David Archuleta SU2C Drawing Winners Announced, Billboard Promo! SU2C Guests, FOD Chat Schedule Change, BEGIN. “Title Of BEGIN.” Buzz, Fan Thoughts on The Vlog, BEGIN. charts with Astro & Odyssey, Pam Pike’s/ MCL’s Retrospective Part 7


David Archuleta ~ Epic Expressions by Hanne Denmark~ original vid-Access Hollywood **LOVE THIS!**

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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Love This Promo!!

~From @NanDeeay  ” They’ve made good use of this big 3-sided billboard for@DavidArchie in the past 14 months! Lookin’ good! <—Thanks, Nan! I couldn’t agree more! I’d love one in my city!! 🙂

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Winners Of the SU2C Drawing Announced

Congratulations to “Ellie and Millie” (or Ellie/Millie)!! Super exciting!! Your 2014 just became even more wonderful! 🙂

SU2C Special Guests!

Here is a lovely (tweeted) pic of some honorary guests in attendance last evening at the SU2C telethon!! Marge (@semicolon09) and our own Mary Lou (@pastelpastel) ! We’ll look forward to hearing more from them about the event as well as any Crush Kids Cancer (@theKidsChapter) news they have to share.

I hope you were all able to watch last evening. The telethon is an incredible inspirational as well as sobering event. The stories shared of cancer’s toll were all heart wrenching, while the tales of survival left me cheering.

My mind was on Phyllis who’d been a recipient of a twilight wish with David and who we launched a star for last night, on Ronan, a little 4 yr old boy who lost his battle to neuroblastoma this past year, on my sister who’s currently a cancer survivor, on a teen friend of my children who’s in a fight with Leukemia right now, and on my husband’s colleague who lost his battle to cancer earlier this week. I hate cancer…

I’m thankful for the Crush Kids Cancer Chapter formed 4 years ago in honor of David Archuleta, a grass roots team which has raised now over $81,000,  and I’m looking forward to once again  “standing up”next year  and continuing the fight .

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FOD Chat Schedule Change ~from Kalei~

FOD Chat Schedule Change

With David away until 2014, we’ve all started adapting to the change in our usual fan schedules.  Now that the excitement of the BEGIN. debut and Everybody Hurts music vid has settled in we are enjoying a slower pace in our fandom.  More time to take a walk, read a book and spend time with family and friends.

FOD Chat will be changing its schedule to allow chat mods to enjoy some downtime before the frenzy and excitement starts building for David’s return in 2014!  The new schedule is effective immediately as follows:

FOD Chat Box #1:  Monday – Friday 9:00pm – 11:00pm EDT

FOD Late Night Chat:  Friday 1:00am – 3:00am EDT

There will be no chat on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays

We will still host chats for special occasions and breaking news, so watch for tweets from @FODCHAT announcing these special chat events!  We would like to thank all of our FOD Chat Mods for the hard work they contribute to keeping chat a fun and positive place where fans can come to watch David vids, hear David music and chat with other fans.  We will also host some chats in our CoverItLive chatbox where we can play David’s BEGIN. music – so stay tuned for those!

Chat Box #1 Mods:

David of Kentucky (DOK)
David from Texas (DFT)

Late Night Chat Mod:  Kalei
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Fan Get-together Tomorrow in Webster, Massachusetts!!!

**click above for restaurant info**

Virtue #DA2014 (@Virtueisin)
Please pass this on to NorthEast peeps. There’ll be get together @ Thai Cuisine
267 Main St, Webster, MA 01570 on 9/9 at 5 PM. Just show up

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Title of BEGIN. Vlog Buzz

Worth posting on the front page once again, today!!! I’ve watched it more than 1,2,3,4,5,….   well let’s just say many times 😉 Click the logos below to read all of the new vlog “buzz” and comment.

Fans Share thoughts On The Vlog:

I posed a question yesterday re: fans and their reactions to David’s new vlog~ Thank you to those ( who responded) below.  (Sprinkled with some screencaps….I love David’s epic expressive hand gestures! I love this vlog…Gosh I miss David! 🙂

From Martha: 

What I felt when hearing the vlog is David letting us know that he realizes that by embarking on his mission, that this will be a turning point in his life, experiences he is having and will have will leave their mark on him and will affect how he sees life, people, and everything around him. These new life experiences will translate into a different mindset and will affect his music and how he perceives his career.  Knowing that he is beginning a new chapter in his life, he is saying to those who chose to join him on his new journey, that the songs on BEGIN. are a way to understand his mindset and to be ready for what will be new as a result of this new road he has chosen to take.  Thanks, David, for leaving us BEGIN. to help us understand.  I will join you!

* * *

 From Patricia:

Hi FODs! 

David’s vlog epitomizes everything we love and respect about him.  Personally, I appreciate how he turns the Spiritual Journeying experience that he is on – and that we are all on – into a feeling tone, a universal musical feast of love and compassion.  If you were to look at the outside of my life and then at the life David is currently living, it would look quite different at first.  But humble genius that he is, he focuses us on the heart, the soul, love, giving, understanding, the passion of bringing justice, the importance of seeing our own and everyone else’s beauty – the comfort of having an unshakable faith that we are indeed Loved and that it truly is going to be okay.  So, I DO meet David where he is – in his heart, in my heart, in your heart – in all of our collective hearts – what Jesus taught.  Certainly, anyone who allows themselves to, can relate to that message.  For the past month, I have listened to almost nothing other than BEGIN.  With my heart open, rededicated to my own personal goals of service and compassion, I have indeed, BEGUN.  Thank you, David.

Patricia A. Brack

* * *

From Ronald:


That title would summarize all my thoughts to his vlog about the album.  One of the things I want in David is he do music for a good purpose. He knows his purpose in life and he uses music to fulfil it. I want to quote one of the purposes in life stated in “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. That is “You were made for a mission- sharing your life message. The mission of David started not last April, 2012 when he flew to Chile but it is when he uses his talent in music to influence people and make them see amazing things God is doing to his life. A good preacher is not the one who is good in speaking but is the one who makes people see what he preaches in his life. David didn’t share any verses from bible. Instead, he shared his life to us, a life that follows the rightful path of the bible. How he did it? He made the album for us to connect in his experience in doing the will of God. Let’s go back to vlog. “I wanted you guys know what it feels like for me “ (1:26) and “like you’ll meet where i am at in my life right now” (2:43). These two lines really strike me! In these lines, he is inviting us to know the big things that God had prepared for us. He’s like speaking to us, “Come on guys! God had prepared a very special for us. He already invited me and I accepted it. You also!” He could just keep what he experienced but he’s not selfish not to share it to us. He also wants us to experience it! What an amazing singer! For me he is a living bible that spread the word of God through his life. Like David, let’s also seek what God had prepared for us.
Like to end this with a verse from bible….
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” – 1 Corinthians 2:9 (NIV)
God bless you guys!

 Nad @iamnadruiz

Here are a few more screencaps (awsome archu-hands)

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BEGIN. Ranks From Astroplus and Odyssey!

from Ali: Current week sales charts are out for the Philippines.
BEGIN. is #5 at Astroplus:

From Ali:

Its #3 for the week at Odyssey

The Philippines doesn’t have a centralized sales chart like we do with Billboard in the U.S. but Astroplus and Odyssey are the two biggest music retailers there from my understanding.

Also From Astroplus: Win a CD!

Click above to head to the Astroplus fb pg to register (int. fans)

Odyssey Live uploads EH Fan Gathering Pics!!

Click below to see all of the fan get-together pics on Odyssey’s fb page!

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 Pam Pike and MasterclassLady’s Part 7 Retrospective: Works For Me!

vid cred~ Kriston900~

Pamela Pike’s Recollections

“Works for Me” is a song released on David’s self-titled album through Wal-Mart as a Bonus Track back in November 2008.  This song represents David’s self- image, a time in his life when he felt indecisive and had to deal with certain challenges. He co-wrote this song with Daniel Bedingfield and Toby Lightman.

A call from Daniel Bedingfield to Toby Lightman asking her to come and write with them early one morning back in 2008 started their creative process.

With David barely awake, Daniel downing Chai lattes and Toby with guitar in hand the basics of a song were started but not finished.  A call from Sony a month later requesting them to finish the song required them to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, David’s last stop on his American Idol Tour.  And as they say history was made or at least “Works for Me.”

Challenges sometimes create change and with that make life unpredictable. Everything we do is filled with possibilities of change when we least expect it.  It is what we do with those moments that count in the end.  Some of the lyrics in the Bridge say, “There were days when a song could not be found, There were days when my voice would make no sound for me”.  CLICK HERE to continue! 🙂

David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Seven: Works For Me

September 7, 2012 by Masterclass Lady

vid credit~ thop1984~

Rosanne Simunovic’s Recollections

As I write this article on “Works For Me”, I must confess that this is the first time I actually heard this terrific song. It was Pamela Pike who suggested this song for review in this David Archuleta Retrospective Series.
Well, what took me so long? I love everything about this number – the catchy rhythmic structure, the contagious melody, the luscious harmonies supplied by David and, of course, the seamless and transparent vocal delivery by David on the solo line.

Once again, David highlighted the easy accessibility of his ringing head voice during the repetitious line: “work out just fine “. His voice sounds so liberated, so flexible and he manages to carry this head voice element throughout his range. CLICK HERE to continue. 🙂

Thanks ladies!! I really enjoy your collaborative retrospectives!! So happy to hear that Masterclass Lady really enjoyed WFM after hearing it for the first time! 🙂

* * * * * *

Cindy’s BEGIN. Tweet

Love this tweet from @CanadianArchie along with her screen cap and edit! 🙂

Wishing everyone a great Saturday! I’m planning on reporting some miles today to @DA2014FitClub !! Anyone else with me?

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  1. ray says:

    just been lurking,and voteing with nora

  2. pocoelsy says:

    Hello everyone and Hi Ray,

    Thank you Joanie for the new post, love the many faces of David by Hanne Denmark. Congrats to Ellie and Millie for the winning the meet and greet past for the future epic concert in 2014 🙂

    Love all the comment about the newest vlog soo thoughtful, and you guy show how much love and respect you have for David…as a singer and a person 🙂

  3. pocoelsy says:

    Always love to read what Masterclass Lady and Pam have to say about David especially from the one who know the technical term in music…I don’t even know what “head voice”is lol.

  4. Good morning ray and FOD! Been doing my DAVID DUTIES also! Won’t be around today because of work..so getting my votes in now!

    FABULOUS POST Joanie! What a lead off …Hanne’s “Epic Expressions” collage is AMAZING! Glad to see SU2C Crush Kids Cancer was represented at the SU2C special! SO proud of all the Archies and their support for this AMAZING CAUSE!Looks like alot of progress has been made in research and treatments…HOPE for patients and families of this dreaded disease! Thank you to everyone!

    The fan gathering at Odyssey looked like a GREAT time! Thanks for sharing the pics! Sure more FUN in the Philippines!

    Thanks to Pam Pike and the MasterclassLady for the review of Works For Me! Always LOVED that song…sooooo David! THANKS to all for your vids, tweets, comments and pics …. you’re helping keep David close in our minds and hearts! 🙂

  5. Hello pocoelsy! I’m with you…don’t know what “head voice” is either! All I do know is I LOVE what I hear when David sings! AMAZING VOICE!

  6. Jhen says:

    Congrats Ellie and Millie, what country is Ellie and Millie?
    I wonder if Kari still keep some other vlog, hope she still have.
    That’s a big promo billboard , I hope it stay long there, so people will be aware David have new album.
    For those who haven’t buy Begin yet in the Philippines, I know there are still a lot of David fans who didn’t bought it yet due to some financial reason, hope this time you could be able to buy the album to support David. You can buy it at astroplus or odyssey.
    David hand gesture , that’s his signature gesture lol

  7. Grannycrush says:

    Thanks, Joanie, for the wonderful post. Love reading the thoughts on David’s vlog. David sure is one of a kind.
    Hope lots of people comment on Masterclass Lady’s site. She is always so supportive of David, but there are always very few comments on her posts on David. Don’t want her to think we aren’t interested and quit reviewing his songs. She said that someone is sending her a copy of the BEGIN. CD, and she will be reviewing it when she receives it.

    Wish I lived in Massachusetts or Connecticut. I could really use a fan gathering right now. Hope lots of peeps show up.

  8. Candy says:

    Sometimes I think what my mind sees and hears when David speaks is far removed from what others see/hear. I didnt get anything biblical out of his vlog at all…I saw and heard a gentle, humble human being inviting fans to join him on this journey. To meet up where he is today…but I didnt see that in religious terms. The songs on BEGIN. to me are more believe in yourself, be true to yourself type songs, inspirational at best.

  9. Jhen says:

    Looking at the menu of Thai Cuisine make me hungry lol, I’m now craving for Thai foods lol, but no deliveries for Thai Restaurant at this time( close to midnight) in Manila. So I just read the menu lol. Enjoy for all the fans who will go to Fans gathering at Thai Cuisine.

  10. pocoelsy says:

    VaBeachArchie, haha you too!!! it’s always good to read when professionals review how brilliant David’s singing is because just like all I know is I like what I hear from him.

    Jhen I hope people everywhere buy his album(s) legally. Ha his hand gesture!!! from the look of it … should we get a chance (which we will not lol) to get close and talk to him we should him a lot of room for those hands gesture …otherwise it could be dangerous and he couldn’t express himself clearly, love those hands 🙂

  11. Grannycrush…Think we all agree with that…fan gatherings FTW! Another thing we MISS with David being gone ….no meet ups with fan friends at concerts!

  12. Candy says:

    Virtue, wish I was closer, I would join you.

  13. Candy says:

    Off to my hubbys reunion, have a good one.

  14. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I know not all of you have FB, but it will take forever to post my 135 screencaps of David’s blog in Twitpic. Have things to do today, so maybe I’ll pick and choose a few of my favorites to share. Here’s my FB group link. Sorry if you’re unable to see them. http://on.fb.me/RodtPB

  15. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen, if we live close to eachother I’d in invite you to my house for some authentic Thai food…like every Sunday ( not that I’m a good cook or anything).

    Hi Candy, BEGIN is an inspirational at best like you said, the only one that we get close to religious song on BEGIN is BSMS… imho…I uploaded a vid the other day on youtube when it comes to “tag” suggestion you know what the suggestion was..”David the religious leader” !!! so I think David is also known for his strong faith too 🙂

  16. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey Candy! I agree with you about the vlog. Not to speak for anyone, but I think, maybe, its that David doesnt preach to people, spout verses from the bible, tell people how they should think, act & feel. Obviously, Davids faith is very important to him, but he shares it, not by preaching or every other word he speaks has religious tones to it, he shares it by the way he lives his life, how he conducts himself day in & day out, how he treats others, how he loves & cares for his fellow man. His actions speak louder than his words, but, yet, his words, bring many people comfort, hope, joy & peace. For someone so shy, he is very open & honest, very humble. Having said all that, I do agree with you. Your better at stating things than I am, lol. I get a bit wordy, but your more to the point, I appreciate that 😀

  17. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Wooops, guess I just missed you Candy, have a great time at your hubby’s reunion 😀

  18. pocoelsy says:

    Beth…Amen 🙂

  19. lct#DA2014 says:

    Beth, Candy, I’m with y’all. I didn’t pick up on a religious connoctation but inspirational theme that we ALL can relate to in life.

  20. Linda From Cali #2014 says:
    September 8, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Good morning everyone. i love how all of you are discribing David this morning. I think we are finally starting to accept David for what he is,talented, kind, generous, shy, humble and a rambler, ha ha. but we have been with David so long that we actually understand what he is trying to relate to us even in his rambling. I love those hand motions.
    Jhen, i agree with you, we need to just let David be David, He needs to do things his way. Good or bad, its his decision to make. The only choices we have is do we want to keep bieng a true fan and wait , & keep following. I for one will wait God willing. I believe in him. He said he will be back and he will. He has allowed us to join him in this jouney and i’m in.

  21. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy 😀

    Lct, I think what I said may be what Ronald was trying to say, but we all see things differently or express it differently, which is cool. I like hearing everyones views, thoughts & ideas, makes things interesting & learn a little bit along the way 😀

  22. Sorry, i brought this over from the last comments. before new thread came on,

  23. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda 😀 I think David knows how much his fans truely care for him, that its not just his music, that the fans really care about David, the man. I’ve never seen fans who try so hard to keep Davids feelings into account & how David does the same thing in regards to the fans, kind of a mutual admiration society 😀

  24. Hi! Beth, well said, A mutual admiration society, yep that discribes David and us.

  25. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks Linda, loved what you said to, that David lives his life on his own terms, yet, keeps others feelings foremost in his heart & mind. 😀

  26. pocoelsy says:

    Linda, He’s all what you said, glad you bring that comment over here.

    Janel, I couldn’t get into your FBpage!!! It said “this page is not available”, I think I’ll try again on another accoount, anyway thanks for taking the time making them:)

  27. pocoelsy says:

    To be exact it said “the content is current unavailable”

  28. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Well, gotta go & get some things done around the house, TTYL 😀

  29. Stopping in before work to catch up and say ENJOY YOUR DAY and all things David! HAPPY SATURDAY!

  30. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- absolutely I love it for a taste of authentic Thai foods. Because your a Thai , I know you cook Thai foods very well. Actually, I did some hand gesture of Hi and ok to David and he responded back, sometimes when he saw me from afar, he did say Hi gesture to me first or he come near. I think I just lucky he is familiar with my face.

  31. Jhen says:

    Linda- I’m sure David always do the right decision, he is well guided. I truly believe in Him, when he say he will come back for music, we should wait for him because he is so worth it.

  32. pocoelsy says:

    Oh Jhen!!! now you have awaken the greeneyed monster in me, David seems to be very friendly and warm, you’re one lucky fan!!! Still a bit quiet here to night 🙁 think many of our friends are out of town.

    Beth… bye, VaBeach have a productive day 🙂

  33. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- I did talked to David for a few times, but always a short one, I hope next time you got a chance and strength to talk to him lol, he is charming and affectionate. Actually, I was also tense when I talked to him, but since he is already beside me, I should say something lol or else I look like an idiot lol

  34. Wil says:

    I’m not Mormon, but my understanding of Mormon missionaries is that they are part of the priesthood of the Mormon church. So, when I watch David describe how these songs represent his mindset as he prepares for this next chapter, I assume it is as a man of the cloth. They are indeed inspirational songs, but I believe as a missionary he is preparing himself to encounter people living in poverty who may feel hopeless and desperate. His job will be to listen and then give them aid, and love, and hope. At the same time he will have the opportunity to share the hope that Christ provides.

  35. Jhen says:

    Wil- well said. I agree with you.
    Va- bye, have a happy atmosphere in your work.

  36. pocoelsy says:

    Ha Jhen, a chance I may get!!! but the “strength” I don’t know !!!..I rarely meet celebrities!!! and this is David we’re talking about …with those eyes looking at you mannn I think I’ll not only turn into an idiot but also melt like butter haha I always admired those who can carry a convo with David, not only you’re brave but you can control yourself well too… I would freak big time 🙂

    Gotta say good night now, past midnight here already…talk to you all later. Have an good day/night, wherever you are 🙂

  37. nora says:

    Hi Everybody- Hope you are all having a good day. I have been voting on the Wise Challenge poll, will vote as much as I can today. My husband I are leaving tomorrow to go to Bar Harbor, Maine will not be back until Saturday, so hope somebody will pick up the slack to vote on Wise Poll.
    Virtue-did not read your post until this morning and also it on FOD post, sorry but I will not be here tomorrow, hope you all have a great time. I will not have my computer with me so won’t know wha’s going on until I get back.. BBL Keep voting!!!!

  38. I saw where I’ll Never Go is gone from MYX, so now we should keep voting for Everybody Hurts, even if its not showing yet,

  39. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- I can’t look at his eyes directly for a long time, I’m feel like I’m burning lol. Yes, his angelic eyes looking at you will make you weak, so I pulled out quickly lol

  40. cq#DA2014 says:

    Fabulous Saturday post, Joanie, thank you.
    Candy @ 10:12am totally agree, couldn’t said it better myself.

  41. Wil, well said. David has always been concern about the less fortunate, and he is in a place where he can do the most good in this phase of his life, thank you David for just bieng you. I am an older person and i have met all kinds of people in my life, but who would ever think that a 21 year old young man would capture my heart like David has.

  42. Grace says:

    Morning FOD!!

    Been busy lately, but thanks to our hard working mods, I fulfill my duty to check out this site as much as I can. Thanks Joanie for your wonderful Saturday post!

    David doesn’t preach people about God but we know he’s a man of faith. I sometimes wonder if he’s going to be more outspoken about God when he finishes his mission. Because I remember papa Richard said David is kinda shy about telling his faith up front and this mission would make him bolder… hmm… Not sure if I remembered his words correctly.

    Anywayz, if you were a religious person, you would hear messages in every song related to God that David loves and decides to go on a mission for. If you don’t care about religion, you would not hear any faith related messages except BSMS. I just read an article about a priest participating a gay wedding. An advocate of gay community said something and she runs a group called ‘True Colors’, just like the song on BEGIN. lol.

  43. Grace says:

    Well, my last sentence was not intended for discussing the issue. Sorry. I love David’s version of True Colors, not the original. lol.

  44. Candy says:

    Geez Grace..so according to you..I am a faithless person that doesnt care about religion ..Really??? WTH and WTH was mild compared to what I’m thinking!!!!

    “If you don’t care about religion, you would not hear any faith related messages except BSMS.”

  45. Jhen says:

    Linda- David really inspired us, even as his young age, his goodness shine through.

    Grace- David is really very careful about preaching in front of fans, he know not all his fans believe in Christ.

  46. breanne says:

    Actually Everybody Hurts mv only has 109,000+ views.

  47. Jhen says:

    Bye for now FoD family, it’s sleeping time.

  48. lct#DA2014 says:

    Breanne, I wish Everybody hurts video was available for me to watch here so I could give it a bunch of hits!

  49. Grace says:

    Sorry, Candy, if I offended you. My sentences didn’t turn out all right to you. Wish said it better.

  50. lct#DA2014 says:

    Really, Grace???

  51. Candy says:

    Oh trust me Grace…you said it just fine!

  52. Rapport says:

    Hey, Grace, I understood what you meant to say. It was absolutely not intended to be an offensive comment. Indeed, you meant to say something entirely matter-of-fact. Sometimes, our real sentiments are lost in translation when we write, and I understood that the sentence structure might, on first read, be misunderstood.

    You have already corrected yourself, so rock on, girlfriend.

  53. Candy says:

    Rapport-I admire your ability to completely understand what Grace “meant” to say…to me it spoke volumes. Which is open to personal interpretation.

  54. cq#DA2014 says:

    Candy it did speak volumes to me too.
    Can’t wait until David gets back to his music career and his personal life will be just that and we can focus on this incredible music career.

  55. Grace says:

    Thanks Rapport, probably you could have said it better than I, knowing that you are good with words. Sometimes, my expression doesn’t turn out the way I mean. 🙁

    Sorry again guys if I offended anyone.
    Please ignore what I said and hope you guys have a great day.

    BTW, I didn’t see some FOD’ers comments on David’s vlog here. Did I skip reading?? Well anyway, came home at 4:00 this morning from a rain delayed baseball game with extra innings!! It was a long day.

  56. nora says:

    Hi Ray if you are lurking, have you been voting on wise challenger? I can’t believe it I have just voted about 150 or more votes and they blocked me and said I had placed too many votes, so they gave me a cooling off period? The ones that voted for the Poets can vote hundreds of times and I don’t see them having a cooling off period, What’s up with that?
    Linda-has that ever happened to you?

    It was so great to hear David’s voice saying Hi it’s David here, miss that so much. But understood where he was coming from, and taking us along with him as he Begins his journey, we are so lucky to be his fans, will be here in 2014, God willing.

  57. Nora , no that hasn’t happen to me yet. I will be going back in to vote later though. I like to go when i am done commenting and viewing, voting on other polls, so that i can concentrate on wise poll.

  58. nora says:

    Linda-why I just tried again and they still won’t let me vote. Look at how may votes the other group had, they were like 6,000 votes ahead of us when it ended. I don’t even know how many votes David has now, I wanted to get as many votes in before I went away tomorrow..I’m stumped!!!!

  59. nora says:

    Linda- I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything from ksf, she has not commented all week, I hope she is ok. Miss her comments.

  60. Mb says:

    Does anyone know if Crush Kids Cancer team was acknowledged at the show last night? I have it recorded but have not been able to watch yet my little one has been ill the last couple of days so have not been watching tv.

  61. nora says:

    just tried to vote again and a notice said that they had suspected suspicious activity on this poll. Wonder who that could be, not us. It said to try again later.

  62. Nora, i will go check for you to see how many votes we have.
    No haven’t heard ftom Ksf, she may be just taking a little break from commenting. Some do that and then they come back. It is kinda slow right now except for the Vlog. Which i really loved. Be back in a min.

  63. Nora we are 442 votes behind right now.

  64. nora says:

    Linda, I don’t understand why they won’t let me on to vote, and won’t even let me see the results.

  65. lct#DA2014 says:

    Nora, I’ve been voting and it did the same to me, too.

  66. Nora, i didn’t know there was a limit on voting? Then how do the poets get so far ahead,do they have that many fans that vote or they have a repeat plan that they can keep repeating votes while they go to other things. Thats all i can think of.

  67. lct#DA2014 says:

    I do know ksf has been pinning on pinterest – she and I follow each other so she may just be busy ….

  68. I will go to see if they will take my vote, be right back.

  69. lct#DA2014 says:

    The Poet fans (whoever they are – never heard of them) must be using ghost mouse – how else can they get in so many votes so quickly?

  70. Nora, they took my votes, will try voting to 150 later to see if they won’t lock me out.

  71. blue says:

    i can’t vote on the wise poll either

  72. tami lyn says:

    have not seen ksf on twitter either 🙁 hope she is ok!

  73. ray says:

    there is something funny going on at wise,i think the other team is cheating some how

  74. Janel aka Nellie says:

    (explaination, I have David’s Christmas music in my head. It’s September. It’s hopeless. They will be in my head for 4, possibly 5 months. LOL)

  75. Nora! then there is something wrong, no wonder we can’t catch up. they took my votes, but its not right that they don’t let everyone else vote.

  76. Janel, i have mine quite handy, will start playing it sometime the end of sept, gonna miss David though.

  77. Tami-lyn, hope Ksf is ok. We really worry about our Archies when we don’t hear from them. Thats what friends are for. She may just be taking a break, we all do that once in a while, especially when things get a little slow.

  78. Nora now they are 1333 points ahead. going back in.

  79. nora says:

    Just got back into vote now, how did the poets people get to b 1,000 votes ahead of us already? I just don’t understand it. They have to sit there all day and all night, is it possible to put your votes on repeat? I don’t know much about the computer, but if you have to cheat to win, I would rather lose and be honest, David wouldn’t want us to win that way, neither would I.

  80. Nora, who are these groups anyway and where are they from? I just put in 50 votes will come back and do more. have to go check something out.

  81. cq#DA2014 says:

    Man, been listening to David’s Spanish songs today…..SIGH!!! Don’t understand what he sings, but doesn’t stop me from feeling the songs. Oh I just hope he recorded an original Spanish song before he left (maybe even before he went to the Phillipines) to be released in 2013, one can hope.

  82. CindyUT says:

    Hello everyone! I hope ksf is ok, too. We ususally email each other back and forth quite frequently, but I haven’t heard from her in quite awhile.

  83. tami lyn says:

    cindy~ hi! and she’s usually on twitter every day. maybe her computer crashed 🙁 hope u hear from her soon!

  84. I haven;t seen or heard from her either. Hope all is well and just taking a break.

  85. nora says:

    Linda will be back later have to go and clean up after dinner. I don’t know who these guys are, they know something we don’t. BBL

  86. Kalei says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Voting on WISE and the votes seem hinky – something is up. But no matter, because the important thing is that we keep David’s name out there and the BEGIN. album cover prominently displayed! This is great promo for the album whether it’s at #1 or #2 – for all of you voting, great job and keep at it as much as you can, but don’t kill yourself over it. For BEGIN. to be at #2 and David’s not even here – it’s a great accomplishment! I think some Poets of the Fall fans might have checked out BEGIN. just to see what the competition was all about – and that’s our goal – get MORE ppl to listen to BEGIN. and they will become fans too!

    Love all the comments about the vlog – hearing “Hey guys, it’s David here” had me tearing up. What he couldn’t express that clearly in words, he more than made up for with BEGIN. – the fact that he thought about a way to “bring us along with him” on this journey speaks volumes about the artist and person that he is. He’s one in a million!

    Grace – I think I understand what you meant to say – that the majority of the songs on BEGIN. are not specifically “religious” – they are pop/rock songs – and that depending on the listener, one can find personal meaning in these songs and find it very relatable. The album is relevant to anyone who listens. It’s an album that speaks to listeners on many different levels.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  87. tami lyn says:

    well said kalei! 🙂

  88. Kalei says:

    Hi Tami Lyn! *waves

  89. Kalei says:

    Oh – GREAT POST Joanie! Love Hanne’s collage of Davids – can never have too many Davids!! Love all the info you posted – took me awhile to get through the post! lol

  90. Hi! Kalei. see there will be changes on chat chat. Good for you, you guys deserve a little time for yourselves.

  91. sorry just meant to put one chat

  92. blue says:

    can someone post a link to the wise radio poll? i still can’t vote. maybe i’m in the wrong thing?

  93. Blue , you might be in wrong one. Its a long box. Poets are #1 and Begin #2 should be a small square on top left hand corner to put you check mark.

  94. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I possted around 4:30p.m. and I don’t see it. After I posted, I said I was going to vote on Wise Radio. WEll I did. I’m taking a break. We’re still behind. Joanie I loved your post. I also said that I think David wanted to make the BEGIN album s to connect with us on how he is feeling at this time of his life. The songs appeal to all humanity. He connected with our hearts and mission accomplished. Really love that young man!

  95. Sgj! nicely said, AMEN to that. I just came from voting too. I just pop in and vote when i can. We finally met on FOD, we usually miss each other, ha, ha, by the way, how is Mr. SGJ, i always forget to ask about him.

  96. Martha says:

    blue – this is the link to WISE radio poll:


    I am signed into Facebook so you may need to do that first.

  97. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    blue- I don’t know how to put the link up. Go to yesterday or day before main post and click on the Wise caption. I tried clicking on the links in the fans posts and ran into trouble. Hope that helps.

  98. Ali says:

    Got some sales numbers for this week. This is from the Current Physical Albums chart:

    4 87 131 139 ARCHULETA*DAVID BEGIN. 1539 -21 1942 13662

    Translation of this entry: 4 – 4th week on the chart. 87 – chart position 2 weeks ago. 131 – position last week. 139 – position this week. Name is obvious lol. 1539 – physical sales for current week. -21 – percentage change from last week. 1942 – last week’s physical sales. 13663 – overall physical sales of album to date.
    Once again, these represent ONLY physical album sales and do not include downloads of the album from iTunes, Amazon, Deseret Book, etc.

    This should put BEGIN. at somewhere over 18,000 in US sales overall. Since we don’t know the digital sales number its kind of a guessing game but digital albums sales are relatively small. Lots of people buy single songs digitally but not so much with entire albums.

    Hope you’re all having a great Saturday!! 🙂

  99. nora says:

    kalei-thanks for the encouragement on the Wise Poll, I never thought of it that way, but it is true, it does keep BEGIN and David’s name out there, and that is the most important thing, I was worried because I’m going away for tomorrow and won’t be back until Saturday, and no computer, so not being able to vote, you made me feel better. Thanks!!! Joanie great post. You do such a great job at FOD keeping us in touch with all things David and a great bunch of Fans.

  100. Martha says:

    Thanks, Ali, again for all the info you bring. I wouldn’t begin to know where to find this stuff.

  101. Ali! DUH!!! I’m not very good at figures, didn’t understand sales at all, but its not your fault, sometime things have to be broken down for me. You don’t have to do it, i was just saying how i am on figures LOL!!!!

  102. Ali! Forgot to say, thank you for the information on sales./

  103. Ali says:

    Martha – 🙂 The numbers, when they’re posted, are at an international music forum site. Since the info is not “technically” available to the public, the person can’t always post them. Me, I believe information deserves to be free!! LOL.

    They had the Seasonal Albums chart listed again and CFTH moved from #119 up to #60 this week with a 109% increase in sales from 11 last week to 23 the current week. HAHA! I guess some people are starting Christmas early.
    P.S. Is doesn’t take many albums to move up the seasonal chart in September. 😉

  104. Ali says:

    Linda – did you need something translated from what I posted?

  105. josie says:

    Well, I’m not able to go along on his current journey, for reasons that I’ve already mentioned a few times. In some ways I feel bad about that, ‘cuz I promised 4 yrs ago that I’d always have his back, no matter what. And I will. Just…in a different way than others do. And I feel a tad guilty that I don’t have nearly as much time to keep up as I used to, thanks to a permanent life transition that was kind of…forced on me. lol. And I’m sure that all made perfect sense. lol. 🙂

    But anyhoo….I think Shanny said she was going to try spending less time on sites & see how that worked for her, not sure about ksf. I hope they’re both doing OK, too. And Golferguy. And GG. And David in Texas (dft, right?). The list goes on….

  106. ALI! Thank you, but no you don’t have break it down for me. I was just sharing how bad i am at #s.
    JOSIE! its OK for fans to go and take a break and do other things while we wait. No has to be here 24/7. It doesn’t mean that you don’t support David. In fact David would probably advise you to go on with your life.
    There might come a day when i will feel like taking a break who knows. But i would be lurking a lot.

  107. josie says:

    LINDA! Tks! lol…Yeah, I’ve wrestled with that a little bit, tbh. At first I felt like I was abandoning him, & I felt horrible. Then I said, “OK. As long as the other fans manage to keep up, I’ll know he’s still in great hands & everyone still has his back.” But every once in awhile, I panic when I see others posting less as well. And I feel like I have to try keeping up more than ever, to make up for what I (& others) haven’t been doing. Yeah. Like I’m solely responsible for keeping his fanbase together. Makes absolute perfect sense, right? *rolls eyes* I’m such a flawed human. What can I say? lol.

  108. tami lyn says:

    i think the best way we can promote and help david in his absence is to share his videos/songs on FB and twitter so people know what david has done and what he’s doing now and when he’s coming back cuz i think most casual fans don’t know. we are hardcore fans, we know everything about david and what he’s doing. as for this site i think this place is more for all of us to encourage each other and just talk amongst ourselves until he gets back. hopefully we can continue to think of things to talk about cuz it gets a little harder every day.

  109. Aye! Aye! Aye! Josie, you are so funny and so loyal and don’t know how loyal you are. I don’t feel bad when there are less commenting because i spend a lot of time on tweeter too and there are a lot of fans there that don’t comment, but they are big fans of David. And of course there are other sites, even internationly. So don’t feel pressured when comment is low. as soon as we get some good news, they all come back.

  110. Martha says:

    A Little Too Not Over You – One of my favorite videos:


  111. Martha says:

    Aol sessions were great!

  112. Tami-lyn. You are exactly right. We come here to share, and encouragement.
    I love the way you discribed the site and fans here.

  113. josie says:

    tami lyn~ I agree. I don’t have FB or Twitter, though. lol. Linda~ 🙂 Thank you, ma’am.

  114. josie says:

    Martha~ Awwwww, AOL sessions. 🙂

  115. tami lyn says:

    thanks linda and josie 🙂 some days i’m so sad about david being gone that i can’t even think of anything positive to say but if i wait awhile i usually feel better. what made me feel better today was i bought some acai pills and the expiration is 2-2015. so david will be back a whole year because my pills expire lol! 🙂

  116. tami lyn says:

    oops~ before my pills expire

  117. Sorry for that last comment Tami-lyn. It doesnt make any sense. Just pretend i didnt send it. LOL!

  118. OoO says:

    Ali, thanks so much I have been hoping for u to come back on here w #s. Someday Ali, someday this baby is going to get Gold sooner or later cause he deserve it.

  119. nora says:

    tami lyn-I agree with you completely about this site and the fans here, we all need each other, to talk David or other things that might seem silly to others but not to the fans here. When we feel down there is always someone here to cheer us up.
    Josie-dont feel bad we know that you are here for David, and everybody has thing in their lives that they need to attend to, and you need all the rest you can get for when David comes back, I don’t always post a lot, but I am always lurking. Take care of yourself, and post when you can, and if you can.

  120. By chance says:

    I just want to say thank you to Martha, Patricia, and Ronald for your comments on David’s blog……..loved hearing your perspective.

    I sure hope people who take a break come back now and then to say hi. I love coming here and will miss you…….but totally understand.

  121. tami lyn says:

    linda~ what are u talking about? it made sense to me! 🙂

  122. tami lyn says:

    thanks nora 🙂 i think we would all be very sad if this site got shut down.

  123. By chance says:

    tami lyn (D……see? This is why I love FOD.

  124. By chance says:

    dang it …..smiley faces work sometimes and sometimes not!

  125. tami lyn says:

    i remember last time my computer went down. it was like a week before david made his announcement. it felt so weird like david didn’t even exist and i remember clearly the day i got my new laptop cuz i was so happy and excited to get back online and find out what i had missed and the first thing i saw was a link to david’s announcement video. i watched it in shock and cried for hours so it’s a day i will always remember cuz it’s started out so happy and ended so sad. then the next day and the next day watched that announcement video and cried again and again! it was just like when david lost on idol. i cried for at least a week! seems silly now but at the time it was just devastating lol.

  126. tami lyn says:

    bychance~ me too 🙂

  127. josie says:

    Nora~ Thanks. I appreciate that. 🙂

  128. Tami-lyn. good , glad it made sense to you because it didn’t to me.
    And Kalei and the other MODs already told us that this site would not close down. They understand when comments are low and why. All of a sudden it pops up again. HAIL! HAIL! the gangs all here!!!!!

  129. By chance says:

    tami lyn….oohhhhh. I guess we just have to keep looking at the “big picture”. It won’t be easy for the next year and a half…..but in the end I gotta believe it will all be worth it!

  130. Do you know what jacket David likes?

    It’s an old CAMBIO video but I don’t think it has been posted. David comes at 0:21, 0:42 and 1:23

  131. josie says:

    tami lyn~ I still can’t watch that video. lol. So you’re doing better than me already. 🙂

  132. tami lyn says:

    bychance~ i know. and some days it’s so hard. partly cuz i think about how difficult it must be for david. he has to be missing his family so much. so even on days i’m not sad for us fans i’m sad for him.

  133. By chance says:

    and I know…………easy for me to say when I haven’t bee around for four years like you guys!! Just know that for this new fan you have all become like ” friends” even though I don’t “know” you. I feel a little like a leech…..not much to contribute, but taking all you guys got. Sorry.

  134. tami lyn says:

    omg josie~u have never watched the announcement video??! maybe that is smart of u cuz if and when u do watch it i assure u, u will be crying your eyes out. it’s so sad especially when he starts crying. gets to me every time. i tried to watch it over and over to desensitize myself but it didn’t work lol!

  135. josie says:

    tami lyn~ lol. Noooooo…I haven’t. And I don’t plan on it. Avoidance is the key for me. 🙂 Thanks for chatting, everyone. Have to run for now. G’night!

  136. JackRyan4DA thank you for the Cambio video. I hadn’t seen that one. I noticed how David was still a little shy and quiet back then. He has really come out of his shell a little more now.

  137. By chance says:

    tami lyn…….while I’m sure he misses his family like anyone would, I still think he is happy (remember what lupe said) and I really feel like the time he is taking now is all going to work together for his good…..and ours, if we hang in there with him and make good use of our lives while we wait.

  138. By chance says:

    g’night Josie.

  139. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend 😀

  140. nora says:

    by chance I agree it won’t be easy for the next year & half, but I know it will be worth it.We have to stick by David, because he is so worth it, and what is a year and a half out of our lives, I think it is important that he believes that we are here for him, we have come this far what is a little further. I know there is a lot more that David has in store for us in 2013. I think I will send him a post card when I am away next week, that makes me feel better.

  141. By chance says:

    tami lyn…….I’m sorry if I sounded insensitive….I miss him, too. I really do, ….and some days are just plain sad.

  142. nora says:

    Hi Beth-hope you got over your sinus or allergy problem. Did you go to the Doctor? Hope you are feeling better.

  143. Evening Everyone 🙂
    I’m not usually on so early on the weekend cuz my hubby and I have dinner out but today they forecast torrential rain, winds and a # of tornados!!!! I took a raincheck on the dinner!!! Turns out 2 separate tornados hit an area in Brooklyn and then in Queens , NY late today…a little too close for comfort!!!
    So here I am bearing a gift…love this early video…

    We Love Archie‏@WeLoveToArchie

    Archies les Dejo el Video de David con Lady Gaga! :DD http://fb.me/1ENLLqZ6y

  144. Nora very well said. I think i will send him a post card too. I need to find a Holloween card & Thanksgiving card & Christmas card to send him. And first but not least a BIRTHDAY CARD!!!!
    Lupe made it very clear that David will be back singing to us again, and who would know better then his mother. So i will believe her all the way.

  145. By chance says:

    Hi Beth. Hope you’re feeling better today!

    Nora…….i agree. I like the post card reminder…..that’s what I’ll do, too.

  146. tami lyn says:

    bychance~ no u didn’t sound insensitive at all. i just think maybe sometimes he doesn’t tell his family if he is sad cuz he doesn’t want them to be sad just cuz he seems to be so thoughtful of other people’s feelings. i’m sure all the missionaries feel sad some days.

  147. Hi! Beth and Idamae.
    Idamae, stay out of that storm. Hope it blows away soon.
    Beth, hope your feeling better. Nobody likes bieng sick!

  148. Martha says:

    Idamae – thanks for the David/Lady Gaga video…you can tell she loves him! He’s sweet with everyone..

  149. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey nora! Sweet of you to ask. He didnt think the pinching/muscle contracting above my eyes was a clot or cancer, maybe due to allergies, stress & maybe not getting proper sleep, I’m going to be tested for sleep apnea. My pinching in my left arm, he doesnt think its heart related, but he wants me to take my blood pressure & record it for the next 6 weeks, I’m going to have an MRI on my shoulder & a ultrasound on the nodule in my thyroid(I have one once a year since I found it, to make sure it hasnt changed) he also did blood work to check if my thyroid is still behaving, cholesteral, etc….so we’ll see how all that goes,lol. Fun, fun, fun 🙄 😀

  150. Tami=lyn, i know you worry about David bieng sad somedays without his family. But you also have to remember that this was thier choice, to go on a mission for 2 years. I’m sure that the feelings that they go through are the same that we go through not having him here. But they were aware of the sacrifices they had to make. You can worry about him but don’t feel sad, because in my heart i think David is happy more then he is sad.

  151. Martha says:

    Linda – I agree, well said.

  152. By chance says:

    If D has sad days…I’m sure all Linda’s cards will cheer him up!!

    Goodnight, everyone. Thanks for being here.

  153. Thanks, Linda…I’m in Northern Jersey about 20 min from NY. It is unusual for this area to get tornados so it was a little disconcerting, to say the least.

    With a number of holidays popping up in the near future David will definitely feel a lot of love coming his way:)

  154. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thank You By chance & Linda! Doing ok, will feel better once I have a handle on things, but per my previous comment, tests coming up to help solve the problems 😀 I appreciate you asking.

    I watched a couple of shows on TLC a little earlier tonight, about 9-11. Tuesday is the anniversary of 9-11, cant believe its been 11 years already, cant believe it really happened, its like some horrible nightmare. I just wanted to reach through the tv and give all of the people a hug.

  155. tami lyn says:

    linda- yes i so hope u are right! i’m sure he will receive tons of christmas and birthday cards and that will make him happy 🙂

  156. tami lyn says:

    beth- good luck with all your medical tests!

  157. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Well said Linda. I think David is where he needs to be right now, but that doesnt mean he wont be sad once in awhile, thats part of life, no matter where we are, what we’re doing.

  158. Idame, the weather has been so off through the whole USA. this year. But glad you are Ok. We had earthquakes, but our were not as bad as some.
    Yes come holidays he will know how much he is loved and missed.

    By chance Ha! Ha! goodnight. sweet dreams.

  159. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all

    Josie awww please don’t feel bad/sad/pressure…love what Tami Lyn said up there:) most of us will be here for the long hual David is worth the wait, as for fansite(s) I think there’re quite a number of fans lurking everyday without commenting, I know I did that sometimes when I was too busy to comment (sorry)!!! I think somehow our MODs know how many people visit the site in a day, right?

    Beth, so how’s your allergies? Hope you’re getting much better now 🙂

  160. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks tami_lyn. We all miss David & I know he misses his family, friends & fans, but David is very strong & he’s been on the road alot the last 4 years, so he can handle it 😀 Loved the vlog, so good to hear from him 😀

  161. Martha, I remember when I 1st saw that video and thought how genuine they both were with each other and I still feel that way.

    Beth, you are doing the smart thing. More people should take the bull by the horns, which reminds me I fave a few appts cpming up 🙂 BTW, my husband has sleep apnea and is finally feeling better after a good night’s sleep.

  162. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Waving Hey to ida mae 😀

    Hey pocoelsy! Doing ok, per previous comments, tests coming up, to figure things out. Hope you are having a good day!!!

  163. tami lyn says:

    beth- yes it was wonderful to get that vlog from david! of course it made me cry though. i think sometimes i actually enjoy crying lol

  164. nora says:

    Beth -hope all your tests come back OK. Both of my daughters have thyroid problems, my oldest had her thyroid removed, and my youngest has nodules on hers and she takes a thyroid medication, to keep her levels where they should be, both are doing well. Just go for blood tests every 6 months. Best to keep everything in check.

  165. tami lyn says:

    pocoelsy~ hi and thanks 🙂

  166. Miss Vicki #DA2104 says:

    Hey all….Been really busy at work and just had time to tune in again to FOD and see David’s new prerecorded video blog about the meaning of BEGIN….The first thing that comes to mind when I watch this is how INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT THIS MISSION IS TO DAVID and how he really wants us to know where his mind and heart is during this time with his God….And then I am mystified by the fact that David still has problems communicating verbally unless it is a song…..I even think that sometimes the more important the message he is trying to get across when he is just talking is the time when he has the most difficulties……..Oh David….JUST SING IT TO US INSTEAD!!!!!!….Miss you so so much David James Archuleta………Miss Vicki

  167. pocoelsy says:

    Beth Happy for you 🙂

    I made a new Tribute vid for David, I hope you all don’t mind if I post it here!!?

  168. Miss Vicki #DA2104 says:

    Oh….Idamae…Hope you are safe from the storms….Take care….Miss Vicki

  169. Tami lyn, I can’t imagine you seeing that Ga-Ga/David video at 9.14PM and not comment…so I’ll give you a few seconds haha

  170. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    ida mae, Well, I guess its better to find out answers instead of hoping something just goes away. I talked about what was going on the other day, because, I guess, I want to know whats wrong with me before I go to the Dr, I try to figure it out, just dont want any bad news 🙄 Did your husband realize he may have sleep apnea or did he have some things wrong, but had no idea, then found out about the sleep apnea? Of course, you dont have to answer that, if you dont want to, none of my biz

  171. Martha says:

    pocoelsy – bring it on

  172. Miss Vickie, I love what you said, ” Oh! David just sing it to us ” I think i would cry if he sang it to us.

  173. Miss Vicki, you are so sweet thinking about me when I’m not here on FOD. Everything is fine 🙂 When I sit down to comment I always have to go through the thread and I get caught up with all the tweets, videos, discusions that I never make it to comment. I guess I should try to get on sooner but I am here everyday keeping up with you guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

  174. pocoelsy says:

    Martha 🙂

  175. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy 😀 Thanks & of course, post the video here, need you ask 😀

    nora, gosh, wish your kids didnt have to deal with it, I’m so glad they’re doing well. But yeah, I’m glad he tested my thyroid, it was normal last time tested, even though I have a big nodule in one side, a nodule I’ve named Bob 😆

    tami_lyn, So, you’re a champion crier, huh? Well, David has that effect on lots of people, you have plenty of company 😀

    Hey Miss Vicki!

  176. tami lyn says:

    oh idamae~ sorry i missed that. will go back and click on it. i love that video!!!LOL 🙂

  177. Beth, His problem was that he found himself taking naps and he never felt rested after a night’s sleep. I noticed that he would sometimes have nightmares and at times stop breathing and I’d have to shake him to get him to breathe. He also snored a lot. Well, it’s all changed now…he feels a whole lot better.

  178. pocoelsy says:

    Dang !!! the on I want to post has a bit of a problem!!! Ok. I have another one, hope it works… dunno if you all saw this but …here we go 🙂


  179. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    ida mae, I’m so glad he is doing much better, thats wonderful. Hmmm, the Dr asked if I snore, but I said I dont know. Maybe thats part of it. Thanks for telling me about your hubby & again, I’m glad he’s feeling better 😀

  180. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy, what a great video, I LOVED it, fabulous 😀

  181. pocoelsy says:

    Ha Beth,

    The reason I asked because I don’t want to be the one who crash this wonderful site!!! I remember once Kalei said FOD has problem uploading some HDvid!!! If my vid is the cause I will not forgive myself!!!

  182. Beth, I think sleep apnea runs in the family cuz his cousin had it and she was clousterphobic and complained about the mask but you don’t need the mask. They have something that is more comfortable that plugs in the nose, which my husband is using.

  183. pocoelsy, you are a master…that video was wonderful on so many levels. I love all the symbolism and how the lyrics mirror the pics thoughtfully. I just loved analyzing it haha oh and the animals and soldiers so poignant!!!

  184. Pocoelsy and one more thing…you had David duet with S&G… really cool!!!

  185. nora says:

    Beth-nice name for your nodule, that is my husband’s name, so you couldn’t have picked a better name. My oldest daughter had her thyroid removed because it was full of nodules, and thought it best to remove it. She has to take thyroid meds for the rest of her life, but thank God she is fine.

    Pocoelsy-That video was so beautiful, you do such a great job, you are so talented, nice way to promote David and his music. Just loved it, got me so teary..

  186. I love it, too, tami lyn 🙂

  187. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    ida mae, I never heard of the nose plug thing for sleep apnea, but I know about the mask, a relative had to wear it for a while, but doesnt have to anymore. Thanks for the info!

  188. josie says:

    Hey, Beth, just wanted to say (even though I already signed off. lol)…I had thyroid cancer, and my thyroid went bye-bye, and I’m still here to talk about it. 🙂 So…idk if that’s encouraging to you, but…I hope so. lol.

    Pocoelsy~ (9:36)..thanks. 🙂

  189. josie says:

    ‘K. Good night again.

  190. Pocoelsy, very nice vid. love the pics almost got me in tears. I’m a softy when it comws to military pictures it just brings me to tears, and also all those people who went through hard times.

  191. blue says:

    martha – a few hours late but thanks for the wise radio link. it’s the same one i’ve been using. still can’t vote. idk why.

  192. blue says:

    that was meant to say i’m a few hours late.

  193. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    nora, I’m glad your daughter is doing well. I think I heard that nodules in the thyroid are far more commen in women than men. I didnt realize how many people had thyroid issues. Oh & lol, your husbands name is Bob, good name I picked 😀

  194. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thank You, Josie. That was very sweet of you to come back & say that. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but so happy you’re here to share it. It helps alot. Take care & have a great night 😀

  195. Martha says:

    blue – when I go to it, it says Polls Closed.

    pocoelsy – love the video! You do great work!

  196. Josie, I don’t think you’d have it any other way…you’re a fighter 🙂

  197. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Geeez I love you gals and guys. Just read all the comments since I left to go vote. I’m back. When I left Wise we were 180 behind. My hand hurts. I’m afraid I’m done for the night. Beth I hope your feeling better and are getting checked out by your doc, Josie you are sweet and a good fan. Going to look at pocoelsy video and then it’s beddy bye for me. Oh Linda, you are a gem. You always say the nicest things. I love Miss Vicki’s suggestion. Just sing it to us David!! :grin:Nora, thanks for voting, have a safe trip. Goodnight Martha and idamae and tami lyn. P.S I’m the queen of tears!! 😥

  198. pocoelsy says:

    Idamae, Nora, Beth,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I love making em. it took a lot of hours to do but when it’s done, I was happy that it’s the least I can do for David and you all..this is really a “good place”.

    Nora, sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition, hope she’s much better and carry on life as best as she can.

    Gotta go now, many things to take care of on Sunday :). See you all later 🙂

  199. were ahead by 49 votes on wise poll. but don’t know how long it will last.

  200. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Hey supergrand, G’night supergrand 😀
    And Thanks!

    pocoelsy, love the vid, hope to make one
    myself sometime in the near future you’re
    inspiring me to make a video, or try,lol.

  201. nora says:

    Good night everybody, I will miss all the goings on for the next week. Take care and I will be back on Saturday.

  202. Buenas noches, Beth 🙂

  203. nora says:

    Linda, we are ahead now but they wait until we go to bed, and then they go crazy, but as long as we keep David’s name out there it is ok. How come no trending this week?

    Goodnight again!!!

  204. Nora, enjoy Bar Harbor and Good nite 🙂

  205. Goodnite SGJudie. You are vote getter. Have a restful night. we are ahead on wise now by 49

  206. nora says:

    sgj-goodnight and thanks I am planning on having a good time, as long as the weather holds out.

  207. I’m heading out, too…Hasta manana 🙂

  208. Nora i was wondering the same thing. Thought maybe they would trend something on Davids Vlog. Or even to say David will be back singing in 2014.

  209. Miss Vicki #DA2104 says:

    Hi to you too Beth!!!!…….Lurking just a little bit tonight…..(Also busy on line shopping for a new Vera Bradley crossbody bag to take our our trip next month)….I just love shopping on line and listening to David at the same time….LOL…Miss Vicki

  210. Well my FOD friends i am heading out too. I’m starting to yawn now. I hope everyone has a restful sleep. Believe me, David is fast asleep right now, i’m sure he has long busy days. So i will just say Good night David, sweet dreams.
    No more sadness tonight, tomorrow is another day.

  211. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    pocoelsy- Came back to say Holey Moley!! You are so good at producing videoes. I love it and I love how you promoted David and mixed his voice with S&G. You are a genius and your imagery was amazing. Goodnight, sweet dreams all!! Goodnight David, stay safe.

  212. Miss Vicki #DA2104 says:

    Just love the video of Lady Gaga and David……Although I am not fond of Lady Gaga AT ALL….Just so so precious how she asks if he is embarrassed by her outfit and he tells it like it is….”Yes, I am embarrased”……That was from the Jingle Bell concert series from December 2008……I saw David at the Jingel Ball in Philadelphia that December and I saw Lady Gaga and the outfit and show she put on…….It was disgusting and rated X……I am sure David was embarrased especially seeing that he doesn’t even watch R rated movies……LOL…Miss Vicki

  213. blue says:

    martha – yes it says poll closed for me too.

  214. Good morning FOD!

    pocoelsy..FABULOUS job on that tribute video! LOVED how you did the Simon and Garfunkel and David duet thing…genius! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Beth…..Hope your health issue is resolved. Know quite a few people who had thyroid issues including my sister who had thyroid cancer. All are doing GREAT!

    Work for me today. ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  215. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone!
    Pocoelsy- your good in producing mash up video of David and S & G, more to come lol
    Beth- I hope your thyroid issues is resolved now, my mom also have thyroid problem, she had it removed. She just have maintenance of medicine for her thyroid.

  216. josie says:

    idamae~ (10:35) haha. Well, I prayed a LOT during those times, so God’s the one who brought me through. But yes, I have been known to be feisty sometimes. 🙂 Just read back about your husband’s sleep apnea. Wowwww. If I was aware that I stopped breathing while sleeping, that’d be kinda scary to me.

    beth~ (1o:23) You’re welcome. 🙂 Like Nora said, it’s a good idea to keep a watch on Bob, I think….although a LOT of people have nodules, & I was told that 95% are benign.

    ‘K, bye.

  217. Have a GREAT DAY everyone! ENJOY your David and family time! Off to work!

  218. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Have a great day at work Va Beach!!!

    Josie, Thanks, Bob,lol was benign when tested
    two years ago, having a follow up ultrasound
    to make sure it hasnt changed.

    Gotta go, more household chores to attend to,
    have a great day everyone 😀

  219. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:


    NEW THREAD, See ya all there later today.

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