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David Archuleta: Viet Nam 2011 Credit ~ Larissa~ *Click to “bigger” it

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Today marks 8 full months of service for Elder Archuleta! We’re so proud of you, David!  Thank you so much for all of the music and treasures you worked so hard to leave us in your absence! Your love for music and appreciation of your fans continue to be truly felt!! May your heart continue to guide you through the days, weeks, and months ahead.

And May God continue to bless you, Elder “A!” We are here and we’ll be here~ #DA2014~

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Wonderful Wednesday Mood via Larissa

The lead photo above today was tweeted in a “3 pack” of daily photos (yesterday) from Larissa. It was actually pic #3 taken in Viet Nam during his 2011 visit. Below are pics 1 and 2:

DALIM 3-smile for the crowd. Always a Smile For A Child! ~credit Larissa~

And Pic #2 To Complete the trilogy by Larissa!! Thank you Larissa! 🙂

Larissa pic 2 of the day 11-27-2012 Malaysia 2011 ~credit Larissa~ “There’s a Thai Food Place around the corner??” *Click to Bigger it**

Thanks Larissa for an awesome “trio!” I’d love to hear more about that Thai place, too!  😉

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“You’ve Got Mail “

..Or technically it should read “You’ve Got Mail, David Archuleta!’

N I C E!!!

~Not sure if the Christmas/Birthday mail is already on it’s way to Elder Archuleta in South America, but  Kari might possibly shed some light on that for us today.~ I love seeing the cards and letters being sent to David with wishes of love, support, and celebration!

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MKOCFTH “Fields Of Gold” Poll Today!

Fields Of Gold ~Vid Taryn P. cap credit me~

MKOCFTH= My Kind Of Christmas From The Heart: The Appropriate name given to this upcoming ” David Archuleta concert virtual extraordinaire”~ In case you missed the introduction by @Muldur and Pastelpastel, you can read all about it HERE in yesterday’s post,  The results of each poll will be kept under wraps so that we will all be surprised with the concert performances on the 21st!

Today’s poll will be focused on Fields Of Gold. Inspired by Eva Cassidy’s rendition of this Sting song, David was introduced to FOG (sung by Eva) during the 2000 Olympics when Michelle Kwan used it for her exhibition skating performance. We’ve taken your suggestions and placed them in the poll below. But first, here are a few more screencaps to remind you of how wonderful FOG with David is!


AND Here Are The Vids!

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Revisiting a Very Special Fan FOG Creation

Thanks to Pastel last evening for tweeting out a very special creation (from the past) by Tina ( @Rhiminee). Tina decided to allow Michelle Kwan the privilege of skating to Fields Of Gold now with David Archuleta singing!! We know that David Archuleta accompanying figure skaters is pure magic, and Tina gives us proof once again!  🙂

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Tomorrow’s Poll: “This Christmas!”

For tomorrow’s MKOCFTH Setlist Poll, we’ll be looking for your favorite performance of “This Christmas!” Oh how we love this song!! Be sure to tweet your favorite vid suggestion or post the link in comments!!

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Vote VOTE vOtE!!

Musiqtone: Currently David is in 3rd place!

We are currently in the 47th cycle of voting! The updates on this cycle will be given at 11pm EST tonight! Let’s keep it going, Fans!!  Let’s give David and “Everybody Hurts”  a nice “lift!” 🙂

Click below to vote!!! 

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Here Are your Other “Go-Getter” Voting Duties

Here are your voting links: Click on each to vote!





Golden Teevee

1. Fave Variety & Game Show – vote for Wil Time Bigtime! (YES!)
17. Fave TV Drama – Nandito Ako
Golden Mask Awards
3. Fave TV Young Rising Star – vote for Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis4. Fave Breakthrough TV Performance – VOTE FOR OUR BOY!

Thanks everyone for voting!!

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Are You Listening…To Christmas Radio?

Christmas Radio is a nice place to be !!! Yesterday “What Child Is This” was heard! Visit the site, listen live, and leave a comment for their programmer to let him know of other requests! **Click on the graphic above to head over!**

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More FEEs are Arriving!!

JenLeighBarry’s “David Daily Double!!

And Check this out!!! From TabithaArchuletaLong!!

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FanTastic Fan Finds/Creations

Posted on tumblr  by @Rhiminee~ (Oh My Tina!!) 🙂 Click to make the smaller pics bigger!


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From Cindy: @CanadianArchie “MoTab ~Dashing” (Click to bigger it)

Also From Cindy! Rainbow Remix !!!

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This is toooo funny! From @samLouiseG *Click to see the set in action!**

Plus a cap I just had to add from the video below!

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Airport Arrival (cred on tumblr?? anyone?) Thx for the find SaraHazel!

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PeaceLoveDavid on Tumblr

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Roselyn’s Story Of Inspiration

How David Inspired Me To Sketch

This is Roselyn Garcia from the Philippines, I use the name “thefictionfreak” on The Voice comments. First of all, I wanna give a shout out for all you guys for all the wonderful posts and nice comments. You rock! Thanks so much. Anyway, I just wanna answer a question one of you guys asked a few weeks ago. The question is how David inspired me to sketch..here’s my answer.

 How David inspired me to sketch

 Last year, I was just a girl who likes art. I’ve been into creative things since I was little and drawing has always been a hobby to me. I love it and I always get this strange but amazing feeling every time I’m drawing something… it’s just like what David feels every time he’s singing, ya know (must be the reason why I really can relate to him). But I didn’t see myself as an artist then. I was thinking maybe I would never be good enough to become an artist because my drawing skills were a little too pathetic. I’m gonna do something else when I grow up… something more practical, that’s what I was thinking.

 I still wanted to pursue art in high school, but I became an athlete and I was so focused that I totally forgot about my passion in art. I was a sophomore when I first heard about our dear David and things picked up from there. Oh you know what happened! My life became beautiful, colorful… He’s got that face that I know I’ll never get tired of drawing. On my free time, I tried to draw simple portraits of David but I always end up with a mess. College came. I absolutely wanted to go to an art school but I knew my family could not afford it so I just settled with a cheaper course. I still tried drawing David every now and then. In 2011, after kajillions of attempts and epic-failures, I was finally able to create two considerable portraits of David. But it’s not good, I’m telling you. LOLJK.

 It was because of David’s mission announcement last year that a massive bolt of inspiration hit me hard on the chest. It was that turning point in my life. I was so grief-stricken because he was about to leave at the time that I know I’m so head-over-heels in love with him. He has given me so much joy, so much inspiration that I could not imagine the next two years without him. Oh you know. (But of course, I’m okay now. I’m BEYOND happy for his decision.) At that moment, I felt like this majestic David Archuleta person was doing what he really wanna do, he’s doing what God wants him to do, he’s following his heart… and me being so centered on him particularly at that moment, wanted to dedicate all my time for him. I wanted to do something for him, something that can show him how much I support him and how much love him. But how do I show it? I can use twitter, but I can tweet all of my heart’s content and it will never be enough. And then it dawned to me… words are never enough to describe all my feelings for him… so I just thought maybe I could express it through art. Maybe I could draw a good portrait of him and he might be able to see it. David is very appreciative, I know it would make him smile, but only if I will do it well. So I did, I got all the inspiration in the world to draw him with all my best. While doing the portrait, all I could think about was “This is all for you David, I wanna be my best because of you,” haha. When I finished it, I couldn’t believe what I did. I was satisfied with the result. It was that moment in my life that I realized I really can make it, and I made it because of David.

 It was January then, David was in Manila and it was the best chance to show him the product of the inspiration he brought me. But I live somewhere far from Manila; I live in Batangas. I was not able to see him at the beach and that kinda bummed me, so I just traveled to Manila and was able to catch the Grand Fans Day. That was the first time I saw him so very close to where I was standing. I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest moments in my life. Seriously. Too bad, I didn’t have a M&G ticket so I just tried to creep the portrait up from the crowd and hoped for David to just catch a glimpse of it. And he did! He did! I was already rejoicing. I will never forget how his eyes clicked up at the sight of his portrait on my hands.

 After that, a series of Archusketches was made, all inspired by our dear David. I always say that drawing a portrait of the person you love is one of life’s greatest joys, and drawing David is such a pleasure to me. It’s not just because he has the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, it’s because he is the reason why I realized that I have a special gift from God. He is my inspiration, and I think the best way to show all gratitude that I feel for him is to put it into art. If I could, I’ll draw his face for the rest of my life and I will never get tired of it, that’s how much I love drawing him.

 I am hoping that someday, David will get to see my portraits of him personally. I am hoping that seeing my artworks will put a smile of his face and will make him realize how much he’s done to make me the better person that I am now. Not only did he help me become an artist who is now able to help her family financially, he also helped me strengthen my faith in God and so much more. My eyes are now open to the heights to which I could soar… and I thank David Archuleta for that.

 Thanks so much! Lot’s of love!


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Roselyn! You are truly gifted and we’re grateful whenever you share your drawings with all of the us. 🙂

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Still working on adding a few Bakersfield memories so check  the front page from time to time today! And remember to vote on your favorite “Field Of Gold” vid, then also leave a comment or tweet us your favorite “This Christmas” performance!

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  1. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Wonderful world of pics Joanie! Congrats to David on 8 months of service on his mission. Time is going fast!
    Roselyn’s pics are so beautiful.

  2. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Hi Janel! I agree! She is one gifted girl! Ohhh to be able to draw like she does. 🙂

    Hi KMB (on the last thread)! Best wishes with your paper! We’ve invited Kari to join us on the 21st! We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have her celebrate the sounds of Christmas “Archustyle” at the MKOCFTH with all of us if she’s at all able. 🙂

  3. Good Morning janel, joanie. By the way, great post joanie.
    Roselyn, you are so talented,i love you capture Davids beautiful face features.
    I am so excited for Dec. to celebrate MKOCFTH. Hope Kari can join us.

  4. sydnie says:

    Hi Janel, Joanie, Linda, FOD! 😀
    Just dropped off Bday & Christmas cards for D, hope not too late! 😀

  5. cq#DA2014 says:

    Loving today’s post Joanie, thank you.

  6. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 245th day and 8 months of service!!! Time flies!!!
    Thanks for the fabulous mid-week goodies, Joanie!!!
    Yay! FOG today….love that song….love the vids and pics….gonna choose one later!
    Roselyn’s creations are fantastic…..wonderful blog from this uber talented girl!

  7. pocoelsy says:

    Hello my Archie friends…Janel aka Nellie, Joanie/suttygal ,LindaFromCali#2014

    LOVE Roselyn’s drawings and her story so much, she’s truly talented. Love how David inspires us fans to go out of our ways to do things we thought we’ll never could !!! He’s really a very special person <3

    Sorry it's been a while since my last comment!! missing you all a lot and a lot to catch up in Archu-universe, hope everyone is doing great 🙂

  8. sarahhazel says:

    Gonna watch this vlog again…..He is the cutest thing in the planet!

  9. sydnie says:

    Still haven’t received my FEE yet, not liking the snail mail….wish Rainbow mv available on iTunes, will continue to check mail box obsessively haha!

  10. sarahhazel says:

    To those of you who like putting in several votes at a time…..here’s that link again…..& will be posting throughout the day…..(hope u won’t mind) VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!! 😀

  11. sydnie says:

    Sarahhazel, can’t access the extra long link but all the others are lovely thanks! 😀

  12. sarahhazel says:

    sydnie–oops, sorry about that….hmmm….does work when I click on it…. ❓

  13. cq#DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel @11:46. Oh dear Lord I just hope that picture was taken for a future (2013) profect, maybe a new song? fingers crossed.

  14. Good Morning again to pocoelsy, sarahhazel, Sydnie.
    I just put in my firat 100 votes in, will be voting as long as it lets me for our GUY!
    I have been listening to Forever Christmas Radio all morning, and while i’m voting, makes it so much nicer. Melodies of Christmas was playing when i clicked on it .
    Haven’t had to time to click on links yet sarahhazel but i will. Have to get some house work done so i can sit and enjoy all of it.

    Sydnie, NO RAINBOW for me either, hang in there’ good things come to those who wait.

  15. cq–Good morning to you’

  16. lct#DA2014 says:

    Funny, but I’ve been able to vote more than 100 votes – hope they’re all counting!

    Excited about Dec. 22 – will set my alarm!

    And to add to the list of brainstorming ideas – Just because David is gone for 2 years and we aren’t spending as much money for concert tickets, travel/hotel arrangements – we ought to reanact another release party of his first album and buy the CD to help push it to platinum and then do the same the following year (2013) and do a release party for TOSOD to help push it toward gold – AND for that matter include CFTH album in 2014! We could put out announcements, tweets, trend the albums, and have every David site join in the fun! 🙂

  17. sydnie says:

    Sarahhazel, think it’s just my iPad, acts weird sometimes ugh.
    Lct, great idea! I buy CFTH every year so will add a few more of D’s other CDs to my Christmas order! 😀
    My iPhone’s not letting vote anymore dang it wonder why!

  18. lct#DA2014 says:

    I hope others think it’s a good idea! Anything to support our Dear David while he’s gone!

  19. sydnie says:

    The first 8 David less months zoomed right by for me as real life’s been crazy busy!
    But I am getting a bit melancholy though since this will be the first Christmas in 4 yrs without a tour to spazz about…..almost became a tradition the past years to celebrate Christmas & ring in the New Year with the amazing D concerts! Hopefully being in balmy & beautiful Maui will lessen the pain. 😀

  20. cq#DA2014 says:

    Good morning to you too Linda. I’m curious (maybe you already have shared and I missed it); where in Cali do you live? I live in Campbell, near San Jose.

  21. kimk says:

    Ellyna. ‏@EllynaMxy
    To those of you who haven’t got your FEE, here’s a picture of @DavidArchie’s Rainbow MV.

  22. kimk says:

    FOD: fansofdavid.com ‏@FODFansofDavid
    Check out @DavidArchie singing “This Christmas” in Verona! at 2:57..hawowza!!!! http://youtu.be/gofgbsrZEjA Credit to zerogravity111A (YT)

  23. sydnie says:

    Lct, I’m not that good in the promo dept but a great shopper lol! I still buy regularly his tour merchandise esp love the blue hoodie, so comfy best ever made haha!
    Weather’s terrible so I’m working from home today but doesn’t look like I’m getting a lot done! 😀

  24. sydnie says:

    Thanks Kimk, he’s just too frigging adorable! 😀
    Enjoy your day everyone, back to work! 😀

  25. cq#– I live in SoCal, in a small town called BLYTHE CALIF. We are right on the Colorado River, just across of the Ariz border. We are 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours from Brawley, Indio, Pheonix, 3 hours from Vegas. We are not to far from everything. We got o Palm Desert & Pheonix a lot to go shopping for the day.

  26. Lct, sounds good to me. I will try and buy Davids Cd’s when i see them in the store.

  27. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda, I think we all buy individually but it would be great if we had a “collective” event that music blogs would hear about! 🙂

  28. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Since today marks 8 months since David left on his mission, I thought this would be perfect to celebrate his service. Today’s video pick from 200 favorite performances. I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, Beaver Creek VIP

  29. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope your day is going GREAT!

    THANKS for the SUPER post Joanie! Larissa’s pics are FABULOUS! “You’ve got mail” David Archuleta…and my card is right on top! Thanks PRIORITY MAIL! Fields of Gold is near the top of my ALL-TIME FAV list…LOVE them all! Play Tina’s video from KC every day!

    Roselyn’s collage is BEYOND AMAZING! What a talent…and what a gorgeous subject! THANKS !

    Back to Nana patrol! Have a GREAT day /night everyone! 🙂

  30. Lct# I know what you mean. Sounds good. Have to have reminder though.

    Sorry guys my internet has been very slow lately, so takes a while for comment to post.

    Thought it was my computer so my grandson cleared my cookies yesterday, but he said i
    it was my internet that was slow.

  31. Kimk, He changed that version of THIS CHRISTMAS a little from the other ones. Don’t know why i didn’t notice. He did that high roll with his voice before Asof played instead of after. Kinda missed those eyebrows flirtings.

  32. sarahhazel says:

    cq @12:14–hope so too!….aahhh, the mystery!!!!

  33. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–love that festive pic from pabuckie……wanna squish his cuteness self….haha!

  34. sarahhazel says:

    That’s Janel for the VPOTD….just perfect!

  35. sarahhazel says:

    I meant…”Thanks”, Janel…….LOL

  36. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL, you’re welcome Sarah. I’m practicing my lungs out!!! We have our first performance Saturday as well, just like David. I’ll be singing my trio on Saturday, next Tuesday at the Orem Library and at our main performance Dec 14th at the American Fork (Alpine) Tabernacle.
    Now Practicing “Ring Those Christmas Bells”. We are also singing a version of “Merry Christmas Darling” which I’m not fond of, but oh well, “The Christmas Song”, “Mary Did You Know”, “The First Nowell” (yes it is spelled that way in the arrangement), “Mixed Up Christmas”, “Colors of Christmas”, “On This Still, Silent Night”, “Immanuel, Immanuel”, and “Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella”. My trio is “Do You Hear What I Hear”.

  37. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–wow, that’s a lot to practice….good luck! 🙂

  38. Janel, i wish you luck in your concerts. I know you will do great. You have a big heart and a beautiful voice.

  39. sarahhazel says:

    David/EH at #3, guys!!! KEEP VOTING!!!

    (Got my first 100+ votes in….gonna try again later!) 🙂

  40. sarahhazel– I voted 4 times yesterday. I don’t know if they all counted, but it kept letting me vote.

  41. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Aww thanks Linda and Sarah! I love to sing. If you can believe this, I’ve really only been singing for two years. I sang in church choirs and in High School choirs, but went many years without sining at all. I was always being told to be quiet when I was singing and told I whine and am nasally when I sing. Maybe in some parts of some songs I have the nasally problem because I have a deviated septum. It takes extra effort for me to sing and sound right. There’s a song on Josh Groban’s Christmas CD called “Thankful” that I love and want to cover.
    Choir practice first! LOL

  42. Janel aka Nellie says:

    *singing not sining. LOL…..I hate that we can’t edit our posts, or delete them.

  43. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–you put in 400?!….200 for me….then voted on the Readers Poll after… 🙂

  44. VaBeachArchie says:

    sydnie……LOVE my blue David Archuleta hoodie too! The logo is AWESOME!

    sarahhazel…Hope all the extra votes over 100 count…been doing the same! VOTE GUYS!

    Janel….You’re concert sounds like it’s going to be SUPER! Hope you ENJOY it…know you’ll do GREAT!

    Off to work! ENJOY your David time! 🙂

  45. sarahhazel says:

    See ya later, VABch!!!

    As for me, BBL…. 😀

  46. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sarah just so long as you don’t squish his head off and dangle it from your rearview mirror. LOL (Paula Abduhl AI reference)

  47. Janel aka Nellie says:

    VABeachArchie thank you!!!

  48. kimk says:

    Linda yup.. he was on fire in Santa Rosa.. something in the water?!! someONE in the audience?!! who knows but I loved it!!

  49. See you later Va Beach.

    Sarahhazel, i couldn’t sleep last night so i tried voting and it let me. Don’t know if it counts, OH! WELL. Can’t hurt trying.

  50. kimk says:

    Brook White is singing at Rockefeller Tree Lighting on TV tonight I think!

  51. kimk says:


    Michelle ‏@plushstyles
    He reminds me of @DavidArchie here..


  52. No RAINBOW MV today again, DANGIT!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  53. fan says:

    In my house I have become a silent DA fan because my husband does not like to hear me fangirl. It makes him anti-David and I do not want that. So, I just quietly go along with all of you for my ODD. Well yesterday I decided to show him the everybody hurts video. At first he rolled his eyes oh here we go again. He does like that song by REM, I thought he would appreciate the video cuz we have a 15 year old daughter that he has a wonderful relationship with. He was in tears with the father daughter wedding part of the video. He had to go show her the video on the laptop. Later he turned on Christmas from the Heart. I couldn’t believe it, I had to hold back the fangirl, so If I keep calm and act normal maybe I’ll get to hear Davids music more than just by myself.

  54. Janel aka Nellie says:

    fan, that’s awesome! Move the hubby to tears with David music. Pull him in, little by little. 🙂

  55. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hello- Dropping by begore shopping. Love Roselyns sketches of David. She is so talented. Joanie great post. Linda, :cry:. I didn’t receive my second FEE either. The 2 Fees were dispatched the same time. Got the first one Monday. The one I’m going to send to Charlotte is the one that didn’t come yet. I ordered one more Tuesday and another one today. I know! Maybe someone else might need one gifted. See you all late. 😀

  56. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    *before* sorry

  57. Hi! Judie, I haven’t received my first one yet. I recieved an e-mail at the same time everyone else did that it had been dispatched. They have already charged my account for it.
    Hope you have a nice time shopping. I have to run errands too. BBL

  58. violet4ever says:

    Thanks to Roselyn for her wonderful story and gorgeous sketches!

  59. Fan, Thats great. I would have had to be a silent fan too if my husband was still alive, because he was not into music and didn’t like me fan girling either. But would have rather have my husband back and fangirl quitely. Your doing the right thing.

  60. Carmela says:

    I am sick today so didn’t attend my classes. I should because I have finals coming but I’m just too sick. Between sniffles and sneezes I’ve been watching videos people shared from his concert. I’m sad because now I see what I have missed. But I hope to become more involved as a fan when David is finished with his mission. Go to a concert or two or three.

  61. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Hi Carmela! Sad to hear you’re not feeling well. But, David music will cure any ill!! There are enough videos to last you for days, but hopefully it won’t take you that long to get better.

  62. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–LOL…no, I won’t dangle him!

  63. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–no FEE still???….dang, that means no party yet! 🙁

  64. sarahhazel says:

    Fan–Hi!…love your EH/hubby/CFTH story! 🙂

  65. sarahhazel says:

    Carmela–aw…hope you feel better soon!….one day you’ll see David live and in-person….just keep the faith! 🙂

  66. sarahhazel says:

    JuJu ‏@tinyblackstar

    I’m starting to like David Archuleta’s songs.

  67. Carmela, Good to have you here. It’s good to hear that you will be here for David when he comes home in #2014.

    David wanted us to go on with our lives while he was gone, so study hard and you are welcome here anytime you have some free time.

  68. cq#DA2014 says:

    Hahaha Linda, eventhough we share state, really not at all close to one another. Thanks for responding. What fun it is to get to know wonderful people all because of our man.

  69. nora says:

    Linda-no FEE Rainbow for me today either-I’m getting so frustrated, seems like everybody is getting theirs from WOW where is my RAINBOW????? Great post today Joanie, will be back later to vote on Fields Of Gold.
    Kimk-thanks for the picture of David from Rainbow, made me more frustrated, that I don’t have my CD yet.

  70. kimk says:

    nora lol.. sorry!!

  71. sarahhazel says:

    Annisaa☆彡 ‏@AnnisaaBustami

    Gaaaah I can’t wait to trend Happy Birthday David Archuleta all night all day. We are not called Trending Machine for nothing! Woo Hoo! 😀

    Wow, 22nd B-day one month from now….already???!!! 😀

  72. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Whoopie!! I just got home and it seems my son brought the mail in the house. FEE no.2 has arrived. I’ll mail it tomorrow Charlotte. Carmel- Welcome, hope you feel better. Nora 😥 I only ordered the 2nd. Fee on the 19th ofthis monyh. They were ordered from WOW Australia. I’m in N.J. so they came a long way. Hope you get yours soon.

  73. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn Did you get a FEE album?

  74. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    *Carmela* not Carmel. Sorry for all the typos, My excuse was I was excited and I’m stickin to it!! 😉 🙄

  75. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    ooops. I always clear the room. Hello anybody home??? 😉 😉

  76. Bychance says:

    Awwww….I miss you guys! Just have a minute, but wanted to say what a lovely, ingenious, stupendous idea is MKOCFTH!! I love it!!!…and can’t wait!
    Hope you all are doing well!

  77. JenAIowa says:

    Abravanel Hall
    Salt Lake City, UT
    November 24, 2009
    YouCanCallMeTina video & Snarky Mawg audio mash up is IMO the best FOG vid.

    It was featured on the David Chronicles at the time.

  78. Sgj, you would think WOW US would be faster.
    I just got back from having a blood culture. Have to have one every 2 mos. So that means that i will have one on the 28th every 2 mos. Should be able to remember that date.

  79. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    SGJ, thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to get it and I’ll send you an email when it gets here so you know it arrived safely.
    Looking forward to the virtual concert. I might have a meditation thing that night, but I’m pretty sure I should be home in time, if not just a few minutes late. Hope Kari can join us.
    Been putting votes on musiqtone and will continue to do so.
    Carmela, hope you feel better soon. Being sick stinks, but David is the best medicine 🙂

  80. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi Linda- I went over to twitter for a while. Got lost. Yes you think it would get there sooner from WOWUS. Scratching my head. Hope your doctor visits are for nothing serious. I hate getting blood work done. UGH!!

  81. kimk says:

    DAPO *news* ‏@DMP_Studio
    [Prod. by Dapo] @DavidArchie ft. Dapo “Drummer Boy” http://youtu.be/5NXoa2PToZQ /dapoandfriendschristmas.com

  82. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Charlotte- A Okay. I’m so glad it came. Yippee

  83. Roselyn says:

    Just dropped by to say thanks y’all for the post! =) Thanks for featuring me in. I really appreciate all you guys comments. You guys ROCK. 😉

    Sorry I wanna say other things but I’m in class now haha. Talk to you guys later 🙂

  84. sarahhazel says:

    Roselyn–thanks for dropping by!…you are awesome!

  85. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–that’s my fave LDB!!! 😀

  86. Charlotte says:

    SarahHazel, just FYI, that first pic you posted with the long link doesn’t work for me either.

  87. sarahhazel says:

    I hope that Dapo DB gets played in the radio!…the best version ever!

  88. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte– 🙁

  89. kimk says:

    sarahhazel mellow and oh so smooth!!

  90. Hi! charlotte. I hope Kari can join us for our virtual MKOCFTH concert. How exciting.

  91. SGJ,– Thats ok, i was on Musiqtone voting. No nothing serious, thank God. It’s because of a medication im taking. They like to keep tabs on it.

  92. Kimk, Sarahhazel, i would love to hear LDB with Dapo/David on Radio. I love that version of it.
    Roselyn, you are a great artist.

  93. Charlotte says:

    Hi Linda, that would be exciting, but we need to make a pact that if she does, we won’t bombard her with questions about how David’s doing or what’s coming up in the next year. Asking once how he’s doing would be fine, but asking multiple times or asking for details might be too much. Just a thought. We don’t want to seem pushy. And ITA with SGJ’s earlier post. I hope your blood work isn’t for anything serious. I hate needles period so it would be zero fun for me.

    Sarahhazel, that is too bad about that pic. I love to see any pic of him that pops up.

  94. Sarahhazel, i couldn’t open the link either. Just thought i would let you know.

  95. Charlotte, know what you mean about Kari. It could happen, but not from me.

  96. sarahhazel says:

    Sorry, guys….maybe I’ll come across it again on a better link….cuz I can’t even remember where I got it….LOL….

  97. kimk says:

    yikes.. on the news saw riots in the streets of Santiago.

  98. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda, Good. I’m glad . While I’m still awake, I think I’ll go put in my votes all over the place. Be back in a little while.

  99. Sgj—OK i keep jumping between voting and comments too. See you in a while.

  100. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    HEY JANEL!!! If you’re lurking, please email FOD & let them know its ok for them to send me your email info, I received my FEE cds today, WOOOOT, so I can send you one 😀

  101. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–maybe the missionaries will have an extra P-day because of that…..not safe to be out on the streets, that’s for sure….

  102. Charlotte says:

    kimk, oh goodness. Not good. Stay inside, David, whatever you do. Stay safe.

    Linda, ITA. I wouldn’t be pushy either. I’m happy with whatever Kari chooses to tell us at the time.

  103. Lurker says:


    Sports Event – check under #2


  104. CindyUT says:

    Hello, everyone! Well, I received my FEE today. It’s just what I needed after having a rough couple of weeks. What’s ironic is that today has been the first “good” day I’ve had in awhile and this was before I knew I had a special package waiting for me at home after I got off from work.. If I didn’t know any better, it was as if David was the one who chased away my gloom and replaced it with a ray of sunshine! If so, thank you David!!!

    Anyway, still haven’t watched the Rainbow MV, yet. Better go do that now!

    Oh, btw…..I love the MKOCFTH concert idea! I also love Roselyn’s sketches of David! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us.

    Okay, I’m leaving now to watch a MV about Rainbows, or something……bbl if I can!

  105. sarahhazel says:

    Lurker–is David gonna be playing with a team???….what sport???….what is this???!…..non-Spanish speaking inquiring minds wanna know….haha!

  106. Charlotte says:

    Thanks Lurker for the link. Glad David will get to have some fun this holiday. Hopefully it’ll keep him from being too homesick.

  107. kimk says:

    ha what now he’s into sports?! dang!

  108. I just finished voting for the 5rd time on Musiqtone. Hope they all count?

  109. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, it looks like all the mishes are grouped into teams and compete against each other in various sports(all this via google translate). We all know David loves to be active so I’m sure he’ll have a blast.

  110. Charlotte says:

    Should’ve put a warning label on that last post. Sorry.

  111. MaggieFOD says:

    Hello everyone! Got my FEE today! Just brought it in from the mailbox and waiting for it to warm up before putting in the DVD player. Can’t wait to see the Rainbow MV in HD! Wonder if Kari received my Christmas and birthday “postcards” for David. I didn’t want for David to have to take the time to open up a card, so I cut the front page off of a card, wrote the saying that was on the inside of the card on the back of the first page, turning it into a postcard. Hope they arrived! I didn’t put a return address on them because hubby and son get home before I do and I would be embarrassed if they were returned to me and they saw them. lol 🙂

  112. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Maggie and Cindy that’s great. Cindy glad David made your day today. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  113. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I’m watching “I’ll Be Home From Christmas” being sung by Chris Mann at Rockerfeller Center. Wish I could be hearing David singing that now. Sniff, sniff 😥 😥

  114. Charlotte says:

    SGJ, I hear you on wanting to hear David singing that song. I bet it’s on repeat in his heart right now.

  115. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Charlotte- I meant “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.I got so sniffily I didn’t realize my typo. Yes, I sure wish he was home for Christmas. Then he could go back to S.A. I get a little wacky. I truly appreciate all he left us but somehow it can’t make-up for wanting him to be home for Christmas. Bring on that virtual concert. 😉

  116. pocoelsy says:


    I see that many of you get your FEE delivered, happy for you guys, I will have mine after new year when I get back home!! in the mean time I just borrow a copy from my friend hehe. David in the MV is as handsome and adorable as ever but I have to confess that the editing somehow make me giddy lol may be I don’t understand the artistic part of it haha, still love the mv. tho how could we not 🙂

  117. Charlotte says:

    SGJ, I know what you mean. I wish he could be home for Christmas, too, if only so I wouldn’t have to worry about him feeling sad and/or homesick. They better give him lots of love down there.

  118. I’m excited for all of you who received your Rainbow MV. Please enjoy and share with me how great it is. Mine will come soon, ((Praying))

  119. David is still #3 in cycle 47.

  120. pocoelsy says:

    SGJ, Charlotte

    I was thinking the same thing, can stand the thought of David being sad or homesick.

  121. glitter*girl says:

    i want david to come home now

  122. kimk says:

    wah.. me three!!!

  123. kimk says:

    was thinking his This Christmas would be perfect!!

    lol eyebrows and all!!!

  124. Charlotte says:

    pocoelsy, I know. I hope all our cards will help remind him how much he’s loved. I know he’ll get stuff from his family, too, and get to skype with them on Christmas, but I don’t want him to be sad because he can’t be with them physically. Hopefully the sports event the mission is planning will help take his mind off it.

  125. Hi!–glitter girl, How are you? I think we all want David to be home for Christmas. But it makes me happy that he will be able to talk to his family for Christmas.

  126. kimk says:

    oh I meant singing at Rockefeller Center!

  127. josie says:

    Me four. lol.

  128. Charlotte says:

    Linda, we just gotta keep voting. David deserves #1 more than TSwift. She’s got more than enough.

  129. glitter*girl says:

    i’m playing mary in our church’s Christmas pageant. got to hold the cutest little baby Jesus doll tonight! 🙂

  130. glitter girl–Very nice.

  131. Charlotte says:

    glitter*girl, good for you. Congrats on getting the part. The kids at my church are putting on their annual pageant as part of the service this weekend. Always a joy to watch 🙂

  132. pocoelsy says:

    Charlotte, Glitter*girl, LindaFromCali#2014

    I just can’t imagine how it’d be like for him !!! the first Christmas away from home !! but he is a strong young man I think he’ll be OK but for us fans as it get closer to the day we feel the impact and emptyness without David around!! Christmas will not be the same !! he is a big part of our daily lives just like a family member/best friend, we just miss him so much 🙁

  133. glitter*girl says:

    yeah it is alot of fun! and i get to sing all my favorite traditional christmas songs!

  134. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Just stopped by a little earlier to let Janel
    know I have a FEE cd for her, have some
    things going on, cant stay to chat.

  135. Charlotte says:

    pocoelsy, I hear you. I feel so grateful to have all the DVDs and CDs I have, so that it can feel like he’s still here. The last three years I’ve seen him in concert in December, so it’ll be weird not doing this year or next. I need to save my money right now, though, so in a way it’s a good thing for me. I will be missing and thinking of him everyday, though.
    I know he’s strong and will get through the holidays with flying colors. I just hope he’ll have some special cheer where he is to help him along.

  136. pocoelsy says:

    Does anyone have any problem vote on Readers Choice Poll ? I can’t find the VOTE box to click anywhere, all I can do is check in the box in front of his name but nowhere to vote!!

  137. Beth–Good Night ((Hugs))
    Pocoelsy, i don’t have any problem voting.
    Charlotte– I know David will get throught he Holidays ok. He is very strong.
    I’m sure they have something special for them at Christmas.

  138. josie says:

    tami-lyn~ That’s cool! Um, is the guy who plays Joseph a hottie, too? lol.

  139. pocoelsy says:


    I think, he miss us A LOT too now that breaks my heart, but yeah look at the bright side !! we have 2 years to safe some money for the epic concert(s) by then we’ll have enough money to by ourselves VIP ticket..only problem is most of us want that VIP and front row seat haha !!!

  140. glitter*girl says:

    josie~ omg the guy playing joseph is our pastor. it’s actually kinda embarassing that we are like married and i’m having a baby LOL!

  141. josie says:

    tami-lyn~ Omygosh! I had a feeling you were gonna say something like that. lololol. Well…..well. lol.

  142. glitter*girl says:

    i did not ask to play mary. no one else would do it so they pretty much told me~ hey, you’re mary! i was like, ok. haha

  143. pocoelsy says:

    Linda.. so you have the VOTE box at the bottom of the poll but I don’t have ummm that’s strange!! it’s been like this since day 1 for me !! I can view the poll result and all but can’t put the vote in, this is frustrating !!

  144. josie says:

    tami-lyn~ That is too funny. 🙂

  145. Charlotte says:

    pocoelsy, VIP is what I’m saving for, though I dunno if I’ll save enough. I’ll have to buy two because I need my mom to drive and even one VIP is expensive. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.
    Linda, I’m sure they’ll do something special for the mishes at Christmas, too. There’s the sports event that Lurker posted about above and hopefully there’ll be more to keep them occupied and their minds off being homesick. It’d be neat if local church members kind of ‘adopt’ them for the holidays so they can have a homey Christmas even though they’re far from loved ones.

  146. Charlotte says:

    Gonna get off now and get ready to go for a workout. Talk to you all later 🙂

  147. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth 🙂

    pocoelsy- Are you voting in the right place? I didn’t have a problem. Unusual, I know, right. 😉

    tami lyn- That’s great that you are in your church play and singing too. I wanted to know if you got a FEE album because, if you couldn’t get one, I’m getting an extra in a few days and I’d be glad to send you one.

  148. pocoelsy says:

    Have to go get things done around the house, see you all later…have a good day/ night all 🙂

  149. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    David will be doing a Christmas Devotional this Saturday night and 3 other nights. He will be in his glory and radiate all his sunshine all over the place. Wonder how he likes the summer weather in December. 😀

  150. Your a Good Archie SGJ. So nice of you share.
    I talked to my neighbor and asked him if the elders that stay with him got to have Thanksgiving dinner. He’s not married so he doesn’t really cook.
    He said are you kidding, they had 3 Thanksgiving dinners. Good for them.

  151. pocoelsy says:


    I think I did, I used the link above !!! I can vote 4-5 catagories above him, but from the Fave Television Young Rising Star onward the “vote” box just not there…weird huh, but then again my internet access is limited here..I can’t open utube that much or even open files that contain big/a lot of image (that’s why I can’t come to FOD that much) …and it’s so frustrating for ODD sufferer like me 🙁

  152. Goodnight/day, Pocoelsy ((Hugs))
    I hope David enjoys his devotionals.

  153. Evening Everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Joanie, doesn’t matter how many times we check out the lead pic up top of David…HIS FACE JUST BEAMS FROM HIS GORGEOUS SMILE TO THOSE EXPRESSIVE EYES. It’s surprising that we even manage to check out the post let alone and comments LOL
    Like some of you I’m still waiting for FEE. I figure the latest it can arrive is Tues, Dec 4…just gotta keep my mind off of it and it’ll appear… EASIER SAID THAN DONE LOL
    I really missed commenting. Decided to give the oven a quick wipe up after heating some pizza directly on the rack and messed up my back… nothing new 🙁 I’m better just can’t sit too long. Aleve seems to help. I know when FEE gets here. I’ll forget everything!!!!!

  154. pocoelsy says:

    When will the poll end anyway, it’s good to see David’s leading so far ahead 🙂

  155. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ oh thankyou so much! 🙂 no i don’t need one.

  156. pocoelsy says:

    Really have to go now, sorry I miss you IdamaeDA2014, bye SGj, Linda, Idamae, Josie, Glitte*girl

  157. glitter*girl says:

    goodnight pocoelsy. nice to see u here 🙂

  158. Idamae– Hi!, Hope your back gets better. I don’t have my FEE either. Maybe we will be able to spazzzz together when we get it.
    I’m excited for the Virtual MKOCFTH concert too. Hope it happens for us.

  159. AWWW, …thanks, pocoelsy 🙂 Talk to you next time! Have a good night!

    glitter*girl, hmmm… you and the pastor LOL pix please!!! All kidding aside, it was cool that you took the challenge 🙂

  160. josie says:

    pocoelsy~ Hi and bye. lol.

  161. Linda, I feel so bad I didn’t get back to you about the 2 ingredient cake. Thanks for giving me the info. We’ve had so many sweets in the house that Im gonna try it in a bit 🙂 We’re waiting for a plasma TV so we can both see Rainbow in all it’s glory. I’ve got the popcorn ready for us 🙂

  162. cq#DA2014 says:

    Glad that there is a special sports event for the missionaries. If it’s them playing, I hope they will be aloud to wear sports clothes, if they have to wear their missionary uniform, I sure would love to have a picture of that, lol.
    Happy that David is singing during this Holiday season, his favorite time of the year. Dang, wish we could hear just of song….

  163. Gonna try and put in my 100 votes at Musiqtone…hope 2BBL!!!

  164. glitter*girl says:

    idamae ~ thanks haha! wish i had a cell phone, i could take a pic and post it!!! lol

  165. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi idamae. Sorry to hear about your back. Wow a new TV. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a Nandito Ako DVD on it? Oh that would be glorious.
    See you, pocoelsy.

    tami lyn Okay, I just thought you might have had some glitch getting one. Like I said I bought an extra one, so if someone needs one, I could send it when I get it.

  166. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda- That is a cute story about the missionaries having three Thanksgiving dinners. I think David is eating pretty good down there. Heck, if I was there I’d volunteer to be his and his companions personal cook every day. 😆 😆

  167. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ that’s so nice of u! sure there is someone out there who needs one.

  168. cq#DA2014 says:

    Oops, that’s “one song”.

  169. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn- Thanks. I mean Mary.

  170. Sgj! I’m sure you would love to cook for Elder Archuleta aand his missionary companions.
    I’m sure they must be hungry for some good ole home cooking. Wherever home is.
    Not saying that they are not getting fed good. I’m sure they are. They are already sacrificing a lot by bieng away from family for two years, I’m sure they get fed good. i don’t worry about that.

  171. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    cq- That could be a song title. “Just One Song”.

  172. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Didn’t win the Powerball. Aww next time!! 😆

  173. glitter*girl says:

    sgj~ lol i am not worthy to be mary! i am not a virgin! LOL

  174. SGJ, haha totally forgot about NA…WOOHOOO…Josh, Anya and Holly in a plasma TV triangle!!!!!!! I’ve got the popcorn for that one, too and your invited haha

  175. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Well, time to call it a night. Goodnight all. See you tomorrow.

  176. Goodnight SGJ.–(((HUGS)))

  177. glitter*girl, LMBO!!! TMI 🙂

  178. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    glitter-girl :red:

  179. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- Call me when we get the N.A. DVD. I’ll be there. glitter-girl, I’ve lost my emoticon mo-jo. I meant (blush). Godnight Linda (((hugs)))

  180. glitter*girl says:

    haha ! goodnight u guys 🙂

  181. Glitter-girl, goodnight (((Hugs)))

  182. MunkFOD says:

    The highlight of Christmas for missionaries is calling home! Bet the whole D fam is way excited about that! 😀

  183. glitter*girl, I’m still laughing at your comment…goodnite!!!

  184. MumkFod, I totally agree with you. And i am very excited for them all too. Especially our guy The Archuleta.

  185. Candy says:

    ROTF-Glitter*Girl -Im sure your hubby is glad!! 🙂

  186. angelbymyside says:


    @roselyn_DA2014: Hello @kariontour 🙂 Here’s the whole @DavidArchie collage portrait I made. Hope you like it.

  187. MunkFod, I’m sure Christmas can’t come soon enough for David and his family and at a time like this, God Bless AGB for the invention of the telephone and the developers of Skype 🙂 The Archuletas will definitely be having a JOYEOUS CHRISTMAS!!!

  188. Candy and ABMS, how are you guys doin ???

    YES, Roselyn is quite the artist!!! Imagine, if she had ignored her talent. Now it can open up a whole new world to her.

  189. angelbymyside says:

    Idamae ~ I’m sitting here thinking what I was going to do with my 550 million dollars haha. 😆

  190. Candy says:

    Hi Ida- Doing good, been trying to put a huge dent in my shopping as I head to NYC next week for four days. How did your area survive during the storm?

  191. ABMS hahaha…you know what they say about having oodles of $$$$…OHHHH, the VIPS, concert and airline tickets, luxury hotels, wardrobe etc…but will we be happy.??? We’ll just have to take that chance 🙂

  192. Hi! Candy, ABMS– Candy, hope your eye is better and that your feeling better.
    ABMS isn’t Roselyn just too talented. Her drawings of David are spot on.

  193. Candy, sounds like a great 4 days. Have fun!! We’re going to Victor’s Cafe in the city for a special Xmas get together with friends for authenic Cuban fare. I think I should diet before I go haha Everything is back to normal but some areas were badly flooded. Relatives had to evacuate from Hoboken apt with 2 babies. Her hubby had to find a safe route behind the apt bldg before he would take them out…pretty scary. Getting to her mom’s took forever cuz it was pitch black and most roads were closed!!!

  194. Candy says:

    Ida-I love going to the city this time of the year, the city is all aglow with the Christmas Spirit. We were supposed to go Veterans Day weekend but with the storm had to c shift plan.s Ive never had authentic Cuban food, had Cuban/American which I am sure is a lot different.

  195. Goodnite Candy, ABMS and Linda and all archies…sure hope I get my FEE tomorrow and anyone else who is waiting…we’ll all have to give a collective cheer if it arrives!!!!!!

  196. Candy says:

    Sweet Dreams IdaMae

  197. Goodnight Idamae, hope we get our FEES tomorrow.
    Goodnight to all the Arcjies here too. going to get some votes in before bed.

  198. Candy, I agree, you can’t beat the city for great holiday cheer esp Rockefeller Center and the tree. I’m looking forward to the roasted pork, ropa vieja(shredded skirt steak, peppers and onions steeped in tomato sauce), fried plantains , yuca (root vegetable smothered in garlic and onion, flan. You have to try it one day.

  199. I hope so, too, Linda 🙂 Now it’s Goodnite for sure haha

  200. joujou says:

    Just dropping in really quick to say 8 months=1/3 of the mission DONE!!!!! Woohoo! Love our boy! Can’t wait to have him back.

  201. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD ! HAPPY THURSDAY!

    Hope all the Archies that haven’t received thier copy of FEE that TODAY is the day! LOVE seeing those MVs on my big screen!

    Roselyn is some SUPER talented artist! That collage of David is INCREDIBLE! She captures David perfectly!

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying the Holiday season! LOVE this time of year!! David will be singing in his first Christmas devotional this weekend! Bet it will be AMAZING…..wish I was one of the LUCKY ones in attendance! MISS David !

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE! 🙂

  202. kimk says:

    Good morning folks!

    VABeach Roselyn is crazy talented.. so glad she is an Archie! Good morning!!

  203. kimk says:

    ℯℓℓℯiℊℎn ☜☆☞ ‏@ErickaArchie
    Silly Boy Appreciation | @DavidArchie http://tmblr.co/ZpZBLyYHhMnq

  204. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @roselyn_DA2014 your work is amazing! Such a talented artist.

  205. kimk says:

    #3 isn’t too bad AT ALL!!

    Musiqtone poll.. Everybody Hurts!


  206. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Guys

    Back in Oct. I tweet Kari asked for her input about Galaxie Magazine contest…

    @kariontour we could win BEGIN if we can amswer their questions, should I join em or give others a chance! I own 3 cds already!?

    and she replied!!

    Kari Sellards‏@kariontour

    @pocoelsy1 you should try and win! You can always gift them if you win! More people that try it just shows the magazine you care for David

    Today I got the good news !!! I WON YAY ..well I’m one of the 15 winners, @onedavid also won a copy of BEGIN too, I was so happy haha 🙂 Now that I have an extra CD. if anyone have some difficulties getting BEGIN.. just let me know I’ll send it to you 🙂

  207. kimk says:

    pocoelsy congrats!!

  208. pocoelsy says:

    Hehe thank you Kim, I know I’m over react haha just cant help it !!

  209. kimk says:

    pocoelsy ha well it is great.. I don’t ever win anything!
    we just had a powerball lottery here and gosh darn it no luck!

    ArchangelsAAI ‏@ArchangelsAAI
    David and Kari 😀

  210. jhen says:

    Roselyn is very talented, she can raw so welI thought his c ollege course is fine art

  211. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- congratulation!

  212. jhen says:

    The picture from Larisa that David had a big eyes upon hearing there are athai resto nearby is so cute.

  213. kimk says:

    ArchangelsAAI ‏@ArchangelsAAI
    Recording Nandito Ako


  214. kimk says:

    love the quality of this video motab released.. this is what I remember him and it to be!


  215. kimk says:

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    Hello please don’t forget to vote for @DavidArchie’s Everybody Hurts on MYX! http://myxph.com

  216. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!!
    Wonder if Gladys is watching the sports event?….probs not….LOL

    kimk–love the candid shots from Singapore…didn’t realize Kari’s a lot shorter than D!

    Didn’t win the Powerball lottery either…..:( (sucks)

  217. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–I’ve watched that MoTab video so many times already!…..love, love, love it……wish they showed all of his songs….haha!

  218. Candy says:

    kimk-thanks for the link…I just watched it and cried through the whole thing.

  219. sarahhazel says:

    Marcella ∞ ‏@0o0bluedots0o0

    You know what I actually never realized? That @DavidArchie has performed at MSG! I wish he could do that again…

    Someday, he will…..again. 🙂

  220. sarahhazel says:

    Susan ‏@SusanFOD

    One Voice Children’s Choir singing @DavidArchie’s “Melodies of Christmas” on Fox 13 Utah this morning.

  221. Candy says:

    Gah-dont think I am going to watch anymore videos this morning, I’m a sniffly mess.
    MOTAB did me in, tried to cheer myself up and watch CRUSH from MSG but didnt work. 🙁

  222. Candy says:

    roselyn_DA2014’s artwork leaves me speechless! SO SO SO talented. Captured Davids likeness perfectly right down to the smallest detail. How wonderful that she found her passion to draw again from David. It would have been a shame if the world had missed out on seeing the work of such an amazing artist.

  223. Candy says:

    Two people had the winning powerball tickets each are now 250 million dollars richer. 8 people in NJ won a million dollars…why oh why wasnt I one of them!

  224. Joanie/suttygal says:

    New post is up! Happy Thursday everyone! Remember to vote up top for the “This Christmas” vid of your choice for the MKOCFTH setlist! We’ll be continuing these polls daily for the next couple of weeks and we really appreciate all of your suggestions and input! Also , DavidRBecken has uploaded the entire BC 2009 CFTH show in 2 vids. Wasn’t sure about embedding them but I’ve linked you to them in the post. 🙂

  225. sarahhazel says:

    Anne Ü ‏@annLuvsArchie

    GIVE AWAY: LAST CALL for the David Archuleta Spray Paint Art T shirt! http://tmblr.co/Z0NlNxYI56MT

  226. sarahhazel says:

    @snowangelzz ‏@snowangelzz

    I think hubs was trying to cheer me up w/no @DavidArchie Christmas shows for a couple of years by getting us Aretha Franklin tix 4 tomorrow

  227. sarahhazel says:

    Alter ego “DD” coming out here….hehe….**Click to Enlarge**

  228. sarahhazel says:

    Larissa ‏@LtravelsDsworld

    Pic of the Day: “Tell me what you did to me…”; @DavidArchie, Asia Tour, Hanoi, Vietnam July 2011 http://twitpic.com/bhhskw

  229. Ali says:

    Hey Sarah 🙂

    Thanks for all the great links!! There’s a new thread up, btw.

  230. Ali says:

    Oh lol nvm I see you found it. I’m just talking to myself here. ha.

  231. Mrinalini Subba says:

    Lovely drawings Roselyn. David is really so much beyond a pretty face. ADORABLE

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