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There’s a future worth fighting for….

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200 Days of Service

Today’s Sunday post is dedicated to the 200 days of service David has provided on his mission.  We often discuss how long 2 years seems, how the time is passing so slowly, how we’ll miss having a Christmas tour this year etc… it’s easy to get caught up in the fangirling, swooning and squeeing aspect of being a Fan of David, but today’s post will focus on something David has role modeled since day 1 –  the importance of giving yourself in service to others.

I had lunch with Pam & Patti yesterday and we were discussing how much David has inspired us to strive to be better people, to be kind, thoughtful and caring in our everyday interactions and that small acts of generosity can have profound impact.  Before David, I had never heard of Invisible Children, Rising Star Outreach or ChildFund.  I supported many different charities, but these were never on my radar until David decided to share his thoughts about them.  To him it might have seemed a small thing, mentioning these organizations and the important work they do, but the impact has resonated with fans all over the world who responded with amazing support and fundraising efforts.

There are so many great causes that David supports – too many to cover all of them in this Sunday post – but we can celebrate a few that inspired many fans to stand up, take action and make a difference to help others.

Rising Star Outreach

– click to go

Vlog – Days off – Rising Star Outreach (credit: theofficialarchuleta)

“Just talking about what has gone on this week. I know it’s not that exciting haha. But just thought I’d share what’s been going on. Also if you want to learn more about Rising Star Outreach go to Risingstaroutreach.org. Thanks!” – David

Vlog – India Trip  (credit: theofficialarchuleta)

“Had an amazing time in India at Rising Star Outreach! Very humbling to go there and even though it was a short trip it was a life changing experience. Just makes you appreciate things more and gives you a different perspective of things. Sorry for the rambling babbling and still not really getting to everything I wanted to explain, but hopefully we can get a Q&A sometime soon!” – David

David Archuleta’s Trip to India (credit: pabuckie)

Crush – Benefit for RSO (credit: dougamigo)

Invisible Children

– click to go

Vlog – Invisible Children (credit: theofficialarchuleta)

“K first off, sorry for being so confusing and out of it. I tend to do that after being on the American Idol stage lol. But anyway.. I’m actually in the school room at American Idol!! Where Allison Iraheta now spends most of her time. It’s really cool to be back and see everyone. Go to Invisiblechildren.com to find out more about The Rescue, which is something that’s going to bring awareness to the kids in Uganda who have gone through a lot. If you can show your support that’d be great! See ya in the UK!” – David

David Archuleta and the Invisible Children (credit: msrxamontreal)


Vlog – Phil’s BBQ (credit: theofficialarchuleta)

“Sorry for all the noise in the background with the yard workers. And sorry if I look a little scary and seem a little loopy. I’m not a morning person haha. But thought I’d make a blog while I had the time. In LA rehearsing for the My Kind of Christmas Tour this week. Had a great time shooting the “Wait” music video in Hong Kong. Pandora Unforgettable Holiday Moments on Ice was last week with Mannheim Steamroller and will air Nov. 27 on NBC. Going back to Utah for Glad Christmas Tidings CD promo. Went to San Diego to visit the Invisible Children Offices and went to Phil’s BBQ. Working with Child Fund on the tour.”  – David

Say Yes to the Child (credit: DArchSiteVids)

Caring for others is the real meaning of the season. In this video, shown during all shows of his “My Kind of Christmas” Tour, David Archuleta talks about the benefits of sponsoring a child through ChildFund International. If you cannot get to one of David’s concerts you can still “Say ‘Yes!'” to a child: visit ‪http://www.childfund.org‬ to learn more and sign up for a child sponsorship now. Help a Child. Change a Life.

– ChildFund Ornament – credit Naree

David Visits ChildFund Philippines (credit: childfundtube)

– collage credit davidarchuletanews tumblr

Childrens’ Miracle Network Hospitals

CMNH  Miracle Jeans Day Event (credit: childrensmiraclenet)

CMNH – Lean On Me (credit: AttractionsMagazine)

Hope for Haiti

Vlog – Hope for Haiti (credit: theofficialarchuleta)

“All right, I’m sorry for that amazingly annoying clicking noise! I didn’t hear it while I was making the video. But it’s too long to redo the whole thing.- Sorry that this is so long! But I just felt like I needed to talk a little more about helping Haiti. It’ll make up for the lack of blogging right? haha. I’ll try and teach myself how to shorten them in the future. But Thanks everyone who’s been donating and helping Haiti! I had a great time in Central America and can’t wait to go back! Can’t wait to start more writing sessions next week, and thanks on behalf of me and my sister for all the Japanese culture items! haha” – David

Somos el Mundo on EXTRA (credit: archiedorable)

Somos el Mundo (credit: Univision)

Other Organizations

– Stand Up 2 Cancer

– Duffy’s Hope

– Read Across America

– Read Across America

– CRUSH MS – credit jenleighbarry

MS Charity (credit: JRforDA09)

– Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

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It’s amazing to see the positive impact David has had for so many worthy causes – and he’s only 21!  When I ponder what makes David’s fan base so unique, I think it comes down to not only David the Artist, but David the Person – his ability to inspire others not only with his voice and music but by his own example ~ stand up, make your voice heard and make a difference!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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304 Responses to David Archuleta Sunday Post – 200 Days of Service

  1. kimk says:

    200 DAYS!!!! 😀

  2. oinkiers says:

    :D!!! 200 DAYS!!!

  3. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Kalei for the wonderful Sunday post.
    What a great night in Archuland last night. Hope that David will have a lot more concerts….keep those entertainment skills sharp, David, so that your fans will be completely WOWED when you first step on stage at your first concert in 2014.

  4. sarahhazel says:

    HAPPY 200TH DAY!!! Now. that definitely deserves the CAPS!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful Sunday post, Kalei!
    David has done so much for the fans and the less fortunate, I’m so proud to be an Archie! 🙂

  5. sarahhazel says:

    200 days have passed, wowzers!……WE CAN DO THIS!!!
    Joan Bernal ‏@chunnie210
    David Archuleta returns from his mission is in 533 days, 8 hours, 42 minutes

  6. 200 days of service!!!!!
    great post kalei.—David has such a good heart. We Archies have been witness to that.
    sorry for no caps, but i messed up my shoulder somehow and am typing with one hand. i have another full day of helping at our church bazaar again today. i will be back tonight. but will be around for 3 mor hours this morning, just will be commenting very little. takes too long with one hand.

  7. sarahhazel says:

    DJLove ♥ ‏@DJArchuletaLove

    @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith at NA Mall Tour 🙂 pic.twitter.com/YgKpcgVz

  8. lct#DA2014 says:

    If we made it to 200 we can go another 200! Thanks FOD for helping us get through this!

  9. sarahhazel says:

    In honor of last night’s spazzfest…..*WARNING-OLD MISH PIC* (edited)

  10. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–oh, no….hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  11. sarahhazel, thanks hoping it gets a little better through the day. right now i can’t lift it very much. think i just pulled a muscle. hope it works itself out. wasn’t it exciting to read about davids concert. he still got it and more.

  12. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–that actually to me a few weeks ago….really hurts….but it eased up in about 3 days….just take it easy.

    –hope David does more of those concerts there…..so we could get to spazz every now and then till 2014!

  13. Jhen says:

    David is an artist with a purpose, helping so many people, very selfless, proud of him.
    When David return from his mission, he is already a hunk lol, he gain weight, if he will continue to go to the gym, then his body will be perfect sexy lol David said he is hot, why only now he notice he is hot lol David definitely hot, his stares, smile, voice, dancing skills are already hot!

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Justine M Archuleta ‏@JustJustineA

    If one more person asks me if I am related to David Archuleta I’m going to start singing and they’ll be sorry they ever asked #CoverYourEars

  15. Lucy says:

    Morning guys, home sick today, cold, sinus infection, all that lovely stuff, I love all the pictures you guys post here, it cheers me up 🙂

  16. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–HOT! HOT! HOT!…..the whole Archufandom’s gonna spontaneously combust in 2014!

  17. oinkiers says:

    Linda and Lucy- Sorry to hear you guys are under the weather, get well soon!!

  18. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Lucy! Nasty cold, huh?….well, get well soon!

    (that reminds me, gotta get my flu shot) 😕

  19. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, lct and oinkiers! 😀

  20. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Cant stay, have lots of household chores to get done 🙁 Just wanted to say that I love the concert David gave last night & heard the Elder who played the piano was exceptional(sorry, I dont have his name at the moment) so, sounds like a fabulous time. I think its wise of them to do this, to be a little lighter, have more fun, when serving a community, joy, laughter & fun are gifts, a part of life, a necessary part of life. It brings people together 😀

    Hey Linda! Hope your shoulder feels better 😀

    Hey Lucy! Drink plenty of liquids & have lots of soup, take care!

    Well, have a great day all, will check in later, Ciao!

  21. Jhen says:

    sarah- wish a fast forward 2013, so it could be 2014 already lol More surprises from David.

  22. Jhen says:

    I think David have so much fun in Chile and he might eat a lot of good foods too lol
    Bye from now Fod family, sleeping time

  23. hi, lucy oinkier and jhen. thanks, hope to be better soon, so i can type with 2 hands instead of one.
    jhen,,david es muy caliente, ;hot,hot,hot;
    lucy hope you get better soon.
    sarahhazel, will just keep moving it a little bit so it stiffen up.

  24. sydnie says:

    Woohoo 200 days zoomed by & merely 533 days left before D’s triumphant glorious return! Thanks Kalei for highlighting his amazing contributions to so many worthy causes, he’s truely selfless and inspirational! 😀
    Lct, you lost 32 lbs already! 😯 Congrats!!! See D really is a multipurpose motivational machine haha! 😀

  25. oinkiers says:

    Hello Sarahhazel!!

  26. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hey Sydnie! Thanks for noticing my comment! You are so sweet to mention it! I sometimes feel I’m invisible but that’s ok! Lurking gives me more time to accomplish things! Hi Sarahazel! 🙂

  27. Joy4archieDA2014 says:

    Wow can’t believe all the things David did lastnite! We are going to be
    In for it when he comes back! My gosh!

  28. sydnie says:

    Hello all! Wow concert last night must’ve been insane for all those attended cause my head’s spinning just from reading the chats lol!
    Candy, thanks so much for bringing over quotes from Gladys in caps haha, what even I’m dying here! 😀 and David bigger??
    Janel & everyone else covering the concert, also much appreciated! Still in catch up mode before leaving for a huge sports day! Going to both 49ers & Giants, just stopping by quick hello! 😀

  29. sarahhazel says:

    lct–wow, you’re gonna be one lean, mean, sexy machine and ready for anything David come 2014!

  30. sarahhazel says:

    Heather ❤ DA2014 ‏@Heather_DA2014

    David pic day 49! He’s been gone 200 days. 530 more until he comes back! #davidarchie #da2014 http://instagr.am/p/QxOgLhQU3k/

  31. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    Photo edit of @DavidArchie pic.twitter.com/UKjXzwve

  32. sydnie says:

    Lct, could be because you’re in a different time zone & usually post late night US time….I’m a night owl so mostly here late too and miss chatting with fellow Archies! Always enjoy your comments and efforts to promo D in your neck of the woods! 😀

  33. sarahhazel says:

    Joy–I can see it now….concert tix sold-out in minutes!

  34. sarahhazel says:

    syndie–fun times last night!

  35. sydnie says:

    Sarahhazel, thanks for the all the links! Please spam away! 😀
    Jhen, yes isn’t D a sweetheart! So what’s the lately big celeb gossip in Asia, pls fill us in haha! 😀
    I’d love to stay and chat but ride will be here so gotta get ready! Hope more concert info to pop up later, enjoy your Sunday all! 😀

  36. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    My @DavidArchie picture of the day Anaheim CA 12-17-11

  37. Have to leave now, but my shoulder feels a little better SARAHHAZEL, A hot shower does wonders. Not 100% yet but better. See you tonight if its not too late. If not see you guys tomorrow. Have a Blessed Sunday.

  38. sarahhazel says:

    See ya later, Linda!

  39. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sarahhazel. LOL on the Archie fandom spontaneously combusting in 2014. If these little bits of info keep coming about his concerts in Chile we might explode before then. Salsa, Eye of the Tiger & boxing, Everybody Hurts, Hero……Geez!

  40. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I actually think it would be smart for Kari to pre book venues before he gets here. You know they’ll sell out. We’re chomping at the bit already for a return concert and he hasn’t even been on his mission for 7 months yet.

  41. Anita says:

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much Kalei for this fabulous post! It’s very moving and fitting in celebration of David’s 200 days of service. Congratulations David on getting to 200 days of your mission work!!!

    Last night seemed to be one of the most exciting times for us fans, wasn’t it?!! I’m thrilled that David got to put on such an incredible concert for his Central American fans. When that man comes back in 2014……OH MY!!!! He’s going to be an even better showman!

  42. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–Maybe when he hits the 1-year or 1 1/2 mark or ….they will start planning the tour…..but who knows, maybe it’s already in the works. 😀

    LOL….it’s fun to DREAM….

  43. sarahhazel says:

    Anita–Yes, it was!….When he does his comeback concert, we should request salsa dancing (with us of course!), hat throwing, kneeling while, and pretend boxing with EOTT! 😉

  44. Gwen says:

    Hello all,

    Thanks Kalei for showing all that love that David spreads around this world. He sure has made me a better person and made me thinks of others more and be more giving to those in need.
    Last night’s concert sounded fantastic, can’t wait till 2014.So happy he was able do this last night.You know he was in his glory.

    1st concert back here in the US we MUST, as soon as that young man starts to sing,we need to get up and DANCE .He said folks in NA don’t do that so we need to change that for him. Up on our feet everybody!!!!! He asked them to do that last night. They do it in Asia too, so let’s shake our booties!!!!

  45. sarahhazel says:

    Gwen–I’m pretty sure on his next tour, it will be standing-O & dancing in every corner from start to finish!

  46. Anita says:

    sarahhazel-Yes indeed! We should request the works from David, and learn a few dance moves of our own. I’m really hoping for a Christmas tour in 2014, with a mix of X-mas songs, R&B, Pop, Latin, Salsa dancing, etc. Justin Beiber better WATCH OUT, because there will be a Latino hunk coming back to the U.S. to take the music world by STORM!!!!

  47. Martha says:

    Hello Everyone! Thanks Kalei for a very appropriate post for the 200th Day! This is very much who David is!

  48. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sarah, we’ll give him every reason to never want to leave us again. LOL

  49. PandasMama says:

    David’s buddy Joy Williams will be performing with The Civil Wars this afternoon here in Austin at the Austin City Limits Music Fest. You can watch the performance live on their youtube channel at 5:15 central time. http://www.youtube.com/user/ACLfestival

  50. sarahhazel says:

    As part of celebrating D’s 200th day of service, let’s keep playing the EH MV!

    And keep promoting BEGIN.!!! 🙂

  51. Martha says:

    palmtreephan – from previous thread

    Thanks for reminding us about Heaven by Los Lonely Boys. That probably was the one he sang.


  52. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Martha!!!

    Janel–we should and we will! 😀

  53. Martha says:

    I also think he sang Hero as done by Mariah Carey, can’t imagine him doing the Enrique one, too much of a stretch because of the words. Gladys last night I don’t think was really sure so Christina A was mentioned & Enrique. We’ll see.


  54. Martha says:

    Hi, sarahhazel – Wow, still a little tired from last night. I was over at the chat and participated some. Didn’t really ask any questions, wasn’t time-and I was so surprised that I could hardly think!

  55. sarahhazel says:


  56. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–I think it’s safe way to say you were Archutized from thousands of miles away!

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–love that pic….he looked perfect that day!

  58. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – yeah, and reassessing some things. Very happy and excited that he is still “performing” and that he seems very happy doing it! I’m hoping those who put on the show will publish their own pics/vids so they are controlled as to content. David probably felt more free doing what he did knowing that there were no misc pics being taken.

  59. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–I’m wishing the mission site would at least put a few pics.

  60. Martha says:

    lct – Saw your post on the previous thread (4:24 am) and a totally agree with you. What happened last night was the real David.

  61. Janel aka Nellie says:

    If nothing else, last night proved that nothing has changed, he’s still the David we love. He still loves music and will sing. He’ll come back to us new and improved and raring to go. His voice won’t be wasted and he’ll keep it strong for himself and for his fans. I am so glad his mission president is utilizing David’s talents to touch people, as he always has touched people with his voice. David’s voice is a missionary tool. People feel the spirit from it and are drawn to it.

  62. cq#DA2014 says:

    He did say he couldn’t wait to bring back the person he will become from this mission experience…well, Mr. Archuleta WE CAN’T WAIT EITHER!!!!! After last night……..WOWZA, we are in for major hawtness coming back to us.

  63. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here is an exerpt from David’s chapter in the book “Why I Am a Mormon.” It’s my favorite part of it. Kind of gives you perspective on his feelings about music and connecting to others through it.

    “I couldn’t believe the response I got from the people who worked on American Idol, and then the judges, and then all the people after that. All I did was sing the songs in a way that was meaningful to me and allowed me to feel that spiritual feeling. People of all ages wrote me letters telling me what they felt. I was shocked by how direct they would be, saying they weren’t sure what it was but that they had felt something powerful and strong and beautiful. So many letters were coming in, just hundreds of them. Hardly any of there said, “You are so cute”; most of them were just thank you-s and people saying there was something they felt when I sang. Many said they weren’t sure what they were feeling, and they asked if I could tell them what it was. I hadn’t realized how people who didn’t feel the Spirit often didn’t know what they were feeling. I knew Heavenly Father really wanted me to be there, He had a purpose for me, and He wanted me to help people feel good and come closer to Him. It was touching for me to have that opportunity.
    I guess that was one of the most remarkable things for me, to see how the Lord works. I didn’t go on TV and say I was a Mormon. All I did was sing the songs that I felt people would be able to connect to, the same way I’ve been able to connect to things through the Spirit. I didn’t feel like I did this incredible performance there. There was something else that was coming across to people. It is amazing how the Spirit can communicate in that way.”
    I feel the Spirit when I sing, and I have learned that others can feel the Spirit as well. When I realized the Spirit was what I was also feeling when I went to church, I learned how to serve other people better. I learned how you can love your family better and get to know God better as you try to live the commandments and be obedient. It is like the Spirit feeds you and helps you little by little. When I connected those two together, I understood that my Heavenly Father is also the one who allowed me to have music because I feel Him so strongly through it.”

  64. sarahhazel says:

    Janel– 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sorry if what I just posted sounds “mormon-y” or preachy, but they are David’s words, so thought you’d want to read them.

  66. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    @DavidArchie Your future holds singing and inspiring the world:) pic.twitter.com/oMDal0fF

  67. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–you beat me to it! 😮

  68. Martha says:

    sarah – I didn’t see you had posted before!! Modern technology…. 🙂

  69. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Elder Italo Coello, concert pianist. Sounds like he’s a good fit to play piano for David. http://twitpic.com/b484d6

  70. davidarchiefan4life says:

    Janel – thanks so much for posting that excerpt, I’d never read it … do Mormons believe the Spirit is only a Mormon spirit? (Hope you don’t mind me asking… I am Catholic and we too believe in the Holy Spirit, part of the Holy Trinity that includes God the father and Jesus Christ). I definitely feel God’s love when David sings, but to me it’s non-denominational, if that makes any sense.

  71. Martha says:

    Janel – yeah, apparently Elder Coello is a very accomplished concert pianist in his own right – and they end up together. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  72. cq#DA2014 says:

    Janel, is that the speach he did in Spanish at the concert?

  73. cc halo says:

    I’m not religious at all anymore, and I feel the “Spirit” when David and others sing as much as I ever did when I was religious. “Amazing Grace” still makes me cry. It’s about deep feelings, or whatever touches your heart in your own way.

  74. Janel aka Nellie says:

    davidarchiefan4life. We believe in the Godhead. Even in our baptisms, we baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
    We do not believe they are one being, but we do believe they are one in purpose. I don’t want to be preachy here because sometimes it brings out religious discussions that get too heated, but I can answer more questions if you want to email me at janel_woodbury at yahoo.
    Or any questions you wonder about can be found on http://www.mormon.org. There’s even a place to chat with full time missionaries (no, not David. LOL)

  75. cq#DA2014 says:

    cc halo, I to feel that you don’t have to belong to any organized religion to feel the “Spirit”. I choose to believe that David doesn’t only think that Mormons are the only ones that feel the Spirit of God.

  76. Martha says:

    Janel – thanks again for the list of 200 performances. I made a copy and I’m going to go through each one, one by one. It was alot of work for you and I appreciate it. 🙂

    HAPPY 200th DAY, EVERYONE! It seems like it was just the 100th day. 🙂

  77. kimk says:

    going to venture a guess they were assigned in the same general area on purpose.

  78. cc halo says:

    P.S. John Lennon who wrote “Imagine” was an atheist, which proves that we all take our own meaning from what we hear, including David. If he wants to sing that song and see it as a call to religious spirituality, he’s free to do that, but most people take the “imagine no religion” part as it’s intended meaning.

  79. Janel aka Nellie says:

    cq, no it is a book sold at Deseret Book called “Why I’m A Mormon”. Has several little chapters of well known people and their testimonies of why they are Mormon. Included is Alex Boye who sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, retired SF 49er quarterback Steve Young, and others. Not remembering who else. Some are authors, pulitzer prize winners, actors, sports stars, and others. Don’t recognize who they all are, just some of them. David’s chapter is about 3-4 pages. It gives an intro to him similar to what you can find in COS, but then the rest are his words and his story of growing up in the church and why he believes what he does.

  80. Martha says:

    kimk – now they just need to get a guitarist, drummer, and maybe a horn player for some of the Spanish songs… 😆

  81. josie says:

    Am I the only one who had to google Al Jolson who find out who he was? lol.

  82. meganloves2lol says:

    cq#DA2014- i agree! i’m lutheran and i know i feel the spirit of God. if anybody of any religion were to think they are the only ones who feel the spirit of God, well that is just beyond self-righteous. anyhow, why is everyone spazzing!? i feel so out of the loop!! i know david sang at something last night, but what did he sing and do that is making everyone go crazy? please will me in 🙂

  83. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–LOL….Archuband 2.0 in Chile! 😀

  84. Martha says:

    josie – don’t worry, josie…it just tells me that you are young. I know TOO many old-time artists lol 🙂

  85. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thanks Janel, now I understand why he said that, of course, it stand to reason why he would say it in that book.

  86. Martha says:

    sarah – Or the Archuelders, coming to a mission near you!!

  87. Martha says:

    meganloves2lol – do you have a couple of hours?

  88. sarahhazel says:

    megan–he did a mini concert with Elder Coello last night….sang some hymns, pop songs (Hero, EH, etc.), did pretend boxing to the tune of Eye of the Tiger, did hat throwing to the audience, danced salsa, sang while kneeling….did I forget anything?….LOL….you could go to the comments from last thread (late night) for all the spaazz-worthy info. 😀

  89. josie says:

    Martha~ Wait, though. I thought I read that he was big around the turn of the century. So that would make you….112? lol.

  90. Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂

    Janel, that pic at 4:23 says “Farewell Concert.” Wondering what that means??? Is it directed to elder Coello BTW…my head and heart are still on a rollercoaster ride after last night’s HULLABALOO ALA DAVID!!!!!!

  91. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Martha, you’re welcome.
    Megan…..just a lot of reasons to sigh and wish we were there. LOL….he danced Salsa while singing a song called “Life is a Carnival”, fake boxed and sang “Eye of the Tiger, sang Everybody Hurts, Mariah’s “Hero” (or, I believe it was Mariah’s), and others. Plus some LDS hymns and children’s primary songs too.
    On the “Why I Am a Mormon” book, I really don’t like discussing religion here. I believe strongly the same as David does and some discussions have got so heated as to hurt people’s feelings including my own. But I don’t mind privately discussing things. I have typed the entire chapter of David’s if anyone wants it. With the exception of the introduction, I didn’t add that. If you want it, email me. janel_woodbury@yahoo.com

  92. davidarchiefan4life says:

    Janel, thanks very much for answering my question… sounds a lot like our Holy Trinity, lol, can’t help it, I like finding commonalities among people. Been listening to Latin/Spanish music all day even though I don’t speak it, so much life and joy in it, david’s future Spanish album is sure to slay us all. 🙂

  93. Janel aka Nellie says:

    The picture of Elder Coello is dated Feb, for his concert, so maybe it was his “farewell” concert before he went on his mission. Who knows.

  94. sarahhazel says:

    idamae–it was awesome last night!….I guess Gladys is taking her time writing the recap…..unless she’s still in a state of shock over what she’d witnessed. LOL

  95. Martha says:

    josie – now you know my secret… Seriously, I recall alot of the oldtime singers growing up, my mom was into music and I am next to the youngest of 8 siblings. You read and heard alot then about famous artists; there is so much going on now and distractions of life, you don’t hear as much about them anymore.

  96. sarahhazel says:

    davidarchie–Album?….even a Spanish single would be enough to put us all in the Archuhospital!

  97. Martha says:

    sarah – Gladys said last night she was writing down notes during the event so she wouldn’t forget. When they saw her (I guess Security, Security), they asked her what she was doing. She got up and went to the bathroom. She said people tried to take pics and some did, they told them to put their cameras down, but didn’t confiscate apparently. There is hope……

  98. Makes sense, Janel.
    davidarchiefan4life, I find myself doing the same thing…it’s similar to exchanging info with someone you meet, wondering if they live near you, eat at a certain restaurant and if they’re a fan of a certain fab singer 🙂 It’s normal to want to find a connection with David even on a religious level.

  99. josie says:

    Martha~ Wow, that’s pretty cool. You were able to gain kind of an understanding of/appreciation for “musical heritage”, then. 🙂 I grew up around music, but not anything in the secular world. I barely know who today’s artists are. lol.

  100. sarahhazel says:

    Maybe he and Elder Coello are already collaborating in writing those Spanish songs….haha….
    BTW, that’s a really nice pic of EC….they all seem to look better with longer hair….just sayin’….. 😉

  101. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    Only 140 something fans have signed @DavidArchie’s birthday card? If u still need 2 send him a bday message here it is http://www.groupcard.com/c/rMT48U8t4ti

  102. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I guess Idamae that my sentence came out wrong. I don’t believe the same way David does because of David. I’ve been LDS for 36 years. True, I went inactive for 8 years and David’s music and testimony are part of what drew me back to the church, but my testimony is my own and stronger than other. I don’t believe what I believe and have the testimony I do just because David does, that doesn’t work. I realized that I joined the church when I was 11 because my parents did. I had somewhat of a testimony growing up, but I really did fall back on what my parents believe and later what my ex-husband believed. You’re not truly converted if you’re just leaning on the beliefs of others and hoping they are right. Hope that makes sense.

  103. Sarahhazel, YES, IT WAS!!! LOL I hope Gladys had an easier time getting home than she did at the last concert. I think the buses weren’t running and she shared a taxi to get transportation back to Argentina… YIKES…the lengths we go to see the Archuleta 🙂

  104. Janel aka Nellie says:

    This is the David look-alike who works at the Macey’s grocery store near me. He’s worked there a few years and I know he’s David’s age because when I first saw him I asked. He gets mistaken for David all the time and especially did during Idol. The watch on the left wrist is a dead give-away I guess. LOL. I know he’s LDS too and I think he went on a mission and is back already because I noticed he was gone for awhile then came back. I made a note of his name the other day but then forgot. LOL…next time.

  105. Janel aka Nellie says:

    second picture, differrent angle. http://twitpic.com/b48lw3

  106. Martha says:

    Janel -he’s got the same haircut too lol

  107. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–you took his pic at the check-out section?! LOL

  108. sarahhazel says:

    idamae–I forgot Gladys is from Argentina….wonder how far is that from Chile?…..but think she went to her hotel after the concert….that was it said at the chat last night.

  109. josie says:

    sarah- 5:45- Dang. 🙁

  110. sarahhazel says:

    josie–I’m guessing a lot of peeps are procrastinating….& we have until end of Nov. to send it thru Kari…..so 🙂 up!

  111. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL, Sarah I got his permission, not a stalker.

  112. angelbymyside says:

    ok….is what I read about the concert last night TRUE????? Salsa dancing, throwing punches in the air, karate kicks, wearing a white hat and throwing it in the crowd??? Did someone make this up or have I suddenly been transported to another planet??? 😉 😆 And what did they do with our David? 😆

  113. VaBeachArchie says:

    HAPPY Sunday and David’s 200th day of service!

    INCREDIBLE post Kalei! Thanks you! So proud of David and his fans for all the support they have given to so many life changing charities! Archies sure step up!

    Last night was FUN! Stayed up way too late considering I had to work today! David sure didn’t forget how to WOW a crowd! Was hoping to come home to a surprise …pic or snipet!

  114. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–stalker???….of course, you’re not! 😀

  115. kimk says:

    angel we need proof!!!

  116. angelbymyside says:

    And he sang Eye of the Tiger?????? What is happening over there??? hahaha 😆

  117. sarahhazel says:

    abms–yep, it’s true!….an alien took over David’s body!!! 😆

  118. sarahhazel says:

    Truth Be Told 🙂 ‏@riskarchie

    My babes archies, please tell me how David Archuleta looked like at missionary mini-concert !!! TELL ME TELL ME, LET ME KNOW….

  119. angelbymyside says:

    holy smokes….. is this true?????? And he is singing Al Jolson???? I AM SPEECHLESS!!!!

  120. kimk says:

    so is bigger.. chubbier or bulkier.

  121. sarahhazel says:

    Hmmm….must be all the Chilean food he’s been eating…..and the water too……

  122. angelbymyside says:

    OMGOSH……kick boxing and shadow boxing to the tune of ROCKY???? ***DEAD***

  123. angelbymyside says:

    I am stunned!!! That.Is.All.!!!!!


  124. Martha says:

    From Twitter, someone who was at the concert last night:

    He sings a lot of songs but I fall in love with Imagine and You raise me up

    @puushinmeaway you have some videos??

    @AstiiiArchie no, we can’t take photos or videos 🙁

    @puushinmeaway I heard someone has pics of him and will upload it *I hope they really have it* lucky u. u can see him aaa

    @AstiiiArchie i don’t really know but Elder McArthur says that Elder Archuleta and Coello asked to not record or take pictures. No one do it

  125. sarahhazel says:

    Note: my last comment refers to possible cause of his “hyperactivity” last night….LOL

  126. sarahhazel says:

    I knew it….they both didn’t want pics/vids taken….why? oh, why??? 🙁

  127. angelbymyside says:

    still trying to process what I am reading about last night!! lol

    I don’t know Gladys….but I ♥ her 😀

  128. angelbymyside says:

    when is the next “concert” ??????? 😉

  129. sarahhazel says:

    OK, I could understand the “no videos” request….but a few pics won’t be so bad,…like posed ones, right?….

  130. sarahhazel says:

    abms–hope they have more coming…..something to get excited about on this long “drought”!

  131. Martha says:

    Sarah – he probably knew where they would end up and he wanted to be able to do all that he did, free from concern that it would be scrutinized and picked apart – kind of like we are doing haha – and free to act for the youth as in a manner that you don’t associate with a missionary. I think it helps their cause to publicize, but not my decision. I think that the mission President probably wouldn’t have minded. JMO

    Gladys said last night that they took him away quickly after it was over.

  132. angelbymyside says:

    i need to see these kick boxing and shadow boxing moves for myself 😉

  133. Martha says:

    sarah – still hoping for “official” pics, some he approves of.

  134. Martha says:

    Elder @DavidArchie says “bacán” and “cachai” 🙂 he loves Chile

    18hYvette Ace‏@yvetteace_music
    @puushinmeaway what do those words mean lol?

    @yvetteace_music bacán is like awesome and cachai is like “did you understand” lol

    8hYvette Ace‏@yvetteace_music
    @puushinmeaway oh haha that sounds really cool ツ thanks for answering ツ

  135. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–keep those tweets coming! 🙂

  136. sarahhazel says:

    Adriana Somma + ‏@Adri_Somma

    Pretty sure David Archuleta was born to sing Christmas music 

  137. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OK, leaving for my audition in about 10 minutes. My butterflies have officially been taken over by bats.
    Ugh!!!! We won’t even know if we’ll get the special number until after Wednesday….wish me luck, but don’t tell me to break a leg, I’m way too clumsy.

  138. alana says:

    Lol Doesn’t surprise me that David learned to say Awesome in Chilean.

  139. alana says:

    Good luck, Janel!

  140. Martha says:

    Here’s the best one:

    #RazonesParaSonreír Ver a Elder Archuleta tan feliz ayer cantando (:

    Translation: #ReasonsToSmile To see Elder Archuleta so happy singing

  141. kimk says:

    lol he was on his knees singing Al Jolson! would you want pics or vids?!

  142. tami lyn says:

    hi guys! 🙂 out of the david loop this weekend. lots of family & church stuff. wow sounds like david went wild or something?! haha!whenever i’m not here stuff happens lol!!

  143. alana says:

    I love that David is speaking slang words, although it sounds like he might need some help with the difference in caliente and calor. lol

  144. alana says:

    lol he was on his knees singing Al Jolson! would you want pics or vids?!

    Why not both? Hee!!

  145. Janel, I think you’re directing your comment to the wrong person but that’s OK cuz you got me thinking. IMO, we all ebb and flow when it comes to religion. I was born Catholic in an Italian family and went to Catholic grammar, HS and Univ. BUT took a rebellious hiatus for a few yrs from my Catholic roots…didn’t go to church, confession…BUT that all changed when I was asked to baptize my cousin’s baby. In my eyes, I had to do it right and I’ve never regretted it. David fascinates me with his incredible immersion in his faith at a young age…he truly lives it and IMO his spiritual fervor rubs off on many of his fans. You can only do what makes sense for you and I’m glad that you chose to continue where you left off on your spiritual path.

  146. sarahhazel says:

    Good luck, Janel!

  147. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–all the GOOD STUFF on the concert are on the last thread….spazzfest at its best!

  148. angelbymyside says:

    kimk ~ as the saying goes….beggars can’t be choosy! lol

  149. alana says:

    Batya ‏@Batya11394


  150. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Kalei thanks for your post about David and his generous soul. He carries the world on his shoulders with a smile and the biggest heart in the world.He definitely is an outstanding human being.

    Last night was exhilarating. To know David is having a great time and able to sing makes me ecstatic. Looks like his comfort zone is expanding.

    Linda- Hope your shoulder heals. We are so lucky to be fans of David. He lifts our spirits constantly. Gladys is a great reporter. I don’t know how she could focus on anything after the first note that David sang. 😆

  151. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    good luck Janel!! 😀

  152. sarahhazel says:

    alana–LOL….seen funny tweets like that…..peeps are jealous….haha!

  153. tami lyn says:

    thaks sarah 🙂 i will go back and look!

  154. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–I think David knows even without pics/vids….we’d be spazzing and enjoying the accounts from peeps who were there….and yes, he did lift our spirits again!

  155. Elysian says:

    OMJOSSSSSH!!! What the heck happened last night in Chile???!!!! At first I thought something must be lost in translation, but evidently it is all true!!!! I am LOVING it!!!! Without a doubt, this wins the prize for the most eclectic set list by any artist EVER…hymns, Al Jolson, Eye of the Tiger, Enrique or possibly a Mariah version of Hero, Louie Armstrong, Celia Cruz, etc., delivered in two languages and accompanied by salsa dancing, shadow boxing and Jolson’s trademark kneeling move !! Only David could pull this off!! What other 21 year old is even familiar with some of these songs??? If this is a taste of what it will be like when David returns, it will be the most exciting, unpredictable and fun ride of our lives!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

  156. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy. #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    wondering what @DavidArchie looks like after this 7 months… wondering how he’s changing too, miss ya David!

  157. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    sarahhazel- I feel he knows we would get info on the show somehow. He knows we can’t resist when it comes to him. 😀

  158. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Two hundred days! Yay! Happy dance, happy dance. lol

    Kalei – great idea on how to celebrate this day! 🙂 I’m grateful for all the good david has done in this world. 🙂

    I see I have to go check out yesterdays comments, lol…..and catch up on todays…….be back soon hopefully (feeling a little under the weather at the mo :-/ )

  159. alana says:

    Sarahhazel, Im a wee bit jealous myself. lol but mostly tickled and very happy

  160. ABMS, I know what would make your day…David running up the steps of the Phila Mus of Art shadow boxing to the tune of STR and, of course, you, Kimk, Marylee, Candy etc at the top of the steps with a bouquet of roses…PRICELESS!!!! PIX, PLEASE 🙂

  161. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Elysian – that comment is killing me! Is that what david did!!!???
    Oh no, please say it isn’t so….unless of course it is all on camera somewhere for us to see!!!! I will be completely :mrgreen: if not! lolol

  162. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–“…this wins the prize for the most eclectic set list by any artist EVER…”——>haha….I love what you said!……and it’s very true…..he must be giggling while writing his set list….excited for the reaction it would get! LOL

  163. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Elysian- The two elders put on a spectacular variety show. David is full of surprises. I’m so happy that he is happy.

  164. alana, love that tweet at 7:41!!!

  165. Elysian says:

    Last night’s performance is proof as to why David can never be limited in the scope of what he sings, as Jive evidently tried to do by pressuring him to fit into the teen heartthrob mold. There are literally thousands of singers who would happily follow that narrow path, but David’s tastes are vocal abilities are virtually unlimited, which is why he is so fascinating!!! His talent is boundless, and now that he is revealing just how varied his tastes are, I think that we have to abandon any pre-conceived ideas as to where he will take us musically. As David would say, I am “stoked” for what the future holds and I will follow wherever he leads!! 🙂

  166. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–it’s all true!….you should run, don’t walk, to yesterdays evening’s comments to see what David’s “alter ego” did….haha! GO!!!

  167. tami lyn says:

    O M G, those lucky chile peeps!!!

  168. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    So there is NO footage of all this reported awesomeness?!
    Oh I can’t even read more than a few comments at a time on this thread without going from one extreme of spazzing to the other extreme! lol
    So much for feeling sick! No time for that in Archuletaland! Too much spazzing to do! lol

  169. sarahhazel says:

    alana @8:04–ME TOO 🙂

  170. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–oh, no…you’re sick?….well, spazz slowly but surely if you can, OK? 😉

  171. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–I give up!….don’t have a clue where he is heading musically when he comes back….he’s getting pretty unpredictable as time passes!

  172. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel – haha, ok. Its hard to tear myself away from the comments here….but I will go and speedread as quickly as I can. lol
    I guess the spazzing and fun here makes up for the fact that there mightn’t be any footage.
    Imagine whats going to explode onto the stage in 2014!!! Wowzaaaaa! lol

  173. sarahhazel says:

    Well, off to slumberland for me……hope we get Gladys’ recap soon!

  174. Elysian says:

    Shanny- I know how you feel!! I stared at the comments forever, then rubbed my eyes because I couldn’t believe what I was reading!! Isn’t it Fantastic!!! The boundary pushing that David started when he filmed NA is evidently still occurring, even while he is on a mission!!! Who would have thunk it!!!!!

    sarahhazel- I was giggling as much as David probably did when he came up with this set list. I love the way his mind works!!!

    supergrandjudie- I totally agree about being happy when he is happy!!! I don’t feel this level of joy for the feelings of anyone other than my family of friends! I guess I have truly adopted David into my heart for me to feel this way! 🙂

  175. Elysian and SGJ, David must have had a blast preparing the set list for the concert…not to mention the creative license he was given!!!!

  176. Donna from NY says:

    Last night was so much fun. Thanks for the post. Off to bed:stayed up too late last
    night. Got to go to work in the morning. Nite all

  177. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Shanny- Yes, WOWZZAA 😆

  178. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel- I’m with you, not going to even try to predict where David is going, just going to hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride!! Sweet dreams, but try not to get exhausted with all of those energetic dream activities you have planned!!!!!

  179. Elysian says:

    idaemae- I think that any future record label and management would be wise to give David as much creative license as he wants, because pure unadulterated David is a million times more fascinating than the cookie cutter artists who make music which is virtually indistinguishable from each other. David is a true original, and that should be celebrated and supported, rather than squelched, as others have done in the past!

  180. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    OMG……Angelbymyside and others….How do we get pics of this awesome concert that happened last night….Al Jolson, Eye of the Tiger, boxing, throwing hats into the audience….I am about DEAD…….BTW….. I keep trying to sign the Birthday card for David, but when I click on Sign the Card, my computer freezes…It did the same thing and I couldn’t sign Lupe’s card either…anyone know what I am doing wrong?????? Miss Vicki

  181. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- It looks like he had a lot of freedom in choosing his set list. David has an inate ability to know what’s good and right. It’s David. Just David!! 😀

  182. Elysian says:

    Donna from NY- Good night! 🙂

  183. angelbymyside says:

    Idamae ~ OMJOSH if that happened I don’t think I would live to tell about it haha

  184. sarahhazel, good nite and take care with the salsa moves 🙂

  185. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight sarahhazel and Donna from NY.

    Miss Vicki- Sorry, I don’t know why you’re having a problem.

  186. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Elysian….I agree with your comments…. David is one of a kind and can’t be put into a cookie cutter mold….That is why he is so facinating, mesmerizing and all around AWESOME….and Idamae…I agree David must have had a blast preparing for this concert….Maybe we will get a little Al Jolson, salsa, boxing and hat throwing when he returns….Can’t wait for 2014……Miss Vicki

  187. breanne says:

    Just want to remind everyone to keep voting hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go on Chart Central:

    Still stunned by all the comments about David’s concert last night!! Wish a pic or even a crappy cell cast would show up somewhere! Miss you David but so proud of you!!!!

  188. tami lyn says:

    hope david saves some of that wildness for us!!!

  189. tami lyn says:

    i’ve always wanted to hear him sing~ You Raise Me Up!!!

  190. OoO says:

    I hope David don’t expand his body to much because he is short and he got a lot of work to do as a leading man hahahahaha.

  191. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    breanne- I agree. One little itty bitty pic.

  192. Miss Vicki, SGJ, ABMS and Elysian, there’s an Italian dessert that comes in the shape of a huge 3 layered dome of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. When it’s sliced open there’s a center of chilled creamy whipped cream, nuts, cherries, chocolate pieces, and dried fruit. Well….DJA is the SPUMONI of the music world!!!!!!!! Can’t discover all the goodness until you take a peak inside his genius 🙂

  193. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn – Did you see that he got a little bigger. More David. I love it!! 😆

    OoO- Yes he’ll need to do some px90 before he comes home.

  194. ksf says:

    OoO – i totally agree! Although, I guess leading men can come in all shapes and sizes. LOL.

    It’s great to see all the spazzing around the concert last night. I hope when David comes back he will do what makes him happy…with lots of R&B and Pop thrown in 😉

    Goodnight folks!

  195. tami lyn says:

    sgj~ there is a pic??! no i did not see that! 🙁 where is it???

  196. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- I love spumoni. Yum Yum!! 😆

  197. Virtue says:

    Salsa, salsa, salsa! Happy 200th!

  198. tami lyn…tell the truth, had you been there, you would have run up on stage and sat on David’s knee as he sang Dixie and then apologize cuz there were no more vacant seats . Have you no shame 🙂

  199. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn Alas, there is no picture. Gladys described David as looking bigger, body wise, in the chat. No picture just her description. He wore a suit and turguoise tie. It’s a tough word. HaHa

  200. Lucy says:

    Yeah what pic are you referring to Supergrandjudie?

  201. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Virtue- HaHa he broke loose with the moves.

  202. Lucy says:

    Never mind….

  203. Virtue says:

    idamae, rofl!

    sgj, you know what this means?

  204. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Lucy- Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought tami lyn had read the chat session. That’s what I meant by “Did you see”!!

  205. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- 😆 😆 😆

    Virtue- What does this mean??

  206. tami lyn says:

    idamae~ LOL! funny thing is, dixie used to be my nickname! to this day still don’t know why! are u psychic???lol

  207. tami lyn says:

    sgj~ oh ok LOL, thanks!

  208. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- 🙂 !!!!

    idamae- ROFL!!! I Love your comment… “DJA is the SPUMONI of the music world!!!!!!!! ” It’s funny as well as accurate! LOL !! Your comment has also made me hungry! LOL! 🙂 !! ALSO, ROFL re your comment to tami lyn!!

  209. ksf, it’s a funny thing that the mission that we thought was taking David away from his fans, is actually growing his fan base in Chile. The more the merrier!!!!

    SGJ, eating spumoni on special occasions with family is one of my favorite memories of childhood 🙂 It is yummy!!!

  210. donna says:

    I’m hoping for a Christmas Devotional…

  211. Elysian says:

    Wow, I have been trying to post comments for around 20 minutes, but they wouldn’t post. I was being held hostage by my evil computer which occasionally refuses to let be chat. It kept telling my that I was posting a duplicate comment even though they were not posting. I finally changed from Chrome to explorer and I got through. I hate having to outsmart this evil computer. If you don’t hear from me again before I say goodnight, send HELP!!!

  212. Virtue says:

    SGJ, David always out-performs himself. I call it pulling a golden archie. When he gets back he’s gonna be on fire, if he’s smoking now!

  213. donna, I THINK they said something about an outdoor Christmas concert…keeping fingers crossed. The way David’s going I wouldn’t be surprised if he put on an original Charlie Brown Christmas with Snoopy and the gang. can you imagine all of Chile auditioning for the parts 🙂

  214. Elysian says:

    ksf- Yup, R & B and pop should definitely be part of the mix! Sweet dreams!!

  215. tami lyn says:

    my computer was being very weird and slow and i couldn’t reply to anyone on twitter, i was so frustrated! then i finally realized internet explorer was the problem, NOT my computer! switched to mozilla and now it’s really fast and no more problems with twitter 🙂

  216. Candy says:

    Of all the happenings of last night…I think the Al Jolson was the biggest surprise. Thats from the Vaudeville era and he up and sings a song on his knee no less. My mind is blown!

  217. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I looked up the Dixie song. It’s “Rock a Bye Your Baby to a Dixie Melody.” Made famous by Al Jolson. Sung by Judy Garland, Jerry Lewis, Sammie Davis, Jr. And Aretha Franklin. Aww now I remember!! Rings a bell now. Wikipedia is great. Reminded me I love Judy Garland too. She sang with all her heart. Used to watch her T.V. show every week. She was great!!

  218. Martha says:

    idamae – 😆

  219. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Candy- One article claimed Al Jolson was the greatest entertainer of all time, even bigger than Elvis. David knows his music, that’s for sure.

  220. Virtue, “pulling a golden archie” I love it!!!

    Elysian, I usually get the flying Walenda curser problem, letters printing haphazardly all over the page …I feel your pain 🙂

  221. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Idamae….I love Spumoni…..And about David being a little bigger…I’m all for that….He has looked way to skinny that last year or so….More of him to LOVE…Right everyone!!!!!…..Supergrandjudie……Is “Rock a Bye Your Baby to a Dixie Melody” the song David sang in concert last night???????? When are we gonna see pics????? Miss Vicki

  222. Candy says:

    SGJ-I cant imagine him singing a song from jolson but he did! Ida is right he is the Spumoni of the music world. Wonder what else he has buried in that center!

    It was so nice to see and feel the excitement in the room last night, it was like old times, just good ole fashioned enjoyment! Ha, and that enjoyment was transported 8,000 miles across the big pond!! You can take David out of the performing world but you cant take the burning performing desire out of David!!

  223. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    Quite the spazzfest last night, wasn’t it? Who knew David had all that in him. I hope he’ll share it with us when he comes home.
    Janel, ITA about Coello being a good fit for David as a friend and companion. He’s a great fit and he’s exactly what I was hoping for in potential missionary companions for David; a fellow musician who understands David’s passion. Looking at the date on the poster you posted it looks like he and David probably started their missions within a couple weeks of each other, so good to know that he’ll be there pretty much the whole time David will be. I’ll email you for a copy of David’s chapter from the ‘Why I’m A Mormon’ book. I saw the book at B&N and actually sat and read through David’s chapter right there in the store. Definitely worth having a copy of.
    donna, they are planning a Christmas event at the temple. It’ll be an outdoor performance, so maybe we’ll have better luck sneaking pics then.

  224. Martha says:

    Seems like he is connecting bigtime with his South American roots, I’d love to see him sing and dance to this one sometime:


  225. Candy says:

    I wonder what the fans thought last night when he broke out in pop song after pop song complete with wardrobe accessories, kick boxing and Lord help us all…salsa dancing! He gives new meaning to Hot Tamale & Spicy Nacho!!

  226. Miss Vicki, I remember seeing a close friend of the family for the holidays one year and in the summer I didn’t recognize him. His shoulders got broader, he grew taller and he put on some weight…WOW, what a difference…hold on to y0ur bowler hat Miss Vicki hahahahaha

  227. glitter*girl says:

    hmmm, he sounds so happy. maybe he met someone. maybe he’s in love! lol!

  228. Candy says:

    Ha, and I take offense at being called a non dancing north american ninny!

  229. josie says:

    Martha~ lol. I was just flippin’ through the channels, & found my PBS station doing a little feature story on Al Jolson right now. ‘Course I missed all but the last 2 seconds, but it was kind of strange seeing his name on TV.

  230. tami lyn, then your the original Dixie Chick…hmmmm 🙂

  231. tami lyn says:

    idamae~ haha!!! 🙂

  232. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oh my goodness guys. Yesterdays thread was epic …and hilarious….
    I think it was Gods mercy that ensured we weren’t there after all….because with our penchant to spazz and miss heartbeats whilst listening to The Voice….there is NO WAY we would have survived it in person. At least this way we have a.chance to mentally prepare ourselves for the onslaught come 2014 and we might have better chances of surviving the experience. However I suggest, just as a precautionary measure, that everyone get writing those bucket lists and ticking them off, make sure your wills are up to date and that you’ve told all your loved ones how very much you love them….because frankly….we can do our best to prepare but I’m not sure if it is really possible to prepare ourselves to survive such EPICNESS!

  233. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Josie- Yes, It’s a small world. Sometimes what we talk about goes in the air and we pick it up. I know, I’m strange. Hi Charlotte. Now I have to say goodnight. Wore myself out last night. But it was a good thing. Goodnight everyone catch you tomorrow.

  234. Martha says:

    candy – lol

    josie – after all the years, people still talking about Al Jolson

  235. Candy, David has only himself to blame. From now on he’s going to be expected to put on production numbers 🙂 BRING IT ON, DAVID!!!!!

  236. Candy says:

    Shanny-you forget to have Ray order those defibs—

    I want to go green when Im gone…just sprinkle me along the river bank while David sings Angels, all will be good!

  237. josie says:

    sgj~ “it goes in the air and we pick it up?” Wut? lol.

  238. Charlotte says:

    Hi SGJ 🙂 Goodnight and sweet David dreams to you 🙂
    Shanny, ITA with everything you said. Add to that looking into more life and health insurance, too. Have a feeling we’ll need it. We’ll also be needing the Archuhospital, so everyone there had best be prepared as well.

  239. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Is Elder Coello davids companion or just another missionary who performs with him?

    Awesome that he’s doing another concert come Christmas. I knew he’d sing on his mission but I thought more things like ‘talent shows’ and ‘firesides’ not the big ‘concert’ word. Its wonderful that he’s getting to enjoy the concert thrill whilst on his mission. I bet it makes him feel reeeaally good. He gets to show the locals and fellow missionaries exactly why he’s ‘all that’ too. Teehee. 🙂
    It must also help him to look forward to coming back to his career also, which is good for us. 🙂

  240. Candy says:

    Shanny-watched a TV show about a couple looking to buy a home in Dimbula(sp) is that anywhere near you?

  241. Charlotte says:

    Shanny, I think David and Coello were companions for a little while, but last I knew David was paired with someone else. Hope they’ll be paired again at some point. They really are a great fit for each other.

  242. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    josie- I meant it’s like we were all talking about Dixie and Al Jolson and it goes out of our minds and like radio waves our thoughts are received and then it’s picked up. HaHa I wish I could explain what I mean. I’m going to sleep now and going to get some rest. Take care Josie.

  243. josie says:

    Sorry, I still can’t use the words “elder” or “companion” in the same sentence as David. They mean completely different things to me. lol.

  244. josie says:

    sgj~ Ohhh. OK. Thanks for coming back & explaining. lol. 🙂 G’night, sgj.

  245. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Idamae…Yeah….”Bring it on David…gotta go to bed now….Sweet Al Jolson…err…David dreams all….Miss Vicki

  246. Candy says:

    I can only imagine(or maybe I cant) how hungry fans will be for a David concert once he gets home…I hope “Hes” ready for a fan frenzy of dancing, spazzing, and yes drooling!!
    If Gladys can sing and drool, so can we!

  247. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Candy, Charlotte…check. Check. I think the FOD MODS are going to have to incorporate a sticky into the front page somewhere with a list of instructions on what to do to prepare and organise once you’ve officially contracted ODD. And I think Kari needs to start issuing warnings and disclaimers at the front doors of concert venues.

    So…when do the fandom salsa dancing lessons start? How are we going to organise them? Weekly uploads on youtube? Classes at all future fan get togethers? Instead of a fitness challenge, maybe we can all log the number of hours we’ve spent learning salsa? Actually…didn’t Linda offer to teach us the other day? 🙂

  248. Elysian says:

    Good night supergrandjudie and Miss Vicki!! Pleasant dreams!

  249. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oh ok, thanks Charlotte. Actually with them both still being ‘newish’ missionaries i’m surprised they’ve both already been companions.

    Candy…hmmm…doesn’t sound familiar. But we’re taking a trip up near the Great Barrier Reef in coming months. I think you once watched a show depicting that area? Should be beautiful. 🙂

  250. Elysian says:

    Candy- I want the concession at his future concerts where I can sell drool buckets for all of the salivating fans! Tissues alone will be inadequate to stem the tide of droll that will be unleashed! LOL!

  251. Elysian says:

    Ooops, that’s drool, not droll, LOL!

  252. Elysian says:

    Shanny- Unfortunately, no amount of dancing lessons will ever enable me to salsa! I am cursed with two left feet. Watching DWTS is the closest I ever get to dancing, does that count? LOL!

  253. Charlotte says:

    Shanny, they seem to switch around with transfers pretty often, so who knows how many different companions each one will have by the time they’re done.
    I, too, want in on the fandom Salsa lessons. I love dancing even though I’m not the best at it and I’m always up on my feet for ZG and the other dancy songs at concerts. Would be awesome to surprise David when he comes home 🙂

  254. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Good night to all sleepyheads. 🙂

    Everytime I see the name ‘Coello’ it reminds me of davids favourite author ‘Coelho’. Funny little coincidence. Or maybe just small things amuse small minds? lol:

  255. Candy says:

    I must head off to dream land, Im pooped, I woke this morning feeling like I had been taking salsa lessons in my sleep. Good Night All.

  256. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Charlotte – david might be a changed man when he gets home…and he might find the fans changed too….to his delight. A bunch of swayin’, rockin’, squeein’ ultimate fangirls. lol
    Elysian, I don’t think the two left feet matter. I have a feeling the entire concert hall will be a massive moshpit – no-one will notice. lol

  257. Elysian, drool or droll buckets, no matter, you had me ROTFLOL!!!!!

  258. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Nite nite Candy. Dance on. 🙂

  259. Charlotte says:

    Shanny, no doubt that David will go through some changes. Seems like it’s already happening and I hope he’ll be happy with the person he becomes. I also hope we’ll be able to pleasantly surprise him. I think after two years without concerts we’ll be so hungry and thirsty for it that we’ll go crazy no matter what.
    Gonna sign off for the night and pop off to bed. Good night and sweet David dreams to all 🙂

  260. Nighty-night, SGJ, Miss Vicki and Candy!!!

  261. Elysian says:

    idamae- Your comments tonight have really had me chuckling too!! You are in rare form! 🙂

    Shanny- You’re right, I forgot about the mosh pit! I will be carried away in a sea of humanity and will probably be salsaing just by being jostled by everyone around me. 🙂 Also, what was I worried about anyway, with David on stage, all eyes will be transfixed on him, not my two left feet! LOL!

    Goodnight Candy and Charlotte!

  262. josie says:

    ‘Night, everyone.

  263. Elysian says:

    Goodnight Josie!

    Shanny- I think David’s comment that he likes it when the fans dance along with his songs will forever change the way his fans behave at his concerts. He has given us license to bop and, as you say, upon his return he will find “A bunch of swayin’, rockin’, squeein’ ultimate fangirls.” LOL!

  264. Elysian 🙂

    It’s been lots of fun!!! Have a good night, all 🙂

  265. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Now that i’ve assimilated the epicness a little more…i just wanted to comment briefly on the discussion up thread.

    Mormons believe that everyone has the ability to feel the Spirit. So when david said in that book… ‘ There was something else that was coming across to people. It is amazing how the Spirit can communicate in that way. I feel the Spirit when I sing, and I have learned that others can feel the Spirit as well.”…..he was’t saying that only Mormons feel the spirit. He was saying the complete opposite…that many, many people reported feeling something special when he sung and he had come to realise that just like he was feeling the Spirit, they were too.

  266. collegemom says:

    FYI Gladys is over in the voice unplugged

  267. Elysian says:

    Goodnight idamae! I have to go too! It was fun chatting with you! Good night everyone!

  268. Elysian says:

    Coming back for a sec, thanks collegemom! May have to check that out! 🙂

    Shanny- That’s how I took what David was saying too. David is extremely sensitive to the fact that there are people of different faiths who feel something special when he sings, and he wants to reach everyone and allow them to feel what he feels, regardless of their religious affiliation. He said this very thing in the liner notes of his CFTH CD. I certainly feel something spiritual when he sings, and I am Buddhist. The emotion he conveys transcends any particular faith. 🙂

  269. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Charlotte, it would be my dream for every fan possible to use this period to get things organised, so we could hire out a huge venue and have one massively huge ‘welcome back’ concert experience together. That would be so wonderful to all be able to experience that first performance together. I’m sure it would be incredibly moving for david too – here, these people here, are the ones who stood by him through the thick and the thin, they are the ones who love him for him and not for the glitz and glamour and thrill of celebrity….I think the love would be flowing and moving and palpable to all.

    Elysian…rofl…so true…no need to learn salsa afterall! Just let the swaying crowd move ya! lol

  270. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Nite nite, Charlotte and Elysian and Idamae and anyone else I missed. Sweet david dreams. 🙂

  271. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Elysian…so true and I agree. 🙂 I will have to go read those liner notes again now. lol

    Thanks for the heads up Collegemom. 🙂

  272. Janel aka Nellie says:

    My audition went well. Margaret said we sounded beautiful together and blended our voices well. We won’t find out if we sing it at the Christmas concert until after Wednesday. 🙂

  273. mango says:

    That is great, Janel. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  274. dailylurker says:

    What what what what?????? No vids or pics? Cries!!!!!!! OK I’m still catching up with all the spazzing last night! Thank you a million times to all that posted quotes etc………………. I’m dying here! Can David get any hotter! Geeezzzz………..miss him so much. Thank you Glady’s and all the peeps in Chile that attended the epic event last night. Sooooooooo jealous here!

    As for D getting fuller, I bet he is cuter too. 🙂 Gosh is it 2014 yet? Back to spazzing in lurkdom.

  275. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Chatting with a friend of Gladys. She is helping me translate Gisselle’s story. Just asked Gladys which “Hero” David sang. He sang Mariah’s Spanish version. She’s not on chat right now, so will ask Gladys tomorrow if it’s the Bryan Adams version or Los Lonely Boys or something else.

  276. lani says:

    Thank you Kalei for this awesome Sunday post! And thank you to all the mods for bringing us great goodies everyday You all are awesome!!!! You make this waiting for DA2014 a lot lot easier… thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    Also would like to thank Janel for doing the 200 list. Love it! I’m watching them all one or two at a time. Thanks for all the hard work! greatly appreciated. And to Martha, Sarahhazel, Candy, for bringing over the goodies yesterday and all the links and pics. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Can’t wait for “caliente” David come 2014! And the spazzfest galore… Life is GOOD!!

  277. Janel aka Nellie says:

    OK actually, Gladys said it wasn’t Brian Adams, but it was a slow pop type song, he sang it in English. Probably not Los Lonely Boys version, but she’s not sure.
    Curious-er and curious-er

  278. Bychance says:

    Late again, but LOVING the conversation again tonight! Elysian, I keep missing you, but got a good chuckle from your comments…..thanks! Nothing will surprise me from this young man….he is one in a million…….born to perform, and touch hearts and lives through his music and character. And it’s clear he can do that to people even when he is thousands of miles away, and they don’t even have videos, or pictures of the performance! Just a small description and set list, our imaginations do the rest, and we’re spazzing , happy fans!……pretty great when we can go bonkers about a performance without even seeing it! So thankful to be one of those fans….happy because he is happy. Thank you David, you did us proud, and then some.

  279. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Yes Janel, thanks for the list of songs…i want to clean up the holes in my files (and the holes in my knowledge from the early day$ I didn’t know about D) and was looking for a list to work off.
    Glad things went well for your audition also. All the best!

  280. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    As for him gaining weight….i expected as much. Often missionaries do if they are in an area where the church members feed them well. And I think david has a natural propensity to gain weight fairly easily if he’s not paying attention. He also seems to be able to lose it easily enough when he wants to. He may even have relaxed a bit on the food choices since being out of the spotlight. I’m sure he’ll quickly return to whatever weight he desires to be, once he gets back and has more control of his food choices etc.

  281. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, early days is not supposed to have a dollar sign on the end.

  282. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Bychance…haha…so true….i guess one way to diagnose if you have ODD or not is if you go bonkers over a performance you didn’t even see. lol

  283. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! Happy Monday!

    So many GREAT comments about the concert and David! He sure has surprised us yet again…he is an entertainer ! Can’t wait until the next “concert” in Chile!

    Nana patrol! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  284. kimk says:

    Good morning folks.. Happy Monday!! 🙂

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy
    Only 140 something fans have signed @DavidArchie’s birthday card? If u still need 2 send him a bday message here it is http://www.groupcard.com/c/rMT48U8t4ti

  285. kimk says:

    ahh we need an updated version of this!!

    are you ready folks.. are you ready to rumble and get up and dance with the man!!

  286. kimk says:

    Shanny ha I have ODD.. most likely since my first VIP at Greensboro.
    resistance is futile.

  287. kimk says:

    Donnary #DA2014 ‏@Donnary17
    Dont forget to vote for @davidarchie’s songs in http://chartcentral.frihost.net/cc/index.php . One vote/hour 😉

  288. sarahhazel says:


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