David Archuleta: 2 Stuffed Stockings Sent! A Feliz Navidad Voting Celebration, Bench Holiday, Latina Under 25 Stars, Sweet Stroudsburg Memories From Nancy, Shelley’s Decor~


Feliz Navidad!!

David CFTH 2011 Westbury ~Credit @KimmieDavid~

…And Here’s a Gift For Us From @PAbuckie

Credit @pabuckie ~ a gift for you~ **Click to bigger it**

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Two Stuffed Stockings Sent!

Looks like David and his companion have some pretty wonderful Christmas cheer heading their way from the fans!!! This makes me smile! Thank you Kari, for your ho ho ho help in delivering our Christmas and birthday wishes to Elder A in South A! 🙂

Stockings for Elder A and his companion are on their way!! ~credit Kari~ **click to bigger it**

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 Feliz Navidad! Vote For Your Favorite!

Feliz navidad cap vid cred @muldur

Today, as we continue with voting on  songs for our MKOCFTH setlist, we turn our attention to a very fun festive song which David treated us to during the Christmas From The Heart tour! What a great song to end his tour shows! There was bouncing, dancing, a full crowd sing-a-long, AND IN SPANISH! Whether he was running off the stage and into the crowd, or bopping around stage with his tour members on stage in a Santa hat, The song was a winner!!!

Thank you everyone for tweeting us some great performance vids to vote on! Which one will win and be a part of the setlist on December 21st for “MKOCFTH?” (My Kind Of Christmas From The Heart) Vote below and Stay Tuned!

Beaver Creek ~genviewwang: 1st time running into the crowd

Kansas City ~ YouCanCallMeTina: David runs off stage to sing with a fan. Who is that I hear singing?

Westbury 1 ~djbell13 Final tour show.dancing trees and Santa hats 🙂

Westbury 2 ~ SnarkyMawg Same show as above but different angle

Waukegan ~apmvpo5 @myheartsong ~ front row!! David was very “dancey” on stage

Baltimore ~8throwcenter~ crystal clear with lots of crowd singing

Have fun watching and then voting!! 🙂

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Bench tm Holiday Page!

Lookey who’s donning the online front page of Benchtm.com this holiday season!

David Archuleta featured on the Bench Holiday Campaign pg.

@SamLouiseG found exactly where that cool plaid shirt came from (Photoshoot speaking)

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YAY! Love seeing this!! #15 of 50 Brightest Latino stars under 25 yrs old. Pssssst but we all know he’s really #1! 😀  Click below to see the full list!

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Jeff LeBlanc’s :This Christmas

Jeff LeBlanc Verona 2011 ~me~

Last year at this time, Jeff LeBlanc was on tour with David, most likely watching David on stage as he sang “This Christmas.” This year, Jeff has released a cool rendition of “This Christmas” which is available for purchase on iTunes! Click the graphic to the left and head over to iTunes to show Jeff some love & appreciation by purchasing his single this year! 🙂

I’m holding out hope that come the holiday season of 2014, we might see a MKOC #2 with Jeff on tour with David once again!


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Libbie Linton of Mideau Offers Oh Holy Night

Libbie Linton who sang “Don’t Give Up” with David on BEGIN., is offering a free download of Mideau’s the bandcamp’s “Oh Holy Night.”

Mideau is Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison. They are recording their debut album, and anticipate release in March 2013. Click the pic to the left to head over and receive your free download.


Libbie and Spenser are working hard to complete their album which will hopefully be released next Spring as stated above. They could use your help.

In attempt to raise needed funding to complete their album, they have set up a kickstart program in hopes of raising those funds! Click below to read about the program and COOL offerings you can “purchase” as part of your pledge. We know David is a fan of Libbie’s voice and music. It would sure be nice to see Mideau be able to finish the album! 🙂

Special thanks to @zerogravity1 and @Janey79 for letting us know about “Mideau” and their kickstart program!

* * * * * *

Jen’s Special Calendar Offer

A lovely calendar like this could be yours!!

Start Month: January 2013
Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
Other: Plastic Coil Bound
Description: Special calendar created for Christmas. All net profits will be donated to ChildFund International on December 28, 2012 in honor of David Archuleta’s 22nd birthday. Click below to order. 

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Musiqtone Voting Continues!

The current cycle is: 48th
Cycle begin: 11.30.2012 at 2 pm ET
Cycle end: 12.07.2012 at Noon ET
Next leaderboard update: 12.05.2012 by 11 pm ET.
Previous leaderboard update: 12.03.2012 at 9:30 am ET.
Votes per session: 100

Let’s vote strong today & try to boost David’s position to the top! :))

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Reader’s Choice Voting Continues!
Voting for the Finals for 2nd Reader’s Choice goes through 12/31/12.  Thank you 🙂

Click on the Reader’s Choice Poll Graphic and  scroll to vote for the categories :

Golden Teevee

1. Fave Variety & Game Show – vote for Wil Time Bigtime! (YES!)
17. Fave TV Drama – Nandito Ako
Golden Mask Awards
3. Fave TV Young Rising Star – vote for Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis
4. Fave Breakthrough TV Performance – VOTE FOR OUR BOY!

Other Voting Duties~ *Click To Vote*

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 Stroudsburg Memories From Nancy!

Nancy aka @muldur, aka 8throwcentere on YT, shared some lovely memories from Stroudsburg last night. I’m bringing them here today to share with everyone on the front page

Stroudsburg credit Christina 2009

muldur says:

We were asked to post in comments our memories of Stroudsburg last year. I was attending the concert as a sort of add-on, bought a couple of seats from a re-seller I think for me and my friend Nance. She, as a long time sponsor for ChildFund, had volunteered to work at the table that night so she went early. I came in to the venue at the tail end of the vip photo time and another friend offered me her husband’s VIP (he had decided not to attend it). So totally out of the blue, I got in line with her for a picture with David. My favorite memory of this little VIP was that this friend got him laughing quite hard while we were getting the picture taken and so the picture is a really happy one.

My other memory is that the night before, I was at the Verona show and David sang Climb Every Mountain with every bit of his heart and soul and I decided to sponsor a child. I picked a little boy from Honduras that night. So when I had this unexpected moment at the VIP to speak to him, without thinking at all, I blurted out that I had sponsored this boy from Honduras. He asked me the boy’s name. I spelled it for him, because I was not sure how to pronounce it. Then David said his name for me, in this beautiful Spanish way. And he told me he remembered seeing his picture on the table. Each one of these kids was special to David. I was not there to see it, but I heard that night he went out into the lobby and pored over the pictures on the table. I just loved the surprise moments of that VIP.

The show of course was also fantastic, as all of you who were there already know :)

Thank you Nancy for sharing this great recount! I loved hearing about your little boy from the Honduras, and about how David would carefully place the children’s picture cards so that they were all visible. At David’s final stop in Beaver Creek, I began my sponsorship of a little girl, also from the Honduras.

* * * * * *

A Few Pics For a Wonderful Wednesday!

Shelley’s been decorating!!


And she made a special tree!!!

And OH MY!! Look who came to visit!

I wonder, Shelley, where can I get a nice picture and frame like this? 😉

* * * * * *

I’m still adding but breaking to drive carpool so I’ll be back! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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189 Responses to David Archuleta: 2 Stuffed Stockings Sent! A Feliz Navidad Voting Celebration, Bench Holiday, Latina Under 25 Stars, Sweet Stroudsburg Memories From Nancy, Shelley’s Decor~

  1. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Love the Santa hat pic!!!

    Musiqtone.com ‏@musiqtone
    @taylorswift13 continues to hold the 1-2 spots and barely holds on as no. 3 @DavidArchie (no. 5 mobile) closes in on breaking it again!

    Still #3!!! CYCLE 48 ends 12/7! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Ken Kessler ‏@SOCMusic

    Coming up – Chicago, Dave Edmunds Band, Jessica Simpson, Persephone’s Bees, Kem and David Archuleta – http://www.SoundsofChristmas.com

  3. sarahhazel says:

    Voted for Westbury 1 FN! High energy, great audio/video & so hilarious!

    Gonna check out JLBlanc & LL’s new holiday music!

  4. sarahhazel says:

    McKenzie–thanks for the missionary blog link you posted on the last thread!

    daily lurker–thanks for the mish blog link too and the link to the MTC mish pic (so cute)!

  5. jhen says:

    Hello Sarah & everyone! Wow! Cute special Christmas tree.
    Saw my Christmas Card in the stocking. Thank you Kari for delivering our gifts and Cards.

  6. sarahhazel says:

    rhiminee: And E&M performed live continues to be my kryptonite. Acapella is just adding insult to injury.

  7. jhen says:

    VA- if Bench will make David Calendar , surely many fans will buy

  8. Pastel says:

    Amaaaazing post Joanie! You brought me some Christmas cheer this morning!!! Gotta love the creativity of David fans.

    Loved Muldur’s story of Stroudsburg and Verona. When I selected my Childfund child from Indonesia I read alot of the background info, but finally, I saw a little face that I just connected with. I love writing little Dian, and learning about her and her brother. My RSO and Childfund children bring me great joy, as well as my other too children lol.

    Have a great day everyone. Plan a little time in your day to listen to some of the great music Joanie has featured today!

  9. sarahhazel says:

    He’s giving the mic a little workout…..

  10. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    Morning all ♥ …and a special thanks to Joanie for another fun-packed front page!

    I just can’t think of the words to thank Kari for getting our Christmas wishes to David ~we are just so BLESSED to have her. I only hope she knows how much we love her for all she does for the fans.

    Loving Shelley’s David-Tree! ~wish I could be that creative 🙂

    Have an absolutely FABULOUS day everyone!

  11. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, jhen, Pastel, NCG!!!

  12. sarahhazel says:

    ****WARNING–CUTE MISH PIC!!!****(posted by daily lurker on the last thread)

  13. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Joanie for the awesome post.

  14. Good morning, Jhen, sarahhaze;,cq#NCG,Pastel,
    Thank you joanie for this great post, i love the video of FN when David runs out into the crowd. The girls went crazy.
    Kari, thank you for sending David our cards.
    Sarahhazel i will come back and see all your tumblers, to need to go do all my voting now.
    Jhen,–I agree, if Bench put out a Calender of David, it would definitly sell.

  15. palmtreephan says:

    The setlist voting is soooooooooo difficult!!

  16. kimk says:

    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene
    “His renditions of “Silent Night” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” are the albums highlights” http://twaddletime.blogspot.com/2012/12/getting-you-in-christmas-spirit-top-10.html

  17. kimk says:

    Lindy Archuleta ‏@truearchiefan


  18. pick me david! says:

    yes he is the cutest boy on earth! if i marry him i will tell all the media!

  19. I’m back and i’m done voting for this morning, off to see all those great tumblers that sarahhazel brings to us.

  20. kimk says:

    Musiqtone.com ‏@musiqtone
    @taylorswift13 continues to hold the 1-2 spots and barely holds on as no. 3 @DavidArchie (no. 5 mobile) closes in on breaking it again!

    #3 is not bad at all! 🙂


  21. jeani/ut says:

    Kimk Thank you so much for the heads up on Glady’s recap. I’ve been looking all over for where it could be. Hugs to you!!!!
    I haven’t had as much time to be here when everyone else is because I’m doing a part time mission (I answer questions about familysearch indexing). I do go through the posts and comments, but it’s late at night. So again thank you so much.

  22. cq#DA2014 says:

    Hay Jeani I’m curious what’s familysearch indexing?

  23. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video pick from 200 favorite performances. Gesu Bambino/Motabs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhNahhK1I20

  24. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Serious prayers for the people in Mindanao, Philippines effected by Typhoon Bopha. Over 270 dead so far.

  25. Canadianarchie says:

    Great post Joanie! I love all those Davidy Christmas performances! Tis MAGICAL!! He wears his Christmas hat well! 🙂

  26. Janel aka Nellie says:

    cq, I’m a serious genealogist, so I can field Jeani’s question just in case she doesn’t see it or get to it. The church has a genealogy website, kind of like ancestry.com but free (ancestry is very expensive) called familysearch.org (click on family tree for the newest update of the site). With millions of names to research your family history. The indexing are census records, marriage records, birth records, etc. from not just the US but everywhere. It’s putting old records online (transcribing and typing them) for those researching them. I’ve done it it the past (the indexing) but find it takes up a lot of what little time I have. I’d rather do the researching if I do genealogy. I am a family history consultant in my ward at church, but I’ve had the calling for a long time and nobody has used me to consult. LOL. I’ve been doing research since David was a baby because I used to take my son who is his age in a stroller while I was at the library either at BYU or SLC.

  27. kimk says:

    watching Jordin Sparks plus others on a HGTV Holiday special! think they are going to decorate her home!?

  28. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Janel, I thought it might be something to do with genealogy.

  29. sarahhazel says:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice

    VOTE! Everybody Hurts by David Archuleta remains in the top 10 @ #7,#8,& #5!! http://www.myxph.com/default.aspx @kariontour @davidarchie @kariontour

  30. sarahhazel says:

    Andrea Garcia ‏@andy_archie

    We the Directioners are dying ‘cos @Louis_Tomlinson will be 21 this month. And I’m dying too ‘cos @DavidArchie will be 22. #doubledie

  31. sarahhazel says:

    Jennifer Barry ‏@JenLeighOregon

    this @DavidArchie photo & many more can be found here: http://jenleighbarry.smugmug.com/Charity/David-Archuleta-I/23430598_xTgqgn … David Calendar gallery.

  32. sarahhazel says:

    Jennifer Barry ‏@JenLeighOregon

    special @DavidArchie calendar-MKOC SLC created http://www.createphotoproducts.com/Store/MKOC+SLC-8334360085 … … $17.50 plus shipping. net proceeds will be donated on Davids bday

  33. sarahhazel says:

    OMJ….those super gorgeous Bench photos again….there should be a calendar for that too!

  34. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–so sorry for the victims of the typhoon….almost every year there are hundreds of casualties in different areas…..thought and prayers for them.

  35. kimk says:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice
    VOTE! Everybody Hurts by David Archuleta remains in the top 10 @ #7,#8,& #5!! http://www.myxph.com/default.aspx @kariontour @davidarchie @kariontour

  36. sarahhazel says:

    I loved Gesu Bambino the first time I heard it…(& that’s from David, of course.) 🙂

  37. sarahhazel says:

    NA a strong #1! TV5 still #2! David is leading but Jasmine is getting closer! Eeeekk!!!
    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. Sarahhazel, David and Jasmine are running for the male& female catagory. I didn’t know if you knew that, So that means they are leading in both catagories.

  39. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–yup, the top male and female are gonna win the award….BUT….I still want David in the Numero Uno spot…..(yes, I am greedy)….haha! 😀

  40. sydnie says:

    Joanie, loving all the fun stuff this morning! D looks amazing in that bench pic, so fresh and crisp simply adorable! 😀
    Can’t repeat enough how much I appreciate this fabulous FOD site & all the mods contributing to it……it’s always fun, informative and most importantly all done with civility & CLASS!
    I don’t agree with everything here obviously but the same goes with my family, freinds & associates……you should hear the disagreements I have with the silly rules at my tennnis club but the positive outweighs the negative so I still love to hang there & unlike FOD it’s not free lol! As long as nothing’s done with malice with the intention to offend and disrespect but instead to diffuse and neutralize sometimes heated discussions I’m not bothered one bit. Big thank you again FOD! 😀

  41. Srahhazel, GOTCHA!!! See where your going now. Of course i want David at the top too, if you look at it that way. I’m off today, so i will have more time to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE,

  42. sarahhazel says:

    sydnie–well-said! 😀

  43. sydnie says:

    Linda, Nora don’t give up, I just got my FEE yippee! I ordered 3 but only received one, it’s ok though maybe they’ll come later if not I at least have one to treasure! 😀

  44. Sydnie—Very nicely said. I also am a FOD fan for as long as FOD is around. This is a super great site, with all its ups and downs. We have more ups then downs. Thank you MODS from me too.

  45. sydnie says:

    Hello everyone, been too hectic to post but caught up with some prev posts & comments late last night, ironically due to my horrible cough keeping me awake……always a silver lining in the gray haha!

  46. sydnie says:

    Sarahhazel & Kimk, love all your links and fun tidbits, impressive ninja skills haha & always much appreciated! 😀

  47. Musiqtone is letting me vote for the second time today so BB in 1/2 hour

  48. sydnie says:

    I try to squeeze in some extra musiqtone votes with the different laptops in the office but things are super busy now that I’m trying to wrap up several projects before leaving for Christmas so not always successful haha, I see that D’s fans still got it in the voting dept 8 months into his hiatus! 😀
    Better get back to work, bye all! 😀

  49. sydnie says:

    Ugh I meant ‘without malice & intention’ such a dork 😳 hehe!

  50. Musiqtone only let me put in 20 votes? Hummm.

  51. sarahhazel says:

    sydnie–you’re welcome. 🙂

  52. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–exit the site and come back later to vote again.

  53. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Afternoon everyone- Joanie thank you for your terrific post. Love the FN videos. Just dropped in for a few. Thanks FOD for all you do for us. Going to vote. BBL

  54. Sarahhazel, thanks, will do.

  55. VaBeachArchie says:

    Stopping in before work…THANKS Joanie for the FAB post! Santa David …how ADORABLE! Thanks KimmieDavid! Love Patty-Ann’s pic too! Such a hard time picking favs from the vids…LOVE THEM ALL! Thanks to all the fans for giving us this gift…reliving all the concerts and performances through their videos! Sure has made this time easier!

    Off to work….

  56. VaBeachArchie says:

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and your David time! 🙂

  57. cq#DA2014 says:

    Wow just can’t believe the year is almost over. 2013 is really going to be a very interesting year here in Archieland. I just hope that Kari/Archuleta team have a few goodies planned for David’s extremely devoted fans. It seems to me that there were going to be two new song in the Begin album, hmmm, maybe we will have that other song released next year, PLEEEEESE!!!!!, lol.

  58. Hi! Va Beach, Have a nice day at work.

    cq# It will be interesting in Archieland in 2013, 3 1/2 mos and David will have been gone 1yr. Time does pass fast when your having fun. I hope 2013 goes by even faster. Can you just imagine how we will be this time next year (GOD WILLING). Excited for Davids return. I’m excited just thinking about it.

    By the way ((NO FEE FOR ME TODAY))

  59. cq#DA2014 says:

    Linda, yay, exciting stuff. It just would break my heart, as a fan, if his career couldn’t get back on track and he would be just a lounge singer.

  60. cq#DA2014 says:

    Btw, not that being a lounge singer isn’t an honorable job, I just think his talent is worthy of a major singing career.

  61. sarahhazel says:

    cq–hopefully that’s the one LadyV’s tweet is about…..a new song or songs!!!
    –anything, anything, I’ll take anything!!!

  62. Patty-Ann says:

    Just stopping by. Thanks for all you do FOD.

    Was always wondering why some ppl could put more votes in than others on that musiqtone poll until I read this at the top of the poll. Just thought it was interesting and helpful.

    The Voting Both Rules:
    You get 100 votes per day or session. It is ADVISED that you use them all up in one run as the inability to do so will bar you from restarting with 100 every day. This is due to a server limitation that only sets the voting block (done via cookie block) when the user reaches 100 at any given time of the day. The block is set for 10-12 hours. So if you reached 100 votes at say…around 4 pm ET, you will not be able to vote until 4 am ET the next morning. Basically, the block of 10-12 hours is in effect from the time you reach the limit, whenever it is!

    Have a good day everyone.

  63. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–that’s true….holiday time next year we’ll be spazzing, squeeing and making welcome home plans!

  64. kimk says:

    cq hope so too!
    hoping that surprise LadyV was talking about is David music!

  65. Cq#, David will be OK. I believe that the mission he so wanted to go on was in his way, He didn’t want to commit to anything until after his mission.

    I saw his presscon from TV5 when he first arrived,& he said that music is his life, He also said that he working on things for when he gets back.
    The rest will be up to him.

    I totally have faith in David. But we must give him a little time to get back in the loop./

  66. Patty, thanks. If you are still here, does it mean that if i vote at 7am I can’t vote again till 5pm?
    So my votes before the time limit did not count?

  67. Patty-Ann says:

    Linda: I took it to mean that you have 10-12 hours to get the 100 votes in. Whatever time you finished putting the 100 votes in, I guess 10-12 hours from that point on is when you can start again.

  68. Patty Thanks. I was voting again, way before the 10 12 hour time limit. It was letting me vote. But i guess they didn’t count. This morning i finished putting in 100 at 8:30am. so i can’t vote till 5:30pm.

  69. Patty-Ann says:

    Linda: As long as it was letting you vote, I think it counted. If you started at 7:00am you had 10-12 hours to get 100 votes in.

  70. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hello FOD! 🙂

    Tried to respond last night on the previous thread but my battery died on me …

    Kim and Muldur…i absolutely loved the concert memories you shared. I don’t know how david even manages to find the space in his brain to even think…Oh I should go and look at the pictures of those kids”. It amazes me how even amongst craziness and chaos and stress, he manages to keep focused on people rather than things and events and deadlines.
    And Kim…it always brings me great pleasure to hear of people loving on our man! He sooo deserves it. 🙂 And love the christmas tree idea – think I could get away with one david pic at least. lol

  71. kimk says:

    Shanny Stroudsburg is a pretty cool town with an old time feel and have a feeling he may hit there again sometime. homey and a nice place for a concert. lol only issue we were not allowed to stand up at all except for Zero Gravity and my guess with our lil spicy nachos loving to dance now that may be an issue!

  72. kimk says:

    Shanny are you ready he comes to Australia!?

    Eliane Barcelos ‏@ElianeTulipa
    David Archuleta – I’ll Be – MOA – High Def: http://youtu.be/CsNEHnSfQ04

  73. kimk says:

    ♪♥Marylee~#DA2014♥♪ ‏@Marylee_DA2014
    < joining in the excitement & sharing again the RAINBOW that arrived at my house recently @kariontour @DavidArchie ♥

  74. sarahhazel says:

    Sunny Hilden ‏@SunnyHilden

    @suttygal @DonnyOsmond singing “Moon River” last night hit me like when @DavidArchie tried “Blackbird” at rehearsal. Magic.

  75. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oh man am I ready!!! 😆 Think my 6yo daughter is too – just yesterday in the car, after repeating over and over ‘turn the david music on’ she reported to her sisters… ‘Mum said when david comes to australia I can go to his concert’. lol
    In her kiddie way she has been a big supporter of david all along, she’s my buddy when it comes to wanting to listen to david and she sings along to his songs. So yeah…if he comes to Oz, there will be at least two of us with bells on! 🙂

    Stroudsberg sounds like a really nice place I might like to visit one day, particularly when a man named David might be passing through. As long as things don’t get worse in the world…I WILL get to a David concert one day. 🙂

  76. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Was in the vegie shop last night and EWTRTW came on…made me want to rush home and hear our guy singing it so badly.

    Moon River…hmmm…i wonder if it’s on youtube somewhere? Off to look…

  77. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–you got a little Archie-in-training there!….she’ll be a great concert buddy!

  78. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel – haha yeah – only thing is i’ll be to busy spazzing and chasing after david to make sure she’s not getting squashed in the mosh pit. Luckily my sister said she wants to come, just so she can watch me spazz – so I’ll designate her as keep-your-cool-and-watch-the-kid person. 😉

  79. Shanny, thats right, start them young. There is no age limit when it comes to David.
    I just watched the book signing from MOA where he sang acapella for the fans, Gosh all of a sudden seeing and listening to him. This time of the year is his favorite. He always did some kind of show. Hope you are Happy David, thats my Christmas wish for you.

  80. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Actually…if david came to town, I reckon I could easily convince my whole family to go, hubby included.

  81. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    I mean…brothers, sisters, their partners, mum, nana, hubby & my kids….it’d be a family affair. 🙂 Maybe even my dad and his fiance. They probably wouldn’t want to miss out either if the rest of us were going. lol

  82. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Plus I could get a bunch of LDS people to go pretty easily too I think.

  83. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Linda, yeah…just want that guy to be happy….no matter what. Even if it means he needs to leave for two years. Grateful for having ‘known’ him. 🙂

  84. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ha, finally got myself organised and ordered FEE last night, plus a stack of CFTH and MoTab DVD’s to give out as presents. Looking forward to it all. 🙂

  85. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Last night while listening to EWTRTW…..i was thinking about how my hubby responded well to David singing that. He has also responded quite well to the Begin album – he particularly likes SOWK – and I was just thinking, if David continues down the musical path he has taken since leaving Jive, I think he has a lot of potential fans just waiting to hop on board.

  86. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Watching EWTRTW again and got thinking about the ‘jeans and t-shirt’ outfit. He got a bit of criticism in the past for not dressing up more….I’m sure he must have.been aware of that – plus I think he is detailed oriented enough to not overlook his clothing selections – and watching that slightly ‘rock david’ made me wonder if he was dressing like that in an effort to change peoples perception of him? Make him seem a little more rock or a little more accessible or something….? It just doesn’t make sense that he ‘just didn’t care’ about his clothing selections for performances. Just for the record…his jeans and tshirt never botbered me. Plenty of performers dress casual.

  87. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:



    Oh I forgot….i followed the Libby Linton link….she SO reminds me of Alison Sudol don’tcha think?! Just her sound when she sings solo. And when Spencer joins in and they harmonise, it reminded me of Simon and Garfunkel.

  88. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Who needs friends when you can blab on forever to yourself, right!? 😆 😉

    …thats why journals are dangerous for me…my entries go on waaay longer than I ever intend. lol

  89. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–it’s great you’re giving away CFTH & GCT for presents….you go, go-getter!!!

  90. sarahhazel says:

    I don’t mind the jeans & t-shirt combo…..he dresses semi-formal or formal when necessary…..& he never looks bad!

  91. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Did the rapture occur and I was the only one left behind? 😉

    Well at least i’ve still got youtube and my david music! lol

  92. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oh Sarahhazel – looks like we both got left behind. lol

    Yeah, when its really time to dress up, he does. 🙂

  93. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel – the thing about giving david’s cd’s for gifts etc is its just plain fun! We could say we are doing it for him – and we are – but I sure as heck get my own thrill from it too. 🙂

  94. Lucy says:

    Was the birthday card we all signed included in this last shipment? I am excited to hear what he thinks of it!

  95. Suttygal (Joanie MN) says:

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that for tomorrow we will be voting on your favorite performance of “Wait.” ~So please tweet us or leave your favorite choices here for the poll tomorrow. And if you haven’t had a chance yet, please vote “up top” for your choice for Feliz Navidad! 🙂 Thanks!

  96. sarahhazel says:

    Yup, Shanny…looks like it’s just you and me right now…..I’m in and out voting and squeezing some mundane….LOL

  97. Lucy says:

    Oh btw my FEE was shipped out last Thursday from CDWOW Australia, so I’m not sure when I’ll get mine but I can’t wait!

  98. sarahhazel says:

    Lucy–I think so!

  99. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    And Murphy’s law is always in effect around here…just when you think you’re the only ones…other people pop up. lol

    Thanks for the heads up Joanie.
    Lucy, I’m sorry – I don’t know. but I sure hope so!

    Well…I’m gonna go do some mundane too… 🙂

  100. sarahhazel says:

    Kempire Radio ‏@KempireRadio

    “Ave Maria” by @DavidArchie #nowplaying on http://kempireradio.com <–tune in and listen #TeamKempire #HolidaySongs

  101. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    David Archuleta
    Christmas From The Heart
    Glad Christmas Tidings
    Forevermore EE

    Plus a book and a mini-series. We have a lot of gifts!

  102. Hi! I’m back, had to eat dinner. I’m also in and out voting.
    Why is it that today i feel meloncholy, missing David. Not that i knew him personally, but i miss seeing him on tv and on tour.

  103. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–yeah….we’ve been Archuspoiled rotten! 😆

  104. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Lucy, you’ll have a lovely Christmas present! 🙂

  105. sarahhazel says:

    ❤BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    My @DavidArchie picture of the day Anaheim up close 12-17-11 http://twitpic.com/bjevwh

    What a beautiful shot 🙂

  106. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Linda, yeah thought it was dinnertime. It quite often gets quiet around here about this time I think.

    No need to feel melancholy, david is good, his fans still love him, we have beautiful music and Christmas is coming. ”Cheer up Charlieee’ <— from the song on Charlie and the chocolate factory. 🙂

  107. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go now…lol…always the way…i’ll stop in again later. 🙂

  108. Philly Fan says:

    JMHO…I think that David wants to put in a full year of nothing but the mission experience for him w/o any contact to his fans. I do believe that once the year is up and he is starting into his 2nd year is when things will start to pop/happen to get his fanbase excited for his return which will begin the buzz/anticipation back to his music career. I think their is a lot planned for possibly the middle of 2013 in the way of a new single etc. Just a gut feeling and I so hope it’s right.

  109. Thanks shanny, see you later.

    Sarahhazel, i put in my 200 too.

    Actually all this voting keeps my mind ocupied

    I sure enjoy all these videos that every posts. I can’t thank them enough for all everyone does. But would be even more happier if my RAINBOW MV WOULD GET HERE.

  110. sarahhazel says:

    See ya later, Shanny!

    Philly Fan–sure hopes so!

  111. sarahhazel says:

    Amanda Maratta ‏@AmandaArchie

    “Something ‘Bout Love” by @DavidArchie playing in PetSmart!

    This reminds me….gotta get my godpet (as in godchild) a present! 🙂

  112. that was a cute tweet from Amanda, (godpet)

  113. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–ooops, that wasn’t part of the tweet…..it was my comment….haha…..I actually have a godpet–Bernard…..a 3-year old lhasa apso! 😀

  114. Sarah–That was adorable. A (Godpet).

  115. josie says:

    I hope you’re right, too, Philly fan.

  116. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–aw, thanks….he’s my bro-in-law’s adopted dog….we went with him and his wife to a Dog Fest & I convinced them to adopt him…he as skinny back then but so cute (now he’s getting a tad chubby already)…..I dog-sit him every now and then!

  117. Philly=Fan, i sure hope so. I kinda thought that at one time. You got me excited.

  118. sarahhazel says:

    OK, that’s it for me today. Rest time….GOODNIGHT FOD FAMILY AND SWEET DAVID DREAMS!!! 😀

  119. Sarah=Goodnight, sweet David dreams to you too.

  120. nora says:

    Linda I would feel better if my Rainbow would get here. I also believe that David had a lot of things planned for his return. There was an article on snowanzel’s website an interview with Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac about touring she believes that you should take a break of maybe a couple of years from entertaining and touring, so when you come back people are really curious to see you and will come out to see you. I hope that happens with David, I think he is smarter than most people think he is. If you have time check out the interview, made me feel good thinking about when David returns. I really miss him, I guess it must be the time of year that makes it harder and knowing he is entertaining and we can’t see or hear him, maybe a little jealous, but glad for them. Well I guess I went on more than I thought.

  121. Nora, No you didn’t, thanks for sharing. Your right! David is a lot smarter then people think he is. I’m expecting great things from David when he comes back.

    We will have a party when our FEE gets here. ((praying on my knees))

  122. kimk says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA
    If you want to get lost in one of the best acoustic performances, just check @DavidArchie’s CASBAA HK performance – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0325B805CA79805F

  123. nora says:

    Linda- we deserve a big party, just let me know the time. I hope David gets everything he deserves, he is so worth it, people just don’t know what they are missing, but they will when he comes home. We are lucky to be his fans, wouldn’t have it any other way.

  124. kimk says:

    kristine kaibigan ‏@_kkaibigan
    is David Archuleta filipino!?


  125. Miss Vicki says:

    I just love, love, love Feliz Navidad on the final tour stop in Westbury…..Love the Santa hats and dancing Christmas Trees……and I have to say that being David’s companion down in Chile has its perks at Christmas….so glad his companion is also getting a stocking……Miss Vicki

  126. Nora– will do. This is the first time i have belonged to a fan site, it has been wonderful following this beautiful and talented young man from the beginning. Following him in his ups,/downs/ joys/disappointments and happiness. Pray i will be here when he triumphs as a star.

    Miss Vicki– That is wonderful that Davids companion is getting a stocking too. Would love to be a fly on the wall when he receives his stockings full of cards & goodies.

  127. Bychance says:

    Nora, thanks for the comments from FWM article. I agree……. It may be hard on us fans , but David going for two years is the best thing in the world for him…..and hey, it’s not two years anymore! Can I party with you and Linda we my FEE comes?

    Oh, and love the CASSBBA HK performances, thanks JR and kimk. Also enjoying the voting for fav performances for our virtual concert! I am way behind viewing and voting, but will quickly catch up……so much fun!! It just amazes me how busy he was and how much there is for us to see! And to think all the while he was doing all this I was oblivious to it! dang it!!……never again, David…..be watching and supporting every move you make in 2014!

  128. nora says:

    Jackryan-Thank you so much for that. Just watched the whole thing, What a talent!!!
    Kimk-agree Crazy was outstanding!!!!!
    Linda this is the first time for me too, I have never been involved in a fansite, and agree with everything you said. David is worth it all!!!

    Well it is getting late for me, bed is calling BBT Goodnight , Linda, Miss Vicki, Kim & Jackryan.

  129. Miss Vicki says:

    LindaFromCali…Yep….I would love to be a fly on the wall when David and his companion get their stockings…..Bet their King Size Reeses cups are scarfed down really, really fast…..Miss Vicki

  130. nora says:

    Bychance, glad you checked out the article, thought it was interesting and made a lot of sense. You can sure party with Linda and me, maybe we’ll get our FEE on the same day.
    David left us with so much, also voting on the virtual concert performances, that should be fun.

    Well good night again. Happy dreams!!!

  131. Bychance says:

    I love the plaid ties! Hope we get to see hin wear one of them! So nice of those who put all that together for D and companion…..think they’re gonna love em!

  132. Bychance says:

    Night nora!

    Off to dreamland myself. Never had a David dream before, but think it would be fun.

  133. Good night, Nora & ByChance, sweet David Dreams.
    Tomorrow is another day, maybe it will be our FEE day.

  134. Ali says:

    The video that the MoTab Choir posted last week — the 30 min one that’s a shortened version of the full Glad Christmas Tidings concert — already has over 20,000 views on Youtube! That’s pretty awesome. (It’s showing just over 17K on the video page right now but it shows the true view count on the search page.)

    That’s pretty awesome considering the other videos they posted last week have anywhere from 1,500 to 2,700 views. It would be cool if Kari could post a link to it from David’s twitter account. There’s buying info for the full DVD in the info section on that video too. I may be biased but I think the whole world should see that concert 😉

  135. Ali says:

    Just realized I should have included a link to the vid for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

    He sure looked nice there. And sounded glorious.

  136. Thank you Ali–Somehow i missed that.

  137. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Thanks so much to Beth for my FEE. You’re wonderful! I was able to watch the Rainbow video on my computer. And found out my snipping tool will work with it. I’m going to have fun with some screencaps soon…….

  138. Ali says:

    You’re welcome, Linda! I love that the video is so clear. HD is a marvelous invention lol.

  139. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello FOD! A quick stop to check what’s going on in Davidland and try to get some voting in!

    LOVE the stockings headed to Chile! Hope it brings some Christmas cheer to David and his companion! Hope he feels our love and support too! #DA2014

    Off to VOTE and then Nana patrol! Soon Chritmas vacation for my Grandkids and daughter! Need a week or so of being able to sleep in after the Holiday hours at work! ENJOY YOUR DAY guys ! 🙂

  140. ksf says:

    Good morning guys. 🙂

    I hope everyone’s doing well. I’ve been caught up in the mundane…and my Kindle. Lol. Guess you could say I’ve fallen in love again with my first love…five books in the last couple of weeks. It’s a wonderful thing!

    Has it been pretty quiet around here…or have there been trouble makers in the mix? I think I caught a hint of something when I scanned yesterday’s thread. Guess I’ll have to do some research.

    Anyway, how is everyone??

  141. kimk says:

    Weiyan haha. ‏@weiyannn
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this soundcheck vid. http://youtu.be/uslJwbI9De0

    love soundcheck vids!

  142. ksf says:

    Oh…I saw what the fuss is all about. MISSION, MISSION, MISSION. There. I said it. 🙄 The whole thing is just silly imo. If you don’t want to know then just skip the comments that talk about it. Why the need to constantly censor? I think there needs to be an edit to the front page of this site: “The Home for David Archuleta Fans…Kinda.” Lol.

  143. ksf says:

    Enjoy your day everyone.

  144. kimk says:

    MarthaPB ‏@mlpb3
    David Archuleta The First Noel: http://youtu.be/bprGHAtTsc4 via @youtube Love his version of this song! @DavidArchie

  145. kimk says:

    ksf ha.. good morning!

  146. kimk says:

    Ali David is so good live.. hoping all the pieces work out for him and us come 2014!!

  147. ksf says:

    kimk – Good morning! Loved that sound check vid of Pat-A-Pan. Amazing.

  148. kimk says:

    ksf sounds nutty but I kind of like his soundchecks more? he is relaxed him?

  149. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Good morning Vabeach, Kim and Ksf. 🙂 Hope you all slept well.
    Vabeach, I hope you get the sleep ins that you’re wanting.

    Bychance – if you see this…i meant to tell you that I enjoyed your GCT story. It is a bit of a show stopper. 🙂

  150. ksf says:

    kimk – yeah I agree about sound checks. This is totally random but…I don’t think he should wear those jeans anymore. The comments. 😯

    Hi Shanny 🙂

  151. kimk says:

    ksf lol.. folks write the darndest things on YT. yo love the jeans he wears.. love his style in general. whoever styled his MKOC tour is a genius!!

  152. kimk says:

    this soundcheck is adorable.. think his first that I know of?

    geesh he is so young. miss the kid!


  153. ksf says:

    kimk – I think he has great style too and he actually looked great in that vid too but..nevermind. Some things are better left unsaid.

    I wonder if he styled himself for his MKOC tour? I could see him putting those ensembles together.

  154. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello ksf, kimk and Shanny!

    Shanny…Thanks…will need it after the month of long hours for the holidays…retail is a KILLER this time of year! Getting up for Nana patrol at 5 makes it harder….but LOVE seeing the Grandkids everyday!

    kimk…maybe that’s why he’s not been wearing those types of jeans anymore! I’m sure he got some feed back on comments….no secrets in DAVIDLAND!

  155. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!!

    원더풀 조의 ‏@WFjoey
    Every single time the shop plays “A Little Too Not Over You” by David Archuleta, I can’t help but sing along, and think of you

  156. ksf says:

    kimk @ 9:27 – Aww…my heart melts every time I see that one. He looks so young there.

    VaBeachArchie – Lol. I think its a good thing he doesn’t. Geesh!

  157. sarahhazel says:

    EuropeFansDArchie ‏@archuletaeurope

    David Archuleta EUROPE is out! http://paper.li/archuletaeurope/1299753892 … ▸ Top stories today via @Viatsgstni @FanScene @XTINisLOWLAH

  158. ksf says:

    Hi sarah! I’ve missed you! How are you? 🙂

  159. sarahhazel says:

    I agree with nora….the 2 year career hiatus will be good for him…..curiosity will be a positive factor when he comes back….& he’s already got that enormous talent, name recognition and devoted fan base…..IT WILL BE A GREAT COMEBACK! 🙂

  160. kimk says:

    VABeach rofl!

  161. ksf says:

    I wonder if he was already wearing his special garments underneath? That might explain it.

  162. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–I’m fine….you know I’m always here….so the question is….how are you?….haha…. 😉

  163. kimk says:


    Crazy soundcheck! Malaysia!

    goodness we could have a Soundcheck Virtual concert too!?!!

    muldur and others bet have a ton of great videos for us!!! 🙂

  164. nora says:

    kimk-loved that video of young David, he was so cute, so nice to hear the girls spazzing. Love the way he dresses.
    Hi ksf-nice to see you here. Shopping to do BBL

    Maybe when I get home my FEE will be here.

  165. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – I know you are. I’m fine. I’ve missed being around but the days seem to fly by before I know it. Btw, how is your son? He hasn’t had any more scares has he?

  166. sarahhazel says:

    Would love to see his face in a display window here! (I’d be spazzing quietly for sure)

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    David is part of @benchtm Holiday campaign. This pic should be popping up in stores around the Philippines. (KS) pic.twitter.com/tdAfTdeA

    Trudy ♥♥ #DA2014 ♥♥ ‏@davidfan4ever

    @DavidArchie @benchtm hey…Bench needs a store in the northeast US…would love to see this! and I would buy the shirt 🙂 @kariontour

  167. kimk says:

    ksf lol thru the years there have been a ton of crazy comments on YT, here.. all over about David. just like other famous folks it seems too. lol I am lost in all the hoopla with the 1D boys now and let me tell you David’s comments are nothing compared to what is going on over there.

  168. kimk says:

    sarahhazel wish they had Bench stores on the east coast!!!

  169. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–thanks for asking…he is fine…they can’t find what triggered it…but per tests results, they said that is highly unlikely that it will occur again…..and I hope they are right.

  170. sarahhazel says:

    kmk–LOL…we do need a virtual soundcheck concert….it will be fun!

    –Yup, bet the stores will be a hit, especially to Archies!

  171. sarahhazel says:


  172. kimk says:

    nora oh my it was bedlam after idol.. lol even during! my time in Charlotte was WILD when he came out to sign autographs! folks were crazy for him.. I did!

  173. ksf says:

    Hi nora 🙂

    kimk – lol! I don’t think I even want to know about 1D comments. I can only imagine. The lesson to be learned is that when you are in the spotlight you have to make sure that you are showing yourself in the best, um, light. Especially when it comes to tight jeans.There is such a thing as TOO tight. Some secrets are meant to be kept. Lol. My last comment on jeans. For today. I promise. 🙂

  174. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!! Lots of Thursday goodies! Thanks, Joanie!!!

    DavidArchie David Archuleta

    David is part of @benchtm Holiday campaign. This pic should be popping up in stores around the Philippines. (KS)


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