David Archuleta: Sparkly Silent Sunday, Pics and a Few Vids


David Archuleta AI Tour Portland ~credit Valerie~  **click to ‘bigger” it**

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Your life is much more important
than you can imagine.
You are proof that one life
can positively influence so many.
~ Maya Angelou~

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 Sparkly Silent Sunday

~Just a few tidbits to share with you on this “sparkly” silent Sunday. I was looking through AI Tour pics and videos from 2008 last evening which included David’s famous/infamous “sparkly” tour suit. You either loved it….or not, but no one can deny that no other 17 year old guy could have pulled it off and looked more stellar on stage wearing it!! The shine of the suit though, paled in comparison to the sparkle of his smile and eyes as he captivated each and every audience he sang before that summer.

Did we ever find out where that suit is now? Wherever it is, it hangs holding wonderful “sparkly” memories of an epic Idol tour with thousands of lives being touched by David Archuleta “live” for the first time.

Below are a few more favorite sparkly suit pics from Valerie during the Portland AI tour show. They were originally posted with “a warning”; I believe it still applies.  😀 *Click to bigger them*

 CLICK HERE to view more of Valerie’s photos  from that 2008 FOD post .

Sparkly off stage in Wilkes Barre in 2008

@Scott_NJ shared this pic yesterday. It’s from Sept. 8th, 2008 when David met with fans outside the arena in Wilkes Barre, PA (also during the AI tour.) ~No suit here, but still sparkling! Thanks Scott!

 A Sparkly Angel on a Silent Sunday

Along with the above photos, I’ll add a couple videos from a “sparkling” angel on this silent Sunday. First, “Angel” from Bridgeport CT from Archieandcook. Wish the entire performance could have been recorded, but this is awesome in many aspects; the closeups, the audience, the stage, and his vocals…wow just wow! 🙂

Then, fast-forward to December 2011 in Verona where  David sang Silent Night to a mesmerized audience as sparkly snow fell all around us. I remember sitting there wishing the moment would never end~ Thank you to Zerogravity111A for this magnificent video!

And just for fun, David’s vlog from a little over 3 years ago, recorded in Alsaka where he performed at the Alaska State Fair. He “sparkles” as he talks about Alaska, family, and recording Christmas music with Kurt Bestor. I also love seeing that “white shirt” hanging in the closet behind him….makes me think about the white shirts he has hanging in his closet where he is now. 🙂

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I’ll be back tomorrow ~ Wishing all of you a sparkling silent Sunday with friends and family both at home and online. 🙂

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189 Responses to David Archuleta: Sparkly Silent Sunday, Pics and a Few Vids

  1. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Sutty! Thanks for the fabulous post, have a great day.

    See ya all later today, have a great day 😀

  2. cq#DA2014 says:

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, thank you Sutty for the great post.

  3. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Good Morning Beth and cq. Hope everyone has a pleasant Silent Sunday. Joanie thanks for the sparkly suit videos. It was never about what David wore, it was about David being Just David. His smile and voice made him sparkle and shine like a huge star.

  4. sydnie says:

    Thank you Joanie! 😀
    Good lord I hated that sparkly suit, wth don’t think any other idols ever forced to wear something so atrocious, especially for a 17 yr old! Look at his adorable face & then the out of place Liberace suit, so bipolar! David pulled it off, was cute as a button & performed brilliantly regarding of the sabotage as always! Maybe one day the truth comes out & David to tell ‘the rest of the story’ haha!
    Sorry for the rant, that suit sets me off lol! 😀
    Hello FOD! 😀

  5. Grace says:

    Morning FOD!!
    Thanks Joanie for your sparkly post!! You are creative!!
    I was voting on Wise last night and we were about 700 votes behind the first place. Now they are 4000 votes ahead!!! What is going on?? Checked their twitter but their fan activity to encourage voting is dead, nothing going on. hmm….

    Well, gotta go. I will check the voting later. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!

  6. sydnie says:

    Hi Beth, cq, sgj! 😀
    Idamae, my bf has sleep apnea also & wears a mask to sleep, doesn’t look comfortable at all!
    Sorry to hear about the health issues of fellow archies, at least all under control. I have a heart condition, some sort of electrical problem, had an ablation done & much better now but still have heart palpitations every now & then.

  7. sydnie says:

    Kalei, I have CDs available to gift & downloads as well fyi. I’ll email reminder to FOD also! 😀
    Can’t believe it’s opening nfl Sunday already! So much sports with US open tennis, baseball, college football etc……nice distractions while D’s gone! 😀
    Going to giants/dodgers game later, final one of the series….great weather today too, I’m excited! 😀

  8. breanne says:

    Correct link for Everybody Hurts mv:

  9. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi sydnie and Grace.

    Grace when I left votng last night we were ahead by about 50 points. Now we are right back to being avout 3,000 and some votes. Sure is frustrating. We caught up last night from about 4,000 votes. Aye yae aye!! I put in a couple just now, but have to go out so I’ll try later. Sydnie sorry to hear about your heart problem. I have such a list next to my name I try not to think of it. It could get you sick. BBL Going to see a friend in a re-hab center.

  10. Good Afternoon Everyone 🙂

    Sydnie, about the sleep apnea apparati, (sp?) my hubby was 1st put on the mask but when he complained they gave him another apparatus that was less masklike to try. It was still a bit cumbersome for him so they changed it once again and he’s satisfied with this last one. It does not cover his face but inserts in the nose with adjustable straps keeping it in place. He progressed from “I’m not wearing that thing” to “it’s really not bad.” I can say we are both sleeping more restfully!!!
    BTW, Sydnie, I dying to hear about your European trip and the wedding and Sicily and…and…and haha

  11. Joanie, thanks for the super post. It amazes me how many of the quotes on the frontpage actually relate to David!!! I think I’m one of the few here who who feels attached to that sparkly suit. To me it’s a nostalgic fashion marker of his last leg of his journey on AI that ultimately united us all here. I’m sure if it were ever auctioned off, red watch and shoes included, we’d all bid like mad to have it and yes, some probably to burn it LOL
    Waving to Beth, cq, SGJ, Grace, sydnie, breanne!!!!

  12. sydnie says:

    Sgj, my aunt had the same condition & I was born with it so lucky me to inherit a defect but such is life , not perfect but just be thankful for the positives! Hope you’re getting the treatments you need to stay healthy & happy, take care!
    idamae, oh my gosh the trip was so amazing i could write a book! Hope we meet one day (D’s next concert? Don’t care where, I’ll be there haha) to compare notes on Sicily haha! 😀 thanks for the info on apnea, I let bf know to inquire about the insert thingy, sound like much less of an annoyance!
    Off to the farmers market & then animal shelter to play with the doggies! Bye all, have a fab Sunday! 😀

  13. Got some chores to do…have a great Sunday, everyone and David, a happy and fulfilling Sunday to you, too!!! Dios te bendiga!!!

  14. MaggieFOD says:

    Love today’s Sparkly Silent Sunday and David’s sparkly suit! I received a tweet from David thanks to that sparkly suit! Me: “I’m so excited to see you perform on Idol. Wearing the shiny suit from the AI tour?” David: “Haha! Nooope. I still need to figure that out though.” This was just before he returned to Idol to perform “Imagine,” accompanying himself on the piano and singing all verses of the song . . . oh, and the closeup of his hands while playing the piano!

  15. Rapport says:

    Another great post, as always, Joanie. I’ve been thinking about the “David-to-Decent Suit Ratio”. Despite that hideous incarnation of a teen Liberace on the AI tour, David’s suits/suit jackets have been more than decent. I loved his velvet Beatle-ish MKOPT jacket and the outfit he wore to PBS’s Fourth of July concert a few years ago. And, he always looks so appropriate in his Sunday best — white shirt, solid-color tie, dark suit.

  16. tami lyn says:

    i love what he’s wearing in that children’s miracle network performance of dream sky high! classy yet casual. one of his best looks!

  17. Rapport says:

    Yes, tami lyn, the CMN jacket is also another terrific example of David’s fashion sense when it comes to suit jackets. Although it wasn’t a suit — or a even a suit jacket — I think David’s outfit for the NA at SOF last year (?) was among my favorites. Blue short-sleeved shirt with rolled cuff and those whiter-than-white pants. Oh, those white pants.

  18. tami lyn says:

    rapport~ oh yes i loved that look too! there is just something about white pants. and white and blue together. looks so fresh and sophisticated.

  19. OoO says:

    George Michael’s Tribute finale of S7 David was a goddess in that white shirt and black suit I think black tie too. He was perfect from his head to toes he was so handsome in every way.

  20. tami lyn says:

    OoO~ george michael’s tribute finale?? he sang on finale night? i don’t remember that! is it on YT?

  21. tami lyn says:

    nevermind. i found it on YT and just watched it. what a beautiful song!

  22. tami lyn says:

    but david was not in that video. sorry still confused

  23. jayray says:

    tami lyn, prior to George Michael’s performance, the top 12 sang some tribute songs. Try searching YT for AI season 7 “Freedom”

  24. tami lyn says:

    jayray~ ok thankyou! 🙂

  25. OoO says:

    jayray that’s it thank you. Sorry I should’ve said group performance.

  26. tami lyn says:

    just watched the group performance(vaguely remember it from finale) and yeah all the guys looked very sexy in their black suits/white shirts! but david was the best and cutest of course 🙂

  27. jayray says:

    tami lyn, if you didn’t find it with the search i suggested this worked for me on YT “Finale David Archuleta and Top 12 Perform”

  28. Martha says:

    Here it is, Season 7 finale, tribute to George Michael, including “Freedom”


  29. tami lyn says:

    also love the matt clayton photo of david wearing the blue shirt w/tie and white pants! so sexy 🙂

  30. tami lyn says:

    hi martha 🙂

  31. judieann says:

    I liked what he wore at the US Open (tennis) and his performance was brilliant!

  32. Hello everyone, just got home from church function. OH! i agree, that shiny suit was a little distracting, but when David started singing, i forgot about what he was wearing.
    Joanie, thank you for the great post. And thank you for Todays conversation piece, the
    ( SHINY SUIT ). Gave us a discussion topic.
    I will go later and vote on wise, view EH MV, Forevermore MV, I’ll Never Go MV. and hitlist ,Myx, WHEW! I;m tired already, but its all for David so its Ok.
    Hope all my fellow Archies get well.

  33. judieann, i agree he looked sharp at the US Open and he sang beautifully. David has a good eye for fashion. He know what looks good on him.

  34. Martha says:

    hi, tami lyn and everyone..Hope everyone is having a great Sunday

  35. I have a question??? Since i have never seen David live on stage, does he look shorter then normal or does he look taller?

  36. Martha says:

    Linda – I think he looks true to his height, which I think is about 5’8″

  37. mango says:

    Linda, I think he just looks kind of normal. You could never say he looks tall, but up there by himself he just looks normal. He just looks so short when he stands next to tall people.

  38. mango says:

    Martha, true to his height is a good way of putting it.

  39. Kathy says:

    Count me in as a daily lurker who doesn’t always comment. I bet there are more than you know. I also vote. Wouldn’t know how he is doing if not for his site. I think his fan sites are crucial for him while he is away. It keeps us all connected to him.

  40. Martha, Mango, thanks just wondered. My second grandson is 5/8 and i don;t think he’s that short. I guess what you say is true, only when he stands by tall people. Because Mike Kompas and him were the same height.

  41. collegemom says:

    David sometimes seems shorter than he is to people because he is so fit. When I have met him he seems to be at least 5’7 and slim because I am 5’6 and with shoes that puts me at 5’7 or 5’8 and I seem to look him in the eye not down. I never take my picture with him because I like to just shake his hand, look him in the eye and talk.

  42. Kathy, thanks for commenting, i always knew we had a lot of lurkers who don’t comment and i think thats great. Feel free to come and go. Your right this site is our home away from home so that we can see, hear and love and discuss everything David.

  43. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Made a decision last night while watching videos. Today I checked my passport. No matter where David’s return concert is, I am going. Life is too short.


  44. ATX good for you. I wish i could say that, But i will save just in case its close enough to me to go. God Willing.

  45. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Linda, I should have added God willing for me.

  46. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Just got back from our visit to our friend in re=hab. I gave him David’s BEGIN. album. A nurse provided a cd player. She told Mr. SGJ to turn it up so they all could here David sing. They all knew who he is and loved his music. Aww that made my day. Our friend, who has been hospitalized since last Dec. loved the album. I gave him the David Archuleta album when it first came out. He sings too and admires David and his fantastic voice.

  47. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    ATX- I like that you are going to go to David’s first homecoming concert. Without sounding negative, you are right, life is too short and I feel that God willing I want to see him as soon as I can again.Do you think he would have his first concert outside the United States??

  48. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda from Cali- Wish David would perform where we both could go so I could meet you and other fans from that sunny side of the world. I’m going to vote on Wise now. BBL

  49. Hi! SGJ! Glad you had a nice visit with your friend, Also that he liked Davids Cd, who wouldn’t love that beautiful voice. Something tells me that Davids first concert will be in manila, Thats just my opinion. Who know maybe in the states. I feel that Kari will start making plans come next April. His one year will be up.

  50. SGJ! that would be great/. I know my daughter would take me and go with me. I have talked to her about you. How much fun you are. All my FOD family, i tell her that i really enjoy commenting with all of you.

  51. ATX #DA2014 says:

    SGJ, if I was a betting person, I would say his return concert will be in Manila. Never been there, so there is a first time for everything. Now, I just need to tell the hubby, lol. Guess I have a year and one half to convince him!

  52. 1h Cindy #DA2014 Cindy #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie

    @Davidarchie and some of his ladies! http://pic.twitter.com/lhtw0PI2
    View photo

  53. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    ATX- You and Linda think Manila will be his first concert. Well Mr.SGJ. has been to Manila and he loves the country and people, he might go for it. It’s a long way from New Jersey. It might take 26hrs. or so. Might have to stick to his first U.S. concert a little closer. He says Chile is closer than Philippines. Hmmmmm!!!!

  54. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda from Cali- Getting good at copy and paste. Thanks for that picture. It’s really cute.

  55. SGJ! manila is a little far for me too. Hope its closer. Can you just imagine the multitude of fans that will go. I pray that i can be one of them. Depending on where its at. Maybe UTAH???

  56. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Okay, back to Wise. Only 4000 votes behind! :roll; 🙄

  57. On Wise Poll, Does the vote count if you check mark and then hit refresh? or do you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and press vote?

  58. Has anyone heard from Sarahhazel, shes our copy and paste gal.

  59. stephanīe. ‏@ArchuletaCrazy

    @DavidArchie @ddlovato y’all are meant to be ok http://pic.twitter.com/aPDOEtOz

  60. ATX #DA2014 says:

    SGJ and Linda, I am actually hoping it will be in the US (Dallas to be exact) but I just don’t see the support for David in the US, unfortunately. I also think when he returns he will definitely put out a Spanish CD. Heck, maybe the first one, will be South America!

  61. ATX, anything is possible. We will just have to wait and see. LOL!!!!!

  62. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie impersonating AI judges

  63. kimk says:

    I see TWO guitars in his vlog!!!! 😀

    hope one day he plays for us LIVE!!


  64. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    kimk- Are you home already? Was it a little wet in N.J.? Maybe he’ll accompany himself singing a Spanish song or a duet with Enrique. 😀

  65. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda- You have to go all the way down and vote, then you can refresh. I just took a little break. I’m going back in. We’re only 3,000 something behind now. We’re ketching -up!! 🙄

  66. kimk says:

    nice vlog.. love his shirt. love the doggies (lucky lil pups!!)
    oh his eyes!
    but could someone explain to me what Begin is about?
    not sure I understand yet.

  67. kimk says:


    Cindy #DA2014 ‏@CanadianArchie
    @FODFansofDavid @DavidArchie’s ladies 🙂

  68. kimk says:

    supergrandjudie eek.. I heard Enrigue on the radio just now! he has a new song out and it is lovely. sure hope he sings to us along with playing the guitar and in Spanish! yes
    it was rainy but all worked out for the wedding I went to.
    it was an outside one too so that is good!!

  69. kimk says:

    Ashley is missing!!!

  70. kimk says:

    Nothing Else Better To Do
    I really hope David sings this LIVE one day for us!
    it makes me happy!!! 🙂

  71. Kalei says:

    Happy Sparkly Sunday everyone!
    I have a love/hate relationship with that sparkly suit lol! I love it because it shows that David knows what’s important in life – he probably didn’t care for that suit, but he knew that what he wore was less important than what he sang. He compromised on the clothes, but never on the music! I do think it made David stand out and it’s been a topic of conversation for 4 years so I can’t argue with that!

    Sydnie thanks for your donations! I will be sending out giftee names and emails as soon as I confirm all mailing addresses for the current giftee list. So many international fans still don’t have access to BEGIN. either because it’s not available where they live or they can’t afford it. It’s heartwarming how many Archies have been so generous to share BEGIN. with other fans!

    I hope David does a US tour when he gets back – even a short one in Utah – maybe several Utah cities – I’m sure he’ll be heading back to Manila at some point, but may end up staying there awhile to work on potential projects. He has a lot of opportunity in the Phils which is great for his career!

    Have a great day everyone!

  72. pocoelsy says:

    Hello all,

    How’s everyone’s Sunday, hope it good :).

    Thank you Joanie for the sparkling new post, it’s really sparkling I have to put on a shade lol, dang that suit haha.

    I don’t understand Spanish but love it when he sings in Spanish 🙂 the selfish me say I’ d like to see him make a mix album…Eng+Spanish haha so I can understand some of the songs there…but if he makes just Spanish album I will end up buy it anyway!!!

  73. Kimk, i like the bigger photos of David and his ladies. Of all Davids photos i like his hair in the one with Kari and Ana. I love his forehead exposed. He looks older. Nice pics of all his ladies.

  74. tami lyn says:

    i notice in the jennette/david pic they have their arms around each other. either they are good friends or somethin was goin on lol!

  75. tami lyn says:

    oh same story with david/demi lol and they are turned towards each other. body language experts will tell u that means they are attracted to each other 🙂

  76. pocoelsy says:

    SGJ, Jhen, Vabeach, Hi, thank you for always leaving some nice comments on my vid and here 🙂

    Linda, I love his forehead too.

  77. kimk says:

    tamilyn lol they do look good together!!

  78. tami lyn says:

    hi kim 🙂 if i had to go with my gut feeling i would guess he’s friends with jennette and was attracted to demi. and i will always remember that she was the one who tweeted to david~ i miss you!

  79. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy- You’re welcome. It was easy because you did an excellent job on that video.

  80. pocoelsy says:

    Tami lynn,

    Haha !! David’s most prolly attracted to some gals on a certain level lol he’s a 21 year old guy …ya know ..wink wink… but he’s not just any guy he’s The David Archuleta the extraordinare…self discipline + self control = single 🙂

  81. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie Cutie

  82. josie says:

    tami lyn~ lol. You are too funny. Jennette seems nice, but I personally think she’d drive him nuts. She talks sooooooo fast. And he’s soooo…mellow. Except after concerts, when he’s very hyper. Oh wait. Opposites do attract. Hmmm. 🙂

    And Demi? idk. I always thought she acted like she was too “above” him. Too sophisticated, or too mature, or something. I don’t think their personalities would mesh. But I’m not exactly a relationship expert.

  83. kimk says:

    David and Demi? I think she could and would eat him alive.. agree with Josie.
    who knows what will happen when David gets back though.. still laying odds on a sweet mormon girl.
    will even go further and say it will be a sister missionary.. hmm maybe one he meets in Chile!?

  84. josie says:

    kimk~ “she could and would eat him alive”. lolol.

  85. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    josie- My two cents on Demi and David. They did tour together and she has had her problems. If anything David is way more mature than a lot of twenty-one year olds. He might have been a good friend to her in her difficult times. David inspires, he doesn’t criticize. Who knows? They do make a nice couple. I mean all the ladies love and adore David, why not Demi. 😀

  86. Martha says:

    kimk – I saw something yesterday where he said in the past that he would like someone he could share his latino culture with because its what he grew up with. Now I can’t remember where it was. I thought then, maybe someone from Chile.

  87. tami lyn says:

    josie & kim~ that was hilariousLOL!

  88. Martha says:

    I guess he didn’t mean they need to be latina, only he wants to share his culture. But he might be attracted to someone latina since they have that in common.

  89. josie says:

    My next postcard to D~ “Dear David: We’re trying to find you a wife. You do your job, and we’ll do ours.” 🙂

  90. kimk says:

    mikayla vu. ‏@mikaylavu13
    Emilie had to call me to confess that she loves David Archuleta as much as @NiallOfficial cause she had a daydream about their wedding. Hah.

    well then there are the fans….


  91. tami lyn says:

    martha- now that u say that, i’m thinking is demi part latino? i never really heard about her family or background.

  92. tami lyn says:

    josie! ~LOL! 🙂

  93. tami lyn says:

    josie~ omg i double dare u to actually put that on a postcard and send it to david!LOL and if u don’t maybe i will! 🙂

  94. kimk says:

    the wedding I went to in NJ was great.. danced the night away to a great club band.
    jazz, blues, R&B.. not your usual wedding band.
    best song was Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean
    whole place danced.
    really hope he lets things fly when he comes back and performs it for us fans
    not just for the folks at rehearsal!!!
    we would go wild!!!

  95. Martha, that would be nice if thats what he wants to look for. But Love is blind deaf and dumb. When he falls in love all that might change.

  96. Martha says:

    Sorry, this is what I saw, not quite the same thing:

    “I want my children to be part of the Latino culture because it has impacted me both as a person and in the way I see things.” -@DavidArchie

    I guess a latina girl might make this easier but doesn’t have to be.

  97. kimk says:

    josie lol I say go for it!!

  98. pocoelsy says:

    Josie, lol you might freak him out with that postcard!! ….he’ll go into hidding and never return !!! He has no problem finding his kind of perfact but he’ll have a real hard time to choose the right one !!!

  99. tami lyn says:

    kim~ that sounds like alot of fun! nothing like an MJ song to get people dancing! and i agree~ i hope he lets thing fly too LOL 🙂

  100. Martha, by the way, i’m a latina, i married out of my heritage. Was very happy, but i understand where he is coming from.

  101. kimk says:

    hmm well he is immersed in the latino culture right now.

    oh there is Selena Gomez


  102. tami lyn says:

    omg selena wants him too! LOL!

  103. tami lyn says:

    wonder if david mentally freaks out when he thinks of the 1million+ girls who are in love with him!! lol

  104. Martha says:

    kimk – I love that pic of David and Selena. Of course I don’t know her, but she doesn’t seem to go with J Bieb

  105. Tami-lyn, somehow i don’t think it ever enters Davids mind.
    We are having a bad dust storm so if i disappear thats because i had to get off my lab top

  106. tami lyn says:

    linda~ good luck! hope u can stay with us! 🙂

  107. tami lyn says:

    omg can u guys imagine the media frenzy if selena left justin to be with david??! he’d be on the cover of every entertainment magazine then! LOL

  108. Im still here, but the dust storm is really hard.

  109. tami lyn says:

    linda~ oh no 🙁 how long to they usually last??

  110. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda- I saw thet had one in Arizona the other day. Didn’t look good. Hope you are okay.

  111. Martha says:

    “@peacesignpam: even found this gem on my camera from SUNRISE!! http://twitpic.com/aszp28”. I love this boy!!!!!

  112. josie says:

    Linda~ Didn’t you just have some tremors there the other day? I’m not sure I’d want to live where you live. lol.

  113. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

  114. pocoelsy says:

    Linda, I’ve nver seen dust storm before, is it the same as sand storm?!!! keep safe.

    Tami Lynn,, loved your imagination 🙂

    Hey Beth, 🙂

  115. pocoelsy says:

    Went over to fanscene and saw a tweet from Masterclasslady, it said “I need this song today thank you @davidarchie, for this beautiful performance. We sang it at church today

    sorry I don’t know how to bring it over here!!!

  116. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey pocoelsy 😀

    All the comments about David & future girlfriend are interesting, lol. David/Demi, hmmm. I know some of it may have had to do with all of the problems she went through & I do wish her well, but she never thanked David on stage, remark how good he was or anything during the tour, plus a few other things, so not sure about her. I just hope he finds a woman who truely cares about him & makes him happy, whoever she is 😀 I do think David & Selena look really great together, but she’s the beav’s girlfriend 🙄 How bright is she? , lol, jk

  117. mango says:

    I love the picture of David and Selena, too, but for a very different reason. I just love the way he has his jacket all wadded up and wrinkly. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

  118. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ thankyou 🙂 haha

  119. tami lyn says:

    beth~ there is a video of a soundcheck before david/demi concert where she brings david onstage and praises him! it’s so sweet! i knew after seeing that that she did really care about him 🙂 it’s on YT somewhere. i will try to find it and post on twitter

  120. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks Martha, love the pics!!!

    Mango 😆

  121. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    tami_lyn, during a soundcheck, ok, thats nice, but never heard her say it on stage, at least that I know of. I know she was doing a live chat with fans & had him on for a bit, other than that, I dont know.

  122. pocoelsy says:

    Beth..I don’t know Selena or anything but I think she’s “bright” very bright on her part being JB’s girlfriend, her singing career took off !!! waiting for your first vid 🙂

  123. tami lyn says:

    beth- yeah i don’t know. seems like she really liked him but at that time he was still pretty shy while she was very confident. maybe david told her not to talk about him on stage? guess we will never know. unless they get married and write a book LOL!

  124. pocoelsy says:

    Martha, thanks for the link, nice to see his new old pic..he looked fresh and happy 🙂

  125. pocoelsy says:

    Oh gosh!!! haha Tami lynn , I officially really like your imagination but I doubt that’s going to happen !!!

  126. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ thanks again LOL 🙂

  127. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha thanks for the picture. Some nice looking ladies there. Time for me to say Goodnight. Josie I think David would laugh if you send him the postcard. 😆 We are like mother hens and want only the best for him. Okay, I’m done voting for the night. Goodnight all and Linda hope the dust storm subsides.

  128. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy, lol, thats true. She was a star at the moderate level, but now, people are much more aware of her. Not saying thats why she’s with him, just, I dont know,lol.
    I’m anxious to make a video, just not sure when yet, lol, got a few other things going on, soon I hope, thanks!

    tami_lyn, lol, dont think that will happen, but ya never know,lol. I just think David is a good friend. Dont think he would of told her not to say anything about him, he did about her. Anyway, I do hope she’s doing better.

  129. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    G’night supergrand.

  130. kimk says:


    DA is my love :3 ‏@Monzgomz
    causeitsagoodplace: David Archuleta: Behind the Scenes -WAIT MV

  131. pocoelsy says:

    Beth…exactly..we’ll never know the BTS of these celebs relationship so complicated!! lol Beth take your time, it’s fun but time consumming (am I spell it right?).

    Good night, SGJ. sweet dream

  132. pocoelsy says:

    I have to get going too, the laundry is calling me, night all.

  133. Goodnight everyone. God willing , will be back tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mon, P day. guess we won’t get any tweet since we got the Vlog. Its Ok David, I’m not complaining. Just missing you.

  134. Pickles says:

    This is my opinion: I been a fan of Demi I think longer thAn I been Dan of David. She is my fab out of all of the Disney people. Watching her through these Years i can say that she doesn’t like the kind of guy David is. Never say never but I don’t see it happening.

  135. kimk says:

    Pickles probably goes both ways.

  136. Hi! Pickles, I’m still here. Como estas! ( how are you )

  137. As to who is the right girl for David is, i don’t think it really matters, because its going to be his decision any ways not ours. But it’s fun speculating. Ha Ha! Kimk, i agree with you. I think it will be a nice Mormon girl. I could almost swear to it.

  138. tami lyn says:

    hi pickles 🙂 u probably know demi way better than me but the fact that she tweeted him saying~ i miss you. makes me think she must have had a little crush on him, otherwise why would she tweet that? she knew all her fans would see it. unless she was trying to make some other guy jealous lol!?? so yeah that makes me wonder.

  139. josie says:

    sgj~ omygosh, don’t tempt me. lol. G’night, everyone. 🙂

  140. tami lyn says:

    goodnite josie. thanks for all the laughs tonite! 🙂

  141. breanne says:

    If anyone is still around please vote for Broken on @WISE_RADIO’s Music Challenge:

  142. breanne says:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & ING:

  143. Pickles says:

    Hola Linda Ando un poco enferma y tu como estas?

  144. Pickles says:

    KimK yeah it most likely

  145. Pickles says:

    Linda you are right at the end it’s his choice….I bet we wont know who he choses because he is very private and it won’t be a famous person. I guess we are just talking about this cause there is nothing else to talk about

  146. Estoy bien Gracias a dios. ( I am fine , thank God ) Pickles.

  147. Pickles says:

    Tami just like I don’t really know David or Demi I could just especulate. I think when she tweeted that she was bowling and crush came on so she obviously remember David and knowing how nice David is he problably gave her good advice and just like u miss some of your friend she miss David.

  148. Pickles says:

    Linda I don’t come as often cause I started school again and I have so much homework but when I get home I do read over the post but everyone is gone so I don’t comment but you will hear from me in the weekends

  149. Pickles, yeah, its just a conversation piece because theres nothing to talk about right now. He is private, and he probably won’t say anyway. Its fun speculating though.
    I know there is more things in store for us, i think there are just trying to spread it around. EH MV on MYX top 10. Rainbow MV, The dougie video,. I don’t mind that they spread things around. Kinda gives me a break , so i’m not glued too computer.

  150. Lucy says:

    I was trying to look at the pictures of David and his ladies but when I clicked on the link, no pics just a twitter page, can I see the pics some other way? Thanks!

  151. Pickles, good , im glad you are in school. I been meaning to ask you, which one was you in fan get together a while back. what color were you wearing.

  152. Lucy do you have tweeter? if you do you can pick it up there.

  153. Lucy says:

    Nvm I found them! Good nite guys!

  154. Pickles says:

    Linda-I was the Hispanic one with the black shirt and glasses

  155. Ok! good, i will look for you tomorrow. I remember you said you were there, so i just wondered.
    Well i am really going to bed now. have a nice week. Study hard. I have some busy weekends coming too. ! grandson has HS Football games on fridays and the oldest grandson is going to start his stock car races, so i will be gone some too. Busy for the next 2 months.

  156. Jhen says:

    Linda- how did you know that David first concert will be in Manila? But I have a feeling probably in Manila and other Asian countries, because usually David have a Christmas concert in US. But we never can tell, maybe he start his tour in US.

  157. Jhen says:

    For David lady love in the future, I guess He will select someone from LDS . Might be from Utah too.

  158. Pickles says:

    Night Linda 🙂

  159. Jhen says:

    On the other hand, I think his first concert or show will be in his hometown, Utah.

  160. Hi ! jhen, couldn’t sleep so here i am again. I don’t know that his 1st concert would be in Manila. I just a had a good feeling it would be because the fans have been so good to him there. not that we don’t love him here, but its different here. fans are so spread out, its hard to get them all together for a concert. I also think that if not manila, maybe Utah. that would be great because then i could go to that one. It feels good to be discussing Davids return tour. Jhen, maybe a in SA somewhere?

  161. Jhen, i totally agree with you. When David finds his true love, i believe she will be LDS and from Utah.

  162. Goodnight Jhen, sorry i missed you. have a nice day. I’m going to try to sleep

  163. Good morning FOD! HAPPY MONDAY! Very busy week for me! My friend from Canada is in town, my sister and niece are coming on Wednesday for the week and have Nana patrol every morning at 6! Lucky I took vacation from my real job!

    Thanks Martha for posting the link to the pic of David….sure miss him!

    On David’s ladies….He sure has met some beautiful, talented and interesting ladies! It must be hard to date when you’re on the road so much and being a so well known! He knows what he’s looking for…hope he finds it! That it if he hasn’t already!

    Off to do some voting before I leave for Nana patrol….ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  164. kimk says:


    Flowell Galindez ‏@FlowGalindez
    David Archuleta’s “BEGIN” Album is now available in all record stores! @DavidArchie @IvoryMusicVideo

  165. kimk says:


    Jessamine R ‏@Jessaminenr
    @DavidArchie Begin. in hong kong records!

  166. OoO says:

    Eventho I voted wise radio almost 1000 times/day for the past 4 days for real but just want to let u guys knows that this is not enough really but please help if u can. I will try to put in 400 more then I’ll finish for the day maybe within 3 hrs.

  167. tami lyn says:

    good morning 🙂 summer returning to minnesota! was 60 yesterday but will be 80 tomorrow!

  168. Joanie/suttygal says:

    Hi everyone! Happy Monday! New post is up! 🙂

  169. breanne says:

    Vote for Broken on @WISE_RADIO’s Music Challenge:

    Vote 1 song hourly for Everybody Hurts, Broken & ING:

    Yesterday someone tweeted @WISE_RADIO & said they thought something was wrong with the poll. They tweeted back that Poet’s of the Fall have more people voting than we do. When the new post is up for today I will bring over the tweet. @WISE_RADIO responded to @heidijoy a little less than 24 hours ago. Just wanted to let you know.

  170. breanne says:

    Correct link for @WISE_RADIO’s voting is:
    facebook.com/pages/Wise-Radio/181618691893576?v=app_208195102528120 …

  171. breanne says:

    I’ll try again:
    facebook.com/pages/Wise-Radio/181618691893576?sk=app_208195102528120 …

  172. breanne says:

    I can’t figure out why I can’t get the correct link for @WISE_RADIO’s poll to drag over here. Will someone else do it? Thanks!!

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