Happy Labor Day Week-End, Fans of David Archuleta!!



   I couldn’t find a “157” all together as a clip, so I made my own.  Isn’t it purdy??!!


 Speaking of SU2C this week…..

 Remember this?

This was from the SU2 event the week-end of October 22, 2010:   “Backstage at SU2C David Archuleta gets a  friendly kiss. Slow Mo MGR at the end.”

Ahhhhh!  So cute. I miss him *sobs*

Thanks for the reminder, Kim!


Another review of ‘BEGIN’ – “Bursts of Inspiration”

I was only going to quote my  favorite part of the article, but then I decided I pretty much liked the whole dang thing, except for words like ‘uneven,’ the entire third paragraph, and ‘beautiful but bland.’  I would definitely re-write those parts to say: “an amazing experience,”   “a hit with fans” “mimics the soul,” and “phenomenal cover of.” But hey. That’s just me.  So here ya go 🙂

Listening to David Archuleta’s fifth album, “Begin,” his followup to the OPM-fueled “Forevermore,” is an uneven experience. True, it’s hard to find fault with the “American Idol” alumnus’ voice, which only gets better with age and experience. But, singing isn’t just about hitting the notes correctly—it behooves every performer to “relay” the message of his song well.

Take “True Colors.” The voice of Cyndi Lauper, who first sang the No. 1 hit tune in 1986, is nowhere as strong as Archuleta’s, but the songstress’ version manages to go beyond scratching the surface of its pretty lyrics.

To be sure, David’s revival isn’t bad—but, while it’s seamlessly and sincerely rendered, it lacks the soul that Lauper’s original has in heaps! This becomes even more obvious in Archuleta’s perfunctory cover of Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

The young singer is at his most powerful when the complex portions of a song take him out of his comfort zone, as is apparent in his impeccable remakes of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” and REM’s provocative “Everybody Hurts,” in which his malleable pipes twist and stretch to accommodate the tricky notes that make them tick.

Also deserving of music lovers’ rapt attention is the soothing and ingenious way that his pliable tenor voice glides along with the rippling synth of U2’s “Pride (In The Name of Love).”

Vocal improvisation also makes Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” crackle with technical and thematic pertinence, especially when David reminds his audience about finding unexpected charm in human frailties: “We’re the song inside the tune/ Full of beautiful mistakes.” 

In his folksy, evocative cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up,” he sings with Libby Linton, whose Clair Marlo-like trills eerily complement Archie’s buoyant crooning. “Broken,” the beautiful-but-bland ballad the 21-year-old singer cowrote with Jon Hunt, shows off the lush allure of his falsetto.

Cynics and believers alike will find bursts of inspiration in the repertoire: Archuleta recorded “Everybody Hurts” a day before he began his self-imposed hiatus in show biz—to take part in a two-year mission for his religion. David himself isn’t sure what to expect from the experience: “Do I really need to go? I feel from the bottom of my heart that this is something that I need to do!”

Will his fans still be around after he fulfils his “mission?” David offers no answer—but, his leap of faith is best conveyed by his sparkling remake of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”: “Let me be empty/ Oh, the weightless/ Maybe I’ll find some peace tonight.”

 Um, yes. We will still be here.  No worries there, right Archu-gators?


Want to listen to some good songs?

So much, if not all, of what we hear on mainstream radio today is just, well, for lack of a better word – JUNK, in my humble opinion.

Here’s a great list of “101 Good Songs” on Ariel’s blog, giving us suggestions for “a variety of clean, appropriateand enjoyable music.”

Can you guess what she chose for the letter ‘Z’?   If you guessed David’s “Zero Gravity” you are correct!  Ding, ding, ding!

Click on the graphic to get to the blog:

Ariel posted this vid of Zero Gravity:


But we can do better than that, no???

How ’bout Manila on July 18, 2011?

How ’bout The National in Richmond, VA on 2/25/09?

What about this one?  Duluth on March 8, 2009:

And don’t forget that amazing McFly Tour:


Gosh, I miss those concerts.  And the crappy cellcasts.  And all the waiting for vids to be posted if you weren’t at the concerts.  And the Fangirl Trips……


Memory Lane…..

While I was searching an old flash drive for a lead pic today, I found myself mesmerized by the collection of pictures I have of David Archuleta.  He is just so photogenic and handsome, as we all know, haha.  Here are a few oldies but goodies:

Have a great week-end!!



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109 Responses to Happy Labor Day Week-End, Fans of David Archuleta!!

  1. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Great post Vicki. Loved all the videos and pictures. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. It’s September already. Wish it was Sept. 2014! Had fun tweeting last night we WWTT and I got replies from @rsfrancico888(Volta) and Sunny Hilden. We heard from @MyDearWriter and Eula. It was cool. 😎

  2. Anita says:

    Hello everyone! Thanks FOD for all the fantastic posts this week. It’s wonderful to see that Crush Kids Cancer is getting the attention they deserve. They do sooo much good in David’s name! That review above is quite good for the most part, except for a couple things. David’s cover of True Colors is alot better than Cindi’s, but David lacks the soul that Cindi had???? Hmmm… This is the Soul Man from Utah this person is talking about! Broken is beautiful and bland??? This song, hands down, is the most wonderful song David has ever had a hand in writing! There certainly nothing bland about this masterpiece!

  3. breanne says:

    Vicki, thanks for the great post!!! Love that top pic from the CFTH Tour & all the other pics you posted. That review from Inquirer Entertainment kind of irritated me in parts!!! When he talked about David’s “beautiful but bland” Broken, I about blew my top! That is one of the most beautiful & powerful songs I’ve ever heard. Also, the part about True Colors & Cyndi Lauper’s version “scratching the surface of the pretty lyrics”. That is another fave of mine from the album & David & David’s version helped me to love the song, where I didn’t when Cyndi Lauper sang it. Geeezzz!!!!

    Broken ended up in the #2 spot on @WISE_RADIO’s Music Challenge after being #1 for 1 1/2 weeks. Let’s vote & try to get it back to the #1 spot:

    @WISE_RADIO is currently taking requests on twitter. Follow them & when they are taking requests, send them a tweet requesting 1 or 2 of David’s songs. He was the 7th most requested artist last week in their Top 10 Most Requested Artists of the Week.

  4. bychance says:

    Oh, Vicki, thanks for today’s post. I love the Zero Gravity performances!!!!……all new to me!

    breanne, I’ve never liked True Colors, either, and wasn’t excited about it being on the album,….. but David’s version?….that’s a different story! I love how he says “eyes” in the first line…….heck, love the whole thing now! And Broken?….how does a song that’s “bland” make me want to cry everytime I hear it??!!

  5. Good Morning everyone and Happy Labor day to all. Great Post Miss Vicki. I always love lead pics and OMJ, Zero Gravity makes me want to jump out of bed right now and jump around. I just love it. I was able to trend very little last night because i wasn’t home. Hope we trended . It was for a good cause as was SU2C . I’m home for the day so will be lurking around between home duties. Oh and Miss Vicki i also miss all the concert on those crappy cellcast. I could see one right now.

  6. nora says:

    been voting on wise radio challenge we are up against the same poets that beat us big time. Hope you can throw some votes David’s way, I think I’ get back to do a little more voting. Talk to you later.

  7. kimk says:

    Vicki thank you!!
    David is so adorable in that SU2C video.. miss him too!!
    he plays such a perfect straight man to the craziness of those two ‘artists’ and that pass-bye kisser!!

    SAM gif!! 😀

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie your face here! hahahahaha

  8. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie I wonder if you were blushing in this scene?

    I MISS NA!!!

  9. I love sams gif, think i’ll have to watch that scene some time today.

  10. kimk says:


    ♪♥Marylee~#DA2014♥♪ ‏@Marylee_DA2014
    <- hey guys..listen to @DavidArchie speaking Spanish & who's name at the end?! *melts* lolol

    I cannot wait until….. his FIRST VLOG!!!!!!

  11. kimk says:

    Linda I really hope he acts again.. anything!!!
    he lives what he feels on his face!!
    too stinkin cute!!

  12. kimk says:

    just read that they offered JB 25 million to judge American Idol.
    I laughed.

  13. kimk says:


    now this is the Soul Man of Utah!!
    I swear if I was to ever record David it would be with an audience.. he likes up like a Christmas Tree!!!

  14. kimk says:

    oops sorry guys.. lights up like a Christmas tree.
    he comes alive with an audience… dang I miss seeing him live!!!
    ha can we fast forward to 2014 like now!!!!!??

  15. kimk says:

    oh and it seems that JB turned it down..
    oh dang was looking forward to seeing him every time I tuned in to Idol!!!

  16. kimk says:

    not sure if Everybody Hurts will premiere or did already but can’t see how it hurts to vote for the MV!!?

    MYX Daily Top 10

  17. Kimk, wish they would let us know if EH MV premiered at least we can keep voting. Anyway i will keep voting.
    Jhen, i believe, mentioned that David will be acting when he comes back, didn’t know in what capacity, Syre or movie, but not NA2. Different leading lady. Of course anything is subject to change, but hope not.

  18. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Vicki, such a purdy 157. Can’t wait for it to be a purdy 730.

  19. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL Kimk, are you running a Beaver fever? LOLOL

  20. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! Just got back from helping to clear out my Grandmas Apartment 🙁 cant believe she’s gone still, but we still managed to laugh & joke around a bit. My brothers & cousin were moving maniacs taking all kinds of stuff to the salvation army, they were just fantastic. My parents, they’ve done so much, gone through so much of her stuff. I have a few nice keepsakes. The certificate with a piece of a tree branch she grabbed when she went for a hot air balloon ride at 92, a swedish blue & white plate thats had my name on it since forever & a necklace of hers. I’d rather have her here, but the memories are wonderful.

    kimk, The Beav, 20 mil, AI, barf, yuk, are they loopy. What contestant would wanna be judged by the beav, what does he know about actual singing. I dont mean to put him down, but it should be someone who can sing without autotune & has been around for awhile. I’m sorry for you though kimk, that you wont be able to tune in each week to see him 😆

  21. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Well, kind of quiet around here, going to go, will check in later, Adios!

  22. kimk says:

    Beth lol really in tears here!!!

  23. nora says:

    Beth thoughts are with you. It is helpful to have such wonderful memories to look back on, she will always be in your heart. Take care.

  24. Martha says:

    Beth – the memories are what sustain you. My thoughts are with you.

  25. nora says:

    Is anybody voting on the Wise Radio challenge? I wonder is there any way that somebody can program their computer to vote automatically? Who ever is voting for the Poets of the Fall, is either doing something or sitting at his computer 24 hours a day. I don’t understand how how they get so many votes so quickly, 2 or 3 to every one of mine. Just seems strange to me. I am not computer savoy so I have no idea.

  26. kimk says:

    nora can something be done to vote easily.. think so. are they here no clue.

  27. Beth my thoughts are with you today. I have lost both of my parents and it’s ok to cry, it is the fastest way heal. IMOO.
    Nora I try to vote over and over again, of course i can’t vote all day but i keep voting too on repeat.

  28. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thank You nora, Martha & Linda, I appreciate it 😀

  29. kimk says:

    Eileen ‏@Archugeezer
    Why @DavidArchie fans love @DeseretBook: Big CD display, 11 mini displays in the store (pic), CDs at every register.


  30. nora says:

    kimk-it doesn’t seem fair that there are so many cds at DB, wish I could go into just 1 store and find at least 1 cd. It would be great just to see a small display. Received my cds from Sears a couple weeks ago, my older sister lives in New Jersey, sent her a copy of BEGIN, surprised her, she called and said that she and her husband loved it, they were not aware that he was on a mission, and wondered what happened to him, she loved him on AI, but had not followed him. She said she didn’t hear him on the radio anymore,so thought he was not around anymore. Now she knows. another new fan, maybe 2!!!!

  31. Anita says:

    I do really love the fact that Inquirer Entertainment said David’s version of Pride is ingenious! I know some people don’t care much for it because David doesn’t bring edge to it, but he does such a phenomenal job with it even without the edginess that Bono brought to it. It really is quite stunning! I still think the reviewer is crazy to call Broken bland! He needs to have a few more listens that’s for sure!!!

  32. kimk says:

    nora might be the larger stores have chosen not to stock Begin?
    way I see it at least Deseret supports David even if there are not too many of the stores and specialized.

  33. tami lyn says:

    i really wish david would have done a video for Broken because then it would have brought attention to his original song instead of someone else’s song. for him to write an amazing melody like that and have it go virtually unrecognized in the music world makes me sick. it’s so beautiful and i wish more people would hear it besides just us fans. no one else really even knows it exists. and it’s so beautiful, don’t know how anyone could think it’s bland.

  34. nora says:

    kink I agree and am thankful that DB carries and supports BEGIN, I would just like to see at least one little green thing pop out at me when I look over the cds, guess we can’t have it all.

    Tami lyn, I agree Broken is so beautiful, and bland, he probably doesn’t even understand the meaning of the song because it is an original, it is easy to cover a cover of a well known song(IMO),but David’s vocals are so beautiful. Bland NEVER!!!!

  35. Hi Everyone 🙂
    Vicki, your fab post has something for every Archie and I’m lovin’ it all!!!
    JMO but that Stand UP 2 Cancer video where David was trying to converse with the Obnoxous Duo with the lame banter still grates on my nerves. If that were me I would have walked away but David is David and he stood there like the professional aetist he is. THE CHERRY ON TOP CAME WHEN THAT FEMME FATALE CAME AND GAVE HIM THE SMOOCH HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. The perfect ending to a ridiculous situation!!!

    There’s nothing like ZG to put a huge smile on your face and get you to JUMP!!!

  36. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- David’s expression on his face was priceless. He is so king and people are always putting him on. I remember when he was on a radio station and he was going to sing. They said some trumpet players name and told David he was going to accompnay him. Well the guy couldn’t play to save his soul. David looked a little perplexed but kept singing, then they all started laughing. David was the same cool guy he always is. David is the best and so cute.

  37. Idamae, i love your comments, you had me laughing! The Femme Fatale did it Ha, Ha!

  38. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    * kind* sorry

  39. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda from Cali- How you doing today? No trends tonight, I guess. Everyone is celebrating Labor Day. Today would be a good day to trend because maybe not much competition.

  40. I revelled in the positive things that Rito Asilo from Inquirer Entertainment had to say about most of Begin, but his words fell short when he dissed Broken. Could he have been working on clever aliteration in B…Begin, Beautiful, But, Bland, Balad. I don’t get it, does he not have ears!!! I listen to the whole album as I go walking and I hear something new everytime it comes on. It has the ability to give you the strong sense of what you are hearing is actually happening AND BY GOLLY IT IS…CASE CLOSED!!!

  41. SGJ, I remember that…OMJ, it was soooo funny but I think it was kind of benign. I don’t know, David just goes with the flow and it gives us another look at his personality and demeanor, If these crazy things didn’t happen to him I guess we wouldn’t get to know what he’s really made of.

  42. Linda, don’t forget “Jaws” in the background on repeat ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!

  43. SGJ, I didn’t know there was a tritter party. I found out after the fact but I had a ball working on the one that ran in sync with the RNC…funny how some of the tweets incl what was going on in the convention LOL

  44. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    idamae- You are so right. People say that we don’t know David. I think we know him pretty well. We’ve seen video’s of him practically showing his almost every move, in the last 4 yrs. We;ve watched him grow. I think we’ve seen enough and heard enough of David that we can say he he is the kindest. gentlest, sweetest young man there is out there today. I loved when he told Brad( Raymond’s brother) that he knew who he was. He knew he did the voice of Nemo. Brad went on about how much he liked David and intrduced his two young children to David because they were crazy about him too. It was on tv before an award show.

  45. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Brad Garrett was the actors full name. Just remembered.

  46. SGJ, i’m fine thanks. IWe have home football games for the next two fridays. If they trend , i wish they would do it on a sat or even thurs. I tied trending but im ones of those fans that jump, yell and say go get them!!! But i love it. My grandson had to come rest my computer because i was having alot of problems and i lost all my favorites. It will take me a year to find them all over again, but thats ok i will run across them in time. Especially the video of all the fans with thier signs saying that they would wait for DA#2014

  47. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda from Cali – You can get thet fan video from You Tube. My computer had to be cleaned up by my son-in-law. I had so many pictures of David and now half of them are gone. I hated to give up just one let alone about thirty. I kept saying to him no not that one. I love them all. Did you see the tweet of Kari’s? It had a photo of her dog Lexie and how she’s going to miss him. I gather her dog passed away. I tweeted her that I was sorry.

  48. potluck8 says:

    Hi everyone, I don’t know why that guy thought Broken was bland but I am glad that he liked Pride, some think that no one should touch that song, however I realize that Bono is a rocker but in my book I thought he just SCREAMED IT!

  49. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    potluck8- To me Broken is far from bland and as far as Pride goes, i don’t think I ever heard it by Bono but I do know that I love the song now and David makes it great.

  50. potluck8 says:

    Hi everyone, I don’t know why that guy thought that Broken was bland, but I was glad that he liked Pride. Some people think that song should not be touched, But I thought that Bono just SCREAMED IT!

  51. Sgj, I lost pictures too. But someway they show up on comments or tweeter so i will pick them up there. Of course and youtube.
    This has been a quiet labor day weekend for me. but its ok. Even our town is quiet. This is Dove hunting season here. Tomorrow early in the morning i will hear the rifles going off. We will have alot of people here.

  52. Forgot to mention that i also let Kari know how sorry i was for her loss.

  53. By chance says:

    Linda….Dove hunting? I had no idea people actually hunt doves!

    Poor Kari……one of the hardest things I’ve ever done was putting our dog of fourteen years down. These pets are like family.

    I got nothing David related to say, I guess?

  54. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight everyone I’ll see you tomorrow. Going to hit the hay a little earlier. I tried to go to haytag tv5 to watch MDW Enchanted Garden but they said I had to be a member. Oh well.

  55. Goodnight Sgj, i tried too but couldn’t get in either.

  56. By-chance its been around here on labor day for years & years. Not my kind of thing. i wouldn’t kill a dove on purpose.

  57. By chance says:

    Linda…..I can hardly kill a spider on purpose!

  58. jeani/ut says:

    Just to be in tune with the US Open

  59. tami lyn says:

    i told people on my FB page to check out david’s song Everything& More and 2 people liked it already! 🙂

  60. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Salt Lake and Utah Counties (especially Utah county where I live) is in the middle of a yucky storm. Thunder, hail, strong wind. http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=UTZ004&warncounty=UTC049&firewxzone=UTZ479&local_place1&product1=Severe+Thunderstorm+Warning

  61. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Hope you all are having a safe, wonderful &
    fulfilled Labor Day Weekend 😀

    Janel, Stay Safe!!!

  62. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Severe warning over, but severe storm warning watch still in effect. I just replaced my windshield. Sure hope there are no chips in my windshield. At least I have a free lifetime rock chip fix-it for it. Hmmm, ice chip?? LOL

  63. Janel aka Nellie says:

    oops, severe storm watch, not warning watch. LOLOL
    np: Beautiful by David Archuleta. Nothing like David to get my mind off of thunder. I hate thunder.

  64. tami lyn says:

    stay safe janel! hope tomorrow is better 🙂

  65. Janel aka Nellie says:

    By Chance…..if you are a spider, you will rue the day you came into my house. The same can be said for any bug! I’d probably save a moth, butterfly or lady bug though and put it outside.

  66. Anita says:

    Beth-I’m thinking of you! I’m sure cleaning your grandma’s apt. wasn’t easy to do.

  67. Donna from NY says:

    Thanks Vicki for the wonderful post. Brought back some old memories. I have been listening to Begin no stop in my car and it has so many layers. Bland!!!! You got to be kidding. David vocals are perfect and the messages in the songs!!! Tears and then got to get going. We are so so lucky to have him. Have a great weekend everyone.
    Still think Zero Gravity should have been on the radio. One of the best songs of the decade.

  68. Donna from NY says:

    oops non stop not no stop

  69. By chance says:

    Janel lol…..I was spoiled with four boys who loved to kill anything crawling in the house! I can do it, but it always gives me the creeps for a minute.

    Still thundering?

  70. Sparkles2 (Big Time Lurker) says:

    Hello all…Stay safe Janel aka Nellie.

  71. Janel aka Nellie says:

    tami-lyn, it’s tapering off now, the storm I mean. It just can’t do this next Friday. So far the forecast looks good. I have a knack for choosing bad weather days for outdoor Girl Scout activities. LOL

  72. Donna from NY says:

    Hey is that Jeff Lablanc in the video goofing with David. Looks like him.

  73. By chance says:

    Donna…..the car has become my favorite place to listen to BEGIN. Right now I’m loving Angel …..so tender…exquisite vocals!!

  74. Sparkles2 (Big Time Lurker) says:

    Beth, those small mementos of your grandmother is something you will always cherish because it was a part of her. “Tears are words from the heart that can’t be spoken.” So, express those words each time the heart feels the need, Beth. Take care.

  75. Kathy says:

    Just saw Sparkle. Jordan did a great job. She sang great and really came out of her comfort zone from what I know about her. Wow, really slow day here. So sorry to here about Kari’s dog. I lost one of my cats last year he was 17. My other one is 17 now but he doesn’t seem to know it so I’m not going to tell him. Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

  76. kimk says:

    Missionary Life ‏@MissionaryProb
    Dear John, I just realized that David Archuleta will be getting home before you. Wish me luck!

  77. tami lyn, I hope you see this. It’s the GoKart video !!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKcwxyKzqQI

  78. Well, i know its slow because of Labor day weekend, so i am saying goodnight also. If i can’t sleep i might come in and lurk, don’t want to miss anything. LOL!

  79. I can’t believe how young he is in that video at 9:39PM. Love how animated he is. He’s concerned that fans have tracked down where he lives and yet gives away details of the location haha It’s such a great view of the Good Ole Days 🙂

  80. tami lyn says:

    thanks idamae!!! i don’t remember ever seeing that video! what a cute spazz he was back then, haha 🙂

  81. Well, let me wish you all a great Labor Day weekend with great weather, GREAT MUSIC, family and friends and of course, great EATS!!!!

  82. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I just got back from Wise Radio. We got David over the other guys. Somebody take over. I put in about 150 votes. Gotta go now. Head on over and keep David and Broken ahead. Thanks. Goodnight

  83. tami lyn, he’s so genuine…he tells it like it is with such gusto hahaha OMJ, can’t help but love him!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Donna from NY says:

    nite everyone

  85. nora says:

    sgj-you and I were probably voting together. we put a lot of votes on there. I hope people will vote tomorrow, I will be gone all day, family is going to spend the day at sister-in law place in New Hampshire, so please try to keep up the votes. Goodnight all

  86. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all,

    Quick hello to you all, lovely post Vicky thank you for various ZG vids always make me wanna jump :).
    Never liked “true colors” by the original singer !! but now I’ve David’s version on replay all the time, love his rich chocolate moose voice :).

    Found this on my FB. dunno if you guy have seen this already, I say this is the real “Art” http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/photo.php?fbid=403609376368243&set=a.260171600712022.64492.258046744257841&type=1&theater

    Have a great labor day weekend everyone.

  87. OoO says:

    Oh thank you and so happy to see that GoKart interviewed again. I have to remember the titled I think this is my most favorite interviews ever.

  88. Suzanne says:

    Just jumping on to say that I really agreed with the review in the post. True Colors is my least favorite song on the album and I regularly skip it. And Bridge Over Troubled Waters i skip too–great singing but the original is so fantastic. David and his team definitely, IMO, picked the best song on the album for the single–everybody hurts is a fantastic vocal (I wish it weren’t a fade out, but I quibble.)

    Beth–sorry about your day at your grandma’s. I did the same thing for my grandma.

  89. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hello FOD, I have the feeling that many of us are REALLY missing David more than ever. Don’t know how to explain this feeling, but I go over to youtube and watch videos like this where I not only hear his singing but his talking voice. That’s why I love NA so much. It helps to him him close to my heart. Also right before I fall asleep – I treat myself to one episode of NA. This one is perfect and should be released as a music video for Tell Me.


  90. lct#DA2014 says:

    Here’s another one.

    Ohnopurple/Sam if you lurk can I request a video of Everybody hurts using NA scenes? Please? 🙂 As far as Zero Gravity – I also agree it was an awesome some and can’t understand why it wasn’t a hit like Crush. It’s one of my favorites. Off to vote and look for more videos….

  91. lct#DA2014 says:


    If you go to this link you’ll find a lot of other clips from NA taped by a fan named Nanditolover.

  92. lct#DA2014 says:

    Does anyone know how to get David to show up on the Celebrities and Popular pins of Pinterest?

  93. pocoelsy says:


  94. pocoelsy says:


    Agree, miss him too. Love “tell me””, my fav on forevermore

  95. kimk says:

    lct WOW is right!!

    good morning folks!! 🙂

  96. kimk says:


    Vote Everybody Hurts David Archuleta MYX Daily Top 10!!

  97. kimk says:


    Roselyn Garcia ‏@roselyn_DA2014
    Hi @kariontour! I just wanna show you another @DavidArchie artwork I made a few months back =) I hope you like it!

  98. kimk says:


    Kristen Stewart♥ ‏@DeviArchie
    David Archuleta eating cookie! so cute!: youtu.be/cbbW7vjbhUY via @youtube

  99. kimk says:

    lol I remember this.. he didn’t seem to mind either!! 🙂

    Asking David Archuleta to Marry Me

  100. kimk says:

    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    Another GREAT SURPRISE awaits in October! 🙂

    surprise?? 😯

  101. judieann says:

    I love the go-kart video…and the comments are so funny!

  102. kimk says:


    Vanessa Ü Ople ‏@annLuvsArchie
    Eyes that can kill..

  103. kimk says:


    Rainbow MV?
    Nandito Ako DVD?

    just speculating but either would be GREAT!!! 😀

  104. Good morning everyone! A quick hello..lots of stuff going on again today! Holiday weekends here at the beach are exhausting, but SO MUCH FUN! Train is the last band of the weekend…going to be PACKED!

    Thanks for all the links to the vids…brought back some GREAT memories! Nothing is more adorable than Idol David….he was a breath of fresh air!

    Roselyn’s art is AMAZING! And the street art blows my mind! David’s FACE IS A WORK OF ART!

    Well coffee and some voting on the agenda ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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