David Archuleta: Joshing with a Sneak Peek,NEW RAINBOW REMIX SNEAK PEEK!! Tribute in Thanks From Viet Nam Archies! Crush Kids Cancer Ornament Project, MYX Vote, CFTH on Sale, More Smiles and Memories


NanditoAko Grand fans Day -credit NareeJo- *Click to bigger**

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Infectious, Captivating, David


Best Laugh Everrrrr  Gif set above credit to @SamLouiseG
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Sneak Peek? With Silly Tweets

I think this whole post today will most likely leave you with sore smilin’ cheeks! *my intent* Anywhoooo fans have been politely checking in with Kari from time to time seeking the status of the release of a certain “Rainbow Remix” song/mv starring David!!  Yesterday afternoon, Kari had this  fun little update regarding the vid!

Ohhhh did I hear sneak peek??

I guess Kari noticed my ears perked up..so she validated it~

and showed me she understood…completely!!

Have I said recently that I love Kari’s fun sense of humor?? Well I do!

Linda felt though that when her ears perk up at the mention of David and “Rainbow,” she has just a little different reaction~

Cindy decided that if we were a little too crazy with anticipation for the sneak peek maybe we could just…kinda  hang out and w a i t for it.

Yup, Cindy, I’d say that’s pretty darn perfect!!! 😀

And in the event you really need to move around a little while we wait for the “sneak peek” maybe we can just practice our doughie!

So maybe a sneak peek today?


It’s Rainbow Remix!!! Uptempo, Fresh, Fun, And Dancing!!!!LOVE IT!!

Stay tuned for more as FOREVERMORE EXPANDED EDITION which contains the Rainbow remix AND  mv will be released soon!!!

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A Tribute Of Thanks From The Viet Nam Archies

Thank you to Huong_DAVN and everyone for this beautiful “Thank you.” To see and hear all of you singing “Broken” together is truly beautiful!!

This is our thank-you to David Archuleta for giving us a special gift before he left, a gift made with all his heart and soul- the BEGIN. album.
This is also our thank-you to our donor-angels for their generosity and kindness!
We can never thank you enough.
We will look forward to the future, and will be going along with all our Archie friends through this new chapter in David’s life to wherever the road may lead.


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Vote On Myx and Chart Central

Since Everybody Hurts is doing so well on MYX, I wouldn’t mind seeing if it could reach #1 on the charts before the appearance of a “Rainbow!”  🙂 On that note, please click below to vote!


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 Crush Kids Cancer ~Kids Chapter

David Archuleta Christmas /Birthday Project

Have you ordered your Christmas/holiday ornament yet? Look! Mine has arrived and it’s wonderful!! Now I just need my tree!

With the holidays and David Archuleta’s birthday nearing, The Kids’ Chapter is starting our Christmas/Birthday Project!

Starting now until the end of the year, you have the chance to purchase this special Crush Kids’ Cancer ornament! A portion of the proceeds from this ornament will be donated to Crush Kids’ Cancer as our Christmas and Birthday present to David this year!

The ornament is $12 and will hang nicely on every Archie’s Christmas tree, or could be a great stocking stuffer! If you do not celebrate Christmas but still want to be a part of this project, you can always purchase an ornament and give it to someone you know will love it, or donate it to a local hospital, etc.

Project starts Nov 1 until Dec 31, 2012, and at the end we will be letting David know how many ornaments sold and how much was raised for Crush Kids’ Cancer! We know David will love this Christmas/Birthday present from all of his fans this year!

You can go HERE to purchase a Crush Kids’ Cancer ornament.

It’s the season of giving (and celebrating David’s birthday) and The Kids’ Chapter is excited for this new end-of-the-year, holiday project!
Also be sure to check out these other new Crush Kids’ Cancer products,

all great gifts for the holiday season!

Thanks Kids Crush Cancer Team for all you’re doing for the kids for David!

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Christmas From The Heart 

Barnes and Noble, and Sears have great prices on CFTH CD this Fall! It makes a perfect early gift, and if you have any extras to gift, consider gifting some( for example)  to Karin (Zerogravity1) and her pediatric patient gift baskets in Atlanta.  Click on the graphic below to head to Barnes and Noble . Check out that price!!!! If your order is $25 or more, you can qualify for free shipping as well!

Also check out CFTH from Sears!! $5.99 with .99  shipping!! Click below to head over to Sears!

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More to Bring  a Smile to Your Face

Thx to Sara Hazel  for bringing this from tumblr~ original cred unknown~

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I’ll Be right Back! 

Who remembers this performance ..awww David…. His sinuses were acting up. He had to quickly run off stage for a kleenex. Click to put Sam’s gif set in motion.

David sitting with BIG (Bench Billboard) David!! Thx Sara Hazel for bringing it over!

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David’s Funniest /Cutest Moments

I haven’t watched these vids made by Dania for awhile, and I think today is a good day for a double dose!  Part 1 and part 2. Ohhhh  such great memories!

And Here’s part 2 Again a huge thx to Dania!

And for pure singing performance pleasure, here’s “Works  For Me” from Reno! Thx to Tinabeebop for this awesome vid!

* * * * *
Have a great Thursday everyone! If the “sneak peek” comes, I’ll surely get it posted!

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  1. Fiona says:

    This post is a great way to wake up today!!!! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. ksf says:

    hAPPY tHURSDAY!! 😆

    Thanks for the new post. Sooo many goodies but all I can say is…


    Have a wonderful day all!

  3. kimk says:

    Joanie good morning.. thank you!
    lol those pups got it right.. EXCITED and not leaving my computer til it DROPS!!

    Good morning folks!!
    Happy Thursday!

    Hanne ♥ ツ ‏@HanneDenmark
    RT @Huong_DAVN: BEGIN. video tribute by David Archuleta Vietnam http://wp.me/pmkx9-alz <– What an AWESOME tribute video – thanks <33

    lol what? ha..
    ℉π∀n℃!S ‏@plainfrancis
    @oheulacaballero waah! rumors are speading na You and @DavidArchie is in a relationship! lol!

    Insignificant Idiot ‏@AbsurdArt
    Did David Archuleta fall into the Bermuda Triangle or something. #WhereYouAt

  4. ksf says:

    Random question: Why does David say “anythin” instead of “anything?” Regional dialect or just David dialect? Lol.

  5. Fiona says:

    By the way, I ordered some CFTH cds from Barnes and Noble for Christmas presents for my kids teachers and so did my friend! Great gift at a great price 🙂

  6. kimk says:

    Fiona great price!


    LOVE Kari’s background.. she used to have a rain background.. NOW A RAINBOW!! 🙂

    Rubi ‏@rubi_DA2014
    Blessed Thursday @kariontour. Have a #BouncyRainbow day ahead! lol. Just #OverExcited 4 d #RainbowRemixMv sneak peek 🙂 pic.twitter.com/pfxUUFfh

  7. jhen says:

    Hello everyone! Awww, David contagious, infectious smile. Miss him much.

  8. jhen says:

    Like all those dog pic tweet. Funny and cute!

  9. pocoelsy says:

    Hello all,

    What a fun-ny post 😀 thank you Joanie, sneak peek won’t come soon enough lol

  10. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Kimk, Jhen, Fiona, Ksf , hope you all have a good morning/ night :), those dog pics are so cute and funny, haha our ears are really perking at the slightest mentioned of anything David 🙂

  11. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- when is the sneak peek of Rainbow?

  12. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen !!!

    I also have no idea just saw people talking around Twitter (like the one above from Kari) said MAY BE she’ll post a sneak peek tomorrow, but Kari is such a teaser haha..we’ll see, how are you doing haven’t talk to you in a while!!

  13. pocoelsy says:


    Thank you for wishing me well on my trip in the last thread 🙂 , I will prolly have a great time there..seeing my mom and relatives and friends again and it’s the right time to go to Bangkok it’s not too hot during mid Nov. to mid Jan..we used to call it “winter”, it’s nothing like sooo cold as in your part of the world, it’s just mild and breezy and dry, pleasant !!

    I’ll be missing you all very much 🙁 definitely lurk a lot and will come in to say Hello as often as I can, just can’t stay away from anything Archie for too long 🙁

  14. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- hope Kari give us the sneak peek tomorrow, she knows we are drooling like the dog pic tweet lol . We haven’t see each other online. Yesterday, I was not able to visit the site. By the way, congratulation to President Obama.

  15. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- you went to Bangkok? I was not able to read last thread. Will read it later on. How’s the pre christmas shopping over there? Lot of tourist?

  16. pocoelsy says:

    Haha Jhen, not only we need “tissue/towel” to wipe our tears when he sings!!! we also need it to wipe urrr…our…. when we’re drooling so bad like this lol

  17. kimk says:

    Kari posted it yesterday about a snippet.. her background pic is now a RAINBOW instead of a rainy day scene.. so my guess maybe today!??!! 😯

  18. jhen says:

    What is LPG from last thread. I’m so late lol Code for David pictures

  19. pocoelsy says:


    I’ll be going there this Sunday, during this time of the year there’re a lot of tourist there, Christmas and New Year atmosphere is everywhere 🙂 I don’t celebrate Christmas tho but like I said the youngster, they celebrate everything haha, it’s fun. It’s must be fun and busy time for all the filipinas , you all celebrate Christmas right , wish I could go there one day ..at the same time as David going will be great lol, ahh dreaming again haha

  20. fa3ryg1rl says:

    Great post Joanie! 😀

  21. jhen says:

    Kimk- I really hope so today. Just hoping I’m not sleeping when she give the sneak peek. Because it’s evening here in Asia

  22. kimk says:

    jhen ohh it might be.. lol Kari loves to stagger her surprises! makes us wait!!

  23. pocoelsy says:


    We are so ready 🙂

  24. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- there are lot of Filipino businessman going to Bangkok to buy clothing and shoes to sell it in the Philippines. Because clothing, shoes, bags etc are cheaper in Thailand. And Bangkok have the latest fashion.

  25. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 225th day!!! Thanks so much for the awesome “smiles & perked ears” post, Joanie!
    Aw, that zillion-dollar smile top pic…..can’t help but put a big smile on my face too!
    The dog pics are so cuuuute!
    David’s funniest/cutest moments….what a joy to watch….the man always manages to keep us happy! 🙂

  26. pocoelsy says:


    HI, the lead picture!!! i think David was so busy and didn’t have time to shave haha niceee 🙂

    Wow Jhen, they come so far to buy clothes !!!

  27. sarahhazel says:

    Bravo to all VN Archies for their dedication!….They are so sweet to make that BEGIN. tribute video!

  28. sarahhazel says:

    pocoelsy–I like that….haha….he looks more manly! 😉

  29. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Love the top pic. Thanks to Sutty for sharing it and thanks to Naree the photography genius for taking it.
    Adorable smiley David.

  30. VaBeachArchie says:

    HAPPY THURSDAY FOD! It will be SPAZZ CITY if Kari gives us that SNEAK PEEK! lol Hope it happens before I have to go to work!!

    Hello Fiona, ksf, kimk, jhen and pocoelsy! FAB post Joanie! The lead off pic from Naree is awwwww MISS HIM! LOVED the silly tweets! EPIC performance of Works For Me…NEED more of THAT when David returns! Thanks Tinabeebop! LOVED Sam’s gif set….she always makes us smile!

    kimk…THANKS for the posting the link to the Vietnam Archies tribute vid! What an AMAZING job they did singing BROKEN!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and David time! We’ll all be WAITING to see if we’ll get that PEEK Kari! 🙂

  31. jhen says:

    Pocoelsy- 3 hrs flight I think, Filipinos like to go to Bangkok for tour and business

  32. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–noticed that too…..and the word “fun” also….he says it like “fuoan”…..kinda hard to describe it…..haha….maybe it’s just him, not regional thing at all…..

  33. jhen says:

    Sarah- did u went to Bench store visit in Manila? The picture up there.

  34. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning sarahhazel and Janel! Ready for a SNEAK PEEK? Fingers crossed! lol

  35. sarahhazel says:


  36. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–No…..but I wish!!!

  37. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–Hi!…..we are more than READY!!! 😀

  38. sarahhazel says:

    Taryn Kelly ‏@ttkelzo

    I forgot how much I love David Archuleta.

  39. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Hoping for the sneak peek but won’t really be on the edge of my seat. Girl Scouts to plan for tomorrow, laundry to do and errands to run. Tis my life.

  40. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG

    @DavidArchie: It’s very interesting how people feel like they know you, even though you don’t know them at all http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEwWsGHqi

  41. sarahhazel says:

    More VIP shopping by D….hehe….

  42. Oinkiers says:


    Good Morning everyone!!!

  43. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, Oinkiers!…..looks like you’re a little excited for the SP!

  44. pocoelsy says:


    I!!! on the other hand really want to see it before I have minimum access of internet and be the last person in Archuworld to view it, hehe

  45. Oinkiers says:

    🙄 ……….Are you talking to me? HEHEHE!!

  46. pocoelsy says:

    That Manila arrival, it’s hard to believe that he just came out from a long flight, always look fresh and fab..:)

  47. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning Oinkiers! Guess we ALL have a RAINBOW on our mind…it could be a really HAPPY THURSDAY! SNEAK PEEK FTW!

  48. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – Hi! 🙂 That’s right…I also noticed that about fun. Lol! Yeah, probably a David thing. So cute. Btw, I now have a new favorite tv channel. I was completely wrong before…Hands down THE BEST comedy I’ve ever seen. 😆

    Can’t wait to see Delicious Daytona in the RMV!

  49. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – Aww! Little R&B D is so cute!! Delicious was front and center even back then.

  50. sarahhazel says:

    Here’s the full video of that R&B duet….(intro then duet starts at around 9:14)

    Anybody know if there’s a David part video only?

  51. Oinkiers says:

    It just stinks we have this huge party planned with all the food ready to go and who else is exicited to see what Tami is going to wear? But no video!!! 😆

  52. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–almost forgot about DD! 😉

  53. granny Lyn from South Africa says:

    hi Joanie haa! haa! funny and cute post today, love all the little dogs, those ears on some of them!!!! love your lead pic, stunning!!!
    Hi Fiona, you must be getting very excited now with your parents going to visit you soon. Hope you have a wonderful time together. My son and family are coming down from Johannesburg and guess what my daughter in law will find in her stocking??? “Begin. ” of course!!! hope she likes it!!! of course she will who wouldn’t.

  54. sarahhazel says:

    David sure mastered that art of harmonizing way back…..
    I want them to duet one day again….same song…..gonna be AWESOME!!!

  55. sarahhazel says:

    Oinkiers—patience, my dear….patience….. 😉

  56. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – 😆 DD is here to stay.

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, granny Lyn!….sure nice when loved ones visit. 🙂

  58. Janel aka Nellie says:

    David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie

    We all need “a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow MV —> http://youtu.be/UtU4ywcRpfc (KS)

  59. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Awesome!! Thank you to Kari (because we all know you lurk here right?) for our sneak peek!

  60. Oinkiers says:

    Sarah- 😆 sneakpeak is on twitter just dont know how to put is on here!!!

  61. barbs says:

    re: Rainbow MV preview. Oh. My. GOSH! That is pure fantastic.

  62. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oinkiers, already shared it, look above your post.

  63. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here it is again. Let the squeeing commmence. LOLOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtU4ywcRpfc&feature=youtu.be

  64. Oinkiers says:

    Janel- LOL!! Thank you!!

  65. sarahhazel says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie

    We all need “a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow MV —> http://youtu.be/UtU4ywcRpfc (KS)

  66. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sarah, I win. LOLOL
    I’m hardly ever the first to post something here. He-he.

  67. sarahhazel says:



  68. Oinkiers says:

    SSSPPPPPPAAAAAAZZZZZZZ!!!! okay I am okay I promise!!! 😆

  69. Fiona says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That snippet!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Granny Lyn! Yes, they are here now and it is SO nice to see them again!! Enjoy your family too! 🙂

  70. sarahhazel says:

    Oinkiers—party is almost here!!! 😀

  71. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Where is Candy and Kimk our Squeeing, Spazzing queens????

  72. sarahhazel says:

    Where’s kimk???…..In the Archu-E/R already???! 😮

  73. sarahhazel says:

    Oh, yeah….and Candy too!

  74. sarahhazel says:

    Need to take a breather…..haha….BBIAF 🙂

  75. Oinkiers says:

    sarah- BREATH!!! DON”T PASS OUT ON US!!! I think sarah went to get brown bag to breath in!!

  76. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:


  77. ksf says:

    LOVE how COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT he looks! Way to go, David!! 😆

  78. pocoelsy says:

    Oinkiers ,

    Haha, we need a lot of brown paper bag here !!!

    Sarahhazel, are you ok ?!!

  79. kimk says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!



    the looks
    the dancing
    he is gorgeous
    the song

    GONER I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!

  80. ksf says:

    The re-mix rocks!! I think I like it better than the original album version.

  81. pocoelsy says:


    Are you commenting from Archuhospital lol ?

  82. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    The chest poppin’, the shoulder action…….that FAAAAACE!!!!

    Accccck…….I can’t take it!

  83. FunnyGirl says:

    What just happened??!!! OHMYHECKKKKKKKKK I love it too much!!! So amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 gahhhhh flail spazzzzzz *faints*

  84. kimk says:

    palmtree lol what you said!
    this video is gonna get a LOT OF HITS!!

  85. Oinkiers says:

    RRRAAAAYYYY!!!!! I think you are needed here!! STAT!!!!

  86. kimk says:

    Disney Dreaming ‏@Disney_Dreaming
    David Archuleta “Rainbow” Music Video Sneak Peek http://goo.gl/UueJD

    Here is a sneak peek of David Archuleta’s upcoming “Rainbow” music video! The music video will arrive on the Expanded Edition of David’s “Forevermore” album, which will be available soon.

    Here’s a description that was shared along with the video:

    We all need ‘a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow Music Video that will be available on the upcoming Expanded Edition of Forevermore out SOON in the Philippines and available for import to most areas.
    Let us know what you think!

  87. ksf says:

    True. It probably will get lots of hits since its the first uptempo video that he’s made. FINALLY!

  88. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    How dare they do it split screen……which image am I supposed to look at???? It’s dizzying. My gosh…….gonna DIE when the full version comes, seriously….this is seriously good. It’s so different from anything he’s done before. Bravo!!!

  89. pocoelsy says:


    His Fresh Face…Glowy…Happy..I can almost see butterfly when he sings “see the butterfly colors” with his hand :D.


  90. kimk says:

    Funnygirl really.. how long have we been waiting for this!!?

  91. frio says:

    lovely audio and visual experience 🙂

  92. jhen says:

    I think I can’t sleep tonight because of sneak peek lol

  93. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    I know, kim…… *hyperventilating*

    David, come baaaaaaack!!!!!

  94. ksf says:

    From this album that is.

  95. pocoelsy says:

    Haha the chase popping is killer_______________!!!

  96. kimk says:


    K Lacson ‏@XTINisLOWLAH
    Spaaaaazzzzing right now. Cant stop @DavidArchie RAINBOW 2.O SNEAK PEEK @DavidArchie

    DA ‏@melianichaa
    Dammit, am I the only one who isn’t watching Rainbow sneak peek yet? God I miss @davidarchie’s sexiness 😛

  97. kimk says:

    frio lol.

  98. frio says:

    I like how you can kinda see a very subtle five o’clock shadow (??), especially in profile 🙂 Hehe.

  99. kimk says:

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    I still believe that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the RAINBOW… ☆☺

  100. pocoelsy says:

    The way he looked in the camera at 07 mark is soooo HOT!!!

  101. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    This is @DavidArchie’s “I-know-I-make-you-swoon” look


  102. Oinkiers says:


  103. pocoelsy says:


    Who could go to sleep now lol the look, the eyes, the chase, the smile, the hands..how he moves….we are in big trouble eppppp.

  104. kimk says:

    I was spazzing over on twitter watching the clip.. COULDN’T MOVE!!

    umm this one might be his BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!

  105. Oinkiers says:

    pocoelsy and jhen- Good luck with sleeping 😆 !!!

  106. pocoelsy says:


    haha, Sam tweet just make it worse lol !!!

  107. Janel aka Nellie says:

    There’s our Kimk I knew it must be because you’re like a deer in the headlights or something. LOLOL

  108. tami lyn says:

    this is the david i’ve been waiting for!!! 🙂

  109. angelbymyside says:

    If this is a dream…nobody wake me up! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP

  110. pocoelsy says:


    Ha we need a lot of luck here, good timing lol !!! lucky you it’s just early morning there 🙂

  111. Oinkiers says:

    pocoelsy- you are right we are very lucky I have day to get SSSSSPPPPPAAAZZZZZness out of my system before bed time 😆 !!!

  112. sarahhazel says:

    Back!!! Everybody still breathing???!
    I see kimk has recuperated too…..haha!

  113. sarahhazel says:

    Now that’s Delicious Daytona taking over!!! 😉

  114. angelbymyside says:


  115. sarahhazel says:

    K Lacson ‏@XTINisLOWLAH

    Sorry for spazzing over @DavidArchie ‘s hotness okay?? Who can control emotions to this? No one!

  116. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG

    This is @DavidArchie’s “I-know-I-make-you-swoon” look http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md6daxzXM01r9dhlfo2_500.gif

  117. pocoelsy says:


    Don’t be too sure you can get rid of SPAZZZZNESS out of your system before bed time !!!

    Sarahhazel, thank goodness you’re OK lol

  118. sarahhazel says:

    karin ‏@zerogravity1

    RT @snowangelzz: DANG YOU, @DAVIDARCHIE, I HAVE WORK TO DOOO!!! #nahuhuhhuhAAhuhaaaa <— ME TOOOOOOOO ARCHULETA!!!!!

  119. Oinkiers says:

    pocoelsy- 😆

  120. sarahhazel says:

    jemima riza ‏@jemimoo

    Everytime a new vid/song of @DavidArchie is tweeted.. Mygad. Expect archies to unite and babble in excitement! @kariontour @ArchAngelsIndo

  121. VaBeachArchie says:

    LOVE THIS DAVID….SMOOTH and like Sam said…with the “I know I make you swoon look”! THANK YOU kari! Off to watch and ENJOY again……SPAZZ ING is such FUN!

  122. Candy says:


  123. sarahhazel says:

    pocoelsy–yup, Ray resuscitated me! 😀

  124. Candy says:

    Where is RAY with that danged crash cart…HOLY MOTHER OF SEXINESS!!!

  125. Oinkiers says:

    sarah- 😆 !!!

  126. sarahhazel says:

    Saras ‏@saraswyp

    @DavidArchie cried cried even tho its only the 33 secs preview of the full mv. And last but not least, you’re so beautiful bb ahhh love you!

  127. lani says:

    OEMMMMMGEEEEEE!!!! I wanna freeze the screen every second!!!! Can’t breathe……

  128. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–finally!….we were waiting for your SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  129. Candy says:

    thats hot enough to melt all the snow in NJ and power NY!!! I demand that David come home now!!

  130. Oinkiers says:

    Lani- here is brown paper bag for you!!!

  131. angelbymyside says:

    Candy ~ 😉

  132. sarahhazel says:

    lani–LOL….here’s a tank of oxygen for you….just in case!

  133. pocoelsy says:

    Ok I have to try to go to sleep now, wish me luck, haha


  134. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    Yes, David….I feel ya. Yup, uh huh…..I do!

  135. angelbymyside says:

    pocoelsy ~ well at least you will have sweet dreams 🙂

  136. Candy says:

    Oinkier-Forget the brown bag…we need defib STAT!!! WOW…can you say HOT BLOODED LATINO!! Enrique 2.0 has just emerged!!

  137. tami lyn :) says:

    just when u think david archuleta can’t possibly get any sexier he goes and does something like this!!! AHHHH 🙂

  138. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    LOL, Candy! BTW, happy your power is back on…..all the better to see David by!

  139. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Glad we can be removed from the squabbling about religion and politics and get on to the old fashioned spazzing about David!! Nice change of refreshing pace.

  140. tami lyn :) says:

    candy~ YOU ARE SO RIGHT! 🙂

  141. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    tamilyn, he is perfection on a stick. There…..I said it.

  142. pocoelsy says:

    I think RAY is checking himself in the Archuhospital, lol, check the ER !!!

    Ok I go for real !!! enjoy you SPAZZZYNESS everyone haha, take care all.

  143. Oinkiers says:

    Candy- 😆 You are sooo right HAHA!!

  144. ksf says:

    Umm…I’m beginning to rethink the whole “I’m sexy and I DON’T know it” thing. Yeah, right David! The jig is up. Sam is right — “I know I make you swoon” is EXACTLY what he’s thinking! We’ve all been bamboozled by the innocent schtick. LOL

  145. Oinkiers says:

    ksf- HAHAHAHA!!!

  146. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnight and sweet RMV dreams, pocoelsy!

  147. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–you forgot….that’s DD not D!!! 😉

  148. Janel aka Nellie says:

    ksf, he certainly knows how to work a camera and pull us right in!

  149. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–wish we could just SPAZZZZ till 2014 and beyond!

  150. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–no wonder the weather here is crappy…..David’s not here to spread sunshine!!!

  151. lani says:

    Thanks Oinkiers, Sarahhazel…I think I need to stock up for Nov.19 …. LOL

  152. kimk says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @weiyannn @kimak sorry not sorry http://tmblr.co/ZuxaEwWsQiPA


  153. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    @kariontour Thank you Kari!! :))) Love @davidarchie’s RAINBOW snippet!!! Ahhhhh! He sounds amazing & he’s sooo gwappo!!! :)))) WOOT WOOT!!

  154. ksf says:

    Oinkiers – And we thought his only REAL acting gig was NA… 😆 Playa, playa from the Himalayas!

  155. Philly Fan says:

    OMG-OH MY…..I love the song “Rainbow” one of my favorites from the CD….I sincerely hope when David returns he comes back like the David in that sneak preview video and then some. lol. This will definitely be on repeat/repeat/repeat. Can’t wait for the entire video. My wish would be that this video go viral on twitter so that everyone of the non fans can see what we as his fanbase sees when he sings. He does have the GOODS now he needs to use them. lol

  156. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–OMJ….Sam is trying to kill us over and over again with the GIF!

  157. ksf says:

    janel – yep! He’s a pro!

    sarahhazel – lol! I wonder though if D’s become so much like DD that its hard to tell them apart? They may be merging…

  158. Oinkiers says:

    ksf- 😆 it is soo true!!

  159. sarahhazel says:

    Philly–the US and whole world should see this side of David!

  160. kimk says:


    Weiyan haha. ‏@weiyannn
    i cannot get over how attractive this is:

  161. kimk says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie look at you, so chill haha http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md6etdb9Wv1r9dhlfo8_250.gif

  162. kimk says:

    sarahhazel they should.. they will have the opportunity when the video is released.

  163. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–Merging would be awesome!!!….that way we’ll SPAZZZZ and DIE over and over again….haha!

  164. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    Janel, it’s VERY refreshing, isn’t it???

    ksf……hahahahaaaaaaa! Su verdad!!

  165. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    kim @11:04…..I think that may be my favorite moment of the whole thing. The opening second.

  166. Jhen says:

    Oinkiers , Pocoelsy- lucky we still awake when sneak peek come out, now the problem is it’s past midnight, I still can’t sleep lol I keep playing the sneak peek lol

  167. sarahhazel says:

    Love the “shoulder dance” he did…..(a comment in YT called it that)!

  168. Oinkiers says:

    jhen- I figured you had gone to bed 😆 !! oh, boy I hope I can sleep tonight!! HAHA!!

  169. sarahhazel says:

    palmtreephan–me too!!!

  170. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–LOL….what do you expect after seeing the SP???…..haha…..good luck!

  171. Jhen says:

    David look his age at this MV, he’s so gorgeous!
    Will try to sleep now, going to bed this time, hope I will be successful in sleeping lol bye for now FOD family.

  172. sarahhazel says:

    Riska. ‏@GreysonArchie

    Oh man, my timeline is full of archies fangirling about new MV Rainbow by @DavidArchie . This is best moment, I miss this moment!

  173. Jhen says:

    sarah- if I can’t sleep, I will look like zombies at the office lol Bye for now. Enjoy the SP.

  174. kimk says:

    he is moaning.. and has a five o’clock shadow.. did I mention the looks.
    wth happened to him..
    not that I am complaining AT ALL but really.. this is killer!!

  175. sarahhazel says:

    Just take a DAY OFF, Jhen….haha….well, GOODNIGHT!

  176. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–he seems to let loose more in Asia….something about that part of the world….haha….

  177. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol well then hope he goes back come MARCH 2014!!!!

  178. ksf says:

    Oinkiers & palmtreephan 😆

    sarahhazel – yes!! You are so right! 🙂

    kimk @ 11:04 — What in the world??! That little rascal…he should be ashamed…causing grown women to “swoon!” This just confirms my theory. 😯

  179. Janel aka Nellie says:

    My Rainbow sneak peek creen caps, posted in FB. http://bitly.com/RKHxCW

  180. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–LOL….yes, that little rascal…hehe…..it’s like BENCH photoshoot X100 in swoonworthiness!

  181. Candy says:

    kimk- how could you miss the moaning…it floors you before he even sings a note. I think our David done growed up and very nicely I might add!

  182. Grace says:

    Hello all!!

    Been busy and lurking sometimes here.
    The Rainbow video snippet is lovely!!!!! David looks so happy and good to hear the upbeat rhythm!! Love the Forevermore album and can’t wait to have the extended edition in my hand!!! Just sent out another postcard to David because I miss him more as the Christmas season is nearer.
    Have a great day, everyone!!

  183. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ i agree! the jig is up! no more mr. innocent act LOL!!! 🙂

  184. ksf says:

    Okay. This is RIDICULOUS. Where has this David/DD/Playa Playa from the Himalayas/BOSS been hiding? If he doesn’t come back in 2014 with this same swagger I’ll be forced to give him a good talking to…and it won’t be pretty. I don’t care if he is an Elder, Deacon, Bishop, whatever.

  185. Oinkiers says:

    ksf- LOL!! Elder, deacon, Bishop!!! 😆 !!!! AGREE!!!

  186. Candy says:

    ksf- LOL you go girl!

  187. AYE! CHIHUAHUA! I love Davids smexy, smerky smile when he sings those first notes on Rainbow MV. That grin just made me smile so wide that i hurt my mouth. i wish i didn’t have to go to work today, so i could watchj this all day. But duty calls. Hope you all have a good RAINBOW SNEAK PEEK DAY.

  188. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL KSF, he’ll still be an Elder, but after his mission just referred to by his first name or “brother” Archuleta.

  189. ksf says:

    tami lyn – Lol 🙂

    Oinkiers -Lol! It’s funny but I’m soooo serious! It really irks me for sure. It’s clear what confidence looks like on David but its not enough that we see it. The WHOLE WORLD needs to see it. Argh!!

  190. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Just FYI (not trying to pull out a religious discussion)
    Boys 12-13 Deacons
    Boys 14-15 Teachers
    Boys/Men 16 & older Priests
    Men 18 or 19 and older Elders
    The office of a bishop and higher is a High Priest
    Then the prophet or we call him President Monson.

  191. sarahhazel says:

    ksf @11:30–we’ll be counting on you to do just that if DD/D doesn’t show up! 😀

  192. Janel aka Nellie says:

    What is DD/D???? I’m out of the loop of the side joke I guess.

  193. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    sarahhazel, soooooooo glad for that last trip he took to Asia. The gifts from that visit just keep on comin’.

  194. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – exactly!

    Candy – Lol…we need to send him a card that says: “Thanks for the video. We love it. But, when you get home you need to straighten up and fly RIGHT! Don’t act like you don’t know!” 😆

    Janel – thanks 🙂

  195. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–LOL….that “smexy, smirky smile” in enough to melt the whole fanbase!

  196. Oinkiers says:

    ksf- I know what you mean I always thought he was holding back and still don’t think we haven’t see all he is cabable of!! I just have to wonder why he is soo shy about it!!

  197. ksf says:

    Janel – D is David. DD is his alter ego “Delicious Daytona.” LOL. Gotta run but sarahhazel can give more details!

    Gotta run to an appointment. BBL! 🙂

  198. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–DD is Delicious Daytona, D’s alter ego name…based on our “scientific research”…from several threads back…..haha…..DD/D is the merged personalities of the real D and his alter ego!

  199. sarahhazel says:

    DD is the smexy, loosened-up, uninhibited, swaggah-to-the-max personality that takes over D usually when performing….you know…..kinda Enrique/Elvis 2.0 kind….LOL

  200. sarahhazel says:

    Oops, that last comment was also for Janel.

  201. Oinkiers says:

    sarahhazel- LOL!! Thats awesome!! I was wondering what the heck DD stood for!!

  202. ksf says:

    Oinkiers – exactly. It makes me want to shake him!

    Okay bye for reals!

  203. sarahhazel says:

    Oinkiers–yup, I believe he’s just showing us the tip of the iceberg…..cuz he knows we’ll never survive the whole thing!

  204. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    Hahahaaa! Janel, I missed the DD thang, too, so don’t feel bad. Thanks for, um, clarifying, sarahhazel……I didn’t know a name for that persona had come to light.

  205. Oinkiers says:

    sarah- I guess little at a time is best!! 😆

  206. sarahhazel says:

    NazleeSingh13 ‏@Naz0098

    0:32 seconds of perfection @DavidArchie Rainbow Remix…..ohhhh when he dances!!….kinda making me cry….don’t know why!! Its just…him!!

  207. sarahhazel says:

    Rickey™ ‏@rickey

    David Archuleta – Rainbow 2.0 Sneak Peek http://fb.me/1xw7Bz0Kg

  208. sarahhazel says:

    Oinkiers–that’s right….that way we can prepare ourselves…..LOL

  209. sarahhazel says:

    peacesignpam ‏@peacesignpam

    Lexi just saw RAINBOW PREVIEW. SHE SAID OOOOH HE LOOKS DIFFERENT. I said how so? He looks Older haha @DavidArchie

    Exactly…..and that’s the way it should be! 😀

  210. tami lyn says:

    there is no turning back now 🙂 the swag has been unleashed!!!

  211. CM(YAKIMA) says:

    ksf! You’re making me laugh and that’s dangerous cause I’m at work and have to hold most of it in!!!! LOL! Can’t wait to get home and watch the sneak peek…….

  212. sarahhazel says:

    SPAZZZING aside, let’s not forget to vote for EH on MYX, still #3!!!

  213. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–I second that 1000x!!! 😀

  214. sarahhazel says:

    CM–Hi!, yes, ksf was on a roll….haha….and LOL….holding back the SPAZZ is the worst thing for someone who has ODD on overdrive!!!

  215. Candy says:

    ksf-yep straighten up and fly right or we will clip his wings!!!

  216. Candy says:

    Ha, well crying wasnt exactly my reaction when I saw the clip…more like drooling…

  217. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    tami lyn says:
    November 8, 2012 at 11:57 am
    there is no turning back now the swag has been unleashed!!!


  218. Philly Fan says:

    Candy@12:04 …lmbo. David no turning back to shyness now since we got our sneak peak into who you really are and can be thru that video. lol

  219. kimk says:


    Rickey™ ‏@rickey
    David Archuleta – Rainbow 2.0 Sneak Peek

  220. kimk says:

    lol.. the swag has been unleashed!!

    well it is about time!

  221. Candy says:

    Muffasa has finally ROARED!! And he slayed the entire jungle when he did!

  222. Really have to leave for work, but i can’t tear myself away. I just want to be here drooling with all of you and offering any medical help for those who need it.
    DANGIT!!!!! gotta go. But will be lurking from work.

  223. Fan bases are full of comments all over the world today and tweeter is all a tweeter, with the Rainbow sneak peek.

  224. sarahhazel says:

    We should carry posters like these on his comeback concert!

  225. sarahhazel says:


    (had to add that one)

  226. lct#DA2014 says:

    Keep retweeting all Rainbow tweets – Rickey’s, Disney’s. Sent to MJ’s, too.

  227. lct#DA2014 says:

    Oh, and Djfan has pinned the video, and I repinned it on Pinterest so keeping repinning it!

  228. ksf says:

    CM – Hi! 🙂 Uh oh…blame it on David.

    Candy – Right! Snip, snip.

  229. tami lyn says:

    omg how will we contain ourselves when the whole video comes out???!!! :O

  230. angelbymyside says:

    sarahhazel ~ ROFL at the sign suggestions. bwahahahahaha “throw us the hat” 😆

  231. angelbymyside says:

    LOL…. “Adult contemporary music prince ”


  232. tami lyn says:

    and just when my ODD was calming down and i thought i could get back to real life he goes and does this!!! lol 🙂 oh dear God help me!

  233. Oinkiers says:

    3sarahhazel- the signs!! haha!!!

    Tamilyn- 😆

  234. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–LOL…I don’t know….maybe we’ll need some kind of Archu-valium to keep ourselves under control!

  235. sarahhazel says:

    abms–I see Rickey has already picked a genre for David….LOL…..

  236. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG

    I just realized, theofficialarchuleta is now David Archuleta for the naming option! So much better and easier to search on Youtube!

  237. sarahhazel says:

    Mike ‏@blisskasden

    Just saw @DavidArchie preview of “Rainbow’ video. The screen can barely contain his incredible good looks and warm,charismatic persona.

  238. supergrandjudie#da2014 says:

    Hi glad i saw the Rainbow video. David looks so good. Nice to see him let loose. No power at my n.j. Home yet. 9 “of snow. I’m still in Md. So happy i can see the video. David is amazing.

  239. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    sarahhazel, I just noticed the name change for his youtube channel, too…..COOL! 🙂

  240. Trying to keep up with comments from work, I know that there will be a lot today. Too many to try and catch up withwen I get home. I,m stiell spazzing.

  241. tami lyn says:

    so true! mike has such a way with words! 🙂

  242. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    Hi, sgj! I’m so sorry it’s taking so long for your world to get back to normal…..hang in there!

  243. Hi sgj. Good to see you here

  244. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–so glad to hear from you!….I hope u guys are doing OK!

  245. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    sarahhazel, I’m really lovin’ that sign idea…..such a great way to let him know we’ve been hanging on to every tidbit of every morsel thrown our way while he’s been away.

  246. sarahhazel says:

    palmtreephan–I plan to carry one….LOL….& my mission to get a GIGGLE out of him….haha!

  247. Oinkiers says:

    Sarahhazel- 😆 Hmmm…… which one do think would get the giggle out of him?

  248. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    “Throw us the hat!” got me! Knowing him, he might not really “get” most of the others….LOL!

  249. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    Archu-valium???? hahahaaaa!! THAT’s a new one….LOL

    Isn’t it all just wonderful, Linda? 🙂

  250. sarahhazel says:

    Oinkiers–I like that “hat” too…..and the “don’t hold back” one!

  251. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – I like THROW US THE HAT the best. I can just see the initial confusion on his face followed by that trademark infectious laugh as he realizes that its from Chile. LOL 😆

  252. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–we’ll give him a hat if he doesn’t have any…..haha!

    (gonna ask Gladys first what kind LOL)

  253. ksf says:

    palmtreephan – Lol. So true re: him not ‘getting’ it. Funny.

  254. VaBeachArchie says:

    Stopping in before work…loving the SNEAK PEEK at the Rainbow MV! Wonder how many views I have by now? lol Got to get me through a long night at work…no SPAZZING or David there! BOO!

    sarahhazel…LOVE the poster ideas! David sure can cause a stir…and in ONLY 30 SECONDS! lol Can’t wait to see the whole video…..the FANDOM will go CRAZY!

    Off to work! RAINBOW MV sneak peek sure made this a HAPPY THURSDAY! THANKS Kari! ENJOY! 🙂

  255. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – haha! I can just see hundreds of fans armed with hats and poor D getting pelted. Ouch! Oh well…sometimes love hurts.

  256. sarahhazel says:

    Lily ‏@PlatinumArchie

    @kariontour @DavidArchie LOVE this *Rainbow* ray of sunshine on this gloomy day in SoCal! The room lit up & so did my heart~ so grateful! ♥

  257. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Co-workers are wondering why I have used a full box of Kleenexes. They think I either have a cold or I have bad allergies.

    I cannot tell them it is because I just watched the video 4677643356 times and the drooling and crying runneth over! Llllllllllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee it!

    I envision Kari sitting there with a bag of popcorn, hitting the upload button and smiling as she waited and is reading all the remarks!

  258. ksf says:

    Hi Luscious London! 🙂

  259. sarahhazel says:

    See ya later, VaBch!

  260. supergrandjudie#da2014 says:

    Thanks palmtreephan,sarahhazel, and Linda. Really miss everyone. On the news they use the word hunkerdown a lot. Makes me think of David. The poor people of n.y. And n.j. are are enduring so much. Still no school in my town and where my daughter works in Freehold,n.j. It,s supposed to warm up by Sunday.Mother nature packs a wallop sometimes. Can’t wait for the whole remix video. Have to pace ourselves . That young man is a lady slayer.

  261. sarahhazel says:

    ATX–We are a shameless bunch, aren’t we?!……haha….LOL….Kari & the upload button….I can totally imagine that!

  262. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Oh and for me, David can hum an entire song if he wishes to.

    *goes to find another paper bag, as this one has torn****

  263. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–hope things get better there….(((hugs)))

  264. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–I can see David’s face 😯 upon seeing a sea of hat-wearing, super-hyper-excited fans!

  265. I,m not busy right now, so I have time to read comments. Can,t wait to get home so I can sgeeeel, and spazz to my hearts desire. Doesnt he just look scrumptuos. I think I spelled it wrong. But that’s what he is.

  266. Oinkiers says:


  267. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel – I don’t mind being shameless at all! Lol. Especially with Mr. Sexy – that’s right I said it, too!

    Dang it, have to leave for a meeting. Wonder if anyone will notice my iPhone underneath the table……?

  268. kimk says:

    ha well Rickey is right.. Rainbow is not pop but it sure is fun
    or at least the pop out there now anyway.

    oh and lol.. adult anything David I will take!!

  269. Candy says:

    bwhahahaah-Archu-valium, torn popcorn bags, tossed hats, you guys are cracking me up!!

  270. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–no need to spell-check….we know what you mean! 😉

  271. kimk says:


    Pamela Rossana ≠ ‏@paaamx
    some of my random “RAINBOW” gifs…i can’t wait for this full MV by David Archuleta………

  272. kimk says:


    djafan#DA2014 ‏@djafanTheVoice
    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Everybody Hurts – David Archuleta >>

  273. sarahhazel says:

    ATX–good luck on your Archu-ninja tactics!

  274. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–fun times in the Archukingdom!

  275. sarahhazel says:

    Cathy B ‏@archieangeltx

    @DavidArchie @kariontour #RainbowRemixMv Thank You!!! Love it!!!! Let the “Eye of the Tiger” out! Sing and dance till your hearts desire!

  276. sarahhazel says:

    BBIAF 🙂

  277. Oinkiers says:

    Atx- 😆 phone under the table good luck!!

  278. RBSneak peek has 302 views on YouTube, is that good?

  279. kimk says:

    linda it is in a way.. if you keep viewing it will stay at 302 til later. means it is popular.

  280. sarahhazel says:

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan

    .@DavidArchie gives fans a sneak peek at new music video ‘Rainbow 2.0’! Who missed the @AmericanIdol alum? http://bit.ly/Z7OPUr

  281. sarahhazel says:

    LilynVine ‏@LilynVine

    David Archuleta “Rainbow” Music Video Sneak Peek http://goo.gl/ksd3x

  282. sarahhazel says:

    Pamela Rossana ≠ ‏@paaamx

    causeitsagoodplace: David Archuleta- RAINBOW MV (Sneak Peek) (x) http://tmblr.co/Z_3T2wWt3gIy

  283. Thanks kimk. Just wondered, you can be sure I will be viewing it over& over again when I get home, besides EH MV and all his other vids. I am so pumped up right now that I can,t work.

  284. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    sarahhazel, my guess on the hat would be a fedora….or perhaps a top hat???

    Just watch this and try to imagine David singing it…..I just can’t even…..!!!


  285. I can’t believe that Ryan Seacrest finally gave David Shout out for his sneak peek RMV

  286. Candy says:

    OMG bout time Ry Ry acknowledged our man!!! Great shoutout from Seacrest!

  287. Candy says:

    Hey Palmtree-I can very much see David singing that version of the song, what I cant envision is doing it while serving a mission in Chile complete with a hat and down on one knee. The man is just too much!

  288. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd says:

    Hello Everyone!

    OH MY HECK, love the snippet of Rainbow, WOW 😀

    OH MY HECK II, Ryan gave David a shoutout after 4 years, its about time. Wonder how that happened???????????????? Thanks RY!

    Hope everyone on the East Coast is hanging in there, my thoughts & prayers are with you. Mother Nature could use an Archu-valium 😀 Truely though, I wish there was something I could do for you guys. We are having a fund raiser here at work this week, money to go to the Red Cross, specifically for Sandy Relief. Fellow citizens always come together when there’s trouble & its been inspiring to see how fellow New Yorkers & the people of New Jersey help one another, its so wonderful. Of course, those in other states affected as well.

    Gotta go, will check in later, take care all. Ciao!

  289. sarahhazel says:

    pamtreephan–I agree with Candy….can’t imagine him singing it while on his mission….haha…what’s gotten into him???!

  290. sarahhazel says:

    Crush Kids’ Cancer ‏@TheKidsChapter

    You can get your Crush Kids’ Cancer ornament now and be a part of our @DavidArchie Christmas/Birthday Project! http://www.thekidschapter.org/2012/11/our-david-archuleta-christmasbirthday.html

  291. sarahhazel says:

    Celebrities Updates ‏@CelebritiesU

    David Archuleta Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At New Music Video Rainbow 2.0: David Archuleta shows us the ‘Rainbow’ i… http://bit.ly/S1pLcF

  292. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    ‘Dangerous’ Daniel to hit SA shores @DavidArchie mention! http://www.thenewage.co.za/69094-1022-53-Dangerous_Daniel_to_hit_SA_shores … via @The_New_Age

  293. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    David Archuleta: Rainbow Remix Video Sneak Peek http://teenstarsworld.com/2012/11/08/david-archuleta-rainbow-remix-video-sneak-peek/ … via @teenstarsworld

  294. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    Pop City Life: David Archuleta – Rainbow Sneak Peek http://www.popcitylife.com/2012/11/david-archuleta-rainbow-sneak-peek.html?spref=tw

  295. Virtue says:

    WARNING ~ Religious Topic Kind of (teehee)

    Hey, peeps! I’ve got good news and some bad news.

    The bad news: I’m pretty sure I died.

    The good news: I’m pretty sure I made it to heaven because I see THREE Davids on one screen. This has got to be heaven!

  296. sarahhazel says:

    Christian Joy ‏@c_joyalv

    David Archuleta has a voice of an angel. No wonder I was once in love with him.

  297. sarahhazel says:

    Virtue–ROFL….I’m sure you have tons of company up there! 😀

  298. Virtue says:

    Haha! All the Archangels are here 😀

  299. Oinkiers says:

    Virture- 😆

  300. IHeartRainbow says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you DAVid!!!!!!!!!! Miss you sooooooooo much!

  301. kimk says:

    palmtre OMJ David sang that in CHILE???!!

    dang we are so BLESSED… is it 2014 YET!!!??

  302. kimk says:

    I see David making it to Broadway!!!

    and I WILL BE THERE!!
    hope you al will be too!!

  303. kimk says:

    LOVE that Ryan Seacrest posted the snippet.. Kari saw that too!

    On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan
    .@DavidArchie gives fans a sneak peek at new music video ‘Rainbow 2.0’! Who missed the @AmericanIdol alum? http://bit.ly/Z7OPUr

    hope the video gets his attention too!!

  304. kimk says:

    This morning, a sneak peek of David Archuleta’s music video for “Rainbow” was released onto his official YouTube account. Archuleta looks so snazzy in his suit jacket, while he rocks out to this incredibly catchy number. “Rainbow” will be available on the upcoming expanded edition of Forevermore. Forevermore will be released exclusively in the Philippines, but available for import worldwide soon after. Watch Archuleta’s sneak peek for “Rainbow” below:

  305. Bychance says:

    OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!… can you just even believe him??!!!! I’m trying to read all your comments, but I can’t get through them because I keep HAVING to go up and watch it again!!! There IS a Rainbow room at the Archuhospital isn’t there??!!!

  306. kimk says:

    kim ‏@kimak
    #6 TOP US PRE-ORDERS.. @DavidArchie’s Forevermore Expanded Edition CD @WOW_HD http://www.wowhd.us/music/0/0/pre-releases … NOV 19

  307. kimk says:

    Laila Isti Qomah ‏@LailaIstiQomah
    I don’t watch it yet, maybe after school. @pabuckie: @DavidArchie “Rainbow” Sneek Peak video really has 5,381 views. http://youtu.be/UtU4ywcRpfc

    wow.. just on the snippet! GREAT!

  308. kimk says:

    didn’t Jay say it was a little faster version with a twist?
    what is the twist?

  309. Gooyie says:

    hmmm ive been in this site today like 4 hours, before i dont know how to get the archive post, just today i found how, i miss the chat. i tweeted FOCHAT my reason for not chating recently 🙂 i cant wait to attend the FEE in manila and grab a copy!

  310. kimk says:

    not David..
    this is Dez Duron singing Hunter Hayes’ The Wanted on The Voice
    not as good a singer as David
    but who cares.


  311. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oh, so will they only have the full video in the Forevermore extension pack? Dang if that’s true because I can’t really afford to get it right now.

  312. kimk says:


    Watch a preview of the music video for David Archuleta’s new song, “Rainbow” that will be available on the upcoming Expanded Edition of Forevermore out soon in the Philippines and available for import to most areas.

    David’s team is doing a great job releasing music while he’s in Chile on a Mormon mission until 2014.

    Check out the preview below:

  313. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    After much research and very careful examination, I have determined that this is the likely jacket worn in the aforementioned hot lava bomb “Rainbow” video snippet:


  314. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Love the way team david (kari) wrote ‘SOON’ in bold letters on the description of the sneak peak. Can’t wait to get the whole thing for sure! Its interesting to me that the idea for this dance kind of remix came from david.

    Love all the doggie pics today. lol And that gif of david breaking into a smile on the keyboard. You can’t help break into a smile yourself everytime he does. 🙂

    Hi friends. 🙂

  315. ksf says:

    kimk – LOVE Wanted! It’s in my rotation right now. Dez’s rendition was nice but the original gives me goosebumps! Hunter Hayes has a tenderness to his voice that I thought Dez lacked. But, I like the raw, R&B quality of Dez’s voice. I’ll have to watch some of his other performances since I haven’t kept up with The Voice. 🙂

  316. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ryan Seacrest tweeted about the sneak peak?! 😯

  317. ksf says:

    Hi Shanny! Yep, he did. It only took four years! 🙂

  318. Janel aka Nellie says:

       [dih-lish-uhs] Show IPA

    1. highly pleasing to the senses, especially to taste or smell: a delicious dinner; a delicious aroma.
    2. very pleasing; delightful: a delicious sense of humor.

    Daytona: Daytona Beach, Florida. The Daytona 500

    Janel’s addition
    Delicious: Desirable
    Daytona: Place where deliciously guys in tight uniforms drive fast and furious around a track for 500 miles.
    Delicious Daytona: David Archuleta’s alter ego.

  319. Janel aka Nellie says:

    ooops, that’s supposed to say deliciously hot guys. Missed an adjective. LOL

  320. ksf says:

    Janel – Haha! Thanks for breaking it down in more “technical terms” so that we can fully understand it! 😆

  321. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ksf, haha, thats a part, of whats so shocking about it. Talk about the most random piece of david news to finally tweet about. 🙄
    Oh well…grateful for any and all promotion…

  322. Candy says:

    thats the hottest Rainbow Ive ever seen!! It fogged my computer screen…oh wait, maybe that was me hyperventilating!!

  323. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Janel, I see that your mind is like mine – extensively analyzes every little david related detail. 😆

  324. Candy says:

    LOL Janel-yep, Delicious Daytona sure fits that description!

  325. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ugh! Right when I want to watch david dance some more my computer decides it only wants to play the audio on youtube clips and freeze the visual. 🙄 Didn’t it get the memo that it can take breaks but not on Dancing David Days?!

  326. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Janel! I would like to gift you a copy of the Forevermore Expanded Edition Cd. I just need to figure out where to purchase it. Is WOW the only place to buy it? I would guess so. I need to check that out. 😀

  327. kimk says:

    ksf yup Hunter Hayes has is going on.

    and from what I see of Rainbow.. so does our man!

    Shanny he did.. go figure!!

  328. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    From the gracious and wonderful Abrra…..


  329. palmtreephan (#DA 2014) says:

    That sneak peek is like giving one tiny succulent perfectly grilled shrimp to a starving person……arrrrrghhhhh!!!

  330. kimk says:

    palmtree lol.. good way of putting it.

  331. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    HEY JANEL!!!!!! Please see my post at 6:54 😀

  332. angelbymyside says:

    what can be said about the beginning of that video…… **DEAD**

  333. kimk says:

    woah.. moan.. woah.. moan.. whatever it is I LOVE IT!!

  334. angelbymyside says:

    Shanny ~ I don’t see where Ryan Seacrest tweeted about the sneak peek

  335. angelbymyside says:

    Ryan Seacrest did post something about the sneak peek. HARD TO BELIEVE!! 😯

  336. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    I just saw a story on Yahoo, a woman in Kenya just named her newborn twins Barack Obama & Mitt Romney,lol. Some of the comments are funny. Someone said that a woman named her kids orangejello & lemonjello, she saw it in their yearbook, she must’ve been craving jello when she was pregnant with them,lol, lol.

  337. jazzy says:

    How lucky are we?? David is away for two years and it seems we always have something new to spazz about. I follow a couple of other Idol singers and they are IN the country and you barely hear a peep from them. We are spoiled rotten. 🙂

  338. sarahhazel says:

    jazzy–we are!!! 😀

  339. angelbymyside says:

    I just “pinned” the sneak peek video from Ryan Seacrest’s site to my Music board on Pinterest. Love that Ryan put that up on his site. Hope lots of people see it.

  340. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–thanks for the supplemental knowledge on DD!…..LOLOLOLOL

  341. angelbymyside says:

    jazzy ~ we are spoiled rotten and blessed that David loves his fans so much.

  342. jazzy says:

    abms, you are so right. David has certainly gone above and beyond to take care of us. Kari too!

  343. sarahhazel says:

    palmtreephan @7:04–LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….more shrimp, please!!!!!!!!

  344. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Are you serious Beth? My posting that was not a try to get someone to buy it for me. I’ll eventually be able to get it, just not any time soon. But, you are sweet to offer. I was just wishing that it would be released on YT also.

  345. josie says:

    Hi guys. Just a drive-by post. (1) Flu shots don’t work, lol. (2) Ryan must be on drugs. (3) Who’s the good-looking kid in that video? 🙂

  346. kimk says:

    josie hey.. it is a GOOD lil snippet if you haven’t noticed!!!!!!

  347. I’m home from work, now to read the comments i missed BBin a min.

  348. josie says:

    kimk~ I noticed. 🙂

  349. angelbymyside says:

    josie ~ you crack me up 😆

  350. kimk says:

    josie oh and that is no kid there either.. that is a man!

  351. josie says:

    kimk~ Got it. The word “man” isn’t in my vocabulary, though, unless I’m yelling at one. lol. Can we meet half-way and call him a “guy?” 🙂

  352. Janel, thank you for the defination to DD Delicious daytona huh?
    I am going to be watching the Rainbow snippet all night. I watched it this morning but couldn’t watch it from work. I can’t believe how he can transform from shy to smexy in no time. It’s been there all the time, he must of been hiding it so his fans don’t die off.

  353. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Josie, the only one time ever that I got a flu shot, I came down with the worst flu I ever had a few weeks later. I never had one again, nor have I had the “flu” as people know it. Colds and stomach viruses, but never the full blown flu.

  354. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL Virtue. Those were all angels surrounding you.

  355. Kimk, your right! That is a MAN there not a guy. And what a MAN!!!!

  356. kimk says:

    josie lol yeah.. I had a hard time typing that. but hey he really does look amazing, his age and well adorable and sexy at the same time.
    got me how he does it but he does!
    can not wait til we get to see the whole video!!

  357. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Linda, that’s the substitute teacher in me. I had to make sure David was being defined correctly. LOL

  358. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Janel! Sorry for my delay in responding to you, I was watching todays episode of General Hospital on you tube,lol. Yes, I mean it, happy to do it. I’m going to pre-order from WOW either tonight or tomorrow. When the cd’s are delivered, I can send it to you. Once I receive it, I will get your address info from you then, if thats ok 😀

  359. kimk says:


    David is on the front page of Ryan’s site!!

    scroll down to the left! 😀


  360. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oh wow, I’m going to feel bad like it seemed like I was fishing for someone to get it for me when I wasn’t. But, looks like you’re going to be insistent, so thank you so much, I’ll accept your gift!

  361. josie says:

    Janel~ Hi. Well, hmm…That makes you want to get another flu shot, I’ll bet. lol. From what I was told, you can get a “dead” injection or a “live” injection, & you can’t get the flu from the “live” ones. I think…

    kimk~ Maybe I should practice……..man. mAn. MAN. 🙂

  362. Candy says:

    Woah Ry Ry has out done himself!! Featuring David on his site!!

  363. Candy says:

    josie-you are a crack up!! I think you got it M.A.N 🙂

  364. I’m amazed that Ry Ry is giving David Props. But i am so happy he is. Thanks RYAN/

  365. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Janel, I know you werent doing that, I’ve just had fellow D fans do wonderful things for me, like Candy sending me momentos from a VIP because the MN Christmas concert was cancelled due to snow, it meant the word to me that she did that. Idamae sent me a dvd of a D concert, along with an autograph, so wonderful of her. I just want to pay it forward. We D fans stick together, help eachother out, we’re friends. Plus, the Fine Feathered Fellows said they would make you a cd of Forevermore songs & a music video if you couldnt get the FEE cd, so I feel its my duty, to protect you from such a calamity, er, ummm, I mean, it would be too much wonderfulness for you, so I will gift you D’s cd 😀

  366. josie try saying QUE HOMBRE, “What a Man”

  367. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    ***world(not word 🙄 ), lol

  368. josie says:

    Candy~ Oooh. I like your version better, with the periods in between. 🙂 Linda~ Ummm, nice try, but….no. Baby steps. lolol.

  369. Tom says:

    I feel like a bear waking up from hibernation…Is it 2014?

    Did I hear David’s voice?

    Wow, looks like a cool vid and remix. Did he get bigger? I’m still sleepy.

  370. Tom Hi! Thats a good one.

  371. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Tom! Great to see you & no, sorry, not 2014 yet, but, yeah, you heard his voice, sounding & looking great!

  372. Candy says:

    LOL- Tom, glad to see you peek out from your lair before winter really sets in. 🙂

  373. sarahhazel says:

    The only time I got a flu was when I didn’t get the flu shot….I guess sometimes it doesn’t work on others…..LOL

  374. sarahhazel says:

    kim @7:59–that’s great!!!….’bout time!!!

  375. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Tom! Long time no see! 🙂

  376. Candy says:

    kimk-your comment about David & Broadway got me thinking…not bad place to be, and possibly jump start a career. 🙂

  377. sarahhazel says:

    Well, gonna sign off kinda early tonight…..gonna visit a friend in Chattanooga TN this Saturday but will start road trip with family tomorrow (9 1/2 hr drive!)….then off to Nashville for some fun time on Sunday….(will be thinking of D cuz I know he likes Nv)…

  378. Candy says:

    nighty nite sweet sarahhazel

  379. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight sarahhazel, safe travels to you 😀

  380. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL Beth, OK, thanks, and thank you to your fine feathered friends.

  381. josie says:

    ‘Night, sarah. And everyone else…I need to head out, too, and actually get some stuff done. 🙂

  382. Candy says:

    Why oh why does that gorgeous, talented MAN have to be in Chile…New Jersey would have been a good place to serve a mission! We dont even have a temple in this state…David think of the possibilities…what was the church thinking…

  383. Janel aka Nellie says:

    MISSION STUFF WARNING……THE CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL NEWS http://chilerancaguamission.org/devocional-navidentildeo.html

  384. angelbymyside says:

    Candy ~ they are building a Temple here 😉

  385. angelbymyside says:

    Oh there are 4 Christmas Devotional concerts. Very nice for the people to hear his beautiful voice singing Christmas carols.

  386. angelbymyside says:

    Tom ~ Have missed seeing you here.

  387. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Janel, You’re Welcome!!! 😀

    Candy 😀 Maybe “the Boys” can arrange
    to have David transferred to Jersey 😀
    Just a thought 🙄

    abms, someone commented on MJ’s about a
    rumor of 4 shows there, sounds like its true.

  388. Christmas is one of Davids favorite Holidays. I know he will miss his family, but he will enjoy doing the devotional concerts. He love Christmas music. They are so lucky. I think he will get to talk to his mom at Christmas. I hope so. It must be hard for both.

  389. kimk says:

    Candy he has been digging show tune type songs lately.. acting and now dancing.
    why not!

  390. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sigh, so jealous of those people who will be able to see David at a Christmas concert. He puts so much extra emotion into Christmas songs. Time to go listen to some live performance tapes on Youtube. Sigh again.

  391. kimk says:

    hoping one of them are outside.. and videos!!

  392. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Doesn’t look like it Candy. They are all indoors. I did the google translation in English.

  393. Kimk, wouldn’t that be great, if it was outside.

  394. kimk says:

    hmm Ryan’s site tweeted David’s Rainbow preview again.. PROMO yes!!!!!

  395. Candy says:

    OMG FOUR CHRISTMAS SHOWS IN CHILE. OH Please let the Mission Pres feel the Spirit of Christmas and l t the peeps there video!!!

  396. kimk says:

    Janel oh dang nab it!!!!!!! 🙁

  397. Anita says:

    I’m late to the party! THANK YOU KARI FOR THE RAINBOW SNIPPET! That made my day!! David sounds fabulous, and ohhhh, the dancing!!!!! From reading the comments, how on earth are we going to survive the whole video when it comes out? LOL!!!!!

  398. kimk says:

    Candy I’m with you.. sending Santa my Christmas Wish List NOW!!!

    ha only probs not too sure if I am on the Naughty Or Nice List!!!?

  399. kimk says:

    Anita ha but what a wonderful way to go!!

  400. Candy says:

    *Throwing self on floor* Ive been able to survive everything so far but not being able to see him perform a Christmas Show is not fair!!! Yes, Im throwing a tantrum!

  401. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Maybe in our Christmas cards to him we can all request it. LOL

  402. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    LMAO Candy!!! I think throwing a tantrum right now is what we all need!! #1… who the heck is in that video??? What have they done to our sweet little David (that is not a complaint by the way!!!! 😉 and #2…David doing Christmas without pics or vids just cannot happen!!! Let’s all get those wish lists into Santa!!!

  403. Elysian says:

    EGAAAAAAAADDDD!!! That sneak peak is sheer PERFECTION!!!!! The upbeat tempo, the video editing, David’s voice, his look (he looks FANTASTIC in that royal blue v-neck!!), his bopping about happily, its all so worth the wait!!!!!! Never has 32 seconds caused such joy around the world!!!!

    I couldn’t agree more with what all of you have already said about it today!!! I’m so happy! Can’t even imagine what the entire MV will be like, but I am ready, bring it on!!

  404. Candy says:

    Hi Penny-Be warned its not a pretty tantrum, snot, tears, foot stomping and all!

  405. Elysian says:

    I also love DAVN’s thank you video. It was so sweet of them to put that together! Also, their rendition of BROKEN is AMAZING!!! They sound great, and it is such a hard song to sing!

  406. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I forgot to mention that at our choir practice last night one of the ladies in our choir, her name is Sandra announced that her daughter made it in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I don’t know her daughter’s name though. I know it’s a very rigerous try out, or many different try-outs and I believe eliminations.

  407. Candy says:

    Thats it…I no longer believe in Santa..and I dont care if he brings me underwear! At least thats what my mom said he would do when you stopped believing!

  408. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Song choice from list of 200 favorite performances

    Cat & Mouse Carol, Motabs Dec 2010

  409. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel- I know that you’ve already gone to bed, but I just wanted to tell you that I love all of your suggestions for concert signs! Very clever!! Also, enjoy your loooooong roadtrip! Safe travels and have fun in Nashville!!

    pocoelsy- I bet your mom is over the moon at the prospect of having you home with her throughout the holidays! How awesome for her and for your entire family!! Have a wonderful time!! We will be thinking of you and will miss your fun comments while you are away!!

  410. Elysian says:

    Beth- Very nice of you to play it forward!! Archies are one big family!!

  411. Elysian says:

    Well, just a short drive by to comment on that long awaited sneak peak. Have a great night everyone!!!!

  412. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Lol Candy!!! Yep….that sounds like a full blown tantrum :D. If it gets us what we want, I say bring it on!!! Santa brings underwear every year to this house whether you believe or not lol.

    Janel….I listened David’s Christmas music on the way home from work today ;). Love the MOTAB songs!

  413. Ali says:

    LOL Candy! You crack me up 🙂

    I’d love to be there for the Christmas shows myself. Since I can’t be though I’m glad they’re happening. Maybe we’ll get to hear a bit about them. I would love to hear more about how the people receive his music there. That is one thing I never tire of hearing about David — how others feel about him, how newcomers to his singing perceive him. I guess even if its worst case scenario and we don’t hear anything about it, I’m glad he’s doing the shows. Glad for him and for those who get to hear. To hear David sing Christmas music is truly incomparable!!

    P.S. I hope he does Feliz Navidad. With crowd participation ;p

  414. kimk says:

    Candy lol right along with you and that foot stomping!
    really hope for at least one video!!!

  415. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OK, just to bring up David’s height question up again, because hey, why not, we haven’t discussed it in awhile. At the Utah Entertainment Awards, one of my Girl Scouts and her family was there because their family knows Jimmer Ferdette’s family. There is a picture her mom took of her and she shares sometimes on her FB wall, and I also shared it on my FB groups of her posing with David. Kassi is 5’1″ and she was wearing 3-4 inch heels. In the picture David is at least 2 inches, maybe 3 inches taller than her putting him at 5’6″ or 5’7″. or 5’6″ 1/2
    Let the arguing commence. LOL

  416. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I think this is so great the Ryan Seacreat mentioned David and has him on his web page….(a day late and a dollar short though)……Loved watching all the videos of David’s cutest moments…..those are just the tip of the iceburg……Miss him so so much…..Also think David is looking so so thin in the Rainbow Remix….Glad to hear he may be putting on some weight down in Chile…(I like some meat on those David bones). The lady who named her twins Mitt Romney and Barack Obama…HA HA HA….that’s priceless………….I’ve been lurking some tonight….Miss Vicki

  417. kimk says:

    Janel height doesn’t matter to me.

  418. Anita says:

    kimk-It sure is! I was thinking of waiting and not listen to the snippet, but a caved of course. If David keeps this up, causing all this buzz and spazzing, we’re not going to be able to stand it anymore, and start booking our tickets to Chile so we can bring him home ourselves! I think alot of fans are almost at that point right now! LOL!!!!!

  419. kimk says:

    Anita have a feeling this MV might be my fav of all time from him!!
    David lol is the new.. MJ!!

  420. breanne says:

    Be sure to keep voting 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go:

  421. JANEL – My late husband was 5’7″ and when I took a side by side pic with David – at a time he was just wearing socks & I was just in my sneakers, he looked about the same height as my husband. My guess is 5’6 1/2″

  422. Ali says:

    I am super excited about the video!! I hope the one they upload to youtube is HD! /shallow comment


  423. Candy says:

    Ali-Shallow?? not on your life, I hope its in IMAX!!

  424. Ali says:

    Candy – ROTFL!!!! brilliant idea! Then we could rent out a theater for the premiere!!

  425. kimk says:


    Jassssssmine ‏@jAsZcaLLmejAsz
    omg!! this gif… kill meeeeeeee David..

  426. kimk says:

    Ali that was my first thought.. has to be in HD!!

  427. Anita says:

    kimk-The new MJ! I love it!

  428. potluck8 says:

    Hi everyone, Just reading all the wonderful news on David’s sneek peek video and now and now I am going to watch it . Please wish me luck becauce I might not survive.

  429. ray says:

    delicious ray lives in daytona lol

  430. Candy says:

    ROTF!! Oh ray,you are too funny!

  431. I’m reading all your funny, crazy, exciting, over the wall, comments and watching X factor.Is it just me or is Britney & Demi not doing that great of a job as judges. I like both of them, but seems to me every one of them including Simon are so linient. Simon was so much harsher on AI. If you hit a wrong note he complained. Here he says its ok, as long as they are good performers.

  432. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Height doesn’t matter to me either Kimk, he could be 5’2″ for all I care, it’s David. LOL…..usually though the height question here comes up now and again, just thought I’d do my part to get it going again. Way too much squeeing about the Rainbow sneak peek and the upcoming Christmas devotional to worry about how tall he is I guess. He has the voice of a giant! 🙂

  433. Janel, my daughter is 5″7 so to me its not that short. One of my grandsons is 5″8 and to me he doesn’t feel short. But then i’m 5″2 so what do i know.

  434. Candy says:

    What are you waiting for…start packing your bags, we’ve been personally invited to attend!!!

  435. Candy, my bags are packed, i’m ready to go.

  436. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL Candy!!

  437. FELLOW ARCHIES…the Rainbow MV snippet is working it’s magic on everyone’s psyche INCLUDING MINE!!!!! It’s a genious technique how David keeps coming back at you with that gorgeous face, expressions, sexy moves and voice every few second making you beg for more hahaha I also noticed that my heart beat to the background tempo…IT’S GOING TO BE AN INFECTIOUS MV!!!!!!! I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  438. Sarahhazel , got another suggestion for the signs…


  439. Janel aka Nellie says:

    For Candy
    I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane (me singing 🙂

  440. Candy, I’m already on the plane…I’ll save a place for all of you in the front row!!!!
    Actually, wondering if Gladys will be there? Hope she can make it!!!

  441. idamae – and for a while, he will do just that, not knowing what he is getting himself into, lol, lol

  442. jackryanforDA, yup, I think you got his number and we may be in luck haha What a thought LOL

  443. Idamae, don’t forget to save a place for me.

  444. Linda, 5’2″ eyes of blue …no problem 🙂

  445. Candy, don’t forget to pack your knickers!!!

  446. Candy says:

    LOL-I wonder if our MAN has any clue what will be waiting for him when he returns…maybe its best if he doesnt!!!

  447. Idamae, i remember that song.

  448. Candy says:

    Ida -Us Jersey Girls dont fool around, we’ve been schooled by the best!

  449. If i was David i would be afraid, very afraid, LOL! When he returns he’s returning on at own risk. His fanatic fans will be on a rampage.

  450. Linda, my mom loved music, show tunes, etc. She loved to watch old movie musicals and it kind of rubbed off on me . I think “Has Anyone Seen My Gal” was also a movie with Rock Hudson.

  451. Candy says:

    Im going to go have me some rainbow dreams. Good night all!

  452. Goodnight Candy sweet David dreams.

  453. Idamae, my dad spoke broken english but he use to sing to me when i was little “PISTOL PACKIN MAMA”


  455. Buenas Noches, Candy 🙂

    Linda, HAHA That must have been cool…Did he sing it with gusto?

  456. Idamae, yes! he would dance around with it. I miss my parents, especially when it gets closer to the holidays. Of course i miss my husband too.

  457. Linda, my mom even knew Sophy Tucker!!! She started out as a fanatic fan and it turned into a friendship…. hmmm, very interesting… 🙂

  458. Linda, I know the feeling. My parents died 9 yrs apart. My mom had all the ailments but my dad left us first. You never forget them cuz their always in your heart. It’s funny how I hear myself repeating things that she used to say…so weird!!!

  459. Linda, I’m almost postive that if my mom was alive she’s be a David fan. I’m wondering if she knew of him as a child while he was on Star Search cuz she was into reality shows back then. Wish I knew.

  460. Yikes, time has really flown…Good nite, Linda and all the other sweet Archies!!!!

  461. Goodnight idamae and all my Archies sweet rainbow dreams.

  462. ABMS – “what can be said about the beginning of that video…… **DEAD**”

    i know what you mean… {waving from the hereafter}


  463. Juicy Jubilee (formerly known as ksf) says:

    Good morning! 🙂 It’s almost the weekend. Yippee!

    kimk @6:55 – Of course he does. That goes without saying, right? But, I wonder if David met Hunter when he was in Nashville. Even though he’s about David’s age, he’s been in Nashville for a long time as a songwriter. It’d be so cool if they have met…and maybe collaborated…and maybe will collaborate down the road? Hope so…Hunter is a really great songwriter. Could be magic! 🙂

  464. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! YAY! Night off and a trending party!

    You guys had me ROTFL at some of the comments! The Rainbow MV sure has everyone SPAZZING! Hope there’s still room on the PLANE! lol Makes my alter ego , “Lucious London” very happy to see David getting into his!

    GREAT to see all the BUZZ! Even Ryan Seacrest …bout time!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY! LUCKY to be a David fan and have FOD to come to to CELEBRATE THAT FACT! 🙂

  465. kimk says:

    ksf working with Hunter would be fabulous.. like Ed Sheeran.. got my vote!

    Idamae LOL!!!

    Good morning folks!!
    the Rainbow snippet 11,168 views already!! 😀


    all i can say is::

    Hes so sexy! 🙂 i love him n his music 3

    Forget about the hair guys! With the right song, David will be major again. He can really sing. That matters.

    I love this version. A little bit up beat

    omg. sexy and beautiful David.

    I literally fangirled and am crying I miss him so much.

    Sexy David! Lol. I’m sure he will feel awkward being called as such 😀 But in this video, yes david you are sexy haha!

    david really gained a lot of confidence to emote/act/project in front of the camera after his soap opera ‘nandito ako’ 🙂

    Jay Durias of South Border did the keyboards and arrangement and backed up David at a number of live and TV performances too.

    david…David…DAVID!!!…You little BOPPIN’ “Don’t I look great in BLUE?” while I’m ROCKIN’ the hair and acting all SUAVE while pretending to point at butterflies and colors with that “I KNOW I have them in the PALM OF MY HAND” look on your face! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? AND THIS WAS ONLY 33 SECONDS!!! Sheesh.


  466. kimk says:


    Silber Fun News ‏@SilberFunNews
    BuzzFeed – David Archuleta Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At New Music Video Rainbow 2.0

  467. kimk says:

    CheckPH NEWS ‏@CheckPHNEWS
    [ABS-CBN] South Border’s ‘Rainbow’ is David Archuleta’s newest single | MANILA, Philippines — The newest single of …


    MANILA, Philippines — The newest single of American singer David Archuleta is his rendition of the popular tune “Rainbow” by the local band South Border.

    A sneak peek of the music video for “Rainbow” was released online Friday on the official website of the “American Idol” season 7 runner-up.

    “Rainbow,” first released in 2003 by South Border, is one of the tracks off the expanded version of Archuleta’s fourth studio album “Forevermore,” which is set for a release soon.

    Aside from “Rainbow,” “Forevermore: Expanded Edition” will also feature other local hits such as “Forevermore” by Side A, “You Are My Song” by Martin Nievera, and “Tell Me” by Joey Albert.

    Exclusively released in the Philippines last March, “Forevermore” is composed of covers of Filipino songs, marking Archuleta’s first Original Pilipino Music (OPM) album.

    Released under Ivory Records, “Forevermore” coincides with Archuleta’s showbiz engagements in the Philippines early this year.

    Aside from starring in a local series, he was also tapped as an endorser of a local clothing line.

  468. kimk says:

    lol she is a pip!

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    Just had a chat with @JonDaza here at the event about… rainbow stuff. *grinning* Sshhh….

  469. kimk says:

    Donnary #DA2014 ‏@Donnary17
    Dont forget to vote for @davidarchie’s Everybody hurts in http://myxph.com 🙂

    EH is still #3!!!!!! 😀

  470. jhen says:

    So glad there a lot of articles about Rainbow.

  471. Juicy Jubilee (formerly known as ksf) says:

    This is TOTALLY unrelated to David–other than the fact that he LOVES musical talent–but OMJ this girl is AMAZING! She’s not signed to a major label but her music is available on Itunes. She’s got tons of awesome covers and this is one of them!


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