David Archuleta: Cosmogirl Indonesia- BEGIN. Love, “Signing” to David’s Music, Voting Continues, Get Well Wishes, Nandito Ako Memories, Neon Trees~ A Great Example!


 The Eyes…

David Archuleta 2008 cred. Jenny lg crop

…the eyes

David Archuleta SM mall tour ~credit Jayson Pineda~ *Click To Bigger*

…and just one more~The Eyes!

Thanks Hanne, for this beautiful edit! Those incredible hazel eyes ” have it!”  They most definitely make an impact!

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                     ** Thanks, Candy,  for this great quote today!**

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Cosmogirl Indonesia Loves “BEGIN”

*Thank you Christin for sending in these scans!*

If you live in or near Indonesia and pick up the latest issue of Cosmogirl magazine…

You’ll find inside some cool “BEGIN” news and support inside!

Great to see David’s music recognized and appreciated by Cosmo!!

* * * * * *

“Signing” to David

Jdea83 (Jeremy Neiderer on You Tube) is a David Archuleta fan who signs “music videos” for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Here is his “signing” of David’s Rainbow remix! I  love this! You can really feel how much Jeremy enjoys David’s music while signing. 🙂

Jeremy also “signed” to Everybody Hurts in honor of his aunt who passed away last month (ironically on David’s birthday.)  In his notes he wrote:

This song that I wanted take to honor my great aunt, at 85 years old, she is now with the god, rest in peace, i will be miss her.. this song called “everybodys hurt” by david archuleta and I do not own copyrights of his music but supporting the album.

Click below to watch it on You Tube.

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Sounds Of David Update! 

The Sounds of David event organizers have another update for you!! Click the Facebook post below to head over!! You will also find all of the event info there as well. Tickets are still available!

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Go-getter Voting  Links

Here’s an example of BIG TIME go-getter voting dedication!

Which poll is that you may ask?? Awww Yes! This one!!! CLICK HERE to vote

Also from Entertainment Live is this poll (…way behind here…) Click on the poll to vote.




It’s currently at #5 on the Daily Top Ten!

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Nandito Ako Memories

Nandito Ako Set day 6 Credit Kari

At this time last year, David had concluded week one of filming Nandito Ako! Wow! Even our reminiscing seems to be flying by this year! During his first week, David not only filmed but also held an appearance at SM Fairview. David’s vlog from 1 year ago today was recently posted, but I’ll re-post it for those who may have missed it. It was a great compilation of events!!

* * *
Tv5 Philippines also posted a great recap of David’s first week. “David is a natural actor” shared Mac Alejandre the director. <–♥♥♥
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SM Fairview Appearance 1-21-2012 Playlist

Thank you to JulieMaeMarie for her vids in this playlist!! (Sit back and watch all 8!)

* * * * * *

Get Well Card For MaryLou

Here’s your chance to sign Mary Lou (@Pastelpastel’s) get well card if you haven’t been able to yet. Our thoughts and well wishes are sure to brighten her day when delivered on Friday!  **Click on the card to sign!** Thank you!!



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A Great Example of Fan Respect and Fairness From Neon Trees

*Not a “David” story, but David has tweeted about Neon Trees before,and about going to their shows. This was posted by the band on their Facebook account this week, and it shows the kind of respect and “fairness” for fans that we can hope for all applaud! So impressive!! **Thanks to @Archugeezer and @ITTO08 for bringing this story to my attention through twitter! 🙂

Here’s their 2012 hit “Everybody Talks.”

* * * * * *

One more of “the eyes” in closing!

Thx Nareejo for this lovely photo! 🙂

Have a wonderful whimsical Wednesday everyone! I’ll post any updates as they come! 🙂

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147 Responses to David Archuleta: Cosmogirl Indonesia- BEGIN. Love, “Signing” to David’s Music, Voting Continues, Get Well Wishes, Nandito Ako Memories, Neon Trees~ A Great Example!

  1. breanne says:

    Thanks for the great post Joanie!! David has the most beautiful eyes & mouth (I mean that in a non-sexual way)!!

    Power Voting for David on the Foreign Newsmaker/EL Poll:

  2. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Rainbow & Everybody Hurts on Chart Central:

  3. breanne says:

    Rainbow has dropped to #5 on MYX!!! Be sure to use all your email addresses to vote 1 time daily for each address:

  4. breanne says:

    Correct link to Foreign Act Newsmaker/EL Poll:

  5. breanne says:

    Keep voting for Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone’s MV of the Year..David vs Scotty!!
    Some people are able to get 300 votes a day:

  6. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello Archies! Joanie THANKS for the SUPER post! THE EYES have it…THANKS jenny, Jason Pineda, Hanne and naree! STUNNING!

    David had such a CRAZY schedule the first week in Manila and the SM Fairview appearance was FANTASTIC! The fans sure showed their LOVE and support for David …..you guys ROCK! Thanks JulieMaeMarie for the playlist!

    Off to vote! ENJOY YOUR DAY! 🙂

  7. breanne says:

    Also vote on the 2nd Musiqtone Poll…The Countdown Cycle 1:

  8. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning breanne! Thanks for the voting links! On the way to the EL poll!

  9. breanne says:

    On The Countdown you can vote on a mobile device using this link. Scroll down a bit until you see the voting booth box & click to find David’s name & EH:

    FYI: I have been able to vote on this link with my computer.

    Back to voting!!

  10. nora says:

    sorry have to leave PV have an appointment. will try to vote more when I return. Keep the voting going .

  11. bluebird19 (attwittsend) says:

    Oops … that last link I must have copied incorrectly. Here is the link to Neon Trees live at Daryl’s House http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/currentep.html?ep_id=50

  12. sarahhazel says:

    Back from Dr. appointment….gotta catch up on the EL PV!!!
    But first, thanks Joanie for the stupendously fantabulous post!
    Those top 3 pics are killing me….haha!…and the one at the bottom, too! Aaaakkk!!!

    Time to PV!!!

  13. Good Morning my Archies, hope everyone is staying safe & warm.
    I just left PV, will return after house chores. Have also voted on other polls,

    Joanie, that top pic is too much, goodness gracious, what a handsome young man he is. In fact all the top pis are gorgeous.
    Very nice of Jeremy to sign for Davids songs. So those that can not hear, can feel what we feel, when he sings those songs with heart.
    I love the Recap from TV5, i have never seen it before.
    Breanna, thank you for all links to the polls & for reminding us to vote.
    JulieMaeMarie, thank you for the SM mall playlist. Haven’t had time to see them yet, but i will when i have time to enjoy in full.
    Now for house chores, Yipeeeee! BB

  14. kimk says:

    Joanie holy moly jelly beans… them peepers!!!!
    thank you!!

    waving hi guys!
    painting today bbl
    we got Idol tonight!!!!

  15. cq#DA2014 says:

    Wowza, great Wednesday post Joanie, thank you.

  16. kimk says:


    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    ARCHIES, RAINBOW is 2 notches up to NO.3 Postion on @MYXphilippines . Keep up your POWER VOTING.. still much needed.

  17. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @au_santos @DavidArchie @archiecrusher @onedavidnet @FODFansofDavid way to go! I know he appreciates all you Archies are doing!

  18. sarahhazel says:

    Break from EL poll………Now going for 200 here!


  19. sarahhazel says:

    Rainbow at #3! Woot!!!

  20. breanne says:

    I will be so glad when the EL poll & MV of the Year are over!!!!!! My fingers ache so much from voting everywhere!! LOL!

  21. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello nora, bluebird19, sarahhazel, Linda, kimk and cq!

    David #3 on MYX! AWESOME! Can we do better? Let’s GO FOR IT! Will be back to PV tonight after work!

    Well back to the beach and off to work for me! ENJOY your David time! 🙂

  22. sarahhazel says:

    breanne–we’ll need to make an appointment at the Archuhospital PT after all this voting! LOL

  23. Sarahhazel, so true, we will need to be in Archuhospital after all this voting.
    Anything for David.
    Breanna, Yea!!!! #3 MYX, letrs keep it up there.
    Va Beach, have a nice day at work.
    I will vote on EL poll, go for my 200 in Musiqtone, Chart central, I haven’t voted on the 2013 MUSIQTONE. Maybe later, i just don’t have time to vote on everything until some of these polls are over. I might try here and there.

  24. sarahhazel says:

    Update: David currently leads by 65, 914 votes on the E.L. poll. 🙂

  25. Sarahhazel, we will. They said they were not giving up, they will vote till the end for Idol. Which is the way it should be i guess.
    They are waiting for us to get tired of voting Ha! Ha! Thats not gonna happen. LOL!

  26. kimk says:

    Gwen Porea ‏@GwenPo
    RT @cherry08mariano: David Archuleta – Pro Bowl 2009 – National Anthem http://youtu.be/rZZctQbwXb0 <<<—-THE VERY BEST EVER!!!!!!!~

  27. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Just finished putting in my votes for the evening – did a few on twitter too. Makes me work harder when I see a tweet from Kari appreciating all we do for David. All this voting reminds me of the Teen choice voting back a few years! Time to rest my fingers. Good nite all! 🙂

  28. Lct, goodnight. Great job voting saw your tweets on tweeter.

    Sarahhazel or anyone that can ans my question.
    How do they determine the % in EL poll, were at 52% right now.

  29. Grannycrush says:

    Linda David is actually at 52.26 % and Lee Min is at 45.51 % . They have it rounded off to the nearest number. They take all the votes cast and divide it into how many votes each person has…that gives the percentage.

  30. Bychance says:

    Yea, is there a masseuse at the Archuhospital? I think we need hand massages all around. …… actually, it’s my shoulder that starts aching first!lol What do you say, Beth?

    Love all those vids from the Phillipines today! Thank you, Joanie!

    kimk…holy moly jelly beans??!!! you crack me up.

    tamilyn, are you thawed out yet? It warmed up to 12 degrees here! woohoo!


  31. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Yes, there is a “Let your fingers do the walking” wing at the Archuhospital, sponsored by Yellow Pages(just kidding) where you’re fingers & hands can recuperate from all of the voting. The Fine Feathered Fellows will be providing massages for the Fine Fatigued Fingers everyone has from voting 😀 Finger sandwhiches, of course, will be provided. Just think, when these polls have ended, there will be new polls to vote on 😆

    Gotta go, will check in later 😀

  32. Connie@Toronto says:

    Thanks Joanie for this nice Wednesday post.
    I love Jeremy’s signing for David’s Rainbow Remix. Have to watch still the EH song that he did for his Aunt. So adorable David’s pic.
    Big smile in my face watching the Nandito Ako recaps . Love the shouting of the fans and seeing David enjoying every moment. NA is very important to me as it is when I started to get ODD and makes me a DA fan forever.
    I’m still waiting for the DVD to be available soon. #crossfingers
    🙂 🙂

  33. Grannycrush says:

    My click finger is flat. It looks like I shut it in a door. It will fatten back up while I sleep.

  34. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–they’re waiting for us to get tired voting???….guess they don’t know who they’re dealing with….haha! 😉

  35. sarahhazel says:

    Beth–LOL…then please reserve my spot at the LYFDTW wing….can’t wait for the FFF’s expert hands! 🙂

  36. sarahhazel says:

    Grannycrush–me too…LOL

  37. sarahhazel says:

    ASK FOR FOLLOW BACK ‏@osnapitzmedya

    listening to David Archuleta’s songs in the middle of the night :’) omg i haven’t listen to him for ages

  38. Here i thought i was the only one with fingeritis.
    Grannycrush, thanks for info on %s.
    All i can say is this Archuhospital better be a Big hospital with a lot wing.
    Hi Beth, Back to voting.

  39. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–LOL…being an Archie sure is hazardous to the fingers….and more…. 😮
    (gonna put some more votes too)

  40. sarahhazel says:

    Random: Didn’t know MINOZ were from the Philippines….LOL

  41. Bychance says:

    Connie@Toronto….between crossing fingers for NA dvd and voting, we newer Archies are getting a finger workout like we’ve never had before! ….the price for ODD!

    hmm….wonder what Beth’s going to put on the finger sandwiches….not chicken I’m guessing. 🙂

  42. Sarahhazel, i didn’t know where the MINOZ were based either. They haves clubs all over.
    When one joins in on chat they always ask if they are MINOZ. They chat mostly spanish, but they speak english.
    Have you ever hear Lo Min Ho sing. ( your my Everything) I haven’t. A favorite of thiers.

  43. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–Oh, I see….like we are “Archies”…..and no, haven’t heard him sing, but I did see some scenes of his big series, Boys Over Flowers….think he was a member of a boy band in that story or was friends with them…not sure….that was few years back….think my daughter was watching it then.

  44. sarahhazel says:

    **putting in some votes in between prepping dinner and finishing laundry** 😆

  45. tonette913 says:

    Hi Sarahhazel! Minoz is what the fans of LMH call themselves just like we call ourselves Archies. There is also Minoz Japan, Latin America, etc. They are as dedicated as we are in voting but we Archies have more motivation to make David win 🙂

  46. tonette913 says:

    Latest EL Poll results as of 6:50 am Manila Time:

    DAVID ARCHULETA (Nandito Ako, TV5 Network) 52.36% (522,590 votes)

    LEE MIN HO (Bench Philippines) 45.43% (453,452 votes)

  47. Tonette913—Thank you for the info. Yes, they are very dedicated to him, thats the way it should be. But like you said we are more motivated on our voting for David.

  48. sarahhazel says:

    tonette913–Thanks for the info! 🙂

  49. sarahhazel says:


  50. A few minutes to PV. See you there. BB

  51. sarahhazel says:

    Power voting STARTS NOW!!!

  52. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Video pick of the day, Things Are Gonna Get Better, MDA performance on TV. With the last two days I’ve had, I needed it today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIb5EJK0x-s

  53. sarahhazel says:

    OMJ….David’s at 53% now!!! Woot!!! Continue PV!!!

  54. breanne says:

    POWER VOTING and loving the lead that David has!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  55. pocoelsy says:

    Hi there,

    Power Voting here we come 😀

  56. pocoelsy says:

    Ohhh ladies, you all are so funny today with all the fingers sympthoms..yes Archuhospital has to be gigantic and on alert 24/7, love you 🙂

  57. PV #s look good GO ARCHIES!!!!!

  58. sarahhazel says:

    Break from EL poll….Gotta do my 300 at Musiqtone!!!

    **********************DON’T FORGET!!!******************************
    ROUND ENDS THIS SATURDAY, 1/26/13 AT 12:30 PM EST!!!

  59. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks to all who joined in that awesome PV session!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

    At one point my computer died on me…LOL…think it overheated or something….maybe it’s got EVS (Extreme Voting Symptoms) too….haha….computeritis or mousesitis?!

    Pretty soon we won’t only have ODD…we’ll have OVD (Ext. Voting Disorder) too…haha!

    OK, back to Musiqtone! 🙂

  60. Just votes my 300 votes, Yea!!
    I think my fingers are getting adjusted to voting because they really felt good tonight.

    We have to keep like this for the next 3 weeks, they could get energized. We know what happens then.

    Sarahhaze…. Do you know how Thier face book, you tube,& tweeter votes are going??

  61. applegreen says:

    Well done to each and everyone of us..we have quite a healthy lead! I wonder if we could have a half hour or an hour of PV for Nandito Ako..sometime

  62. nora says:

    I will be so glad when the EL poll is over, my fingers are still voting on their own. WE did good tonight. I just finished musiqtone 300 votes.
    sarahhazel I agree with everything you said at 9:14. We do Rock!!!!!

  63. miss vickiDA#2014 says:

    Hey guys….the third pic down of David on this post….WOW…David’s eyes are piercing…….Anyone else notice how his eyes get more mesmerizing as he gets older…………..Anyone else watching Idol right now….Unexpectedly…..I loved Blondie….but the purple lips have to go…..Miss Vicki

  64. Miss Vicki, Now i see what you mean.
    He has seen & learned a little more of life since that top pic.
    His look has changed for the good!!!!

  65. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Stopping by for a few minutes. Hope you all are doing well, staying warm 😀

  66. pocoelsy says:

    Applegreen, I agree with you since we have a very strong lead for David, I’d love to see NA is upthere right along with him, shall we guys??

    Miss Vicky, The peircing eyes of his are brutal…lol !!! look at the second pic the tenderness in his eyes are so mesmerising, if I were those Chile folks and he knocks on my door !!! God help me …I would let him in that very instant and he can ask me anything I’d be willingly hand em to him, even my cats !!!

  67. jackryan4da says:

    The margin between David & LMH is now at about 75K.

    Geesh, when we talked about OBLITERATE… LOL

    (Off to Musiqtone to vote) But pls don’t forget to vote at MYX, ok?

  68. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Beth, I just arrived here too 🙂 , scroll up and you can see the ladies are in a good mood today (evenif some have fingers problem haha)

    I think I vote for NA for a bit 😀

  69. Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet

    RT @Shell_eeeyyy: #askidol Would you consider having David Archuleta on your show sometime? Yes.

  70. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Hey pocoelsy! Quick visit tonight, gotta
    go, TTYL 😀

    Hey Linda, G’night Linda 😀

  71. pocoelsy says:

    Night Beth 🙂

    LindaFromCali#2014, I’d love to see D on my TV too, it’d be interesting how they’re gonna do it if it comes true, David is thousand of miles away !!

    If we give some PV on NA, I think we can catch up with #1 in about a week, they are about 60 k ahead !!!

  72. miss vickiDA#2014 says:

    LindaFromCali and pocoelsy… What have I missed????? Is David going to be on Idol performing from Chile this year?????? Miss Vicki

  73. miss vickiDA#2014 says:

    I guess this is how rumors get started…HA HA HA…Keep warm everyone…..Miss Vicki

  74. kimk says:

    David can’t do Idol while on his mission.. if Idol still around next year maybe!
    sure hope so!

  75. miss vickiDA#2014 says:

    pocoelsy…..My critique of the three top pics of David’s eyes…..Lazy eyes, tender eyes, mezmerizing or piercing eyes……Miss Vicki

  76. miss vickiDA#2014 says:

    kimk….I know, I know….just trying to show how rumours get started…..wouldn’t it be fantastic though…..Miss Vicki

  77. pocoelsy says:

    miss vicky, haha yes exactly how the rumors started, it just that someone tweeted Nigel ask if David’d be on AI sometimes and Nigel retweeted it, it gives us hopes I think, again it’d be nice if he’s on AI again…people need to be reminded of how precious and talented David is 😀

  78. kimk says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie
    “@Monzgomz: David Archuleta hair :3 i miss his hair!! http://tmblr.co/ZV81ewcVd274 ” me too 

  79. Goodnight Beth sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

    Miss Vicji!! Whats this!!! Your starting rumors! lol! just kidding’

    They were asking when David gets back? I think he knows David on a mission.

    Pocoelsy i just put some votes in for NA. We can’t neglect David for long, because that big lead can become smaller.

    But we can vote on it when we have time.

  80. kimk says:

    Nigel Lythgoe ‏@dizzyfeet
    RT @fortmannt: is there ever going to be a reunion show? #askidol We are doing a “Where Are They Now” with ex-contestants on the result show

    ahh too bad David is away!!

  81. pocoelsy says:

    Kim, You’re right David can’t be on AI while on mission 🙁 , I don’t mind if they showed some old clips of him tho 🙂 ohhh he was the cutest thing in AI history 😀

    Miss Vicky, lazy eyes!!

  82. breanne says:

    Got all my voting done for the day!! My fingers are ACHING!!!! Like sarahhazel said, we will need to get “PT at the Archuhospital” after all this voting ends!! LOL!!!

  83. kimk says:

    Idol was ok tonight.. someone sang I’ll Be

    was nice but thing is once David sings a song.
    he owns it.


  84. pocoelsy says:

    breanne , have a good rest :), just only 20 DAYS more …see you at the Archuhospital soon haha

    Linda, yes we have to keep our lead but I guess I’m greedy lol, David is really messing with our heads isn’t he and I don’t mind it at all, he’s so worth it 🙂

  85. Kimk, you are so right! I hear songs on siruis xm of songs David covered and i compare, but David always wins.

  86. Janel aka Nellie says:

    WARNING: MISSION INFO….NEW PIC ON WEBSITE. UNDER CONVERSIONS http://chilerancaguamission.org/conversos.html

  87. mango says:

    I wonder why there are three missionaries in the picture. And David’s name is listed in parentheses…..wonder why?

  88. mango says:

    Oh, dear. Hope I’m not going to jail now for the mish mention. I’m still curious, though.

  89. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Hmmm, not sure Mango, but LOL, they misspelled a certain last name of a certain someone we know.

  90. Candy says:

    Just skyped with my new grandkids # 10 & 11 all the way from China. Technology is a marvelous invention! Going to quickly browse through comments and then off to bed. Had a super long but good day. Miss everyone. Hugs and good night

  91. Goodnight my Archie Family. I’m going to vote a little more and then to bed.
    Sweet David dreams to all you. Davids music will be just perfect to help me sleep.((HUGS)) until tomorrow.

  92. Sigi says:

    just be careful, the MINOZ, team they POWER VOTING when we are at sleep. they can wins us at the end!

  93. OoO says:

    pocoelsy I feel like NA has done a good job and gave me a lot of smiles too and I felt like I drop them like a hot potatoes since they won the first award and I didn’t want to ask anyone to vote because everyone got a handful with LMH. I gave 6500 votes for NA for the past 2 wks and will continue to vote for NA after I vote everything else. By the way pocoelsy I am 66 but young at heart ho ho ho.

  94. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! HAPPY THURSDAY!

    LOVED seeing the tweet from Nigel! Wonder if Idol will still be around in 2014? I can barely watch it on fast forward…it’s more about the judges than about the talent!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY and your time in Davidland! 🙂

  95. jhen says:

    Love David eyes, hypnotizing! Fun memories of David first promo tour at SM Fairview for NA.

  96. kimk says:

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr
    @DavidArchie Rainbow remains #1 on Chartcentral Voters’ Hitlist XL for second week. Vote at http://chartcentral.frihost.net

  97. kimk says:

    reiko ‏@reiko11394
    Listening to @DavidArchie ♪ I miss you so much and can feel your heart ❤ Hope to see your live performance next year ‼


    Bonnie ‏@archftw
    Totally! RT @Batya11394 Need a new @DavidArchie song more than i need air

  98. kimk says:

    Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld
    1st Pic of the Day: Nobody does the hunkerdown better than @DavidArchie; #DALIM3, July 2011


  99. kimk says:


    Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld
    2nd Pic of the Day: In fact, @DavidArchie pushes the boundaries of what a hunkerdown means; Manila, #DALIM3, July 2011

  100. kimk says:

    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    David awesome four some on Myx Charts http://fb.me/1ZBBHPBGW

  101. pocoelsy says:

    I have to confess about voting for NA, after the first time FOD posted it, I voted both for a while, then I saw D was so far behind LMH so I concentrated on D more but now since D has a big lead I’ll spare sometimes to vote on NA too, just want to see his first acting roll do well right along with him and I love that little series :), you’re 66 ! I’m 51 haha only 15 years different, you def don’t sound like 66 and def you’re young at heart (judging from the singer you support wink wink) 😀

    VaBeachArchie It’s hard to watch AI after season 7, I couldn’t sit and watch through any episode..10-20 mins at the most then lost interest !!! David really spoiled us !!!

  102. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen, You’re so lucky, get to see his eyes and his fun personalities up close !!! it’s not fair haha.

    Kimk Thank for all the tweets haha “hunker down” only David.

  103. pocoelsy says:

    Kim never noticed before that his shoes’s so shiny 🙂

  104. kimk says:

    David wears the best shoes!

  105. pocoelsy says:

    Haha Kim, true I love them all even the red one …thanks

  106. kimk says:

    anybody forget what his face looks like.. closeup from jackryan!


  107. kimk says:


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchiee
    This is a PROMISE!:)

    ok tears now.

  108. kimk says:

    ha sorry guys I thought that was from David!! dang!

  109. kimk says:

    now I am holding him to that though!

  110. kimk says:

    pocoelsy ha the shiny suit.. watch was cool too!

  111. jhen says:

    Hello everyone! Pocoelsy, you will have your experience too with David in 2014, just believe. David is amazing person. It’s nice to experience him.

  112. jhen says:

    Wonder how many shoes David had lol

  113. jhen says:

    It’s seems like David perfected Hunkerdown lol

  114. Anita says:

    kimk-I think it was the Beatles’ “Let It Be” that someone covered in AI, not “I’ll Be”. I thought of David right away of course. David’s version is soooo amazing!

  115. kimk says:

    Anita think someone did that too.. lol it was David song night!

  116. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning!!! Hope you guys are having a fine day so far….BLANKET OF SNOW HERE…..but not bad at 18 degrees.
    Awesome hunkerdown pics, kimk!…..miss him in action!
    LOL…bet he has a room full of cool shoes….haha….
    Forget his face???….It’s like forgetting how to breath!

  117. kimk says:

    last nights I’ll Be
    got a golden ticket too.
    seems like a nice guy!


    dang no one like the Archuleta!

  118. sarahhazel says:

    ENDS SATURDAY, 1/26/13, 12:30 PM EST!!!


  119. kimk says:

    sarahhazel ahh was being a tad snarky.. really missing him. ha now especially after that dang prank tweet!

  120. kimk says:


    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    Nandito Ako memories 2 🙂

  121. kimk says:


    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    Nandito Ako memories 🙂

  122. kimk says:


    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    one last 🙂 Nandito Ako Memories 3

    gorgeous and ha the red lips!!

  123. sarahhazel says:

    I agree with Sigi, never underestimate the LMH fans…KEEP PUTTING VOTES FOR DAVID!

  124. sarahhazel says:

    I agree with Sigi, never underestimate the LMH fans…KEEP PUTTING VOTES FOR DAVID!

  125. sarahhazel says:

    Sorry for the double post….trying to put the link twice and it didn’t work. 😡

  126. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–I know…haha….dang, that prank tweet!

    Love the pics by Ana!….Direk Mac looks like he was singing along….haha!
    OMJJJJ on that stage pic……red lips are definitely better than orange lips IMO! 😀

  127. jhen says:

    Kimk- like the confrontion scene piec from Ana Feleo and also the red lips concert scene.

  128. jhen says:

    Keep on voting! Time for me to sleep, bye Fod family

  129. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–don’t know the answer to your FB & Twitter votes on the EL poll….maybe
    jackryan knows.

  130. sarahhazel says:

    We are down to 72,000 votes from 75,000 last night. KEEP VOTING!!!

  131. sarahhazel says:

    Looks like they are still power voting.

  132. kimk says:

    E! Online ‏@eonline
    Jennifer Lopez and Andrea Bocelli Record Spanish Duet—Listen to a Sneak Preview! http://eonli.ne/148XZnd

    nice.. hope this means Spanish is en vogue!!

  133. Good Morning everyone. Hope you all had a restful sleep.
    Sarahhazel…Yep we lost points last night, guess we have more voting today.
    Hopefuly we will get more power voters at the morning and evening sessions.
    I always thought that they could catch up if we slow down at one point.
    I got my first 100 for MT. have to work.
    Kimk…I got excited with tweet too…DANGIT!!!
    Love the pics from Ana from NA.
    I really miss the episodes. Iv’e never met David or seen him live, but Gosh how i miss seeing all those tour video the fan take, just seeing him around doing special projects.
    Guess i will go do some more voting before the morning power voting starts. BB

  134. Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies

    David awesome four some on Myx Charts http://fb.me/1ZBBHPBGW

  135. pocoelsy says:

    Sarahhazel, Linda, Sigi…yup you guys are right never underestimate the opponent!!! dang have to work harder, have to be consistant in PV.

    Kimk, Those are really really red lips !! another confession…in some of the scenes in NA I wish that the makeup artist would take it easy on D face !!! he doesn’t need any make up on actually, he’s naturally handsome, just some light powder to avoid oily face would be enough…but yeah what do I know hehe…I love his natural look ..like when he did concert with Motab, he was soooo handsome and sparkly, he prolly had some makeup on then…it was just right 🙂

  136. kimk says:

    pocoelsy they do go overboard on the makeup with David.. at least how I see it.

  137. Well, have to stop PV for this morning. were doing good, but its still a little slow.
    GOOD LUCK ARCHIES!!! We can do this, have to make up votes we lost last night and more.
    Have to get ready for work, will be voting on cell on free times.
    Pocoelsy..Kimk..Yeah make up was a little heavy, but maybe because David so fair,it just looked heavy on him..but what do know!!! LOL!!! See guys tonight, have a nice day.

  138. pocoelsy says:

    I was watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzJ51rI60oc and wonder what are we going to do for David home comming..? Another vid that say “We’re still here, welcome home David”…umm?

  139. pocoelsy says:

    It’s late now , will continue voting with you all tomorrow morning, I have to go to bed.. so sleepy …yawnnnn. Good night or good day all, see you later 🙂

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