David Archuleta ~ A Sunday to Savor


Our kind of perfect….

– via justjared.com

– via justjared.com

– via justjared.com

I’ve never seen these pics before – they’re from the Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day event – I thought we deserved three lead pics today!

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– via martinbrownphotography.com

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A Day in the Life

This interview and vid done by PopEater back in October, 2010 was a fun peek behind the curtain of what a typical day doing promo (if there is such a thing) is like for David.  I love how completely genuine he is no matter what the situation – he doesn’t “turn on” a celebrity persona for interviews or promo – he is, in his own words, just David.

– click to read the article and watch the vid

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Rainbow Remix Music Vid on MYX

We’ve waited a long time for the Rainbow Remix MV to debut, so now it’s time to get our vote on and take it to #1!    Here’s a cool GIF to get you motivated!

– via arvyfany’s tumblr – click to activate

– Click to VOTE! You must register to vote

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Newly Posted Apologize Vid

I was the very first person to view this vid which was recently uploaded – it’s David at the keyboard singing Apologize at the David/Demi Summer Tour.  Great audio and his voice was in fine form!

Apologize – San Jose, CA (credit: LovaticDude2)

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Words of Sukma – A blog from Indonesia

Sukma shared this blog that documents how he celebrated David’s birthday in his own way – a very creative approach for sure!  Thanks for sharing this Sukma!

– click to read

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A Sunday to Savor

This has been a fun week as we wrap up 2012 sharing favorite memories and appreciating everything David has done for us, even while he’s away.  I’m looking forward to a mellow 2013 with time to spend on things I love to do – I’ve amassed a large stack of books that I want to read and an even larger collection of Pinterest recipes that I want to try!  I hope that each of you takes time to relax, recharge and refresh, because 2014 will be here before we know it!  Anticipating the day when we hear that familiar voice saying….

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204 Responses to David Archuleta ~ A Sunday to Savor

  1. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Ladies, you keep spoiling us with such long and creative threads! Wow if this is what you do in a David Drought – can’t imagine what you’ll do for a Monsoon season! Thank you!

  2. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Guess Justin B was in Utah. Wonder if David would have attended his concert had he been home and would he have been invited on stage?

  3. Suzanne says:

    Does anyone have insight about MYX and generally the music market in the Phillipines?? It seems to be like MTV’s old show, TRL, which was huge before videos were easily accessible on the Internet, but then it died. How is it that MYX is still surviving? I’m also curious about the music market over there. Tower Records died how many years ago? But stores with physical CDs live on in the Phillipines. What’s different there? We all live on the Internet and download music.

    Anyway, marketing David’s music over there seems like stepping into 1990s USA.

  4. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello LCT, Suzanne and FOD!

    AWESOME post Kalei! The JustJared pics are GREAT….one of the few times I’ve seen David wearing a ring. LOVED the Apologize vid…the crowd was INSANE! THANKS Sukma for your blog. GREAT collage!

    Off to vote and then to work! ENJOY YOUR DAY! 🙂

  5. kimk says:

    Kalei good morning.. oh my I don’t think I have seen those pics before! thank you!!

    LCT Ed Sheeran is pretty good and David’s age.. bet he would go on stage with him if asked. hope he would!
    JB seems to be going thru things now or maybe it is just a part of growing up. I don’t know. would David go on stage with him? he wouldn’t even go to his movie premier so my guess.. no.
    lol but if he does.. please someone take videos!! 🙂

    Good morning fabs folks!!!

  6. kimk says:

    🙂 2 Hours To Go Until The First COUNTDOWN for Rainbow!!! 🙂

    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    Please vote for ‘Rainbow – David Archuleta’ on http://myxph.com NOW. 🙂 #RT.

  7. kimk says:

    Rubi ‏@rubi_DA2014
    OMG! @DavidArchie ‘s Forevermore is really famous here in the Philippines. Love it.

    Queen B Wardrobe ‏@QueenBWardrobe
    I love hearing @DavidArchie’s Forevermore on #GGV 😀

  8. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video of the day Works for Me, Reno, NV March 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X72x9kiDJFo

  9. Janel aka Nellie says:

    That performance of Work for Me is fun. Never seen that one before. He was being a little flirty with the audience. I love it when he does a key change too on his songs, gives variety!

  10. Candy says:

    OHMY those lead pictures, one glance and its obvious he’s our kind of perfect!
    Wooza that Apologize is also all kinds of perfect, those killer soaring vocals!

    Janel-Thats my fav WFM-he was all kinds of flirty that day. How does he take the words
    “Mmmm, mmm-mmm” “Hey yeah” “Ooooo, Ohhh no no no no” and make them sound so sexy, so flirty.

  11. kimk says:

    Janel that is one of my favs!!


    another vid!!

  12. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Thanks Kim, I saw both of them but decided on the one. Both are great videos. Fun to watch that’s for sure. Is it 2014 yet? Dang!

  13. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Candy, because he’s a musical genious and he knows just what the audience once, and gives it to them! 😉

  14. Janel aka Nellie says:

    oops, genius and wants, not once. Dang, my fingers are dumb sometimes.

  15. Candy says:

    I hope he unleashes that natural sexiness when he returns, it just oozes out of him whether he likes to admit it or not!

  16. Virtue says:

    Any video of David Archuleta singing works for me 😉

    Happy feast of the three kings!

  17. cq#DA2014 says:

    Nice Sunday post Kalei, thank you.
    I’m with you Candy, I too hope that when he returns that he feels comfortable in his own skin that he will allow that natural sexiness to ooze….now I don’t know how many fans he will have if he does that because we’ll all be goners, lol.
    After looking back on his career so far (videos, interviews, etc) it is event that he had a lot of restrictions that made him retrain and hold back (either self induced or restriction from his church). I would say that his Asian tour, imo, showed a more relaxed, able to let go David…..gosh, I hope we get that David times a thousand when he return to the stage.

  18. JustAFan says:

    Dear Muldur ~ I don’t come here very often and probably for good reason. But I came here today just to “catch up”. I saw your post from yesterday and then saw how you and your post were criticized. I just wanted to let you know that I respected your post immensely. It seems that things are very lopsided these days. There can be posts all over the place of pictures, Mission blogs and links to David’s Mission’s site and the people that don’t agree with the “sharing” of that information are just supposed to ignore it, suck it up and move on. But, the minute someone posts the point of view you and I agree on… it’s criticized and bashed. Sure… everytime a Mission blog is posted I could say “THIS AGAIN??????”… or when a picture is posted I could say “WELL, I GUESS IT’S TIME TO GO CLEAN TOILETS”… but to me… it’s pointless and honestly I don’t have that kind of time in my life to even respond. The only thing I know is that many feel the need to defend their actions because the last few times I’ve been here it’s just post after post of defensive comments.

    I don’t claim to know what is in David’s head. I don’t claim to know what David “actually” meant when he said more than 5 times “I’d appreciate it if you guys respect my privacy” in his final vlog. But, I do know that, like you, I did not need a full “Do’s and Don’t” list made for me by David either to follow up that statement. But, it seems many did. On the othere hand… here is what I do know…

    I’ve seen the look in David’s eye when he is disrespected by a “fan”. I would never want to be that person. And since some seem to be unclear about what David actually meant I would error on the side of caution and just not post anything in public. Because when he gets back and when he finds out just how much and who was posting all of his pirivate Mission info… again… I would not want to be that person. The person that disappointed David.

    I also know how inquistive David is. And when gets back he will want to know everything from when he was away. And just by chance he did mean that he didn’t want pictures or videos or blogs posted. Again, I would hate for him to be disappointed.

    So maybe it best that if anyone is unsure about what David meant about respecting his privacy… just in case it DID mean much more than flying to where he is and chasing him down the street… just in case it meant ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS OFF LIMITS… maybe it best if everyone refrains and then you can ask him or you can have Kari ask him when he gets back and see exactly what he wants posted. Then whatever that is ok with him can be posted. I think that is the only way to ensure that David is not disappointed or hurt in any way while he is gone.

    I am not saying anyone is right or wrong I’m just saying I’d rather be safe than sorry. In the end David would probably appreciate that more than fans just jumping to conclusions about what he meant or didn’t mean. Just remembering that look in his eyes when he was disrespected by a “fan” is enough to error on the side of caution for me and NOT be the one that has my name or Twitter name above a private Mission post. Or a post that says “well, I’m just gonna do what I wanna do because David wasn’t clear”. In the end we all want to give David the utmost respect so the “safe” road is probably best. Just a thought Muldur… I hope you didn’t mind this follow up post to yours.

  19. kimk says:

    jana ‏@Jana_OR_DA2014
    David Archuleta on writing in Nashville http://usat.ly/henjzh#.UOmxnyh91us.twitter … via @USATODAY << so love this interview. Love the last paragraph!

    "I wouldn't mind living here. I seriously wouldn't. People always go, 'Is there anywhere you'd like to move to?' and I always say, 'I'm happy in Utah, thanks.' But if I had to, I would probably move here."

    David compares the songwriting sessions to the P90X workout regimen he recently began. "I feel like I'm exercising my mind every day while I'm here," he says. "I'm not this ripped person. I'm not this songwriter bodybuilder with my brain. But I'm getting there. I'm getting it worked, and I'm starting to get my mind going. It's really neat to be able to do that."

    nice little interview!!

  20. Candy says:

    JustAFan-sure sounds like you are saying YOU are right! It really doesn’t matter who says what..nothing said is going to change anyones mind..yours, mine or anyone elses!

    While Im sure Muldur appreciated your coming to her defense, shes a big girl and as Ive seen in the past can speak for herself! And she does…just because I and others dont agree its not a personal slam against Nancy. I just dont agree with what she is saying…all of us are entitled to our opinion just as you are. So why make it personal…

  21. nora says:

    lct catching up on ENT for David, not focusing on NA, too far behind, did you guys find a faster way to vote, or were there more people voting last night, went to bed at 12:30 pm we were a head, but were ahead by more when I woke up, well back to voting for a while grandson’s BD at 2 BBL Keep voting!!!!

  22. Candy says:

    Its getting to the point where it may be best to just close this site and wait till David returns to reopen. And with mods on light duty it is only going to get worse!

  23. breanne says:

    Easier way to vote on the Entertainment Poll:
    VOTE HERE FOR ‘NANDITO AKO’!!!! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6798649

  24. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Candy I DMd you girl!

  25. breanne says:

    VOTE HERE FOR @DAVIDARCHIE!!!! http://polldaddy.com/poll/6798589

  26. Good Morning everyone, Kalei, great post. Love those 3 top pics of David, never seen them before.
    Kimk, WFM from Reno is my favorite one so far. I love how relaxed he was.
    Lets keep voting on MYX until Rainbow shows up.
    Put in my first 100 on Musiqtone, going to do my other DD. Be Back.

  27. breanne says:

    Get your votes in for Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone’s MV of the Year (Pop Bracket)!!

  28. Candy says:

    I feel more sorry for the people that feel the need to run to David and tattle on fans they felt were wrong..sad state of being a fan if you ask me. David will NEVER have a successful career when there are fans out there that want to control him, control his every move. Poor guy, he really doesnt stand a chance!

  29. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Rainbow Remix, Everybody Hurts & Broken on Chart Central:

  30. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Nora, I too vote the polldaddy way. It is a little faster. I remember way back when we used to use one of the function keys to speed it up but can’t remember exactly which one. F5, maybe?

  31. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well 😀

    Candy, Noooo, dont want FOD to close. While I want people to say what they want, what they feel, I’m getting sick & tired of people telling everyone how they should act. Like I said yesterday, I think what Kari said is pretty clear, but because it might not fit with what certain people think, they have to continue to beat this dead horse, as you said yesterday. Well, I’m not going to let comments I dont agree with, keep me from this site or anyother site. I know I said my comment yesterday was my last, but this one will be my last. I’m going to talk to my fellow commenters here about David, things going on in eachothers lives, be supportive to each other, laugh with eachother. David needs this site, needs us to continue to keep the home fires burning & support him the best way we can. If others dont agree with how we do that, tough cookies,lol. I love Muldur & everything she does for David & the fans, but I dont agree with everything she says. Thats ok, would be weird if we all felt the same about everything, life doesnt work that way. I hope everyone can just talk about David music, videos, books, charities, things happening in eachothers lives, food, food, food, lol. Gosh, lets have some fun, fun, fun 😀 😀 😀 Just look at that beautiful smile of Davids in the pic of him with the mail we sent him, says everything 😀

  32. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Candy, did someone go tell or complain to David? That would be sad! Wonder if there are other fan groups who have differences of opinion as David’s?

  33. kimk says:

    Candy just concentrating on the fun stuff.. skipping over the negative stuff for the most part.
    always going to be someone to tell you what to do, how to do it and so on and so forth.
    anyway still plan on doing just as I always do.. see something David related plan on enjoying it to the max! unfortunately I am not lucky enough to be able to go see him that much when he is stateside so I enjoy all that I can get from folks that are lucky enough to be able to see him as much as I do!
    Shelley was thinking of going to Asia if he goes there and hope she tweets, takes pics and vids sending us slugs here all the fun stuff.
    come to think about it.. his Asian fans are the best. they always give us a ton of great stuff! thank goodness for them and how much they love him!!
    I know you are thinking about going but unless something changes in my real life there is no way I can go. 🙁
    if you do I hope you have a blast, party hardy.. a lil extra for me.

  34. cq#DA2014 says:

    NOOOOOO, please don’t close FOD!!!!

  35. Candy says:

    Beth-I dont want it to close either, but no matter how hard we try to keep things on a light, fun David track, it doesnt stay that way. Like you, I am tired of being told what to think, how to think and when to think especially by people who feel its their way of thinking or the highway.

  36. Candy says:

    lct-if you read up to the longggggg post it comes across as sort of a threat…that if this doesnt stop David will find out you were all really bad fans. Really?? Well if he comes home and that dribble is his focus…he can kiss a career good-bye! Fans will scatter like seeds in the wind and take their money with them! Then again maybe that is what the “good fans” are hoping…have David all to themselves!

  37. kimk says:

    have been stalking LadyVmusic’s twitter for clues to what is up with her and David!!?
    a Style Book I can not imagine but a TV I can.
    what if the song she loves of David’s ‘When Your Heart Falls Out’ will be associated with the show she is talking about?!
    talk about BUZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  38. cq#DA2014 says:

    justafan, good for you…you are a good fan and we that think differently are bad fans.
    Don’t agree with your thinking, but I respect you. I really think that all his fans want David to have a fantastic MUSIC CAREER!!!

  39. Candy says:

    cq-same here, I could care less about Davids religion, what cereal he had today, how he combs his hair (ok maybe that I do care about)…I just want to hear him sing!

  40. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Maybe we need a “sorting hat” like the one in Harry Potter to decide what site fans should fall into that way we’ll all be the same, think the same, and won’t have any differences! We can have the House of FOD, the House of the Voice, The House of Soul David, and so one….. 🙂 Wondering which one I would fall into? mmm…. 🙂

  41. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Candy, Well, you’re one tough cookie, thats for sure, not one to let someone push you around. So, anything you see or hear that you dont agree with, just let it go. I know it isnt always easy, its not for me, but I’ve come to the point where I’m just letting it go. I’m just going to scroll down to the next comment or tweet. I’m not going to let anyone keep me from doing what I feel is right, enjoy this site or any other site. Ultimately, everyone has to do what they think is right, I’m just going to be keepin’ on, keepin’ on with what I have been doing. I’m here for David & here is where I’m staying 😀

  42. Candy says:

    *off to clean toilets* 😉

  43. cq#DA2014 says:

    HAHAHA Candy, yes, I too do care how he combs his hair.

  44. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Candy, lol, I was worried there for a second, not caring how he combed his hair, lol. You know, I can give Brooke a call to be ready to give David a haircut, the minute he steps off the plane from Chile 😀 Or, I can send her to your house if you’re looking for a new hairdid 😆 Its not a problem. She gave the Fine Feathered Fellows haircuts 😯 Needless to say, they’ll be wearing hats for just a little while 😆

  45. Candy says:

    Love you Bethy 🙂

  46. kimk says:

    ha this convo sounds like what was going on a few years back when the older fans were getting slammed by the younger fans.

    I think all David’s fans are fabulous.. even the ones who don’t see things as I do.
    way I see it they love David too and that has to count for something.
    guess for me it doesn’t matter if they like me or heck I don’t even care if David likes me. way I see it he has enough folks who try to get his attention, etc at concerts and such.
    fun watching all the fans though give him all their love. one of the best parts of going to his concerts!
    ok that and his voice!!!

  47. kimk says:

    ha combs his hair??
    no probs now.. the boy has none to comb!!

  48. JustAFan says:

    Candy ~ I’m not telling anyone what to think. I just made a suggestion. It’s sad that one of David’s biggest fansites can’t just celebrate him and his music yet has to blanket the comment section with things about David on his Mission time and talk about David inapropriately (like with an open shirt and such) and talk negatively about David’s religion. All of which happens here and this is what has driven many of David’s fans away from here ~ including me. I come here once in a blue moon now because of that reason. I definitely don’t think my few little comments that I’ve posted here have driven David’s fans away if that is what you are saying. But, the entitlement, the cruelty and the inapropriate comments here is what did it for me. I don’t agree that FOD should shut down but the comment section should. It’s gotten completely out of control in David’s absence and I would shriek at the thought of him reading any of these threads. I agree with you on one point though ~ it is so very sad. And in my own words very unDavid like.

  49. collegemom says:

    For every person who has fans there will be differing opinions and interpretations on everything from the serious to the silly. People have days where they over-react to comments and days where they comment and later think “did I really say that?”. That is the life of any fansite or twitter or anything. It is hard when sometimes some people just seem to stir the pot but those can be ignored but not always. In David’s fans there is an underlying graciousness and of usually trying for open-mindedness because we all come from varied backgrounds, ages, life experiences, everything. But ultimately, the point for me is David. That power of that voice and how it makes me feel when I hear it and the fact that I want as many people as possible to hear it. I love going to all the fansites and each has a different personality. All the fansites will have ups and downs as people come and go and lurk and delurk and sometimes trolls come to stir the pot hoping to increase discord. Certain issues will never be agreed upon and will always push buttons but each fan can only control one thing and that is his or herself. David is a very strong individual who makes an impact on everyone he meets even when he is not trying to do so. He is famous now and I do not doubt that he will remain well-known at various levels of fame for the rest of his life. Like all well-known people, there will be many areas of blending of the private/personal and I am sure that he will manage that well as do many very famous people who don’t flaunt their fame at every opportunity. David is right now doing what he wants to do – be a regular missionary and yet still he has been able to step out of the “regular missionary” role and let that beautiful voice do it’s job of spreading that feeling of love or well-being or peace or whatever feeling it gives each individual listener whenever he sings. He will never be someone who is not noticed wherever he goes even if no one knows who he is – something about him draws people’s attention to him – we know what it is even if he thinks he can hide it – it is called charisma and very, very few people are actually charismatic. Many are nice people. Many are funny people. But David is charismatic and that is part of what sets him apart. Part of what draws every eye to him on stage when he is there with others and he is trying not to upstage them. David will make the best of every situation by the power of his personality and his committment to his own ideals. And I will be forever be listening and enjoying whatever of his music is out there – hopefully years of music and growth as a singer/musician/actor and as a person.

  50. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go for a bit, I feel like doing some things
    around the house, so better get to it. Have a
    great day all, TTYL!

    Candy, I love you too, Tons! Oh, by the way, with
    all of your cleaning toilets experience, I put in a good
    word with the stadium the Eagles play in, for you to
    clean toilets there. That ought to get you through to
    2014 😆 (((HUGS)))

    Justafan, For crying out loud, just mentioned that
    we cant picture David on DWTS with his shirt off,
    like Derek, dont think thats bad. Some people provide
    links, with a warning, of some mission things, again, not
    bad. All we want to do here is talk about David & things
    going on in our lives, being supportive of eachother, helping
    others, charities & all. Why dont you mention that when
    talking about this Fabulous site 😀 We’ve all had losses,
    illnesses & tough times to go through & we’ve helped eachother,
    not to mention, helping others in need. Pretty great reasons
    to comment on FOD everyday 😀

  51. cc halo says:

    I’m sure most celebrities, including David, would like it if they had complete privacy when they aren’t performing or doing publicity, but that’s not realistic, and they realize that, I think. It’s especially difficult where David’s mission is concerned, not only because he IS trying to get publicity for his church, through all of those concerts he’s given in Chile, but because people who post things on the internet are mostly fellow missionaries.

    If it’s on the internet, it’s already not private and people are free to look, or not, as they choose.

  52. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Collemom, Loved your comment. OK, laundry
    calling, see ya later 😀

  53. cc halo says:

    LCT, I love it–“The House of FOD”, etc….lol.

  54. ray says:

    i started a new fan site for david ,you can,t go yher ,because i don,t want any one disrespecting david ,by talking about him ,mulder and justafan are envited tho

  55. breanne says:

    We need more people voting for David on the Entertainment Lifestyles poll!!

  56. kimk says:

    to each their own..
    I know not all follow that way but that is ok too.
    plan on carrying on just as I always do.
    unless kicked out not going anywhere. I don’t plan on
    stopping spazzing for the man and his music. obviously I am
    not lds so do not follow the same rules they do
    or David does for that matter. and that is ok. I
    still feel the same way about it all and as a matter of fact since all that I saw with
    the last election.. I am so turned off by it all I am done even wanting to know anything about it all.
    that being said.. just really interested in David Archuleta the man. the performer.
    gorgeous, sexy and sweet, a heart of gold and most of all has one of the best natural voices that I have ever heard!

  57. Philly Fan says:

    I have been a fan of this site since it began. The commenters in the past which have been many always kept it light and funny. It seems that a lot have moved on based on the comments now for whatever reason. I believe in the beginning that his fans wanted him to achieve superstar status which he was very capable of but for some reason it may not have been what he (David) wanted at the time. It seemed to me that coming off AI7 and his first tour he was getting into the celebrity climate but after the TOSOD album release it appeared that it became less likely. Something changed can’t put my finger on it but it did. Seems he became a little more introverted and I am sure it something to do with his label (Jive) or he possibly needed a break. David is not a JB, TS, BM artist yet so whatever is posted on read on this site is not going anywhere in the media unless it is something bizarre. I am a fan of his MUSIC do not care about his religious affliation. I do believe that no fan should tell another fan how to comment or view things if they choose to do so. The only time things get out of control is when a fan tries to be an advocate thinking they know what David wants. And what fan can truly say that they do know? Isn’t it just their opinion? Yes I did view the mission blog. And you all know what they say about opinion’s. lol. Last time I looked this was a fansite about David the Artist and any news is fair game on the internet. David needs this FANBASE what is left of it if he wants to come back to music and become relevant again. If not then I guess he always has his fans who try to hard to protect him. But from what I don’t know. And I feel that I could state since I have been a fan from the beginning and have been to concerts and bought all his music. Thanks for letting me rant a little. Don’t comment much but always come to get news about David and vote to keep his name out there. It would be a shame if the site closed down just because everyone has a difference of opinion. I also think it’s time to take David off that pedestal which so many fans put him on because at the end of day he is still David the artist and human. JMHO

  58. cq#DA2014 says:

    Ok maybe we need to start a comment with WARNING: this comment containes “sexy” talk about David.

  59. kimk says:

    not sure what is up but David’s Rainbow didn’t make the MYX Daily Chart?
    maybe not enough votes or maybe not released to it yet?


  60. kimk says:

    cq ha. will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do.. why I pay no nevermind.

  61. kimk says:

    ahh I am kind of sad though.. not enough fans left to get him on the charts at MYX.
    hope I am wrong and it is not released to the chart yet!!

  62. JustAFan says:

    Phillyfan ~ I agree with you on most points except one. The other time things get out of hand is when there is stuff posted about David’s Mission and the other half of the fanbase has to just bite our tongues and move on if we feel differently about it being posted in public. Because you have to remember every time someone posts something about David’s private time they are pushing their “opinion” of the topic on me. So, why can everyone push their “opinion” on me but when I say what my opinion is I get critized for it and am deemed a troublemaker? Everytime someone posts something about David’s Mission your saying to me “here it’s my opinion that this ok to post so look at this”. Well, maybe I just don’t agree with that. And why aren’t the people posting David’s private Mission information deemed “troublemakers”? Because THAT ALONE is what is causing this whole riff in the first place.

    So, I guess everyone is welcome to post in FOD Comments as long as you think like everyone else does here… that all of David personal and private is free game. Well, that’s probably the reason I don’t visit here anymore in the first place.

  63. cc halo says:

    Lol, ray and cq. I love it.

  64. fan 2000 says:

    I think the people coming here telling fans what they should and shouldn’t do are causing the riffs. If you don’t like what’s posted, ignore it or move on. Before the mods really do shut this place down. Then we won’t have ANY David news or any place to talk. So then I ask you, would it have been worth it to call people out on what they talk about?!! I think not!!

  65. granny Lyn from South Africa says:

    thanks Kalei
    just love, love, LOVE!!! those 3 lead pics
    and hi everyone from a hot, hot South Africa
    though it seems that there is hot air on FOD today. Be cool everyone
    we are here for David and the love of his beautiful voice, just share the love!!!!

  66. glitter*girl says:

    justafan~ if u don’t want to look at pics then don’t it’s that simple. no one is forcing u to look at anything u don’t want to.

  67. cq#DA2014 says:

    JustAfan: please tell me where there was a post that didn’t have a “WARNING MISSION RELATED” I do understand how strong you feel about not looking at anything regarding his mission, but doesn’t mean that others that will look and enjoy (like that magical OHN in Spanish) are bad.

  68. fan 2000 says:

    Pretty soon, nobody will want to post here, in fear of someone lurking and calling them out. D: Pretty sad if you ask me.

  69. Philly Fan says:

    Justafan….In response to you. There you go. It’s your opinion again which I respect but don’t agree with. I truly don’t feel that anyone fan on this site is being disrepectfull while David is serving on his mission based on what I have seen posted etc. We don’t get the day to day activities regarding what David does daily. Just a photo now and then that is posted with a warning so that those that don’t what to view do not have to that is not pushing the topic on anyone. Don’t see anything wrong with that. I think it is very admirable what David is doing in SA and following his heart. But I do not have to agree with you or anyone else regarding the P&R issue. Also, I come to this site almost everyday and there has not been any “Mish” blogs /photo’s in quite awhile other then what David himself sent the photo on the birthday book. So why is this coming up again?

  70. fan 2000 says:

    Philly Fan- Agree wholeheartedly!!!!

  71. Opinion poster says:

    Wanted to state my opinion and this is what I see: The fans who want to share do NOT tell those who don’t want to share what they should and shouldn’t do. Nowhere in any of the posts do I see people telling them they HAVE too look at pictures and videos and they are not good fans if they don’t. However, the people saying we shouldn’t see pictures and it’s disrespectful to see them are not just stating their opinions, they are belittling and trying to make people feel bad for looking at or sharing pictures and telling them not to. I see those who look & share defending themselves and those who don’t attacking.
    For me, I have seen a few pictures but I don’t share. I however know people who do and don’t tell them they can’t. It just keeps happening though. There is usually a lull in here with just sharing David things then about once a week fights insue. I think we need to just agree to disagree and keep promoting David however we can.

  72. kimk says:

    for me anyway.. I don’t seek or read the mish blogs anymore. kind of sad.
    why I don’t post anything.
    if I do see something happy and D related will post with a warning.

  73. Janel aka Nellie says:

    My attempt to lighten the mood. David Archuleta dance, dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unSBDZyWTpU

  74. glitter*girl says:

    opinion poster~well said. seems like there is just a small group of david fans who want to be in charge of all of us for some reason. i don’t understand it. but yeah they are making fans feel bad and if that continues then how is david gonna have a career when he comes back?

  75. fan 2000 says:

    I will just say one more thing…to the few people who have said that David would be appalled if he came here and read some of the posts. Well David wouldn’t judge anyone or call them out like that..My advice is post what you like..and to the other few people, if they don’t like it..then that’s their problem and they should find another place to hang out where there is no talk of missionary related items or shirtless David.

    We were given rules regarding the mission blog posting already. And that was to add a warning before posting a link. And we do that, so no harm..no foul. To those who want to read it or see a picture..have at it. To those who don’t..just suck it up and move on.

  76. glitter*girl says:

    fan 2000~ perfectly said! 🙂

  77. fan 2000 says:

    glitter girl 😀

  78. kimk says:

    Janel ahh thanks I needed that! he is just too cute.. can’t stand it!!
    am wondering one thing.. his Fa La La La?
    fun song did you read anywhere whether he recorded it? I
    love the part where he is dancing salsa as well as his time with the kids!

    0o0bluedots0o0 is so talented what she did with the videos from his MKOCT!!
    Fa La La La is one of my favs!!

  79. Ali says:

    Kim – on the Myx Daily Top Ten, that only posts on Mon thru Fri so they add the votes from all weekend to get the Monday placement. Rainbow debuted on Myx on Saturday night so it had only 1 day of voting compared to the entire weekend like the others. I’m hoping to see it appear in the list on Tuesday. Fingers crossed! There aren’t as many fans voting for it now since I don’t think a ton even know it premiered but hopefully it can still break the top 10.

  80. Ali says:

    P.S. Did they move Groundhog Day to January without me knowing about it? lol

  81. kimk says:

    Ali lol! ok will not fret just keep voting and posting on twitter to vote! the vid and David are too adorable in that and should be shown somewhere!!

  82. glitter*girl says:

    yes lol! didn’t u get the memo? 🙂

  83. kimk says:

    Ali you wouldn’t of heard any hint of what Ladyv is up too?

  84. Ali says:

    Maybe Monday the will post the vid to David’s YT and Kari will send a tweet from his account about it. A girl can dream 😉

    Haven’t heard anything about the LadyV thing beyond what she’s tweeted. I would guess that it’s probably a song or songs that she and D did together being brushed up for release sometime this year but I really don’t know. Just guessing. I’m excited to find out!

  85. glitter*girl says:

    groundhog day is one of my all time favorite movies! 🙂

  86. Ali says:

    glitter girl — it’s a funny one for sure! so whenever i experience it in real life, i just chuckle. maybe bill murray will drop by later??

  87. kimk says:

    Ali thanks.. if I see anything will post!

  88. glitter*girl says:

    yeah maybe lol 😉 anything could happen!

  89. McKenzie Harris says:

    Kari’s description of “two Davids” is nothing new in the celebrity world. It’s a distinction that many celebrities and their publicists have been trying to draw for a long time. Recall George Clooney got into a fight with photogs a few years ago because he wanted them to take pictures of him at “official” events like movie premieres, charity events, photo ops, political events, press conferences etc. but not during his “private” time like when he’s out on a date. He encouraged fans to not read magazines like Star, USWeekly and the like. As I recall, the photogs responded by turning their cameras away at the official events and Clooney ultimately relented and stopped ranting about “invasion of privacy”. And the public continued reading the mags he told them not to read. My point is, David is not the first celebrity to ever want more privacy or to want the media to focus on one part of his life but not another. There’s is nothing new here. In fact, I think David’s fans have been incredibly restrained in the circumstances. Yes, there have been pictures of him as a missionary but I can’t think of a single incident where a picture being taken or distributed has interfered with his mission. Now if he wants a 100% privacy during his mission then he’s out of luck. If George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise cannot get such privacy, David will not either. I think Clooney, Pitt and Cruise would trade their level of intrusion with David any day and twice on Sunday. In context, David has been very, very lucky privacy wise. It’s really a testament to the great fanbase.

  90. grannycrush says:

    None of the mission related blogs and pictures originally came from fans except for a few of the pictures that were taken at public events. They came from missionaries and the mission itself. That fans picked up on that and wanted to share is just human nature. I think if David didn’t want that to happen, he would ask that the other elders not share any info about him, and he would ask that there be no photos taken of him at events. I can’t think of any fanbase that wouldn’t be interested in info that was already posted on line.

  91. Grammyj says:

    Almost all the missionary information about David lately has come from the official website of David’s mission which is a PUBLIC website to give out information about the mission. There is nothing secret about it and the purpose of it is to inform people about the mission. I fail to see how looking at that invades David’s privacy. This “privacy” issue has gotten so out of hand. The pictures of David are all the same, David with very short hair in a shirt and tie with a name badge. Again, hardly invading his privacy. It is not like we are seeing him with his shirt off. I am sure David never reads the comments at FOD and for sure he doesn’t now because he is not allowed on the Internet. So all you privacy advocates, just lighten up. If you don’t like the comments at FOD, don’t read them!

  92. Philly Fan says:

    McKenzie Harris! Amen to what you wrote. It says it all for me as a fan. Same goes for Grannycrush and Grammyj. It’s time to put this to rest and enjoy what 2013 will bring to this site by the #1 David the Musican and Artist. That is who brought us fans to this site from the beginning and many are still here and want to enjoy it. JMHO

  93. kimk says:

    I am all for that!!

  94. kimk says:

    Ribbon In The Sky

    would love for him to sing to us more in his vlogs!!

  95. Candy says:

    Ohhhh I was excited to see it getting dark a little later each day…must mean spring isnt that far away. And we all know the arrival of Spring can only signal one thing…we will be that much closer to beginning the “He’s coming home” countdown!

  96. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hmmm….guess the only thing I am going to say is….I don’t like the sarcastic comments that go on here sometimes. I find them really rude and disrespectful and wish my fellow fans and friends wouldn’t do that to one another. I keep quiet about them but my silence doesn’t mean I support them. And when there are multiple sarcastic comments or people laughing together over disrespectful comments it feels like bully behaviour to me. On all topics I can think of that get discussed here – including my beloved religion – I actually feel that people are free to have their own ideas and opinions AS LONG AS THEY ARE EXPRESSED WITH LOVE AND CONSIDERATION AND RESPECT. I personally feel – to each his own but please be kind to each other, control your impulses to react and measure all your words very carefully. ((hugs all round))

  97. nora says:

    I just want to enjoy all the things David worked so hard to leave for us. like he said he never meant to leave us without music, I don’t care what anybody else opinion is, I won’t comment will just pass over it, let them comment all they want, I’m here for the great fans and Fansite, and to enjoy all things David, I will be here to vote and do anything to keep David’s name out there, every time somebody comments on some one else comment, it gets us no where. People have different opinions let them have them and keep doing what you want . Will be here in 2014, that is all that counts, now I’m going to vote, and keep David’s name out there. JMO BBL

  98. sydnie says:

    Does any know if we should type just ‘rainbow’ or ‘rainbow remix’ when voting myxph?

    Kalei, awesome Sunday post! 😀

  99. sydnie says:

    Collegemom, standing O! 🙂
    Hello Shanny, long time no see! IA! 🙂

  100. cq#DA2014 says:

    Like the way you think Candy….Spring “He’s coming home” countdown.

  101. kimk says:

    thinking April 1 will be a milestone.. less then a year to go!!! 🙂

  102. kimk says:

    sydnie bet both work.. I put Rainbow David Archuleta.
    there is no other vid out there with either name that I can think of.

  103. Shanny in Australia says:

    Yes Sydnie, it is an awesome post – Kalei chose fabulous pics to represent ‘our kind of perfect’…..david at a microphone, with a smile on his face, dressed comfortably and relaxed looking….i like ‘normal’ david. (Actually…of course I like all ‘david’s’ but I like to see him happy and relaxed)

    Actually with talk of his charisma earlier on….it got me thinking…because yes, I DO think david has tons of charisma. Everywhere he goes people end up being really impressed with him. What I love most about his charisma is that it’s a quiet, un-assuming kind. Not a walk in the room, all eyes are turned to me, kind of charisma but a ‘oh hello young man, I didn’t see you quietly standing there, gosh I don’t think I ever met anyone quiet as nice as you before and i’m going to tell all my family about you around the dinner table tonight’ kind of charisma. To be honest, i’ve never seen that kind of charisma before but I think it’s the.best kind.
    What I was thinking is….before david became famous….i bet there were a ton of people who knew him but didn’t see his charisma. Why is that? Does it mean he’s not really charismatic (i find that hard to believe) and we really ARE influenced by his celebrity? And if he really is charismatic (which is what I believe lol) then why did people not recognise it before his fame?

  104. sydnie says:

    Thanks Kimk! I also discovered an adorable vid called ‘David Archuleta’s childhood’ from your link to the running video! (I tried to link but failed, iPad doesn’t me ugh! )
    I’m sure everyone’s seen it, I’m usually behind lol!

  105. glitter*girl says:

    shanny~ girl i swear we are sharing a brain lol! 🙂 i have wondered the exact same thing! those are the kind of questions that swirl thru my head at night when i’m desperately trying to fall asleep. and i have no answers. lol

  106. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi ya Sydnie. How have you been doing? Done much travelling recently? Always like hearing where you’ve been or where you’re going. 🙂

  107. cq#DA2014 says:

    Shanny, from what I read in COS he was way to shy to really let his charismatic persona shine. There are a lot of stars that say that they really weren’t popular before they became famous. I think in David’s case, he might of always had that quite charismatic persona (started singing at a very young age), but had to mature in order for it to be noticed by so many.

  108. sydnie says:

    Shanny, I was watching house hunters intl and they were in guess where….Brisbane!! Lovely place and I immediately thought about you! I usually vacation some place warm for the winter holidays, def putting your neck of the woods on my list! Only drawback is the 18 hr flight yikes! 😀

  109. Shanny in Australia says:

    Glitter girl – lolol the curse of having a brain that won’t Be Quiet! 😆 😉

  110. sydnie says:

    Shanny, I was in Maui/Kauai for 11 days & just came back! Now I’m behind on everything, been stuck in the office a lot lately ugh!

  111. Archie_fan says:

    Guys remember, Kari said we should continue to respect his privacy, which means that we HAVE been doing so.

  112. glitter*girl says:

    shanny~ exactly! lol 🙂

  113. Shanny in Australia says:

    Sydnie, from Hawaii to the office. Sounds like torture. lol Did you swim, sun & eat lots of beautiful fresh fruits?
    Wow, that would be cool if you ever made it to Brisbane – can u just bring david with you please? lol If you ever do make it here, it would be really cool to meet you…although I know you often travel with your family so I understand if it would be too hard to work it in too.

    Cq…those were my thoughts kind of too…that he was so quiet and shy people didn’t really have a.chance to get to know him well enough. I guess too – he was still young then and young people probably don’t recognise that quiet, kind, wise type of charisma that is his.

  114. sarahhazel says:

    Hello, folks!!! back from weekend trip….I see there was quite a convo on the same “dead horse” issue again….Oh well, I’m just here for the fun David stuff! 🙂


  115. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey Shanny! I think thats where my Mom & Dad said we would’ve lived, Brisbane, if our family had moved there when I was 10. You lucked out on that one, huh, lol,

    Hey Sydnie! I watch House Hunters Intl, when I get a chance. I wont get in a plane, so thats how I travel to different countries 😀

  116. sarahhazel says:


  117. sarahhazel says:


  118. sydnie says:

    Just three more months until 1st anniversary of David’s departure…..which means little more than a year until he tours woohoo!!! I’m planning on being there wherever! 😀
    Beth, sorry you were sick & your Vikings lost, get better & next season just around the corner! 😀
    Anita, read that you’re a diehard packers fan! Can’t wait to watch our teams duke it out Saturday, eeekkk! 😀 (Good thing the Niners won’t have to be at the frozen Tundra!)

    Early dinner, bye all! 😀

  119. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh Bethy! What a shame…you could have brought your fine feathered friends over to meet my 3 chickens (as long as they don’t mind mingling with lower class chickens that walk around in their bare feathers?) and we could have gabbed up a david-induced storm together with our long windedness. 🙂

  120. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks Sydnie, getting better. Vikings, well, yeah, next year 🙄 At least the Hockey strike is over. The MN Wild fans were so excited for the season, we got 2 big name players added to our team, then strike, but now its over, cant wait. Gotta have hockey in MN, its just, well, we just gotta. The Mens & Womens College Teams are #1 in the country. Hey after the Vikings losing, I’m going to brag about something, lol. The Vikings, dang it, oh well……. 😀

  121. Shanny in Australia says:

    Take care Sydnie. Enjoy your din-din.

  122. Shanny in Australia says:

    Actually…just to go along with our recent theme of cleaning toilets 😉 ..i better go. We’re out of toilet paper and with having 6 females in the house and no toilet paper, well…lets just say, it does not happiness make.

    BBL friends. 🙂

  123. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Shanny 😆 All chickens are family, they have a special bond. The only thing is, The Fine Feathered Fellows tell me they would bring plaid ensembles for all 😀 They’re trying out they’re Austrailian accents right now,lol. Given the fact that they’ve acquired a midwestern, ya sure you betcha accent, having an Austrailian twang on it, is pretty interesting 😀 Who you calling longwinded????????? 😀

  124. sydnie says:

    Shanny, I’ll def contact you if I decide to visit! The Hawaiian islands are so relaxing and beautiful,like a different world…..then boom I’m back in freezing SF! Oh well, can’t complain to much with all the great restaurants here!
    Beth, airports & airplanes are no fun!
    Bye again!

  125. Ali says:

    sydnie – lol i think it might be little more than a year before he tours but that will be alright because he’ll be back home and hopefully updating us on what they have in mind 🙂

    about the charisma thing…that’s a very interesting topic. i actually think he DID have that charisma back before he was famous. yeah he was way shyer and it was more muted but i’ve seen videos of him singing at school and local events when he was young and the people were going crazy for him. i’ve also seen comments from many people who knew him before that said they always knew he would make it big. i’m sure a large part of that was his voice but i also think it was more than that. it has been awesome to see that charisma come more to the forefront with david as he gets more comfortable with himself. it was pretty amazing to see in some of those videos from manila at mall events and such.

  126. Shanny in Australia says:

    Long winded….um…ah….i was talking about me. Yeah…only me. 😉
    Wow, not only are your fine feathered friends fine, it seems they are also very generous! My chickens will be the best dressed in town! We’ll have to take them all out on the town to strut their stuff. lol

    Lol…well better go…chat again later. 🙂

  127. angelbymyside says:

    groundhog day comment = priceless!

    Why must this privacy and respect issue continue to be a battle among the fans? It has gotten so tiresome! If a fan doesn’t want to read or see anything mission related, then don’t! Most of the mission related info I have seen recently, has come directly from the mission itself. Was that infringing on David’s privacy? Apparently not, since the Christmas devotional vids got the seal of approval to be released!

  128. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Shanny 😆 G’night

    Hey abms, I know, frustrating. Gotta
    go, G’night 😀

  129. pocoelsy says:

    Hello all,

    Kalei, love those 3 lead pics…just look at his flawless skin…dang it lol…he missed the experience of having to deal with pimple..zid.. blackhead or whatever you call it during puberty haha, what a lucky guy 🙂

    Apologize by David always gives me chill, his voice is soooo out of this world.

    Daughter came back from collage during the weekend so we went to see Les Mis and I love it but I think to myself WOW David must be very special/extraordinary musical incline since very young and to watch this at 6 yrs old on repeat and picked up their slang too .. incredible!!! it’s a heavy staff..I cried a few times 🙁

  130. pocoelsy says:

    As I scroll up!!! we are talking about “privacy” again eh !! umm !!!

    I uploaded O Holy Night mash up Eng+Spainish on youtube a few days ago because I was blown away by his interpertation and vocal genius that he is, I just want people to take notice and just want to promote him …it’s the least I can do !!! and I know we are all here for one thing and it’s to support David !!!

  131. Candy says:

    Just to add some diversity to my life…Im watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and we think we have problems on this site!!

  132. pocoelsy says:


    David has charisma like no others, I agree with you..totally :), many of us me included have never been “fan” of any celebrities but when David came along … we were hooked..most celebs are beautiful either naturally or scientifically lol but there’s something about David that capture our attention 🙂 and yes only few people possess that …he’s one special guy !!!

  133. pocoelsy says:

    Candy 🙂

  134. sarahhazel says:


  135. pocoelsy says:

    While I was in Bangkok, I discovered this Thai actor who looks a lot like our David… I just want you all to see and tell me I’m not seeing things lol ummm how do I bring the pic here ?!!

  136. cq#DA2014 says:

    poloelsy, love the video, thank you, yes, vocal genius.

  137. sarahhazel says:

    pocoelsy–“when you got it…you got IT” 🙂

  138. pocoelsy says:

    cq, sarahhazel

    You’re welcome, that’s David “Vocal Genius”, yeah he got it in spade (do I say it right?!) and got us in the palm of his hand too…he can’t run away from us evenif he wants too…haha poor guy 😀

  139. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Whew- Just stopped in to say Hi. Love your post Kalei. Those 3 pics on top are fabulous. Did all my voting. Sure wish it was 2014 already even though I’ll be more older. Gees!! I meant more mature. This is a “Good Place”, let’s keep it that way. We are a family of friends who love David. He knows that and loves us back. “Let It Be”!!!

  140. breanne says:

    Candy, LOL…Honey Boo Boo ftw!!

  141. pocoelsy says:


    We love him he knows that and loves us back…that warms my heart 🙂

  142. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy- 🙂 ((hugs))

  143. Candy says:

    well Honey Bo BOO has left me speechless…This family cant be for real…can they? Lordy, thats the most disfunctional family I have ever seen!

  144. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy– HaHaHa I saw Honey Boo Boo and her mom on Jimmy Kimmel one night. Couldn’t beleive what I saw and heard. Takes all kinds but really and they are popular. Heaven help us!!

  145. Candy says:

    SGJ-Well Im just glad that they dont call NJ home!

  146. Anita says:

    Sydnie-Hi! Yes, I love my Packers! What’s interesting is my sister-in-law’s fav team is the 49ers, so of course she’ll be rooting for them, while her dad and husband are rooting for GB. She’s been a 49ers fan since she was little. Whatever happens this Saturday night, I hope it’s an exciting game!

    I just want to say how much I love this site, and believe that FOD is blessed with a wonderful group of fans who come and comment everyday. It breaks my heart that the same issue keeps creeping up time and time again. We need to love each other, not point fingers, and share our love of David!

  147. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy- HaHaHaHa You can say that again. We have our own problems!! 😆

  148. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Anita- ditto 🙂

  149. pocoelsy says:


    Am i seeing things or this guy really looks a lot like @DavidArchie pic.twitter.com/cvhkqtp0

    I find this guy looks a lot like our David but really noone compares to him, may be I just miss him so much while on vacation !! what do you think?

    I have to go pick up my daughter now, see you all later, have a nice day/good night.

  150. pocoelsy says:

    akkk the link is not working !! let me try again.


  151. Candy says:

    SGJ after watching Honey you can give me Snooki, The Situation and the Boys any day over that disfunctional group!

  152. pocoelsy says:

    Akkk never mind, sorry!!

  153. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy- That bunch is ridiculous. Where did they get these people(term used loosely) from?? Reality television. Holy Cow!!

  154. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight pocoelsy- If you say you think the guy looks like David, I’m sure he does. Thanks for trying.

    It’s time for me to say Goodnight too. Nitey-nite everyone. See you tomorrow.

  155. josie says:

    Um, hello…? lol.

  156. Candy says:

    lol Josie-are you checking to see if its safe??

  157. Huong_DAVN says:

    Hi everyone,

    What a great and detailed post as always! Thanks!!
    I just wanna ask if the 3 leading pix are from David’s performance at Inside Studio Q For A Live Performance at Q102 in Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon (August 24).

    Cause I got more pix from that day here: http://www.justjaredjr.com/2010/08/25/david-archuleta-to-perform-at-arthur-ashe-kids-day/#ixzz2HGGGB5WX

  158. josie says:

    Candy~ lol. Seems that way, huh?

  159. kimk says:

    Carlaツ ‏@pamelahalpert
    “You’re destined for super-stardom” @DavidArchie COME BACK AND MAKE THIS A REALITY OK

  160. josie says:

    I’ve been away for a few days, & am just catching up. Holy..cow. lol. I’m glad Kari clarified her earlier tweet, since I’m one of the folks who was confused. I hope my confusion wasn’t interpreted as disrespect toward Kari or David, ‘cuz it wasn’t. I just literally didn’t know what they were saying. My brain is not large; sometimes peeps have to spell things out. lol.

  161. kimk says:

    funny.. the world makes Honey Boo Boo famous
    and David..
    goes unnoticed.

  162. josie says:

    kimk~ (11:46) Yeah. 🙁 “Funny” isn’t the word I was thinking of, though…

  163. Candy says:

    wow kimk-how ironic is that..sad but ironic.

  164. Candy says:

    time to head off to dreamland, good night all.

  165. dailylurker says:

    Well I typed a long response to the “dead horse” topic again and just deleted it because I don’t really want to be a part of it anymore. I will do what is best for me and follow the guidelines here. The guidelines are that we can post miss stuff with a link and warning.
    I will continue to do that if there is anything worth posting. Lately there has been nothing so people are getting tired of talking about D anyway. 🙂

    If that makes me a “troublemaker” so be it. I don’t really care what you think of me because you don’t know me personally. Sorry Shanny, I can’t help but be sarcastic sometimes. It makes me human. I’m sure D will take my money for his concert in 2014 and allow me to go even if I looked at a few miss pics and post. lols Hmmm…is he going to punish me for being a bad girl? 🙂 Ok I just going in trouble. Tomato shields are up! lols…………. Have a great week everyone… Love you all…

  166. dailylurker says:

    Oh to clarify I was responding to JustAFan and anyone else that thinks what I am doing is wrong.

    “Ok, I just got in trouble.” Was what I meant above. We will agree to disagree and we love to disagree on certain times of the month for some reason. Oh boy I better shut up now. Sorry guys….

  167. Shanny in Australia says:

    A new little vid by Tina. Love the song she uses …’I knew you were trouble’ LOL


  168. Shanny in Australia says:

    Dailylurker, have you been sarcastic sometimes? I wouldn’t really know, I try not to keep tabs on stuff like that. Just know that it goes on and I think it’s better for everyone if we try to avoid it.
    I don’t think you’re a trouble maker or any such thing. I think most people here know where I stand on the issue – I do my best to not look at mish stuff that gets posted (sometimes I am weak) because that feels right for me considering all things but I have no hard feelings or judgment towards those that do. At the end of the day it’s between each fan and david or each fan and their conscience, not between them and me. Live and let live.

  169. josie says:

    Shanny~Oh hey. You’re here again. 🙂 I was just posting something to you. lol….I just want you to know that the only reason I post on sites is because I care about you guys, so most everything I say is coming from my heart. I try VERY hard to be considerate & respectful (omygosh, you have no idea), but I also have very strong convictions & experiences, so sometimes it’s a very hard balancing act. And sometimes, I might slip up because I’m flawed. lol. But it’s not in my DNA to bash anyone, any more than it’s in David’s DNA to go shirtless on DWTS. lol…

    I just feel like I needed to say that. ‘Night. 🙂

  170. Shanny in Australia says:

    Thanks for people’s thoughts on the Charisma thing.
    And yes it is true that people did go crazy for him when he sung, even as a teenager. Maybe we need to spend the next year tracking down all the people who knew him growing up and ask them if they thought he had charism back then?
    That wouldn’t be stalking would it…? 😉

  171. Shanny in Australia says:

    Josie, you said… ” I try VERY hard to be considerate & respectful (omygosh, you have no idea), …”

    Lol…actually I think I do have some idea. I think you have no idea how much I respect you for the way you are so restrained. You amaze me. I admire you for it. Particularly when it comes to the religion stuff. When it comes to that stuff, believe me, I can tell when you’re biting your lip even when you haven’t posted a single word. lol I understand your position more than you realise I think. That’s another thing I really appreciate about you – the way you love david and show such kindness to people like me despite feeling so strongly about religious stuff the way you do. Lotsa love and hugs at ya.

    By way of general comment…regarding what I said about sarcasm and speaking kindly to one another….i know it’s probably easier said than done but I don’t want people to feel bad about what I said. I’m not pointing fingers and I don’t even necessarily want people to self analyse and ask themselves ‘is she talking about ME?’ as I think it’s better to forgive ourselves and look forward, not back in self criticism. What I hoped by what I said, is that people will pause a little longer before they type in the future. I generally feel that most things can be said if expressed with love and respect and I think if we did that, we would be able to more freely share our thoughts, opinions with each otber without causing rifts and problems. I also think people are more willing to listen to one another when we speak kindly.

  172. Lucy says:

    I don’t understand why some people think viewing public mission pics and vids is so wrong? They post pics on the mission website and other info so why condemn people for checking it out? Also the stuff about David with his shirt off is only in fun, not meant as anything more, I think if David were to read some of the comments here he’d laugh and go”oh my gosh!” I don’t think we are interfering with Davids mission at all, it would be different if we flew over there and followed him around and took pics and stuff. There is no right or wrong here, just a difference of opinion but we should all continue to do what we want to do. For me it’s coming here everyday for my David fix and reading the comments from my archufriends that I enjoy and yes checking out info on David that comes our way. Kari did say that they are not done with the surprises yet, so I am excited for that. Sleep tight guys:) In the end we do all agree on one thing: that we all love David and will support him as long as we can…..

  173. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, watching that ‘I knew you were trouble’ vid by Tina….the last scene of david walking off the stage…he reminds me so much of his dad. His physique, his walk, his softly spoken voice, the intense look when he’s listening to someone. And I remember when his dad first shaved off his goatee, I just saw david! David is definitely Lupe’s son but he’s also Jeff’s son! lol

  174. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lucy, I could tell you why I try not to look at missionary stuff but I don’t think it’s worth it because as you said…everyone has their own opinion. I don’t think anyone is trying to cause trouble on either side. I think the people who continue to bring up the respect thing do so because they want to help david. I’m sure most of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to stand up for something or someone we care about when we feel there is an injustice being served. Sometimes we have to kind of swing with the punches in life, love each other even when we feel mis-understood or mis-judged or disrespected. Especially when we are family or love a person or as the case may be here…when we are a fanbase who want to stick together for the sake of the guy we love. Anyway, I seem to be getting onto a pontificating roll here and i’m sure not everyone enjoys it 😉 so i’ll stop. It is as you said…we all love the guy and that’s the most important thing.

  175. jeani/ut says:

    Maybe those that want to kick the DEAD HORSE around should have to put a warning.

  176. jeani/ut says:

    I’m always to late to ever be read. That’s probably good.

  177. Shanny in Australia says:

    Actually jeani, I was missing your little late night comments. 🙂

  178. Gwen says:

    I love you all at FOD!!!! Love to come here and see David beautiful face everyday and hear all the good things about him. Keep doing what you are doing, David respects all you do. Thank you. You guys are awesome!!!!!

  179. Shanny in Australia says:

    Huong – the pics sure look like they came from there didn’t they. Was fun reading the fan comments on the article too. 🙂

  180. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi Gwen. I love to come and see his beautiful face and read all the good things about him too. Makes me happy. 🙂

  181. Gwen says:

    Hi Shanny
    Our little Happy Place for sure. Never miss a day. <3

  182. Shanny in Australia says:

    And it’s always good to see you Gwen. 🙂

  183. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lost myself in a few Christmas vids…and oh boy…this is exquisite…he inspires me to be a better person, he touches my heart. So beautiful…had to share…(with who knows at this time of night in Archuletaland lol)….


  184. kimk says:


    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1
    Am i seeing things or this guy really looks a lot like @DavidArchie

    he does!

  185. kimk says:


    rhiminee ‏@rhiminee
    lmao FALSE ADVERTISING RT @weiyannn just a reminder that this exists: http://bit.ly/VNhzyG

  186. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    Shanny liking Tina’s vid.. lol he sure IS trouble!!

  187. Shanny in Australia says:

    Good morning Kim. 🙂
    Good to see Poco managed to link the photo on twitter at least. I think the tux pic looks like david.

  188. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim..yeah I like that vid…watched it a number of times now and just went and watched it a couple more times after I read your comment. Lol She sure got it right…that boy is trouble I tell ya! 😉

  189. kimk says:

    Lisa #DA2014 ‏@txarchie
    David Archuleta – The most heartfelt “Heaven” ever!! Araneta Coliseum Manila http://youtu.be/CDOwYODCaaQ

  190. kimk says:

    Lester Eupeña ‏@Lesturrrrr
    Please vote for ‘Rainbow – David Archuleta’ on http://myxph.com NOW. 🙂 #RT

  191. kimk says:

    Shanny charisma.. can’t bottle, purchase, or create it. you just have it or you don’t!

  192. kimk says:


    Annie ‏@AnnieDAFG
    Our grasshopper (aka @DavidArchie haha ;)) looks all grown up in this new portrait on Matt Clayton’s website:

  193. Shanny in Australia says:

    So I guess you’d say he had it back then as a teenager then kim…? 🙂

    Wasn’t he called ‘smiley boy’ when he was at high school because he always walked around smiling at everyone? In fact it’s probably that smile that lends to his charisma – there’s something just so joyful about it and so shiny. No wonder he was known for his smile.

  194. Shanny in Australia says:

    You know you’ve got ODD when you’ve tried to replicate that megawatt smile in your own mirror (and were only reminded that it’s the young who shine like that 😉 ).

  195. kimk says:

    Shanny ha there is always that spray oil in the can.

  196. Shanny in Australia says:

    ROFL! Yeah I guess that would make me shine. 😆 😉

  197. kimk says:

    Shanny David’s pop looks good.. slimmed down some. also with the beard gone I noticed David does look like him as well as his momma.

  198. kimk says:

    Shanny the video you posted from the VIP.. quite beautiful. even if you do not believe as David does the song has a fabulous message.
    not always followed but way I see it at least trying to be kind and loving with the things you do is a wonderful way to live your life. way I see David.

  199. kimk says:

    new thread!

  200. It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people for this topic,
    but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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