David Archuleta MKOCFTH Virtual Concert a Success! Fan Vids, WAIT Makes MYX Top 20 for 2012! ArchuVoting Duties, Crush Kids’ Cancer, Christmas Poems, Golden Archies’ Donation, Remembering Beaver Creek, Pics to Enjoy


O hear the angel voices….

– credit jenleigh barry

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MKOCFTH Virtual Concert a Success!

– credit RandyFOD

More than 1,100 fans gathered last night to enjoy the MKOCFTH virtual concert – at one point about 160 fans were online chatting about David’s music and sharing memories of Christmases past.  And a special treat! Richard (Papa FOD), Dave Filice, Sunny Hilden and Kari Sellards joined the chat and shared their memories too!

Fans were encouraged to test their David Trivia knowledge to win some great prizes!   Trivia answers flooded the FOD gmail box, and we’ll be announcing the lucky winners shortly!  Thanks to everyone for participating!

I was not able to attend, due to other obligations, but luckily the Ustream video was recorded – all 2 hours 47 minutes of it – so that those who could not attend can also enjoy the videos that fans voted the best of the best!  We may re-broadcast the concert at some point for those that missed it, but in the meantime you can immerse yourself in the magical wonder that is David’s music, by clicking below.

For 2 hours 47 minutes of musical perfection, CLICK HERE.

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Fan Vids To Share

We love fan vids of all kinds!  Here are a few that will make you smile!

Little Drummer Boy – MKOC Tour (credit: bluedots)

Fa-la-la-la-la MKOC Tour (credit: bluedots)

My Gift To You – Happy Holidays (credit: ThinkingAboutPandA)

Happy Holidays from David Archuleta (credit: Cherry Mariano)

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WAIT Makes MYX Top 20 for 2012!

Congrats for getting WAIT onto the Top 20 Chart for 2012!  GO-GETTERS!

– click to see the chart

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ArchuVoting Duties

Musiqtone Top 8 poll cycle ends Sunday, 12/23/12 – keep voting to get David and EH into the Top 8!

– click to go VOTE!

Continue To Vote!



Voters Hit List (Everybody Hurts and Broken)

Readers Choice Awards 

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Get Your Crush Kids’ Cancer Ornament!

– click to order!

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Andy’s Christmas Poems

The Christmas Gift of Knowing You

The Christmas season fills our hearts with joy;
Bright, happy days bring special kinds of pleasure.
We’re wrapped in the excitement of it all,
The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes we treasure.

Yet when we have some quiet time to think
About our finest blessings all year through,
We focus on our family and our friends,
And appreciate the gift of knowing you!

Christmas New Year Wish

I made a Christmas wish for you,
For a holiday full of pleasure,
Friends and family all around,
And memories to treasure.

I wish for you a Christmas filled
With joyous holiday cheer;
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a very Happy New Year

– Thanks for sharing your poems Andy!

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Golden Archies Donate David Albums!

The Golden Archies donated 50 albums to Primary Children’s – Janel & Louise delivered this awesome donation!

– 50 David cds!

*  *  *  *  *

Remembering Beaver Creek

December, 2011 – nestled amid the snowy mountains of Beaver Creek Colorado,  the final show of the MKOC Tour features a duet with David and Jeff LeBlanc – an amazingly jazzy rendition of WOTWTC, a fitting way to bid farewell to this magical Christmas tour….

WOTWTC Duet with Jeff LeBlanc (credit: marknilanjr)

*  *  *  *  *

Pics to Enjoy

– credit Shelley

– credit Mike Terry

– lovemecastroleta tumblr

– Santa Elf – credit ohnopurple

– via peacelovedavid tumblr

– David’s Ties – via fallingstarrsx tumblr

– More Ties – via fallingstarrsx tumblr

*  *  *  *  *

Wishing everyone a Stupendous Saturday as we come down the homestretch and put the finishing touches on our holiday celebrations.  Put some David music on and feel the magic of the season surround you!

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97 Responses to David Archuleta MKOCFTH Virtual Concert a Success! Fan Vids, WAIT Makes MYX Top 20 for 2012! ArchuVoting Duties, Crush Kids’ Cancer, Christmas Poems, Golden Archies’ Donation, Remembering Beaver Creek, Pics to Enjoy

  1. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Thanks for the fantastic post, Kalei!!!
    We should do it again!!! 🙂 😀

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Forgot to say…HOLY MOLY MACARONI on that top pic!!!

    So wonderful of the Golden Archies to donate the CDs!
    LOVE that WOTWTC duet at BC…..better than the original IMO!

  3. sarahhazel says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA

    Join @archuletaphils on the 29th (1) AM acts:Outreach Party for Orphanage; (2) After w/c: Annual GT/@DavidArchie Bday Celeb.Lots of goodies!

  4. sarahhazel says:

    In the Philippines?
    Vicky Panjaitan ‏@VickyTaylor18

    Just saw an ad on tv and dad told me that @davidarchie’s concert w/ Motabs will be aired on Christmas. WOW.

  5. sarahhazel says:

    Marcella ∞ ‏@0o0bluedots0o0

    Lastly, for those who haven’t seen it yet..my new @DavidArchie echo video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUWLNDnfp0Q … Enjoy! Happy weekend everyone!!

  6. sarahhazel says:

    mylene ‏@mych3ME_02

    So happy that @DavidArchie and @onedirection occupied the top spot in MIT 20 and Pinoy myx yearend countdown. #DA1D

  7. sarahhazel says:

    Eliel Dhenise Cruz ‏@DheniseArchie

    Yay Archies! We did a great job! @DavidArchie’s Forevermore is on the #1 spot! @kariontour

  8. sarahhazel says:

    Kamille Borromeo ‏@kamille_anne

    @DavidArchie tops the PINOY MYX COUNTDOWN YEAR END SPECIAL with his very special rendition of Side A’s song FOREVERMORE!!!!!

  9. sarahhazel says:

    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sarahhazel says:


  11. Suttygal (Joanie MN) says:

    Good morning everyone!!
    Thank you Kalei for a beautiful fun Saturday morning post!!!
    We really really missed you last night! <3 I think we'll have to do it again!
    Sara Hazel~ totally agree re: the top pic! 😆
    Thanks so much to everyone for coming to the concert last night, for chatting, and for sending in your answers. We should have the winners determined soon.
    Thank you Nancy (Muldur) for the wonderful idea and inspiration behind MKOCFTH and for all of your help and input behind the scenes.
    Also a H U G E thanks to our techy angel of the year Mary Lou who was able to get all of the poll chosen vids plus the fun extras together and play so beautifully!!
    And to all of you~ thanks so much for participating in the daily polls and suggestions for song selections. It's all a team effort!!
    Happy Saturday all! 🙂

  12. sarahhazel says:

    Joanie–THANKS to you, guys!!! 🙂

  13. sarahhazel says:

    ◘ Sonora Ramos ◘ ‏@DeeVeeDoLL
    ~: OH YEAHHH!!! <3 DAVID ARCHULETA Leads Pinoy MYX Countdown For 2012! – MYX | YOUR CHOICE. YOUR MUSIC. http://www.myxph.com/features/4618/david-archuleta-leads-pinoy-myx-countdown-for-2012/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#.UNXPkqyq84A.twitter
    Read that it's the 1st time a non-Pinoy artist topped this chart! 😀

  14. Janel aka Nellie says:

    3 more shopping days, then Christmas. Can’t beleive I’m hearing myself say this, but I have to go to Walmart today. Wish me luck on finding a parking spot. LOL
    Thanks to FOD for the concert last night. Thanks for posting the pics for Golden Archies. I want to reshare this one that goes with it. It was drawn by Paula Stuckey Moseley, won by Linda Callaway, then Linda donated it to the Primary Children’s hospital via the Golden Archies. It is located above the scales in the oncology unit of the hospital, where the children get weighed in and their other vitals done. Beautiful picture, autographed by David! http://twitpic.com/bo1030

  15. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–thanks for the pic!……& I’m going to Walmart too….yikes!…..& Kohl’s! 😮

  16. cq#2014 says:

    Thank you Kalei for the wonderful Saturday post.
    Came home in time to catch the tail end of the concert. From what I say and all the comments it was a fantastic success. Thank you and great work to everyone involved.

  17. Grannycrush says:

    I just loved the concert last night. The greatest Christmas present ever! I never did figure out the chat aspect of it, but I saw the entire concert and loved every minute of it. Thank you so much to all involved in making it happen. It did make me miss David a little more, though. He is such an amazing performer, but more than that, he is an incredibly lovely person. Seeing him interact with the children just made me smile and cry at the same time. I think they broke the mold when they made David. Can’t think of anyone quite like him.

  18. Joy4archieDA14 says:

    I was having trouble with the volume lastnite. I tried google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer and no sound. But I still watched the concert. It was still a joy to watch. Anyway, this morning I checked my computer and noticed that it had installed updates and restarted during the night. I checked the videos again, and the sound was finally working. Now I can watch the whole concert in full with sound. lol What’s that saying? God uses the simple things to confound the wise. haha

  19. VaBeachArchie says:

    Happy Saturday! Still on an ARCHULETA music high from last night! THANKS again to all !

    FAB post Kalei! So many GREAT pics, vids, collages and gifs…..such TALENTED Archies! GREAT job by the Golden Archies!

    Congrats to David, Ivory Records and Jay Durias for being the #1 Pinoy vid on MYX for 2012! Bring on in RAINBOW in 2013!

    ENJOY your weekend….back to work for me! Will be CRAZY! 🙂

  20. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video pick of the day, This Christmas in Santa Rosa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTAmW5buG3Y

  21. Lucy says:

    I believe that Glad Christmas Tidings is on BYU channel tonite, does anyone know the program title? I checked and I think it’s Christmas at home with Motab, is that right? I’m taping it and I hope that’s the right show. I just have to work today and then I’m off till Thursday! Gotta finish my Xmas shopping tomorrow! Have a good day guys 🙂

  22. wondering says:

    Do you think Dean Kaelin warmed David up before the Chile concerts?

  23. kimk says:

    Rubi ‏@rubi_DA2014
    Rainbow mv will be realesed soon on MYX “@Donnary17: DAVID ARCHULETA Leads Pinoy MYX Countdown For 2012! – MYX | YOUR CHOICE. YOUR MUSIC.”

  24. kimk says:

    Donnary #DA2014 ‏@Donnary17
    @davidarchie got the #1 and #18 in the Pinoy Myx yearend countdown 😉 Hooray!!!

  25. kimk says:

    Cherry Mariano ‏@cherry08mariano
    I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/uAeLTblYseE?a FOREVERMORE at #1 on Pinoy Myx Yearend Countdown 2012 @DavidArchie @kariontour

    #1!!!!! YES!! 😀

  26. kimk says:



    Cherry Mariano ‏@cherry08mariano
    “Music video for the single, “Rainbow”, originally from the band South Border, will be released soon on MYX! Stay tuned for it this 2013!”❤❤

  27. kimk says:

    Anne Ü ‏@annLuvsArchie

  28. kimk says:

    off to Whole Foods guys.. bbl!!


  29. Good morning everyone.
    Kalei great post, GOLDEN ARCHIES YOUR AWESOME.
    wow!!! Last nights virtual concert was out of this world.
    It was so much fun, chatting, i’m not very good, but fun.
    DAVID, IVORY, JAY DURIAS, congratulations, for #1 PINOY MYX 2012 countdown.
    RAINBOW MV in 2013 I’m excited. I have a feeling that 2013 will be a good year for DAVID and his fans.
    By the way, i cried a lot last night watching the concert. But because i was happy and i hope DAVID is happy too.
    I go shopping tomorrow, in PALM SPRINGS.
    I need to go vote so i can try to get at least 300 votes in for musiqtone if it lets me, BBL

  30. cq@DA2014 says:

    Yeah, MV for Rainbow will be released 2013!

  31. breanne says:

    THANK YOU for your fantastic post today Kalei!! Love that top picture of David! I was able to watch the concert last night but wasn’t able to comment for some reason. I LOVED it!!! <3

    Voting on the Pop Bracket for Musiqtone ends 12/23 at 11:59 pm. Be sure to get all your votes in today and tomorrow:

  32. breanne says:

    Does anyone know if there is a link to read the comments from last night’s concert? I would like to read them.

    Be sure to vote 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts & Broken on Chart Central:

  33. violet4ever says:

    @wondering – Are you being funny or asking for real? Not possible. Missionaries are not allowed to place or receive phone calls or even have cell phones at all. Missionaries are only allowed 2 calls to their mother per year on holidays (I think on Christmas and Mother’s Day).

  34. sarahhazel says:

    Woot! RAINBOW soon on MYX!!! Finally!!! 😀

  35. Sarahhazel hi! i voted my first 100 going to try to 200 more before day is over if it lets me.
    Yeah!!! exciting about MYX Mv of the year.Go!!! David, ivory & Jay Durias.

  36. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–just finished with 200 votes!….will try again later if it lets me. 🙂

  37. sarahhazel says:

    DavidArchie’s Whale ‏@Char_Charizard

    @DavidArchie Please don’t change your Archuband, ever, please. THEY ARE THE BEST. OKAY. LET THE BROTHERHOOD FIRE KINDLE.

  38. wondering says:

    Oh yeah,that was a dumb question,sorry.

  39. I agree with DavidArchiesWhales tweet.

    David and the Archuband were so good together, they bonded, they sounded good together. They made good music together. One can only hope. Good musicians too.

  40. Grannycrush says:

    Is there anyone who was in chat last night who can tell tech challenged people who tried but never got there, what Richard, Kari, David F., and Sunny had to say. Did they have any stories to tell?

  41. kimk says:

    Grannycrush hi not very techi either. couldn’t get in myself.. did watch the concert though!

  42. Rapport says:

    GrannyCrush, from what I can remember:

    Sunny was truly amazed that David’s fandom had put this together and told the “audience” how much she loves us.

    Sunny held Lupe’s hand in the front row and cried when David made his mission announcement in SLC.

    Sunny said David has been on a mission his whole life, even as a kid.

    Richard was touched that everyone loves his arrangement of What Child Is This.

    Kari said ha ha a lot.

  43. angelbymyside says:

    Hello everyone 😀

    Hope everyone is enjoying the final few days before Christmas. I just got back from the mall……it was a zoo…..but I am now finished my Christmas shopping…now to wrap! lol

    Totally missed the concert last night…I bet it was fabulous! Thanks to all who put it together. Hope to catch it soon.

    I’m going to watch my Glad Christmas Tidings dvd tonight and relive those fabulous memories of two years ago. 😀

  44. OoO says:

    It was a fun concert last night. So what is our next concert will it be FIRST CD TOUR +ODDS AND ENDS Such as Let Me Go, Senseless, She’s Not You, You Not a Good Liar so on and so forth we can call it a FUN AND SASSY TOUR or a CASUAL FRIDAY WITH DAVID TOUR. HA HA OMG I WISH and I know we have so many good video clips from fans that took from the tour itself. I really love his first cd it’s the uniqueness of his songs. So will I get my wish FOD humm.

  45. Grannycrush says:

    Rapport Thanks! I agree with the statement that David has been on a mission his entire life. As Jeff said, “He just came that way.”
    Kimk I did figure out the concert thing. I stayed and watched the entire thing and just loved it. It was so well put together to show so many facets of David’s personality. I just love the way he interacted with the little ones.

  46. Sarahhazel going to try to go for 200 now. Getting ready to make tamales and that will take up most of my day. Will try and vote late tonight too.
    Will be out of town tomorrow, so will only be able to vote in the morning & late at night.
    Hope it helps some. BBL

  47. MaggieFOD says:

    Thank you, FOD, for the virtual concert last night! I was only able to be here for a little bit so I’m VERY excited that I can still access it on Ustream! Love the Little Drummer Boy video that Marcella did! It reminded me of the video that Kari posted on the official site of LDB where you can see David’s face as he is playing the drums! Here’s a link to the YouTube video of it: http://youtu.be/_4BSPARX4zA

  48. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–that’s great!….now if you would be so kind enough to send me a couple of those yummy tamales, I will forever be grateful…..haha! 😆

  49. sarahhazel, you got it, will send you a twitpic, LoL!

  50. Kelly clarksons fans are starting to vote more. Thier % is climbing. we need vote more, it ends tomorrow right???

  51. sarahhazel says:

    Heather ❤ DA2014 ‏@Heather_DA2014

    David pic day 118! His love for pets 🙂 hehe.  #davidarchie #da2014 http://instagr.am/p/TjdZ_rQU5O/

  52. sarahhazel says:

    DavidArchie’s Whale ‏@Char_Charizard

    I am screaming at how old you’re getting. @DavidArchie

  53. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–you mean the Q102 poll?

  54. sarahhazel yes! the Q102 poll

  55. sarahhazel says:

    Kimmie #DA2014 ‏@KimmieDavid

    Just heard @DavidArchie’s Joy To The World and now O Holy Night at the speedway in Tenn!! That makes me smile!

  56. sarahhazel says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA

    The MYX Year-End Special where @DavidArchie’s Forevermore ruled the Pinoy MYX Countdown will be replayed on Dec 25 8pm 🙂

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Peter Humble ‏@phumble23

    Joy to the world by David Archuleta just played and made me cry

  58. tonette913 says:

    Thank you FOD for putting together the MKOC concert! I wasn’t able to get to see it live but was able to watch the recording (“,)
    Congratulations to David for landing in both the Pinoy Myx top 20 (#1 and #18) and the Myx International Top 20….. I think this is the first time for an artist to make it to both countdowns….. Way to go David!
    Waiting for the release of Rainbow mv in 2013….Let’s make it number one again Archies! (“,)

  59. sarahhazel says:

    cara delevingne ‏@okay_niall

    This fandom is too stressful I’m joining the David Archuleta fandom deuces

  60. sarahhazel says:


    Going for 300 votes right now!

  61. sarahhazel says:

    Brooke 🙂 ‏@brookeandlouis

    So I’m sitting here listening to @DavidArchie on my iPod and it just occurs to me… If he goes to #BYU we could b in the same class!! Crazy

  62. sarahhazel says:

    Linda S.Callaway ‏@LSCtheliverlady

    AWESOME!!”@Susan_PackerFan: Christmas at Home with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir featuring David Archuleta right now on BYUTV.”

  63. sarahhazel says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    “Forevermore” most requested video of the year on Pinoy MYX Countdown. Thank You Archies!! (KS) http://myxph.com/features/4618/david-archuleta-leads-pinoy-myx-countdown-for-2012/

  64. Sarahhazel going to try for 300, if it lets me BB

  65. sarahhazel says:

    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene

    On now! Christmas with MOTAB & @DavidArchie now on BYUTV 🙂 http://byutv.org/watch/livet (thx @jackryan4DA)

  66. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–go for it! 🙂

  67. sarahhazel says:

    cathy ‏@Cathy_DA2014

    Omg, at a Christmas party and they’re playing @DavidArchie Christmas songs and I’m quietly spazzing like crazy!

  68. sarahhazel says:

    Mark Joseph Abeto ‏@mrjosephabeto

    @DavidArchie Congrats David :)) and maybe you’ll also top the Myx Hit Chart Year Ender Special tonight :))

  69. Yahoo!!! got my 300 in. Will try and vote late tonight and in the morning because i won’t be here tomorrow.

  70. sarahhazel says:

    Becca ‏@Becca_Ca_DA2014

    “@Shell_eeeyyy: All the Christmas cards from my davidarchie friends around my #DA2014 tree:) fitting http://instagr.am/p/Tj86mTq02h/ ” < sweet:-)

  71. sarahhazel says:

    JoAnn C. Bañaga ‏@JoAnnBanaga

    @janey79 @pastelpastel @Maureen_abms “GLAD CHRISTMAS TIDINGS” as @DavidArchie would probably say; warm hugs to all the gorgeous Archies!!

  72. breanne says:

    Here is another poll I saw on twitter. Vote for Forevermore & Everybody Hurts…ends tomorrow night 12/23 at 11:59 pm. They are in last place:

  73. Evening Everyone 🙂
    Kalei, I know it’s not proper to stare but what’s a person to do…the top pic is entrancing. So many features to ponder in that pic 🙂
    Couldn’t let the day end without again thanking FOD, Muldur and all those who participated in the FANTASTIC VIRTUAL DAVID XMAS CONCERT…IT WAS A WORK OF GENIUS!!!!!!! IT WAS THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING THERE!!!!

    Thanks sarahhazel for all those tweets from fans that are hearing archiemusic all over the place haha I’m lovin’ it!!!!!

    Maggie FOD, happy to come face to face with that video of LDB again…love the different perspective!!!!

    I had a few probs toward the end of the “concert”last night . It kept telling me not to use urls. Had no idea what I was doing wrong and still don’t!!! I did get one surprise though, I realized one of the people I follow on FB was watching the concert. She later told me that she’s a fan…YESSSSSS!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening. everyone …got to get back to wrapping… ciao 🙂

  74. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Just stopping by to say G’night, been
    busy, busy, busy,lol. Thanks again for
    the spectacular concert FOD, you are the
    best 😀

  75. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth. Me too just stopping by to say Goodnight. Been busy all day. I loved the virtual concert last night. It was just like when I was there live. Thanks again all at FOD and the fans for their high quality videos. See you tomorrow.

  76. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    P.S. Linda have fun shopping in Palm Springs tomorrow. Goodnight 🙂

  77. dailylurker says:

    ************MISS BLOG**************Don’t read if you don’t want too, thanks. 🙂


  78. dailylurker says:

    *********OLD MISS PIC***********Maybe? I don’t remember this one. 🙂


  79. jeani/ut says:

    I’m watching the concert a bit at a time. It’s fabulous.

  80. lct#DA2014 says:

    I’ve been pinning all things David – his music albums, pics with female artists, and singing in various languges…. Would like share them!

  81. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    “Forevermore” most requested video of the year on Pinoy MYX Countdown. Thank You Archies!! (KS) http://youtu.be/QYIwAwiKW-g

  82. kimk says:

    MYX Philippines ‏@MYXphilippines
    update: DAVID ARCHULETA Leads Pinoy MYX Countdown For 2012! http://bit.ly/Tba2hy

  83. kimk says:

    DavidArchie’s Whale ‏@Char_Charizard
    I am screaming at how old you’re getting. @DavidArchie


    good morning folks!
    Happy Sunday.. and Happy Oh My Gosh There Are Only Two Days Til Christmas!!!

  84. kimk says:

    Paul pb ‏@InlovePaul
    David Archuleta and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – A Wondrous Christmas: http://youtu.be/IgqmyimVlfU via @youtube

  85. kimk says:

    KNeelJoshua ‏@blujayferraro
    I think it’s 1D VS. David Archuleta on the Year-Ender of #MYXHitChart

  86. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Happy Sunday everyone! Merry Christmas to everyone!

    Something my mom told me, “Don’t worry about the perfect gift, just be there for someone.”

  87. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!!
    DON’T FORGET…ENDS TODAY AT 11:59 ET!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. sarahhazel says:

    Jenneriche Corpus ‏@jenneriche_1D

    #1 in Pinoy Myx Year-End Countdown and #4 in Myx Hit Chart Year-End Countdown! Congrats @DavidArchie ! http://via.me/-83bg6ww

  89. sarahhazel says:

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA

    WAIT by @DavidArchie The top 20 international videos of the year on MYX! http://myxph.com/features/4610/who-reigns-myx-international-top-20-for-2012-year-end-results-here

  90. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! Last LONG day at work before Christmas….YAY!

    On the VOTE and ENJOYING Christmas music from David Archuleta! GREAT way to start the day!

    Hello lct, kimk, ATX and sarahhazel!

  91. Good morning Va Beach, Sarahhazel, Kimk, Lct# jean, and everyone else. I just finished all my voting, got my 100 votes in and I’m getting ready to go shopping out of town.
    Have a great day, hope David makes the next round of musiqtone, and stays on myx chart & Q102 poll.
    God willing will be back tonight. Davids Birthday is getting close Yea!!!!!

  92. applegreen says:

    Hi guys, need help here to protect our lead. This bracket will also end tomorrow!
    http://www.q102.com/pages/jb-brackets/2012/ please throw in some votes here.

  93. applegreen says:

    sorry, q102 present bracket should end later today.

  94. sarahhazel says:

    new thread

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