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David Archuleta captivating/Illuminating photo credi/edit Nadine Eabe *Click to bigger it*

Thanks to @sarahazel for linking this in the comments~

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A New “True”  Arch Angel

Yesterday we learned that a special member of the David Archuleta “ArchAngel” fan base had passed on. Dakgal was a bright, witty, wise woman who truly loved and appreciated David Archuleta the artist as well as David Archuleta the man.

The Voice David Archuleta .com posted an absolutely beautiful tribute to her yesterday filled with Dak’s own postings, comments, and comments by fellow fans about her. Thank you to The VOICE (ABRAA, Djafan and the rest of the staff)  for this lovely posting! Dak’s wisdom, wit, and light will be greatly missed in the fan base.

It sounds like her funeral will be a celebration of her life with “David’s voice” present! God bless you Dak, and your family at this time and in the days ahead. Kari also tweeted a lovely message re: Dak’s passing.

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Happy Birthday Claudia!

This is a very busy birthday month in the Archuleta household! Today, we’d like to send out a birthday wish to Claudia, David’s older sister!

Back on AI, I’ll never forget the way David described he and Claudia being “inseparable as kids…partners in crime.”  There’s a whole lot of love there!!! Happy Birthday, Claudia, from all of us here at FOD. Wishing you good health and happiness, with love and laughter to fill your days in this “new” year.  I hope there will be a way for you and David to “connect” during your day (or week.) Take care & God Bless!

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 More ArtPrize 2010 Memories

ArtPrize 2010 cap~vid cred Tom Hudelson~

Zero Gravity which David performed (unrehearsed) as an encore at Art Prize is arguably my favorite live performance of Zero Gravity and WAHHHHHH I wasn’t there!!! I’m so thankful though, to all those who stood by that stage for houuuurs holding their spots bearing the chilly blustery temps of that early October day in “the Mitten” to bring this special prelude concert to the release of TOSOD on October 5th.

Tom Hudelson only recorded one song of David’s set that day, but it sure was a beauty…minus the very end when a pesky security guard put the kibosh on all of us seeing David belt out the final few lines. 😉  Here’s a few more screencaps from his video (click to bigger them) followed by the vid itself. I dare you to jump along!


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More Pics From Pam!

Lexie and below, David 🙂 credit Pam (peacesignPam)

@Peacesignpam has many more GREAT pics in her fb vault to share with us from David’s big day at ArtPrize in Michigan 2 years ago. Pastel took us on a wonderful journey back to that chilly October night in Grand Rapids, MI 2 yrs ago (yesterday), and we’re lucky that the celebration is spilling over into today! Thank you Pam for the great memories in pics!

We cannot display this gallery

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David had an AWESOME ArtPrize review!

David Archuleta
Archie was in the house; that much was obvious by the pandemonium brought on by the appearance of the 19-year-old “American Idol” alumni. The crowd went berserk for Archuleta, screaming and carrying on throughout his half-hour set.<— ~just had to “bold” that part! 😉

“People always ask me what I’m looking for in the girl,” he divulged as a prelude to the appealing song “My Kind of Perfect.” This statement ignited massive shrieking, as if the crowd thought he was looking for the lady with the loudest scream. “I’ve never been in a relationship before.”

His greatest hit so far, “Crush,” was greeted with thunderous applause, and “Zero Gravity” had fans jumping up and down like pogo sticks. Sincere and loveable, Archuleta obviously gives 100 percent, and his gorgeous voice was a treat to listen to. As his maniac fans already know, the dude can sing like crazy.

*** note:  I gave Lorilee Craker an A+++ for this review***

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An Elder Archie Update~ Cause We’re Thinkin’ About-cha David 

Kari has received a number of tweets (about David) concerning the recent earthquakes around the area where David is serving his mission. A nice “thanks” to Kari for keeping us updated on David’s well being. All is well~~~~~

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Disney Dreaming Mention

 October 2, 2012 |  by

David Archuleta’s manager took to Twitter to assure David’s fans that David has not felt an earthquake yet during his mission. Here’s the Tweet:

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Also From Kari~

Kari is in Las Vegas this week helping JT and company with the annual Shiners hosted Golf Tournament for charity. While in Vegas, she’s reminiscing about seeing “Viva Elvis” in the past with David. She’s also contemplating a restaurant. This Thai recommendation sounds like a winner to me!

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BEGIN.: A “Must Have” For Music Lovers

~Thanks Martha for sending this our way~ 🙂

David Archuleta Releases New Album BEGIN.

“Some people may not understand why I have made the decisions I have chosen to make, but that is the reason why I made this album”, explains David. “It really comes from my heart.  While I can’t always explain what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help people know where I am coming from on my mission decision.”

BEGIN is a very special album for DAVID ARCHULETA, who thoughtfully selected each of the songs while he was also preparing for a new chapter in his life as he embark on a two-year religious mission in South America.

David puts his spin on some of modern music’s most moving songs, such as “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and many more.  The album also includes the inspirational hymn “Be Still, My Soul” and the breathtaking, new original track “Broken.”  David’s powerful vocals are showcased beautifully throughout the album and make it a must-have for every music lover. 

THE TRACKS:  *site lists all tracks*

I think I want this album!  I love all the selections! :)

The CD is in stores nationwide, only from Ivory Music & Video.

For digital downloads of BEGIN go to DeseretBook.com, Amazon, iTunes, and MyMusicStore.com.ph

** Click on the “raincheck” logo to head over “rate” BEGIN. and leave a comment.

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David In Kawanku Mag. Oct. 2012 Issue!

Thanks @Missitii91 and @Sashahs for sharing the cover pic on twitter.  Kawanku is a weekly magazine in Indonesia for teens. David has been featured on the cover and in the magazine previously, also.  They will fill us in the the article and any pics included soon.

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Photo App Love

I love when fans discover new cool photo Apps and share their creations! @Shell_eeeyyy is the latest and I lurrrrve what she’s doing with “InstaeffectFX”

~Illuminated~ credit Shelley

Super Star1 and Super Star 2 (Click to make them bigger)


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And…. A few lovely collages from Cindy!

Captivating ~by: @CanadianArchie

Phenomenal ~credit @CanadianArchie

You Never Left Us Empty Handed~credit @CanadianArchie

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 TOSOD Central Park Time Travel

Friday Oct. 5th, 2012,  marks the 2 year anniversary of the official release of The Other Side Of Down, David’s 3rd studio album! About 1 month prior to the release of TOSOD, David began taking us on a journey through Central Park as he introduced us to each song  on the album. This “TOSOD preview” included 6 separate videos each covering a couple/few songs. The concept in my opinion was genius, and fans couldn’t get enough of them!!!

Through these  preview vids, we learned about inspirations, collaborations, and intent by David, with some personal memories thrown in. Oh, and of course I  can’t forget the EPIC episode with Amond (or Almond) the squirrel !!Oh, and the bizarre but cool bts moment of David learning how to play the “jinghu” from the man in the park!

Most importantly, I think I learned about how very hard David worked on TOSOD, how he wanted to convey a “themed” positive message in the songs, and how very much this album must have meant to him. I love this album, and I’m so very grateful to him for this gift!!

Anyway, what better way to prepare for the anniversary than by watching the preview vids! Sit back and re-enjoy the journey with David through TOSOD in Central Park!

The Other Side Of Down: Preview Part 1- vid credit Archiedorable

The Other Side Of Down: Preview Part 2- vid credit Archiedorable

Preview Part 3: vid credit Archiedorable

Preview Part 4: vid credit Archiedorable

Preview Part 5: vid credit Archiedorable

Preview Part 6: vid credit Archiedorable

Hope you enjoyed that walk (or carriage ride) down Memory Lane  in Central Park. We’ll have more on TOSOD tomorrow. 🙂

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Vote Hourly On Chart Central

This week, Everybody Hurts is in the #2 spot, Broken is at #8, and I’ll Never Go climbed 3 spots and is currently at #29!!

One Pic to End with..For Good Measure 😉

David Archuleta ~ Hypnotizing in SLC~ credit @KimmieDavid THANK YOU KIMMIE!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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  1. kimk says:

    Joanie oh my that top pic!! 😯
    thank you for this fabulous new post!!!!
    Happy Wednesday to you as well!

    ha the potato sack shirt.. don’t know about what he is wearing but who cares!

  2. kimk says:

    just so you guys know that David is not alone..

    Justin Bieber in a white potato sack shirt


    if you ask me.. David wears it SO MUCH BETTER!! 🙂

  3. kimk says:

    Earl Beatrice ‏@Yabeee03
    Finally saw Perks of Being a Wallflower. Logan Lerman reminds me so much of David Archuleta haha

    ahh he does in a way!!

    Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer

  4. Joanie/suttygal says:

    “Perks!” I wanna see that movie!!!
    Kim…True! How does David do it? really looks good in everything he wears! 😀

  5. kimk says:

    Joanie he sure does.. David looks great in anything!
    after watching the trailer I want to see the movie too.. looks like a great message movie!

  6. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    Good Morning everyone & thanks to Joanie/Suttygal for a fantastic post today.

    Haven’t had a chance to check out everything shared but will sure take the time. I was in awe of Shelley’s picture illuminated picture of David…just magnificent & Cindy’s collages are always priceless!

    Just want to take a few minutes to share how saddened I was to hear of the passing of one of David’s dedicated fans, Dakgal who was a “regular” at THEVOICE…such a funny lady. Her writings put a smile on my face so many times when I was in need of one. I cried when I read of her passing even though I never met her. Times like this cause me to step back & realize how precious life is, something I’ve been reminded of many times lately, especially this year after losing my son. I loved what Kari tweeted about David having another ArchAngel in heaven to look over him. Gosh, how sweet is that!

    Wishing you all a beautiful day however you spend it. God Bless ♥

  7. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Morning everyone….Haven’t posted in the last few nights….too much going on at work that I come home and to right to bed….So sorry to hear of Dakgal’s passing…..prayers to her family…….Gotta a share a great David moment at work….We have a new Director of Nursing who started this week at work and she came in my office and saw my pics of David and me on my desk. She asked if that was my son…..and I said….”Well in a way he is….(LOL) that’s my favorite singer in the whole world,Mr. David James Archuleta……Then I turned her direction to all the other pics of my real son in my office…..She was BLOWN AWAY that I love David Archuleta and have gone to so many of his concerts…..I can see a great opportunity here to convert another soul into a true David fan with the potential of having ODD…… Have a great day all……….Miss Vicki

  8. roseinmaryland #DA2014 says:

    Outstanding Post FOD. But there always is an outstanding post. Good Morning everyone. So sorry to hear about Dakgal’s passing. Something like that does make you think about what is important in your life and making every day count. Love the pictures of David. He is beautiful, inside and out. Love the picture of David and Almond. Everyone have a great day!! Take care.

  9. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone!
    Condolence to the family of Dakgal.
    Wow! Kari will try Archie’s Thai, just this past thread, FOD mentioned Archie Thai, it might be famous , sounds like everyone know this restaurant in Las Vegas.
    Ist picture brought back memories of David 2nd visit to Manila on 2010, signing of TOSOD cd( not the ATE) at Skydome, it was jampacked and quite hot, David had a punchline of Feeling hot hot hot song lol and everyone screamed. It was really fun that night, he sang 3 songs and then cd signing.

  10. Anita says:

    Thanks Joanie for the fabulous post! Thanks especially for posting about Dakgal’s passing. I never commented on “The Voice”, but I did read her articles from time to time. God Bless her soul!! I’m happy to see Kari tweeted about her. David’s tweet of reassurance was much needed. He’s just so wonderful to us all!! Thanks also Joanie for the Central Park videos. They’re unforgettable! Have a fine day everyone!

  11. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Vicki, hope you recruit a new fan. ODD is infectious!

  12. Jhen says:

    Seems like even the squirrel like David.
    I laugh off the sharpie on a girl short or skirt on the last thread, wow! the girl was bold lol. From what I observed from David during his stayed in the Philippines, since he sometimes stared few girls that he find attractive in signing. I observed that he like girls that are modest, ladylike and prim in manner aside from beautiful eyes , I think he don’t like the aggressive one. Maybe because David is conservative, he somewhat like he still in control, like a manly disposition.
    That “pink thing” might traumatized David, Cook is crazy lol. Cook know David is innocent, he still did it. It might be a joke but David might not like it.

  13. Martha says:

    Good morning, everyone! Thanks Joanie for all your hard work making the site so enjoyable.

    Jhen – thanks so much for your insights on David. You were around him and observed him so these thoughts are very interesting. I’m sure David got teased alot for being conservative (but not in the Philippines). But he knows what he wants and is not swayed by others.

  14. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

    Joanie what a SUPER DUPER post! Must say that the lead off pic by Nadene and the pics from Shelley and Kimmiedavid are BREATHTAKING! To me these types of pics are the BEST pics of David…these show who he really is! Wish they would use pics like these instead of the contrived and posed jobs! The Art Prizepic and vid from Tom Hudelson are FABULOUS! Zero Gravity was OVER THE TOP! GREAT crowd! As always Cindy BLOWS ME AWAY with her collages….such talent and artistry!

    Sad to hear of Dakgal’s passing. A true ArchAngel…RIP!

  15. Jhen says:

    Martha – I’m proud that David don’t follow the dictate of the worldly things, those wild things, it’s really hard to avoid it nowaday, where most of the people are not conservative, but then he is firm with his believe and know what he want, because he was raised properly by his parent.

  16. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 189th day!!! Thank you for the wonderful Wednesday post, Joanie!
    My heartfelt condolences again to Dakgal’s loved ones. She was an ultimate Archie & will be missed.
    Awesome pics and vid (ArtPrize), collages and artified pics by talented Archies! Thanks to all of them!
    Wow, TOSOD 2nd anniversary’s almost here…..TIME FLIES!!!

  17. sarahhazel says:

    NCGMarylee–So sorry about the loss of your son this year. I just can’t imagine how hard it is to lose a child. (((hugs)))

  18. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–love that trailer….wanna see that movie too!

  19. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–thanks again for sharing your little observations on David while he was in Manila.

  20. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki–looks like to have another recruit on your hands…..you go girl! 🙂

  21. sarahhazel says:

    clara. ‏@claaraking

    The best m&g was david archuleta’s. even though d securities were rushing us, david’s dad asked them not to!

  22. sarahhazel says:

    lorms ‏@lorms

    OMG! I’m listening to @DavidArchie ‘s Everybody Hurts on radio right now!

  23. sarahhazel says:

    αωωяcнυℓєтα∞ ‏@Viatsgstni

    itsjustlife231: David Archuleta…… yeah 🙂

  24. sarahhazel says:

    αωωяcнυℓєтα∞ ‏@Viatsgstni

    theelitesrp: Charles Delasota | Sixteen | FC : David Archuleta | OPEN Who’s Charles Delasota? Have you ever c…

  25. Grannycrush says:

    Thanks, Joanie for the great post!
    So sorry to hear about the passing of Dakgal. My sympathy and prayers to her family.
    Marylee Didn’t know you had lost your son this year. My heart goes out to you. My sister is here with me regrouping and refueling after taking care of her son for 5 months. He passed away recently. Nothing worse than losing your child.

    ArtPrize is going on right now in GR. It sure brings back memories of David’s concert here. It was a wonderful night. David was definitely the star of the show. Many people left after David performed. The Jillian who did the interview with David was in school with my grandson at the time. She is a big time David fan. She did a nice job with that interview.

  26. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Grannycrush!!! 🙂

  27. Jhen says:

    sarah- where is that picture V neck blue shirt in the hotel, is that Book of Mormon in his hand?

  28. Jhen says:

    Marylee- sorry for the lost of your son.

  29. Jhen says:

    This is not David topic, Penshoppe, the one Zac endorse, was able to get One Direction as their clothing endorser.

  30. Grannycrush says:

    Hi Sarahhazel..I haven’t commented much lately, but I have kept up with most of the comments and posts. Love your pictures that you post. He is a beautiful guy inside and out.

  31. Martha says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Dakgal today. A true Archangel.

    Marylee – my thoughts and prayers are with you also. It is hard to loose a loved one especially a child. May you have peace and comfort.

  32. Martha says:

    He’s so precious with little children:


  33. Martha says:

    Hanne ♥ ツ ‏@HanneDenmark
    @DavidArchie Happy Birthday to your dear sister Claudia – You must both be in each others thoughts today & missing each other a lot 🙂

  34. kimk says:

    Jhen woah.. saw all the hoopla with Zac last week. this will be even crazier!!
    thank goodness David did all he did in the Philippines and really hope he goes back come 2014!!

  35. Martha says:

    Jhen – I think a lot of celebrities know the Philippines is where its at!

  36. Martha says:

    Nice Summary of Christmas Concert Held in Stroudsburg PA in December, 2009:


  37. Jhen says:

    Kimk- Zac said it’s his first time to endorse a product, I think he never got any endorsing gig in the US.
    Martha- Keane of Somewhere Only We Know ( one of the song in BEGIN.) was also in Manila yesterday, he had a concert yesterday, they said it was also successful too.

  38. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–I have no idea what book he’s holding in that pic. (?)

  39. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–his pics with kids are the most precious!….he’s gonna be an awesome dad someday!

  40. Jhen says:

    Jo Lo VIP concert tix in Manila was also sold out , it will be held sometime on Nov and the tix is so expensive, the VIP price is 7 times of the price of David VIP tix, but still sold out.

  41. sarahhazel says:

    Jhen–I read the rumor that J. Sanchez fronting JLo’s concert is untrue. So who’s the real front act?

  42. Jhen says:

    Martha – David like little children, I’m sure he could be a good father someday.
    Have to sleep now FOD family, bye for now.

  43. sarahhazel says:

    Looks like the Philippines is the international artists concert capital of Asia nowadays.

  44. Jhen says:

    sarah- yes untrue, I think the front act could be local singer.
    Bye for now, have a good day.

  45. sarahhazel says:

    sandritangel #DA2014 ‏@sandritangel

    David Archuleta’s Works For Me was played on South Korean show, We Go Married http://fb.me/1YlTSyhBG

  46. sarahhazel says:

    NIH Farihin ❤ ‏@ohohfarihin

    So a friend of mine was like, “how old is David? He looks younger than Justin Bieber” Haha! Never gets old eh, @DavidArchie? #IfUGetWatIMean

  47. sarahhazel says:

    See ya later, Jhen!

  48. Martha says:

    Bye, Jhen

  49. cq#DA2014 says:

    Very nice Wednesday post Joanie, thks.
    Did my workout today listening to Forevermore album…sigh, love songs….he has the perfect voice for romantic songs, imo. Haven’t listen to Forevermore for a while because I have be obsessed with BEGIN., lol.
    It’s just amazing how versatile and what a great singing artist he is…This ride is just beginning.

  50. sarahhazel says:

    ᴇʀɪᴄᴋᴀ ∞ ᴀʀᴄʜɪᴇ ‏@ErickaArchie


  51. breanne says:

    Thanks Joanie for your great post!! Love all the pics & vids! I’m in awe of all of the things you writers are able to find everyday. Always brings a smile to my face!!

    sarahhazel, the SBL pic u posted of David at 9:01 is one of my favorites of him! His eyes look amazing!!

    Keep voting 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & I’ll Never Go on Chart Central:

  52. sarahhazel says:

    EH MV deserves more views! Keep playing!!!

  53. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–you mean, “in Japan” 🙂 …….love it!

  54. Sirinity Dorrell says:

    I was sad to hear that Dakgal passed away. I didn’t know her but she will be missed.

  55. sarahhazel says:

    BEGIN. #1 Top 100 here!

  56. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, Sirinity! 🙂

  57. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – I was assuming this was taken when he was in Okinawa, Japan last year.


  58. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–the pic was taken during this interview:

  59. Ali says:

    sarahhazel – from your question about the link you posted at 9:04, that was taken from a video at the VIP in Salt Lake City during the MKOC tour.

  60. cq#DA2014 says:

    Sarahhazel, yes EH MV does deserve more views and so does all his other MVs. I have a feeling that maybe EH it’s a real reminder that he is away, so what fan wants to be reminded over and over. To me even though, that given the time restrictions, it wasn’t badly put together, but the story lines (other than the soldier) were a bit suger coated, a bit precious to me… jmo of course. He brings such depth and soul to the song, I just feel that the story just didn’t live up to his vocals, again JMO.

  61. sarahhazel says:

    Ali–thanks for the info! 🙂

  62. sarahhazel says:

    cq–The soldier part gets me all the time….and his vocals are stunning…..
    Now…..where is that Rainbow MV??? 😉

  63. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – thanks for keeping me on my toes 🙂

  64. kimk says:

    sarahhazel heard something was happening in October.
    4 weeks to hang on the edge of our seat!!! 🙂

  65. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–LOL….no problem…..but actually, I love the “Japan” pic than the original….haha! 😆

  66. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–Rainbow MV???….livestream of the Chile concert???<—(dream on!)…..Nandito Ako US TV broadcast???…..announcement of a Christmas single???<—-(wishful thinking!)……what else…….

  67. Good Morning Everyone, joanie. I especially love the top pic and the bottom pic.
    I haven’t had a chance to see all the tumblers yet. i wanted read all the comments first, then as soon as i have time, i will go back and see the tumblers.
    Sarahhazel, Martha and everyone else that brought over stories and vid on David, thank you so much. I appreciate what you do. I never tire of them.
    My condolences to Marylee, and the Dakgals family.
    Happy birthday to Claudia, may your day be filled with joy. I know you are in Davids thoughts.
    Jhen, thank you for sharing with us what you know of David. I hope he does go back to Manila when he gets back, I think it would be a great place to get started over again.
    Every morning i get on FOD to see the days post & comments, and i realize David still has a ways to go before he gets home and i get down a little bit, but as soon as i start reading comments in the morning and evening, everybodies comments are so funny and assuring that it brings me up again. thank you. Archies really know how to have fun. Sorry this is so long. Just had to get it off my chest.

  68. tami lyn says:

    75 today, beautiful but OMG winter storm watch tomorrow(4-8 inches snow)! that’s crazy

  69. Martha says:

    I vote for the livestream from Chile concert

    tami lyn – today where I’m from its going to be 94 degrees

  70. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–(a) you’re welcome (b) I agree, FOD is a perfect picker-upper and (c) vent away…this is what we’re here for….haha! 😀

  71. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–winter storm?!…that’s crazy! 😯

  72. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–I hope those figures are true…..and more!

  73. Martha says:



    “I don’t disparage the show, trust me. I own a few iTunes exclusives of David Archuleta singing Beatles songs while impersonating a fragile bird. “

  74. VaBeachArchie says:

    sarahhazel…Had me in David Picture Heaven with all those links! What a FACE! Also LOVED all your thoughts on what might be happening in Davidland down the road! I vote for them ALL!

  75. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–maybe it’s “Blackbird”……and it’s on iTunes?

    (Didn’t know the Kerr girl was a recent AI contestant….she’s in the news lately with that J. Aldean guy. Publicity, I guess…………..)

  76. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–I vote for all of them too!!! 😆

  77. Ali says:

    Martha – I wouldn’t put too much stock in the figures listed on that GetNetWorth site. Any website that offers no sources for their data is immediately suspect to me. They also have this disclaimer posted: “We make no guarantees as to the accuracy, thoroughness or quality of the information on this website, which is provided only on an “AS-IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis at User’s sole risk. ”

    Even the yearly Forbes list — which comes from a reputable publisher — doesn’t normally get the money right for celebs. The problem with these type of things is they never take everything into account. Some people have much higher expenses, others make money from multiple sources, there are lots of variables. Only the celebrities themselves and probably their accountants know the real story lol.

  78. Martha says:

    Ali – I know, thought it was funny though ’cause on the same page they ask if you would date him. Not the typical question or info on a legit website on worth.

  79. Martha,94 at you place. your lucky its going to be 104 at mine still. Can’t wait for winter and spring, so that David would have been gone 1 year.

  80. Martha says:

    Linda – I know. Where you live 94 is nothing. That is above our average though, it should be low 80’s this time of year.

  81. cq#DA2014 says:

    I’m with you Linda…spring 2013 is when I will start counting down the months till he returns.

  82. kimk says:

    lol keep dreaming on the livestream..

    going to guess Rainbow MV or a re-packaged re-worked Forevermore with Rainbow remix the new single?
    reason I say that the rumor came from those in the Philippines.

  83. sarahhazel says:

    How I would love to FF to spring 2013…..1st, for the “David” reason…2nd, my daughter will be almost done with her junior year in college by then (time flies!)…..and 3rd, I don’t wanna deal with the predicted bad winter storm (yikes!) for this year!

  84. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–a rumor?….well, a re-packaged/re-worked Forevermore sounds good to me!

  85. Martha says:

    kimk – you know, that concert in Chile is held on a Saturday night, not on Sunday like a church service, so a cellcast or pics/vids should be easier (yes, dreaming). Just like the vid you brought of the mishes doing a 1D song or a little skit in the church for mother’s day, that was openly video taped. And he is doing “pop” songs, too. Just sayin….

  86. sarahhazel says:

    sandritangel #DA2014 ‏@sandritangel

    “My Fans… I could thank them forever, and not thank them enough” – David Archuleta

  87. sarahhazel says:

    I’m curious about the pop songs….hmmm….maybe it will be a mini-BEGIN. concert of sorts?…..Lucky peeps…..waaaahhhh! 😥

  88. palmtreephan (#DA2014.....and always) says:

    sarahhazel @ 9:04….I’m pretty sure that gif is from this video at the Salt Lake City VIP.


  89. Wouldn’t it be awesome in 2013 March 28th when we can start counting down, 365 days to go. A lot better then 730 days to go.

  90. sarahhazel says:

    palmtreephan–Hi! thanks for the video….never seen that one before! 🙂

  91. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–definitely better than 730 days….haha….and I suggest a countdown clock on the FOD front page!

  92. Martha says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Let the fun BEGIN. 🙂 http://lockerz.com/s/249969093

  93. sarahhazel says:

    That’s Justin Timberlake.

  94. cq#DA2014 says:

    I really like Justin Timberlake, he has fun songs to dance to and he is so funny…I’m Bringing Sexy Back yay…listen to his album when I want a little extra umf into my workout,lol. Justin did a really good job of going from teen idol to adult superstar. A good guy in my book.

  95. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Are comments working ok for everyone? I just added a slideshow & want to make sure I’m not crashing the site. *hopes and prays* Thanks!

  96. sarahhazel says:

    cq–I like JT and his music….he’s good in acting too.

  97. joanie, working good at my end , thank you for your hard work that you do for us Archies

  98. sarahhazel says:

    joanie–no problems so far…… & thanks for the SS! 😉

  99. EH MV has 146,003 views. We should try and get it to 150,000 by this weekend. It deserves so much views. My hope is to someday get it to 500,000 views.

  100. Martha says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    http://lockerz.com/s/249973215 Team Karlsson with @JoshBkelley @IamCKirkpatrick @jasontaylor and Robert Karlsson

  101. Martha says:

    …cont’d- and with @MelindaWEG here too watch too!

  102. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Thanks Sara & Linda! Pam sure has some great photos from that show!! 🙂

  103. kimk says:

    lol well you never know.. count me in if a livestream ‘pops’ up!!

    Joanie ok for me!! 🙂

    lucky Kari!!

  104. kimk says:

    lol who mentioned JT and Sexy Back!!?


    cracks me up.. over 8000 views!!

  105. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOLOLOL….they should update that video with pics from Bench and MKOTC (1st part of the show of course)….hehehe…. 😆

  106. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol watched it and pretty much laughed most of the way thru. the lyrics and that puppy face… too funny.

  107. cq#DA2014 says:

    I did Kimk. Never saw that video before, done when he was to young for it…but now 21yrs old, almost 22yrs old pictures of our sexy David, would fit like a glove.

  108. Martha says:

    kimk – remember when he took the pics of him sitting on the bed. Some people got upset, didn’t they, and they were pulled off certain sites. He looked quite young in those pics.

  109. sarahhazel says:

    This pic needs a ***WARNING***
    Hanne ♥ ツ ‏@HanneDenmark

    @DavidArchie – The look that hypnotize me http://twitpic.com/b0rc22/full <333

  110. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–I remember that pic and I didn’t see it as “offensive (?)/too-sexy-for-his-age”. I was surprised some peeps got upset…LOL

  111. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – am I remembering right, some did get upset.

  112. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–you remembered right.

  113. sarahhazel says:

    I nominate that pic from naree (edited by Hanne) for FOD top of page pic! 🙂

  114. sarahhazel says:

    YourLDSradio ‏@YourLDSRadio

    Any Osmond Brothers or David Archuleta fans out there? Just added to the radio station: music from the Osmond… http://fb.me/FKi08vxS

  115. kimk says:

    Martha there were a couple on the bed from his first photoshoot for his first cd.
    he looked and was very young.

  116. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol all heck broke loose.

  117. sarahhazel says:

    ♥You aren’t alone 🙂 ‏@JacquiJB1D

    Hay que admitirlo, es GUAPO, PERFECTO…es DAVID ARCHULETA http://s3.amazonaws.com/ology/bundles/ologysocial/up/img/post/post_large/post_501b6e47932294.08880307.gif?v3

  118. sarahhazel says:

    LOL….what a pic title…..

  119. kimk says:

    think there are two pics.. lol but not looking for the other one.

    how about this one..


  120. kimk says:

    that one on the side of the bed is ok.

  121. tami lyn says:

    martha&linda~ wow that is hot! do your leaves change color when it’s still that hot?

    also still wondering what kind of convos kari and M have?!would love to be a fly on the wall when they go out drinking together LOL!

  122. sarahhazel says:

    kimk @4:46—-NO!!!!!!

  123. Martha says:

    I found the one of him sitting up on the pad, couldn’t get just the pic to copy and past so here’s the article but WARNING THEY ARE NOT VERY NICE.


  124. sarahhazel says:

    #DA2014 ‏@VerifiedArchie

    Photoset: misterarchuleta: idk, his name’s david archuleta /ZI4ajxUahTrz

  125. Martha says:

    boy, I need to proofread, ***sitting up on the bed**and **paste***

  126. tami lyn says:

    omg that pic of david with bieber hair! cute 🙂 but not as cute as his own hair of course!

  127. sarahhazel says:

    #DA2014 ‏@VerifiedArchie

    Photoset: worldisonus: ON the events of Children Miracle Network and Children Uniting -David Archuleta..

  128. kimk says:

    Martha lol that is the one folks flipped over.

  129. Martha says:

    tami lyn – here its stays green till it starts getting cold, then they turn yellow and fall off. We don’t have the change of colors like up north and east.

  130. kimk says:

    gaspy!!? lol I do not miss those days!!

  131. sarahhazel says:

    #DA2014 ‏@VerifiedArchie

    Photoset: iheartarchie: 50 Week David Archuleta Tumblr Challenge Week 23: Events Part 2 ⇝ To Be With You @..

  132. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–me neither. 😐

  133. Martha says:

    kimk – thats what that website does, see how cruel and ugly they can be. They write that way about alot of people.


  135. tami lyn says:

    thanks for the leaves info martha and that VFTW site is fun to read cuz those peeps are so crazy but the weird thing is like someone said, they claim to not like him but they sure spent alot of time thinking and talking about him and they sure seemed to have alot of fun doing it! LOL probably cuz he’s one of the most interesting and compelling singers to ever be on idol. of course they will never admit that! i do remember those days after idol and the threads on almost all idol sites about david had the most posts by far!

  136. Sarahhazel, those photos were a long time ago right? We should just shelve them and try to forget about them instead of bringing attention back to them. Just sayin, thats what i think Ha Ha.

  137. tami lyn says:

    linda~ thanks. i bet they do talk about him but i’m sure it’s mostly nice things cuz they both love him i think.

  138. tami-lyn, i think your right. They are friends and they love doing things together.

  139. Martha says:

    Linda – sorry, I put a Warning. I still see these pics all over the place.

  140. Martha says:

    Linda – besides, there is nothing wrong with the pics. People who had a problem with them were silly.

  141. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–I agree….LOL….so go give Martha a “time-out”….hehehe! 😆

  142. sarahhazel, when were these pics taken, i don’t even remember seeing them. Did they use them for something? just wondering.

  143. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – I’ll put myself in a half-hour timeout (I have to drive home from work in 10 minutes).

  144. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–Just kidding here, of course!….I myself didn’t get offended by those pics when they first came out.

  145. kimk says:

    Dez Duron reminds me of David.. he is in on The Voice
    he is only 22!

  146. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–didn’t see them elsewhere either…..who knows….. 😐

  147. sarahhazel says:

    #DA2014 ‏@VerifiedArchie

    Photo: causeitsagoodplace: David Archuleta pics

  148. kimk says:

    I have no problem with them
    just think David looks very young there.
    would I suggest he do that now.
    ha oh dear no!
    ray would really have to call in the ambulances, police and fire dept!! 🙂

  149. tami lyn says:

    well minnesota, our beautiful autumn is over 🙁 winter starts tomorrow 🙁

  150. tami lyn says:

    kim~ i agree! dez will be my new hottie obsession for the time being 🙂

  151. Martha says:

    sarahhazel and linda – kimk posted at 4:28 that they are from the photoshoot for his first CD. Absolutely nothing wrong with them.

  152. tami lyn says:

    and i agree, think christina wants him bad! lol

  153. Kimk, you are so right. ray would have to stay on call, can you just imagine something like that now. Just look what the beach picture did to everyone when they were wiping the sweat of of him. But he did sit on a bed for I’ll never Go, but it was just on the edge.

  154. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–of course there’s nothing wrong with them LOL

    Now, moving on…… 🙂
    sandritangel #DA2014 ‏@sandritangel
    David Archuleta at TCA 2010

  155. tami lyn says:

    kim~ i also like mycle wastman. finally someone older!!! long time since i’ve found a 40 year old to crush on LOL!

  156. tami lyn says:

    oh i so wish david was 40! then i could really be happy lol

  157. Tami-lyn, i don’t think David wants to be 40 yet. 🙄

  158. tami lyn says:

    linda~yeah u are probably right! WHO DOES WANNA BE 40???? lol

  159. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–LOLOLOLOL….18 more years for David!…..When I was young, I had big crushes on Mark Lester, Richard Burton & Jan Michael Vincent (if anybody remembers…haha)…..now it’s Johnny Depp.–he’s a year younger than me. 🙂

  160. Sarahhazel, i loved when he was on TCA playing it real cool. He looked sharp too. He always knoew how to dress. Hope he doesn’t forget when he gets back. Styles will be different.

  161. tami lyn says:

    oh i guess that was a stupid question lol! obviously everyone over 40 would like to be 40 again. i apologize for my stupidity. david has destroyed my brain. could have gotten a PhD in the time i’ve spent watching his videos and vlogs, etc!

  162. kimk says:

    Linda I think we will have the most wonderful time come 2014.. who knows what will happen!
    think first time I just want to see his precious face and hear his voice.

    Martha there was a video of him at the photoshoot but can’t find it. he is sitting at a piano in the beginning.. a great video too!

  163. sarahhazel says:

    I’d be happy to stay 49 forever….haha….

  164. oinkiers says:

    Good evening, everyone!!!

  165. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–remember he said during the TCA press thing backstage that he’s not one of the cool guys?…..well, he is a different kind of cool IMO….the CLASSY kind!

  166. tami lyn says:

    sarah~ oh i do love me some johnny depp too 🙂 a sexier pirate has never existed lol! there is a guy in my town who kinda resembles him and whenever i run into him it’s hard to not stare. i’m sure he thinks i’m a freak UNLESS his wife has told him about the johnny depp connection LOL

  167. Tami-lyn, it wasn’t a stupid question, but for someone like me who is older, i would love to be 40, but i don’t think a 21 yr old wants to be 40. But hey! A person can only wish. You go girl.

  168. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn @ 5:43–bwahahahahahahaha!

  169. kimk says:

    tamilyn lol why wouldn’t she want him? Dez is a hottie!

  170. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, oinkiers!

  171. kimk says:

    lol I like who I am and my age.. odd as that seems.

  172. tami lyn says:

    kim~ well yeah true, i’m sure everyone wants him now! lol but christina might have a real chance. she is single again now isn’t she? not sure

  173. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn @5:47—ROFL…..you should write a sitcom or star in one! 😆 😀

  174. kimk says:

    ha lurkers.. you think we are all bored yet? 😀

  175. kimk says:

    tamilyn lucky her!

  176. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–that’s good….me, don’t really feel my age (mentally)….I’m still immature I think in some ways….haha….and peeps say I don’t look my age…..but my body says otherwise…LOL

  177. oinkiers says:

    Who? What? and Why?………..Jk!!

  178. sarahhazel says:


  179. sarahhazel says:

    Random: Anybody know how to make the words in BOLD style?

  180. oinkiers says:

    Sarahhazel- same thing I don’t think I act my age and I every guess me at 26 instead of 36!! Umm….. how is 36 year old suppose to act!

  181. Martha says:

    kimk 5:44 – Thanks, I’ll look for the vid 🙂

  182. Not to change the subject, but i have another trivia question.
    I just finished watching the ending of NA. When Josh hugged Anya after the serenade and when they made up after they found out that they were the ones in the fire.
    I wonder how Josh felt hugging Anya? I know it was just pretend, but those hugs were really convincing. Do you think they were convincing? or did they look false?

  183. Carmela says:

    The Other Side of Down and Christmas From the Heart just came in the mail. Wow, Amazon is really fast. Opening the package right now. I’m so excited! I’ll listen then give a report later.

  184. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–good question…..not sure….cuz I can’t remember that far back….hehe…..

  185. sarahhazel says:

    You mean how David felt hugging Jasmine, right?…..I wish we could ask David….LOL….but I think it was pretty good and realistic-looking….that’s my thought.

  186. Oinkier, if i told you how old i am you would look like this 😯

  187. sarahhazel says:

    Ooops….that last one was for Linda.

  188. sarahhazel says:

    Carmela–Yipeee!….looking foward to your report! 🙂

  189. Sarahhazel, i did too. They looked so cushiony. David was really playing that part good, i think he enjoyed hugging jasmine, Something new for him because he’s not a huggy guy.

  190. Sarahhazel, they told him he had to make it convincing and boy he sure convinced me.

  191. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–He looked so relaxed and realistically in love on those scenes…..Pretty sure he enjoyed it (with some nerves, of course, that didn’t show)…..and why wouldn’t he? She is one beautiful & seemingly very nice girl.

  192. Carmela your going to make me pull out my christmas cds. I,m ready for Christmas, wonder what is in store for us.

  193. tami lyn says:

    yay! i’m finally back on twitter! 🙂

  194. Martha says:

    Carly Smithson ‏@CarlySmithson
    I’d like to introduce you all to my new baby Olivia Mabel Smithson. Born September 30th at 10.55 pm http://twitpic.com/b0rlfs

  195. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–their off-set friendly relationship probably helped him relax in those kind of scenes….plus the camaraderie among the crew too.

  196. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ haha thanks! use to be a theater actress but always wanted to be on TV but was never able or willing to move to LA!

  197. Martha says:

    Pastel ‏@pastelpastel
    Just got my Taiwan edition @davidarchie BEGIN. from @WOW_HD Beautiful glossy cover, photocards produced so well. NICE! pic.twitter.com/3ieL3Sj9

  198. glitter*girl says:

    i had to switch to mozilla cuz explorer was not allowing me to post on twitter and now i see glitter girl is showing up here after changing it to tami lyn so don’t know what that’s about but hopefully i will figure it out. just FYI 🙂

  199. tami lyn says:

    test test

  200. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–aw, thanks for the baby pic…..just beautiful……congrats to Carly and her hubby!

  201. sarahhazel says:

    Wow, Pastel got her BEGIN.–T.E. with postcards! Cool!

  202. tami lyn says:

    yay 🙂

  203. sarahhazel says:

    Michael Hak ‏@mikehakk

    finally got phone serv again!! I got yelled at by the bus driver this morn for blasting david archuleta… which was barely even loud…

  204. oinkiers says:

    Hey I just got twitter a couple of nights ago :)!!

  205. Oinkier, great news. Can you tell your tweeter name or would you rather not.

  206. congratulations to Carly smithson and her husband for thier beautiful baby girl. Seems that all the AI season 7 babies have been girls.

  207. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–theater?….that’s great!….hmmm, I miss glitter*girl sometimes. 🙂

  208. sarahhazel says:

    oinkiers–good for you!

  209. Pastel, good for you. I’m still waiting for mine from WOW-US

  210. oinkiers says:

    Linda- I think we are following each other all ready! But it is @PigsHart

  211. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ thanks again haha! i do miss the theater but i would rather be on a reality show now just to see what it’s really like!

  212. tami says:

    ok so now it’s gonna jump back and forth between tami and glitter! great. hope i don’t confuse too many people. if so, sorry!

  213. glitter*girl says:

    oinkers~ i’m following u now on twitter. hope that’s ok!

  214. sarahhazel says:

    glitter*girl–can’t you just change it here in the FOD commenter info section?

  215. tami lyn says:

    test again. sorry!

  216. oinkiers says:

    sure, can I follow you?

  217. glitter*girl says:

    sarah~ yeah i keep changing it but it keeps changing back! lol

  218. tami says:

    oinkers~ yes, please do! 🙂 i’m tami_lyn on twitter

  219. oinkiers says:


  220. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–that’s weird.

  221. sarahhazel says:

    Heather ❤ DA2014 ‏@Heather_DA2014

    David pic day 38! Looks like how I feel. #davidarchie #da2014 http://instagr.am/p/QVuJnGQUzR/

  222. josie says:

    tami lyn~ Uhhh….are you having an identity crisis right now? lolol.

  223. oinkiers says:


  224. tami lyn says:

    hi josie~ it keeps changing back lol

  225. josie says:

    tami lyn~ I noticed that. As long as YOU know who you are, that’s the important part. lol.

  226. glitter*girl says:

    josie~ yes i know LOL thanks 🙂

  227. oinkiers says:

    Distracted by x fracter……..

  228. Don’t worry tam, tami-lyn, glitter girl, we got your back.

  229. oinkiers says:

    Linda- lol , its true the Tami

  230. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn/glitter*girl–don’t worry, we won’t get confused….even without your name, we’ll know it’s YOU. 😉

  231. glitter*girl says:

    lol! thanks u guys! 🙂

  232. Anita says:

    I’ve never seen those pictures of David sitting on a bed before. I’m slightly changing the subject here….I remember seeing a video of David singing Jason Maraz” “I’m Yours” when he was 17 or 18, and my mouth just dropped! I’ve always known he loves Jason’s music, but David singing the first line of that song just never sat right with me. He seemed too young to be singing such a lyric. Of course I’ve always loved him anyway!

    I hope Claudia had a wonderful birthday, and hope David was able to give her a call!

  233. sarahhazel says:

    Anita–“Bubbly”, too….LOL

  234. Elysian says:

    Hi everyone!
    sarahhazel- I second your nomination of the picture of David that naree took and HanneDenmark edited, which you posted at 4:18, as tomorrow’s top picture for the front page! Sheeesskkk! Talk about intense and stunning!!!!

  235. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel, Martha and kimk- WOW, you ladies were on a roll in terms of all of the links to amazing/ funny pictures, websites or links you posted in comments today. Well actually, you ladies ALWAYS find tons of incredible content that you share with the rest of us, and I just wanted you to know it is much appreciated!!! 🙂

  236. Elysian says:

    Joanie- Since I am thanking people, I want to thank you for another INCREDIBLE post! I especially loved the vids of David giving us the background for the songs on TOSOD. I think it is so interesting to hear what the motivation was behind each song. It gives insight into the workings of David’s fascinating mind!

  237. Martha says:

    Elysian – appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  238. Elysian says:

    If you are lurking here tonight, I want to thank you for the link you posted a coupleof weeks ago to the blog that was created by Luke Nelson’s mom. I finally got to read the entries. I am SO impressed by Luke and his brother Sam. What AMAZING young men! It lead me to watch The 5000 Days Project-Two Brothers again, and just like before, I was in tears. Watching it the first time made me truly understand why David would want to go on a mission, and the type of emotional, spiritual and personal growth experienced by missionaries. It filled me with joy to think that David would be having similar experiences in Chile. Watching it again reminded me of this. I am so happy David chose to follow his heart.

  239. Well it’s been fun, but i am starting Bible study tonight. Something i haven’t done in years. David has inspired me to learn more on scripture. I will be back tonight, so for those of you who will be leaving before i come back, goodnight and sweet David dreams. For those of you that will still be lurking late BBL.

  240. Hello all! Really a warm evening here at the beach! Fall weather is coming on the weekend!

    Elysian…AGREE with you… sarahhazel, Martha and kimk have kept us up on ALL things David! THANKS guys!

  241. Elysian says:

    For anyone who hasn’t watched the 5000Days Project-Two Brothers, I highly recommend it. It is a documentary following two brothers from childhood through their teen years, when one of the brothers goes on a mission to Chile. The hardships and triumphs experienced by the missionary, Sam, and the transformation he undergoes in terms of maturity is totally engrossing, and gives incredible insight into the hearts and minds of these dedicated and caring young people. As someone who is not LDS, I found it very enlightening. Here is the link for anyone who wants to see what David may be experiencing on his own mission. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Juolqmv8g

  242. josie says:

    Linda- I’m doing that, too..I think it helps having people to study it with. Have fun. 🙂

  243. Martha says:

    VaBeach – you’re very welcome. Thank you.

  244. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–That’s great!….Have a goodnight! 🙂

  245. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–always a pleasure to share fun stuff to keep us amused LOL….& you’re very welcome! 🙂

  246. Elysian says:

    LindafromCali- Enjoy your Bible studies class!

    VaBeachArchie- Hi there! I really don’t know how they (sarahhazel, Martha and Kimk) or our wonderful Mods do it, or where they find all of the goodies. I always think of myself as a helpless baby bird waiting hungrily for them to seek out the yummiest David info to bring back to the nest . They never disappoint, and I always leave here feeling gorged and satisfied!

  247. Anita says:

    sarahhazel-Ahhh, yes, Bubbly! That’s another one that really bothered me alot lyric wise. But my goodness his voice sounds so gorgeous singing it though, doesn’t it?! David would have me hypnotized , and I’d be like “David, quit trying to reel me in. You shouldn’t be singing such lyrics!!” LOL!!!! Anyway, I really do miss that man!!!

  248. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–thanks for the link….I will check it out!

  249. sarahhazel says:

    Anita–haha….I honestly didn’t care about lyrics….love the melody….and his version….that voice….I was in awe! (and obviously so were the screaming girls who witnessed it live!)

  250. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel- I think you will really enjoy it, but have a lot of tissues on hand. I was crying throughout it, but they were good tears. 🙂

  251. Elysian, thank you for the two brother mission story. I will read it after Bible study. I read it once but i need to read it again to see what i might have missed.

  252. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–thanks for the tissues reminder LOL

  253. Elysian says:

    Anita- Now you have gotten me curious. I never listened that closely I guess to the lyrics of “I’m Yours.” I am going to have to see what the song is really about. I am very dense when it comes to lyrics! LOL!

  254. “Looks like the Philippines is the international artists concert capital of Asia nowadays.”

    SARAH – yeah sometimes I wonder if we really are a 3rd world country. The tix are not inexpensive and the concerts come fast & furious, especially these past 2 years – yet they sell and they come one after another

  255. I think we have to understand that right now David is a young man, but soon he will be a man to speak of. He will sing songs that will be different then what we are use too. But David know how far he can go. I have faith in him and his choices of songs. We can’t put David in a cage we need to let him grow up like everyone else. Make mistakes like everyone else.
    Sorry, hope i didn’t offend everyone. Just had to put my two cents in. Now i’m leaving.

  256. MARTHA – thanks for posting the link to my Bench ATM video 🙂

    Some Archies tweeted me that they have note seen that! LOL

    Just to share a story: I was supposed to be seated at the sidelines – where the early comers were gifted with that special zone – near David and you can shake his hands when he comes by.

    But I had to wiggle my way & negotiate with the staff & eventually the event supervisor to transfer to another section of the venue. They could not believe that I will let go of the chance to be near David.. I told them am more of the “appreciate from afar” kinda fan. So they let me sit 1st at the left side of the 2nd row. Then eventually I got transferred to the middle of the same row. FUN TIMES!

  257. Elysian says:

    LindaFromCali- The link that I provided is to the documentary, which is about an hour and 15 minutes long. The Blog I was thanking kmb for relates to Sam’s younger brother, Luke, who is currently on a mission to Cambodia. After I watched the documentary, I became very interested in seeing what happened to these brothers, and kmb periodically sends me new links to info updating me about their lives.

  258. sarahhazel says:

    jackryan–Hi!…thanks for your videos again…..all I can say is, I guess “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”…..haha! 🙂

  259. Elysian says:

    jackryanforDA- LOL! I bet you were the only one who was asking them to be seated farther away from David! But it sounds like you still had a fabulous seat! I am envious!!!

  260. josie says:

    I just wanted to say thanks real quick to everyone who takes the time to share links, info., etc. Without y’all, we’d probably be bored to death. lol.

  261. Anita says:

    Elysian-So I sparked your curiousity, heh? Yes, you’ll have to give it a listen.

    Linda-No, you haven’t offended me!

  262. ELYSIAN – look at it this way, if I am able to shake his hands while performing, I will surely treasure that for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

    But if I can take a good video of him, then more of us will be able to treasure that for the same looooooooooooooooooong time.

  263. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–I’m taking a little break (already) from watching the LDS video…already making me teary, dang…..(wish me luck!)

  264. Elysian says:

    jackryanforDA- I like the way you think and you are absolutely right!!! Thank you for sacrificing your own personal David experiences for the benefit of the fanbase!!! I always LOOOOOVE your FABULOUS videos.!!They make me feel like I am right there next to you!!!

  265. Elysian says:

    sarahhazel- Awwww… I know exactly how you feel! Good luck! At least your tear ducts will get a good flushing out! LOL!

  266. Elysian says:

    Well, since its Wednesday, I’m off to take my sweet mom to dinner. Have a great night everyone! It was fun chatting!

  267. It isn’t a sacrifice, really. I also cannot be seen in such situations cos of my job. Ever wonder why am always not in vids or pix? The local archies know my limitation. And w/ TV5 before, I talk to the cameramen not to include me in their shots, LOL

    Besides, I thoroughly love chronicling David. Can you blame me?

  268. Elysian says:

    jackryanforDA- Wow, you are international woman of mystery like mydearwriter! LOL! I never realized that you are never in photos and I guess we never will. Anyway, I picture you as someone who must be very lovely because you have a very beautiful and giving heart!

  269. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry haven’t post in a long time, missing you all 🙂 , have a lot to catch up on everything David!!!

    My condolences to Dakgal’s family and friends, it’s so to hear that one of us has passed on!!

    Hiya Elysian,

    Love your recap on No-Cal meeting soo cool with all the “art works” you all created 🙂 sorry I couldn’t post any comments on that thread!!! got a hugh problem with virus on my computer…it’s still in ICU lol, I’m useing my hubby tiny notebook (while he’s away) right now haha shushhh don’t tell him !!!

  270. Elysian says:

    OK, now I really have to go, can’t keep mom waiting!

  271. Elysian says:

    Hiya pocoelsy!!! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the recap. 🙂 Sorry about the computer virus! Don’t worry, I won’t tell your hubby about your using his notebook! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!!

    Ok, I am really really gone now!!!!!

  272. Elysian – I broke that rule once – for the #DA014 vid 🙂 Am there

  273. pocoelsy says:

    Jackryan, you’re living life on the edge for us… poor archies hehe, thank you for everything you do for us and David 🙂

  274. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Elysian, thanks for the link of the 2 brothers.

    I just have to share this. Found this Donny Osmond interview. Wow, I think I remember somewhere that David spoke with him. Maybe the topic was what is on this video. After watching this, David can take as many “breaks” as he sees fit.

    This is part 2 of 3. I found this the most interesting as far as David is concerned. At the end of this part, Stevie Wonder makes a guest appearance and also has some interesting insight.


  275. Bychance says:

    jackryan and Martha – I LOVE the Bench ATM video! Thanks for creating and posting it! It is so delightful to watch his darling face, and hear that voice and watch him smile, raise his eyebrows and look up at the crowd. Love how happy he looks, and confidant and relaxed….he glows…… (where was his “sweat wiper” I want to know?!…..clearly falling down on the job! ) Thanks jackryan for sacrificing your close-up experience so we could enjoy this!!

  276. Bychance says:

    ATX -just watched the interview…….it is very interesting, makes you wonder. I’m glad David is following his heart.

  277. kimk says:


    rhiminee ‏@rhiminee
    now THIS is a tweet worth RTing “@otherbella: @rhiminee

  278. kimk says:


    Holly ‏@hollyreFOD
    “@HanneDenmark: @DavidArchie – The look that hypnotize me http://twitpic.com/b0rc22/full <333" Man. Great pic.

  279. Miss Vicki#DA2014 says:

    Hi all….Just love the Zero Gravity video from the top of this post…What energy from David…….Have to say I just feel for David and Donny Osmond, not being able to have a normal life……Hope David is getting to have that relaxed vib now and is not feeling pressured with fame……Hope to post more when my coworker gets back in another week and I have more energy to stay up and post more…..Happy David Dreams Everyone…..Miss Vicki

  280. pocoelsy says:

    ATX, thanks for this insightful interview!!! WOW now we have some slightest idea what the young stars have to go through!!! it’s scary, haha about the transition from teen idol to adult star “Oh yeah!!watch this” haha I’m trying visualize David says that to his executives !! and you have “poison name” what the heck with that !!!

  281. pocoelsy says:

    And after watching Donny’s vid, I have to say David is pacing himself nicely 🙂 he has his undenyable talents and a life time to be a “star” he wants to be, no need to perfect David 🙂 we love you just the way you are …flaws and all 🙂 ( though his flaws are hard to find 🙂 )

  282. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Bychance / pocoelsy, like your comments. I want David to know we love him just the way he is. I want him to pace himself as well.

    There must be tons of pressure on singers. Not only from fans, but execs and all those involved that they support in “their company”.

    I am so glad he is doing things his way.

    I also trust him to select songs to sing, and when he does, I will be there listening.

  283. OMJ, that hannemark pic at 10:15 Perfection at his best.

  284. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thanks Atx for bringing over that interview with Donny. One thing I don’t understand about the whole fame thing, if it’s so bad, why is he still doing it now. I do understand the hardship when he was young and he couldn’t do anything about it and am glad that David didn’t go that route, but as an adult he could live a normal life and walk away from fame. Donny is really not one of my favorites, a little to sweet for my taste, he is however, a great entertainer and I really think the entertainment business is in his blood and he must like it enough to continue.
    I know (lol) what a lot of you are going to think…if I think Donny is to sweet for my taste, how can I be a fan of David. Well, for one his VOICE and I don’t know, there is just something about him so unique and different than any other singer, he had me at hello, lol.

  285. I just heard part of Donnys interview. I am so glad that David decided to go on his mission. This will be his time to do what in his heart. Also i’m glad that David rambles and doesn’t try to be perfect he is just David, take him or leave him. He will come back and be ready to do what he loves. singing and touring. I wonder if David ever read Donnys book?

  286. Martha says:

    Lisa #DA2014 ‏@txarchie
    A Fine Frenzy is on Leno in 5 minutes! @DavidArchie would want us to watch & support!!

  287. Bychance says:

    Linda …yes….it is his imperfections that make him so endearing. I hope he knows that we love him just the way he is.

  288. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Cq, that is exactly what I thought as I listened to him talk. If it is that bad, why stay in it? Maybe that is all he knows? Maybe that is really where he is most comfortable after all? Part of me thinks Donny really likes the attention after all.

    I was a fan of his growing up, but now it is all David. There is just something David has, we all know it. We cannot always explain it, but it is there.

  289. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Linda, more and more I honestly believe David needed to do this. I think he has always had this as one of his goals. And I am sure he was really conflicted when making the decision, but knew to follow his heart. Bravo to him. So much this young man could teach a lot of us. How many of us would make this kind of blind leap of faith????

  290. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Good talking to you all. Have to call it a night/ morning. Sweet David dreams.

  291. kimk says:

    ATX thanks I enjoyed that Donny interview. so many parts of it are relatable to David and where he is today.

  292. kimk says:

    ♥♥♫connie-da2014♫♥♥ ‏@koneynuqui
    Wow Alison Sudol singing at Jay Leno. Reminds me of @DavidArchie

    ohh! looking for a video of it!

  293. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Good morning FOD! 🙂
    Thanks for the great new (to me) post Joanie! 🙂
    Just making my way through the comments now. My heart and condolences go out to Dakgal and Marylee. I always feel like us Archies are part of something special together and even though I really only know Dakgal by name, to me we have lost one of our own. I love what Kari said about being a true Archangel. 🙂 Marylee, I can only imagine your pain and sadness. ((hugs))

    Thanks to those who expressed concern for my daughter breaking her arm. She’s a little trooper and is doing great! 🙂

  294. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hmmm…in the middle of watching the Donny interview. It is bringing back all of my concerns about david including the song ‘Angel’ on the album. (and the other songs too) ‘Dark, cold hotel rooms’ and all that. Donny sobbing on the floor in a hotel room. Too much sounds so familiar for all that I have worried over for david. As i’ve always said – I don’t worry about david’s career but his heart and his soul – that is what keeps me a worrying ‘mother hen’. So much I could say about the donny interview and how it could relate to david…lucky for you guys, it feels like it would take too long to tap it all out on my phone.

  295. Good morning FOD! Got to sleep in this morning…Nana patrol not till later this morning…only a half day of school today!

    THANKS ATX for posting the Donny Osmond interview link. Such a eye opening interview about fame and the costs!


  296. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Miss Vicki – hi ya! Make sure you get some rest and we’ll keep your spot warm for you to come back to! 🙂

    Loved the duel identity of Tami Lyn/Glitter girl. lol

  297. kimk says:

    Shanny lol when he comes to NC he can stay at my house!

  298. kimk says:

    Shanny I liked Stevie Wonder’s part in it all.. also agreed with what MJ said about Donny having to change his name. all about perception in the biz. right or wrong.
    for David he can get around it if he realizes all that as well.
    own his goodness.. I guess just like what he is doing now.

  299. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Loved the part with Mr Stevie too. He’s one kool kat. lol

    Hi ya Vabeach! Yay for sleep ins!. 🙂

  300. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all

    Can’ stay away for too long hehe, miss talking to you all but I ‘m really bad when it comes to typing from my phone, takes me forever to type one sentense.

    Shanny I think I know how you feel ! Yes we are like mother hen lol.. Me too I dont worry bout his singing career too much but his wellbeing is a major concern!! I mean all we want is his happyness ….just anyhow he wants it , ha do I make any sense!! Nevermind!! That donny is really an eye opener.

  301. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hi Kim! Haha, yeah between all the Archies, I don’t think david needs to worry about dark, cold hotel rooms if he don’t like em. lol I’m sure many spare beds can be made available for a certain special guest. 🙂

    And yip…interesting that Donny had the same problems with the image. So many similarities I would think. A few years ago donny came to town for a concert. My friend was all excited about going….i so wish I had have gone with her now. He was kinda before my time but now….i find him interesting and it would have been good to have seen him and heard him.

  302. pocoelsy says:

    Love stevie too 🙂 genious. Also like donny (and mari) too. Remember enjoy their show so much thou didnt understand English much then lol
    Kimk. Why what ‘s w
    rong with Donny’s name, is it not a good name or something?

  303. kimk says:

    pocoelsy oh no Donny has a great name.. think him telling the story about the single was right on. he has a squeaky clean image in the states and that does not always play well with mainstream music here. like he said it was suggested he get arrested for drugs to get some street cred. silly but the point is it would help. look at Chris Brown if you want to understand what I am talking about. I guess US peeps and even the world likes bad boys.

  304. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Poco – are you still on your hubby’s phone thingey? lol
    And…you made PERFECT sense! In fact in that donny interview, one thing that was a little painful to hear was what donny said about how everyone thought donny osmond had everything and all these screaming girls and everything and yet he felt empty or like he had nothing because people were screaming over the ‘image’ of donny osmond and not the ‘real’ person. That could have.come straight from david’s lips in the past. He has said essentially the same things before – how people just like the glitz and the glamour that surrounds fame. I just hope by the end of this mission, we will have proved ourselves to david – that we are here because of HIM and his talent and not for the superficial stuff – as much as we squee and gush and joke around about that stuff. Thats just for a bit of fun and not the main reason we are here.

  305. kimk says:

    I don’t know.. but David going into maybe a latino vibe might just do the trick!

  306. kimk says:

    Shanny where Donny is concerned it may be a little more then that? it might be also that he is struggling with the extreme difference between his career then and what it is now? like perhaps what Justin Bieber is going thru right now. even saw Donny compare himself to him once I think on GMA.
    can’t say as I ever saw Donny do any kind of serious music (used to be a big fan of his) before he was more a 1D or JB kind of artist. not bad but not really like David as I see it. David seems a pretty serious type of young man.

  307. pocoelsy says:

    Kim, Thank you for the explaination, ok now I get it …”bad boy” image eh!!! I think most probably that’s the case the youngen love macho edgey bad boy haha I can’t remember was I like that in my younger days …again most probably lol but knowing David 🙂 he wouldn’t change his image for anything he has strong character which I admire so much !!! remember when he said “I won’t change who I am to just humor the society” something like that. He’s bold in his statement and I respect him for that 🙂

  308. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ha, I was thinking about the ‘sisters’ vlog david did not long before leaving…and remember how one of them started revealing something about david he didn’t want us to know and he told her to shoosh in a hurry….he could have edited that whole bit out but obviously he saw the humour in it and k.ew we would enjoy seeing that really down to earth, natural, normal side of him and his life. Moments like that he is so open and free and allows us to look into his life in quite a personal way compared to most celebrities.
    Thinking about it now….i also can’t help but wonder if that vid was a sub-conscious reaction to all the mega-fame he had just been through in the Philippines. Maybe it was him wanting to remind us that he’s just a regular guy with a regular life in many ways. Hmmm?
    …..There I go psychoanalysing again….lol…poor guy…

  309. ksf says:

    Hey y’all! 🙂 How’s everyone? Life is busy but I LOVE it!! Anything new in David land? Any word on Rainbow?

  310. Candy says:

    I too listened to the Donny Interview, it made me wonder and worry about David being pigeon-holed by some fans into having to be the perfect poster boy. Mr wholesome, goodness all the time. Heaven forbid the man let his hair down some day, the Archuverse would turn upside down.
    In seemed to be one of the biggest issues Donny had to deal with growing up. We talked about it many times, its a long way down off that pedestal.

  311. kimk says:

    Candy true. hope he comes back and lets his hair down.. Johnny Depp style. he does like him.

  312. kimk says:

    ksf hey! no word on Rainbow yet.. lol you know how that is.. soon can mean anything!

  313. ksf says:

    Candy — So true…worship is not a good thing unless its directed at the proper source. Besides, as has been said before, who wants to be up on a pedestal so high that even God can’t reach?! No one would be comfortable with that.

  314. Candy says:

    cq-I too often wonder why if Fame is so hard, why not just walk away from it. Why subject yourself on a daily basis to panic attacks, laying in a fetal position crying…

  315. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim, remember when david got vocal paralysis as a teenager….well as I u.derstand it, david went through a difficult period after that…probably a bit of depression. He said he started thinking about different careers and stuff. I suspect he was going through a bit of an identity crisis. He had just come off the success of star search and his budding fame was growing, if even in just a local way….and then BAM! he couldn’t sing anymore. In effect, he wasn’t ‘special’ anymore. And that caused a bit of an identity crisis in his young years as I see it.
    I think while donny’s situation and JB’s situation is probably more extreme, I think david can probably relate on his own level – you know…famous one minute, forgotten the next. It must be hard on a person. Even the last 4 years have probably been a bit like that for David. Even one of the songs on Begin.hints at that. The duet…. ‘I’ve changed my name, I’ve.changed my face but no-one wants you when you lose’.

  316. ksf says:

    Hey kimk! Oh well…maybe they’ll release it for the holidays. A big, shiny, happy gift to the fans for Christmas!! 😆

  317. Candy says:

    kimk-I would love for him to be able to do just that, not David gone wild but be able to be free to make mistakes and not have the fanbase go into a talespin.

  318. pocoelsy says:

    Shanny 🙂

    I’m using my new phone!!! still try to get use to it …heck the smart phone that is smarter than it’s owner lol I feel so dumb using it!!! oneday I’ll show it “who’s the boss”!!!

    I sneak in on my hubby’s tiny note book whenever I can(as of now), my pc. still not fixed yet the guy who suppose to do it have had some immergency!! his son is in the hospital right now!!! so my pc. has to wait !!

    I think at times David must feel overwhelm but knowing David, he has strong faith in God …he prays a lot to seek guidance, I believe that no matter how hard the situation will be….steered by God…. David will find his way to the right path and happiness, and we will prove to him just like you said “we are here because of HIM and his talent and not for the superficial stuff”

  319. Candy says:

    I would love for him to acknowledge his latino swagger, I sure could use a dose of Enrique 2.0! He would be huge in the Latino market!

  320. ksf says:

    Well…I’m here for the superficial stuff!! If he grows his hair long I’m outta here!!! LOL. j/k

  321. Candy says:

    Hey ksf-havent seen you in a while, Ive been working on house projects which has limited my time here. They were long over due. Told Hubby we have two years to get them finished…then I am back in full David mode. 🙂

  322. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Candy, I appreciated that bit too. Kinda humorous the way he explained it too….’Donny Osmond wouldn’t say THAT! Well donny just did!’ lolol
    Think that is why I have said before, how I wish david would be more open with his true thoughts and feelings and opinions. But I understand that keeping neutral makes life more peaceful for him.

    I figure they keep at the fame thing because it’s like a drug…the lows must be super low but the high’s must be super high. lol {says the girl who knows all about the effects of drugs…NOT… lol) I mean…look at David on stage…he is SO obviously in his absolute element when he’s performing and people scream for him. 🙂

  323. Candy says:

    ksf-LOL “Superficial stuff”

  324. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    I would also think…particularly in donny and david’s cases….that there must be a certain feeling of obligation too. Kinda like…’Very few people are given these opportunitites but the Lord has given them to me for some reason, so I better do my best to use this opportunity well’.

  325. kimk says:

    ksf lol what no goatee and long wild locks!!? as for Rainbow did hear a rumor there is an Oct surprise coming!!! 🙂

  326. Candy says:

    Shanny-I think that too, fame is their life, what they know and have known. I have always felt that for David it is how he communicates with the world, through music. Words escape him sometimes, he rambles, says nothing, flaps his hands, yet on stage he is in total command! Then he walks off and rambles through an interview having trouble expressing himself. Although over the years he has gotten much better.

  327. ksf says:

    Candy – hi! I’ve been keeping busy too. I’m with ya — we can get lots done in two years but time is ticking, haha! Yes, I love the superficial…it’s smexy 😉 but, can we handle Latin swagga? Idk…:)

  328. ksf says:

    kimk – LOL…nope 🙂 October would be great!! Fingers crossed!

  329. pocoelsy says:

    Candy, Ksf, Kim, Shanny

    I agree 🙂 let him be just a normal guy who can SANG haha, I don’t mind if he comes back and burb, sneeze so loud even yawn during (a boring) interview lol or worse forget to button up his shirt!!! haha remember that interview in Singapore that he asked the host “is there something in my teeth” haha I think he’ ll be ok …he’s not shy to point out that he’s not perfect. Here’s the interview

  330. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hi ya Ksf! 🙂 I agree with everything but the long hair! lol

    Candy…i haven’t seen the fanbase get upset over anything david has done in a very long time…..? I questioned david using the P.O phrase but that’s the closest thing I recall and I was just surprised, not upset. ?? I do recall the occasional person saying they wish he was still his shy self like he was back during AI but that was a long time ago now too. Maybe I’m too out of the loop or something? lol

  331. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks!!!

    ksf–very nice to see you here! 🙂

    Just for the record, I’m here for the superficial stuff too….LOLOLOLOLOLOL 😆

  332. ksf says:

    pocoelsy — I cringe whenever I see that interview! Thankfully, he’s grown so much since then.

  333. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Poco – oh shame about your computer delays! And I know what you mean about your phone being smarter than you! lol Same here – I just stick to the basic features. I only just started sending texts on a regular basis during the last 9 months.

  334. ksf says:

    Hi Shanny! 🙂 Lol! I just have some kind of mental block against long hair. Maybe that’s why I chopped mine.

    sarahhazel – Morning! 🙂 Yeaaaah SUPERFICIAL STUFF!!!

  335. Candy says:

    Shanny-agree its more the fanbase finding fault then David giving reasons. In some eyes he can do no wrong, and in others(non fans) he can do nothing right. Its the perfect darned if you do…and darned if you dont scenario.

  336. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Candy – yeah…the more I have thought about what david said regarding Begin – that he hoped it helped people understand why he was making this decision – that just tells me loud and clear that he feels inadequate explaining it in words but feels more eloquent through his music. I also think back to Myrtle Beach – the first performance after Jive – he sung songs with very clear messages that were very pertinent to his life right then – even quite vulnerable messages – and yet he NEVER voiced those thoughts or feelings in interviews or vlogs. I’m starting to really understand in a new way, that to know david is to know his music. No wonder his song selections are so important to him.

  337. pocoelsy says:

    Ksf yes he’s grown so much since then but I kinda like that interview, she let him talk to his heart content hardly cut in 🙂

    Shanny My hubby bought it for me almost 2 months ago !!! I started to tweet after that (not yet master it though lol) I still have a lot to learn!!! the touch screen is killing me lol

  338. Candy says:

    pocoelsy- oh that interview is a perfect example of what I was just saying, rambling, distracted, cant focus on the questions, hand flailing, yet adorable.

  339. cq#DA2014 says:

    Candy yes, it is a long way down that pedestal. I really will never see David turn into a bad boy, but I really would like to see him loosen up and let his hair down.
    It’s funny what some people see as a clean cut image. I was talking to a friend of my yesterday about the music industry and how it’s changed and how tough it is for new stars to make it, and of course, she brought up JB (lol, just can’t get away from him) and what a clean cut image he has. Here is a kid that has (imo) disrespectful, inappropriate tatos of Jesus on back of his leg, speeds over 100mph on a over the top expensive car and has been said that he has a bad attitude. My point is what the general public think what a clean cut image is and what the Archie world thinks it is…is worlds apart, lol.

  340. Candy says:

    cq-guess I see JB a little differently. The tattoos to him are a way of showing his faith, (I agree there are better ways) and the speeding… giving a kid a toy, an expensive one at that, and hes going to do what kids do…play with it! Im not condoning his actions just saying hes still a kid living in a very grown up world. I fault the people around him more then I do him. Where is the guidance.

  341. ksf says:

    kimk – this is not necessarily David related, except for the fact that David is a fan, but, have you heard Bruno’s new single “Locked Out of Heaven?” What do ya think?

  342. Candy says:

    Mundane is calling. Have as good one whether its day or night for you. BBL 🙂

  343. ksf says:

    Candy – I sooo agree re: Biebs. “Where is the guidance?” is right. I think his poor mom lost any influence a long time ago…Scooter and Usher took over to Justin’s detriment 🙁

  344. ksf says:

    Bye Candy! 🙂

    It’s been fun but I’ve gotta run too. Hope everyone has a great day!! 🙂

  345. cq#DA2014 says:

    Candy, I have trouble expressing myself some times and I should edit myself with some comments. The tatto thing is just a personal thing with me, I do understand your point. As far as everything else, I do believe that it’s all part of a marketing plan.

  346. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone!
    Pocoelsy- your back ! Like the interview in Singapore, he have grown so much since then, but he still the same David, funny, easily distracted, rambling lol

  347. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hi ya Sarahhazel! 🙂

    Candy – darned if he does/doesn’t – guess that’s why it’s easier to just try and be his own self amongst it all. If you can’t please others, then he may as well please himself. 🙂

    Ksf…i liked Bruno a lot…for about 2 months…then his album released on the same day and in my minds eye he became competition for david. I haven’t been able to warm back up to him ever since. It’s unreasonable and unfair I know – i’m not like that about anyone else – but I just can’t shake that bias when it comes to poor Bruno. :-/

    Well i’ve got about 4 hours sleep ahead of me, so I better skidaddle. I’ve got that dreaded activity i’m organising in 2 days time – although things are smoothing out nicely now – then i’ve got some family stuff on early next week. So a busy few days ahead. Hopefully i’ll still be able to drop in during that time. We’ve also got a birthday blitz starting next week. Fun times for October! lol
    Btw, I know there were heaps of FOD birthdays in October last year – including Ray! Happy Birthday to ya’ll….why don’t you all fess up, if it’s your birthday soon? lol

    Take care friends! 🙂

  348. oinkiers says:

    Linda -if you are lurking I think you have been hacked with twitter :(!! I have been getting weird messages to click on links but I won’t…… if it is you let me know on here!! :(!!! Sorry Just thought you should know!

  349. pocoelsy says:

    Hi jhen,
    I’m back for a bit lol see how long I’ll last typing on my hand phone!!

    Just like Candy said haha we love that interview for that very reasons!!!

  350. Jhen says:

    Ksf- Bruno Mars new single Locked Out of Heaven, not that bad, but I like The lazy Song and Grenate more if upbeat song.

  351. Good morning everyone, Jhen hope everyone is having a great morning so far,
    Its beautiful outside.75 degrees. Of course for me here in Cali its nice.

  352. pocoelsy says:

    I like some of Bruno Mars songs and his vioce a lot, but David is and always be. Number One in my book , love his vioce and the man he is <3

    Hi sarah , oinikier 🙂

  353. oinkiers says:

    Hi, Pocoelsy!!

  354. pocoelsy says:

    Hi linda have a good morni:-)

  355. sarahhazel says:

    Hi, pocoelsy, Jhen, Linda, oinkiers!

  356. oinkiers says:

    Hi, SArah!

  357. pocoelsy says:

    Time to sleep now, have a nice day/ good night all whever you are 🙂
    JHEN you’ re not sleepy yet hehe.

  358. Jhen says:

    Linda- Rainy day this past 2 days here in Manila. But I like the weather cold but not the rain.
    Pocoelesy- I agree when it come to personality and voice I love David more than Bruno.

  359. Martha says:

    Thanks, ATX, for the Donny Osmond interview. Listened to Part 3 too.

  360. Martha says:

    Hi, Jhen. H0w are you?

  361. sarahhazel says:


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