David Archuleta: Thursday Thrills! More Rainbow (Pics) Sneak Peeks, FEE mail from DavidArchuleta.com! Everybody Hurts To Enter Musiqtone Countdown, Jen Barry ChildFund Donation Update, The Archuleta Inspiration, Crush Kids Cancer Project Continues, Readers Choice Voting Continues, More Singapore Memories


Hanne Denmark edit original photo: Derik Lim~ thank you Hanne!!!  **Click to make it bigger!**

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Waiting For A Rainbow

Yesterday I posted a few tweets from Tonette which heightened our anticipation  of the new Rainbow Remix mv. I also put out a plea for (my) postman to hasten the delivery of my Forevermore Expanded Edition cd.

Jack Ryan at The David Chronicles  has just prompted me to give an additional plea and shout-out to my postman!! 😉 Below are a few of the screencaps she shared from the mv, and they look so  good good GOOOD!!! For more photos and her review of Rainbow Remix and FEE CLICK HERE. It sounds like once again we’ll be saying “Good things come to those who wait!!! ”

Rainbow remix mv cap cred 2 Jack Ryan

FEE inside and outside panels ~credit Jack Ryan~

If you haven’t already ordered your copy of The Forevermore Expanded Edition, CLICK BELOW head to the OS for ordering information from ASTROPLUS

***NOTE*** The cost for 1 FEE from Astro is Php 510 which converts to ~ $11-12 US dollars. However, their shipping fee is Php 950 (more than double the CD cost) which puts the cd at ~$35-36 (Thanks SamLouiseG for the conversion help) .

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WOWHD (another option but will arrive later) lists  FEE with a release date of 11/19. Shipping is free. Click below to head over.

Did I say it will be worth the wait???

Credit~ SamLouiseG on tumblr original credit JR &The David Chrionicles~

Anticipated reaction… SamLouiseG  is showing us! 😉

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FEE Mail From David!!

It’s always so nice to see David Archuleta’s name in my inbox! This arrived today from David (DavidArchuleta.com)

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“Everybody” Hurts Enters Musiqtone Voting Countdown Tomorrow!!

Thank you Margie (@Hunzy) & Musiqtone for this GREAT news!!

Click The graphic below to head over. David’s name with “Everybody Hurts” should be posted and on the voting list tomorrow! The voting list is found  by scrolling down a bit and over to the right.

VOTING RULES  are listed here as refresher! Remember you can vote 100x/day but get your votes in by 4pm! (explained below)

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 Photo Sales and ChildFund Donation Update From JenLeighBarry!


Jen’s project to donate proceeds from photos sold to Childfund continues! I just received the photos I ordered this past week and I’m thrilled; they are BEAUTIFUL!! Great photos and a great cause! It’s the perfect combination!

From Jen:
Proceeds from ANY Photo, purchased from now until 12/28 will be donated to ChildFund in honor of David’s Birthday.   At end of photo fundraiser, there will B drawing 4 either 11×14 or 12×16 photo. Winner choice of any photo on my site!! 🙂 CLICK BELOW to head over!! 

 So far with the photo and calendar sales, the total has reached  just a little over $600 to donate to ChildFund in honor of Davids birthday!!!  😉

Wow!!! That’s incredible Jen!!! Thank you so much for your efforts and generosity! Best wishes in your last month of the project!

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The Archuleta Inspiration

Source: The Daily Herald

The Top Talent contest also will divide contestants (organizers are expecting somewhere between 200 and 300 participants) into four age groups, with separate competitions for vocalists age 10 and younger, ages 11 through 14, ages 15 through 17, and age 18 and older. In addition to the grand-prize winner, there will be first- and second-place winners from each age group. (Those winners will receive movie and theater tickets, as well as studio time at Priddis Music’s Castle recording studio in Lindon.)

Why sing?

Some of the people who toss their wireless mics into the Top Talent ring will be serious about winning, or at least about showing improvement. Sarah Holmes, a student at LDS Business College who lives in Salt Lake City and works at a Kneaders Bakery & Café store, said that she tries to get better every time she competes.

Holmes, 19, said that she does have music in her family tree — her father plays both the drums and the violin and attended school at Juilliard on scholarship — but that she didn’t grow up with it. “I was horrible at singing up until about my sophomore year in high school,” she said.
She got bit by the singing bug after watching Murray resident David Archuleta compete on “American Idol” and threw herself into singing with a will. “I just really went at it; I practiced for at least four hours a day,” Holmes said. Eventually, she even got in as a student with Dean Kaelin, the voice coach who trained Archuleta.  

***For the complete article, click HERE***

Thanks to Maureen (ABMS) for this article!!

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Crush Kids Ornaments Project Continues!!!

 You have the chance to purchase this special Crush Kids’ Cancer ornament! A portion of the proceeds from this ornament will be donated to Crush Kids’ Cancer as our Christmas and Birthday present to David this year!

The ornament is $12 and will hang nicely on every Archie’s Christmas tree, or could be a great stocking stuffer! If you do not celebrate Christmas but still want to be a part of this project, you can always purchase an ornament and give it to someone you know will love it, or donate it to a local hospital, etc.

Project runs through Dec 31, 2012, and at the end we will be letting David know how many ornaments sold and how much was raised for Crush Kids’ Cancer! We know David will love this Christmas/Birthday present from all of his fans this year!

You can go HERE to purchase a Crush Kids’ Cancer ornament.

It’s the season of giving (and celebrating David’s birthday) and The Kids’ Chapter is excited for this new end-of-the-year, holiday project!

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vote Vote VOTE !!!

Readers’ Choice Voting Continues!


Golden Teevee

1. Fave Variety & Game Show – vote for Wil Time Bigtime! (haha!)

17. Fave TV Drama – Nandito Ako

Golden Mask Awards

3. Fave TV Young Rising Star – vote for Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis

4. Fave Breakthrough TV Performance – VOTE FOR OUR BOY!

“Loveteams” who didn’t make it to formal poll will be included in a Wild Card poll.

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A Few More Singapore Pics and Vids!

****NOTE: I failed to post the Singapore airport zealous pandemonium yesterday.. #FailMe I’ll link you up today to watch it HERE!***

We strolled down Singapore “Zouk” Showcase Lane yesterday, and I have a few more pics to add ~  So good! From JessicaMichaela

This was the part where he described getting the wrinkles out of his shirt… I think 😉

Love seeing that TOSOD image on the screen! One of my favs!! 

I meant to upload the color (original) of this photo…but Black & white is nice, too. 🙂

Another from Larissa ..Her pic of the day, today. **CLICK to make it nice and BIG**

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Also  From Singapore 2010

Singapore credit SuperAdriane

SuperAdriane had great pics !! Remember these?

maddiejogirl's Singapore superadrianme album on Photobucket

His autograph signing also on 11/14 was fun!!! And busy!!!

During the autograph signing he was treated to an “early Happy Birthday!”

Vid Credit : yycoabsg

The Nokia Press conference was also that day~ vid credit to Superadrianeme1

David discusses music, the making of elevator, his new camera….big hands… I love watching all these old vids!!!

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Rainbow’s Influence In Fans

Rainbow references are popping up a lot more lately! Mary Lou shared some cOlOrFuL rainbow avis  fans have taken on to celebrate the newly released Rainbow Remix MV (I’ve just gotta see it soon! 🙂  ) Linda sent this purrrty pic in!

LSCtheLiverLady BEGIN.s her day in a “Rainbowish Way.”

Gwen was inspired to write a new little poem in Rainbow’s honor!

Hello all,
Hope you are all doing well and keeping warm. Finally got around to doing a new
Mr.D poem and here is another little bit that I thought of yesterday and wanted
to share.

David you have created the most magnificent RAINBOW that stretches across our
beautiful world.
You have blended us together no matter what age,race,religion or country that we
are from.
We have all become this beautiful arc of love.
Somewhere over this rainbow we are all waiting for that pot of gold in 2014.

Other Thursday Tidbits From Around the Web

credit~ Iamjohnn.tumblr and Iamcortezian “FUNKY CHAIR!” ~

posted by PeaceLoveDavid on tumblr

*brought over by @Sarahazel ~ credit unknown~

Credit Shelley

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Please forgive me for my ending randomness today but for some reason I’ve watched this last vid (below)a number of times over the past few days. I think it all started when @Lunagrover told me about a teddy bear she’d recently made. Immediately I thought of  “Let’s Talk About Love.”  🙂 Seems like so long ago when I met @Northernangel1 and GMAX4 at the Mall of America to purchase our “David Archuleta LTAL” Singles and make our teddy bears at Build-a-Bear.

One bear I made as I remember was in honor of David’s Guitar Hero performance on AI. Remember your bears?

I have to admit…I still love this song and watching David record it! 🙂

* * * * * *

I know…I think I need sleep 😉 have a great Thursday everyone!

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  1. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 232nd day!!! Thanks for the fantastic Thursday post, Pastel!!!
    Gah!…the smile on that top pic….enough to light up the whole universe!….(great photo edit once again by Hanne)
    EH MV on Musiqtone tomorrow?!…..Awesomeage!!!
    More Singapore goodies from days past…..love ’em!

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Rowzzz ‏@ArchieGabee

    ok archies, brace yourselves UNF @DAVIDARCHIE http://tmblr.co/Z8llTyXKOZDU

  3. sarahhazel says:

    Hope you guys won’t mind repeats of these HD stuff…..hehe….

  4. sarahhazel says:

    I can’t wait any longer for the RMV party….so……(sorry, but it’s so YUMMY!)

  5. Good Morning everyone. A quick Hey! & Hello!. Have to work today.
    Great post Pastel. I loves seeing the vids from singapore.
    Sarahhazel,__You can post those HD pics all day long if you want. Saves me from going back to see it again.

  6. Sarahhazel___I love that Rainbow cake. Yummy is right.

  7. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    sarahhazel @ 10:32, it’s from this performance from the Skate From The Heart special:


  8. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Linda….saved you a piece of the cake! 🙂

  9. Anita says:

    Good Morning everyone! Thank you Joanie for the wonderful post. I think JackRyan had a good point yesterday about not post the Rainbow video just yet. I certainly don’t want David to lose out. Anyway, this gives me something great to look forward to! I was wathing X-Factor last night and decided to add another thing to my bucket list…David guest mentoring with Demi Lavato, if she’s still there in 2014! I know Simon’s support of David is questionable, but Demi and David are very good friends, and supportive of one another. I think David would be thilled to mentor with her. I really don’t want to hate on JB, but David is tons more qualified to mentor than he is.

  10. sarahhazel says:

    palmtreephan–Hi!…I thought it was…..He looked really good…..thanks!

  11. Bychance says:

    Morning all! Joanie, I love your ending randomness! LTAL is a fav of mine….love that register of his voice, and the upbeat message and the adorable cuteness watching him record. Fun to see it again. Have a great day everyone!

  12. cq#DA2014 says:

    Fabuloso Thursday post Joanie.
    Loving that we are getting a few things to get excited about while he’s away. Although, as a fan, I’m very grateful for the crumbs while he is away, it does seem not complete because he isn’t here to talk, promo and get us fans excited with his vlogs. I’m hoping that we get something (maybe a note on OS) for the Holidays from him personally. Don’t really think that would hurt his missionary work, but it sure would give life to all the loyal sad fans that miss him so much.

  13. kimk says:

    sarahhazel have seen a lot mentioned about David being very similar to Harry.
    not sure if they are the same types of folks but they are both cute!

    Joanie thanks!!

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Anita, By chance, cq! 🙂

    cq–would be awesome if we could get even a short holiday note from him!

  15. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–yes, they are!

  16. Sarahhazel, thanks for the cake. YUM! YUM!.

  17. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–you’re welcome!….now, save me some pepper bellies in case you get tempted too…haha!

  18. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    Good Morning all 🙂 ~and what a fabulous post Joanie…thanks!

    Good Grief/Holy Moly ~ Hanne has outdone herself with that lead picture. I do believe that cobalt blue is David’s color…well, at least ONE of them! Still like him in BLACK most of all 🙄

    I was in the middle of cleaning my house but had to take a peek at the front page…we all need an archubreak, right?!? lol

    Have yourself a lovely day however you spend it…take heart ~a RAINBOW is bound to appear soon 🙂

  19. Anita says:

    sarahhazel-Hi!! I agree that it’s time to get out that wonderful David and MOTAB DVD! Even though I didn’t go to one of the concerts, I still have such great memories of December 2010!!!

  20. kimk says:

    Tina is a pip!! 🙂

    rhiminee ‏@rhiminee
    @DavidArchie stop sending me emails. No I won’t come visit you in Rio, even when you send me pics like this http://bit.ly/S0qo8c :p

    ha he did not forget about me!

  21. kimk says:

    Anita and sarahhazel arghs.. would love to see PBS re-air it too this year!!
    MOTAB was the best of the best of the best!!

  22. Candy says:

    Super Duper Thursday post Joanie, thank you!
    I dont know what magic Hanne weaves on her edits but they knock my socks off. The man is naturally stunning but she has found a way to enhance those gorgeous features.

  23. Kimk, Anita Sarahhazel—I have to order my MOTAB DVD. Can you believe i don.t have it yet. Next week for sure.

    Well off to work. Have an awesome Rainbow Day. Will lurk from work.
    C U tonight.

  24. OH!!! By the way, Anita, i got my e-mail from David too.

  25. palmtreephan (#DA2014.....and always) says:

    ….and thank YOU, sarahhazel, for all the bits and pieces of sheer deliciousness you contribute each morning. Not a one escapes me! 🙂

    kimk, LOVE me some Tina!!!

  26. Candy says:

    WHAT??????????? an email from David….WAWAWAWWA I dont have one. *pouting*

  27. breanne says:

    Great post Joanie!! Love the photo edit at the top of the page! Also, love the screencaps from Rainbow!! I got an email from David today too! Made my day!! For some reason my comments haven’t been posting for the past 2 days so hopefully this one will.

    Be sure to keep watching Everybody Hurts mv to get the #’s up:

  28. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go:

  29. breanne says:

    Everybody Hurts is #4 on MYXPH. Use all your email addresses & vote 1 time per email address:

  30. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–don’t think it will air….but hope the CD & DVD sells well….we have to promote! promote! promote!

  31. sarahhazel says:

    VOTE! He’s got 53% and numero uno so far!!!

  32. sarahhazel says:

    Got my e-mail too! 🙂

  33. Candy says:

    Going to finish enjoying this terrific post then head out to food shop! BBL

  34. psalmsgirl90 says:

    Thanks for today’s post. I really liked the Let’s Talk About Love Music Video. I really like this site. I go on here everyday. Thank you for the hard work you go through to put the posts up everyday. I really appreciate it.

  35. Anita says:

    Linda-Hmmm…I think you were referring to someone else, because I didn’t get an e-mail from David! BOO HOO!!!!

  36. VaBeachArchie says:

    FABULOUS post Joanie! The Hanne/DerikLim edit photo…YIKES! STUNNING! THANKS SamLouiseG…you made me SMILE! Also thanks to ALL for the Singapore pics and vids!

    YES! Everybody Hurts on Musiqtone! MORE VOTING to add to our David duties!Thanks sarahhazel and breanne for the links to vote and David goodies!

    Have a GREAT day EVERYONE! 🙂

  37. sarahhazel says:

    psalmsgirl90–Hi!…please drop by more often….the more, the better here! 😀

  38. kimk says:

    Candy lol we are just so special!
    I just got mine but some got theirs this morning.. think they are going out in waves.

    Linda it really is worth it.. no joking they are very nice with closeups and the sound is magnificent!!

  39. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–hurry and get your GCT DVD….worth every penny!

  40. sarahhazel says:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice


  41. sarahhazel says:

    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice

    LEAVE A COMMENT ON David Archuleta’s OS New Edition of Forevermore Out Now! http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=5200 @davidarchie

  42. sarahhazel says:

    sαbαrαni ‏@rannics

    davidarchie when he had visited Indonesia on July 16th, 2011. Look! He wore blangkon and he got many gifts http://instagr.am/p/SD0Novy-Sx/

  43. kimk says:


    katie (moore) ‏@K_80
    I miss this baby angel.


    dang we all miss him!

  44. sydnie says:

    WooHoo got my email from David! 😀
    Great post Joanie, love all the entertaining stuff! Those jr4da pics are

  45. sydnie says:

    Oh what happened to the rest of my post?

  46. sydnie says:

    Cont….jr4da pics are beautiful and D’s looking very mature and manly but still angelic!

    Kimk, hate to admit but that 1D Pepsi commercial song with Drew Brees is still stuck in my head since aired during the World Series lol! They’re cute, entertaining & non offensive, not that I’m a fan or buying their music anytime soon but understand why many of D’s young fans migrated…..just hope they return to support D later and those 1D boys are just temporary substitutes haha!

    Just stopping for a quick hello, back to work! Bye all! 🙂

  47. kimk says:

    sydnie yup to all about D and 1D. they are more mainstream with many things and don’t seem to mind all the fangirl hoopla.. but they are in general similar.
    ha and they do love the ladies.

  48. sarahhazel says:

    Aw, “baby angel”….so sweet….miss him much too!!!

  49. sarahhazel says:

    peacesignpam ‏@peacesignpam

    David Archuleta Sleigh Ride: http://youtu.be/J0vnmwPn6bk via @youtube fav of all time! can’t help fist pumping, I was so excited after than Neigh!

  50. sarahhazel says:

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr

    Just heard @DavidArchie The Other Side of Down in Gap store. Thought they were playing David Archuleta’s cd but the next song was I’m Yours.

  51. VaBeachArchie says:

    Back to the beach then off to work! ENJOY your David time guys! Guess we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings …will there be a RAINBOW SIGHTING? Hugs to all! 🙂

  52. kimk says:

    sarahhazel hmm that shirt.. going to guess that pic was taken in Tenn? remember a pic from some lovely ladies and an ice cream shop?

  53. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–yeah, I remember the ice cream shop pic with the gals!

  54. sarahhazel says:

    Jessica Kasper ‏@KasperTheGhost_

    David Archuleta is playing on my pandora, and he is really good #woah

  55. sarahhazel says:

    Linda S.Callaway ‏@LSCtheliverlady

    OMG!Southlake Texas traffic stinks!Got @DavidArchie tunes Blaring…my Co motorists R loving it too!! Lol #partyontexashywy114

  56. sarahhazel says:

    Crush Kids’ Cancer ‏@TheKidsChapter

    18 ornaments sold in the last 2 weeks! Thanks everyone! Learn more about our @DavidArchie Christmas/Bday Project –> http://www.thekidschapter.org/2012/11/our-david-archuleta-christmasbirthday.html

  57. sarahhazel says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    http://lockerz.com/s/261690714 A few more pix from 2 years ago in Singapore. Long day of interviews, autograph .

  58. sarahhazel says:

    Wonder if there are gonna be lovely Santa elves around him in Chile?

  59. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol my guess that there is outlawed.

  60. kimk says:

    solana ‏@ascphil
    Good morning from this side of the world! Want a @DavidArchie smirky smile? #RainbowMVTeaser


  61. Sparkles2 says:

    Good day all…Beautiful here in Louisiana….Question: Was David’s name dropped from one of the polls? Seems he was on another one. Have a Blessed day all. Always here lurking!

  62. Ali says:

    Oh lol of course now it works.

    Sparkles – I tried to comment in reply to your question but the site ate it. Maybe you’re thinking about the Loveteam poll? Its not on the same site with all the others because its a wildcard poll. I would post the link but I think that’s what kept my comment from going through last time. If you scroll up they have a picture of the Loveteam poll in today’s main post and if you click on it, it takes you to the site to vote.

  63. Ooooookay. The fanbase has been complaining am killing them w/ the Rainbow screencaps & teasers. So I asked David what he thought of this. Ya know what he said?!


    Have you ordered FEE?

  64. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    THANKS JackRyan, You’re the best 😀

  65. breanne says:

    Taylor Swift has a song on her new album called Begin Again. Sorry Taylor. you will never ever ever ever and I mean ever sing as good as David does!!!!!!

  66. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Breanne! You’re kidding, she named it Begin Again? She couldnt come up with something else? I realize there are similar titles or even the same, but so soon after Davids. Well, maybe when someone looks up her album they’ll see Davids Begin. A great, great, great, great singer 😀

  67. BTW, some threads ago, one Archie said he/she is coming to Manila this Niovember. I cannot remember the name but I left my email on the thread for her/him to contact me. I wonder if that trip ever pushed through?

  68. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey jackryan, I remember that, but I cant remember who that was. Ummm, hmmm, I’m thinking 🙄 Gosh, sorry, If I think of who it was, I’ll put it here in the comments.

  69. Elysian says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been MIA for the last week because I am being buried at work! Usually, things slow down during the holiday period but this year I am slammed with 5 huge projects that must be completed before Xmas. Each of these projects usually take about two weeks each but I have finish all of them in half that time!! (Heavy Sigh) Oh well, it will be harder to miss David this Xmas if I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off at work! OOPS, no offense to the Fine Feathered Foursome!

    I check out this site to give me a boost of energy and happiness when I am pooped from work deadlines or holiday chaos. 🙂

  70. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi everyone. Just got in from dinner at my daughters. Joanie thanks for those Singapore videos. Hanne you manage to make David look more handsomer than usual. Love it.
    jackryanDA –Thanks for the tidbits. 😎

  71. sarahhazel says:

    Andrea C ‏@AndreaFOD

    decorated for Christmas @davidarchie :)) … jk.. some gifting will be going on soon ! http://twitpic.com/bdjz5n

  72. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Elysian! Watch what ya say there,lol. Actually, The Fine Feathered Fellows do run around like…………with heads attached 😆 They’re a handful. Great job on those projects, sounds like you have had your hands full.

    Hey supergrand, hope you had a wonderful dinner with your daughters 😀

  73. Elysian says:

    breanne- LOL, I agree with your comment! However, she is hugely popular. If I was a guy, I would never want to date Taylor because its inevitable that he will be the subject of a breakup song on her next album! For someone so young, she certainly has a lot of boyfriends! I think she is in love with the idea of love which, fortunately for her, gives her a great deal of material to write about.

  74. sarahhazel says:

    With @davidarchie @rtorano and David’s mom http://twitpic.com/pxmhp

  75. sarahhazel says:

    Lauren Birkholz ‏@birkholz7

    Oh my god David Archuleta is beautiful

  76. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi Elysian Sorry to hear you are swamped with work. Try and take it easy and don’t wear yourself out. We are waiting for our FEE album. Trying to be patient. 😉

  77. Elysian says:

    Hi Beth!!!- I bet the boys are getting all antsy about the holidays! What is on their Xmas wish list this year?? I’m guessing something plaid?

  78. Hello everyone. i finally made it here.

  79. Elysian says:

    Hi supergrandjudie- So glad that you are back and commenting again after your Sandy ordeal! 🙂 Thanks for the words of encouragement! It will get done, and then I get to collapse.

  80. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel- Thanks for sharing that adorable photo of David, his mom, Peewee and a friend. What great smiles they all have. Can’t help but smile too looking at it!

  81. Elysian says:

    jackryan- So nice of you to reach out to the Archie who is visiting Manila soon!

  82. Elysian says:

    Hi Linda!

  83. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    jackryan4DA and Beth- I thought it might’ve been JR who said he was going to Manila in November. Not sure though.

  84. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Elysian! Well the Fine Feathered Fellows are all a flutter over the holidays. Well, wish #1 is to have burgers & fries on Thanksgiving, being supportive to fellow fowl, you understand 😀 Wish #2, new plaid ski pants, to coordinate with their plaid parkas. Wish #3, time for new moonboots, not plaid though, something that goes with plaid, something tasteful & understated to bring the ensembles together, they must be stylin’ this winter, they have their rep’s to think about you know 😀

    Hey Linda!

  85. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Elysian Thank you.

    Hi Linda Did you ever get the Forevermore Post Card album?
    Beth I had a great dinner at my daughter’s house. We play canasta too. I win once in a while out of pure luck. Her and her husband count cards. Too mathmatical for me. I just like to play and see where the cards fall. I drive them crazy. 😀

  86. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Today’s video pick from 200 favorite performances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9tSKLC-7pM

  87. JackRyan, OK, i got the message from David. Thanks anyway, ha,ha.
    Supergrandjudie good to have you here.
    Hi! Elysian, Beth you are such a good mother to your feathered friends.

    Is there any RAINBOWS in sight??

  88. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand, JR?

  89. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sorry that’s Elevator z100 performance

  90. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth – Maybe it was RJ. I get dislesic sometimes. 😉 😉

  91. Elysian says:

    Beth- I respect the Boys’ solidarity with their feathered brethren. Also, burgers and fries are always a good gastronomic choice. 🙂

    I was wondering, do the boys actually ski, or do they just like to hang out in the ski lodge all decked out in coordinating ski parkas, ski pants and moon boots to look fine for the ladies???

  92. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand, oh my heck, canasta. I use to play that with my grandma a long time ago. I would stay over night & we would put a card table between us on the sofa & play cards. My grandpa would be in his chair behind my grandma watching Gunsmoke or Bananza(loved those shows,lol) & he would make funny faces behind her & it would take every ounce of willpower not to laugh like crazy, lol. (this was my other Grandma, not the one we lost in August, she passed away around 1980, but she was an incredible baker, knitterer(sp? lol) & Grandma 😀

  93. Elysian says:

    Janel-Thanks for the vid of the Z100 Elevator performance! The jazzy vibe when David sang it “elevated”Elevator to a whole new level. BEST ELEVATOR performance EVER!!!

    Also, in trying to catch up with the threads of the last few days, I see that you have been having some hard times. I just want to add my two cents that you a much valued contributor to this site who has a ton of friends here who care about you and have your back. Please keep your chin up!

  94. Elysian says:

    Beth-Awwww, what sweet memories you have of your grandparents. Your grandfather sounds like a real kidder!

  95. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Linda, awww thanks 😳 The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd are Good Eggs 😆

    supergrand, oh, RJ, lol.

    Elysian, good gastronomic choice 😆 Oh, no, they dont ski, just like you said, they’re just they’re to find chicks 😀 Sometimes they put their wing in a sling, chicks love a macho, injured skier ya know 😉

  96. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth- That’s so sweet. It’s great that you got to spend time with your grandparents. My daughter and I usually play all kinds of games like pictionary, scrabble, pinochle and we love to do jigsaw puzzles together in the winter months. We have a lot of fun together.

  97. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Elysian, Thanks & yeah, he was a character. He had this one face he would make that would crack you up & when he did it behind her back, it was hysterical. He took pics of her sleeping, drove her nuts, we have several of those pics in photo albums,lol. When I was like 7, I had 5 dollars to get all 26 relatives a Christmas gift. I gave them a little Alter Boy Candle. They never burned it, they put it out every year, so sweet. Whenever I stayed over night, I wrote my grandpa a letter, telling him to wake me up at 5:00 so I could go to the donut shop with him, but he never did, said I needed my sleep,lol. But you know what, they kept every note I wrote him 😀 (sorry if I’ve mentioned these stories before 🙄 😀 )

  98. Fiona says:

    Sparkles2, hi! I am also in Louisiana! Nice to hear of another fan from here!
    Hi everybody! 🙂
    Dying to see Rainbow MV!!!

  99. Elysian says:

    Beth- Putting their wings in a sling to appeal to the mother hen in their chick friends??? I didn’t realize the Boys are such smooth operators!!!

  100. Elysian says:

    Hi Fiona!

    Beth-I don’t remember hearing any of these stories before, and I am loving them!! 🙂 In fact, they make me all misty eyed imaging everything you’ve described. Thanks for sharing!!!

    supergrandjudie- Both my family and my husband’s family and all of our kids love to play board games or card games and make jigsaw puzzles. I thought in this electronic world, we were the only ones left still having good old-fashion, low tech fun. So nice to hear that you and your daughter enjoy it too!! 🙂

  101. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand, yeah it was wonderful. I’m going to buy some games soon, so our family can play them, spend time together. It sounds like you have lots of family fun. Isnt it the best, spending time with family, friends. If the rest of your family is as wonderful as you & MrSgj, well, sounds like a pretty special family 😀 You can find a really great person or 1,000 here at FOD 😀

  102. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Fiona!

    Elysian 😆

    Elysian, awwwe thanks. I have lots of great memories, they make for great stories at Thanksgiving & Christmas time 😀

  103. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Just a sad note I read today in the paper. The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey. was damaged by the storm, Hurricane Sandy. It had to cancel some shows and some are being scheduled to other venues. They say it won’t be open till Spring, 2013. I saw David perform there on February 26, 20o9. It was the David Archuleta Tour. Couldn’t believe that he came so close to my home town. Almost died. That concert was out of sight. Full house and very intimate. One of my great memories of seeing David and hearing his terrific voice. After the concert, we waited outside by the bus and he came out. It was freezing cold. He wore a little courduroy jacket. It was warmer that day and got cold at night. I think he borrowed the jacket. He signed my Bio Magazine Book . I remember how sweet it was of him to come out and see us.

  104. Elysian says:

    supergrandjudie- I agree with everything Beth just said about you and the others here at FOD! 🙂 Actually, what she said also applies to her! 🙂

    Well, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you all but I have chores to attend to. UGH! Goodnight Beth, supergrandjudie, Linda, Fiona and everybody else who is still here. Sweet dreams!!!

  105. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    supergrand, dang it, sorry to hear about
    that venue, but it sounds like it will be back
    so thats good to hear 😀 G’night

  106. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Elysian, you’re so sweet, Thanks.
    OK, I really mean it, G’night 😀

  107. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Elysian. Sweet dreams.

    Hi Fiona.

  108. Good night Beth, Elysian, Sweet Dreams.

  109. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth sweet, sweet dreams.

  110. Fiona says:

    Smiles to all! What would we do without our David friends?!! 🙂
    Currently hooked on David singing A merry Christmas to me. Absolutely love that song, wish we had a good recording of it but grateful for the undercover one from EmilyluvsArchie!! His voice in that is just like honey 🙂

  111. Fiona, yes it’s time to bring out David Christmas album. He sings beautiful in CFTH.

  112. kimk says:


    Ivory Music & Video ‏@IvoryMusicVideo
    TUNE IN TO MYX AND YOU CAN NOW VOTE FOR THE SONG of your favorite artists to top the charts at the Daily Top10,…

  113. Goodnight evryone, i’m not feeling well so i am going to go to sleep early.

    SGJ, Goodnight,Kimk, Fiona, and anyone that is still here.

  114. Fiona says:

    Good night, Linda, hope you feel better soon!

  115. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda Goodnight. Hope you feel better. Sweet dreams.

  116. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! Yay! It’s Friday….night off for me! Work has been CRAZY! Too much work and NOT enough David time! If the holidays aren’t hard enough, we’re getting a visit by the “big wigs” of the company! Guess they want to see why we’re doing so well!

    LOVED reading all the comments…you guys are a riot! You sure do make this Archie smile! THANKS to all for the links to pics, vids and info! You guys ROCK!

    Is this going to be a RAINBOW DAY? Would be perfect for me…I’d be around to enjoy all the SPAZZING and HYPERVENTILATING! Work all weekend.

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY! Off to vote before I hit the road! Hugs to all! 🙂

  117. Suzanne says:

    Everybody Hurts is not listed on that MV site? Do they change the contents later today?

  118. kimk says:

    AHH PREVIEW!!!!!!

    Love what I hear so far!!!!

    aldrien ‏@JONaldrien
    David Archuleta – Rainbow (Remix) PREVIEW 40s.: http://youtu.be/takVxOJbBZE via @youtube

  119. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    This is how every Archies are going to react when Rainbow MV is officially out
    haha @DavidArchie @kariontour

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @SamLouiseG hahaha

    lol yup that will be us!! 🙂

  120. kimk says:

    not sure if this was posted yet but it is so pretty!



    one handsome guy there!

  121. kimk says:

    Right Now I/O Feed ‏@rightnowio_feed
    another pic from 2 years ago, Nov 15 in Singapore @DavidArchie http://www.rightnow.io/breaking-news/singapore_bn_1353059164556.html … #Singapore via @missitii91

  122. kimk says:

    Donnary #DA2014 ‏@Donnary17
    Dont forget to Vote for @davidarchie’s Everybody Hurts in http://myxph.com

    Everybody Hurts is still #4!!

  123. kimk says:

    ha not so patient here..


  124. kimk says:

    Odysseylive ‏@odysseylive

  125. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning Suzanne and kimk! TGIF and maybe a RAINBOW DAY!

    kimk….THANKS for the links to the David goodies! David is on handsome Elder! Sure do MISS him!

    Seems we’ve been WAITING for the Rainbow MV FOREVER! Guess the older I get the less patient…want everything NOW!

  126. kimk says:

    VABeach maybe we will get more soon.. think FEE launch is Saturday Manila time!! 🙂
    oh and isn’t he is bee’s knees!!
    miss that young man a ton!!

  127. kimk says:

    oops.. isn’t he THE BEE’S KNEES!!

  128. ATX #DA2014 says:

    TGIF!!! Cloudy here in Texas, maybe rain and a RAINBOW coming ????? How great would that be?

    Kimk, thank you for making this site what it is. I lurk everyday, several times a day and I can always count on you and Mods to make it fun and entertaining.

  129. ATX #DA2014 says:

    I find it interesting when BEGIN. came out, we barely the album and YT had every song posted. Now with Rainbow, nada. It’s like there was a secret message included to not download or something. Not complaining, too much, just find it interesting.

  130. ATX #DA2014 says:

    It is early, should have said: we barely HAD the album..

    Have a great day everyone, gotta get ready for work, unfortunately…..lol… Someday I will win the Lotto. Uhmmm, if I do then I could put on the “Archie’s Concert”, where I rent out a stadium and fly everyone to the 6 hour David concert, dinner, and meet and greet.

    Hey, a girl can dream!!!


  131. kimk says:

    ATX isn’t this and the other fansites fabulous where David is concerned!?
    ha I think I may love his fanbase and FOD almost as much as I love David!
    sure we are quite diverse.. we don’t always agree but that is the way real life is too.
    we are family the way I see it!!

  132. ATX – may be because the way it is set up in the DVD, it may take some techie stuff to rip the vid that an average Archie may not be aware of.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, if Rainbow Remix is the unique selling proposition of FEE, then posting it would defeat the purpose of selling it.

    If you notice, I have just been posting 3-4 sec teasers…

  133. sarahhazel says:

    new thread

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