A Sleepy, Serene Sunday. A birthday poem. Tell us your favourite David Archuleta 2012 moments


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Credit: Tina (@rhiminee)

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Today’s post is dedicated to quiet, relaxation and peace.  In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it might be the break we all need!

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Josh is sleeping

Credit: DavidArculetaVN

Wait, he’s still asleep

Okay, waking up now:

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Some vids to lower the BP…

Some of my favourite tranquil performances. There is still alot fan excitement (totally justified of course) but let the voice be the focus.

Fields of Gold

Somebody Out There. Listen to this beginning!  Where the heck did that come from??

Blackbird, Myrtle Beach.  This one had the least crowd noise 🙂

The definitive performance. The focus is on being ‘still’, and it’s food for the soul.  Be Still My Soul.

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A Birthday Poem

Jana shared a poem with us, and I think its perfect for today.  Here’s what she wrote:

Many years ago my Dad used to recite this poem to my brother’s and I on our birthdays.  David’s recent birthday prompted me to recall this and it so makes me think of him and the person he has become 🙂 

The poem is beautiful Jana, and so fitting.  Words of wisdom.  Thanks for sharing!

Photography by Kari. Photoedit by me.

If —


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

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What defined “David Archuleta 2012” to you???

What are your best 2012 David Archuleta moments????  What would you like us to feature this week?  Tell us at fodfrontpage@gmail.com or tweet us at @fodfansofdavid and let us know and we’ll celebrate 2012 as we ring in 2013!!!!

To get you thinking, @SamLouiseG (ohnopurple tumblr) put these awesome gif’s together!  Aren’t they just great???

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Ending with a few niceties….

Credit: lovemecastroleta tumblr


From the Happy Holidays vid …..

Credit: @grayAAA

A birthday gif, from andyarchie tumblr.  The eyes have it……


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Thanks for coming by to relax with us for awhile.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

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355 Responses to A Sleepy, Serene Sunday. A birthday poem. Tell us your favourite David Archuleta 2012 moments

  1. Shanny in Australia says:

    Pastel – thank you for the new post. And after some of the craziness that goes on sometimes….that poem sent in by Jana…is a little like soothing balm, strengthening and encouraging. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

    And c’mon Pastel…i can see clearly what you’re trying to do….lull us into a sweet and restful state with words of calm and quiet and peace and then when we least expect it…BAM! You slay us with those eyes! A-huh i’m onto you lady and I’m not falling for it! 😉

  2. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, just went out to the kitchen…my good hubby is doing the dishes….and listening to david sing on GCT.
    lol…he’s becoming converted whether he likes to admit it or not….just a matter of time…just a matter of time….

  3. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Hey FOD! Thank you for posting Jana’s poem – If. I printed it along with David’s picture and I will place it in my purse and have it always with me. I will pull it out to read, reread, and reread when I need it. Thanks Jana for sharing!

  4. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Stayed up too late and when I do – I have nightmares. This one was about David. He came home in 2014 like he said he would but decided he didn’t want to do music anymore. Fans were so upset and hurt – especially the diehard ones that waited here for two years for him. Fans who put their life on hold every day/night, voting, buying, commenting in order to keep the sites open… Thank heavens I woke up to find it wasn’t reality or at least not yet? 🙁

    On a funny note – after reading yesterdays comments – you can say David’s fans are all going to be expert toilet cleaners!! LOL! 🙂

  5. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi Lct. Always good to see you comment. 🙂

  6. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Funny Shanny from OZ. I changed all the music of our stereo system and my husband noticed David’s GT and CFTH gone! Without saying anything he went and put them back on! 🙂

  7. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Hey Shanny! I usually comment in the mornings but today – got a late start! Then I go do real life things and lurk/vote at nite. Gotta a nice routine going! 🙂

  8. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lct, gosh thank goodness it was just a dream!
    And ha…yep…think david never need be afraid of using any ODDers toilet. Sparkling clean for sure! 😆 😉

  9. Shanny in Australia says:

    😆 Neat story Lct!
    As they say….nobody can resist the Archuleta for long! These hubby’s of ours will be out and proud one day and moshing it up like they were fans since the beginning. lol Can’t wait! 🙂

    Yeah…i don’t think we’re usually here at the same time. Nice to ‘see’ you. 🙂

  10. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Thanks for the Serene Sunday post, Pastel!
    Hi, Shanny and LCT!
    Love the poem Jana shared….I will save that one for sure. 🙂

    Pastel–last song video you posted is also Blackbird…..should be BSMS.

  11. sarahhazel says:

    I guess Sam’s gif sums up my fave 2012 David moments!

  12. sarahhazel says:

    ROUND ENDS 1/1/13! ONLY 4 MOVE ON! VOTE FOR DAVID, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. sarahhazel says:

    ALMOST THERE…POLL ENDS 12/31/12!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!!!!

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Linda, blue–been trying to vote up to 300 on Musiqtone for the past 3 days and it wouldn’t allow me….hmmmm….. ❓

  15. Shanny in Australia says:

    Good morning Sarahhazel. 🙂
    Sams gif reminds me of a trailer for a movie with all the scenes flashing by. Very cool. 🙂

  16. sarahhazel says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA

    Happy Birthday David Archuleta from Archuleta Philippines & A.R.C.H. (29…: http://youtu.be/DWaOK-1wd4s via @youtube

  17. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–that “jealous Josh” face makes me wanna watch NA again…haha…..still hoping we get the DVD.

  18. jhen says:

    Hello everyone! I had just read about the rumor about college from last thread. From the previous rumors that circulated about Mission, Nandito Ako, they all become reality. I have a feeling that David will go to college but just don’t know if it really be in BYU Hawaii. If he will study in Hawaii, he can somewhat continue his acting or singing in the Philippines. Since Hawaii is close in the Philippines.But only if his school is not that strict or school is not that demanding.

  19. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, jhen!….how’s it going there in your part of the world?……that rumor is still a rumor so far….LOL….we’ll just have to wait and see!

  20. Rapport says:

    All that talk about cleaning toilets yesterday prompted me to scrub down my bathroom. I feel so much better now.

    Lovin’ the theme of this post, Pastel. Sleepy, serene Sundays are the best. And your choice of ballads is perfect.

    All the scuttlebutt yesterday had me thinking about David’s “methodical” and “practical” approach to life. It serves him well. He’s a “what’s-supposed-to-be-next-in-my-life?” kinda guy and if college or marriage or career is next in his life, it will be for a reason. A good reason. And he will shine at any and all that he chooses.

    We know David soaks up life. He wants to do everything, learn everything, sing everything. Whether a it’s temple in the Philippines, the Idaho Potato Museum or a side trip to Singapore just to sing for his yearning fans, David has a purpose.

    Oh, and about David’s song writing skills, the experience of life, love and, yes, loss, will take care of all of that. I am certain this young man is disciplined and keeping a journal that will become the fodder of “music content” originality we have not witnessed from him as an artist before.

    I am excited for whatever comes next.

  21. jhen says:

    Sara- still hoping NA dvd too in 2014. To me my favorite moment in 2012 is Nandito Ako. Because we were able to see the other talent of David, which is acting.

  22. jhen says:

    *Dvd in 2013 . Sorry I wrote 2014

  23. jhen says:

    Sara- yeah, just have to wait & see. We will know it on 2014 lol Everyone, here in the Philippines is so busy preparing for tomorrow New Years Eve

  24. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    fabulous fans.. fabulous party.. first live Rainbow!

    ok not David but who cares.. adorable!

  25. kimk says:

    Pastel thank you aww the pic from Idol with David all wrapped up is just too cute!


    hmm wonder if Kari has any behind the scenes on the filming of his Rainbow MV!?

  26. kimk says:


    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    Do you know that you’re ridiculously adorable @DavidArchie? (photo by @nareejo the master!)

  27. sarahhazel says:

    Rapport–Wonderfully said…..I’m super excited on what lies ahead for David after his mission!

  28. sarahhazel says:

    Bess de Guia ‏@archiecrusher

    @kimak @pastelpastel THANKS for liking it 🙂 We did it for Elder @DavidArchie and for the other DA fans… You were all with us in spirit:)

  29. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–those Pinoy Archies are the sweetest bunch!

  30. kimk says:

    yikes had nightmares about David too.. never do that.
    miss David a ton.. fact he dropped out of everything is getting me right now.
    I sure am glad you all are here.. lol glad I have five bathrooms! also
    I am thankful for the Chile videos.. not to mention all the fabulous ones we have previously.
    sure I’ll get thru all this.

    reminded me of this.. do I love this song!
    Gotta Get Thru This

  31. jhen says:

    Whatever decision David will come up after his mission. I’m sure he will still do music, because he said it. I believe David don’t break his promises.

  32. Rapport says:

    I look back at the last five years and the subtle and not-so-subtle changes in David’s face, posture and cuteness level, and I gotta tell ‘ya, he’s one fine lookin’ man.

    I’ve grown accustomed to that face — and it just keeps on getting more handsome every day. We, as forever fans, have been around him on a regular basis since he was 17, so it’s never “shocking” (in a good way) to see the finely-chiseled changes that others find swoon-worthy on seeing him after a long period of absence. Does that make sense?

  33. jhen says:

    Kimk- I’m hoping Kari had behind the scene of Rainbow, if she had, I know she will share to us since Kari is generous. I’m excited for Doggie too next year.

  34. kimk says:

    kevin ‏@kevbots1168
    @DavidArchie your so epic ur voice is do unique #Jealous

  35. jhen says:

    Rapport- we fans never get tire of his cuteness & his handsomeness lol sure he get old gracefully. Have to admit David is very handsome.

  36. kimk says:

    jhen I may love David’s BTS moments on things even more then the finished product? I LOVE when he does sound checks!!

    first LIVE performance of Stomping The Roses!! 🙂

  37. sarahhazel says:

    Rapport–makes sense to me…..but we might be shocked the next time we see him….in a very good way, of course! 😉

  38. sarahhazel says:

    Adriane Tobias ‏@adrianetobias

    Photoset: Feliz Cumpleaños David Archuleta. Happy 22nd Birthday David Archuleta. http://tmblr.co/ZzWt2yaXN8yl

  39. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD!

    Thanks for the beautiful Sunday post Pastel! One of my favorite covers from David is Fields of Gold….heard him sing it in Baltimore and it was STUNNING! Sam’s gif is AMAZING! David packed so much in those last months….all so SPECIAL! LOVED Nandito Ako and EVERYTHING he did in the Philippines!

    Off to vote before work! ENJOY YOUR DAY ! 🙂

  40. sarahhazel says:

    Over 100,000 views now! Yay!
    David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – A Wondrous Christmas

  41. jhen says:

    Kimk- actually we have the same opinion. I like BTS than the finish product too

  42. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, VaBch!
    Headed to church in an hour. Kinda windy but sunny! 🙂

  43. VaBeachArchie says:

    Rapport…David has LEADING man good looks….and will only get better with age!

  44. sarahhazel says:

    ArchuByrne WL ‏@jehanicky

    @DavidArchie why do you love tight jeans so much? well,just so you know I LOVE IT MORE!!! you’re killing me with that! aaaaaaaaahhh!

  45. Good Morning everyone. So good to see so many fans on comments so early in the morning. Anyway early for me sinceIi’m in Cali.
    Love the Sunday post Pastel, especially the poem. and the gifs,
    I also like the BTS photos, hope we have more.
    Guess what? I cleaned my toilet yesterday, so hopefully i don’t have to clean it too soon.
    I;m ready for NA DVD too JHEN.
    Sarahhazel i can only put in 300 votes in too. It won’t let me in to vote anymore then that.

  46. Bychance says:

    Good morning Shanny, LCT, sarahhazel, jhen, kimk, Rapport, VaBeach, Linda, and thank you, Pastel!

    Guess I missed something yesterday because my toilets have not been cleaned. Don’t think I am even going to go find out why they should be…….staying right here today!

    It will be pretty darn hard for me to pick a favorite David moment from 2012, but a fun thing to think about…….that part will not be hard!

    I love The poem from Jana, and appreciate what Rapport said, and Beth last night, too. I love the positive thinking and complete support for David and his return to music and whatever else is in store for him. Will be watching and waiting along with the rest of you.

    Have a good Sunday everyone!

  47. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Holy cow, Pastel, nice post. You also shared my favorite ever Poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Have shared it on my FB wall a time or two!
    I’ve been pretty sick all week, starting on Dec 26th, I haven’t remembered to share weekly videos as I’ve been off and on the computer sleeping or resting. This congestion has gone to my brain. LOL. I’ll share three videos in a little bit. Missed David’s birthday and yesterday, plus I’ll share today’s video.

  48. kimk says:

    sarahhazel ha bet a lot tighter on his return.

  49. Getting ready for church, BB

  50. McKenzie Harris says:

    With David’s talent and maturity, I think a better option than spending 4 years in college would be to move to Nashville/Los Angeles and immerse himself in the music scene there. He will learn more about writing by working with people like Joy Williams or Lady V than he would from a music prof. He’d certainly learn more about the music business. I also think the people he could interact with in Nashville would be far more diverse and interesting than the 18-21 year olds at college. I think he would quickly grow tired of that crowd haha.

  51. Lucy says:

    Morning guys, Janel, I have been sick all week too, I have a cold and laryngitis. I at least can talk a little now, for a few days I couldn’t talk at all! Anyway feeling better now and back to work, my favorite 2012 moment is Nandito Ako, I was hoping that FOD would revisit it soon. I still watch it often, thanks for the soothing Sunday post, it was just what we needed 🙂 have a good day all.

  52. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Dec 28th video pick of the day….has to be one of my favorite David songs, Angels a cappella in Nevada, by the voice of our Angel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKH5QlIMZnM

  53. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Dec 29 Video pick of the day Bubbly in Pittsburgh July 28, 2009.

  54. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video pick of the day. Exactly 3 years ago today. Dec 30th, 2009.
    Don’t Stop Believin’ at the Sun Bowl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXvtqlAKx9Q

  55. kimk says:

    McKenzie not sure David is or will be thinking about his career when he returns but boy would I love to see him move to Nashville! seems a really cool vibe there!
    also hope for a concert there one day.

  56. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Linda, By chance, Janel, kimk, McKenzie, Lucy!!!
    Just to back from church.
    I see peeps cleaned their toilets….LOLOLOLOL….you guys are too funny!

    kimk @11:17–LOL 😯 😆

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–thanks for the VPs….triple enjoyment!

  58. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–I haven’t gotten to more than 300 votes either…..blue said in the last thread she got to put in more than that….wow!

  59. sarahhazel says:

    Abby. ‏@abby_DA

    Watching Nandito Ako for the first time! Aw @DavidArchie!

  60. sarahhazel says:

    Crush Kids’ Cancer ‏@TheKidsChapter

    Only 2 more days to buy a Crush Kids Cancer ornament or 2013 calendar! Proceeds donated for @DavidArchie’s birthday! http://www.zazzle.com/gifts?ch=crushkidscancer

  61. sarahhazel says:

    sandritangel #DA2014 ‏@sandritangel

    David Archuleta picture of the Day http://fb.me/ABBsOG04

  62. sarahhazel says:

    KLaxy-McGuiness ‏@XTINisLOWLAH

    “@SarahMStalker: Happy Birthday David Archuleta @DavidArchie ❤ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahmonline/4643903799/ …” awww

  63. kimk says:

    sarahhazel ha well we know what to get him for his homecoming.. new lounge pants!

    David is like fine wine.. err cheese.. he just gets better with age!

  64. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–I don’t know his pants size….LOL

  65. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol if anyone actually gave him lounge pants.. but then again he did get a cherry/olive pitter!!

  66. kimk says:

    me I would find an adorable card and enclose itunes gift cards! that way he
    can catch up on all the new music he has missed the last two years!

  67. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–he probably re-gifted the pitter….haha!

  68. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–love the idea of iTunes gift cards! 🙂

  69. kimk says:

    ha bet whoever got that puppy had a chuckle.
    come to think about it bet there is a warehouse full of good David gifts somewhere.
    along with that Sparkly suit I might add!

  70. breanne says:

    THANKS for your Sunday post Pastel!! My fave David 2012 moments are Nandito Ako & his Bench Photoshoot! LOVED the photos from that shoot!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Keep voting 1 song hourly for Rainbow Remix, Everybody Hurts & Broken on Chart Central:

  71. breanne says:

    VOTE for TV5 (#1), @DavidArchie & @jascurtissmith (#12 Fave Love Team) & Nandito Ako (#13) here >> http://startriga.blogspot.com/2012/12/star-likers-choice-award-2012-for-tv_16.html

    All 3 of these are behind and need LOTS of votes!!!

  72. breanne says:

    Get your votes in for Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone’s MV of the Year (Pop Bracket):

    I have been able to get in 200 votes a day but never 300 like a few of you have.

  73. Hi! Everyone, i’m back from Church and it was cold in there. Our priest doesn’t put the heater on.
    Anyway. What this? Are we thinking of gifts for David when he returns.
    Kimk, itunes gift cards sounds like a great idea.
    Maybe something he can use when he’s flying. He seems to be up in the air more then the ground lately.

  74. nora says:

    kimk-went to see Le Miserable on Friday with my grandson, I thought it was wonderful, thought of David while there, read that you love Hugh Jackman, I have to say he was wonderful, his voice was right on, more than I can say for Russell Crowe, but really enjoyed it, if you can say enjoy, the story line was misery, but the music was beautiful. Hugh Jackman is one hunk of a man, just sayin.

  75. glitter*girl says:

    good afternoon everyone 🙂 wow we are like sunshine and rainbows compared to the soul david site. getting very serious over there. i see the BYU~hawaii rumor is still going strong. interesting.

  76. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Afternoon everyone. Pastel, great post. Love the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. It is my favorite. A few years ago a newsman from Salt Lake City posted the poem to honor David on his birthday. Loved the videos and gifs. Just dropped in to say hello. I’m going to dinner. It’s my birthday today. It’s also Charlotte’s birthday. Happy Birthday Charlotte. I saw on twitter it was Jen Leigh Barry’s birthday too. Happy Birthday Jen. I’m the oldest, that’s a sure bet! 🙂 🙂 See ya later.

  77. nora says:

    glitter-girl, I don’t go into that sight anymore after reading all the comments on Friday, I think some of those fans need to get a life, I am just enjoying all the beautiful things David left for us, and am so glad to be a fan of this wonderful, caring human being, guess I’ll go clean some toilets too. Happy New Year!!!!!

  78. Hi! glitter-girl and Nora. How are you guys doing.
    Nora i want to see Les Miserable. Is it just like the title means, “Miserable”
    Never mind i guess i need to find out myself. LoL!
    Glitter-girl we don’t stray from our Rainbow and Sunshine too often, I love it here.
    And yes we have our ups and downs but we have more ups then downs.
    Sarahhazel just got my 200 votes in. I need to vote on the other polls.

  79. nora says:

    Happy Birthday, sgj, Charlotte & Jen, hope you all have a great one. Forgot to mention great post today Pastel, how appropriate that poem is for today, and probably every day.

  80. Supergradjudie!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Also Happy Birthday to Charlotte, Jen. Hope all of you have a Blessed and enjoyable day. If i thought you could hear me i would sing to you. Enjoy your day all.

  81. nora says:

    Linda, I am sure you will love the movie, it is sad, so bring plenty of tissues, but it is worth it. The music is just beautiful, Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway do a great job. I knew about the story, because I saw the play on stage a few years back when it was in Boston.
    I too love this site, we can agree to disagree, but we let things go. We have a great group here, I’m here to stay.

  82. glitter*girl says:

    hi nora~ i hadn’t been to that site forever then someone mentioned something and then i thought uh oh something must be going on so i went to that site to look and sure enough that was the convo being referred too. i would love to know who eyeswideopen is. they said something to upset gladys but she responded well! lol

  83. nora says:

    glitter-girl, I just don’t understand where conversations get you, you are not going to change anybody’s mind and they are not going to change yours or mine, just a waste of time and energy, plus it would be very hurtful to David, no wonder he likes the fans in the Philippines, they seem to get David. He left us with so much, and he worked so hard, just happy with that. JMO.

  84. kimk says:

    nora lol did hear that about Russell Crowe and Hugh.. oh my everything he does is gold.
    sure was hunky in Wolverine! ha and that is an understatement.
    Hugh talking about Wolverine
    hope to get a chance to go see Les Mis and The Hobbit for that matter.

  85. glitter*girl says:

    nora~ i think people just like to talk about religion and politics and that usually leads to drama. sometimes upsetting, sometimes just interesting.

  86. kimk says:

    well we are not always all that sunny.. I am ok with speaking your mind for the most part. just kind of gets old over and over again.
    but then again not like we have a lot to talk about right now.

    any way.. about BYU Hawaii.. could be just a rumor?
    looked it up and all they offer is history
    no music that I could tell?
    would be like taking the life/sunshine out of him if that is what he is to study.
    my opinion of course.

  87. glitter*girl says:

    omg just checked my FB and there is a pic of david with a huge mustache!! LOL!

  88. glitter*girl says:

    kim~ no music at BYU hawaii?? well then i don’t think there is any way david would go there.

  89. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thanks Linda and nora.

  90. kimk says:

    glittergirl not that I saw.. could of been just a made up tweet. ton of them.

  91. kimk says:

    D E S H A ‏@Xilovedesha
    ; David Archuleta :)) Handsome man! Like extremely!

    Crazy Yas♥ ‏@NYasmiin
    Porque David Archuleta Es Tan Sexy !!!!!

    lol have no idea what the last tweet says for sure.. but yup
    he sure is getting better with age!

  92. Kimk, the second tweet from crazy just says ” Because David is so sexy”

  93. Sorry forgot the Archuleta.

  94. sarahhazel says:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice

    New Post ~ Of David Archuleta, Brands, and Five Amazing “Piano Guys”: http://wp.me/pHkN1-55K @davidarchie @kariontour #DA2014

  95. Jesus Christ ‏@SuperGee5

    @Disney_Dreaming WWTT Dec 31 @7:00pm Utah time for David and Fans. HappyNewYearDavidArchuleta/Fans….Join in n have fun.

  96. Jesus Christ ‏@SuperGee5

    @CanadianArchie @FODFansofDavid Why dont we bid adieu 2012 with a BANG!!! Joyful, joyful WWTT on Dec 31 @7:00pm Utah time for David & Fans.

  97. One Direction Egypt ‏@1DUpdates_Egypt

    AnyOne Here Love “David Archuleta” … !! I Adooore His Voice <3 Osheey 🙂

  98. sarahhazel says:

    Sarah Rasmussen ‏@raz_sarah

    Just heard david archuleta playing at the outlet malls #stilllovehim

  99. I am a zombie ‏@Babijns

    causeitsagoodplace: 10/100 David Archuleta’s pictures http://tmblr.co/ZXi5qxaYRNsR

  100. sarahhazel says:


  101. Sarahhazel I have heard the piano guys, they are awesome, What talent!!

  102. sarahhazel says:


  103. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–who are the piano guys???

  104. Sarah, after the Entertaiment lifestyle is over i will start voting more on Startriga.
    We started late on that poll and its going to be hard catching up.
    But its worth the while. Anything for NA, & TV5.

  105. sarahhazel says:

    Ooops, didn’t realize the piano guys are on the The Voice new post….LOL

  106. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–do you have the link for Startriga?

  107. Yrs, i will bring it over.

  108. breanne ♥ #DA2014 ♥ ‏@breanneruss

    VOTE for TV5 (#1), @DavidArchie & @jascurtissmith (#12 Fave Love Team) & Nandito Ako (#13) here >> http://startriga.blogspot.com/2012/12/star-likers-choice-award-2012-for-tv_16.html

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks, Linda!

  110. Shanny in Australia says:

    Hi guys. 🙂
    On the college rumor….isn’t it unusual to apply more than 2 years ahead of intended enrolment date? I know over here they probably wouldn’t look at your application any earlier than 6 months ahead of the day you intended on starting.

  111. jeani/ut says:

    This is a Good Place. Thank you Pastel.
    That poem is awesome. Thanks Jana.

  112. Shanny! Hum! something to think about HUH!!!

  113. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–Hmmm….MAYBE he applied before but decided to go on a mission first….so MAYBE somebody at the school saw a record of that application and told somebody about it….then that somebody told another somebody, etc. etc. etc. LOL…ME AND MY CRAZY THEORIES! 😆 🙄

  114. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Still voting and am getting tired…. I’ll vote a bit more and then I HAVE to get to bed! Boy what I do for David, sometimes I wonder…….

  115. Sarahhazel! Could be!!!!!

  116. sarahhazel says:

    BTW, there is a B.A. in Music degree in BYU under the College of Language, Culture and Arts.

  117. sarahhazel says:

    LCT–what we would do for David….aaahhh…been asking myself that question for the last (almost) 5 years….

  118. Janel aka Nellie says:

    *******MISSION WARNING************
    Go to conversions on the mission website. There might just be something new, glorious and wonderful. And it might quite possibly bring tears to the eyes.

  119. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–I don’t have the link. 🙁

  120. Janel aka Nellie says:
  121. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lol….Sarahhazel….i guess that scenario is not out of the realm of possibilities. lol

  122. sarahhazel says:

    **********WARNING: MISH PIC FROM THE LINK!*************

  123. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny– 😀

  124. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks, Janel!

  125. kimk says:

    oh. wow he.. they are beautiful.
    thanks guys.

    sarahhazel the link at byu hawaii thank you.. it looks great!!
    been to hawaii once and LOVED it.
    lol would I LOVE to go again!

  126. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, I was looking and looking and thinking….where is this wonderful thing Janel was talking about? Then finally saw him. Duh! He looks so good. Really healthy, happy and still shiny. And ….has he lost weight in his face since the devotional? David the chameleon if so. lol
    That guy is so worth everything, love him to bits.

  127. sarahhazel says:

    OMJ….somebody needs more SPF 100 lotion. 😉

  128. kimk says:

    lol you guys.. doesn’t matter to me if he goes to college unless he stops singing.
    then heck yeah.. watch the smoke come out my ears! 🙂
    boy was born to sing!!
    (ok but then again if he did go the doc route..
    lol who here feels really sick all of a sudden)

  129. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Janel, I’m very curious about the pic over at the link you posted but I guess I can’t ask, huh? For instance why is he in that pic with the group of people and why are some wearing a certain color clothing….. Those kinds of questions that may open up a can of worms. Are others curious, too?

  130. kimk says:

    ohh man.. that mish pic. lol not even religious and it got me!!
    I am a wimp!!

  131. sarahhazel says:

    First time seeing him in a single color outfit….LOL

  132. glitter*girl says:

    thanks janel!!!

  133. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–me too… 😥 & 🙂 = sappy

  134. glitter*girl says:

    these chilean people must not be very poor if they can go out and buy new all white outfits ???

  135. kimk says:

    sarahhazel oh no he does NOT!! hubba hubba latino hottie!!
    ha hope I can say that considering.

    lct dm

  136. Janel aka Nellie says:

    lct, simple answer, baptisms, temple weddings and other ordinances are all done in white. The LDS church is not the only church who wears white clothing during baptisms. White during Catholic Christenings, and Catholic first communions, and other religions who do Christenings and baptisms too.

  137. Shanny in Australia says:

    It is wonderful isn’t it guys. 🙂
    And Kim….bwhahaha on the doctor comment. lol Don’t think he’d get through to many patients, they’d all be stalling. Doctor, doctor there is something in my eye, can you stare into them a little longer. Oh my, now I can’t breath doctor. lolol

  138. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOL….spicy nacho color…but UV rays are not good esp. for very fair-skinned peeps like him….yikes!

  139. drivebylurker says:

    OMG…he looks like an angel all in white. He is just beautiful. Looks so happy, too.

  140. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Glitter Girl, the baptism clothes for those being baptized are provided by the church. The missionaries already have white suits they use for baptisms they take with them on their missions.

  141. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–love your “shiny” comment so much, I almost typed your name Shinny…hehe…

  142. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Thanks Janel. Also, thanks Kimk! 🙂 Was he instrumental in their conversion? (running out the door so I don’t get in trouble for asking – but curious minds wanna learn!) :0

    OMG, he is gorgeous isn’t he? That tan & he seems to look thin again but the tan helps him to look healthy.

  143. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, drivebylurker!…..please drive by often! 😀

  144. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Sarahazel, pics like that drag you out of lurkdom! 🙂

  145. sarahhazel says:

    LCT–LOL….we are all near the “trouble zone” now….haha!

  146. sarahhazel says:

    LCT–I thought that pic awakened you from your slumber!…..What time is it in your neck of the woods now?

  147. kimk says:

    Shanny ha time for MDW to start writing.. a new soap opera!
    Doctor On Call
    Doctor Pedicab
    The Singing Doc
    Dr. Archuleta/Mr. Hyde
    The Doctor and The Princess
    rofl could go on and on!

  148. Shanny in Australia says:

    Drivebylurker – yes! An angel! 🙂

    Sarahhazel – shinny….LOLOL

    Just showed my 6yo the pic of david, she asked what ward he was in and I told her Chile. She asked…’is it a spicy church?’ lol

  149. sarahhazel says:

    ROFL….a spicy church!….close, but it’s not the church….hehehe……. 😉 😆

  150. LCT DA#2014 says:

    I think it’s about one in the morning – wide awake now – Won’t be having nitemares tonite! 🙂 🙂

  151. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LCT, if he and his comp are baptizing them, then yes, they are most likely the ones who taught this family.

  152. sarahhazel says:

    LCT–morningmares are as bad too….I had them before. 😮

  153. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Thanks Janel, I guess that makes sense. I was googling an answer but you were faster!

  154. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim…rofl…this could be one riveting soap opera for sure! Specially with that spicy nacho colour. lol

  155. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ha yeah…spicy church…spicy NACHO more like it. lol

    Lol…no nightmares tonight Lct. 🙂

  156. angelbymyside says:

    he looks good in that pic 😀

  157. angelbymyside says:

    Just heard on the news that Les Miserables will be coming back to Broadway in 2014!! Hope a certain someone will get to see it! 😀

  158. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ok i’m breaking all my rules here…but his companion there in the photo…is that the same Elder he met when he first arrived in Chile? I remember seeing a pic of david with a suitcase outside a house or something and a couple of other missionaries or something….and the Elder looked like this elder?

  159. My daughter is taking me to dinner, so i’ll see you all later if your still here.

  160. glitter*girl says:

    janel~ oh ok thanks!

  161. Shanny in Australia says:

    Abms – oh that would be great! I hope so too! I guess the movie will renew interest in a broadway version….?

  162. LCT DA#2014 says:

    Good nite all! Linda, hope your dinner is wonderful. Miss good American food! 🙂

  163. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh Linda….enjoy yourself. 🙂

    And that’s right….isn’t it Supergrandjudie’s birthday today…?
    Happy Birthdaaaaay Judie! Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy today’s shiny pic! 🙂

  164. kimk says:

    angel get to see it.. and BE in it!! 😀

  165. kimk says:

    Shanny does look like him.

  166. Shanny in Australia says:

    Lct…i guess no need to wish you sweet dreams now? lol Well….sleep well. 🙂

  167. ray says:

    i guess i will see you guys in h***,for looking at that pic.get ready for the tongue lasshing

  168. sarahhazel says:

    abms–sure hope he sees it!

  169. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, I needed to look a little further. Another pic and a write up by you know who and his comp in Spanish. Right click to bing translate. And oh, have tissues available. MISSION WARNING AGAIN. http://chilerancaguamission.org/iexclroacutempelo.html

  170. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL ray!!!

  171. Shanny in Australia says:

    Kim….hmmm…i wonder if they’ve been companions all this time then. Or maybe they’ve just been serving close to each other and are companions right now. Anyway…no need to answer those if you know the answers. lol My mind is happy to leave those questions hanging. 🙂

  172. kimk says:

    ray lol and welcome!!

  173. kimk says:

    Shanny don’t really know.. but love what I see. happy people, happy David!!

  174. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Happy Sunday night everyone…..I was just watching something on TV about the making of the movie Les Miserables. They said Les Mis will be back on Broadway in 2014……(Anyone know where I am going with this)..Let’s start another David rumour…….I bet David will come back and star in Les Mis in 2014!!!! That rumour is a lot easier to swallow than him enrolling in BYU in Hawaii…..(that is of course if he does tours and albums on the side for all of us!!!!!! ) Miss Vicki

  175. sarahhazel says:

    ray–LOL….too late for that…that pic took me to heaven already! 🙂

  176. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, love what I see too! In fact it’s distracting me from getting ready for a big gathering at my house tomorrow.

    Hi ya Ray! 🙂
    These fod peeps…they’re an incorrigible bunch aren’t they. 🙂

  177. sarahhazel says:

    Right click to bing translate?….I’m confused.

  178. Shanny in Australia says:

    Ohhhh Miss Vicki! yes! 2014 Broadway, David, Les Mis = perfect combo!

  179. Shanny in Australia says:


    Everyone off translating right now?


  180. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:


  181. angelbymyside says:

    Miss Vicki ~ I saw the same story. See my comment at 7:01. We thought of the same thing! 😀

  182. angelbymyside says:

    Shanny ~ Thank goodness for Google Translate. hehe 😆

  183. sarahhazel says:

    Done translating at Bing. 🙂 😀

  184. Candy says:

    GAH-That made me cry!! Janel- thank you, thank you, thank you!
    *I think I heard a Swoop*
    Dont really care, Im not going to turn to stone!

    *DIES* He couldnt look any more handsome if he tried!!

  185. Candy says:

    My new Bff is BING!!

  186. Candy says:

    Ha, and I dont mean Crosby!!

  187. kimk says:

    did translate.. guess he is doing great!
    had no doubt really.
    always does.

  188. angelbymyside says:

    Candy ~ ROFL 😆

  189. kimk says:

    Candy hi and lol you crack me up.
    sure does look great!

    not the same thing but my son works at Cheesecake Factory and wears all white.. just came home.
    found that funny somehow.

  190. sarahhazel says:

    Not surprised….he puts 1000% on anything he wants to accomplish. 🙂

  191. angelbymyside says:

    that’s our David 😀

  192. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi angelbymyside……Great minds think alike….Miss Vicki

  193. drivebylurker says:

    No Shanny, that is not the same elder who trained D. when he first arrived. I suppose they look a bit alike but if you place them side by side..no. His companion now, Pena is a junior companion to D.

  194. sarahhazel says:

    Stephanie ∞ ‏@Steph_NJ

    Why is David Archuleta on the radio at shoprite omg I’m dying

  195. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I’m still crying and can’t stop looking at the pics and reading the write up they did. How can we not be proud of him? It really doesn’t matter what religion you are, you can feel what he’s doing for the people there is a good thing, his teaching them and his singing. Throw all the stones at me you want, I’m glad I saw that. We are a blessed fan base to have this wonderful young man in our lives.

  196. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Speaking of David in all white…..The pic at the top of this post….the one with David sleeping all wrapped up in that white blanket on the set of a Ford commercial shoot on Idol……HE LOOKS SO SO YOUNG!!!!!! After seeing that pic you can really see how he has matured into a fine young man……Miss Vicki

  197. Candy says:

    Gessh is there a color that he doesnt look great in…and the tan…he looks like all of the Chilean people, dark and handsome!

  198. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–I’m glad you shared that….NO stones for you…LOL

  199. kimk says:

    please please let David consider being on Broadway one day!!
    can you imagine folks David in Les Mis!!!??
    here is Hugh Jackman as featured in Les Mis!
    looks GREAT!!

  200. Candy says:

    *Tomato shield deployed* Let the throwing and swooping begin! That will be worth every tomato, every stone…

  201. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh ok Drivebylurker. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂

  202. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Thank you for the tomato shield Candy. Hope it will shield stones and mud too. 🙂

  203. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–I can imagine the amazingness of D in LM!

  204. Candy says:

    We need an underground where we can talk about the “unmentionables”

  205. josie says:

    Just a drive-by post to say hi, lol. This has been the most stressful Christmas week of my life, & the first time in 3 weeks that I’ve had a chance to breathe. So…*deep breath*….HI!

  206. kimk says:

    Candy ha unmentionables? lol when I was a kid that was code for well knickers!!

  207. Candy says:

    *waving to Josie* sorry to hear about your week, mine was probably a close second!

  208. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I am going to see Les Mis tomorrow….I read the book in 4th year high school French, but I have never seen the musical…..Just gonna imagine David singing all those songs when he was so young……………….We need to thank David’s dad for bringing that musical home so David would become so mesmerized by singing those songs……Miss Vicki

  209. sarahhazel says:

    LOL….we all need more tomato shields!

  210. sarahhazel says:

    josie–aw, virtual ((hugs)) for you.

  211. sarahhazel says:

    Underground??? Unmentionables??? bwahahahaha!….that’s why we need you here, Candy! 😆

  212. angelbymyside says:

    josie ~ hope things calm down soon

  213. angelbymyside says:




    Aren’t we already “underground”???

  214. Candy says:

    Angel-ROTF-I guess you could say that!!!

    Im serious…Im not like Edith Bunker, I cant Stifle myself!!

  215. josie says:

    Tks, guys. 🙂 And have you ever noticed that when one thing goes wrong, ten others go wrong? lol. You can’t just have one little thing at a time to deal with. Nooooo, it all has to pile on at once, lol. That’s like…Murphy’s Law or something, I think.

  216. glitter*girl says:

    knickers LOL!!!

  217. angelbymyside says:

    Candy ~ 😆

  218. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Josie….sorry you’ve had a rough week…….Miss Vicki

  219. sarahhazel says:

    josie–yup, happens that way sometimes…..that’s life. ***SIGH***

  220. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guys…random thought……David wouldn’t go to college in Hawaii….He doesn’t like water or beaches…HA HA HA…..Miss Vicki

  221. glitter*girl says:

    miss vicki~ true LOL!

  222. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi josie. Sorry to hear your week wasn’t that good. Things will get better.

    Janel, thanks I read everything. He and companion are doing great things.

    Shanny, thanks. Had a great day. Now I’m not feeling so good. People germs, ugh!!
    I love a guy in white. especially with a tan. 😆 😆

  223. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki–LOL…you’ll never know….he might want to go there to show off or keep that gorgeous tan! 😉

  224. Shanny in Australia says:

    Now i’ve got that song stuck in my head… ”doctor, doctor, give me the news, i’ve got a bad case of loving you….” Don’t know the name of it.

  225. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Just wanted to pat myself on the back for my weight loss, even through the holidays. And yes I did bake, and yes I did eat some of the things I baked, but I kept it in check. 3 of the goals I set have been reached. Goal one was to lose my first 20 lbs, goal two was to fit in a few pairs of pants I had that wouldn’t fit me anymore and goal three was to be able to do certain things without feeling out of breath and hurting. Check, check, check!!!! Now I want to get under a certain weight…..only 16 lbs. to get there. And buy clothes as a necessity because I can’t fit in my big ones. Working on it!

  226. Candy says:

    Hmmm maybe if Im lucky David will come home and morph into a Spanish style Bruno Mars! *Sweet*

  227. Candy says:

    Hi SGJ- Better deploy your germ shield! Hope you feel better fast.

  228. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    sarahhazel……how did the Hawaii rumour get started anyway???????? Miss Vicki

  229. Candy says:

    Shany-its called- Bad case of Loving You.

  230. kimk says:

    Spanish Bruno Mars FTW!!!

    Janel congrats!!!

  231. Candy says:

    Yay good for you Janel for having the drive and determination to change to a healthy life style.

  232. kimk says:

    ha… calling Dr. Archuleta!!

  233. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Thanks Candy and Kimk!
    Josie, hugs for all you’re going through. Lean on David music, it helps all of us!

  234. Candy says:

    kimk-Although I dont think we will hear David singing “Locked out of Heaven” anytime soon.
    Ha, first you have to get to heaven…to be locked out!! LOL

  235. josie says:

    Candy~ Sorry your week was “interesting”, too. lol. But hey, we’ve survived so far, right? So…yay for us. *thumbs up*. 🙂 Miss Vicki, Sarah, SGJ~ 🙂 🙂

    Ummm, yeah. I’ve got David’s future mapped out for him, and there’s no room in it for palm trees or sacrifice or classrooms or marriage. And I’m sure he’s going to listen to me. lol.

  236. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thanks Candy, Didn’t even go out for dinner for my birthday, too cold and windy. Janel wasn’t feeling well this past weeks. It’s going around. I’m lke David, I don’t like the cold. I need some warm sunshine, like say, in Chile. 😀

  237. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki–somebody tweeted about it…..think it said: “Is David Archuleta going to BYU Hawaii?”…..or something like that….& another one that said, “If he enrolls in (course), I will be his classmate”…..or something like that….can’t remember much….

  238. Candy says:

    SGJ-did I miss your birthday?? Sorry if I did, havent been home much the past couple of days. Hope you had a nice day.

  239. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    josie, HaHa sounds like a plan. I like your style. 😀 Janel, Bravo , wish I could say the same. Cheers to you.

  240. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy, it is today. Don’t feel bad. I’m just happy I made it this far! 😀 I promised I’d be here for 2014 and trying my darndest.

  241. josie says:

    Janel~ 🙂 “Lean on me….when you’re not stro-ong. I’ll be (something, something)…to help you ca-a-a-r-ry on..” lol. 🙂 I need caffeine.

    sgj~ Hehe. Oh! Happy Birthday from me, too! 🙂 ‘Niiiiiight.

  242. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Night Josie. Take care!

  243. Candy says:


  244. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh that would make sense Candy lol thanks.

    Josie and sgj ((hugs))
    Awesome job Janel! 🙂

    Sorry guys…trying to multi-task like mad….but wanted to respond still.. <333

  245. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Happy Birthday supergrandjudie….Miss Vicki

  246. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Candy. 🙂

  247. Candy says:

    Shanny-isnt your “other family” Christmas tomorrow?? If so no wonder you are multi-tasking

  248. Candy says:

    BRB-Cat knocking on door

  249. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Happy Birthday Judie. Mine is in 15 days, two days after Girl Scout cookie selling begins. My birthday always falls during cookie sales. LOL

  250. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thanks Miss Vicki. 🙂

  251. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Oh My Heck sarahhazel….so there may be some truth to the BYU Hawaii rumor….Someone in the know must KNOW something…….I’ve never been to Hawaii and I’ve have never had the desire to go UNTIL NOW…….Miss Vicki

  252. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Janel ….congrats on your weight loss and Happy Birthday early….Miss Vicki

  253. angelbymyside says:

    Supergrandjudie ~ I hope you had a fabulous birthday Judie! 🙂

  254. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I’m not gonna worry about David going to college in Hawaii….I believe him when he says he is gonna come back and do music…..Miss Vicki

  255. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Janel Thank you. I wish you lived by me. I would love to buy some cookies from your troop. My granddaughters have out grown the girl scouts. Used to buy boxes and boxes. Then I’d buy more so after my son left my house there would be some for us. 😆 😆

  256. Shanny in Australia says:

    Candy – yup it is. And now i’m behind schedule cos of shiny david pics.
    But it was worth it! 🙂

    Well i’m outta here altogether now. Take care peeps.

  257. angelbymyside says:

    Janel ~ Congrats on your accomplishments! That’s fabulous!

  258. glitter*girl says:

    omg. maybe he has a secret GF in hawaii!!! hehe why else would he go there??!

  259. Candy says:

    OH GlitterGirl-you never cease to amaze and crack me up! I bet thats it…a secret GF!

  260. Candy says:

    Later Shanny-have fun getting ready.

  261. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    angelbymyside thanks, had a great day. Just sat around watching TV. Not feeling that swell so we’ll go out to dinner some other time. Love your avi. Have to wait for my grandson comes over to change mine.

  262. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Have a nice time Shanny.

    Candy Is there a new kitty at your house? You did say a cat was at the door.

  263. Candy says:

    SGJ-no new kitty, not yet but the outside cats have learned to scratch on the door aka knock till I come out and give them a snack. They have me well trained. I do plan to get an inside kitty though, just not sure when, I still miss my little girl something terrible. Maybe thats a sign its time. 🙂

  264. angelbymyside says:

    SGJ ~ hope you feel better soon

  265. glitter*girl says:

    candy~ 🙂

  266. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Ah yes….a secret girlfriend in Hawaii……..Jasmine Curtis Smith, Charice, Jeannette McCurdy, Ashley, Mietra, Jordan Pruitt…..any of them headed to Hawaii for college??????? HA HA HA…..Miss Vicki

  267. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thank you abms.

    Candy aww that’s sweet. They learn fast. Hope I didn’t make you feel bad missing your little girl. I know it’s hard. We get so attached. (((hugs)))

  268. Virtue says:

    I hope your birthday was a happy one, sgj!

  269. Candy says:

    LOL Miss Vicki- I love what we find to entertain ourselves! Maybe hes gathering a harem of girls to choose from!

  270. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi Virtue. Been missing you. How are you??

  271. glitter*girl says:

    miss vicki and candy~ yes i think that is all of them! LOL 🙂

  272. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Candy…..we are his harem….a bunch of cougars….HA HA HA…..Miss Vicki

  273. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy and Miss Vicki HaHa David asked us what we thought “true love” was. Maybe he’ll let us know who he is thinking of choosing to see what we think of his choice. HaHa I’m getting dizzy, I know. Must be coming down with something!!

  274. Candy says:

    Bwahahahahaah a harem of cougars!! OH the insanity, by the time he gets back we will have all been committed. And not for being cougars!

  275. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Where are Idamae and VaBeachArchie tonight????? Miss chatting with them….Miss Vicki

  276. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Candy, copied pasted and sent! Hugs!!! Give us a pic of the stray kitties, or a new one if you get one. I love cats!! I have a cats pinterest board and I think it has more pins than any of my others. LOL (even David!)

  277. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Supergrandjudie…..Dizzy is as dizzy does…..Anyone have plans for New Years Eve????? Miss Vicki

  278. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ yes i hope someday we find out why he was asking us that! lol!

  279. Hi! everyone, just got back from eating dinner. Have to try and catch up with comments.

  280. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    glitter*girl- I think David asked that when he was doing Nandito Ako. It was on his mind because he was doing a “Love story”.

  281. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda!!

  282. sarahhazel says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, supergrandjudie!!!

  283. sarahhazel says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA

    ADDED @TDChronicles – @DavidArchie in 2 of the 2012 cumulative BB charts with the GCT MoTab album: http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/2012/12/david-archuleta-leads-pinoy-myx-countdown-for-2012/#comment-71287

  284. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ oh that’s right! i remember thinking~is it because he’s doing a love story or because he’s in love with jasmine??! thankyou for refreshing my memory! i seriously did think there was something between him and jasmine because their chemistry was so amazing and he was new to acting so he couldn’t have faked that so well! haha

  285. Happy Birthday again SGJ, hope you feel better tomorrow.

  286. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    supergrandjudie….yep….I remember he asked us that during Nandito Ako…..I think he was asking us about love cause he was doing a love story…He says he had never been in love….so….he was asking for our advice and wisdom……..Miss Vicki

  287. Candy says:

    Glitter-I agree the chemistry was too real for a beginner to fake…was it a torrid love affair, heck no but it made for some great scenes.

  288. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hi LindaFromCali….Hope you had a good dinner….Miss Vicki

  289. glitter*girl says:

    candy~ most definitely!

  290. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–yup, those KILIG moments seemed real. 😉

  291. sarahhazel says:

    viancaarchie ‏@ViancaCanlas

    awwww elevator by @DavidArchie is playing on yr ender of office radio 🙂

  292. Hi! Miss Vicki, Had some Pad Thai! guess who i was thinking off?

  293. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    LindaFromCali…..I would never guess in a million years…..Miss Vicki

  294. Miss Vicki! Good Guess!. I have been craving it for some time. It was good.

  295. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–had Pad Thai too for lunch! 😀

  296. sarahhazel says:

    Put in 300 votes on Musiqtone!

  297. Virtue says:

    SGJ, I’ve been doing great what with all the visits with friends and family! Plus, I love being on vacation from “work.” I’ve been spending most of my Archutime on FOD chat in the evenings. And of course, I read/view posts and check out the comments.

    I’m looking forward to meeting peep(s) on January 3rd @1:00 pm at Red Robin in Manchester, CT. Join us!

  298. Sarahhazel i’m working on 300 right now between comments

  299. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Virtue! Hope u guys have a n Archugrand time!

  300. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–it’s good….but I’ve had far better-tasting ones….LOL…..what about yours?

  301. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey guys…..even though David LOVES Pad Thai…I have only tried it once….(cause of him)……and I did not care for it…..Maybe I just have to eat it more often to accquire a taste for it….But that is what is so special about being a fan of David…you end up going out of your way and out of your comfort zone to follow him on his path……Miss Vicki

  302. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thank you sarahhazel.

    Virtue, I wish I could. Ct. is about a 3 hr. drive. Not feeling well this week. ope you have a great time though,

    Linda sounds great. Is Pad Thai spicy hot?? Never had it yet.

  303. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki–I love Pad Thai….it’s just some places make it better than others.

  304. Sarahhazel, i’ve had better too. There are different ways of making Pad Thai. But its good either way. I love Pad Thai, i discovered it yrs ago, but had not eaten it as much.

  305. breanne says:

    Keep voting 1 song hourly for Rainbox Remix, Everybody Hurts & Broken:

  306. Just got my 300 votes in .

  307. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–I made it myself one time….not bad at all for a first time….only problem was, I kinda overcooked the noodles!

  308. breanne says:

    VOTE for TV5 (#1), @DavidArchie & @jascurtissmith (#12 Fave Love Team) & Nandito Ako (#13) here >> http://startriga.blogspot.com/2012/12/star-likers-choice-award-2012-for-tv_16.html

    They are all behind & need LOTS of votes!!

  309. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone, hope you all are doing well 😀

    from me & The Fine Feathered Fellows 😀
    We are sending you BIG get well (((((HUGS)))))
    Have you ever been hugged by a chicken? lol

  310. breanne says:

    Got my 2nd set of 10o votes in for Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone’s MV of the Year (Pop Bracket):

    David said he would return to music after his mission and I know he will!! Music seems to be as much of his life as breathing.

  311. SGJ! You can tell them not to make it spicy. They usually make it a little spicy but not much. At least where i eat it. I love mine spicy.

  312. Candy says:

    Its Bethy and the feather Flock, Howdy!

  313. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth, Thank you and the Fine Feathered Friends. The answer is no, but this will be the first time. (((Hugs)) are always welcome even from my chicken friends. 🙂

  314. sarahhazel says:

    breanne–I believe he will because he said so! 🙂


  315. Hi! Beth!
    Goodnight sarah!
    Breanna, i believe he will be back too, because he said so. Thats good enough for me.

  316. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Candy! Yup, me & the feathered flock are here, they’re getting ready for the New Years Eve party they’re giving for their many friends in the animal community. They’ve almost finished covering the carpet with heavy duty plastic (one of the requirements I’ve insisted on when giving them permission for the party). Do you think I might regret letting them do this????? 😯

    supergrand, Well the Fine Feathered Friends(& I) love you & MrSgj bunches, so hope you can feel those boney little wings hugging you all the way from here 😀

  317. angelbymyside says:

    #1 and #2 😀

    @MyMusicStorePH: The music that made 2012: MyMusicStore’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs of 2012..drum roll here… http://fb.me/2kWOGk3Bj

  318. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda!

    Goodnight sarahhazel 😀

  319. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey LindaFromCali and all FOD….I know David said he would be back doing music after his mission……and I don’t think he would engage Kari to keep the homefires burning if he planned to go to college after his Mission…….However has anyone noticed how he used to send us messages through Kari when he first left for Chile, and now we really don’t get any messages directly from him…..Is he really really trying to distance himself from us for the ultimate break away, or am I worry wort and reading too much into this????? Maybe he IS planning on going to college and leaving his music career behind……Miss Vicki

  320. ABMS, thats wonderful, WOW!! #1 Forevermore & #2 Nandito Ako.

  321. Virtue says:

    Thanks, Sarahhazel 😀 Please pass the word on about Jan 3. to any New England-ers you might know.

    *Sends magical get-better dust and the Archujet to SGJ and peeps who want to attend, but live too far away.

    Looks like it’s time for SWEET GOLDEN TAN SPICY NACHO DREAMS! lol

    I carry you all in my <3 .

  322. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth, aww You are gonna make me cry. Love you all, too.
    sarahhazel- Goodnight dear.
    Well time for me to say Goodnight. See you tomorrow. abms- That’s great. #1 and #2. terrific!!

  323. Sgj Goodnight my friend, sweet dreams.

  324. Candy says:

    Miss Vicki-Im hoping its that he is now totally immersed in his mission work BUT that doesnt ease the fact we dont hear anything. The communication blackout leaves too much room for minds to wonder…

  325. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand 😀 Take care & sleep well, Goodnight.

    Hey Miss Vicki, while anything is possible, I really dont think David would keep his website & twitter going while he’s gone, have an address the fans can send mail to him unless he’s going to continue his career when he returns. Of course, things can change with time, its his life, he has to live it in a way that makes him happy, but judging from that one concert he gave, in which he sang alot of songs, including pop songs & how much fun he had doing it, cant imagine him doing anything but music. Maybe take some college courses along the way. I dont think David would keep us hanging all this time without saying something to let us know things changed. Who knows, he may share more info with us in the coming year 😀

  326. Candy says:

    Its hard to read that blog he just wrote and not feel he will continue to be deeply entrenched in his church, maybe even more so. He is a good son, the prodigal son devoted to his church, and family…in that order. I dont see that ever changing.

  327. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Candy, his faith will always be important
    to him, thats true. I didnt get the
    translation of that link Janel provided
    yet, I’ll have to do that. G’night 😀

  328. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Beth…. I really am a worry wort…..I agree that he has put too much time and effort into his singing career that he just wouldn’t jump ship…….Just gotta believe he will come back stronger than ever…….even if he does take some college courses….He just loves music so so much…….Miss Vicki

  329. Goodnight Beth! Guess i’m going to say goodnight too. have to work tomorrow.
    Sweet dreams everyone.

  330. Candy says:

    Good Night All -Im going to head to bed and hope its not another sleepless night in New Jersey.

  331. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Janel or Beth….how do you get the link for the translation of the blog he sent????? Miss Vicki

  332. ray says:

    miss vicki, go listen to BEGAIN< don,t give up you woory to much

  333. ray says:

    thats BEGIN, miss vicki right click on it

  334. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Thanks Ray….Miss Vicki

  335. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey all….Goodnight…I don’t have to work tomorrow….Happy day before New Year’s Eve…….Miss Vicki

  336. dailylurker says:

    OMGosh! Thanks Janel for the new pics. 🙂 Me likey a lot! D looks amazing and if he chooses to go to Hawaii for college it’s all good. He can still do music too and tour like Scotty McCreery. More education is always a good thing.

  337. jeani/ut says:

    We just went for a ride to see a house that has lights that are hooked up to music. You tune into a radio number and it plays different songs and the lights on the house go on an off with the music. We saw one really fast number and then after a few notes of the next song the kids said, “Hey isn’t this a David Archuleta song”. It was David singing Silent Night -Richard’s version.” That was a happy turn of events.
    On the way home my grandson said, Grandma do you have a CD of David’s Christmas songs. (Of course he just became the owner of Christmas from the Heart.)

  338. jeani/ut says:

    Bless you Janel. He looks so good.

  339. jackryan4da says:

    Happy bday supergrandjudie!

    Like David, you are a cappie as well 🙂 Lorms, too! Me 3, hehe!

  340. jhen says:

    David look like an angel with all white. He still look so young , like a teenager lol. He is still very cute and handsome.

  341. Janel aka Nellie says:

    All I did for the mission link translation is right click my mouse over the site and one of the options is to translate through bing. Click on it and a new site opens up (the spanish one still open) with the English translation.

  342. Jhen says:

    Like dailylurker said, I believe David can still do music and acting if he wanted to while in college ( if he chooses college) like Scotty and Jasmine, Jasmine is also going to school while continuing her acting career in the Philippines . David know Jasmine is studying and working. David is energizer lol he can do it. He is very intelligent, he can do well in school eventhough he is doing music and working. Education is very important too, so I can’t blame David if he want college, I only can be proud of David.

    Happy Birthday Supergrand!

  343. Jhen says:

    Linda- did you eat pad thai on David birthday or christmas? I like Pad Thai too, but not the spicy one, I like sweet and a little spicy. I don’t know if the authentic one is only spicy, but I had tasted Pad Thai from a Thai Chef, it was sweet and spicy and it Yum!

  344. Shanny in Australia says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that david will return to music. He may juggle it with college or family but I fully believe he intends on resuming pursuing a career in music.

    Jeani – gosh you are having a wonderful succession of david coincidents lately! 🙂

  345. Shanny in Australia says:

    Candy – what blog he wrote? That translation thingee? Did he write it?

    I think Mormonism is who he is Candy. Its the type of religion where generally you’re committed to it or you’re not. You either live it or you don’t. And if you’re serving a mission or getting married in the temple and raising your kids according to it’s precepts….you’re usually pretty devoted and plan on staying that way.

  346. frio says:

    am late with this…but just wanted to proclaim as a young fan…

    I’d be happy for David if he went to college and/or got a girlfriend/got married and had kids. I’d still spazz the same (or maybe a lil toned down) but I’ll be there for him like many of his young fans out there.

  347. frio says:

    Btw, David is like no other teen idol out there…so…not the the typical fan base either 🙂 I have seen a lot of young fans move on to where the hype is, but there are those who are in for the whole thing.

  348. Shanny in Australia says:

    If david wrote a blog post….i have to figure out how to get this translation thingee to work on my phone….

  349. Shanny in Australia says:

    Frio I appreciate you sharing your perspective. And I agree david’s fanbase is not your typical fanbase. I think he’s got a bunch of people who genuinely love him and care about his happiness. Including you special young people who are not like the fickle youth who are the fans of other young artists. I admire you guys and girls for having maturity and substance like that. Thanks. 🙂

  350. Shanny in Australia says:

    JackRyan, don’t know when your birthday is…but Happy Birthday! Thanks a ton for all you do. 🙂

  351. Ali says:

    Shanny – the post on the mission website, part of it was written by David and/or his companion. It’s “signed” by them both.

  352. Shanny in Australia says:

    Oh it is too Ali. Thanks. 🙂
    (you’re up late!…or early…)

  353. Ali says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Up…in between. LOL. Woke up for a bit and now heading back for (hopefully) a few more good hours. Hope you’re having a good day! Happy almost New Year to you!!

  354. Shanny in Australia says:

    Haha, thank you! Four more hours until 2013 here! Busy cooking right now (and checking fod intermittently lol) for our family gathering tomorrow. Sleep well. 🙂

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