David Archuleta Serene Sunday ~ Remembering this date in Archu-History! A special birthday on an Archu-anniversary, More pix and gifs, Ending with a Riddle


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Two wonderful images for you today:

From @roselyn_DA2014.  Amazing.  The colour of the eyes is perfect!  Log onto twitter and let Roselyn know what you think!

Credit to @nareejo below.  Thank you J and Roselyn, for the great of images that so very suit this Serene Sunday.

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If I have been of service, 

if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, 

if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action,  

if I am at peace with myself…..

….. it has been a successful day.

~ Alex Noble

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This date in Archu-History!

…and YES, this IS such a thing as Archu-history!

From Three Years Ago:  Voice message from David

Oct. 7th 2009!  I remember how amazing this was!!!  David was announcing an amazing gift of music to come!

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From Two Years Ago:  More of TOSOD Release Week, 2010 with Regis and Kelly

Here is some of the fun footage from Regis and Kelly on October 6, 2010.  Here is Disney Dreaming’s Recount of that day!

David Archuleta appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly this week where he performed his new song “Elevator,” also speaking with the hosts of the show about what the song means and how it came to him in a dream. He also talks about “American Idol” and what he thinks about the new judges, and of course performs another song, “Falling Stars.” Check it out!

First up, the introduction and Elevator!  David is having alot of fun!

Cool interview.  David is SOOO comfortable on this set!  And this is in HD!

And the Falling Stars that ended much too soon!  Again, HD!

Were any of our readers in the audience for this show?  If so, let us know in comments!  What did you think of the performances and the segment?

* * * * *

One year ago: a “Road Trip” vlog from California!!

This is toooo precious!  Berkley ALMOST stole the show here, well, she certainly did share it. Here is how David described the vlog:

A little friend of mine Berkley wanted to sing for all of you. haha. Also just wanted to talk about a road trip I took this week which was pretty fun. Going to Okinawa, Japan next week which will be way cool!

* * * * *

A special birthday on an Archu-anniversary!

Hi FOD!!

I just wanted to share something about my birthday.. It was on 5th October (yes, TOSOD’s 2nd anniversary! :D) and yeah, I was celebrating it with my friends. My mom bought some pizza and cake. I totally didn’t expect to get an archucake!! I thought it was just a normal cake but yeah, when I saw it, I cried. haha. :3 So, yeah, just thought of sharing it with you guys! 😀

Oh yeah, it was my sister & mom who made the cake so that’s why they used a million years ago picture. haha. Thanks for taking your time reading this! 🙂

 Lots of love,

– Zulaikha (@ecachan) 🙂

It doesn’t matter if its a ‘million year old picture’, it’s still a great one and a great thought, right?  Love this story and thank  you for sending it in Zulaikha!

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Tumblr Round-Up (Quietly) for Sunday

Credit: ohnopurple tumblr

More from TOSOD launch week.  At right is the R & K interview (credit ohnopurple tumblr).  Click on the link to see even more on her site!

And below, great images from the TOSOD Behind the Scenes Vid, from causeitsagoodplace tumblr (@sandritangel).  BTW, imho, the hair and natural make-up for that shoot was right up there as best ever!

MrArchuleta Tumblr

From niallatemytmblr 

From helloflamingo

* * * * *

From ABC Nightline – Young Mormons on a Mission

On Friday night’s Nightline, there was a segment on the life of an Elder in the Mormon Church.  I found it interesting, and Louise sent us the link.

 * * * * *

Ending with a Riddle

“Why are we here?  What is the meaning of this life?”  David introduces this song with the  question we all ask ourselves from time to time.  Here, he delivers a very touching performance in Cleveland, Ohio.

Some of my pictures from that show are posted below, I changed them to black and white to match ArchuletaAvenue’s vid.



Such a  special concert;   David does Christmas concerts like no other.  

We will all miss that this year but I hope to support  some other artists performing Christmas music  this season.  Does anyone have plans for Christmas concerts?  Share them in comments!

* * * * *

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

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303 Responses to David Archuleta Serene Sunday ~ Remembering this date in Archu-History! A special birthday on an Archu-anniversary, More pix and gifs, Ending with a Riddle

  1. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    Good Morning everyone & a lovely Silent Sunday to y’all.

    Thanks Pastel for a fabulous post today. I adored re-watching David’s performances on Regis & Kelly… “problem is I talk too much now, it seems, without getting to the point” …oh my gosh~so funny and little does he know… the more he talks, the more we love him~ lol …who cares if he EVER gets to the point.

    I shall now go back & take in all the other goodies from the post today. Enjoy your Sunday Archies ♥

  2. kimk says:

    Good morning folks!

    Pastel what a lovely post.. thank you!
    I love your pics and I loved David’s CFTH tour
    can I dare to dream of another Christmas tour come 2014? 🙂

  3. kimk says:

    FrancisJovanDayaday ‏@plainfrancis
    @IvoryMusicVideo any update about @DavidArchie ‘s Forevermore Repackage??

    FrancisJovanDayaday ‏@plainfrancis
    @kimak @IvoryMusicVideo @DavidArchie A repeckage version.. it will include Rainbow remix..

    AHH!! I know it is a rumor but what a sweet rumor it is!! 🙂

  4. Good morning Marylee, kimk and FOD! HAPPY SILENT SUNDAY!

    WONDERFUL Sunday post Pastel! THANKS so much! Roselyn is an AMAZING artist! Thanks to all for their pics, vids , gifs and collages….you guys are so talented! So LOVE to look back on David’s appearances, interviews and blogs…..how he has grown! The CFTH album and tour vids are revisited almost daily….Fields of Gold is still one of my FAVORITES! LOVE pics of David in black and white!

    Off to work for me! ENJOY YOUR DAY! 🙂

  5. kmb says:

    Bychance – Looks like there was a little drama last night after I left. I am so sorry. I seem to have caused it all by asking you the question in the first place. Please don’t stay in lurkdom permanently. I love your comments. And I appreciated our little inside joke yesterday but apparently others were offended. Live and learn. Best wishes 🙂

  6. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the wonderful serene Sunday post.

  7. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone!
    Wow! Roselyn is talented artist, she was able to capture David eyes.
    What a cute Zulaika birthday cake, I just can’t imagine how she can eat that cake with David face lol
    Look like it is a repackage Forevermore, I wish there are other surprise song included not only Rainbow remix, who knows, but I’m excited for Rainbow remix and the MV.
    I like David hair from TOSOD.

  8. kimk says:

    I love the freedom we have here also the diversity of fans David has too.
    please everybody who enjoys David come and visit and post as you wish.
    I think what makes FOD so fabulous is all this.
    oh and lol of course its fabulous writers!!

  9. kimk says:

    Jhen oh my yes Roselyn is an incredibly talented artist!

  10. kimk says:

    Jhen you think that is true? guess we will see soon as the other rumor is that it might be in Oct!! 🙂

  11. Hello cq, kmb and Jhen! LOVE to read all the comments so hope all will continue to be a part of this FABULOUS family of fans! We are LUCKY fans to have FOD to come to and share are thoughts, our concerns, our support and love for David and sometmes some things about ourselves!

    Off to work for me! Hugs to all!

  12. Jhen says:

    kimk- not quite sure on Forevermore repackage, but the Rainbow remix MV I think will soon release.

  13. cq#DA2014 says:

    The remix MV of Rainbow is so exciting and soooooooooooo needed right now!

  14. kimk says:

    cq dubstep and David.. who would of ever thought!!

  15. oinkiers says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!

  16. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Love that birthday cake, wonder how it was made and what flavor, etc.
    The blog with Berkely is adorable. So, if David was talking about celebrating Jazzy’s 16th birthday, I could swear that in the blog he did in March with his sisters he intro’d Jazzy as being age 15. He might have goofed, but Jazzy didn’t correct him. Wanting to go listen again. I thought Jazzy was the same age (almost) and grade as my daughter Alyssa. She turned 16 in Feb and is a Junior in HS. Love all the pics Pastel. Going to share all those b&w photos you shared on my FB fan group. With credit of course!

  17. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Or, I thought Alyssa was almost the same age as Jazzy. Jazzy will be 17 this month right? And Alyssa will be 17 in Feb. Can’t keep up on birthdays but I’m pretty certain 2 of his sisters had October birthdays. Claudia too.

  18. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Yup, I’m write, he introduced Jazzy as age 15. So, I’m plain confuzzled. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BnnEd-vJVs

  19. kimk says:

    has been two years since TOSOD came out.. crazy if you think about it!
    was having tea in my TOSOD mug
    lol hubs thinks I am nuts when I buy these kinds of things.
    but it is cute!!

    that cd speaks so much about him and who he is and what he has been going thru.
    goodness what will the next cd be all about!?

  20. oinkiers says:

    kimk- I think his next cd willl be in spanish……. A girl can hope 😉

  21. kimk says:

    oinkiers count me in on that one! artists are mixing it up some these days.
    English and Spanish would be great too!!

  22. oinkiers says:

    Works for mee!! :D!!

  23. cq#DA2014 says:

    Yeah a English/Spanish album with hit songs on both English/Spanish charts, lol. I say if you want to dream, dream big, lol.

  24. oinkiers says:

    Always dream BIG!!! That is how records are broken!! And fiction becomes a fact :D!! ……LOL!!

  25. breanne says:

    I’ll Never Go mv has 251,000+ views:

  26. cq#DA2014 says:

    Oh no I hope that if Romney becomes president he doesn’t close down all wineries, hahahahahhahahaha!

  27. kimk says:

    cq lol. really.

  28. josie says:

    Bychance~ Hey! You’re not getting off THAT easy, lol. I think you bring a fresh, unique flavor to the mix, & I always look forward to your posts. I DO know how you feel, though. I’ve done that, too: “This is bad. I’ll never post again.” But I got sucked back into the vortex, lol.

    The thing is…before a year ago, the focus was on David’s career, & everyone was like-minded on that. Now, the focus is on his religion, & everyone is NOT like-minded on that. By nature, it tends brings out strong differences & feelings. And the common thread is now missing…in Chile. lol. So it’s like “the family dynamics” changed, & we have to figure out how to relate to each other differently. I think it’s just a learning process that we’re all trying to navigate through, & the only way to learn is by trial & error. (I’m a slow learner, jsyk). If we all stopped posting when we said something “wrong”, um….I’m not sure anyone would be left. lol.

  29. josie says:

    “tends brings”…what is THAT? lol.

  30. cq#DA2014 says:

    Josie, so true, lol.

  31. glitter*girl says:

    good afternoon 🙂 i’m totally split on the religion/mission thing. 1/2 of me thinks what david is doing is very admirable and courageous and God will bless him with an amazing career when he returns. the other 1/2 of me thinks the whole thing is stupid and he threw his career away.

  32. lani says:

    OHMYGOSH …. those B&W Riddle pics by Pastel and that pic by Nareejo up top are really giving me goosebumps!!! And Roselyn’s artwork is really amazing. What a beautiful subject David is!

  33. kimk says:

    Sharaf Hussein ‏@SharafHussein
    You’re crazy if you don’t think David Archuleta is the cutest 21 year old ever.

    JuleeK ‏@momJulee
    Who saw @davidarchie’s new album BEGIN advertised before afternoon session yesterday? #ldsconf Booyah Elder Archuleta!

  34. Good Morning everyone. Pastel great post. I just love the regis interview with David, so cute. Roselyn, you are a great artist. Don’t ever stop. I love all the pics, vids, tumblers, thank you tot hose who posted them.
    Hi! Jhen, always good
    to hear from you and the happenings in the Phils.
    I believe that when David returns and starts to record we will hear a spanish song in there. By the way EH MV has 151,000 views. A great Birthday present for David would be if we can get it to 500,000 for his Birthday.

  35. kimk says:

    ahh if David really does do a Spanish cd I think I may be needing some Spanish and Salsa lessons soon!!


    OH MY!!

  36. kimk says:

    Linda not sure it will get many views but it is a sweet MV. lol think it needs some of what I just posted in the last vid. 😉

  37. Bychance says:

    kmb – thanks, it’s okay……my fault…….still love FOD.

    josie – yeah, it does feel pretty awful. Kick, kick, kicking myself….ugghh!!! Just feel so badly about causing a problem in a place I’ve come to love…..with people I’ve come to love (weird as that may sound). Wish we could talk face to face, but………….
    probably just need some time to cry it out. In the meantime, thanks for your comment.

  38. Martha says:

    This is a conversation with a David fan & the young lady who saw David in the rain yesterday. She was asking for a detailed description of the siting:

    Serlymar Martinez☆‏@GabiArchie
    @DimeSavania MY GOD!!!!!! REALLY???? Sjsjhsajks ¿en donde? ¿En tu casa? Cuentame hermanita, pleaseeeee *.*

    MY GOD! REALLY? Sjsjhsajks in where? In your House? Tell me sister, pleaseeeee *. *

    Vania Andrea ㋡‏@DimeSavania
    @GabiArchie Ahms cuando iba en el auto por Machali (una cuidad cercana a Rancagua) lo vi y estaba con paragua porque esta lloviendo xd

    Ahms when I was in the car by Machalí (a city near Rancagua) I saw him and he was with umbrella because it raining xd

    Serlymar Martinez☆‏@GabiArchie
    @DimeSavania aaawww, ¿& como era su paragua? Jajajaja okno xd, ¿& eso que no estabas en tu ciudad? :o.

    & how was his umbrella? Jajajaja okno xd, & that you were not in your city? : or.

    Vania Andrea ㋡‏@DimeSavania
    @GabiArchie esta a unos 10 min xd de mi casa hehehe, y andaba todo de negro xd asi que su paragua era negro, tenia una cara de perro mojado

    It is approximately 10 min from my house xd hehehe, and he was all black xD so his umbrella was black, had a face of wet dog

    Serlymar Martinez☆‏@GabiArchie
    @DimeSavania ¿es otra ciudad que queda a 10 min de tú casa? Wow si que Rancagua es peque jeje… JAJAJAJAJA pobresito, & que estaba de luto?

    It is another city that is 10 minutes from your home? Wow if that Rancagua is Sin hehe… Poor guy JAJAJAJAJA, & who was in mourning?

    Vania Andrea ㋡‏@DimeSavania
    @GabiArchie nooooo :/ ellos se visten asi

    nooooo: / they dress so
    Serlymar Martinez☆‏@GabiArchie

    @DimeSavania jaajaja aahh cierto, ¿& todo el tieeempo? :o.

    jaajaja aahh true, & all the time? : or.

    Vania Andrea ㋡‏@DimeSavania
    @GabiArchie Así es

    So it is

    Serlymar Martinez☆‏@GabiArchie
    @DimeSavania entonces no tienen un solo conjunto, si no varios :).

    Then they do not have a single set, if not several:).

    Vania Andrea ㋡‏@DimeSavania
    @GabiArchie obviooooo

    obviously (?)


  39. Kimk, i’m a dreamer. I always want the best for David and i guess deep down i agree with you on the EH MV.

  40. kimk says:

    Martha wet dog.

  41. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned but thought others, rather LDS or not might be interested in it. Yesterday our prophet announced the lowering of the age of missionaries to begin serving from 19 to 18 and graduated from HS or equivelent for young men, and 19 for young women. He also announced two new temples that will be built, one in Peru and one in Tucson, AZ. The one in Tucson put a smile on my face that hasn’t left since I consider it my second home. I wish there was a temple there already before I made the temple/fan scrapbook for David. I would have been tempted to make that the prettiest page, or given it two pages, just because. Ha!

  42. Janel aka Nellie says:

    *oops, whether not rather.

  43. kimk says:

    Linda the vid is sweet.. think that vid was probably produced by DBooks so makes sense about it all. love the way they have supported him so no biggie by me and lol I don’t think they are into pop stuff too much.
    it keeps his name out there and that is good. besides Rainbow is coming out and really looking forward to seeing him bopping around. should be fun!
    lol last time David replied to me on twitter was to tell me when I asked if SBL MV would have some dancing in it he replied it wasn’t really a song to dance to? lol then it comes out and he is the only one NOT dancing. LOVE that he is finally going for it!!!

  44. Martha says:

    kimk – lol, wet dog, “pobresito”

    also, who’s in mourning? 😆

  45. Wil says:

    Here’s a song I would love to see David perform if he ever did a latin music concert. Its called Malaguena Salerosa. The video is pretty amazing too….


  46. Martha says:

    kimk – lol, not a song to dance to? 😕

  47. kimk says:

    Martha ha I think I was more specific and asked him if he was going to dance to it? me thinks he was still in his.. oh no I am not going to dance for the camera stage…

  48. Martha says:

    kimk – his pre-dougie days lol

  49. Martha says:

    Here’s a song in Spanish I would LOVE for him to sing, VERY ROMANTIC!! 😯


  50. kimk says:

    Wil nice song..
    love the shark whisperer vid.
    me I want to see David sing all songs.. on vid and in person!

  51. Martha says:

    Memories – slow dancing to that song….

  52. Kimk, Thank you for that. I can hardly wait for Rainbow MV. I hope David does dancing in it but i don’t expect anything over the wall. I would be happy with just some jazzy moves from him. Praying here (!)

  53. kimk says:

    oh my dear Luis Miguel is VERY HANDSOME!!


  54. kimk says:

    David can sing and tour with him ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!

  55. kimk says:

    Linda same here mostly. I do not expect anything.. dreaming for the most part.
    hey in that Rainbow gif he is at least moving around a little. hopes!!

  56. kimk says:

    Martha lol needless to say I liked that vid.. went and searched his name and OMGOSH!!

  57. Martha says:



    Thanks jackryan!

  58. Martha says:

    kimk – David would do great with Luis Miguel’s songs. He’s done HUGE concerts here in El Paso. I have never been, but always wanted to.

    David could be really big in Spanish music, but he would have to be coughcough “romantic”

  59. Luis Miguel is a child star. He is a big name. His voice i beautiful. Very Good looking. You don’t see him on Tv much. He does mostly concerts.

  60. JackRyan, thank you so much for that. I have been wanting to see that again. really beautiful
    Thank you Martha for posting that.

  61. kimk says:

    Martha lol true.. we ever see David get really romantic.. well ha I cannot even imagine that!!

  62. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hey friends! Good to come and get a little Archufix today. Hmmm….i like that birthday cake…maybe I should show it to my fam…we’ve got 3 kinda 4 birthdays this month in our house. Maybe they’ll take the hint! 🙂
    The tumblers are fun. They make me smile. 🙂
    Always so good to come and see all the creative little goodies fans share with each other.
    Gratitude. 🙂

  63. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Awesome that they adverised Begin. just before conference yesterday! Now….come 9am Monday morning….all you viewers ……go buy!!!

    I haven’t read yesterdays thread but Josie…your last line about no-one posting because we’ve all stuck our foot in it somewhere along the line….made me lol! So true. So true!

    ((hugs)) Bychance. 🙂 ”Don’t Give Up”

  64. kimk says:

    Martha oh my gosh Jackryan’s video.. I am in tears!!

  65. oinkiers says:

    Good Evening everyone!!!

  66. Martha says:

    kimk – David looked teary-eyed too. What an awesome group of fans! 🙂 🙂

  67. tami lyn says:

    lots of girls on twitter seem to think david is their boyfriend! it’s hilarious LOL! 🙂

  68. kimk says:

    tamilyn ha a different girl for every city..

  69. kimk says:

    Martha his eyes were tearie.. like mine! I miss him!

  70. glitter*girl says:

    kim~ yeah and with some of them u can’t tell if they are joking or serious lol!

  71. oinkiers says:

    kim- LOL!! One for every city!!

  72. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, thanks Linda. 🙂 Hi ya! 🙂

    Tami Lyn – did you tell them all that they’re wrong because he’s YOUR boyfriend? lolol

  73. tami lyn says:

    there is a lds young lady on twitter(don’t wanna name names) who said someone in the church is gonna hook her up with david when he returns, then she said~he’s my husband. LOL!

  74. kimk says:

    think Elder Archuleta needs his own dating show come 2014!!

  75. kimk says:

    even better we all get to vote who he picks!!

  76. kimk says:

    Shanny bwhahaha!!!

  77. David is a real catch for some nice girl sometime in the future. Pray i can be around to see who his MKOP is. It will be a special day. He probably won’t let us know> he’s very protective of family and close friends.

  78. tami lyn says:

    hi shanny~ no i did not. i’m not quite that delusional 🙂 BUT if i was 10 years younger i would think , yes i do have a chance LOL! and i was tempted to tweet exactly that(he’s MY boyfriend) to this girl on twitter but was afraid she might freak out! lol

  79. oinkiers says:

    OMGOSh you guys are cracking me up!!

  80. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim, I like your idea of us getting to vote on his MKOP! lol

    Linda – i’m just nervous I won’t approve! lol But if that day comes I will just tell myself that she must be a lovely person if david picked her. 🙂

  81. sarahhazel says:

    Hello, folks!!! Just got back from weekend trip.
    Hope everyone had a nice Serene Sunday.

    That tweet (Chile) convo about David holding an umbrella under the rain made me **sniff** **sniff**…..don’t really know why…. 🙁
    Then I watched jackryan’s vid with that AP NA song…..forgot to get the tissues….waaahhh! 😥

  82. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Tami lyn – lolol ahhh…who cares – let them freak out – it’s all just a bit of silly fun anyway, right? 🙂

  83. kimk says:

    sarahhazel was literally balling my eyes out.. tears rolling down my cheeks.

  84. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–ROFL….what about your BF, isn’t he the one who might freak out???

  85. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hi Sarahhazel. 🙂 Did you enjoy your little jaunt away?

  86. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–must be the cold, gloomy, rainy weather today…..(and I don’t like rain)…..makes me miss him more.

  87. Hi, Sarahhazel, hope you had a nice trip.

  88. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Shanny–yeah, tiring but fun…went too fast!

  89. kimk says:

    Shanny lol.. we’ll call it American Idol Dating.. David could be the first guinea pig.. err contestant!
    ohh and of course we all have to go right along on the date!

  90. kimk says:

    sarahhazel I do not like David being described as a ‘wet dog’ for any reason. hope the weather improves there for him.

  91. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–Yes, I did…thanks…..Nice to get rid of the Archu-blues even for a short while….haha…..but now it’s back….thanks to those tweets and the NA video….
    No, I’m fine now….LOL

  92. oinkiers says:

    Shanny and Kimk-YEP!! Wait don’t you think we should be able to interrgate I mean interview these girls first too!!

  93. kimk says:

    Shanny my guess when the time comes.. there will no one good enough for him.
    can hear it now..

  94. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ no, fortunately he is busy with his imaginary supermodel GFs. the word i would like to use i cannot say here! lol

  95. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    My @DavidArchie picture of the day… Rexburg Idaho 6-19-10 the signing after the show 🙂 http://twitpic.com/b2207f

  96. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim, lol – this is sounding better and better! lolol
    Although we’ll have to find a way of keeping it classy, like David. 🙂

    Sarahhazel, it sounds like you had fun! I kept dreaming about going on holiday last night. Dreams about needing to get a tow bar for our car and buying a trailer to hitch to the back of our car (do you guys call them trailers?) and trying to work out if we’d camp or stay at motels. Suffice it to say…we have a holiday in the works…and obviously my subconscious is doing some planning in its free time. lol

  97. Do you think he will ever ask us our opinion? MAYBE!!! He know how protective his fans are of him.

  98. sarahhazel says:

    tamilyn–LOL….I guess you are EVEN now! 😆

  99. Martha says:

    Made a screencap from Archuleta Phils Tribute Vid: (speaking of possible girl picks) 🙂 🙂


  100. glitter*girl says:

    the only thing that will bother me is if he chooses a girl who has everything from a elite/rich family and then gets to marry him too?! no! lol i prefer he finds someone dirt poor like anya who will appreciate the things he has to offer! 🙂

  101. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–No! no interrogations! 😮

  102. oinkiers says:


  103. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–I’m guessing he won’t ask & will probably keep his MKOP a secret for as long as he can.

  104. tami lyn says:

    sarah~ yes that is why i freely indulge in my fantasy celebrity crushes! lol (it’s all i have left 🙁 )

    just kidding! LOL

  105. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–that’s great!….all work and no play is not good.

  106. oinkiers says:

    Sarah-LOL!! ummm okay! I don’t think I could do it any way LOL!

  107. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, not just interrogate her…background checks and pyschological evaluations too! lol

    Kim – oh i’m very willing to approve of the right girl – she just needs to be perfect. No biggie. ~shrug~

  108. oinkiers says:

    Shanny- You could be by partner!! We could play the bad cop good cop thing!! 😉

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–love that screencap!…..saw another pic with an “adoring” look from Jas…..I think it’s from one of the Jonya fan vids…..I hope I could find it….***kilig***

  110. oinkiers says:

    or we we could just Wilbur and the chicks in……. just an idea!

  111. tami lyn says:

    here is a story which will give all the young david fans hope, maybe u guys heard this already but anyway, saw this on VH1. pat monihan from the band train met his wife like this~ after a concert some fans were hanging out by the bus and one of the guys in the band thought one of these girls was so exceptionally beautiful he approached her and ask if she wanted to meet pat and of course she said yes. then the band guy went and told pat~ hey there’s a beautiful fan out here who wants to meet you and he’s thinking yeah ok whatever, and then he meets her, they immediately fall in love and get married a few months later!!! omg is that like the fantasy of every fan??? for her it actually came true! so i can and does happen 🙂

  112. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–I though you couldn’t do it?….LOL….now you wanna partner with Shanny?! 😉

  113. kimk says:

    Martha ha how about Eula and David.. she was in tears along with him. they are gorgeous together too.

  114. sarahhazel says:

    was @itsNouis. ‏@_michellelo

    They need to bring back David Archuleta. He has unexplainable talent.

  115. sarahhazel says:

    ❤Buy BEGIN.❤#DA2014 ‏@Shell_eeeyyy

    You should sign this GroupCard for David Archuleta: http://groupcard.com/c/rMT48U8t4ti Gotta get an early start since it’s going to Chile:) BDAY CARD!!

  116. cc halo says:

    Speaking of girls claiming David upon his return:


  117. Martha says:

    kimk – you’re right. If I had to guess, I think of the two, she may be the one who cares a little bit more for him.

  118. Sarahhazel, i know your right. I think we know David. Thats OK. He will pick a winner, i just know it. He has always said that looks is not everything.It’s whats inside that counts for him. But if the package is pretty to look at he gets the whole enchilada.

  119. oinkiers says:

    Sara- if I havee some one to hide behide I could LOL!!

  120. oinkiers says:


  121. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–I like Eula too….she’s an Archie….and you could tell she was really tearing up there cuz she was also feeling the pain of missing D for the next two years.

  122. kimk says:

    Martha my guess too. :))))

  123. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    What I want to know is…will we know he is even gatting serious before we hear of the wedding announcement? I would bet that we will barely know he has even been dating someone. We will just be informed that he’s about to get married and then maybe get a wedding pic after the fact?

  124. sarahhazel says:

    cc halo–bwahahahahahaha!!!

  125. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–you’re bad!!! 😆 😉

  126. oinkiers says:

    Shanny- agree!

  127. tami lyn says:

    cc halo~ hilarious LOL!

  128. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–I’m sure we’ll hear rumors and stuff…..then KABOOM!!!….VLOG about upcoming wedding!!!…..and we’ll all be like 😯 😥 :D: 😮 ❓ 😕

  129. Shanny, i don’t even think we will get a picture, but hoping we do. What a wonderful day that will be for David and his fans to know that he is happy.

  130. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oinkiers – ok we can partner up as long as I get to be the good cop or the chicks! 😉

    Tami lyn – crazy cool story! 🙂

    I think Eula liked david just as much as Jasmine. I just think she has a quieter, gentler way about her and wasn’t trying to win him over. She read COS too. I think that speaks volumes – she was genuinely interested in David the person, rather than David the celebrity.

  131. oinkiers says:

    Shanny- your on!

    cc Halo- it is kind scary how many of those words I say but instead son of a bishop I say son of a biscuit eater! Thanks to the hubby for rubbing that off on me ;)!!

  132. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! There is another video of the Phils fans singing to David where they are sharing a box of kleenex, all three of them are tearyeyed, but I cant find it, but I’ve seen it, so sweet.

    The most important question any potential MKOP for David, is, does she have plenty of plaid in her wardrobe & per the fine feathered fellows requirements, coordinating moonboots 😆

  133. oinkiers says:

    Man, I can not speel tonight please forgive me LOL!!

  134. oinkiers says:


  135. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    It must be strange.being david. Here we are…a bunch of people who genuinely care about D and want him to be happy. In that respect, it would normally make it perfectly acceptable to share some details of his wedding etc with us….but on the other hand we’re still a bunch of strangers and a huge bunch at that….so that sharing private details is akin to detracting from the intimacy and specialness of the occasion. I get this vision of a whole crowd of people eagerly pressing up against the window pane peering in nosely. LOL

  136. I think someone said that Eula has a boyfriend from childhood. Also remember that Eula can cry at snap of a finger. She can really bring the tears on. Shes very good actress and can show emotion real good.

  137. kimk says:

    cchalo ha that video.. David is toast when he gets back!

  138. Shanny, too funny!! Better be a big picture window. Ha! Ha!

  139. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oinkiers – lol at the spelling.
    And…boy your generous…but you have a deal then! 🙂

    Linda – actually they might need more than a big window – maybe livestream everything to a big lawned area outside somewhere….? That might satisfy us ODDers? lol

    Just kidding of course, just kidding. Let that day be as intimate and private as david and his lovely future wife desire. One that will mark the beginning of an eternity of joy and rejoicing! 🙂

    Well gotta run…violin lessons and a visit with my dad. I will try to lurk. Thanks for the happy, fun, friendship peeps. Take care. 🙂

  140. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda HaHa 😀 Hello everyone. Pastel lovely post. Loved David on Regis and Kelly. Didn’t care for “Falling Stars” being cut short. I was thinking about what was said about David wanting to know if we approved of his KOP. Maybe he was asking us the question of what we thought “true love” was ,when he was in the Phils making Nandito Ako, because he was thinking about finding his KOP? I just love the idea of him marrying one day. In about 4 years or so. I so want to be here to peek in that large window. Hmm what will we send them? 😀

  141. glitter*girl says:

    but shanny what if david’s future wife hates us fans and won’t let david make vlogs for us?! is that like the saddest thought ever??! sorry! lol

  142. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    glitter*girl David does as he pleases, his way. I don’t think he would ever desert us fans for anyone. We are his magic. Fingers crossed 😉

  143. kmb says:

    Bychance – (((HUGS)))

    josie 12:36 PM – AMEN to that! I completely agree with what you wrote.

    Martha – THANKS for bringing the video from jackryan over here! Is that a different version of the performance or are the subtitles the only difference in this video? It looked like some of the camera angles were different from what was in the other videos. What a lovely performance! It even brought David to tears. What a WONDERFUL fanbase this is! Love, hugs, and best wishes to all 🙂

  144. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand @6:49–I agree!

  145. sarahhazel says:

    Bye, Shanny!

  146. oinkiers says:

    Bye, Shanny!

  147. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    When I got home yesterday, my BEGIN. album with the gorgeous postcards was waiting for me on my kitchen table. Well the postcards were wonderful but there was another surprise. I opened the little booklet enclosed and there was a sheet of folded paper inside. It was the words to all the songs in English and on the other side were the words to the songs written in Chinese I believe. They were symbols not letters so I presume it is Chinese. A little more than I expected. I like having the lyrics to the songs. 😎

  148. Martha says:

    kmb – your welcome. This video was just uploaded yesterday, don’t know if its different from any previous vids. This is the first time I had seen it.

    Want to add my (((hugs))) too for Bychance. If you’re lurking, you were a pleasant addition to this site.

  149. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    When David finds his MKOP, all I ask is 2 pics from the wedding & a pic of each little Archulette that comes along 😀

  150. oinkiers says:

    Beth- I think that is fair! It would work for me:)!

  151. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–wow, you got them….cool!

  152. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Oinkiers 😀

  153. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    kmb & Martha Maybe we saw the video first hand on Ustream or TV5. We were staying up late into the night watching these shows. I think I saw it live as they say. We were holding our eyes open with toothpicks with tears running down our cheeks. Not a pretty sight. 🙄

  154. Martha says:

    sgj – I would have like to seen that lol

  155. sarahhazel says:

    Didn’t read whatever “drama” went on here the last time but…..

    By chance–PLEASE DON’T STAY IN LURKDOM 🙁 …..we appreciate you being here and sharing your thoughts!

  156. Glitter girl, Aye! Aye! Aye!
    SGJ, your right. David may be shy and humble but i don’t think anyone can make him do what he doesn’t want to do. He would never turn his back on his fans. We won’t Let him.LoL1

  157. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    sarahhazel Now you made me want to go yo YT and watch all the commercials. I love all of them. Another reason to just adore him. He is so cute and natural in them. What can I say. You did it. BBL

  158. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–“We won’t let him”…..LOLOLOLOL 😆

  159. oinkiers says:

    Linda- LOL!!
    Am I the only who sees and or thinks David can and would be very bull headed if needed to?

  160. sarahhazel says:

    supergrand–wanna watch again too….haha….can’t resist that overload of “squishable” cuteness!

  161. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–you’re not the only one. 🙂

  162. Martha says:



    2nd paragraph

  163. Janel aka Nellie says:

    jackryanforda just saw your post you addressed to me yesterday. Lucky shot! Cute pouty picture of David. LOL.
    Also, the video you put on YT that Martha just shared of Archuleta Philippines, great tribute. So cute Eula getting teary eyed. I think I saw him wipe a tear away too. I saw Naree in the picture! Was so great to meet her!

  164. sarahhazel says:

    Cindy #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    @Davidarchie his smile can light up the darkest room 🙂 http://pic.twitter.com/51Qnj6dE

  165. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–thanks. 🙂

  166. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Ahh that was fun. David is absolutely adorable in those commercials. he food must have enticed him to be extra cute if that’s possible. Everything he did in the Philippines was excellent. He shined so bright. 🙂

  167. glitter*girl says:

    if he marries a fan or friend in the music biz then of course she will understand the need for tweets, vlogs, etc. But if he marries someone who is not a fan and thinks we are all just crazy people she may influence david to distance himself from us 🙁 i hope and pray this does not happen! again i apologize for my overactive imagination!

  168. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn Don’t worry, be happy. How are your song lyrics doing?

  169. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha 😀

  170. tami lyn says:

    sgj~ hi! i still need to get a keyboard to come up with a melody cuz the melody i have in my head sucks and i don’t know what notes they are anyway LOL! and the one on the internet moves to slowly to actually use for songs! thankyou for asking 🙂 like i said earlier maybe i should just send the lyrics to david and tell him to write the melody for me! can u even imagine the look on his face after reading that demand/request??! LOL!

  171. Oinkier. i totally agree with you. He can’t be pushed to do what he doesn’t want to do.

  172. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    tami lyn Why not. Send it to him. He pobably enjoy that. He is a jukebox. He could form the melody in his mind and make the music. He doesn’t write music. Maybe he could record it. Then when he gets back you and he can meet up and collaborate. 😎

  173. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Where is everyone??

  174. tami lyn says:

    omg sgj! now that would by a dream come true!!! 🙂 maybe i’ll write the lyrics in his birthday card lol!

  175. oinkiers says:

    ummm……. right here 😉

  176. glitter*girl says:

    be a dream come true

  177. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Anyone watching Dexter?? I am. Hate the language but I like the show. Don’t know why but it is different.

  178. Hi guys!

    Re the AP tribute. Half of the footage was from the cam I was using but I wasn’t the one taking it at that time cos I was onstage singing to David. The one who I left the cam with to shoot accidentally cut the recording midway. Which is heartbreaking cos I recorded the whole effin’ Grand Fans Day except for half of AP’s tribute!

    I was promised by TV5 that I can get a copy of the whole segment of AP’s segment but learned a while back that the tape was recorded over before a copy was made for me 🙁

    So I had to splice the UStream version to make up for the other half. Then I put the english subtitle of what we were singing so international fans can understand what we were saying to him.

    David held a copy of the lyrics in Tagalog & English – that was why he was crying. He wasn’t just teary eyed. I noticed that the part that really hit him was (1) when we referred to the new path he will be undertaking and (2) when we said his voice will always be in our hearts.

    The 2nd best part for me was when Kricket got a hug from him after delivering her message. After 4 years, despite David being here several of times, it was a 1st for Kricket. That was more than I ever hoped for when we planned for the tribute.

  179. Glitter girl, I give up. Have faith that David will not abandon us. My promise to you.

  180. tami lyn says:

    ok linda! thanks 🙂

  181. Martha says:

    jackryan – Thank you so much for the tribute vid. You could tell David was extremely moved and touched. He loves the Philippines and its fans so much! You all know how to give him the treatment he deserves!

  182. josie says:

    oinkiers (7:32)~ “can and would be very bullheaded”? Um, I think he already is. lol.

  183. oinkiers says:

    Josie- me too! 😉

  184. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    I was watching a few David vids & I just did a little dance exercise to my radio 😀

    Thanks jackryan, for all you do 😀

  185. Martha says:


    I look a little too happy :p “@mlpb3: @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith @jackryan4DA Pic from Archuleta Phils Fan Tribute! http://twitpic.com/b22po6”

  186. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    jackryan4DA I posted on YT how much I love the video. Thanks again for all you bring us. Thanks for reminding us about that night. It was heartwarming in every way.

  187. JackRyan, thank you for that. I appreciate everything you do for us. It was a very emotional time for David. He has such a big heart and he fills it with love and appreciation for everything that fans do for him.

  188. pocoelsy says:

    Hello all,

    How’s everyone doing :)? Now slowly scroll up the page, hehe.

  189. Hi! Pocoelsy, How are you tonight? Good to have you here with us.

  190. Fans from every part of the world do their bit daily to show support and love for David & his work – even if he doesn’t know it or hear of it.

    We were just blessed that we had that forum to stage a tribute. And am glad you like it ) Some time in the future, I will write about how that came about.

    Which reminds me, got to check how his 21 trees are doing!

  191. josie says:

    Bychance~You’re welcome. 🙂 Now that we hopefully convinced YOU to stick around, I awkwardly have to say that I need to start making less internet time. 🙁 I need to spend more time w/family, with people I can actually SEE (lol), & the things & people who keep me centered.

    It is really, REALLY hard. I’m so used to staying connected w/ fans each day, & just being able to talk about D. But I do need a well-rounded life, too. The way life is headed, though, I’m worried that by the time D gets back I won’t be able to even check in & see what he’s doing. 🙁 One day at a time, I guess.

  192. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

  193. sarahhazel says:

    jackryan–I tried to find a good video of the Grand Fans Day but all I get are the itsy bitsy ones with Dougie requests from the audience. I remembered there were a bunch showing the start of the show, interviews with the stars plus the trailer of NA. 🙁

  194. sarahhazel says:

    jackryan–P.S. for you….if you can, pls. give us an update of those trees and maybe pics too! 🙂

  195. Martha says:

    The link on Jasmine’s tweet doesn’t work, its this one:



  196. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnight, Beth!

  197. josie says:

    Thanks for all you do….everyone. 🙂

  198. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    hi pocoelsy, good to see you.

    jackryan4DA Kind of you to say. We all love David. Want you to know that you bring him to us even more and we are greatful to you for all you do. 🙂

  199. oinkiers says:

    Good night BETH!!

  200. tami lyn says:

    martha~ thanks! sent jasmine a tweet! gonna go check if she replied 🙂

  201. Jasmine , i don’t think you were too happy. It was a happy & sad moment. What you showed was happiness for what they were doing for David. He needed that.

  202. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth Take care sweet dreams

  203. tami lyn says:

    linda~ thanks for RTing my tweet to jasmine 🙂 hope she saw it!

  204. SARAH – my YT channel was taken down again 🙁 so I re-uploaded everything about DALIM4 last week – the whole caboodle from arrival to the send off on his last day (minus the news bits w/ subtitles)

    You can find the whole GFD event here – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJwnXiTbDtX3IDuS2bgZCo5KA1DByl9in&feature=view_all

    For some stories + pix, you can always check out TDC.

  205. oinkiers says:

    Good Night all!!

  206. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Time to say Goodnight. See you all tomorrow.

  207. The sad part is losing all the great comments and the views also.

  208. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight oinkiers

  209. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Linda, SGJ, and everyone,

    I had the ups and downs weekend, I had my pc. back from workshop but now my hubb’s lappy got the infection too !!, virus seems to like our pc very much. i was trying to finish my “hobbies” with great difficulty !!! not yet succeed but I determine to get it done…lol, enough of me.

    Jackryan, OMJ my heart burst, explode…what a heartfelt heartwarming and love fest overload you all showed to David (and us) who could hold back tears!!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you (and all the filipina fans) do for this fanbase !!! pure love <3

  210. Goodnight SGJ, Oinkier Beth, sweet David Dreams.

  211. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    jackryan4DA That is so sad. Why did they take it down??

  212. kimk says:

    humble and kind.

  213. JackRyan, it must be sad. But you are very much appreciated. Our loyal fan from the Phils.

  214. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    kimk- Didn’t know you were still here. Goodnight to everyone for the third time.

  215. SGJ – they are still looking at it and working on putting it back up, if at all possible cos it’s been over a month. It is so strange cos I didn’t touch that channel anymore after they resurrected it the 1st time. They said they were not responsible for it being down. Am still hoping it can be returned. One can dream, right?

  216. pocoelsy says:


    Sorry to hear about you losing your youtube channel again!!! and yes the saddest part is losing all the great comments and view numbers on there, I feel your pain :(.
    In fact I’m having problem uploading my vid since last night!!! it took 8 hrs to upload 2something mins vid and it never done for me it keeps processing grrrr, it’s killing me !!! but I won’t give up…na ah nahhh.

  217. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    jackryan4DA Here’s hoping they put them back up. A lot of great work on them. Good luck.

  218. tami lyn says:

    like an idiot i ask jasmine if she still thinks about david? obviously she does! she posted that pic! they could be secretly engaged for all we know LOL!!!

  219. pocoelsy says:


    It’s a good news if they’re trying to put it up 🙂 sure hope they can do it, those vids are “Archutreasures” in “Archuland”

    Ha Tamilyn, secretly engaged !!!

  220. kimk says:

    supergrandjudie hi and good night!!

    jackryan thank you for the video.. beautiful!!

  221. glitter*girl says:

    hi pocoelsy 🙂

  222. pocoelsy says:

    Aw good night Sgj, oinkiers, Beth…why do I have to come here when everybody’s ready to go to bed…dang time zone !!! bang head on desk !!!

  223. pocoelsy says:

    Hi Glitter Girl, You’re not sleepy yet 🙂 nice to see you!!!

  224. sarahhazel says:

    jackryan–sorry about your YT channel….why would they do that???…..hope it gets resolved soon…..I agree with pocoelsy, they’re Archutreasures.
    ….but THANKS SO MUCH for the GFD link…..can’t tell you how much I appreciate it…..and everything you do for the fan base! 🙂

  225. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnite, supergrand!

    tami lyn–engaged?…..maybe not yet..LOL….but who knows….anything is possible…. 😉

  226. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ nice to see u too! it’s only 9:25 pm here. i’m usually up until 11 pm 🙂

  227. pocoelsy says:


    That’s a great pic of Jasmine as herself not Anya, love the look on her face and how she looked at David…sweet.

  228. tami lyn says:

    sarah~ yeah that’s the crazy thing, it is possible LOL! and we would have to be super ninjas to find out anything!

  229. pocoelsy says:

    tamilyn/Glitter girl, haha confusing with your name(s) here hehe..sorry. Oh I always jump to conclusion that our time difference is 12 hours I forgot it depends on where you are also in the US!! here is 10:27 am !!

    Hi Sarahhazel, Tamilyn is making us think hard about that isn’t she, hehe. I have a feeling that David wouldn’t get marry until he’s like urrr say 27 and above i dunno why!! may be it’s my wishful thoughts !!!

  230. Janel aka Nellie says:

    JackRyan, could you provide us a picture of the trees? Don’t know if they’ve ever been shared here on FOD or maybe the Archuleta Philippines site has a picture already? Would love to see it, and for periodic progress of the growth of the trees over the course of his mission. 🙂

  231. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ hope u are right! and sorry about the confusion! glitter girl is in the name box and i keep deleting it but it keeps coming back lol!

  232. sarahhazel says:

    pocoelsy–we all have our wishful thoughts here….LOL…..no harm done…..As for tami lyn or glitter*girl….well, she’s good in “ice-breaking’…..that I’m sure….hehe….

  233. JANEL – the trees are still seedlings when we got them last Dec 28, 2011

    You can see pix from here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ewTH-k0Kc

    I have to check with the seedling bank where they actually planted the trees. Imagine, a piece of David land here in Manila 🙂

  234. kimk says:

    love seeing Adele’s Skyfall have over 14 million views in just three days and #1 on itunes.
    power of a fabulous voice, music and production.. not to mention promo
    and of course her success with 21.

    hope for David when he returns.. if he wants it.

  235. pocoelsy says:

    Tamilyn, you’re tami_lyn on twitter right, I’m following you 🙂 and now see that there’s an earthquak in Chile !!! hope David is ok !!!

    5.8 earthquake, 103km NE of Calama, Chile. Oct 7 22:50 at epicenter (20m ago, depth 115km). http://j.mp/VCy4l7

  236. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–hoping for the same too…..he deserves it.

  237. sarahhazel says:

    Another earthquake in Chile….that place is like Japan….too many per year.

  238. JackRyan, i second what janel said. I would love to see the progress of the 21 trees that they planted for David. It would give us something to look forward to. I thought it was a beautiful dedication to David. Filippino fans are the best and they are so devoted to David. Can you imagine if all his fans from all over the world would get together and make a homecoming Videos for him, like we did when he left. But instead of one at a time maybe group pics when fans get together and make them ahead of time.( Just thinking out loud don’t mind me.)

  239. pocoelsy says:

    Kimk, Adel’s voice in Skyfall is fantastic !!! wow 14 million in 3 days !!!

  240. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–Love the idea of a worldwide homecoming video by fans. 🙂

  241. kimk says:

    pocoelsy now almost 16 mil!

    love Skyfall.. unusual eerie sound. powerful vocals
    her label, team is incredible.

  242. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Linda, what about challenging people to do a long service project and then they can video a small snippet of what they did and it can be put into one or two long videos to give to David? He is such a giving person and always helping others. I think it would be the best kind of welcome home gift to give him.

  243. kimk says:

    sarahhazel he does.

  244. pocoelsy says:

    Linda 🙂 I love you thoughts, would be nice if we could do that …collect all the pics of the fans mettings and individual too (I can’t go to any meeting 🙁 )over this 2 years !!! and make a vid for his home comming, we have to start it soon :)…who will organize this !! ? !!

  245. LINDA – that is a wonderful idea! David would be thrilled to see that esp since we don;t expect him to be back immediately after his mission. He needs time to decompress and a video like that would be just the thing! Great!

  246. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Ooh, I like Skyfall. Just listened to it for the first time. Not too high. I can already cover some of Adele’s songs. This one would be easy.

  247. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ yes i am tami lyn on twitter! thanks for following 🙂 gonna go check it again.

  248. kimk says:

    thing is if David decides to go for it you can’t fake yourself thru it.
    folks just know.
    he has to give folks something like she did with 21.
    fabulous writing with songs folks can relate to
    not to mention
    her vocals and the way she sang the songs are outrageous.
    so many factors have to come together in one package.
    not easy to do obviously.

    now does David have the talent.. yes.
    he is an amazing vocalist.
    it’s the other stuff that needs to step it up.

  249. Janel aka Nellie says:

    JackRyan you should have had the saplings shipped from a nursery in Murray Utah. LOL. Then it would really be a piece of David land. I just googled and their are four plant nurseries in Murray. 🙂

  250. pocoelsy says:

    Wah!! 16mil and counting fast!!! I really wonder what’re the missing pieces of David’s being mega star like her…(well I think we all have some ideas) he has all the right elements to be one… a totall package…one thing we can obviously see is that he doesn’t have a bad boy image!!! but the again does Adale has that image !!! as far as I know, she doesn’t have that image either ummm but she looks more mature than her age (looks like 27 to me and not saying it in a bad way).

  251. kimk says:

    pocoelsy think it is more she has the right team of writers, production and label then anything else? if you listen to say MKOP then listen to Someone Like You you would understand what I mean?
    David is as good as she is.

  252. The homecoming video is something to think about. It would have to get started pretty soon because he has fans all over the world. He could watch it while he is decompressing, because we won’t see him for a while after he comes home. It would let him know that we are still here and that we will wait till he is ready for his fans.
    Janel, we could also include good causes that fans have been donating thier time on too.

  253. kimk says:

    if you listen to Skyfall you can understand what I mean.. so much more then her voice there.

  254. pocoelsy says:

    Yes, he needs a lable , producers who know where and how to use David’s strong vocal abilities, and the most importing thing is the PR. team who know how to promote a squeaky clean image celeb like David !!!

  255. kimk says:

    I like Ed Sheeran lately.. has a nice sound and is very popular.

    but he is a tad more ‘real’ with his lyrics then David but they speak to folks out there today.

  256. Kimk, i really like Skyfall. The Video was simple, but the voice was great. David is greater given the chance.

  257. kimk says:

    pocoelsy has to be the right folks out there for him.

  258. kimk says:

    Linda agree.. David has it all. just has to fly.

  259. Miss Vicki #DA2014 says:

    I just love Falling Stars….Miss Vicki

  260. pocoelsy says:

    Tamilyn, you’re welcome 🙂 but I’m very new there so have to say sorry in advance if I didn’t reply back or everything else in betweenthat I dont know yet haha!!

    Kim, more mature and yes David is as good as her 🙂

    Linda, we should start… like now actually, we should come up with what to put in our vid. like fans events, chairities events, birthday bash for David, even holloween ect. to show him that we thought of him througout his 2 years absence…it’s going to be a longgggg vid and take forever to upload !!! (now the uploading part scare the heck out of me lol)

  261. tami lyn says:

    kim~ just listened to skyfall on YT. omg that gave me chills! adele’s voice is indescribable.

  262. kimk says:

    Miss Vicki
    Falling Stars is great! 🙂

  263. kimk says:

    there he is sexy.

  264. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ yes i got your reply and yes there are so many thing to learn on twitter but you’re doing great 🙂 it is confusing at first, no doubt!

  265. pocoelsy says:

    it’s puzzling me all these years, why hasn’t the “right folks” hook up with him YET or may by it’s totally on David’s part to “hold it/hold back” first !!! he needs to go on a miision and all!!! so we’ll see after he comes back 🙂

  266. Kimk I liked Ed Sheeran A Team video. He does speak to people out there. I never heard of him. He doesn’t really have a voice but his message is there for everyone to hear and see. alot of views.
    Pocoelsy, i know, but i;m not good at any internet skills. but will help where i can. We need to get more ideas, maybe someone has some good ideas.

  267. Martha says:

    kimk – thats a great Falling Stars video. Nice shirt… 🙂

  268. kimk says:

    Linda there is a MV for it but the song is about a young lady in trouble so I didn’t post it cause it shows what she is going thru. think has over 45 mil views? think he is from England and that song is #9 on itunes now and hear it on the radio all the time.
    no his voice is not like David but I think it is the lyrics and the way he sings it that speak to folks. mmm maybe like a Jason Mraz or John Mayer?
    think he writes for other artists too.

  269. kimk says:

    Martha really.. one minute he is a wishnik, teddy bear and the next something like that pops up. hey Adele follows him and she doesn’t follow many folks.
    but lol she also follows Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber. 😉

  270. kimk says:

    pocoelsy that may be it. kind of think David knew he was going on a mission when the thing with Jive came down.
    lol can we fast forward to 2014 yet.. dying to see what the latin culture is doing to the boy!


  271. kimk says:

    yikes almost midnight here.. got lost in videos again!

    pleasant dreams guys!!!

    hmm I wonder when RAINBOW WILL POP UP??!!!

  272. Miss Vicki #DA2014 says:

    Hey all…Have a question for you….Don’t you all work and have other committments and relationships……….I stay busy at work 12-13 hours a day and have only about an hour of David time a day now….I am starting to feel quilty that I am not tuning into my favorite guy right now….Should I feel so guilty that I am not watching David happenings 24/7…….. Miss Vicki

  273. Miss Vicki, what ever time you give to our guy is good.
    I work part time, am a mother and grandmother, but i am also a widow for 10 yrs. So needless to say, when i’m not busy with church family or work i devote a lot of time to our guy.
    Give him whatever time you can. David would be the first one to say thank you for your time.

  274. pocoelsy says:

    Watched Ed Sheeran vid, it such a nice straight forward song… is it just me !!! I think he sounds like Jason Castro and afew I can’t remember the names, why are these male singer sound about the same!!! he has nice voice though 🙂

    Sometimes I wish that David would come up with this straight forward no need to interpret lyrics, it’s kinda complex at time …like “broken” I have to confess that I still not understand it fully !!! for foreigner who speak English as 2nd or 3 rd language it can be a challange and some might turn off since they don’t understan it in the first place !!

  275. Lucy says:

    Hi guys, I saw the posts about his sisters b-days and I believe Jazzy will be sixteen this month and I think Ambers birthday is in februrary, she will be 14 I think. Anyway, hope you all had a good day!

  276. ray says:

    just remember labals can buy views on yt,,thats why some have so manny in such a short time,fakes

  277. Hi! Lucy, thank you for the information.

  278. Ray, is that right. They can actually buy views?. Thats not good is it?

  279. pocoelsy says:

    Miss Vicky,

    Not at all ..don’t feel guilty …I’m such a “hot and cold” on fansites too but jump in whenever I can :). I always multi tasking between Archuland and real life, I’m not as busy as most of you though, I’m a housewife, have a husband and a daughter and a few cats to take care of …so I can pace my time doing things around the house … my way !!! come here anytime you want and can, a little bit of your support to David is a big deal 🙂

    Ray, I learn new things everyday, never knew before that you can buy “views” from youtube!!! wahhh this is really a tricky business !!!

    Hey Lucy 🙂

  280. kimk says:

    Good morning folks!

    ray do know in the case of Adele her song is amazing so hence the views. as to what a label can buy.. Skyfall was posted all over the place and advertised in kind.
    James Bond was even on Saturday Night Live Sat. great labels support their artists well. I think
    most videos get a lot of views because folks like them.

    lol this one is a fav of mine.. cause it is fun.
    PSY Gangnam Style
    has over 400 mil views!!

  281. kimk says:

    pocoelsy ‏@pocoelsy1
    @FODFansofDavid @TheVoiceDA uploaded my new vid to share with you all, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRP1Pmxa_Xo … hope you like it 🙂

    thanks pocoelsy!!!

  282. kimk says:

    David Archuleta SG ‏@davidasg
    A new song from Davie Archuleta called BROKEN will be premiering TONIGHT here in SG only on @hotfmsg 😉 (via @Boythunder913) #fb

  283. kimk says:


    kaychan ‏@rocktellme
    We can vote 1 song hourly for @DavidArchie’s Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go

  284. kimk says:



  285. kimk says:

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA
    Everybody Hurts by David Archuleta ;’) @DavidArchie http://twitpic.com/b28v2d/full

  286. kimk says:

    Weiyan haha. ‏@weiyannn
    @DavidArchie @kariontour Broken is gonna premier on Singapore’s @hotfmsg soon!!! We’re all so excited 😀 😀 😀

  287. Martha says:



    He’s so honest….

  288. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning everyone! Dreary here at the beach today!

    Think David has the talent, the voice and will be focused when he returns …hope it will all come together to get him back on the music scene in a BIG way!


  289. kimk says:

    Yasmin ‏@yyacobbsg
    Broken playing now on @hotfmsg @Boythunder913


  290. kimk says:


  291. kimk says:

    Chantel Yang ☻ ‏@chaaantell_
    David Archuleta’s Broken is beautiful ☺

  292. kimk says:

    Susie Mai ‏@manicmai
    Thank you @Boythunder913 @hotfmsg !!!!!!!! For playing @DavidArchie ‘s BROKEN. OMGGG SG ARCHIES MISS DAVIDDD AND THE MOMENTS!

  293. sarahhazel says:


  294. Shelia says:

    I love to come to this site and read all comments, videos,pictures it keeps me going. DA2014 before we know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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