David Archuleta Monday Moments; No more Waiting, BEGIN. top 3 in Latin America charts, 2012DA14 is STELLAR, Buy it ~ David on your workout playlist, #NowIsTheStart from AFineFrenzy, Phyllis’ visit with David and Sunny: The Story, A Groupcard for Hanne,Vote for Rainbow


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Screencaps from Wait MV

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No more Waiting

Just a little over a year ago, Wait debuted as a Music Video.  I still don’t understand it all, and not sure if I should, but I liked the edginess of it.  Its at over half a mil views, btw 🙂

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BEGIN. on the charts!

 And here is the magazine!  Wow!

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A Stellar Discovery!!!

Sent to us by Pat!


 Just thought this was interesting: there is an asteroid that passes by earth every year. In February, it is going to come within 14,000, a safe margin.  The name of it is 2012DA14.

I just love that it has DA14 in it!  I do think of David as a beautiful asteroid that has shaken up my life in the most wonderful ways possible.  Here’s a link if anyone is interested.

Take care, and happy new year! 



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Hypnotized and Mesmorized! A Workout Playlist

This would make @DA2014FitClub very proud!  If walking is on your list of resolutions, here is a great start!  From www.fitnessmagazine.com

Click on the pick below to read the article and download the entire playlist on iTunes!

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More on resolutions

We have been discussing our 2013 plans for a week now, and now Alison Sudol wants to know yours!

Alison talks about the Now is the Start video!  Cute factor overload, and she reminds me of someone else.  Just the way she talks carefully and respectfully to her fans. Can’t recall who…..

Do you have an idea to share with Alison? Send it to her with the hashtag #NowIsTheStart.  Go ahead, I’m going to!

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Vote for Rainbow (Remix)

It did not make the top 10 yesterday so let’s get it on the board today!

Click below to go over to Myxph, log on and click on the icon and type…..

RAINBOW – David Archuleta

Enter your zip code here

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Favourite 2012 David Archuleta Moment:  A very special visit

*****SPECIAL TO FOD*****

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to send in their favourite 2012 David Archuleta memory.  We received a wonderful story from Phyllis’ daughter regarding last year’s visit by David and Sunny to Phyllis’ home, to fulfill her Twilight Wish.  We hadn’t heard all the details on how this all came about until now!  Bless Sunny for her role in making this wish come true, bless the fans and Twighlight wish in making notifications, and thank you to Phyllis’ family for sharing this story.  And bless David for moving things around on a very busy day in January to make a wonderful woman’s dream come true………  

* * * * *

My favorite David moment of 2012 is January 11th, the day my mom’s Twilight Wish was granted. Please understand that I had made the request two years  prior, in January 2010. After David made his mission announcement I realized that it would probably never happen. I remember my mom and I  talked about it on the way to a doctor appointment on Dec 20th 2011. I  had never told her about the wish request up until this point, but I  wanted her to know that I had done everything I could for her to be  able to meet David and hear him sing live. She was grateful that I had  tried, but I could tell she was disappointed. Without saying so out loud, we both felt it would be too late by the time he got back  from his mission, although we were both very proud of his decision.

My daughter always maintained the fact that David probably never knew about the Twilight Wish request, and she was right. TWF tried  everything they could, but with no luck, to make my mother’s dream come true. David never knew about the wish request until Sunny told him, I believe on January 9th, 2012. I’m  still not sure how it came about but some incredible people out there  from Twilight Wish and David’s fans found Sunny on twitter and told  her about the request. Sunny told David, as he was coming to LA that  day to prepare for his trip to the Philippines. That morning I got a  phone call from TWF and I couldn’t believe what they were telling me,  that it was finally going to happen!

I didn’t say anything to my mom  just in case it didn’t work out for some reason, but it did! It was a  total surprise, she thought we were going to a doctor appt so she was  nicely dressed:) She came to the garage door to get into the car when  she saw me standing in the garage with David, holding his keyboard,  and Sunny! Mom didn’t believe it was David at first, then he walked up  to her and gave her a hug!

We had the most glorious day all  of us! I am so thankful my family was there too as it turned out to be  the last family gathering we would have with my mom before she fell
ill. The pictures from that day are the last pictures we have of my  mom, we also have the last video recording of her from that day.  Little did we all know but five days later my mom fell ill and within a  few days she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We brought her home on hospice care on January 30th.

Upon learning of my mother’s illness Sunny informed David’s fans on twitter. She asked for cards and words of love to help my mom feel better and know that she wasn’t alone. She even informed David while he was working in the Philippines and he sent his love in a special message.

On Valentines Day Sunny delivered all of the cards and gifts she received from David’s fans in a big bag. We spread them all around my mom on her hospice bed, we all felt the love that everyone sent, it was very powerful! She loved all the cards and gifts so much!

My mom lost consciousness on February 24th, she passed away February 29th at the age of 88. I believe it was the  same day that David returned home from the Philippines. I remember  Sunny saying they both agreed that even though David was pressed for  time, and feeling under the weather that day in January, he didn’t want to wait until he got back to visit.

David sang  “Ave Maria” and “I Am A Child Of God” so beautifully for my mom, I have  never seen her so happy. I can truly say that day has been my  happy thought that has helped me so much through this terribly difficult   year for all of us, and our dear friend Sunny, our Angel. We couldn’t  have made it through without her:)

Thank you! Much Love to All!

Phyllis’ daughter

What a beautiful story.  I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, and everything conspired to make sure this visit happened at the right time.  Thanks to Phyllis’ daughter (and Sunny for agreeing to have this story printed) for sharing.  It will soon be one year since the visit occurred.  Phyllis’ daughter started a SU2C Team, click on the pic below to go to her fundraising site.  I love her words “Let’s all Imagine a world with no more cancer”…..

* * * * * *

A special message to the Fan Family

Dear FOD family,

Many of us have been blessed with knowing Hanne from Denmark. She has been such a wonderful friend and awesome editor of pics! We all love her in this awesome David family.

She has given me permission to share this information with you.  A few weeks ago she told me of some pain she was suffering from in her neck and numbness in her arm. I thought that maybe she had ruptured a disc in her neck. Yesterday she contacted me and told me that it wasn’t a ruptured disc but cancer. She said that the cancer had eaten away at the vertebrae in her neck. She was admitted to the hospital on the 28th of December and had surgery. She said that she has tons of metal in her neck to stabilize it and it was successful but she still has cancer. She said that the cancer is in her lung, her kidney and her bones. She has requested that we remember her in our prayers.

My heart hurts and goes out to her! I told her that we all love her and of course we would remember he in our prayers.

I would like to send her a group Get Well Card. Please take the time to sign this and send your love! I would like it to be posted for a week or so to give all of the “David family” an opportunity to sign it!  ——>

Thanks so much to all of you!

Love you all! MUNK

* * * * *

Hanne has supplied to ALL OF US some of the most lovely collages and edits we have had the pleasure to receive.  I just looked her up in our media library and we have dozens and dozens of her beautiful works of art; I am posting a magnificent photo edit of hers below

Please sign the card, spread the word  and keep our friend in your prayers ~  ML

– photoedit hannedenmark

 * * * * * 

 Waiting. Acoustic. Live.

A perfect way to end today.

A different vibe from the music video at the top of this post. Which is your preference?

And a slideshow from an earlier Singapore showcase…..

And a great pic from DavidArchuletaSingapore

See you tomorrow. A little lighter, but I’ll be here 🙂

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220 Responses to David Archuleta Monday Moments; No more Waiting, BEGIN. top 3 in Latin America charts, 2012DA14 is STELLAR, Buy it ~ David on your workout playlist, #NowIsTheStart from AFineFrenzy, Phyllis’ visit with David and Sunny: The Story, A Groupcard for Hanne,Vote for Rainbow

  1. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! Eary start to a BUSY day!

    AWESOME post Pastel! So many GREAT memories recalled…the WAIT vid…sure was a different vibe! Phyllis and Twilight Wish Foundation was such and amazinng story….David and Sunny are so SPECIAL! Thanks to Phyllis’s daughter for sharing the story! David pics from Singapore are SUPER. Alison Sudol is a sweetheart…she has that infectious smile and manner that reminds me of someone……hmmmmmm??

    Off to vote than Nana patrol! HAPPY MONDAY and enjoy your day! 🙂

  2. Shanny in Australia says:

    Wow, what a beautiful story abouy Phyllis. I can just imagine her surprise when she saw david standing there. That pic of her face.while cuddling him is priceless. And that pic with all of the mail from the fans around her is beautiful too. I really hope she – and her family – did feel surrounded by love. How wonderful that so many lasts – last family gathering, last video etc, were during such a memorable, happy moment. Best wishes to Phyllis’ family as they approach the anniversary of these moments and of her passing.

    Alison Sudol is a sweetie too isn’t she. Very creative. Her and david should do some collab in the future. I think they could be quite friendly with one another.

    And that 2012DA14 thing is cool – a sign in the heavens? lol 😉 – the year DA left and the year he’s a comin’ back to us. 🙂

    Thanks Pastel! 🙂

  3. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim…about the VIP song…i agree with everything you said. We all fall short but it’s the trying to be better that matters. 🙂
    And yeah…i think there is a beauty to the song – and definitely the exquisite way david sings it – that is fairly universal. 🙂

    Well I remember.saying to myself…when we get to 300 days i’ll be happy….nearly there! And I feel like the last hundred days went by quickly. Feels like we only have a year to go and we’re all settled into the ‘new normal’ without david now. Think this year will go by even quicker.

  4. Shanny in Australia says:

    You have a lovely day to Vabeach. 🙂

  5. josie says:

    Shanny~(from last thread)~ :):) Maybe someday I’ll remember how to make other emoticons. Today is not that day. lol.

  6. josie says:

    And that was a drive-by post. Have a good day, everyone.

  7. Shanny in Australia says:

    Josie – lol

    🙂 Thanks.

    Take care. 🙂

  8. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning Shanny and josie! My emoticon knowledge is VERY limited!! 🙂

    Shanny…Alison Sudol and David are a CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

  9. kimk says:

    Pastel thanks!!

    I feel Wait is our song for now from David.. ha now I know what it all meant!!

    love that acoustic Wait!!

  10. kimk says:

    ❤BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy
    Still one of my favorite videos of @DavidArchie #KilledIt #Dead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jajpmGEUCKo

    lol come to think about it this is my jam too where David is concerned.
    oh and I ditto what Shelley said!!

  11. kimk says:

    again.. for the life of me I can’t figure out why he is not more famous then he is.

  12. sarahhazel says:

    Happy Monday, folks!!! Thanks for the wonderful post, Pastel!!!
    Nice to see BEGIN. making buzz in the Latino music market!
    Love Phyllis’ daughter’s beautiful story of the visit…..what a moment….God Bless her and her family.

  13. MunkFOD says:

    Thank you for the wonderful post! 😀

  14. sarahhazel says:


  15. sarahhazel says:


  16. VaBeachArchie says:

    MORNING kimk., sarahhazel and Munk!

    Munk…David lost the lead….been voting but we keep sliding! NED VOTES!

  17. sarahhazel says:

    DavidArchie’s Whale ‏@Char_Charizard


  18. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Va Bch!

  19. Philly Fan says:

    Been voting on the Entertainment poll but it seems that the other artist also has dedicated voters. lol We need more voters to keep up.

  20. tami lyn says:

    good morning friends 🙂 we have been so focused on the serious side of david lately that i almost forgot how goofy he is! maybe when he comes back he’ll do a comedy movie or even a sit-com!

  21. VaBeachArchie says:

    Philly Fan…Think because we have so many polls to vote on for David…and all the artists we are against only have ONE to focus on! Makes it EXTRA HARD! By the way HELLO!

    Hello tami lyn! HAPPY MONDAY 🙂


  22. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Putting some lists of things together for David for when he gets back. What 3 songs of 2012 do you think he would like and should hear? (KS)


    not sure if Kari means covers or his own.. OR BOTH!!

  23. grannycrush says:

    I think she means songs of other artists that we think he would like. They do not get to listen to anything but religious and devotional type music while they are on their mission.

  24. Candy says:

    OH so love the story of Phyllis meeting David and how it all came about. So touching, so happy David was able to make her forever wish come true! Gah, I just love stories like that!! We need more feel good moments in our lives!

  25. Candy says:

    I suggested Brave by Josh Gorban, it has David written all over it. The message, the lyrics, the power, the emotion…”We all need a reason to stand up, hold out our hand…a reason to be BRAVE!”

  26. grannycrush says:

    That is a great suggestion, Candy.

  27. Candy says:

    Hi Grannycrush-by the time David gets back..Im not too sure I’ll care what he sings…just as long as he sings!

  28. sarahhazel says:

    Hmmm….she’ll select 3 songs only?…..or 3 suggestions per person?…. 😕

  29. jeani/ut says:

    Oh, loved the story of Phyllis. The look on her face hugging David.
    The stellar discovery was awesome.
    The pictures lovely.

  30. Goodmorning everyone.
    Candy, i love you song suggestion.
    Hope you all are having a good morning.
    Great post pastel. The story about Phyllis is just beautiful. (A Wish Come True).
    I have 4 poles i choose to vote on, only because there so many.
    I vote on Chart Hitlist, Musiqtone,MYX, & Newsmaker2012 Foriegn act.
    Makes it easier for me.
    Back to voting, BBL.

  31. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the awesome Monday post.
    So nice to see that article about David’s Begin being #3 in Latin American charts.
    Romanatic language, romanatic voice=match made in heaven…..he needs to release a song/or album in Spanish in 2014.
    Maybe he already has plans in place to have a Spanish song released in 2013, hehehhe…only wishful thinking.
    My bucket list as a David fan for 2013:
    1 Spanish song that charts
    1 English song that charts
    yep, that would give him a real good boost to his career in 2014, lol.

  32. Candy says:

    cq-I like your 2014 bucket list. Like I said I dont care what he sings, what language its in…just so we hear that glorious voice again!!!

  33. grannycrush says:

    Candy, So true. Just want to hear him sing.

  34. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Speaking of Latino…………video of the day Contigo en la Distancia, Alma Awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZN7hBq7bBo

  35. Candy says:

    Thanks Janel-That was when I first saw a glimpse of what was to come from David…the way he got up and walked across that stage, the quiet swagger, the mature vocals. Yep, he knocked my Spanish socks off.

  36. glitter*girl says:

    janel~ thanks for sharing that! it’s one of my favorite david performances! have a story to tell about that. when the awards were on i was at my niece’s house for some family thing i couldn’t get out of (i wanted to be at home to i could enjoy david’s performance with no distractions). so anyway, i ask if we could put awards on their TV and she was fine with that(thank God) and then when david came on i was spazzing and asked if i could turn it up and again she said ok(thank God again) and i was like~ everyone watch, this is gonna be amazing and no one paid any attention. they all went on with their convos and acted like i was insane. one relative was like~ what’s the big deal? and i wanted to scream~ WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? IT’S DAVID ARCHULETA SINGING A SPANISH SONG, IT’S AMAZING!!! how can so many people not get it?

  37. sarahhazel says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    @DavidArchie I would suggest Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen, FUN – Some Nights, Ed Sheeran – Just might have to get him the album!

  38. sarahhazel says:

    DavidArchieVenezuela ‏@DavidArchieVzla

    @DavidArchie and about hispanic songs I’d like to mention Solamente Tu by Pablo Alborán, Respira and Gritar by Luis Fonsi DEFINITELY 🙂

  39. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well 😀

    If someone gets a chance, let Kari know there will be some people who cant respond to her tweet about the 3 songs till later today. I just cant til later, but have 3 songs(well, actually about 3,000 songs,lol) to suggest, cant do it til later. No problem if no one can do that, just thought I would mention it.

    Great post Pastel!

    Gotta go, take care all, TTYL 😀

  40. Candy says:

    Hey Bethy-Sent kari a message for you. 🙂

  41. breanne says:

    VOTE for NANDITO AKO on the Entertainment Lifestyles Poll!!http://polldaddy.com/poll/6798649

  42. breanne says:

    Keep VOTING for David on Entertainment Lifestyles!!! We need a lot more people voting!! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6798589

  43. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Rainbow Remix, Everybody Hurts & Broken on Chart Central:

  44. How about a song from Westlife ” Lifehouse.” I love that song and it also has a message in it.

  45. breanne says:

    Use all your email addresses & vote 1 time per email address daily on MYX:

  46. Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies

    http://www.theentertainmentlifestyle.com/2012/12/vote-now-your-newsmaker-at.html … May we request the ARHCIES on the other side of the globe to VOTE . You make miracles! TX.

  47. Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour

    @Becca_Ca_DA2014 @DavidArchie just asking for songs for him to hear when he gets back not really songs for him to cover but you never know

  48. kimk says:

    love discussing what songs David might cover when he gets back!!
    next year baby!!

  49. sarahhazel says:

    So Kari can’t sent him these songs to listen while on Chile….even on a P-day, right?

  50. How exciting to be discussing Songs to hear or maybe cover when David gets back!!!
    That means time is getting closer.
    Like Kimk says YEAH! BABY!!!

  51. Candy says:

    sarahhazel-dont think so, he can only listen to religious or devotional music while away. But it will be a great way for him to catch up on music he missed while away.

  52. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–bummer 🙁 ….was hoping by listening to current songs while away….he could formulate stuff in his genius musical brain and come up with a new Archusound/style….but I guess those are also distractions to his mission work. *SIGH*

  53. breanne says:

    Thank you for your great post today Pastel!! Love the pics with Phyllis, Sunny & David! How sweet of those 2 to go & visit her & sing for her!! 🙂

    Justin Bieber was in concert in SLC over the weekend & he went and visited a young girl with cancer at one of the local hospitals. He has been in the news for being photographed smoking pot by a photographer. There is even a trend on twitter #cutforbieber for kids who are promoting cutting themselves because of Justin smoking pot!! How sad is that! 🙁 I’m so glad we are fans of such a wonderful human being like David!!

  54. Sirinity Dorrell says:

    That was a nice post. I really like the story of Phyllis and David. I’m so happy that her wish came true.

  55. glitter*girl says:

    omg just when i thought i could take a break from chocolate and get back to dieting i see the valentine candy is already in stores!!!!

  56. VaBeachArchie says:

    Back at the beach and checking in before work! LOVE all the suggestions for Kari’s list! Would be GREAT to hear David’s version of any of them….GAHHHHH!

    LOVE cq’s idea…1 Spanish song that charts…1 English song that charts!

    Janel….THANKS for the vid of the day…in my ALL TIME top 3 covers ever performed by David LIVE! He was STUNNING that night!

    Throwing some more votes David’s way…then off to work! ENJOY your David time guys! 🙂

  57. sarahhazel says:

    breanne– 😯

  58. Philly Fan says:

    Regarding JB. Could you imagine if David was done from his mission and went to the JB concert in SLC (I doubt if he would go) lol but if he did I’m sure that JB would not have him come on stage with him because he would be afraid very afraid. lol Basically if he did I would have wished for a Duet or Sing off and then maybe these fans would know what really good music and a great voice sounds like live and in person. hehe

  59. glitter*girl says:

    justin fans need to learn that he is a human being who makes mistakes and take him off whatever pedestal they have him on. just like with our david, we are so used to him being so perfect that if he ever, God forbid, makes some kind of mistake that his fans don’t freak out. it’s ironic cuz he does deserve to be on a pedestal but i’m sure he doesn’t want us to do that. must be alot of pressure for him to have to be perfect all the time.

  60. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–LOL…me too…being an Archuholic & a chocoholic is hard….but it’s so exhilarating…..haha!

  61. Sarahhazel, got my first 100 in, Am voting on the run today so back to voting, BB
    I just want to hear David sing. But i know he will be anxcious to hear what music is out there when he gets back.

  62. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ that is true! 🙂 omg i just thought of something! lol what if u had to give up either chocolate or david???!

  63. glitter*girl says:

    my top 5 addictions~

  64. glitter*girl says:

    oh i forgot~ coffee!

  65. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–OMJ…that’s like asking me to give up either food or water…..no way I would give up either of them….never!!!

  66. kimk says:

    breanne saw the trend there…. knew a young man who did that for whatever reason and right away spoke up about it.
    good kid just a little lost.
    saddens me these youngens are so lost.

  67. kimk says:

    ha would do neither!!

  68. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–LOL…you already know 2 of mine….so I’ll just keep the 3 remaining ones to myself….to keep out of trouble….haha!

  69. Glitter girl love you 5 addictions. Very close to mine, and i’m wearing my addictions to chocolate,chips,Diet coke, basically anything sweet that gets in my way.

    But the top of the list is David Archuleta, I will never let go of that addiction.

  70. cq#DA2014 says:

    I had decided not to start getting excited about David’s return until April 1, but with Kari’s tweet about getting some lists ready for him, kinda makes me want to start spazzing earlier, lol.

  71. Candy says:

    aww cq- come on and spazz with the rest of us, we only have a little over a year to go and with spring on the horizon it seems even closer to his “return date.” The minute his feet hit US soil I want to hear “Hi Guys, its David here!”

  72. kimk says:

    now all we need is a little.. somethin somethin from LadyV!!

  73. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Again!
    Thanks Candy 😀
    Songs to listen too, well, my list is of songs to cover,lol.
    To tell you the truth, I dont know any new songs, except
    for what I hear on commercials, I listen to the classic rock
    station, couldnt take the current stuff anymore, been a while.

    Will still give her my suggestions, when I get a chance.

    When David gets back, his first concert will have to be about
    1,100. songs, lol, no problem 😀

    Gotta go, will check in later, take care all 😀 Ciao!

  74. Kimk, and the Dougie video!

  75. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–put in 200 votes on Musiqtone….hoping to make it 300 later.

  76. sarahhazel says:

    Candy—before that….we’d be spazzing like crazy with a tweet that says something like, “Landed safely….back in the USA.” Woot!!!

  77. sarahhazel says:

    That somethin’ somethin’ from Lady V or whatever’s related to those gorgeous MC pics…plus the Dougie video….hopefully a NA DVD (still wishing for that one)…..surprise goodies from Kari…..MISH events/pics from Chile…..& whatever polls come up…..those will probably keep us occupied nicely for a few months….LOL

    Then comes fall and holiday season 2013, when we’ll be planning stuff for his return!!!

  78. Candy says:

    Sarahhazel-Or how about “Wheels up…adios Chile” 🙂

  79. kimk says:

    David’s Rainbow Remix hasn’t made the chart yet..
    maybe the fact that David and team haven’t posted the video yet if affecting it?
    got me
    anyway vote if you can!


  80. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–I like that even better….haha! 😀

  81. sarahhazel says:

    ♪♥Marylee~#DA2014♥♪ ‏@Marylee_DA2014

    http://thevoicedavidarchuleta.com/2013/01/07/david-archuleta-you-are-my-song/#comments … <- great article from MT ~the lead picture is the most stunning I've ever seen…truly.

  82. wondering says:

    love the Phyllis story! So glad that missionary was mistaken about the no call on mothersday.

  83. Candy says:

    Wondering ????

  84. wondering says:

    what Candy?

  85. wondering says:

    About the call? I read his blog…he misunderstood. they CAN skype for an hour on Mothers Day.

  86. kimk says:

    1D just released a cute MV.. fun loving.
    ha not that David would sing it but love how much fun they are having in it.
    and not being inappropriate.
    Kiss You

  87. Candy says:

    wondering-thanks for clarifying, was wondering where the info came from. 🙂

  88. sarahhazel says:

    OMG…how did I miss that message about Hanne’s illness? 🙁
    Gonna sign the group card now.

  89. Candy says:

    kimk-that video is adorable…good clean fun and good clean lyrics! We need more of that in the music world! Love that take on Elvis and the Beatles!

  90. sarahhazel says:

    FOD: fansofdavid.com ‏@FODFansofDavid

    Here is a direct link to the Groupcard for Hanne from Denmark. Please sign and RT @davidarchie friends http://www.groupcard.com/c/-roK-ogp_tk

  91. kimk says:

    Candy they are pretty similar to The Beatles.. fun stuff and lol pretty cheesy.

    Hanne is sick?? 🙁

  92. Anita says:

    I’m so sad about the news of Hanne, and will certainly keep her in my prayers. Hanne used to comment very often on Fanscene before they took a leave while David’s gone. That’s where I first became familiar with her. Her artwork is always so sensational! I wish I had her kind of talent!

  93. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–yes, she is….and I think that message near the bottom of the thread just got posted a little while ago.

  94. kimk says:

    just read the story up top about Hanne. dang. really hope they can fix what it all is. :((((

  95. kimk says:

    she has to get better.. she wants to see David here in the states as I recall!?!

  96. breanne says:

    So SAD about Hanne!!! 🙁

  97. kimk says:

    ha Chapstick and 1D.. reminds me of David and this!!


  98. Candy says:

    OHHHH MY WORD so sorry to hear about Hanne! I had missed the note added at the top. I will be more then happy to sign the card for her. Her edits have brought me hours of viewing enjoyment, I hope the card brings her the same.

  99. Thank you FOD i just signed Hannes card. Will keep her in my prayers. Does anyone know whats wrong with Hanne?

    Sarahhazel got 200 in will have to do my 300 late tonight.
    I’m glad to hear that The Miss. will be able to skype thier moms on Mothers day.
    I was a little sad about that.

  100. kimk says:

    ha David.. those were the days!!

  101. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–FOD posted a message on Hanne (added late) just before the WAIT video.

  102. Just watched the chapstick vid. Aye! Aye! Aye! When i watch these vid i get lost in them and i can’t seem to find my way back home. LOL!! 😳

  103. Sarah Thank you. Will read and go back to vote.

  104. cq#DA2014 says:

    So sad to read about Hanne. May God give her strength to fight this horrible disease and kick it to the curb and come out with a clean bill of health. My prayers.

  105. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    So sorry to hear about Hanne 🙁 She’s in my Thoughts & prayers. Like cq said, kick that horrible disease to the curb. Hoping for a treatment/medicine to kick the daylights out of it, pulverize it, make it disappear, forever, for Hanne, for everyone.

    Will check in later.

  106. MunkFOD says:

    Hi my FOD family! I just wanted to say thanks so much for your support of Hanne! love you all!

  107. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    We love you to Munk. Bless Hanne’s Heart,
    hoping they figure out a treatment for her &
    she makes her way to a full recovery. Take Care!


  108. Shanny in Australia says:

    Cq, (6:02) you said it perfectly. My sentiments exactly.

    Got my musical education in for the day watching the one direction song and the Josh Groban song. lol Thanks for the links peeps.
    Think Kari is the scrapbooking kind? I kind of had that impression before though I’m not sure why. Something along the way must have triggered that impression? Not sure if its a correct impression anyway. Either way she’s obviously making some sort of record of 2012 for D.

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Going for 300! Want to see David in the Finals!!!

  110. Shanny in Australia says:

    ((hugs)) Munk. You’re a kind hearted lady. 🙂

    Glitter girl, that scenario with your family sounds so familiar – except it’s not the tv – it’s usually me trying to show my fam some awesome David performance on youtube – they are kind of interested but then someone gets distracted and they start talking about where the masher is for the mashed potatoes or some such thing. Sigh. They all agree david is fabulously talented and good looking etc but …well you know…it’s that continual mystery why some ‘get’ david and some don’t. 🙄

  111. sarahhazel says:

    Munk–thank you for letting us know about Hanne…..I pray she wins this fight…
    BTW, we miss you here at FOD.

  112. Shanny in Australia says:

    As long as 1D don’t change, i’m happy for them to hang around and be the current big thing. As some of you said – we need more good and clean in this world.

  113. MunkFOD says:

    PS.. I will keep you guys posted as to how Hanne is doing..

  114. Shanny in Australia says:

    That would be good Munk. Thanks. 🙂

  115. Thank you Munk for keeping us informed. Hanne will be in my prayers.

  116. kimk says:

    Shanny got you there.. so far not too bad.
    wouldn’t count on it though.

  117. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–I like your “where the masher is for the mashed potatoes” story….LOL 😆

  118. Candy says:

    This would be a wonderful song to dedicate to Hanne—Brave by Josh Groban think he wrote it when his grandmom was ill with cancer. It takes my breath away, the power, the emotion.

  119. Shanny in Australia says:

    That’s the shame of it isn’t it Kim. 🙁

    Saw that GGTT vid you posted up thread. It’s very cool. David’s voice front and centre with the accoustic sound. His talent still amazes me. Such a pleasure to listen to.Those covers from that period have so much clarity in retrospect too. Still love how he sung Sound of Silence with Landon Pigg too. Just pretty rusty since it was off the.cuff…but omj…would love to hear david cover that properly one day – even with Landon would be cool.

  120. Everyone have a nice evening. Leaving to teach class at church.
    I will have my class say a prayer for Hanne, 24 students praying at the same is powerful. I have all the faith in the world that Hanne can beat this.

  121. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sarahhazel – lol, yeah there is an element of funny in there along with the elements of ‘pull your hair out’ and ‘um…who cares where the masher is, DAVID is singing people!’.

  122. sarahhazel says:

    Thank you, Linda….and see ya later.

  123. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–beautiful song by JG…..love it….thanks!

  124. Shanny in Australia says:

    Take care Linda. That’s a thoughtful idea. 🙂

  125. glitter*girl says:

    shanny~ your story is funny too!! lol! can u guys imagine david as The Bachelor??! would be the highest rated season EVER lol

  126. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–LOL….no, I can’t!….DWTS, maybe….but TB??? 😯

  127. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ lol 🙂

  128. angelbymyside says:

    Heartbroken to learn about Hanne! Praying she wins this battle!

  129. glitter*girl says:

    sean’s not my type but he seems very nice. i am however sick of hearing about emily.

  130. sarahhazel says:

    Listening to BEGIN. Even though I’m still infected with ODD, I still have remind myself from time to time with songs like Broken and EH why this young man captured my heart. 🙂

  131. angelbymyside says:

    OMGosh I love that Josh Groban song….BRAVE

  132. glitter*girl says:

    sean’s abs just followed me on twitter LOL!!

  133. kimk says:

    Brave seems like it will be a fabulous song and hope he covers it one day.
    or better yet hope one day he writes his own songs just like that.

  134. glitter*girl says:

    if david was the bachelor i think the girls would be assaulting each other to get to david lol!

  135. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–I think you found your new Monday night hottie! 😉

  136. kimk says:

    glittergirl lol guess you have someone or thing to spazz about now!! 🙂

  137. kimk says:

    interesting on that JG video teaser.. he seems to of updated himself a tad.

  138. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol psyche!!

  139. glitter*girl says:

    sean is not my type at all 🙁

  140. glitter*girl says:

    i’d rather go out with chris! lol

  141. kimk says:

    glittergirl ha maybe The Mormon Bachelor.. not sure David would or could do any of all those going ons.

  142. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–oh, ok…..so what’s your type? 🙂

  143. glitter*girl says:

    kim~ yes it would have to be a special mormon episode with no kissing! lol

  144. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ my type is the classic cliche~ tall, dark, handsome bad boy

  145. kimk says:

    oops.. got the handsome and dark part right..

  146. glitter*girl says:

    now david just needs to grow a few inches and turn naughty! LOL

  147. glitter*girl says:

    omg is he gonna give her a rose already??!

  148. glitter*girl says:

    omg who was that?? lol!

  149. josie says:

    Sean is definitely a cutie…I think I might be blushing just watching, lol. And the talk between him & Ari was really funny. Poor guy really does need some pointers, though. He’s already messed up by handing out the rose in the first 2 seconds, lol.

  150. glitter*girl says:

    hi josie! arie is really cute!

  151. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Pastel, Your post was great. Loved reading Phyllises daughters story of how David got to visit her. The picture of her arms around David brings tears to my eyes. She looks so happy. It’s remarkable how David can do that to people. I am so saddened hearing about Hanne. Praying she isn’t in pain and God will hold her hand and help her to recover. I like the song Brave by Josh Groban. I have a lot of his albums. Before David, Josh is the only singer I ever bought an album of. I had his album played at my sister’s funeral. His voice is beautiful,too. The Prayer was part of that album. Lot of lovely songlike You Are You. I can’t even thing of any songs from this year. Busy listenening to David’s music.

  152. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    *think* not thing

  153. josie says:

    tami~lyn- Lolol. Yes, Arie is cute, too. How many hotties are on your list now?…See, if this was David, though….those girls wouldn’t even be able to look him in the eyes, I don’t think. Like, how do you get past his eyes in order to even talk to him? I know I sure failed when I had the chance..

  154. glitter*girl says:

    omg josie if i’m ever lucky enough to meet david i’m sure i will faint and make a complete fool of myself! lol he’s half my age but there is something so intimidating about him!

  155. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    glitter*girl- 8:47p.m. 😆 😆

  156. sarahhazel says:

    kimk– 😀

  157. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ LOL 🙂 and i meant naughty in a good way not like a jerk! like maybe he would have a drink and do a handstand or two! lol!

  158. josie says:

    tami-lyn~ Well, I DID make a fool of myself, so you would definitely not be alone. 🙂

  159. glitter*girl says:

    josie~ that’s good lol!

  160. breanne says:

    HELP, need more people voting for David on Entertainment Lifestyles Poll!! Usually by this time of the day, his percentage is up to 54%. He is only 51% right now! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6798589

  161. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Cant watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. You cant manufacture love, can ya? One person, 30 possibilities, doesnt mean a person can find there True Love. I guess it could happen, but, does the guy kiss every girl or just some of them or, I dont know, it seems kinda gross, lol, lol, lol, some of the scenes I have seen over the years, some of the contestants can get a bit sneaky & underhanded. I guess thats what keeps people interested, the interacting between the contestants. Its been on for years, so people enjoy it, thats cool.

  162. breanne says:

    Be sure to get all your votes in for Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone’s MV of the Year (Pop Bracket)!

  163. breanne says:

    Keep voting 1 song hourly for Rainbow Remix, Everybody Hurts & Broken:

  164. glitter*girl says:

    hi beth~ yes i love it! oh the drama! these girls are crazy lol

  165. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    glittergirl, lol, thats for sure. I just turned it for a minute & some girl was telling this guy she thinks he’s the guy she’s going to marry, that her mother already loves him & he’s saying this girl is a trip,lol.

  166. glitter*girl says:

    beth~ yeah she was the really crazy one! lol!

  167. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all

    What a lovely, heartwarming, beautiful post…thank you Pastel. Phyllis’s story is so heartwarming and sweet, so very nice of David and Sunny to visit and make her wishes come true. What a great find about the 2012DA14 haha what a coincidence 🙂

    So sorry to hear about Hanne’s illness !!! I a big fan of her work, hope she has a quick recovery and get back to her creative self very soon.

  168. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Going to try to get a good night sleep
    tonight, so making an early night of
    it here at FOD.

    glittergirl, lol, thats for sure, G’night.

  169. josie says:

    Beth~ haha. You turned it on at the perfect time, lol. She was a little bit…tipsy.

  170. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth- sorry I came in late. Get a good rest.

  171. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Josie, lol, really?, lol. We all have our
    own special uniqueness, dont we?

  172. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight supergrand, Thanks, hope
    you are feeling better too 😀 G’night

  173. Evening everyone, so many posts and stories. The one of Phyllis is so enduring. My own mothers’ name is Phyllis and she too passed away from Pancreatic cancer at the age of 69. She went 8 weeks after her diagnosis. I have always felt that if she had lived longer and I had introduced her to Davids voice she too would have been quite a fan. It would have been fun to go to a concert with her! Anyway, hope the rest of the evening is a good one! Goodnight.

  174. josie says:

    ‘Night, Beth….Kathy~ Hi. Only 8 weeks? Wow. I’m so sorry that you lost her. 🙁 Pocoelsy~ I’m kind of in & out tonight, but wanted to make sure I said hi. I’m not ignoring you. 🙂

  175. angelbymyside says:

    Lookie here 😀

    @pinantonio: While we wr shooting MTV of David Archuleta on our home❤❤❤I cut and styled his hair and did the make up ❤… https://socialcam.com/s/r3xn4rdE

  176. Thanks Josie…I know that Davids voice and beautiful character has helped many people with their challenges and hardships. I don’t think he realizes just how much he has strengthened his fans!

  177. pocoelsy says:

    Josie, aw thanks, you’re so sweet, I’m always in and out here myself !!!

    Beth, I always miss you…good night and take care 🙂

    Candy, “Brave” ‘s such a good song..yes would love to hear D. sings it one day 🙂

  178. nora says:

    breanne-has anybody asked the Phil. fans to help us vote on the Piony Ent. Newsmaker poll, maybe they could help when we are in bed, they have done it before, just a thought, I would do it if I knew how, maybe somebody else knows how, just the one for David.
    What a touching article from Phyllis’s daughter, so glad that she got her wish to meet David, the look on her face when she hugged him, was priceless. David is one in a million.

  179. josie says:

    Kathy~ Yep.

  180. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Kathy/near Seattle- Sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure she would love David. He has such a sweet heart combined with his beautiful, pure voice. We have waited a long time for his gracious soul. Wish my Mom was around to see and hear him. She passed away when I was 17 yrs. old.

  181. Anita says:

    Thanks to Phyllis’ daughter for her wonderful story of meeting David and Sunny. I’m so happy Phyllis finally got to meet him! Bless her soul!! I’m excited to see David’s BEGIN. on the Latin music charts. If he can be Number 3 with BEGIN., just think what the possibilities are for a Spanish album?! I really think it has the potential to skyrocket David’s career! SQUEEEEEE!!!!

  182. Ali says:

    nora – the phils fans are voting on that one; it’s a poll from the philippines and they’re actually the ones that told us about it. Pinoy Archies and Archuleta Philippines have both tweeted about it. the other guy is just really popular in the phils too and was even a Bench endorser like David.

  183. So sorry supergrandjudie, that must have been such a harship for someone so young.

  184. sarahhazel says:

    abms–Yay! thanks for sharing that socialcam (BTS) goodie from P. Antonio….looks like he is actually singing with the recorded track! So cool to see it! 😀

  185. angelbymyside says:

    Another goodie 😀

    @pinantonio: ❤❤❤during David Archuleta’s pictorial❤❤❤ https://socialcam.com/s/RVbIxHHX

  186. pocoelsy says:

    abms, thank you for the tweet nice to see something new pop up 🙂

    Nora, the international fans are voting, saw some tweets from onedavid, Pinoy Archies and many people, I think that guy is very famous among the asian fans too but we can do it just keep voting 🙂

    Have to go now, see you all, have a nice day/good night.

  187. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Kathy- At the time I was devastated but God gave me the strength to keep going on with my life. Just wished had more time to spend with her. She worked since I was seven. The saying “Life is short” is a good one. You just never know how much time you have with people you love. That’s why you should cherish the precious moments you have.

  188. kimk says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie
    ❤❤❤during David Archuleta’s pictorial❤❤❤ https://socialcam.com/s/RVbIxHHX (via @pinantonio) <333 Love this

  189. pocoelsy says:


    Haha how can I leave!! have to cook lunch for daughter, ya know !. Thanks for the goodies 🙂 keep em comming 🙂

  190. Candy says:

    ABMS-9:57-I couldnt decide if David was uncomfortable, had to go to the bathroom or both. 🙂

  191. Candy says:

    kimk-10:39 Wow put the guy in front of a camera and he goes into model mode. For someone who cant seem to focus he sure can focus on the look they are asking for. Mr GQ!!

  192. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Those vids from the hairdresser are great. Going to say Goodnight now. Thanks for all the links. See you all tomorrow.

  193. Candy says:

    He looked more comfortable modeling then he did singing! And who is the guy in the stripped shirt…was he Davids double for NA?? Sure had a strong resemblance to David!

  194. Candy says:

    Those little video clips were great…hard to believe that was a year ago! Time sure flies!

  195. angelbymyside says:

    candy ~ isn’t the guy in the stripped shirt, her son? Was he the guy who played a song on the guitar for David?

  196. Candy says:

    ABMS- oh maybe…I forgot about that. I think you’re right.

  197. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Just have to say that the news of Hanne’s situation and Phyllis’ memory really puts things in prospective.

    Hugs to all.

  198. josie says:

    Do you guys mind if I mention one thing that’s bugging me?……I’m not that comfortable with peeps setting ultra-high standards for David~ morally, emotionally, or in any other way. I’m also not comfortable with D setting such high standards for himself.

    I’ve been there. Perfectionists seek an impossible goal, are 10x harder on themselves than anyone else; fall 10x harder when their best still isn’t good enough; and have already spent hours beating themselves up by the time someone brings it to their attention that they failed. It’s worse if the failure makes someone angry, & the mindset is “I’m an idiot. What the heck is wrong with ME?” And that’s all without any OTHER external pressures.

    So…my personal wish would be for peeps to just…let David be human. lol. To be there for him unconditionally, so that when he does make mistakes, he’ll realize “Hey, I’m still loved. Maybe this isn’t the end of the world.” :).

    That’s all. And on that note, good night. 🙂

  199. Candy says:

    love what you wrote josie-I do think David has made a few mistakes in the past,which makes him human like the rest of us. Where they huge earth shattering slips, no. Im sure he will make some in the future whether in his personal life or his professional one. While he is close to perfect in our eyes, its dangerous and unrealistic to put that added pressure on his young shoulders. There is only one perfect being and he doesnt reside on this earthly planet.

  200. Phyllis' Daughter says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your sweet comments about my mom’s story. David sure does have alot of very special people in his corner, and it is so beautiful how everyone supports one another in a time of need. Hanne, you are in my prayers, may God be with you. Kathy/near Seattle, I’m so sorry for your loss, your mother was very young. Rest assured she is at peace with our Heavenly Father:) Dear Patty-Ann, I pray you are doing ok:) God Bless each and everyone! Goodnight:)

  201. josie says:

    Phyllis’ daughter~ Ohhhhhhhh. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! That was a very special thing for you to do. I hope everyone gets to see your post, and that you have a great day/night, too. 🙂

  202. Candy says:

    OHMYWORD what a wonderful surprise visit from Phyllis’s daughter. My mom passed away from cancer at 60, I was only 38 at the time. What a special thing you did to grant her forever wish. David and Sunny too!

  203. cq#DA2014 says:

    Phyllis’ daughter, what a wonderful thing you did for your mother. Thank you for coming here and letting us know that we touched your heart by showing such care for your mother. God bless you and your family.

  204. josie says:

    Candy~(12:16) EXACTLY. And I know there’s not a button to push to make someone stop putting pressure on themselves; some of us are more wired that way, lol. But the pressure’s so much greater if it comes from the outside, too. It helps a LOT if even one voice says, “Yes, you messed up, & there may be natural consequences. But everyone does it, & it’s gonna be OK. And I’m not going anywhere.”

  205. Lisa @txarchie says:

    I can feel the virtual hugs that have gone out today. I love this fan base.

  206. cq#DA2014 says:

    Josie, I know what you mean. I for one am a David fan for his fantastic voice and would love his voice even if wasn’t that “perfect” package, however, I have read comments from fans that hold his character higher even than his voice. don’t get me wrong, they are not less of a fan than I am, but it would be harder for these fans to forgive if he did something that was out of character, yes, a little bit of a pressure for David to be “perfect”.

  207. jeani/ut says:

    I’m so glad Phyllis’s daughter came by. Hugs to you.

  208. Phyllis' Daughter says:

    Thank you everyone! I wasn’t me, it was our Heavenly Father, He heard the prayers of our hearts:) Your’e welcome too! Sunny says she will always be grateful to everyone for the love they showed to my mom:) Dearest Candy, I’m so sorry. Losing your mom is so hard :(. {Hugs to you} Pray for eachother! Goodnight and Many Blessings to all!

  209. sydnie says:

    Thanks Phyllis’ daughter for sharing those precious moments and stopping by.
    Gosh don’t even know what to say about Hanne’s illness, I feel really really really terrible. 🙁 Hope she’s getting the best medical care and fully recovers soon.

  210. dailylurker says:

    Don’t know if this was already posted but *********Warning Miss pic and Blog*********

    (PLEASE do not read if you don’t want to, thank you very much.) 🙂


  211. dailylurker says:

    *****MISS BLOG******* Small mention, was mentioned by another sister too. Just posting the one that doesn’t have a disclaimer at the end of the blog. 🙂


  212. VaBeachArchie says:

    HAPPY TUESDAY! On the fly this morning…just want to stop and say HELLO!

    Sorry to hear of Hanne’s illness. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY GUYS! 🙂

  213. kimk says:

    Good morning folks!
    they mention David in this!
    for the new American Idol season! 🙂
    thanks pocoelsy!!!!!!!

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1
    @FODFansofDavid @onedavidnet Nice shout out 4 @DavidArchie on AI Ad Star World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAC-Inaysqc

  214. kimk says:

    Jenna Archuleta ‏@JennaArchie
    Howdy! Please vote for Rainbow by my true love @DavidArchie haha 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥ http://myxph.com/default.aspx

  215. kimk says:

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1
    One of the most heartfelt version of When You Say You Love Me by @DavidArchie sob sob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvoFTlj7bAg

  216. kimk says:

    Pilipina Antonio ‏@pinantonio
    While we wr shooting MTV of David Archuleta on our home❤❤❤I cut and styled his hair and did the make up ❤… https://socialcam.com/s/r3xn4rdE

  217. Shanny in Australia says:

    Arghhh! I just spent my precious sleeping time writing out a mega-comment and when I hit post, it disappeared! Was someone praying that Shanny would not turn up and chew everyone’s ears off? 😆

    Ah well…will have to try and remember it all again tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Bye Fod friends. Have a nice day. 🙂

  218. Shanny in Australia says:

    Btw, is there some other way to view those facebook BTS vids of david? I tried viewing them and I can’t. They sound fun and interesting. Take care all. 🙂

  219. sarahhazel says:

    new thread

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