10. Shanny in Australia says:

    And btw, my story about my watch…it was meant to say how I got tired of hunting through my BAG. I didn’t want to leave anyone wondering unnecessarily.

    Groan….i can feel my silly self coming to visit. I did just eat some oatmeal with sugar on it…must be the sugar…

  11. jackryan4da says:

    Am so sorry for burdening you guys with the request to vote.

  12. pocoelsy says:

    Hello all

    Pastel, it’s such a fun post just like Shanny said, I never noticed that David has a lot (I mean really a lot) of watches haha he’s obesses !!! joking haha

    What!!! I cant walk in the store and buy D’s new album !!! I’d love to see it proudly standing on the shelf here !! oh well!! Amazon-WOW here I come :D, only thing I pity those who doesn’t have a credit card and want to own one !!! As much as I love “Untied David” , having a label support does help distribute the CDS to the international market ! sighhh

    Shanny, love your story, your sweetheart sure know how buy presents for a lady :D, I myself quit waring watch for like 25 years already haha I kept forgeting where I put it!! at times I couldn’t even remember if I wore it or not haha in the span of 2 years I lost about 5 of them so I decided Watch God must not like me that much haha, if I want to know the time I just “steal a glance” from other people’s watch (I’m bad i know) or just peek into a shop or ask!! haha I have no shame!! now that cellphone comes with watch I don’t have to rely on wrist watch or other people’s watch anymore lol

    Jackryan, Awww don’t feel bad, I did that a lot too hehe, we love you, everyone here loves David..we just express it differently, BTW as of now LMH is breaking even with us … they’re firece !! Go Getter just meet their match !!! tough tough hehe

  13. OoO says:

    jackryan never say sorry because I see it this way if u want to vote vote and no then don’t. I admire those fans of LMH that they never give up and tons of determinations. I will be standing alone in this voting booth by myself till the end because IT’S COMING FROM INSIDE OF MY HEART NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE TOLD ME. btv I am voting with Let Me Go playing in the background this song is like my energy pill. BE HAPPY GUYS.

  14. jackryan4da says:

    POCO & OoO — I apologized because the EL voting is causing some tension here. Although I believe I have not said anything to offend anyone, I have to be careful not to abuse the hospitality of FOD. After all, am an admin of another site. I was merely assisting those helping out in the poll voting.

    So thanks to all those who supported and continue to support the EL voting.

  15. pocoelsy says:

    Hello there,

    Pastel, Thank you for the fun post like Shanny said 🙂 I never knew that David has so many watches, the man loves his watches and shoes and food lol. The lead pic is so cute he looked a bit tan there !!!

    What !!! I can’t walk in the store and find D new album!!! nooo..It’d be nice to see David’s lovely face in a store here …Oh well Amazon/WOW here I come, only this is I pity those who wants to own it but doesn’t have a credit card !!! as much as I love “untied David” this is where the Label comes in handy lol they can distribute to international market(I think)

    Shanny, I quit waring a watch like…25 years ago haha in the span of 2 years I lost bout 5 watches !!! sometimes I didnt’ know where I left it and a lot of time I didn’t even know I wore it or not !!! I think the Watch God must not like much haha

    Jackryan, Awww don’t feel bad !! I did that a lot too hehe, we all love you and we all love David , we just express it differently. BTW as of now LMH is leading we’re chasing after him now !!! they’re firece !! tough tough.

    YAY for an over achiever, he is 😀

    Oh Shanny about Sigi last comment! I think she will be on vacation and just cannot post any comments while vacationing!!

  16. pocoelsy says:

    OH sorry I thought my 1st comment is not posted, red face hehe!!

  17. pocoelsy says:

    OoO, You’re not alone haha I’m doing it too I think it’s in our DNA haha I have the for myself for the next 5 days hubby’s gone on business trip, so I’m freeeee 😀 as for Let Me Go you know what it’s my fav too it’s my SMS alert haha it’s loud !!

  18. Shanny in Australia says:

    Part 2 coming up…. (and boy oh boy, i’ll try to be less convoluted in this part!)

  19. OoO says:

    poco hi-5 for us yeah!!!!!!!!

  20. ambber says:

    WOW, I am voting on the EL and I notice that David increase by 5 and LMH increase by 50 per second or something. I hope we’ll make this up when US wake up this morning.

  21. Shanny in Australia says:

    Poco, oh thanks for clarifying about Sigi. I was worried she was upset in some way. Enjoy your fun trip Sigi! 🙂

    Haha, I love that david is an over achiever too! That is code for ‘awesome’.

    And JR – I really like that you comment here even though you are admin of another site. I see it as…when you’re at your site, you’re an admin person but when youre hanging at FOD, you’re just a regular spazzing Archie. Spazz on my friend! lol (Or opine on if thats what you feel like doing)

  22. pocoelsy says:

    OoO, high 5 back at ya, I have more stories about phone sounds haha.. my ring tone is “A Thousand Mile” Studio version, love the sound of the piano intro and David played it!! and again it’s loud enough … if you call me, you’ll be greeted with “Things Are Gonna Get Better” simply love that song and if someone wants to scold me, they may change their mind after listening to that epic song, ya know haha…”I know Thing’s are gonna get better” 🙂

    I’m not a huggy person but I wana hug all my archie friends …right about NOW (((hugs)))

    Shanny , (((hugs))), Sigi has a longgg vacations ahead of her, I’m a bit jealous hehe imagine you don’t have to wash the dishes for a month or so (or you guys use dish washer!! I still wash em by hand 🙁 ), I’d miss my cats and my kitchen tho if I have to go that long.

  23. jackryan4da says:

    POCO – I love hugs! It is the most precious thing in the world. Just melts away the tiredness, takes away the fears 🙂

  24. OoO says:

    poco that’s awesome good songs. U know what’s funny when I listen I kinda see him in my mind singing it’s like 2D wow. Try and notice and see if that happen to u too. BTV

  25. pocoelsy says:

    OoO , I do that a lot like A LOT , if you don’t mind here’s the song I imagine him sings and SEE him in my head, it’s a bit rough I made it last year I was new (and still learning) at making a vid but yeah this is what I see in my head “I have nothing”


  26. OoO says:

    awwww love that.

  27. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD!

    GREAT early Monday post Pastel! LOVE the lead off pic , THANKS Andrea. The “tour of watches” was FUN! Watch the Contigo vid just about every day…one of my FAVORITE all time performances from David! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!

    Will continue to VOTE! ENJOY YOUR DAY! 🙂

  28. Nita says:

    Morning everyone
    on voting I notice that if the result and the thank you for voting! is not showing the vote does not count. Have a good day everyone. Will continue voting with you VABeachArchie.

  29. applegreen says:

    jackryan4da, don’t feel bad… at the end of it, it’s our choice whwther we vote or not. I’m still voting. I expected this actually but still amazed that 40 or so are voting for LMH non stop! K Pop and K dramas are the craze everywhere right now… that is why I was plesantly surprised that PSY Gangnam style didn’t make the finals for musiqtone.. anyway I hope we keep on voting, let’s get to the million mark and maybe they will slow down when it gets nearer to the Chinese New Year day. I think quite a % of LMH fans celebrate CNY

  30. jhen says:

    Hello everyone! I never thought David is obsess with watches lol. Wonderful to see Bench owner assisting David to select watches. I sure hope that Philippines record store will have NMHF soon. Since David is popular in the Philippines. Maybe few months after it release in US.

  31. kimk says:

    HEART FALLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    HEART FALLS OUT by @DavidArchie @LadyVmusic and Matt Squire was just added on ASCAP today… Does this mean anything?!


  32. jhen says:

    Kimk- really hope Heart Falls Out will be included in the album.

  33. kimk says:


    new song alert
    new song alert
    new song alert!!!!!!!

    good morning folks.. HAPPY MONDAY!!
    think we are getting a new song on NMHF and
    omgosh Beyonce was amazing at the Superbowl!
    not to mention the game was great and the place rocked so hard the power blew out!
    Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy children were outstanding and
    I don’t think I have ever seen such a National Anthem like Alicia Keys did!
    slow, jazzy-ish and playing a grand piano!!

    Pastel thank you.. fabulous post!!

    as for the voting.. oh pooh
    I read they enlisted a lot of Chinese fans for it
    was watching it was wild how quick it went up.

  34. kimk says:

    ELifestyleBlog ‏@ELifestyleBlog
    FOREIGN ACT NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR UPDATE: Leading – LEE MIN HO – 937,204 Votes Trailing – DAVID ARCHULETA – 902,633 Votes

  35. kimk says:

    Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld
    1st Pic of the Day: @DavidArchie packs a stylish ensemble from head to toe; MKOC tour, Irving Plaza, Dec 2011


  36. kimk says:

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake
    Ugh. I will never get over not getting a picture with David Archuleta at the club @ScottHoying & @Alexander_Kirk. #ThinkAboutItDaily


  37. kimk says:

    Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld
    2nd Pic of the Day: Just do it, so says Nike… on his shoe; @DavidArchie, MKOC tour, Irving Plaza, Dec 2011


  38. kimk says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    Josh & Anya – Fallin’ For You: http://youtu.be/RlCOxnIVb3w gah! I miss making fan videos like this! I’m so glad school is almost over! 😀

    I miss Nandito Ako and DAVID!!

  39. kimk says:

    jhen LadyV certainly did say or at least strongly hint it will be!!! 🙂
    I know.. she also said it was her favorite song of hers!!

  40. kimk says:

    ahh that video Sam posted.. please please please let him do another tv show!!

  41. kimk says:





    got til around 11 am eastern!!!

  42. ksf says:

    Morning FOD! 🙂

    kimk – thanks for the vid. Kilig!!

    Didn’t we already know about When Your Heart Falls Out? We spazzed about it a few months ago. In either case, its great to see that songs from “The Vault” will actually see the light of day. Those are always David’s best songs imo.

  43. kimk says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie @alwynzky Just because I love Josh and Billy’s friendship… http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEwdNgh7L

    love Sam and her gifs.. ha yes Sam YOU ARE A GIF GODESS!!!

  44. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, everyone! Thanks for the wonderful Monday post, Pastel!
    Love the tanned David on the top pic….will he tanner than that when he comes back???
    Cute watches….I love David wearing a watch…..don’t know why….but it kinda adds to the sm***ness….haha….

    ***I SU2C FOR MY MOM***

  45. kimk says:

    David wears the coolest watches.. maybe a fabs ides for a homecoming gift?!

  46. sarahhazel says:

    Wonder when Musiqtone’s gonna post the MMF champ result? I’m excited!
    I give it to the LMH fans….they’re one fiercely solid group (& obviously a lot more voting) ….I’m sad we lost the lead but I’ll keep on voting…..bottom line, we gave it our best and at least, he’ll be in 2nd place….better than the other top-notch US artists who performed in Manila. 🙂

  47. sarahhazel says:

    Sigi–please come back and post again….I know it’s frustrating….but FOD has other great stuff to spazz about and enjoy.

  48. sarahhazel says:

    kimk@ 8:53–that would be cool…..and a big boss swivel chair too….haha!

  49. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Icky foggy Monday morning. Have to drive kids to school in this soupy mess. Oh well.
    I did try to do some voting but won’t be able to today because I have a busy schedule. They really passed us up big time.

  50. Candy says:

    JR-you or anyone else that vote have NOTHING to apologize for or about. I admire the dedication and have said so many times. I just feel bad that some are taking it as a time to become so intense and frustrated they are taking it out on fans. You are certainly not one of them. I pat all of the voters on the back a hundred times over. At times I miss having something other then voting to talk about, but thats my problem not anyone elses. Rather then upset people here I just go read at SD, if I knew how to post there I would, at least for now. So carry on voters…

  51. Candy says:

    I SU2C for my grandpop, my mom, dad, three aunts, cousin, who were all lost to that dreaded disease and all those that are now fighting the big fight. Prayers and hugs to all.

  52. Candy says:

    Love the lead picture…I was lucky to be there at Duffys Hope Basketball challenge…one of my fondest memories was when the game was over David waked across the court directly to where fans were sitting and surprised us by thanking everyone for coming. He was taken back that fans would make a road trip(in a Northeaster) to see him play basketball…really David?? Silly man, we would travel to the ends of the earth for you. Well almost, Chile doesnt count!! Its restricted airspace! 🙂

  53. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol well that would be hard to drag around in his backpack!
    love him when he swivels!!!

  54. Candy says:

    *walked -Sorry havent had a diet coke yet!

  55. VaBeachArchie says:

    I SU2C for my husband, sister and some dear friends. Some have lost their battle and some have beat it…let’s FIND A CURE!

  56. VaBeachArchie says:

    Jackryan…THANKS for being an inspiration and a driving force in keeping David’s popularity going in the Philippines …and giving us the drive to keep his name out there here in the states! The LMH fans are like we were way back when…think we’ve spread ourselves thin voting on ALL these polls non-stop for the last 5 years! 🙂

    WANT to hear When Your Heart Falls Out…hope it made the album!!

    OFF TO VOTE! 🙂

  57. kimk says:

    Musiqtone.com ‏@musiqtone
    but @taylorswift13 will likely have to fight to defend her no. 1 spot as she drops down to no. 4! @carlyraejepsen climbs a spot to no. 9…

    Musiqtone.com ‏@musiqtone
    the next leaderboard update is set for Wednesday morning! keep those votes coming…we are staring at the barrel of ANOTHER wild cycle!

  58. Janel aka Nellie says:

    My watch: Winnie the Pooh. I’ve had it for many years, but it needs a battery. I don’t wear it much at all because it bugs me.
    Love those watches though that David wears. 🙂

  59. sarahhazel says:

    jackryan–absolutely no need to apologize….you’ve done nothing but help….thanks again!

  60. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video pick of the day: Fields of Gold, CFTH Tour, SLC Nov 2009

  61. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–nice to see you see at the top of the comments….hope u are having a good Monday.

    Back to voting….

  62. Grannycrush says:

    Jackryan I thank you for all you do for David. I personally love the reminders. It is like my daughter said when she was 10 and had a teacher who yelled all the time. “If it doesn’t apply to me, I don’t let it bother me.” It cracked me up at the time, because if was such a grown up comment from a little girl. If people don’t want to vote, they just need to ignore those of us who might be doing a little cheerleading and go on with their business. Nothing would ever get done in this world if there were no people encouraging others to help out. We all do what we can do, and no one needs to feel bad with the decisions they make.

  63. VaBeachArchie says:

    My computer is either on VOTING OVERLOAD or polldaddy is REALLY SLOW! So FRUSTRATING! Feels like a snail’s pace! Well keeping at it!

    Janel…LOVE FIELDS OF GOLD! Up there with my FAVORITES Love Tina’s vid from Kansas City…AWESOME !

    Back to the VOTE till I have puppy walk! lol 🙂

  64. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–yeah, slow for me too….think because the LMH fans are bombarding the site with their votes…

  65. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – thanks 🙂 I like your swivel chair idea.

  66. pocoelsy says:

    Sarahhazel, VaBeach,

    Mine seems to be ok. what are you using Poll Daddy or entertainment.. ?

    hi Janel I always love Field Of Gold, David sounded so romantic there 🙂

    Hi Grannycrush 🙂

  67. Nita says:

    mine is slow too.

  68. sarahhazel says:


  69. pocoelsy says:

    Hummm I’m using Polldaddy too, in fact it’s faster than this afternoon !!

    Kimk, one more watch wouldn’t hurt the guy hehe, good idea 🙂

  70. Lucy says:

    Morning! I have to admit that I did get a bit annoyed that every other comment for a while has been voting reminders and I missed the pics and vid links. But on the other hand we are lucky that David is still included on these polls, it’s nice to have them to keep things active. I vote whenever I can, may not be as much as some of you but every vote counts right? I hope we get a release date for the new single soon, I can’t wait for it and the new album! Have a good day archufriends 🙂

  71. VaBeachArchie says:


    sarahhazel….You’re probably right! They sure have it going on….like we used to back in the days! Guess we lost too many voters over the years or interest in the polls!

  72. sarahhazel says:

    LOL….Q102 has a poll for “Hottest Under 21”???……David is 22, duh!
    (definitely not voting on that one)
    Almost PV time!

  73. Good Morning everyone. Hope every one had a great weekend.
    JACKRYAN, no need to opologize. Everyone here are fan friends and we all want for David to win. But unfortunately it doesn’t happen sometimes.
    BUT!!!!! He hasn’t lost yet, stranger things have happened!!!!!
    I will be voting until its over. Like Sarahhazel…. said 2nd ain’t to bad.
    Great post Pastel, i really love that top pic, he’s so CUTE!!!!!!!

  74. Now back to POWER VOTING!!!!

  75. breanne says:

    Great post Pastel!! Love David’s watches!! Three people in my family are cancer survivors (my dad, sister and I). We all feel fortunate for surviving it!!!

    sarahhazel at 8:55, Musiqtone tweeted yesterday afternoon that they would tweet the results of the MV of the Year poll later in the week.

    I posted on twitter throughout the day yesterday about voting on the EL poll. Last night @TreppLogan sent me 6 tweets stating that he thought LMH fans were cheating. I didn’t respond to his accusations. He was also randomly tweeting about their supposed cheating. They posted this tweet from him to me on the comment section of the poll:
    Trepp Logan‏@TreppLogan

    @breanneruss All we can do is contat LMH himself tell him to stop his fans using illegal mahines to vote. No dignity, no decency at all.

    They replied “excuse me…we are running a clean vote”

    One of his fans must have been following him or me to see his tweet. LMH has a lot of fans in Asia from what I gather and it looks like a lot of his fansites were contacted and encouraged to vote. His fans have also been tweeting their votes on twitter relentlessly. I’ll have to give it to them, they are very relentless voters like we are and love their guy!!

  76. I’m voting on my cell phone. So much faster.
    Go to polldaddy then at the bottom you will see Entertainmentlifestye link, click on it and start voting.
    Even faster then polldaddy.Back to voting.

  77. breanne says:

    Wow, didn’t realize I wrote so much!!! LOL!

    Vote hourly for Rainbow on Chart Central to keep it in the #1 spot:

  78. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the awesome Monday post.

  79. lessha says:

    Good morning everyone. Great post this morning, then again the posts are always great. I’m so excited for “Don’t Run away” to be released to radio this month. I wish they would let us know when. I’m just dying to know.

  80. breanne says:

    Use all your email addresses & vote for Rainbow on MYX. Vote 1 time per day for each address:

  81. breanne says:

    Everybody Hurts is on The Countdown for Musiqtone. Vote 100 times per sitting (2 or 3 times a day) on the web:

    50 times per sitting (each vote counts for 4) on your mobile device:
    FYI: I have been able to use the mobile device link to vote on my laptop.

    Will be so glad when the EL poll is over and I can get my index finger back to normal!! LOL!!! Back to voting!

  82. kimk says:

    Q102 Philly ‏@Q102Philly
    Which celeb do YOU think is the @Hottestunder21?! @MirandaCosgrove vs. @DavidArchie VOTE NOW!! http://bit.ly/US3X8k

    sarahhazel ha not voting.. me just like seeing his name!
    too funny they put him there!
    what a hoot!!

  83. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @Marylee_NCGirl It will! Need to go get somethings myself for him. Will send when I get back from Grammy weekend.

    guess Kari is still working with JT!
    ha poor thing!
    Grammy’s are Sunday and think JT is performing!!

    so you all still have time to send him a letter if you want!! 🙂

  84. kimk says:

    Local Pensacola ‏@pcolasite
    Justin Bieber Parties With Sizzurp? Harry Styles Celebrates Birthday, David Archuleta Announces New http://tinyurl.com/aywsm95

  85. kimk says:

    Noticias POP Adictos ‏@popadictos
    David Archuleta regresa con nuevo disco! | POP Adictos http://www.popadictos.net/david-archuleta-regresa-con-nuevo-disco/ … — Noticias POP Adictos (@popadictos)

  86. sarahhazel says:

    Looks like there’s no power voting going on…..slow as slow can be… 😕

    Anyway, random thought: won’t it be something if David & LMH starred in a mini-series together…..love triangle maybe….rich boy vs. poor boy???….LOL

  87. breanne says:

    This tweet from Musiqtone was sent last night:

    Music Video Madness concludes tonight at 11:59 pm ET. The results will be certified, finalized and announced before the end of the week!

    Everybody Hurts is currently #2 on the web & #4 on the mobile voting on Musiqtone’s The Countdown as of today.

  88. kimk says:

    sarahhazel he seems a bit more edgy from what I saw in vids.
    you think David would do that?

  89. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–don’t think so…..LOL….just my silly thought, you know….haha….

    (back to the vote)

  90. kimk says:

    or lol he’d probably have to kiss the girl in the end when he finally wins her heart.

  91. kimk says:

    sarrahhazel hey.. Never Say Never! oh and not silly at all.. I would flip out if so!!

  92. They haven’t posted results on Musiqtone yet???
    I’m so excited about Davids new Album NMHF.
    I hope it sells good. I know that he’s not here and can’t promote, but would be great if it did good for him. I think he did this one for the fans too. He is such a great person.
    Sarahhazel. i will keep voting through the day. I have errands to run, then i will get back to voting. I am in it till the end LOL!!!!!!!

  93. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–that’s OK, we all have important stuff to do….see ya later, go-getter!

  94. Sorry Breanna just read your post at 12:02, thanks that ans my question.

  95. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Sarahazel, Jackryan I am still voting too.

  96. kimk says:

    just jared jr ‏@justjaredjr
    Hey #Archies… You ready for some new @DavidArchie music in March?! http://instagr.am/p/VUSP9Ts-o_/ More info here:

  97. kimk says:


    lol oh and wth?!! 😆

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake
    I constantly fantasize about spending the rest of my life with David Archuleta as I listen ‘Crush’. I legit think he’s my soulmate. Ugh.

  98. kimk says:

    Q102 Philly ‏@Q102Philly
    Sorry for the snafu in our #HottestUnder21 Bracket. @DavidArchie is out and @Zaynmalik is in! VOTE HERE: http://ow.ly/hpeoa

    lol folks complained and now he is OUT!
    so much for buzz on that one.
    not that that is bad either
    at least I think!!

  99. sarahhazel says:

    Off to Musiqtone for 200….then back to EL after.

  100. sarahhazel says:


  101. kimk says:

    sent back a tweet trying to get the new CD out there!!
    never know one of the 1D fans might see it and buy it when it comes out!! 🙂

    kim ‏@kimak
    @Q102Philly @DavidArchie @zaynmalik ha too funny.. well David does still look like he under 21!! http://instagram.com/p/VUSP9Ts-o_/

  102. tami lyn says:

    wow! no comment haha 😀

  103. breanne says:

    kimk: LOL, about the “soulmate” tweet from the guy!!!

    I’m going to keep voting on the EL poll until 2/13 when it ends. I don’t want LMH fans to think we quit on David just because they were ahead. They NEVER gave up when we were ahead!!

    Pre-ordered 2 NMHF cds on amazon.com today! 🙂

  104. kimk says:

    ha yeah guys.. think he is actually a bud of kari’s a dj? see a lot of buzz going around and think the team is trying hard to get his name out there in different ways for when the CD drops? hard with no David around.
    djs do silly things to get things going.. and ha that was def one way to get Crush in there.
    love seeing all the stuff so far!!

  105. kimk says:

    when I say a bud of Karis I think I remember a tweet from her to him to thank him for posting the Rainbow vid on Ryan’s site.
    that was very sweet indeed!!!

  106. tami lyn says:

    sounds like he’s in love with david for real just like the rest of us! 🙂

  107. sarahhazel says:

    What’s up with the “soulmate” tweet from that guy??? LOL

    breanne–amen to that!

  108. cq#DA2014 says:

    Well, David probably has some gay fans and to them it’s not any different that a girl fan fanaticizing about him.

  109. tami lyn says:

    cq~ exactly! i’m sure he has alot of gay fans who probably spazz over him 24/7 just like we do!

  110. ray says:

    hey beth i was not refering to you ,i agree 99% of the time with you

  111. I’m back, done with errands, back to voting. have to leave time to put in 100 on musiqtone.
    Every celebrity & singer probably have gay fans. No problem,
    Lovin the buzz, i just commented on justjared.
    Now back to El for a while,

  112. kimk says:

    sure David has gay fans.. since Idol that I know of. ha why not he is gorgeous!!
    not sure if that guy is though he is a dj. they are hoots for the most part.
    not that it is a biggie either way
    way I see it more David love the better.

  113. kimk says:

    lol Mike it a hoot too!! wah!!

    Mike ‏@blisskasden
    @OnAirJake What’s with the “Ugh” Jake? You could not find a better person to “spend the rest of your life” with than @DavidArchie .

    Jake Updegraff ‏@OnAirJake
    @blisskasden @DavidArchie The “Ugh” is because it will never happen =(

  114. cq#DA2014 says:

    Curiosity got the best of me and I venture into the Burger article to read the comments. So, it got me thinking about a “what if” David decided to step away from the LDS church in the future, would all these fans that are members of the LDS church still be fans?…

  115. kimk says:

    eOne Music ‏@E1Music
    .@davidarchie is releasing his new record No Matter How Far this March! #idol

    love that this indie label is putting his name out there too!!!!

  116. kimk says:

    cq hope they would. me I am staying out of there.. not into sad stuff.

  117. Grannycrush says:

    The thing that I probably should post on that Burger article is the fact that so many missionaries have their blogs on the internet, but David does not blog. He is probably more invested in this mission than most. He just worked hard before he left so he could put all of his energies into the mission.

  118. Blisskasden says:

    Kimk, thanks for bringing my twitter exchange with Jake over to FOD. David will need to connect with more male fans if he is ever to achieve the success that he deserves. If you look at videos of David’s concerts and appearances in the Philippines, you will see many young guys enjoying, even “spazzing” over David. In the U.S., that is seen as “uncool” and “unmanly”. David is also too physically “beautiful” for young guys in America to stomach. That’s why most “teen idols” enjoy a short career. David, however is no teen idol. He is an artist of the first order, and will overcome this bias with the sheer power of his artistry.

  119. VaBeachArchie says:

    Checking in before work! MORE BUZZ! LOVE IT! EXCITED for the new single and album and all the SPAZZING and SQUEEING it will bring! Airplay would be FABS too!

    Voting after work…hope someone will be on the late night crew! lol ENJOY your David time guys! WE ARE SUCH LUCKY FANS….and have been for the last 5 years! Fan for life! 🙂 🙂

  120. sarahhazel says:

    eOne Distribution ‏@eOneEntDist

    Check out the new single from @DavidArchie called “Don’t Run Away”. New album set to drop 3/26 on @E1Music https://soundcloud.com/eone-music/david-archuleta-dont-run-away/s-dXxJA

  121. sarahhazel says:

    WOWZA!!! That sounds even better than the leaked one!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. MunkFOD says:

    The sound of Don’t Run Away on soundcloud is incredible! love it!

  123. lessha says:

    cq , I am LDS and if David left the Church I would still be a fan. I am not a fan of David because he is LDS. I am a fan for his music and the wonderful person he is. I would assume that most LDS fans would say the same.

  124. MunkFOD says:

    lessha.. ditto…

    So excited about this new album coming out! Loving all the buzzz! Hope the US wakes up to the incredible talent David is!

  125. VaBeach, i see you in the night shift, LOL!!!!
    Mike, i like what you said about David & his Artistry. It speaks for itself.
    I’m ready for some Archuleta Radio play.

  126. sarahhazel says:

    I wish I could just SPAZZZZZ all day…..gaaahhh!!!…..love DRA!!!!!!!!!!

    (back to voting) *SIGH*

  127. cq#DA2014 says:

    So glad to hear from you LDS fans that you would still be a fan….so cool!!!
    Loving DRA…Soundcloud!!!!

  128. cq#DA2014 says:

    Wonder when DRA will be released to radio…maybe after the Grammys being that Kari is busy with her #2 guy (hehehe).

  129. kimk says:

    DON’T RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    eOne Distribution ‏@eOneEntDist
    Check out the new single from @DavidArchie called “Don’t Run Away”. New album set to drop 3/26 on @E1Music https://soundcloud.com/eone-music/david-archuleta-dont-run-away/s-dXxJA

  130. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a WONDERFUl Monday 😀

    Thanks ray, I agree with you too, about 99% of the time 😀 So glad you comment here 😀

    I see there’s a snippet of Dont Run Away, I’ll give it a listen.

    Gotta go, just wanted to stop by & say “Hey” 😀 Ciao!

    Oh, I fogot to say Hey Bliss, I love your comments, via twitter,
    you tube or here 😀

  131. lessha says:

    I love “Don’t Run away” probably my favorite of all the released songs.

  132. Blisskasden says:

    Hi Beth, thanks. I welcome all comments, pro or con.

  133. kimk says:

    didn’t listen to the other one all that much.. but this sounds good!!

  134. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Just came by to see all the squeeing. Can’t listen quite yet. Alyssa and I are watching a show. Soon……

  135. tami lyn says:

    just listened to david’s song on soundcloud and it sounds great!!! i left a comment on his song. if u click on my name it will take u to my souncloud page if anyone is interested. i would very much appreciate any and all feedback since the fenster did not give me any! lol 🙂

  136. tami lyn says:

    santa baby is the one i sent to jeff fenster

  137. sarahhazel says:

    “Don’t run awaaaaaaayyyyyy”……”this crush ain’t going awaaaaaaayyyyy”…!!!! 🙂

    sorry…can’t help myself….hehe….. 😆

  138. breanne says:

    OHMYFREAKINHECK!!!!!! “Don’t Run Away” sounds AMAZING!!!!!!! David sounds soooo grown up!

    David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie

    Check out the new single “Don’t Run Away” from the upcoming album “No Matter How Far” releasing 3/26 on @E1Musichttp://soundcloud.com/eone-music/david-archuleta-dont-run-away/s-dXxJA … (KS)

  139. ksf says:

    Don’t Run Away — we heard that a few months ago. Good song. The beginning reminds me of Lady Antebellum’s “Just A Kiss.”

    Hi tami lyn! I loved your version of Santa Baby. As I said before, it suits your voice so well. So, how’s it going? You know, we never decided on what we should wear for our gig as D’s backup singers. Lol. I’d vote for Beyonce’s Super Bowl costume but it might alarm David. 😛

  140. ksf says:


  141. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Question, does anyone know what year David recorded Don’t Run Away?? Was it before the 1st or 2nd album? Just curious.

  142. sarahhazel says:

    Cynthia Christine ♡ ‏@_Christine15

    im starting to love david archuleta again . omgod i remember when i went to his concert <3333

  143. sarahhazel says:

    B R Δ D L E Y ‏@typicalbrad

    @DavidArchie I forgot how good your voice was like holy crap

  144. sarahhazel says:

    Matt Robert ‏@Matt_Robert

    I swear @DavidArchie has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, can’t wait for his new album.

  145. tami lyn says:

    hi ksf! so nice to see u here! how are u? yeah LOL! i was just thinking about that the other night(us being back up singers for david) and i was trying to formulate a plan and then i feel asleep! i think it was all the jeff talk last night with candy and shanny LOL! it made me think i could call jeff and ask him if we could sing with david!!! 😀 thanks so much for the compliment on santa baby!

  146. I just sent My DJ….. Davids soundcloud of DON”T RUN AWAY, told him it was set to be released for Radio play this mo.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  147. Ksf… David is #1 what, i missed something here?

  148. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Janel Woodbury @Nellie1983

    @kariontour What year did David record Don’t Run Away? Before the first or second album?
    Kari Sellards@kariontour

    @Nellie1983 2010!

  149. ksf says:

    tami lyn – Sadly, I guess Fenster has lost his touch. I think our best plan of attack is to get in good with Kari and then she can personally introduce us to D. It’s a solid plan. Foolproof. Lol.

    Linda – that’s great. I’ll cross my fingers too!

  150. ksf says:

    Linda – he’s #1 on THE POLL to end ALL polls…the FOD poll, of course! He he he…I was being silly with the whole *oting thing. 😛

  151. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ that’s a good idea! what fun it would be to hang out with her! she is living the life 🙂

  152. kimk says:

    breanne ♥ #DA2014 ♥ ‏@breanneruss
    @DavidArchie’s Rainbow is #7 on MYX…VOTE!!! http://www.myxph.com/default.aspx

  153. tami lyn says:

    i think jeff said he was mainly looking for hip/hop and R&B so i guess when he listened to me he prob thought~ wth is this ***?! lol!

  154. kimk says:

    listening to the song again.. it sounds great for RADIO!! HOPES!!

    CTC Songs – Caroline ‏@CTCSongs
    ‘Don’t Run Away’ sounds really good. Definitely impressed with eOne Music already as an independent label. Excited for everything to come!

  155. ksf says:

    tami lyn – OMG. I spoke too soon. There’s someone here who already has the “in” that we need…Janel (@5:08). I completely forgot that she’s the Kari Whisperer. Lol. So, Janel, what do ya think? Will you help us out? 😛

  156. kimk says:

    ha I have this huge grin on my face I LIKE THIS SONG!!!

  157. ksf says:

    tami lyn @5:15 – rofl! 😛

  158. Janel aka Nellie says:


    @kariontour ah thank you! I love the lyrics too…did he write some?
    Kari Sellards@kariontour

    @pabuckie he sure did!

  159. kimk says:

    Andrea C ‏@AndreaFOD
    @kariontour So is it true that David’s new CD won’t be available in stores?? only on line? And will his first single be released to radio?

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @AndreaFOD single is being released to radio and we are hoping for airplay.

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @AndreaFOD who is saying that? NMHF will be in stores here in the states and many other markets. Just not available in most Asia markets.

  160. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL KSF, Kari whisperer? I know nothing, thus the reason for me asking her questions just like everyone else. I don’t have an in with Kari, believe me!

  161. kimk says:

    Юля ‏@ffimka
    @DavidArchie David, the song “Don’t Run Away” is amazing, well done

  162. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ janel is the kari whisperer??! 🙂 i must have missed something LOL!

  163. tami lyn says:

    janel~ hi, LOL! 🙂

  164. ksf says:

    Janel – Lol! Me thinks you protest too much. Your tweets are always answered. Admit it, you’ve got “the touch.” But, I understand if you wanna keep it on the low-low. Just help us out and we won’t spill your “secret”… 😉

  165. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL, honestly, no secret. I really don’t tweet much, not on twitter much. There are several fans who she answers all the time. She doesn’t always answer me. I’ve tweeted her many times without a reply.

  166. ksf says:

    tami lyn – I have a sixth sense about these things. My instincts are infallible. Just trust The K, okay? 😛

  167. tami lyn says:

    okay! 🙂 lol!

  168. ksf says:

    Janel – Mmm hmm…I see you’re not willing to talk right now. That’s fine. We’re patient. Right, tami lyn? But, I’ll leave you, Janel, with a final plea — “Don’t run awaaaay…” 🙂

    Okay, um, I think it’s time for me to put away my crazy card. Lol.

  169. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ LOL! 🙂

  170. ksf says:

    tami lyn – 😛

  171. Janel aka Nellie says:

    ksf, LOL….I’m here, I’m just laughing. Alyssa and I are watching Buffy the Vampire slayer (have the total series). And, I’m on Pinterest which is a little bit of an obsession.

    Keep believing whatever you want, you’re having fun. I know the truth. I’m not in a special “in” with Kari as you believe. And my “non” answering is from not always being here, and watching Buffy slay some vampires. Ha!

  172. tami lyn says:

    LOL janel! i believe u! 🙂

  173. ksf says:

    Janel – Just kidding, although I do think you have “the touch” when it comes to David matters. Oh, wait…actually I guess that means I’m not kidding then. Sorry. Lol.

    I love Pinterest too! I’m completely smitten and obsessed, although lately I’ve had to slow down due to time.

  174. cq#DA2014 says:

    Love DRA more and more the more times I listen…please radio gods let there be lots of airplay.

  175. ksf says:

    cq – Maybe it will do well on AC. Maybe that’s the market that will be most welcoming.

  176. Mb says:

    Omg! David sounds amazing on this song Don’t Run Away…. And trust me I won’t,you captured our hearts again and now this song is stuck in my head.Can’t wait for the release

  177. ksf says:

    And he co-wrote it. Yay! Icing on the cake. 🙂

  178. sarahhazel says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    @betsyjane25 @DavidArchie He & the Nexus wrote it & laid his vocals in April/May 2010. Then Nexus team cleaned up the production for NMHF

  179. ksf says:

    Boo-ya! 🙂

  180. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ is your soundcloud page still up? can’t find it 🙁

  181. ksf says:

    Everyone must still be *oting. *sigh* Guess that means I need to break out THE QUESTION. I don’t want to but it seems highly appropriate…

  182. tami lyn says:

    i think u sang natural woman and it sounded amazing! kinda like rihanna!!!

  183. tami lyn says:

    omg ksf!~ ARE U RIHANNA???!! lol 😀

  184. kimk says:

    No Matter How Far ‏@CanadianArchie
    #NP Don’t Run Away – David Archuleta at http://www.davidarchuleta.com soundcloud… ahhhh! New music!

    his OS site looks great!!!

  185. ksf says:

    tami lyn – I think it’s still up but I’m not sure. I think I had a couple of snippets on there. LOL! No, I’m not Rihanna. No CB for me!

  186. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @betsyjane25 @DavidArchie He & the Nexus wrote it & laid his vocals in April/May 2010. Then Nexus team cleaned up the production for NMHF

    thought it seemed cleaned up from that leaked demo!!

  187. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ ok, hahaha! 😀 no CB for me either! lol

  188. Anita says:

    There’s a snippet of Don’t Run Away, and it sounds even better than the leak ?! I’ll have to check it out! I’m so thrilled about this new album, and am so blown away by all David’s done for us. What an incredible man he is! I’m going to try very hard not to listen to any other snippets. I want to listen to the songs for the first time when I have that CD in my hot little hands!

    kimk-You were saying the other day how much you want “Nothing Else Better To Do” on the album. SO DO I!! That song has some of the neatest lyrics he’s ever recorded. “You’re velvet on a red cupcake.” How cute is that?! I love the catchy melody as well. AWESOME, AWESOME SONG!!

  189. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @DebVaFOD when we start asking for you to request you could request it!

  190. kimk says:

    Andrea C ‏@AndreaFOD
    Don’t Run Away @DavidArchie @kariontour I LOVE this song so much !!! LIKE SO MUCH https://soundcloud.com/#eone-music/david-archuleta-dont-run-away/s-dXxJA

  191. kimk says:

    Anita Don’t Run Away and it is the Official release!!

    they tweeked it and it is fabulous!!


  192. kimk says:

    Anita oh yes I love Nothing Else Better To Do too!! fun song!!

  193. ksf says:

    Will Senseless be on NMHF? Fingers crossed though I doubt it.

  194. kimk says:

    ksf my guess it won’t. who knows though I suppose.

  195. ksf says:

    I second the vote for NEBTD!

  196. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I’m still holding out for David singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Now that would sell millions! LOL
    (now admit it, you would all still buy it!)

  197. angelbymyside says:

    HI all 🙂

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT “DON ‘T RUN AWAY”!!! The song is fabulous! It’s so catchy too….just like Crush!! If this song doesn’t get airplay….than I just don’t know anymore!!

  198. ksf says:

    Janel – ROFL! Who knows? Reach for the stars, David. Reach for the stars.

  199. ksf says:

    Janel – but yes, I’d buy it. 🙂

  200. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hey guys. 🙂
    So there’s a snippet out? I think I want to wait for the full song. I haven’t really heard Don’t Run Away and I kind of want to keep it that way, just in case there are not too many new songs on the upcoming album. I want something to be surprising and fresh and new when I get that lil cd in my hands. 🙂

  201. ksf says:

    Ahh, this is great. So much better than all that *oting talk. I’m not one for numbers. Lol.

  202. kimk says:

    Maggie ~ #DA2014 ‏@MaggieFOD
    New on the MotherShip: New Single, “Don’t Run Away” http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=5369#comment-6676

  203. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I LOVE Don’t Run Away. I liked it on the YT leak, but even better now. Love what they did to it.

  204. angelbymyside says:

    Shanny ~ The entire song was released on Soundcloud


  205. kimk says:

    Georgette Makkoukdji ‏@geomakk
    @DavidArchie Omgg your voice its different!!!!!!!! I love youuuuuu thank you for this amazing gift!!! You are one in a million xo

  206. kimk says:

    Cecilia ‏@ceciliacho
    Oh @DavidArchie…i’ve missed your voice. #dontrunaway

  207. ksf says:

    Hi Shanny 🙂 Be strong. I did it for the last album but I think I’ll go wild this time and listen to anything I can get my ears on. 🙂

  208. kimk says:

    ksf lol *oting.

  209. Shanny in Australia says:

    I had another ‘kind of david’ dream last night. They are definitely taken on new forms with david being gone.
    In this dream, Justin Timberlake walked into my room. lol And I started talking to him about his latest performance saying I had heard good feed back from people and not just Kari. He seemed really pleased at that news. And so I told him i’m a fan of david’s and Kari works for david too and he said yeah, he knew. So I asked him about what kari’s job entails exactly. And this is where the weirdness of dreams comes in because then he started saying Kari does a bit of town planning on the side. Lol And then I asked what Kari was like and he said ‘uptight’ lol and I said that was surprising because david seemed to say she was easy going. Then I asked him, if I could get his cellphone number and ring and.chat sometimes (that must have been our chat about phone numbers Candy & TamiLyn 😉 ) and he was perfectly happy to give it to me but the dream ended. Drat!

  210. kimk says:

    Rush Har ‏@rusharr
    New Single “Don’t Run Away” http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=5369 @DavidArchie

    they put up the single!!

  211. kimk says:

    this version is so much better then that leaked thing!
    “Don’t Run Away” http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=5369

    who did that anyway.. let me at them!!

  212. kimk says:


    scroll down here on his official site page..

    Don’t Run Away is there.

  213. Shanny in Australia says:

    oh ok, thanks ABMS.
    I think, I want to wait for the whole album. But we’ll see…it will get harder if/when it starts getting radio play and people start spazzing. At least I can count on not accidentally hearing it on the radio here. lol

  214. Shanny in Australia says:

    Thanks Kim. 🙂

  215. ksf says:

    kim – lol. It’s become a dirty word to me.

    Shanny – Drat! Sooo close! Maybe tonight the dream will pick up EXACTLY where u left off. If so, ask JT to teach u how to dougie. 🙂

  216. Shanny in Australia says:

    Janel, i’d still buy it because I bet they would be the best soulful twinkle twinkle little stars and mary had a little lamb renditions I had ever heard and my jaw would still be on the ground in disbelief. Just like the gorgeous RnB sound that oozed out of him when he improvised the Kayla and Jana song. 🙂

  217. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well this evening.

  218. Sarahhazel, have to teach my class….Voting is steady but good. Its moving a little. I will be back to continue voting when i get back.

  219. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ksf – yeah, that would be awesome lol. I had so many more david/kari questions to ask him!

  220. Candy says:

    OH WOW! This version is so much better then the leaked version. I love that its on the OS, Im sure they’re hoping fans, well everyone, will listen and it will help create buzz for the album when its released! BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  221. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi ya Bethy. 🙂

  222. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    I love Dont Run Away 😀

  223. Shanny in Australia says:

    Candy, can it be shared on facebook and round about?
    Maybe I can hack hubby’s account and post it on there. lol

  224. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Deseret Book mini winter catalog. Chords of Strength $4.99 for one week, Feb 25-March 2nd. http://twitpic.com/c0zabi

  225. Shanny in Australia says:

    Cq, a long time ago I asked myself that question….because you never know what the future may bring….and I decided that yes, I am a fan of david because of his fabulous voice and good, good heart, not because of which church he sits in on a Sunday.

  226. kimk says:

    Candy sure is, catchy, voice is outstanding in it and sounds radio friendly!!!!!
    someone mentioned on twitter it is Crushlike and agree!!

  227. Shanny in Australia says:

    Janel, thanks. Might get a couple. Don’t want to loan out my hardcovers. And i’m hoping to loan it out soon. I’m working with the youth at church now and it is my hope to convert them to the Archuleta! Lol Just the other night I was taking a bunch of girls home and so I played some david music and then told them this guy singing was currently serving a mission. They were impressed.
    Phase one: completed. Muahahaha!

    😉 😉 😉

  228. Shanny in Australia says:

    If it is crushlike is it suitable for the AC market?
    I don’t really think of Crush as being AC.

  229. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Shanny! Sorry for my late response, I’m watching todays episode of General Hospital on you tube, forgot I was commenting here for a few minutes 🙄 😀

  230. muldur says:

    Crush is still played on AC stations, long after top 40 stopped.

  231. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, that youtube vortex strikes again! I hope you don’t have any david vids popping up there on the sidebar, luring you in deeper….

  232. Candy says:

    Sorry Shanny had a call, I would think the reason they are promoting the song early is to get as much buzz going as possible for the album, so anyplace it can be posted I say go for it! The old leave them wanting more!

  233. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ok thanks muldur. Good to know. 🙂
    You should come comment more, I like seeing you pop up. 🙂

  234. Candy says:

    DRA definitely has a Crush vibe, very catchy, if you listen carefully you can pickup on some of this older singing style ala runs.

  235. Shanny in Australia says:

    Candy, yeah i’ll have to have a play around and see if I can lift it and post it on hubby’s facebook then.
    Can always provide a link to the webpage but think people are more likely to click on a play button rather than go to a web page.

  236. Shanny in Australia says:

    When I heard the first say 30secs of the song the other day, it reminded me of Save The Day. Does the rest of the song kind of have a similar sound to STD?

  237. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    I didnt think of Crush when I heard DRA. Its funny how everybody hears something different when they hear a song 😀

  238. tami lyn says:

    omg shanny~ what a fun dream!!! wish it was true and u really had his number! what fun we could have had LOL! 🙂 i was hoping to dream about the jeffs(lol) but sadly no! haha!!

  239. sarahhazel says:

    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog

    AUDIO: David Archuleta releases a new single “Don’t Run Away” LISTEN –> http://bit.ly/YyGIjf

  240. kimk says:

    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog
    AUDIO: David Archuleta releases a new single “Don’t Run Away” LISTEN –> http://bit.ly/YyGIjf


  241. pocoelsy says:

    Hi there all,

    Wide awake a while ago, saw all the squeee n spazzzz so I checked it out !!! and I am stuck there in that soundcould site !!! now come out for some air lol wheww his voice is just piercing through your very heart and sould isn’t it, we can never run away David ! in fact you can’t get rid of us haha

    Shanny interesting dream haha, exactly what did you eat last night? lol

  242. kimk says:

    if you can folks post at mjs.

  243. cq#DA2014 says:

    Shanny, fabulous…
    Love the cleaned up version of DRA…..I’m thinking a little song that could…time will tell.
    This song somehow makes me even more excited for NMHF…if that’s even possible,lol.

  244. kimk says:

    Hema ‏@HemaPreya
    In @DavidArchie’s message that @kariontour recently posted, he calls us “the fans” and not “my fans”. Humility speaks even in just one word.

  245. Maggie ~ #DA2014 (@MaggieFOD) says:

    Would like to comment on David wearing watches . . . remember in the Something ‘Bout Love video, his watch switched from the left arm to the right arm? When David is in the T-shirt the watch is on his left arm. When David is wearing the black jacket, the watch is on his right arm, where he usually wears his watches. Wonder if there is any connection as to why David always wears a watch when performing in Asia? Then there’s the Nandito Ako watch connection!

  246. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Maggie! I think he wore a watch in Asia & the Phils alot because he had to go to so many events & such, he needed to keep track of what time it was. I remember him saying in the SBL video they did the watch thing on purpose. He has had some cool watches. Shoes & watches, love them 😀

  247. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Yep….David is an overachiever…..That’s an understatement….Can’t believe all the music he has left us with…..Just sent him a real cookie Valentines Day greeting card from Cheryl’s Cookie catalogue….Hope it stays fresh….Love all the pics of David wearing watchs…….Did anyone notice that he is wearing his watch on his left wrist during the Something Bout Love Video….all the other pics he is wearing the watch on his right wrist……any thoughts on that one?????? Miss Vicki

  248. ksf says:

    DRA doesn’t remind me at all of Crush but it definitely has that AC vibe. I hope it does well but I can’t wait to hear what other gems we’ll hear from The Vault. I’m sure there are some absolute knockouts if the leaks we’ve previously heard are any indication. But, I wonder if these songs would have been released if he hadn’t gone on a mission. I’m sure using unreleased song was at least in part due to convenience and time constraints. Or, did he always plan to release them?

  249. sarahhazel says:

    American Idol Watch ‏@A_Idol_Watch

    #CelebrityNews #AmericanIdol David Archuleta – “Don’t Run Away” – First Listen! (AUDIO) http://dlvr.it/2vDhMM #TeamFollowBack AINews

  250. ksf says:

    songs, not song

  251. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Just listened to Don’t Run Away….Love it…..Miss Vicki

  252. OoO says:

    just saying: I can’t even find 1 note that I don’t like in DRA, but I also can’t wait to hear David rocking – me can’t wait.

  253. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

  254. Anita says:

    kimk-You’re right! DRA sounds fabulous, and much better than the leaked version. It’s got a full and beautiful sound now! Oh, and that gorgeous voice….GAHHH!!!! Thanks so much for the link!

  255. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello HAPPY ARCHIES! Just listened to DRA and WOW! Sounds AMAZING! David’s voice is gahhhhh! Radio friendly too. Sure will listen to it over and over…..

  256. pocoelsy says:


  257. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Whew- Voting, voting. Not catching up. How did they get so many votes when they were questioning our votes the other day? Sorry to admit but I’m getting a little frustrated. If it were’nt for DRA today I would be sad. Heck we are getting a new album. We win!! 🙂

  258. breanne says:

    supergrandjudie, I’m going to vote until the bitter end because I want to give David 1 million votes and I never quit something I started!!

  259. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    breanne- I’m going back to poll daddy right now. I’ve been there all night. Another hour and then I’ll have to stop. See you there.

  260. pocoelsy says:

    AHH Breanne, I tried to bring it here but I can’t for some reason !!

    Supergrand, with you, with you, with you, with you insert David’s cute dance 🙂

  261. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy- 😀 😆

  262. pocoelsy says:

    OoO, are you here, still on the poll? Try click what Breanne posted from Jackryan 🙂

  263. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey all….Just remembered I had a David dream last night……Something about him being mobbed before me when I was trying to protect him from unruly fans……Don’t know where that dream came from….but I just remembered it……Must be the mothering instinct coming out in me….HA HA HA…..Miss Vicki

  264. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Pocoelsy and supergrandjudie…..What is David’s cute dance????? Miss Vicki

  265. I’m back from teaching. I see everyone is still spazzing over NMHF & DRA’
    I’m going to post on tweeter later and continue voting on polldaddy later.
    Breanna… I’m with you, we won’t win this but i want to try to get
    David to 1 million.

  266. VaBeachArchie says:

    Been voting on the night shift too! Going slow@

  267. pocoelsy says:


    here’s the cute dance we’re talking about, he’s the cutest thing ever on AI 😀


  268. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Linda, VaBeach, it’s slow alright but moving 😀

    MissVicki, that mother instinct in all of us…a big fat mother hen..we all are, he’s like “family” and he’s prolly think this is weird lol

  269. pocoelsy says:

    Haha, watching that “With You” on AI and have to smile all the way throughout the vid lol all those words “the hot all over the world-boo-hugs and kiss” haha we hardly find them in his own songs, are there any of those words in his songs at all anyway !?hmmm, he was so young and cute there, love the way he moved ..urr ..those hips of his .. adorable !!!

    MissVicki !! look what you made me do !!!

  270. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Pocoelsy….Yep….I’m a mother hen……Night all….Sweet David Deams….and Hi to VaBeachArchie……Miss Vicki

  271. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Pocoelsy….G0tta watch his “With You” performance on Idol again…Miss Vicki

  272. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello Miss Vicki, pocoelsy, Linda, supergrand, breanne, OoO, ksf, sarahhazel, Anita and all the night shift! Got to head out….Nana patrol tomorrow at 6! Sweet David dreams guys! See you all tomorrow! 🙂

  273. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey VaBeachArchie….Keep missing each other….Hope you have a great week and enjoy all the David buzz…..Miss Vicki

  274. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Gotta Go. Goodnight all. ((Hugs)) for all the David hugs you gave tonight. See you tomorrow.

  275. cq#DA2014 says:

    Man I just can’t wait until we hear David sing DRA in concert, just WOW!!!! maybe with a Spanish accent, lol. It will be so exciting to hear some of these songs we have been listening to that he left us from Forevermore, Begin and now NMHF (love him for working so hard for us fans) performed live…sigh

  276. Lucy says:

    Did everyone give up on the newsmaker poll? They have a very large lead on us now, I would like to power vote too, but what is the easiest way to do that? I have been voting there but I don’t have the most cooperative computer and I don’t know if I can power vote from my iPad, but I’d like to try. Good nite guys.

  277. OoO says:

    Lucy never give up ha ha 4 sessions a day like from morning lunch and dinner and all the way til i am. U can call a fool hah.

  278. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Mark this day in your calendars people…I am actually on my main computer (not my phone – no excuses for typos now! lol)…I have my dinner, my water, my David music, I am primed and ready for some serious voting action! See ya on the other side………

  279. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Ok, just checking…the quickest way to re-cast a vote; is to hit the back arrow at the top of the page to get back to the voting page, then refresh it and cast your vote again?

    (Funny conversation going on here with hubby as he discovers what I’m about to do…. lol….if I disappear, look for me at the insane asylum, hubby may have committed me against my will… 😉 )

  280. applegreen says:

    Lucy, I still vote whenever i can. Lets try to get to a million.. you know they might slow down a little during Chinese New Year.
    DRA sounds very good… excited for the album!

  281. VaBeachArchie says:

    Happy Tuesday! Really SUPER busy day today for me! But have the night off !!!

    Really LOVE Don’t Run Away…wonder if we’ll ever hear David sing it LIVE! So many AWESOME songs David has recorded that we’ve NEVER heard live…and so many of my FAVS that never made an album! Funny how things work!

    Shanny….Sounds like a plan! I don’t find voting to be boring…do it while catching up on my TV shows ( I work nights! ) GRAT thing about laptops! THANKS for voting!

    Well Nana patrol calls! ENJOY YOUR DAY and all things David! Sure have alot of AWESOME things going on….and to look forward to! 🙂 🙂

  282. kimk says:

    like the discussion over at mjs about Don’t Run Away.. like that it is.
    this one stands out but so do others.
    love all the buzz going on even though David is not here



    “His label and manager aren’t even marketing him as a pop artist, since they are sending this single straight to AC radio.”

    Yes, this song is not being pushed to CHR but does this mean that his management has decided that he is an AC artist? No. I think his management has smartly realized that it is very expensive to push an artist on CHR today and that even with big label support, getting a song played there – regardless of its quality – is difficult. At this point, with David not even available to promote the song, it would be almost like flushing money down the toilet to spend money to get any of David’s song’s played on CHR. So the only thing I get out of the decision to release this song to AC is that it is a strategic business decision and has little to do with believing that David is an AC Artist. I think other Idols have been ill-served by their team and label when they have spent big bucks to push a song and to produce a music video for a song, eg “The Truth”, on Hot AC or CHR where it had no chance in hell of making it there. Again, full credit to Gina Orr.

    As for the unique point, I think it is those very elements that you say make him “uncool” that make him unique. Also, I think the public backlash against the “faux hip” of Bieber and his clones is coming. Hopefully David’s management will be able to exploit it when he gets back in 2014. As for him being super-religious, I think that you have to separate his professional and private life. In their professional life, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Colton Dixon and Scotty McCreery have talked about their religion alot more than David. Yet with the exception of Kris Allen, we seldom see them being labelled as “super-religious”. Finally, if David was not unique, I think we’d have 4 David clones since Season 7 rather than 4 WGWG.

  283. kimk says:

    a very interesting convo over at mjs
    a lot of back and forth about sending DRA to AC radio or CHR.
    plus other subjects

    agree about what this person said about the music and the voice where pop is concerned.
    having a good voice won’t necessarily help you
    having a song that fits with the style and connecting with the audience you are
    singing to seem very important.
    great examples Pia and Phillip

    girlygirltoo 7 hours ago in reply to Kitwana
    Huh? of the artists you mention, Kris is actually the one who keeps his religious values the most private. Scotty wears a huge cross around his neck. Colton is being marketed as a Christian music artist, stuck a cross on the cover and titled his album “a messenger”. Danny is very open about his faith — his music has got inspirational messages all through it. And David put his career on the back burner to go off and serve a LDS mission. Of all these guys, Kris is probably the least likely to ever put out an album of Christian music, because he has repeatedly said that isn’t the type of music he is interested in doing.

    David has a great voice. I doubt anyone would disagree with that. Unfortunately, pop music isn’t about great voices. That’s an added bonus if a pop artist has a great or a unique voice. But If the songs don’t stand out, if the image doesn’t appeal to the public, if the sound isn’t current, it doesn’t really matter if you have a great voice. Look at Pia, for example — she has a much better voice than 99% of the female pop artists on the charts. Doesn’t matter, her single was mediocre and she was unable to connect to an audience. On the other hand, Phillip, who even by his own admission, has a limited range as a singer, has this multi-platinum hit single on his hands in large part because it is a well written song that fits perfectly into what is popular right now. So forget David’s vocal prowess — the bigger question is whether his new music is going to fit into what is current and popular in the pop music world?

    But again, to me he is much better suited as an AC artist. He has never struck me as a pop artist. It’s just my opinion, YMMV. But I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with being an AC artist — there are lots of very successful, popular artists in that genre who have careers that span 20, 30, 40, even 50 years.

  284. kimk says:

    folks might not all be on the same page with David’s music or career but for the most part all agree.. David has a beautiful voice.

    Good morning folks!!
    Happy Tuesday!!
    I love Don’t Run Away
    was stuck like glue in my head all yesterday!!!

  285. ksf says:

    Good morning kimk! 🙂

    Thanks for posting those comments, especially this:

    “David has a great voice. I doubt anyone would disagree with that. Unfortunately, pop music isn’t about great voices. That’s an added bonus if a pop artist has a great or a unique voice. But If the songs don’t stand out, if the image doesn’t appeal to the public, if the sound isn’t current, it doesn’t really matter if you have a great voice. Look at Pia, for example — she has a much better voice than 99% of the female pop artists on the charts. Doesn’t matter, her single was mediocre and she was unable to connect to an audience. On the other hand, Phillip, who even by his own admission, has a limited range as a singer, has this multi-platinum hit single on his hands in large part because it is a well written song that fits perfectly into what is popular right now. So forget David’s vocal prowess — the bigger question is whether his new music is going to fit into what is current and popular in the pop music world?”

    I couldn’t have said it better. Only time will tell — David will be successful but in which market? I think AC at this point makes perfect sense.

  286. kimk says:

    ksf why folks have such a hard time with it all. more of a package deal I guess you could say.
    as for David no clue what will happen going forward but I do know I love his voice, love to see him live and he is a great guy. oh and is as cute as a button.
    why I stay.. he is unique.

  287. kimk says:

    the voice has the lyrics to Don’t Run Away!

    Abrra said

    Monday, February 4, 2013 at 7:41 PM
    For those who wish to sing along!

    Don’t Run Away lyrics

    When something’s wrong
    And too much to handle
    Try to find some peace of mind
    Let it go.
    Wait a minute, you know this road
    It’s gonna leave you on overload


    ‘Cause somebody cares, yeah

    I can see you hurting (turn around)
    I will be right there
    Don’t run away (x3)
    When I reach out to you, look around
    I will be right here
    Don’t run away (x3)


    Don’t make a sound
    I’ll be your voice
    You don’t need to be afraid
    I’ll shine a light out in the dark
    Guide you here no matter how far

    Ooooohhh, yeah

    ‘Cause somebody cares, oh yeah

    I can see you hurting, (turn around)
    I will be right there
    Don’t run away (x3)
    When I reach out to you, look around
    I will be right here
    Don’t run away (x3)

    Open up
    Let it all out tonight, yeah
    Open up
    And everything will be alright

    I can see you hurting, (turn around)
    I will be right there
    Don’t run away (x3)
    When I reach out to you, look around
    I will be right here
    Don’t run away (x3)

    (Layered vocals of these words)
    Oh, away, away, away, away, away
    Turn around
    Don’t run away
    Don’t run away
    I’ll be right here


  288. kimk says:

    American Idol ‏@IdolNewsAccess
    David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away – @DavidArchie MP3 LISTEN NOW! http://bit.ly/14BervH

  289. kimk says:

    The X Factor (USA) ‏@TheXFactorUSA2
    David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away – @DavidArchie MP3 LISTEN NOW! http://bit.ly/14BervH

  290. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Phew! Been voting. Sure learnt a few things while doing it. lol
    And I heard this quote while voting and I love it, it reminds me of David so much…

    “True greatness is like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”

    That is so much like our guy don’t you think. He has never had to toot his own horn, he just goes about quietly doing his thing and in so doing, his light shines brighter than if he had been tooting his own horn. Makes me think of those times Dj’s were less than polite to him during interviews and he always conducted himself with such decorum and in doing so, showed himself to be the better man. 🙂

  291. kimk says:

    Shanny that saying also reminds me of this..
    If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?
    David is such a sweet young man.. so out of his element when it came to those guys.
    his reaction was perfect.

    loved this interview.. this dj now she was lovely! 😉


    talk about chemistry!

  292. kimk says:


    Rainbow on MYX Daily Top 10!!

    got to about 11 am eastern time to vote.. about three hours!


  293. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Love the BUZZ!!!

    Rickey™ ‏@rickey
    David Archuleta – Don’t Run Away – MP3 Listen http://fb.me/2rhDCTl1a

  294. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Is there something wrong with being an AC artist? Does it mean you can’t sing or something? What’s the big deal about being a ‘pop’ artist.
    If pop is not about a great voice, then why spend time wasting David’s talent. Market him where he will be appreciated.

  295. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    That’s another thing that amazes me about David – always so willing to step soooo far out of his comfort zones. Thinking of that has certainly bolstered me during times I felt fearful of doing something.

  296. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Good morning Miss Sarahhazel. 🙂

    Kim, just realised you made a comment about the pop stuff. My comment wasn’t towards you …more towards the people always trying to find fault with our guy. Gets the hackles up a bit ya know. lol

  297. kimk says:

    Shanny think it is geared more for an older audience I suppose? not sure I usually listen to the pop stations. not bad makes sense with all going on with David right now. so true about getting David played on CHR.. guess he would need a fabulous hip song or maybe something that sells well like Phillip Phillips Home? tough biz.
    was reading about JLo and her comeback and they wouldn’t even play her new music until it sold well.

  298. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Kim, yeah i know it’s geared to an older audience. Might I say…an audience who is more interested in quality than pretending to like something just so they can look like a cool teenybopper.

    Ohhhhh….ok, control yourself Shanny….. lol

    Remember Kim, my annoyance is not towards you…just the haters….I know you’re just trying to splain things to me. 🙂

  299. pocoelsy says:

    A little mention about our David, love that when articles about AI pop up his name is mentioned in most of them :), David really left his mark there 🙂


  300. Virtue says:


    The Yahoo article mentions David a couple of times and gives some interesting information about Idol.

  301. Virtue says:

    Haha, GMTA, pocoelsy!

  302. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Hey, hey! Showbiz Shelley! That interview brings a smile to my face.
    He’s so happy and chirpy and relaxed and smiley.
    And she mentions his fans being so passionate. yeah, why is that? Another sociological phenomenon to rack my brain over.

  303. pocoelsy says:

    Lucy, many of us here’re still voting as hard as when we started and of course when we’re free, so continue with us if you wish at your convenience or the time mentioned by OoO at the moment every vote count, I try to talk less about it 🙂 since we have many things to squee about, check out the link that Breanne posted from jackryan, there’s someting worth checking out !!!

    Applegreen, I sure hope so, hope that many of them celebrate Chinese New Year !!! that’s the time we could gain some votes back !!!

    Kimk, there’s a lot of interesting thing to read from you hehe now I’ll scroll up.

  304. pocoelsy says:

    HEHE Virtue 😀 I totally agree GMTA haha

  305. kimk says:

    Shanny here is a song played on CHR that is doing very well played all the time and well.. cool!
    earthy and natural. great song.

    HO HEY
    The Lumineers

    see a lot of guitar.. acoustic stuff coming out lately.
    Ed Sheeran is an example of that too.
    Mumford & Sons are fabulous too.

  306. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Haha, thanks Poco and Virtue. 🙂
    Does anyone know why David had to fly to San Diego to audition? I always wondered about that. Did they not do auditions in Utah or had they already come through Utah when he decided to try out?

  307. kimk says:

    Shanny ha you crack me up.. watch the vid I just posted. not teenie bopper at all.
    neither is Adele, Imagine Dragons, Jason Mraz, etc.. they do mix it in now with a lot of great music too.

  308. sarahhazel says:


  309. kimk says:

    where David is concerned I still think he hasn’t graduated out of the teenie bopper stage with his music just yet. not bad makes sense if I think about it. he is a sweet young man so he should be making sweet young music.
    and ha I will be here til they pry my dead ole’ crotchety hands off this keyboard.

  310. ksf says:

    New thread!

    Shanny – Morning! 🙂 Just wanted to say that I didn’t get the impression that anyone was being a “hater” in those comments. To me it seemed the opposite. They were acknowledging David’s talent but speaking objectively about the music business. Like it or not having an amazing voice is no guarantee. I personally love AC and don’t think of it as a put down at all and I don’t think it was meant that way.

  311. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    Ha, Kim, my hubby plays that Lumineers song all the time. Good song. lol
    I would have thought they were AC!?

    Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Songs. Yep, all good sound.

    I guess I think of HCR as being the dance type music that is popular now. And the Beibers and Lady Gaga’s of the world. That sort of stuff.

  312. Shanny in Australia #DA2012 says:

    I think of Adele and Jason Mraz as being AC too. ~shrugs~

    Ksf, I read some hater stuff in there…and someone defending David.

    I’m tired and grumpy it seems. Better head to bed. Early morning and full day ahead tomorrow.

    Oh and btw….Mumford and SONS not Mumford and songs. lol Although their songs are pretty cool.

    Take care peeps. 🙂

  313. kimk says:

    Shanny not sure what it is just what is played on Ryan Seacrest and other top pop stations. think it is more what is popular.

  314. kimk says:

    think not haters just folks not on the Archuleta bandwagon.
    or should I say a fan of his in the sense like us?
    off to new thread!

  315. Shanny in Australia says:

    Yeah kim, was actually just popping back on quickly to say…’haters’ is too strong of a word. That was just my quick way of saying it when I’m grumpy and tired.

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