David Archuleta:Happy Wonderful 12-12-12 Wednesday! ASAP Trophy Love! Amy’s Yearbook Gift Idea & Update, Gesu Bambino Featured This Week! MKOCFTH Poll Today “Silent Night.” ~Mideau (Libbie Linton) Kickstart update, 12-12-09 Cleveland Memories,


David Archuleta CFTH Cleveland Credit : Gengen

David Archuleta 2009 Santa Rosa CFTH~ credit Larissa~CLICK to bigger it

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ASAP Trophy Love

Jon Daza shared a couple of special pics on twitter yesterday of the ASAP 24K Gold Award awarded to David for Forevermore! What a pretty looking trophy! And Jon has a great smile, too! 😉

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A STUNNING “Silent Night” From MOTAB


David Archuleta and the Orchestra at Temple Square perform “Silent Night” from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert “Glad Christmas Tidings.”

Did I mention “stunning?” This is beyond amazing! Heavenly, Ethereal, Angelic!!!! So thankful that MOTAB has officially uploaded this from Glad Christmas Tidings !!! Papa FOD’s (Richard Parkinson’s) rendition of Silent Night is incomparable!!!

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Gesu Bambino Featured on Music Monday!

Shadow MT facebook page looked beautiful on Monday, and it will remain as such this week! The song of the week is Gesu Bambino sung by David Archuleta on the Glad Christmas Tidings cd! I LOVE this song with its sweet, melodic, and meaningful message!!! Click to listen and play!

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Amy’s Idea And Yearbook Update!

Thank you Amy, for these beautiful memory books and for how they benefit MS, Make a Wish, and CMN!!

                     ***************Click  page  to make it BIG!!! ********************

Are you looking for that special something for your David-Archuleta-fan friend?   Each year since American Idol, I have put together high-quality, hard-backed yearbooks to commemorate his achievements, and at the same time offering all my profits to worthy charities!  In 2009 and 2010, the books help out Make A Wish and Multiple Sclerosis, whereas in 2011, the book raises money for Make A Wish and Children’s Miracle Network.  Below are the links for each book if you’d like to preview/order:

 2009  http://www.cmphotocenter.com/photos/share.php?code=AksC1K32O_0-9Tv2vRufiXd3FjIHwaTP&share_type=storybook

2010  http://www.cmphotocenter.com/photos/share.php?code=KntaaL3pJ3pgmV0Z9ztso3d3FjIHwaTP&share_type=storybook

2011  http://www.cmphotocenter.com/photos/share.php?code=nFlKEywf56KkgDHkpaEk8Xd3FjIHwaTP&share_type=storybook

*NOTE* Click on any of the yr links above and you’ll first be taken to a sign in pg

Once you sign in, you’ll be taken to a “yr projects page” on which you can select the yr book you’re interested in. Select the specific year thee use the menu above to preview, purchase, etc.

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***************Click  pages  to make them BIG!!! ********************

Please contact me at amynorfleet14@yahoo.com if you have any questions or problems ordering.  Let me also remind you that if you are interested in ordering these for Christmas, you should order ASAP to avoid expedited shipping charges.  Thank you so much to all of you who have supported this ongoing project.  It has raised almost $3,000 for these worthy charities! 


Amy (in VA)

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Today’s Poll Song for MKOCFTH: Silent Night

As in the performance of Silent Night with the MOTAB above, David shows us that this simple well known Christmas Carol couldn’t be more alive and magnificent! Listen/watch the choices below and cast your vote! It’s like entering a divine chocolate store and having to choose just one!!

David Archuleta and the Orchestra At Temple Square

Silent Night in Verona 2011, and Yes! It snowed!! 🙂

Westbury! Cfth 12-20-2009 -cred. djbell13 This whole show was magical!!

Club Nokia 12-14-11 Credit: mamezamd Incredible closeups!!

Orla Fallon Singing Silent Night with David Archuleta (Oíche Chiúin)

Fox and Friends Silent Night with David and Asaf~ Brief intro interview. Simplistic mesmerizing serenade

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Mideau (Libbie Linton) Kickstart Update: A New Goal =A Cover! What Song Would You Choose??

*Click above to head over to become a kickstarter member*

Kari and David (KS) also gave  us a heads up for this!

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Back In Time :Cleveland CFTH~ 12-12- 2009

Twas the night after Waukegan and all through the house, every fan was rejoicing …because it was another amazing show (sorry, no rhyme for this one)  😉  But I do have a couple great slideshows to share out of our archives from that night that even any mouse would enjoy!! 🙂 The first slideshow is from Gengen and the second is from Kristin!

We cannot display this gallery We cannot display this gallery

And A Playlist Of that Concert!! The lighting that night was unparalleled!! This playlist contains 25 vids from Cleveland from EmilyluvsArchie, MsLemonade, Mudur, so sit back and enjoy!!

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Daily Voting!

Musiqtone Current Round Thru 12/15 11:59 PT


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Leaving you with a great pic today from Larissa! From Ho Chi Minh, Larissa noted how David “commands” a stage. He certainly does!!! Thank you Larissa! **Click To Bigger  it**

Have a wonderful 12-12-12 day everyone! We’re always here if you have a question or something to share. Our email is fodfrontpage@gmail.com Thanks! 🙂

Oh! And remember to LIKE us on facebook! 🙂 Click below!

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234 Responses to David Archuleta:Happy Wonderful 12-12-12 Wednesday! ASAP Trophy Love! Amy’s Yearbook Gift Idea & Update, Gesu Bambino Featured This Week! MKOCFTH Poll Today “Silent Night.” ~Mideau (Libbie Linton) Kickstart update, 12-12-09 Cleveland Memories,

  1. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Awesome top pics,…thanks for the post, Joanie!!!
    Already voted on the SN poll….haha….pretty easy!!!
    Love the pics from Cleveland…..aaah…memories!
    Wonderful yearbook by Amy…..what an awesome Archie!!!

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG

    @DavidArchie Elder Archuleta {Concierto de Navidad en Chile 2012} (x) http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEwZCK52A

  3. sarahhazel says:

    THANKS TO daily lurker for posting the new CN HD vid and to kimk for posting the killah screencaps on the last thread!!! Had a very good morning because of that! 🙂

  4. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG

    I can’t stay! Early morning class tomorrow! Here’s @DavidArchie for you lovely folks http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEwZCANQs

  5. sarahhazel says:

    Michael Facteau ‏@Michael_Facteau

    Christmas from the Heart by @DavidArchie is the most flawless thing I have ever heard. #NowPlaying

  6. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning sarahhazel and FOD!

    What a FABULOUS post Joanie! Starting with the KILLER pics by Gengen and Larissa! Add to that the GORGEOUS pics from the Cleveland CFTH tour…..and the PLAYLIST is INCREDIBLE! As far as the Silent Night vids…LOVE them all! THANKS to all!

    sarahhazel….Sam’s gif is SWOON worthy for sure..the last pic with those SPARKLING GORGEOUS EYES *sigh*

  7. Ali says:

    That HD video of SN and then the HD video of Concierto de Navidad… *thud*
    It’s like David said, Merry Christmas, let me kill you. lol. And I’m ok with that.

    Good morning, all!

  8. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, VaBch and Ali!!!…..yup, the David goodies keep on coming…..slowly slaying as all…..haha….and I’m not complaining! 😀

  9. Bruno says:

    CFTH tops Archie’s lastfm scrobbles this week: http://www.last.fm/music/David+Archuleta

  10. Lucy says:

    There is something wrong with those links to buying the yearbooks, whatever year link you click on only shows the 2009 book, the 2010 and 2011 aren’t listed on the page to order. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

  11. cq#DA2014 says:

    Awesome post Joanie as always.
    I’m in Archieland heaven right now…what a special gift for his adoring fans.

  12. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Hi Lucy!
    Amy sent them in & I copied them to the front pg..I’ll check it out to make sure I didn’t miss something~ Thanks! 🙂

  13. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Thanks cq! 🙂 (&VaBeach & Sara) up there. lol

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Bruno, Lucy, cq!!!
    Bruno–thanks for the last.fm update….CFTH rocks!

  15. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Lucy~ I added a couple more graphics and instructions for viewing/purchasing the books up top. Hope that helps. 🙂 Let me know ~

  16. sarahhazel says:

    Aw….mom & son….
    DavidArchieVenezuela ‏@DavidArchieVzla

    ¡Hoy es el día de la Virgen de Guadalupe! Feliz día a la madre de @DavidArchie la señora Lupita en su día<3 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=560374233979869&set=a.266561313361164.85368.266412606709368&type=1&relevant_count=1

  17. sarahhazel says:

    LOL….scroll way down to the last comment!
    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA

    Can you handle 5 @DavidArchie in one video? Check JibJab’s holiday cheers w/ David 🙂 http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/2012/12/david-interviews-bts-jingle-ball-2008/#comment-71166

  18. sarahhazel says:

    ℯℓℓℯ 0/5 ‏@ErickaArchie

    I notice from @DavidArchie lastest pictures. He’s getting younger and getting more handsome. *____* ♥

  19. sarahhazel says:


  20. sarahhazel says:


  21. sarahhazel says:

    BTW, Happy 12-12-12, everyone….LOL!!! 🙂

  22. Lucy says:

    Hi Joanie, no it didn’t, that’s the way I did it before just as you posted but all I see under my projects is only the 2009 yearbook. I don’t know why it doesn’t show all the others. Is this happening to anyone else? Well gotta go, have a wedding to attend today, maybe I’ll try again later, thanks for your help!

  23. sarahhazel says:


  24. tami lyn says:

    thanks sarah! omg 🙂

  25. Bychance says:

    Morning all! Who would have thought we would get such a gift this Christmas?!! He looks glorious to me, and sounds even gloriouser!…..yes that is the word. (And I was going to be happy if we got a little “Merry Christmas” through Keri,…. or a current pic…… and here we get the whole shebang!!!) Between the Chilie concert, all the vids for the vitual concert, Janel’s concert posts, Marcella’s MKOC vid, the screencaps, well I am just basking in ArchuChristmasHeaven !!!! Thank you, everyone!

    It is so funny to me that last year at this time I hadn’t seen GCT yet, and barely knew D existed.

  26. Patty-Ann says:

    Just saying hello! Was gonna post something but “ByChance” – you said exactly how I feel! haha

    Awesome post and thanks to FOD and everyone here for all they do.

    Think I may have to say Merry Christmas every day until it’s Christmas!

  27. Bychance says:

    Patty-Ann – me, too. Merry Christmas!

  28. Good Morning Sarahhazel, #cq,Lucy,Bruno, Ali, Va Beach.
    ‘Joanie great Post, I kove all the SN Vids but i have my favorite already.

    Sarahhazel, thanks for all the tumblers and links. David is just getting handsomer & handsomer.

    I am going to vote now on everything, and will be back . Larrissa, that picture of David on stage makes him look like a giant, commanding the stage.

    Amy thank you for your idea on a memory book of David.

    Be back in a while have to go vote.

  29. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, tami lyn, By chance, Patty-Ann, Linda!!!

    Really nice pre-Christmas gifts we’re getting!!! Yay!!! 😀

  30. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    Happy 12 12 12 and 12 days to Christmas @DavidArchie. The pope tweeted!!!!!!
    LOL…the Pope tweeted….maybe David himself will tweet soon….OMJ….that would be the icing of all icings on the cake!!!

  31. sarahhazel says:

    By chance–amazing, isn’t it?!….you were meant to be an Archie! 🙂

  32. sarahhazel says:

    ****CHILE OHN posted 2 days ago ALMOST 11,000 VIEWS ALREADY!*****

  33. Candy says:

    That HD video is the icing on my cake, spice in my nacho, Santa in my Clause, Holy in my Moly, star in my sky, BEST SURPRISE GIFT EVER!!

  34. Candy says:

    “gloriouser, handsomer” if you understand these words you have definitely be Archutized! I have to laugh, we understand each others typos, autocorrections, without even correcting them!

  35. sarahhazel says:

    Candy!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. sarahhazel says:


    The SMILES!!!

  37. sarahhazel says:

    LDS Blogs ‏@ldsblogs

    LDSMediaTalk: Christmas Concert in South America: David Archuleta http://bit.ly/VCvSoJ #lds #mormon

  38. Back from voting. Got my first 100 votes in. have to go check out my 2 favorites videos right now. TP & OHN. BB

  39. Patty-Ann says:

    Sarahazel, you’re a trip….*spicy nacho mish number* lol

  40. sarahhazel says:

    Patty-Ann–got inspired by Candy’s post @12:41….haha!

  41. I can see this is going to be a fun 12/12/12 day and 12 days till Christmas eve.

  42. VaBeachArchie says:

    My patient is napping so thought I’d check out Davidland! So many GREAT screencaps, vids and pics to check out….LOVE IT! Been in the mission vid vortex every chance I get….mature, tan, gorgeous David and that amazing voice …KILLER! We really are some LUCKY fans!

    Candy, sarahhazel….lol So GREAT having something to laugh and spazz about!

    Back on Nurse Nana patrol….Granddaughter going for more tests this afternoon and then work for me! ENJOY your David time guys! 🙂

  43. dailylurker says:

    Thanks for all the screen caps and pics Sarahhazel! This has certainly been a fun week for us. 🙂

    This video already has over 23,825 views….Go Spicy Nacho! lols

    YeS ****************MISS VID*******************************


  44. sarahhazel says:

    I think I won’t mind IF he decides to become the next Josh Groban…or the Crown Prince of A/C……LOL

  45. Bychance says:

    sarahhazel – thanks…..think I was meant to be an Archie, too…….no two ways about it. Don’t know why I got Archutized so late, but not complaining, just happy it happened!

    Which SN is an easy choice for me………

  46. sarahhazel says:

    Got 200 votes in!!!

    Tip: Listen to 5 consecutive David Christmas songs while voting and you’ll be done before you know it! 😀

  47. sarahhazel says:

    By chance–I think I know which SN will be the overwhelming winner! 😉

  48. Sarahhazel, I love that (( Spicy Nacho )) How true!!! Can’t get any spicier then
    THE ARCHULETA, lol!!!!

  49. sarahhazel says:

    P.S. on voting–maybe 6-10 songs if you’re taking your time clicking that mouse….haha…..

  50. Bychance says:

    oh, sarahazel…..you keep this place hopin’ happy….”spicy nacho mish number”…..icing of all icings on the cake.”

    Candy, so glad you’re back! …and abms,too, i think….. wonder what happened to oinkiers?…..still miss Marthat,too….. and Elisian, where are you????? I remember you saying you had tons of work projects. Hope they’re going ok and that you are ok, too!

    Linda, still no FEE for me, but do you think I care at the moment? Too happy watching spicy nacho mish!

  51. sarahhazel says:

    Linda– 😉 🙂

  52. sarahhazel says:

    daily lurker–it’s you I wanna thank for a lot of the wonderful MISH stuff these past 2-3 (?) days!!!…great sleuth work there, fellow-Archie! 🙂

  53. By Chance –hold on. I had lost hope of ever receiving one, and now i have 3. But you are right, The beautiful Christmas gift that David has given us, is the gift of all gifts.

    Who would have guessed that we would get a Christmas concert from David. Blessed his peepickin little heart. He made us very happy, now i can wait for him with a happy heart.

  54. sarahhazel says:

    By chance–Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of spaazzing, squeeing, over-chirpy ODDers for company….haha!

  55. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–would like to be a fly (or any insect for that matter)…on the MISH quarters wall and see his reaction to the X-Mas and Birthday cards & stuff from fans all over!

  56. sarahhazel says:

    Yeah…missing Martha, abms and the others too….hope they have a change of heart and join us here again!

  57. dailylurker says:

    JR posted this on twitter: Cute….. 🙂


  58. dailylurker says:

    JR posted this too: Our Spicy Nacho is so young. 🙂


  59. sarahhazel says:

    LOL….he’s so cute….but look confused with the rapping stuff….haha….. 😉

  60. Sarahhazel AAAWWW!!! Me too. Darn those lucky Chilean flies, if they knew how lucky they are. Wish they could do tweeter, Ha,Ha, Ha.

  61. sarahhazel says:

    Aw, he gets asked to birthday parties a lot….haha….his voice compared to now…wow, big difference…..he was just a cute nacho back then….but a really, really cute one! 😉

  62. kimk says:

    Eshita ‏@Eshita_12
    Meet @DavidArchie #BeforeTheWorldEnds


  63. kimk says:

    Daria Baker ‏@Daria_Baker13
    Oooooh my gravey David Archuleta has a Christmas album!!

  64. kimk says:

    Charity Cupid Mon ‏@CC_Mon
    Is david archuleta attending BYU-Hawaii right after mission? o.O

  65. kimk says:

    ha well in that case I say.. vacation!!

  66. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–LOL….tweeting Chilean flies!…that would be nice!

  67. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–WHAT???….college after mission???….then what, marriage after college???….where did that come from???……what is he trying to do to us??? 😯

    (paranoia setting in here LOL)

  68. sarahhazel says:

    Hmmm, I’m guessing somebody just received you-know-who’s college application….Hey, it’s possible…..Remember all those so-called pre-mission rumors/tweets? 😕

  69. kimk says:

    lol.. you can do music and go to college.
    guess he can get married and have babies and go to college and sing all at once.
    mormon way it seems.

    sorry couldn’t resist.
    what can I say he/they are very talented indeed!

  70. kimk says:

    sarahhazel ha well Kalei lives there.. not too worried.
    would love to go there again myself!
    the island of Hawaii is gorgeous and well Maui is the funnest place on earth!!

  71. sarahhazel says:

    Can you imagine waiting another 4 years (for him to finish college) after the mission???
    Well, I guess he can still do music while at school…..or even if he gets married….
    Cuz if not…..That’s it….I will give up my Archie badge!!!

  72. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol Scotty is attending college here by me and he is still singing.. it is alright.
    boy won’t be sequestered like he is now.
    go figure he is even allowed to use a phone and tweet! rofl.

  73. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–and he likes warm weather….so that would make sense….hmmm….and away from the majority of Archies in the mainland…..waaaah!…Kalei, you’re gonna be the next “Gladys” and I’m jealous already!

    What the heck am I overreacting about?…..it’s your fault, kimk!

  74. sarahhazel says:

    Not sequestered is fine with me! 🙂
    (OK, I’m feeling better now.)

  75. kimk says:

    sarahhazel honestly not really waiting right now for him.. not moving on just going about my biz and enjoying what we have here? if you think about it it sure hasn’t been boring for the most part and well really hasn’t been that much off the grid.
    so far so good.
    now about concert and tours.. hmm a summer one sounds great to me!!

  76. sarahhazel says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie

    There’s an Evangelist radio station playing David Archuleta music! They just played “I Want to Know You” now its someone else.

  77. kimk says:

    only thing is if there was to be a NA 2.0 etc..
    sure hope so but that can be done quick too if needed.
    ha like I said.. David is very talented indeed!

  78. please says:

    cant we just enjoy something good for more than a few days before worry warting begins?

  79. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–as long as there are tours, new albums, tweets and vlogs…in between final exams, thesis, research papers, fraternity parties, changing diapers at night….LOL….we’ll still be happy campers!

  80. sarahhazel says:

    please–PLEASE don’t take us seriously, OK?…..we’re just taking a break from extreme spazz mode of the last few days!

  81. sarahhazel says:

    Speaking of taking a break….I did….from watching the MISH vids….to this other spicy nacho one….haha…. 😉

  82. please says:

    ok sorry. Guess I lurked at the wrong time.

  83. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol oh and he would have to probably take off his shoes and walk in the sand.. surf.. swim.. get a darker tan.. grow his hair out
    ohh let’s not forget this sweet gem!


    they do love him there!

  84. You know, David could be doing his college degree on line too. but like Kimk, says, he can do college and tour too. just has to work around it. I don’t think David will leave us hanging here. I have faith in the ARCHULETA, he knows what he’s doing.

  85. kimk says:

    Linda not worried at all.. my son is working and going to college very successfully.
    all my sons did it.

  86. sarahhazel says:

    Also, I’m leaving kinda early today….going to watch Trans-Siberian Orchestra holiday concert at Verizon center tonight….show at 7:30! 🙂

  87. kimk says:

    sarahhazel oh that sounds wonderful! enjoy!!

  88. sarahhazel says:

    please–oh, no need to say sorry…..lurkers like you should come out more often and join in the craziness here! 😀

  89. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–that must be on his bucket list–be a surfer dude while attending college! 🙂

  90. nora says:

    hi everybody what a great Christmas this is turning out to be, could any one person be so gorgeous, nobody but our David. looooooooove all the screen caps, kill me now, what will we do in 2014, he looks so handsome tan and all, come on Spanish CD.

    Linda, finally got my Rainbow today!!!Bychance there is still hope, the Rainbow was worth the wait, but this Chile event meant more.

  91. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–it’s not the same…but it will be fun cuz they’re a great orchestra…..I’ll just imagine I’m at a David Xmas concert….LOL

  92. sarahhazel says:

    nora–Woot!!! you got your FEE…FINALLY!!! congrats!!!

  93. Good for you Nora. We should never give up hope. But i agree with all you said.

  94. sarahhazel says:


  95. kimk says:

    please way it is.. like life all not rosie.
    folks should say what they wish just like you have.

  96. kimk says:

    nora about time! congrats!!

  97. kimk says:

    sarahhazel oh I like them a lot.. have at least one of their cds!
    let us know how it is!

  98. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Christmas show. Hi, just dropped in for a few minutes. Joanie super post. Love the pics and video. SN is so beautiful. I cried in Stroudsburg listening to him singing it live. It seems like we should be thanking LDS for sending the Chile Concert videos for the world to see. The missionaries did a spectacular job. Many talented people took part in the concert. hen I looked at the LDS Magazine yesterday, I didn’t see any comments. We should thank them for a lovely concert . Gotta go. Lots to do today and now my car is being stubborn and needs to be checked out. BBL

  99. Candy says:

    Ha, whats four more years…by that point I’ll be so old I wont know if Im at a Justin Beiber concert or a David Archuleta concert! Im just going to enjoy the ride and if it takes him and us to college…that too will be an adventure! Somewhere along the line he is going to need to refuel his piggy bank so there will be tours. Back to spazzing over the HQ video!!

  100. breanne says:

    Thanks for the post Joanie!! 🙂

    LOVE all the gorgeous pics of David that we have been able to see since the Chile devotional. He looks & sounds AMAZING!! So grown up and handsome!

    Everybody Hurts has dropped to #9 on MYXPH, so be sure to vote for it on all your email addresses:

  101. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go:

  102. Candy says:

    *High Fiving Nora* Yay, it has arrived!!!

  103. breanne says:

    Everybody Hurts mv needs more views:

  104. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    *When* not hen. Sorry for the words being rearranged. I swear there is a gremlin in this computer. BBL

  105. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    P.S. Hi Candy. Nore WooHoo. By chance so glad you became an Archie and join us here on FOD. David can do it all. Anything he sets his mind to. Can’t get over how good he looks and sounds. Oh happy 12-12-12.

  106. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    *nora* not nore, sorry. See haste makes waste 😳

  107. sarahhazel says:

    kimk @3:39–I sure will!

  108. kimk says:

    Candy ha.. bwhahaha! and I’ll be right along side ya!!

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, there,supergrand, Candy, breanne! 🙂

  110. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–ROFL….I will be old too by then….but I’m sure I’ll know if it’s a David concert or not….haha….that VOICE will tell me! (with the help of hearing aids, of course!)

  111. Candy, i will be there to join you and Kimk too. Lol!

  112. Hi!! SGJ, Breanna, Candy. Hail, Hail, The gangs just about all here.

    Com-on down Martha, ABMS, and anyone else who is missing in action.

  113. kimk says:

    ha.. we’ll be the new Ediths!!
    wonder if The Villages has a concert hall?

  114. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOL….maybe David will give big VIP discounts to seniors…with free wheelchair and stretcher privileges (in case)! 😀

  115. sarahhazel, ha, ha, good one. But i think i will a custom wheel chair made that will have a horn that says DAVID, DAVID,DAVID.

  116. Candy says:

    ROTF- Senior discounts. Glad we can laugh about it, not that there is anything we can do about either!

  117. Candy says:

    Edith 2.0 Not a bad place to be and if it comes with being serenaded personally by David…I’ll take it!

  118. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–that’s gonna be one expensive wheelchair….LOL….hey, if you have a fat Archufund, why not?!……just make sure they take you to the concert venue, not the geriatric psych ward….hahaha!

  119. sarahhazel says:

    Lucky Edith….she probably fulfilled all or most of her bucket list….including meeting D and being serenaded by that VOICE…..Bless her wonderful soul!

  120. Candy says:

    LOL Sarahhazel, not sure there is much difference between a David concert venue and the psych ward!!

  121. kimk says:


    really if you think about it not too bad at all!! 🙂

  122. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–that’s true….LOLOLOLOLOL… 😀 😆

  123. Bychance says:

    You guys!!!

    Nora, yeah for you!!! Still floating around on an Archuheaven cloud, so whenever I see that Rainbow is fine with me.

    SGJ – so nice of you to say that -thanks. I no longer consider myself a newbie…..just a newishbie…..so that’s nice!

  124. Candy says:

    kimk- watching that Birthday surprise for Edith made me sniffly all over again. What a wonderful young man!

  125. Bychance says:

    Edith’s birthday surprise was one of the very first things I saw when I started looking up things about David last year. If he hadn’t gotten me before, he did then with how sweet he was to Edith….giving her a hug….oh such a good heart he has.

  126. kimk says:

    omgosh The Villages do have a theater.. and they do have live entertainment!!

  127. Candy says:

    kimk/bychance-And if I must say so myself, his hair was looking FABULOUS!!!

  128. Candy says:

    kimk-does that mean when we check in we become the geriatric version of the Village People!

  129. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–looks like a great place!

  130. Bychance says:

    Candy – I love how he says I couldn’t even get my family in twice….so adorable. Yea, his hair……one of his best assets. But I shouldn’t even get started talking about those!lol


  131. sarahhazel says:

    Aw, that Edith video….so sweet….his speaking voice is always so soothing, isn’t it?

  132. sarahhazel says:

    By chance–why not?….afraid you’ll get carried away?….hehe….. 😉

  133. kimk says:

    oh my gosh.. tears of joy from that Edith interview!
    PURE GOLD Edith as well as David!
    woah forgot how great he looked there too!

    dang.. sure do miss him!

  134. kimk says:

    sarahhazel his speaking voice.. gah.

  135. sarahhazel says:

    Ashley ‏@Palrice8

    Oh, @DavidArchie’s twitter has a header now. Just no header in it. Are you going to give him one, @kariontour?

  136. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–yes, it’s pretty unique-sounding….must be one of the very good side-effects of the vocal paralysis….distinctly DAVID. 🙂

  137. I just got back from voting , put in my 200 on musiqtone for the day,
    Tv 5 need more votes to get to 1st place, maybe we can do a clean sweep. That would be awesome.
    I just can’t seem to tear myself away from the HD concert video. I’m mesmerized by them. ahe sounds so great & looks so good.
    Edith was such a sweet lady. I would feel blessed to get to her age and look as good as good as she did. She got one of her many wishes in her life.

  138. Bychance says:

    yea…his speaking voice, his singing voice….bless that little vocal chord!

    really do have to go now! Have fun tonight sarahhazel!

  139. sarahhazel says:

    We’ll probably be frozen/shell-shocked when he hear the 1st “Hey, guys, it’s David here…” of 2014……
    with that deeper voice, Spanish accent and most of all, that FACE….O.M.J.

  140. kimk says:

    bychance hope to see you later!!

  141. sarahhazel says:

    ….We’ll never get pass by the 1st 10 seconds of that VLOG….LOL

    Gotta go to the concert…..Take care and have a wonderful night, guys!!!!! 😀 🙂

  142. Candy says:

    Have fun Sarah! Im off to the kitchen, dinner calls. BBL

  143. kimk says:

    well this is interesting.

    Playbill ‏@playbill
    “American Idol” Finalist @Syesha Mercado Joins Chicago Production of The Book of Mormon http://ow.ly/g3iwb

  144. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    sarahhazel- Enjoy your concert.

  145. sarahhazel, enjoy your concert,
    By chance come back later,
    Candy Hmmm! whats for dinner? Hi! SGJ.
    Just finished watching OHN, TP, LPDB, For the millionth time.

  146. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda- I was watching Edith and David over and over. I love how he put his arm around her when she told him that she liked his person. He looked so much bigger than her. She must have been tiny. What a sweetheart. I wonder if they had David in mind when they thought of cloning. We sure do need a few million like him. sigh!!

  147. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    About us old ladies going to David concerts in wheelchairs. I’m getting one of those jazzy ones so I can move around dancing my heart away. 😀 😆

  148. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    kimk- That was interesting about Syesha. I like her so much. She has a terrific voice. Season seven had so much talent. I loved watching all of them. The AI concert was a blast too. Had a lot of fun there and met a lot of them. Not Cook though because he didn’t come out. 😉

  149. Sgj, Oh my goodness! Can you imagines a lot of David Archuletas running around in this word. But then , what a different world this would be.

  150. kimk says:

    –bianca ‏@missbianca
    *Innocent whistle* http://www.jibjab.com/view/JHplk9eHRKCjEx6OpY9Stg


  151. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Had our company Christmas party at a local hotel in a banquet room, they had Christmas music playing in the background, guess who I heard, thats right, the one, the only, David Archuleta WOOOOT, they played Riu Riu Chiu. I thought, hmmm, that sounds familiar, sure enough, David 😀

    Hey kimk! Love that JibJab video,lol

  152. Hi! Beth,

    I love that jibjab video. I can just hear Davids laughing at himself, with that cute chuckle he has.

  153. Anita says:

    That HD video of the Mission Christmas Concert is so stunning and mesmerizing! David, Rebecca Lopez, the dancers, and choir…..WOW, what a concert!!! I could hear David better singing the Prayer in this video. What else can I say that I haven’t already about David! OMG!!! What a gift he has, and what a gift he is to us! I recognized the song that Rebecca sang. It’s Amy Grant’s Breath Of Heaven. What a treat to hear it sung in Spanish! My goodness, does Rebecca have a stunning voice! Well, I’l be back later! I have to decide which Silent Night I want to vote for!

  154. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi Anita

    kimk- HaHaHaHa 😆 😆 Did missbianca do that?? That is the cutest ever!!

  155. Hi Anita! Your right that mission concert video is the best.

  156. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi Beth That was nice that they played RRC by David at your Christmas party. Was that just for you?? 😎

  157. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda! Yeah, I can imagine him laughing at it, himself, lol.

  158. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand, hahaha, no, they were playing all kinds of Christmas songs, we were talking at a table, eating(good food by the way,lol), then I started singing with the song I was hearing in the background(to myself, not out loud,lol) then realized it was Davids Riu Riu Chiu 😀

  159. Lucy says:

    I love that video with Edith, it said in the comments that she passed away sometime this year, he was so sweet to her. One of the many reasons we love him so 🙂

  160. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth- That’s 😎 too. David’s getting around in good places. Good company, good food and David, ahh life is great!! 🙂

  161. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand Yes, way 😎 They had meatballs, chicken wings, teriaki chicken on sticks, mozarella sticks w/marinara sauce, crepes with chocolate, strawberries whip cream, rueben & rachel sandwhiches, beef on a stick, chocolate fondue fountain etc….It was really good.

    Hey Lucy! Oh dang it, Edith passed away? No, no, no, dont want that to be true, she was so sweet.

  162. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth- You are making my mouth water. Sounds delicious.

    About Edith, not abs. sure but I think someone said she passed away last year.She was such a sweet lady. David was so kind to meet with her on her birthday. He’s a dear.

  163. Beth, that dinner sounds Delicious. Yes i heard she had passed away too. She must have been 98 or 99. what a long life, God Bless her.

  164. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go for a bit, will check in later, Adios!

    supergrand, Wish I could’ve brought you
    leftovers 😀

  165. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Linda, I’m sorry to hear that, she
    was a sweetheart. Be back a little
    later 😀

  166. Candy says:

    watching 121212 concert, loving me some Bruce & Stevie!!

  167. Janel aka Nellie says:

    About ready to go to my dress rehearsal but wanted to quickly add today’s video pick of the day. The First Noel, Forbes concert 2011.

  168. ATX #DA2014 says:

    FYI – Live benefit concert for Sandy victims currently on TV on Palladia. The Boss is on now.

  169. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Which by the way was exactly one year ago tomorrow. (the Forbes concert)

  170. Anita says:

    Hi Judie and Linda!

  171. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I was practicing some of my songs when the kids were at their specialty classes today (subbed for a second grade class) when a little boy walked in and said his children’s choir is practicing their Christmas concert today. He said when they practice tonight they’re taping it to send to David Archuleta. I told him I was a fan and he said their choir director is a fan too. 🙂

  172. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Janel- Aww how sweet is that. David inspires all ages.

  173. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I gotta go vote.BBL

  174. Janel, what a cute story.

    I’m going to vote too, BBL

  175. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Okay voting done. Everybody’s watching 121212 Sandy Concert. JB had a plot against him in NY. I think they got the guys. News at eleven. Little, no a LOT, CRAZY.

  176. josie says:

    Oh dang, you guys. Carly’s singing “Imagine” on The X-Factor right now.

  177. josie says:

    And Simon didn’t like it. 🙂

  178. kimk says:

    was not even close.

  179. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Again!

    Josie & kimk, did they mention Davids rendition of Imagine? I know they didnt but…..lol

    Janel, love that story.

  180. I just came back from voting. My Xfactor and Sandy benefit don’t start till 8 cali time.
    Was Carl’y imagine better then Davids version?

  181. josie says:

    Beth~ Nope, he didn’t mention it, of course. He just said she was doing too many things at once, that she should’ve stayed at the piano the whole time, & he didn’t like the arrangement. Honestly, it didn’t even sound like the original, she sort of screamed the higher notes, & it was all about her “performing” as opposed to telling a story. But anyway…lol.

  182. josie says:

    Linda~ Heck nooooooo. lol. She didn’t do it justice at all.

  183. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks Josie!

    Hey Linda! Not from what Josie just said. Plus, could anyone’s be better 😀

  184. Josie-Beth, Thanks, I’m not trying to put Carly down, she has a beautiful voice and once she is trained to control it she will be a good singer.
    I just think David did such a beautiful version of it.

  185. kimk says:

    Beth but wasn’t necessary. she made it too busy. john Lennon is the song and David brought it back to life.

  186. tami lyn says:

    i’m kinda glad carly destroyed that song cuz it means david’s version is still the best by far! what was she thinking??? u don’t mess with a song like imagine by screaming the high notes.

  187. Bychance says:

    Hi guys. I should be doing Christmas cards right now. Actually…..I just remembered ……Iam going to get my hubby to show me how to print out addresses on clear labels I bought! Oh, good…..will have more D time than I thought. (I know….I should know how to do that myself).

    No one could do Imagine better than our guy…..course we all know that.

  188. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Josie, Linda, Beth, kimk & tami lyn You got that right! 😀 Okay, lot of excitement tonight. I’m tired out. Goodnight. See you all tomorrow.

  189. josie says:

    Linda~ I’m not trying to put her down, either. I just think…if you’re gonna do a song like that, you need to have an understanding of the lyrics, and try to convey the feeling behind it…so it’s about the song, not about you. I don’t think it’s a song that just anyone should do. Beth~ Oh, you just remembered? Well, you still have…12 days left. lol.

  190. Bychance says:

    Is there another Chile thingy or are they done? I guess we don’t have to call them thingies anymore!

  191. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Linda, Davids version of Imagine was Incredible!!!

    kimk, I’ve alot of comments since David sang Imagine on AI & its so true, David brought a new life to that song & introduced it to a new generation 😀

    tami lyn, screaming notes, doesnt sound good.

  192. josie says:

    Oh, sorry. I meant Bychance, not Beth. The first letter gets me every time. lol…Have a good night, sgj. 🙂

  193. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    By Chance I totally agree with you. Goodnight again.

  194. Bychance says:

    Josie…agree. David always conveys the feelings behind a song…..that’s his strength…..why I was drawn to him in the first place.

  195. Grannycrush says:

    My computer crashed last week, and I just got it fixed today. That is my only internet access, so I missed all the fun from the concert. Wow! I am having so much fun catching up. He looks and sounds amazing. I saw someone who watched the videos tweeted that he was chubby. I certainly didn’t think he looked chubby. He looks healthy, but not chubby at all.
    I loved how he changed up OHN with a more spanish flavor when singing it in Spanish. He is just a genius in how he sings a song.

  196. Bychance says:

    Josie ..lol…I wondered what you were saying to Beth! Yeah, I was getting them out to address and didn’t want to so I came here for a minute and remembered I don,t have to! If I had a brain, I’d be dangerous,

    Gnight sgj!

  197. Bychance says:

    Grannycrush…..I think he looks fabulous…..he looked a little thin to me in the ING vid, so am happy.

  198. josie says:

    Bychance~ lol. You have a brain already, you know…

  199. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Hey grannycrush, so glad you got to see
    the videos, incredible, arent they. G’night!

  200. Bychance says:

    Josie….yea, but some days you wouldn’t know it! Afraid I’ve always been a tad scatterbrained! The spazzing around here has only made it worse! Lol. Look what you’ve done to me David!….and you have no idea about it!

  201. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I just love Waiting for Yesterday……And I keep watching the Christmas Concert videos from Chile non stop…..What a beautiful Christmas gift to his fans…..Miss Vicki

  202. Candy says:

    #121212 concert-real music lives!!!!! And with artists like David it will continue! Death to autotone!

  203. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Grannycrush and Bychance…I think David looks fabulous with a little meat on his bones…Not chubby at all….Healthy…..Miss Vicki

  204. Bychance says:

    You take care, too, Beth!
    Think I’m going to go do some reading and Chili vid watching, maybe a hot bath..it’s cold here!…….since I don’t have to address Christmas cards! Have a good night all!

  205. By-Chance, agree with you and Kimk, Love what you said.

    John Lennon is the Song and David brought it back to life.

  206. Bychance says:

    Miss Vickie ……he looks cute as a button one minute….handsome young man the next. What a Christmas treat! Night, again!

  207. Goodnight SGJ!

    Hi! grannycrush!

  208. I’m taping the Sandy relief program because it comes out later here in Cali.

    I will watch it when i have time to enjoy all the acts.

    I noticed that ING is no longer on Chart hitlist. Guess it was dropped.

  209. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Bychance. I agree…he is a cameleon…..cute then mature all at once…..Miss Vicki

  210. dailylurker says:

    ********MiSS BLOG**************** WARNING*********


  211. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Bychance there is a chilly thingie on Saturday. Last Chili thingie though. At least for now. Chillee noel thingy.

  212. dailylurker says:

    ********Miss Related Facebook Page ************** lols

    Cute pics, hopefully more will pop up with our spicy nacho in the future.


  213. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Hey, cold beans in a South American country. Chilly Chili in Chile. Ha! I crack myself up. And, yes, I’m very tired. Dress rehearsal went long. I’m all sung out. Good thing we have a days rest before the concert Friday.

  214. dailylurker says:

    ********Miss Pic*************

    Lols ok just go to that facebook and check out all the pics. 🙂


  215. applegreen says:

    How come I have never seen this before???

  216. kimk says:

    that is beautiful!

  217. kimk says:

    applegreen think that was in dc? beautiful! think he is meant to sing in Spanish!!

  218. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! Quick stop to say HELLO! Really CRAZY schedule this week!

    THANKS dailylurker for all the links! Really appreciate your skill in finding all things David!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY! 🙂

  219. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello kimk and applegreen…LOVE to hear David sing in Spanish more and more….really do need that Spanish album when he gets back!

  220. kimk says:

    Neon Limelight ‏@NeonLimelight
    I always think of David Archuleta’s flawless rendition on Idol season 7 when anyone on any of these shows sings Imagine.

  221. kimk says:


    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie
    @DavidArchie And so this is Christmas….thank you for making it a brighter one ♥

  222. kimk says:

    VABeach seems like the logical thing to do!

  223. sarahhazel says:


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