David Archuleta Thursday Post: PARTs 1 and 2: Everybody Hurts Music Vid, Worldwide Buzz! Your thoughts in words and pics, message about MySpace, Crush Kids’ Cancer Kids’ Chapter new vid underway!


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Credit:  Kim!

(Note:  Yesterday’s lead pic came from Patti, a David/Demi concert in Greenboro, NC).

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“But I have been too deeply hurt, Sam. I tried to save the Shire, and it has been saved, but not for me. It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: some one has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

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In case you didn’t know….


Image from DavidArchuleta.com  Isn’t it wonderful? At about 7:40 EDT pm we got a tweet that it was here!  A poignant vid from David Archuleta and his team.

The description of the video reads:

David performs the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta 

Stunning. Poignant. The young couple, the struggling dad, the courageous mother. Yes, EVERYBODY hurts. PLEASE go over and comment on the vid.   Comment here too!  And on Deseret FB page.  How lucky are we that David, amid everything else going on in his personal life, arranged for this footage and to give us the beautiful, tasteful and impactful piece?  I’m very proud of him and the entire team! Here are some comments on the OS.  Click to go:

And on his Youtube Channel:

And on Deseret’s facebook page:

 And from our own comments!

The director, Jed Wells, @theJed on Twitter:

 …and apparently the soldier scenes were shot in Utah.  Here is a pic from Jed Wells’ (the director’s) FB page:

On location in Utah for the military/desert footage.  From Jed’s FB page:

“This is actually in Utah. One of my favorite locations to stand in for the middle east”

Looks pretty realistic to me….  Thanks for the find @janey79!

..and C. J. Strong plays the part of the boyfriend in the MV.  You can find him at @ceejsterr.  Good job in the vid C. J., are you ready for the Archuleta world???

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The Feeling of the Music Vid

As captured in gif’s by @samlouiseG.  JUST BEAUTIFUL!


Well done Sam!

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Everybody Hurts Buzz

David Archuleta buzz continues.  Last night it was all about the music vid!

Look at the volume. Many of these from Latin America too!  Click to go!  Thanks Martha for putting these all together.

First is AceShowBiz.  Worth reading and pls comment!!!!

Gotta love the urban music and R&B music blog sites!  Okay lol

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 To Begin, You First Need Courage

By Pamela Pike, in DANG IT! David Archuleta’s News

An inability to step out of your comfort zone will profoundly limit your performance.  Within each one of us lays great potential.  The way you explore that great potential is to make changes and take risks. We stumble and fall in the learning process, but success can only be reached when we are prepared to take those steps.

Courage is making the decision to learn something new by testing and stretching your abilities and taking those risks.  David Archuleta has tremendous reservoirs of potential within him as he steps out and boldly pursues them.  The difference is his attitude; he greets the unknown with a sense of eager anticipation and welcomes it.

David has the courage to step out in faith and change his life. He may not feel courageous at the onset or even through the journey, but it is still a courageous act.  He is gaining more self-esteem, confidence and a stronger sense of self.

It seems he wants to take all he can out of life, and take advantage of every chance he gets.  Courage is about following your heart and growing.  His journey of self-discovery begins with a commitment without complete knowledge of the probable outcome.  David knows that God is the One who goes with you He will not leave you nor forsake you.

David has the courage to discover just how much music he can make when he returns.  How much will he do? How much joy can he share? I’m convinced that the world, more than ever, needs the music only he can make.

Every song in “Begin” seems to have a story and there is “newness” to them in terms of style and delivery, but there is also a timeless message that fits in what he is singing about.  These song choices reveal a self-awareness that comes with maturity and also shows a young man in continuous change.

David has that heart on your sleeve honesty that manages to keep listeners interested. With “Begin” these songs are just saying what’s in his heart. They represent a window into the place and time when David finds himself at the age of 21.

I just finished watching his latest video “Everybody Hurts” and he knocked my socks off with his four minutes and fifty three seconds of passionate, soulful and penetrating vocals.  He is a storyteller that can open people up to their inner soul and is an artist of selfless giving that will shine bright forever.

David seems to be emerging as an independent artist who may prefer to control his career and not be led by someone else’s opinion of how his career should unfold.  Courage is about choice and acting on what we know we should do and David seems to be making the right ones.

The lyrics to “Everybody Hurts”……Hang on, hold on, you’re not alone…..says it all!

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EH Collage

Thank you @pabuckie!

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David’s MySpace is still active with all his written blogs from the early years (which are wonderful!).  But it appears like it was hacked, from this tweet last night anyway.

Not nice.  And not what the Archuleta Team needs to deal with in all the busy-ness of release of BEGIN.  DavidArchuleta.com is still the official source for David.

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Be a part of Crush Kids’ Cancer: The Kids’ Chapter’s new video!

Some of you may not know, next month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September). We are looking for people to submit videos simply saying ‘CRUSH KIDS CANCER’ or take a picture of you holding up a sign saying it. It would be awesome if you could do this individually, or get a group of friends together to say it, or even a pair! All videos or pictures need to be submitted by TUESDAY AUGUST 28TH! Please send videos and pictures to Allie at luckymusic94@aol.com

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And don’t forget to DONATE to Crush Kids’ Cancer now! Also be on the look out for our awesome raffles starting very soon at http://www.thekidschapter.org/ !

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One of the best parts of making this post is that almost everytime I clicked on one of the websites containing a link to Everybody Hurts, the Music Video started playing.

I love my job 🙂

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332 Responses to David Archuleta Thursday Post: PARTs 1 and 2: Everybody Hurts Music Vid, Worldwide Buzz! Your thoughts in words and pics, message about MySpace, Crush Kids’ Cancer Kids’ Chapter new vid underway!

  1. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    Good morning! 🙂 Thanks for the new post.

    I see that fans are still “reeling” from EH…a nice vid for an amazing song. I hope everyone continues to enjoy it.

    Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 146th day!!! Thanks you for the goodies, Pastel!!!

  3. sarahhazel says:

    Spanish BUZZ
    tuZonah Rumbera.com ‏@tuzonarumbera
    David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts (Official Video) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UrNy_YtMUo&feature=player_embedded

  4. VaBeachArchie says:

    Bringing this from the previous thread…Good morning FOD! Was late to the party last night because of work…but did to get to help out with the trending! But FIRST came my look at the Everybody Hurts video! It is FAR more then I ever exlected…from START to FINISH it’s AMAZING! Seeing David in the studio singing his heart out brought me to tears….and then every scenerio tugged at my heart! LOVED EVERYTHING! To David and everyone involved in bringing this to us…THANK YOU!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and all the gifts David has left us….WE ARE SOOOOO LUCKY!

  5. sarahhazel says:

    BUZZ from last night
    PlayMusicParade ‏@PlayMusicParade
    Cover: Everybody hurts – David Archuleta http://bit.ly/O3qF8A

  6. VaBeachArchie says:

    Pastel ..The post is beyond AMAZING So much to be thankful for in DAVIDLAND! THANK YOU for everything!

  7. sarahhazel says:

    BUZZ last nite
    American Idol Watch ‏@A_Idol_Watch
    #CelebrityNews #AmericanIdol David Archuleta “Everybody Hurts” Music Video http://dlvr.it/22Z71D #TeamFollowBack AINews

  8. sarahhazel says:

    ATRL Hot 100 ‏@ATRLHot100
    David Archuleta debuts music video off #3-peaking Internet Album “Begin.”. #EverybodyHurts http://youtu.be/-UrNy_YtMUo

  9. sarahhazel says:

    From “Billy” of NA
    Alwyn Uytingco ‏@alwynzky
    Hey! It’s JOSH!! My brother from another breed..er!! Hehehe @DavidArchie http://instagr.am/p/Oq7UBCFcBD/

  10. Fiona says:

    Oh my gosh! That music video is so beautiful. It brings me to tears everytime. We are so lucky to have David in our lives! Thank you Pastel for the lovely post!

  11. sarahhazel says:

    UberFacts ‏@UberFacts
    For every $1,000 in music sold, the average musician makes $23.40.

  12. sarahhazel says:

    Unión Promo ‏@UnionPromo
    David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts (Official Video) http://bit.ly/P2OjWd vía @ElCorilloRD

  13. sarahhazel says:

    CreativeDisc.com ‏@creativedisc
    Watch Premiere Video David Archuleta “Everybody Hurts” here: http://youtu.be/-UrNy_YtMUo #CDNEWS

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Hot Hip Hop ‏@HotHHWebsite
    David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts (Official Video) http://goo.gl/fb/XXD1W

  15. sarahhazel says:

    Watched it again and it still made me tear-up, dang….I’m probably really near menopause LOL

  16. Robin F says:

    What I love about the video is that it shows people being sad but in the end they are happy. Although everybody hurts it doesn’t have to hurt forever. I am still so amazed at his infinite wisdom and inspiration at such a young age. Thank you David for all you do for us.

  17. sarahhazel says:

    Can’t help it….shared the video on the FB page. Promote, right?! 😉

  18. sarahhazel says:

    meant…*my* FB page….

  19. sarahhazel says:

    From my fave YT commenter:
    David doesn’t just “tackle’ classic songs. He embraces them, respects them, and brings out every drop of potential in them.
    blisskasden 8 hours ago

  20. sarahhazel says:

    TheDatvientan 9 hours ago
    Kathyacmps in reply to TheDatvientan (Show the comment) 8 hours ago 2

  21. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    sarahhazel – lol, yep, I’ve heard that’s what menopause will do. I think I’m the only one who has not cried watching the video. It’s more inspirational to me than anything…life happens and we continue to move on. That’s the message of the song anyway so I wasn’t surprised or blown away that it was depicted on screen.

  22. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–I just got touched most by the soldier scene….maybe as a mother of a 25-year old son….it reminded me of the everyday casualties in the current war….a lot of them very young men…they didn’t have to be there IMO….& it breaks my heart every time I read something like that. Then David’s heartfelt singing added to that, of course.
    The 2 other stories, not much….but they inspired me too.

  23. sarahhazel says:

    Joni ‏@Jonerz
    I just played @DavidArchie’s new video of “Everybody Hurts” for the girls at work and now they’re all bawling. The boss is like, “WTH??”

  24. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – I agree. It also stood out to me because I married into a military family; my husband’s father, brother, and sister-in-law are all in the military and have all served several tours of duty. Also, I thought that the soldier scenario matched the depth of feeling in the song. The other ones, although relevant, lacked that depth to me.

  25. VaBeachArchie says:

    For me seeing David singing his heart out in his last studio recording for years.. was what hit me hard! Know he must have had some intense feelings about that too..knowing how much he loves to sing! Guess everybody does hurt….tears!

    sarahhazel and Martha…Thanks for bringing all the BUZZ links…really LOVE to see some EXCITEMENT out there for this video! Just hope it helps in the SALES department!! Still waiting for my last bunch of CDs from Walmart! hmmmmm Hope it’s today!

  26. VaBeachArchie says:

    ksf, sarahhazel…My husband was a Marine, but didn’t make it his career. Once a Marine always a Marine! Semper Fi!

  27. ksf says:

    VaBeachArchie – I agree. That could have been the whole video for me.

  28. ksf says:

    VaBeachArchie – my father-in-law retired from duty but still works as a civilian with the army although he doesn’t need to. My brother-in-law chose the Air Force and loves it. He’s wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy watching his Dad go off to the Persian Gulf War. His wife is in the army and is close to retirement. I think it’s something in the blood. I so admire their passion and courage.

  29. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the awesome Thursday post.
    Imo, the underlining message to the video is parting is hard, but it’s part of life. recognize it and move on..the hurt will fade. The video, to me, is even extra special because David did the video recording the day before he left.

  30. Martha says:

    Ivory Music & Video ‏@IvoryMusicVideo
    Get David Archuleta’s content as your Ringback tone and let your friends listen to his music while waiting for… http://fb.me/1CltY5V15

  31. Martha says:

    SORRY, MEANT TO POST THIS (haste makes waste)

    Ivory Music & Video ‏@IvoryMusicVideo
    Here’s the latest video from David Archuleta off his new album “BEGIN.” Don’t miss the big launches at Astroplus… http://fb.me/1cqLVEXcI

  32. VaBeachArchie says:

    ksf…I too admire those who have the passion and courage to make the military their career. Living her at the beach…MILITARY CENTRAL..we all know families with spouses deployed…or being reassigned. Tough on the kids…my Grandson’s best friend has both parents in the military. Both have been deployed at one time or the other…NOT at the same time!

    Off to check out that EVERYBODY HURTS video again….

  33. Candy says:

    Fifty degrees of Hurt… for me thats what the video symbolizes. That there are varying degree of feeling hurt; from a dad seeing his daughter grow up and have a new man in her life, a young couple going through having to say good-bye to the relationship they knew, to the soldier in the battle field longing to be home with loved ones. The video captured the different degrees perfectly! And when can hear and see the raw emotion David adds to the song…it checked all the boxes.

  34. angelbymyside says:

    Hello everyone 😀

    Pastel – Terrific post today!

    Whomever came up with the concept for the Everybody Hurts mv needs to be commended. It’s a great concept for the song…we will always have sadness and hurt in our lives but it will be mixed with joy and happiness too. I loved the three stories they chose to use in the video…very inspirational. The scenes that stood out to me the most were the father of the bride crying as he was sitting looking at the photo of his little girl, the boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands and saying a little prayer before she leaves, and the little boy stroking his mother’s cheek as she lovingly embraces him in her arms. The entire video was very poignant! Love it! ♥

  35. Candy says:

    Thanks for the great Thursday post Pastel. Look at that lead picture and how David has matured and grown….I had to smile, even his teeth look different. How lucky were we to have been able to see that change happen almost on a daily basis. I cant imagine how he will have changed and grown while he is away.
    Ray-something tells me you better order more of those crash carts and get them personalized before April 2014!

  36. angelbymyside says:

    Does anybody know the name of a program that can make a ringtone for your phone? I used to have one bookmarked but somehow I can’t seem to find it. I want to make a new ringtone using PRIDE (In The Name of Love).

  37. Candy says:

    Me too ABMS- I thought it was perfectly and tastefully done, each scene brought a different type of hurt..but the real message that their is hope if you hang on…was perfectly portrayed. Props to Team David, Kurt, Deseret Books and Jed.

  38. angelbymyside says:

    I hope somehow that David was able to see the finished product of the movie video….I think he would be very HAPPY with the outcome.

  39. jwipe says:

    Not only was David’s Myspace hacked, but it was by a Selena Gomez fan lol. Noticed that a few days ago when I got an email that David had a message on his myspace, and the message was to like Selena’s facebook page lol.

  40. Candy says:

    Oh I didn’t think of that…David not seeing the finished video…I too really hope somehow he was able to see the video, yes he would and should be happy.

  41. Robin F says:

    My husband spent 20 years in he Navy and I was an Army wife for 6 years so military life is definitely in my blood!! Always touched and grateful for those who serve.

  42. Candy says:

    Me too Robin, My hubby is a 30 year retired Senior Chief in the Navy. My mom was one of the Navys first WAVES, she met my Dad on board ship. So proud of all that sacrifice and serve.

  43. Candy says:

    Hi Jerry-I didnt even know myspace still existed!

  44. jeani UT says:

    I love the video. It was simple. I related to the dad giving his daughter away. My son is interested in a girl. My husband is gone and I’ll be facing a similar circumstance. It hurts to be alone.

  45. Candy says:

    jeani-I think that is exactly what they were trying to portray, there wasnt a mom shown in the video so maybe it was his only child and he will not only be facing the “empty nest syndrome” he might be doing it alone. Facing life alone can be scary no matter why or how it happened but if you hang on…it will get better. 🙂

  46. CM(YAKIMA) says:

    Oh Jean UT! I feel your loneliness!! Having just lost my husband in November!! The loneliness and pain is palpable and still so strong!! I try not to comment about it here so as not to bring anyone down!! LOVE the MV. I certainly feel it!!

  47. Good morning everyone. wanted to comment before i leave for work. Thank you pastel for front post.
    Sarahhazel, thanks for all the buzz you bring over, and for all the beautiful comments this morning about military lives and what they mean to each of you.
    I love this MV from David. I loved seeing him record EH. Just the emotion in his face when he sings. You know that he is feeling what he is singing.
    The military wife and mother touched me right away, and made me teary eyed right away.
    The father and bride was second. Maybe not a big deal to some, but it looks like he is alone, no wife that i see. Even if marriage is a beautiful occasion, It’s sad not to be able to share that with a special someone.
    The young couple, its sad but only for a while. They are still young and have a lot to experience. But yet, they still have feelings.
    This is just what i got out of Davids EH MV.
    Have a nice day everyone.

  48. Candy says:

    CM(YAKIMA) So happy you stopped by, I think of you often. I know there are many out there that feel the same as you..and jeani do.

  49. Jean/UT, i read your comment after i wrote mine. And didn’t know how to include that emotion into it.

  50. angelbymyside says:

    CM ~ So glad you stopped by to leave a comment. Don’t you worry about “bringing us down”….you could never do that.

  51. sarahhazel says:

    Back. Thanks for sharing your stories of being a part of a military family or know someone close serving. My hubby is retired from the Navy, and back then he was deployed in the ME during the Beirut-Lebanon war (11 months) and Operation Desert Storm in ’91 for a few months and was gone from time to time weeks-months, then we have to move to different stations every so many years. Separations are difficult, especially when they’re involved in a war or conflict.

  52. sarahhazel says:

    CM–glad you stopped by….missed you here.

  53. sarahhazel says:

    Disney Dreaming ‏@Disney_Dreaming
    David Archuleta’s Myspace Page Has Been Hacked http://goo.gl/W3D7w

  54. sarahhazel says:

    Ana Guillen Feleo ‏@anagfeleo
    it’s #Aladdin ‘s birthday today 🙂 #NAmemories 🙂

  55. bychance says:

    I love that this MV feels REAL. Not glamorous, or sexy…..just ordinary, real people going through real things that hurt. David is so honest and real himself, it is easy to believe him when he sings “well, hang on”. Love him!

  56. Martha says:

    jeani/ut and CM(YAKIMA) – I too can relate to the story of the father sending off his daughter. I have one child, a daughter, and my husband passed away Sept 2010. I love the soldier’s story, but the father with the daughter really hit me. But as time passes it gets easier and I look forward to a happy life. Thats what this song represents to me.

  57. sarahhazel says:

    From AFS
    PPSS. Here’s CJ Strong, the cutie-pie in the video! He’s @ceejsterr, on twitter.

  58. sarahhazel says:

    violet4ever ‏@violet4ever
    WOW AFS has behind the scenes of EH video stuff http://archuletafanscene.com/2012/08/22/everybody-hurts-new-david-archuleta-video/

  59. Candy says:

    bychance- that’s exactly what I love about it…the realness. They weren’t trying to dazzle us with ornate story lines or special affects, it was real people in real life situations.

  60. sarahhazel says:

    Jed Wells ‏@theJed
    Proud to have been a part of this. http://youtu.be/-UrNy_YtMUo

  61. sarahhazel says:

    LA PAGINA#1- URBANA ‏@estrenosnewcom
    David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts (Official Video) ► http://estrenosnew.com/pop/pop-videos/david-archuleta-everybody-hurts-official-video/ vía @EstrenosNewCom

  62. sarahhazel says:

    I love fanboys!
    Brandon Richardson ‏@BranRichardson
    I’ve been blasting @DavidArchie’s new album non stop since 9AM. Yes there are only 10 tracks. Which means yes, it’s been on repeat all AM.

  63. Martha says:

    From Spain:

    Josep Vinaixa ‏@josepvinaixa
    American singer-songwriter @DavidArchie premieres the music video of next single “Everybody Hurts” (@remhq cover)

  64. sarahhazel says:

    Yayy for all the Spanish buzz!!….he should make a Spanish album pronto when he comes back….haha!

  65. Ali says:

    Thank you so much Martha & sarahhazel for all the links you guys post! Its greatly appreciated because I wouldn’t know about a quarter of this stuff otherwise lol.

  66. Martha says:

    Ali – the world is a smaller place, he’s known, at least to some extent, all over.

  67. sarahhazel says:

    Ali–you’re welcome….it’s my favorite hobby. 🙂

  68. Martha says:

    This one either:


    Alot of these links are just the video, but it shows that it is being shown all over to whomever follows their blogs.

  69. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–find the buzz from Europe, aside from Spain…I know you’re a super sleuth! 😉

  70. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Where is that dum-dum reporter who did the review on Begin and said David put no emotion into the songs? He needs to watch the EH video, seriously. Even these screencaps I did ooze with emotions.

  71. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Screencaps on FB for Everybody Hurts http://on.fb.me/PJpJb6

    I’ll share them on Twitpic later

  72. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks, Janelle. Now, let me find that dum-dum writer you’re talking about!

  73. sarahhazel says:

    Sorry….*Janel*…..first time I spelled that wrong LOL

  74. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – I know there are fans in other European countries like Italy, Germany, Poland, etc. but don’t remember music websites posting items. I’m sure some might, will have to look out for them.

  75. Martha says:

    Found this from the UK:

    Latter-day Bookstore ‏@ldsbookuk
    Has anyone in the UK heard of this guy? His name is David Archuleta and he’s currently serving an LDS mission…. http://fb.me/2c75TuC6f

  76. sarahhazel says:

    This has probably been posted…but I’m bringing it back in cuz I love it…♥
    ….”David’s voice is one of the best in his generation and Begin shows that every song that he touches turns to gold. Grade: A-”

  77. angelbymyside says:

    cj strong ‏@ceejsterr

    #EverybodyHurts #stepstofame http://instagr.am/p/Op9BG8PkCv/

  78. sarahhazel says:

    LDS Living ‏@LDSLivingMag
    AWESOME new music video from David Archuleta’s newest album BEGIN. – a cover of the REM classic “Everybody Hurts”… http://fb.me/1Zjo98G3A

  79. sarahhazel says:

    TV Watch Online ‏@TVWatchOnline
    David Archuleta “Everybody Hurts” Music Video: http://ow.ly/dbqwj

  80. sarahhazel says:

    EH MV getting close to 20,000 views….hope it does soon!

  81. VaBeachArchie says:

    Thanks for all the links on the BUZZ you guys! David ‘s MV for Everybody Hurts seems to spreading world wide!! Watched it umpteen times…and will watch it a ton more!! The production is simple but yet perfect in getting it’s message across….love the photography …beautifully done! David’s voice was glorious …tying it all together! LOVE IT!

    Off to work! ENJOY BEGIN. and the EH video! Hugs to all!

  82. ksf says:

    tami lyn? Are you lurking?

  83. Martha says:

    Itunes Pop Album Chart:


    David is now #77

    I know its fluid but thats quite a jump. Hope it keeps going up.

  84. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–that’s awesomsauce!….what was the previous ranking?

  85. Am at work on cell. Loving all the buzz. I just love and admire our young man. Elder Archuleta your EH video is so beautifully made. Your Begin album is just the best

  86. ksf says:

    I still wonder why EH? Why not Broken since its an original? Maybe they wanted a song that was already well known and that would have a better chance of being successful if they ever decided to release it as a single…only reason I can think of. Maybe Kari will answer that question.

  87. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–good question & I don’t have a clue…..but crossing fingers for more MV releases….Rainbow or a few more songs from BEGIN…..keep dreaming, right?!

  88. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – It was #96 last night, then went to #102 this morning. From what Ali says, this is normal for it to jump around on Itunes. Two days ago it was #136.

  89. Amy says:

    So I was thinking, and I know everyone is excited for David to return from his mission and see him live again, but I really don’t think that he will do a concert for a while after he comes back. He will need to build up a bigger fan base again. Plus he will probably want to work on some new stuff before he does a concert. I’m thinking at least 6 months after he gets back.

  90. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – I refreshed the page and its now #74

  91. Candy says:

    Amy-I think you’re probably right…Im banking on Christmas 2014! He will probably have some projects in oh say the Philippines before then. 😉

  92. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–getting higher…YES!!!

  93. sarahhazel says:

    Amy–that would make sense…..I’ll just hope for a Christmas tour too. 🙂

  94. lct#DA2014 says:

    Wonder if David’s team is saving Broken for a promotion of Invisible children campaign in the spring? It’s incredible how much David did before he left. Trying to scour the internet to send the video to …..

  95. Martha says:

    cj strong ‏@ceejsterr
    I got 27 followers just today #davidarchuleta #begin #EverybodyHurts

  96. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Thank you, thank you pastel for your great post. I’m sitting back reading all the wonderful comments of Everybody Hurts . David is amazing and all the people involved did an amazing job. An excellent choice of separation circumstances of normal everyday life. Seeing David singing with all his emotions showing was what made the video over the top. I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing the ring on his right hand. He doesn’t usually wear jewlery except his watch or a little bracelet. Curious if he was wearing it for someone special.

  97. tami lyn says:

    hi ksf! i just got home. hi everyone 🙂

  98. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Ck, jeanie, Judy and Martha, and Linda I feel for you all. You are not alone. Love and (((((((hugs)))))) Please remember we are always here for you.

  99. Martha says:

    Thank you so much, sgj.

  100. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha HaHa That’s a riot about CJ. Just goes to show you everything is possible.

  101. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha Your welcome. We are all family here.

  102. ksf says:

    Amy – to be honest I hope you’re right. I hope that he takes time just to be with family and friends and just time for himself after being away for two years. Hopefully Christmas 2014 is the earliest we hear anything new from him. He is human, after all! 🙂

  103. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi tami lyn.. We are still spazzing over Everybody Hurts.

  104. ksf says:

    Hi tami lyn! Did u watch the vid?

  105. SGJ, thank you. I.m so happy for CJ, the young boy in the video, i think his career just started for him. He’s a cutie. I have to go back to work, but will be back for later comments.
    Are we trending something friday night. Just checking. will check for updates later.
    Sarahhazel and Martha, you guys are awesome, My goodness the way you find all there buzzes, I applaud you two. See Ya!

  106. tami lyn says:

    ksf- yes i watched it 🙁

  107. Ksf, i too believe he will take time off to be with his family. I think that it’s perfect that he does. Maybe by Christmas #2014, there will be something for us.

  108. sarahhazel says:

    CJ Strong is one happy guy right now.

  109. tami lyn says:

    hi sgj 🙂 i’ve tried to post this 3 times already

  110. sarahhazel says:

    Woohoo! 21,467 views for the EH MV!

  111. CJ you are one lucky young man. I think your career just started

  112. sarahhazel says:

    CJ could be really famous by the time David gets back…haha…. 😉

  113. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ sent u a dm on twitter

  114. Martha says:

    penciltopaper ‏@penciltopaper
    @kariontour @DavidArchie Love the inclusion of three different stories, and ahh footage of David singing in the studio… simply precious <3

  115. sarahhazel says:

    Ava Gurrl ‏@ava_flaaav
    there’s something so very wrong about them playing david archuleta in this victoria’s secret.

  116. ksf says:

    tami lyn – just responded to DM 😆

  117. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – lol! Hey…buzz is buzz! 😆

  118. ksf says:

    tami lyn – just sent you another DM

  119. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–true!…just thought it was too funny…..wonder what song?

  120. tami lyn says:

    ksf ~ responded 🙂

  121. tami lyn says:

    ksf~ sent u another one LOL

  122. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel ~ LOL 🙂

  123. Lucy says:

    Love love love the video! I think it’s his best yet, I too noticed that BEGIN is doing better on iTunes, 73 in pop and 468 overall. Two days ago he was in the 900s! Not that it matters a lot but it is nice to see!

  124. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – me too! I can’t really imagine any of his songs being used for VS! 😯

  125. tami lyn says:

    if VS is playing david’s songs then i will shop there! lol

  126. Martha says:

    Rebekah Savage ‏@Rebekahjo55
    I won this lil D at the UT fan dinner. My niece found it & was playing w/ it haha too funny! @DavidArchie @kariontour http://pic.twitter.com/OwHoUmRs

  127. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha.. That is so cute. Little Ava is adorable.

  128. bridget says:

    Dropping in to say I LUV the MV…pure David…voice and emotion!

  129. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–you should ask that person first which VS store it is!

  130. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–really cuuuuute pic there!

  131. tami lyn says:

    ksf- just now saw your responses in my e-mail! once again they are not showing up on twitter 🙁 i think too many people are on twitter now and things are getting weird and not working properly

  132. ksf says:

    tami lyn – yeah that always happens to me. Most of the time I just check my email first and respond that way. It seems to be much faster.

  133. Betty says:

    ksf, (at 1:46pm) just my opin….but Broken can be considered too political or controversial….There are many polarized feelings there….whereas in EH, everybody has had the experience of hurting at some point. And everyone can easily empathize.

  134. sarahhazel says:

    cadthu #DA2014 ‏@CADTHU
    Showed co-worker @DavidArchie EH music vid today. She broke out in tears. So did I! Thankfully no one walked into the office right then-lol!

  135. ksf says:

    Betty – I hadn’t thought about it that way but that’s a good point…I guess that could be the case. I noticed that our very own sarahhazel 🙂 has posed the question to Kari so maybe she will shed some light on the decision.

  136. sarahhazel says:

    Somewhat David….I mean, Josh-related…. 😉
    Jasmine Curtis-Smith ‏@jascurtissmith
    -sponsor me online at http://40hf.com/jascurtissmith 🙂 any amount would really be appreciated to help combat starvation in the world! Thank you 🙂

  137. kimk says:

    I love Everything Hurts.. and I miss David.

  138. sarahhazel says:

    Hispanically Yours ‏@HispanicallyUrs
    MUSICA: @DavidArchie releases the video for his latest heartwrenching single – a cover of REM’s “Everybody Hurts.” http://bit.ly/Q5O2lo

  139. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Pastel, just noticed at the top it said part 1 thursday’s post. What happened to part 2? LOL

  140. kmb says:

    Charlotte and Miss Vicki – Thanks for the well wishes on the last thread. I attend the University of Louisville and it’s been good but I’m excited to take a break from school after graduation. I’m not sure about grad school yet.

    I came by today to share what my mom said about BEGIN. We finished listening to it together on the way home from school today (I’d been through it a few times already but it was her first listen). She said it was a beautiful album and then summarized it as “songs of anguish that end because the Lord is on our side.” Isn’t that a PERFECT description of BEGIN? I loved it so I thought I’d share it with my wonderful FOD friends.

    And, lastly, where did some people find out new stuff regarding the NA DVD and what is it??? SO EXCITED if the release date is soon…..and if it’s not, I’m still excited!

  141. sarahhazel says:

    Continuation…… 😉
    David ‏@Seattle_D
    Playing Archie is never wrong. RT @ava_flaaav: there’s something so very wrong about them playing david archuleta in this victoria’s secret.

  142. ksf says:

    I wonder what songs David has written already…how many songs he WILL write while he’s away. Not that it’s David’s intention or focus but some songs have a way of writing themselves…the birth of our experiences. I wonder what experiences have already planted seeds that will one day become music that David shares with us?

  143. sarahhazel says:

    kmb–congrats on your graduation!….really love how your mom described BEGIN. 🙂

  144. sarahhazel says:

    There’s a Part 2 now on today’s thread!

  145. sarahhazel says:

    Phạm Hải Đãng ‏@anhtrai26
    @DavidArchie thanks for coming to the Philippines. Photo taken (July 20, 2011) =) http://pic.twitter.com/DZQ3Ewoc

  146. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Here are my screencaps, I know somebody else’s were shared above. First 28 pics in my Twitpic. http://twitpic.com/photos/Nellie1983

  147. sarahhazel says:

    Mega Music News ‏@MegaMusicNews
    David Archuleta versiona ‘Everybody Hurts’ de R.E.M. http://dlvr.it/22rBRm

  148. tami lyn says:

    just made an apple pie and went to throw away the empty apple bag and i looked to see where they were from and it said~ product of chile. made me think of david 🙁

  149. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks Pastel for the great post!! Both Parts :))
    Love all the buzz David’s Everybody Hurts Video is getting:)
    Donated to the Crush Cancer campaign. Still wondering if Pecan Pie ever got that hug David wanted to give her. Will never forget how many times he said “You’re Pecan Pie” and chasing after her. He has always been thrilled when fans help with causes.

  150. tami lyn says:

    i was trying to be productive and busy and not wonder what david is doing. why did i have to read the bag?

  151. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–Chile exports a lot of fruits so sadly, you might see a lot of them in the stores from time to time. On the upside, David loves fruits, so we know he will be glowing more when he comes back, with all the fresh fruits he’s been eating there. 🙂

  152. sarahhazel says:

    Heidijoy–can’t believe there wasn’t any ninja pic or video of that hug…..or maybe he didn’t get it?

  153. ksf says:

    janel – thanks for sharing. The emotion on his face is just stunning…wow. Beautiful.

  154. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–wow, that’s a lot great screencaps…thanks!

  155. sarahhazel says:

    Culturapop ‏@Soyculturapop
    David Archuleta estrena”Everybody Hurts” su nuevo video musical. ¿Qué opinan de este jovencito? Para los que no… http://fb.me/1ZYqvMhjj

  156. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel~ yeah 🙂

  157. ksf says:

    ROFL 😆

    You Archies should enjoy this video of Federer’s latest Lindt choc commercial. Funny.

  158. cq#DA2014 says:

    ksf, I so hope that with his life experience will come extremely fabulous music. I’m guessing that he is experiencing a lot of rejection, harsh living conditions and yes, loniness. Sometimes harsh realities become brilliant songs. Oh, btw, I hate to think of David having these experiences, I know that he is also experiencing extremely wonderful things, too, and I hope the great things outweigh the bad ones.

  159. sarahhazel says:

    Wish we could have periodic photo updates on David….so we don’t forget how he looks like….kidding of course…haha…..too bad David doesn’t want pics taken….except I guess the group ones with the other missionaries….but I wonder if there was a ninja photog at the train station “attack”?….hehe…..
    Is it 2014 yet?

  160. By chance says:

    Beth, if you’re here tonight……..just wondering how plans are coming for EH wing……..think I’m gonna need it. The more I watch the more it does me in!

    Oh, and can you make it connect to the Broken wing?……..it’ll be easier that way. Thanks, I appreciate it.

  161. Janel aka Nellie says:

    you’re welcome everyone!!

  162. sarahhazel says:

    ksf– 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I enjoyed it as u can see!!!

  163. Charlotte says:

    Hey all,
    kmb, you’re welcome. Louisville’s a great town. I have a brother there and fell in love with it when I visited him. If ever save enough for my own place, the Midwest is high on my list on places to move to. Cali’s way too expensive now. Loved your mom’s description of BEGIN, too. Still trying to find the right time to get my mom to listen to it and I’m formulating a plan for tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

    Since some of you were sharing your military connections, I’ll share mine. My grandpa(mom’s side) was an army captain in WW2, my dad was a naval radio engineer in the Korean War(he was 20 years my mom’s senior, so that’s how that makes sense), and two of my brothers, including the one in Louisville, were in the navy in the 70s. Also, my BFF from high school is married to an military policeman. Lots of military in my circle, LoL. Always support them.

    Janel, you’re a screencap queen 🙂 Gonna print a couple for my scrapbook.

    Very pleased to see how far reaching the buzz for the video is; US, Asia, South America, Europe. Our angel is everywhere 🙂

  164. sarahhazel says:

    A rockin’ Pride MV would be a really nice rockin’ change….I’ll dream on! 😉

  165. By chance says:

    Kfs….that is hilarious!

  166. By chance says:


  167. sarahhazel says:

    Fun day for the Pinoy Archies!
    Odysseylive ‏@odysseylive
    Were launching @DavidArchie’s new album BEGIN tomorrow at ODYSSEY @smmegamall! See you all!

  168. Charlotte says:

    ksf, didn’t quite see what connection Federer commercial has with David, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Roger’s a hottie 🙂 And I also LOVE chocolate 😉

  169. ksf says:

    cq – I agree; pain and suffering often does produce the best songs…just look at Adele, Jason Mraz, and countless other artists. I think his being away will mature him overall which in turn will allow him to write in a way that is much more real and honest and gritty.

  170. ksf says:

    sarahhazel & bychance – LOL! I couldn’t resist!! 😆

    Charlotte – no relation at all but too good to pass up, haha! I love chocolate too 🙂

  171. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey By chance! lol, The EH wing is being built as we speak & there will be a walkway that will connect the Broken wing & the EH Wing. It will have one of those moving sidewalks, so you can get from one wing to the other. We realize speed is of the essence 😆 Plans are also being drawn up for the Pride Plaza, the BRIDGE over Troubled Waters(the pond out back by the Beautiful rose garden), the Dont Give Up exercise room, the Cheesecake Factory Cafeteria(which is Somewhere Only We know, for now 😀 ), the rooms will be painted each guests True Colors & a music room with instruments, videos & cds from our Angel. Be Still My Soul will be played every Sunday 😀 (or, really, anytime you want to listen to it, because, well, just because)

  172. Charlotte says:

    ksf, if you’re as crazy for chocolate as I am, maybe we should start an Archies chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous, LoL

  173. ksf says:

    “Feder-er-er-er” 😆

  174. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–sign me up!

  175. sarahhazel says:

    Pinoy Archies ‏@Pinoy_Archies
    It’s finally tomorrow, Archies! Who’s excited? Which track are you looking forward to listen to? Please join… http://fb.me/1b7G7OMiB

  176. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, you are officially enrolled 🙂

  177. ksf says:

    Charlotte – yes!! Great idea 🙂

  178. CindyUT says:

    Beth ~ lol @ 7:12!!! 🙂

  179. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–Thanks!…..*listening to NEBTD while eating choc chip cookies* LOL

  180. Charlotte says:

    ksf, glad you like it. We’ve got three members so far(you, me and Sarahhazel) and the club is open to all 🙂

  181. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    CindyUT 😆

  182. Grace says:

    Hello FOD!
    Just stopping by to check out anything new in David land. Still traveling on my vacay.
    Thanks sarahhazel and Martha for info you posted!
    David’s new video, EH, is so real and moving. David’s voice is out of this world. Do you know if we can purchase the video on iTunes? I am still puzzling about the video release, though. What is the purpose of the music video when single is not on the radio? Just curious.
    Anywayz…. The missionary blog Martha posted the other day made my day. He is well and safe. Miss him so much. Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

  183. CindyUT says:

    Charlotte and ksf ~ if you start a chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous, may I join you’re group, too? I’m weak when it comes to chocolate.

  184. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, you’re welcome. I’ll have to bake a batch of my famous double chocolate chunk cookies for our first meeting. Chocolate chips and chocolate chunks, yummy 🙂

  185. By chance says:

    Beth.lol….is it true?! …..more than I could have asked for! sign me up!!!

  186. ksf says:

    Cindy – hi! 🙂 Welcome to the group!

  187. Charlotte says:

    cindyUT, absolutely. You’re all signed up 🙂 And I know what you mean. I can’t pass anything chocolate without taking a very big bite, LoL

  188. sarahhazel says:

    Wow, haven’t seen this recording of SNU….different from the 1st ones leaked….like it!

    (sorry…taking a break from listening to BEGIN.)

  189. Charlotte says:

    If you fellow chocoholics would like, I can set up a thread for us on my David message board(off topic area, of course).
    Let me know 🙂

  190. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    By Chance, lol, You’re all signed up 😀

    Hey Grace! Why a video?, well, it brings attention to the song, the cd, videos are the norm when releasing music, because David is too good to us 😀

  191. sarahhazel says:

    I meant SNY…..not SNU……but who cares…..haha…..

  192. ksf says:

    Charlotte – double chocolate chunk??! Oh my…they sound sinful… 😯

  193. sarahhazel says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA
    UPDATED @TDChronicles @DavidArchie’s Everybody Hurt MV – Compelling Imagery to a Timeless REM Song – screencaps & buzz http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/?p=29449

  194. CindyUT says:

    Thanks, ksf & Charlotte! Just today somebody at work almost “demanded” I take some chocolate from the office candy bowl. He said I wasn’t allowed to leave the office until I did. He knows I have a weakness for chocolate, but to be “threatened” to take a piece brings it to a whole new level. lol

  195. sarahhazel says:

    Need to open my Archuvault & play that little red CD again…..I love WFY.

  196. Charlotte says:

    ksf, they are sinful. I don’t even want to know how many calories they pack, LoL.

    CindyUT, that’s funny. Maybe he was wanting to refill the bowl with other candies. Nobody ever has to ask me twice if I want any when it’s chocolate 🙂

    Sarahhazel, thanks for the SNY clip. That’s great audio 🙂

  197. By chance says:

    Made brownies today and was only going to have one……..sheesh, don’t think I can do it now!!! But, hey….chocolate and David…….mmmmmmm……….heaven.

  198. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, David’s music is gonna one day be added to the list of music that is always listenable and enjoyable no matter how old it is. He’s timeless like that 🙂

  199. Charlotte says:

    Bychance, I heard that. A perfect combination 🙂 I’ll add you to our chocoholics list 🙂

  200. sarahhazel says:

    Some folks are planning a WWTT for the EH MV…..Everybody Hurts MV was suggested.
    We’ll see……

  201. CindyUT says:

    Charlotte ~ they had just refilled the bowl with candy…..hence the reason he was “demanding” I take some. He threw in a little bit of “temptation” in there, too. He can just be cruel sometimes. lol

  202. jazzy says:

    that Federer video was hilarious! I hadn’t seen it so thanks ksf 🙂

  203. sarahhazel says:

    By chance–brownies are the worst for me….no resistance!

  204. By chance says:

    Charlotte…thanks!! (I have no idea how to do a smiley face or I would add that!)

  205. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–yes, his music is timeless. 🙂

  206. sarahhazel says:


  207. Janel aka Nellie says:

    LOL Charlotte I don’t know about screencap queen. I just use the snipping tool on my computer. Easy as pie. I’ve seen a lot better screencaps than mine.

  208. Charlotte says:

    CindyUT, ahhhh, he probably didn’t want to be tempted himself 🙂

    Bychance, you’re welcome. to do smilies just type a colon(or semicolon for a winking smilie) and a parenthesis(the one above the zero key at the top of the keyboard). It’s very easy.

    Sarahhazel, brownies are a big weakness for me, too, but my biggest are chocolate cake(I’ve had one EVERY year for my birthday since I was 2 or 3) and any chocolate raspberry truffle from Godiva. Actually anything from Godiva period, LoL. My mom knows to get me that every year for Christmas 🙂

  209. Charlotte says:

    Janel, your screencaps are great and you do better that I could ever do. I have no clue with that kind of software.

  210. By chance says:

    Beth…..now I’m really gonna need the Don’t Give Up exercise room.

  211. By chance says:

    Oh, Charlotte …..you’re an angle! :). …..oh dang it. I’m on an iPad and there is no parenthesis above the zero……..but can’t wait to try it when I’m back at the computer! Thanks!

  212. Is this FOD comment page? Or did i make a mistake and am in the Chocolate factory?

  213. ksf says:

    jazzy – ur welcome 🙂

  214. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    By Chance, lol, me too. I’ve been on a chocolate kick for a couple of months, just gotta have it,lol. Trying to find not so fattening ways to get it 😀

  215. By chance says:

    Oh, it worked!! …..sorry everybody. I’ll get off now.

  216. By chance says:


  217. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Linda! Hahaha, we all love chocolate, what can we say 🙄 😀

  218. Charlotte says:

    Bychance, you’re welcome. If you want to do a grinning smilie, like in Beth’s post at 8:01pm, use a capital D instead of the parenthesis.

    Beth, how about chocolate yogurt(yoplait makes a yummy whipped version) or non-fat chocolate milk? Those could work for less fattening options 🙂

    Linda, you’re in the right place. We’ve just been having a little Chocoholics Anonymous meeting 🙂

  219. Elysian says:

    WOW!!! I am completely blown away by the Everybody Hurts MV! Beautifully conceived, beautifully executed! I love the different scenarios depicting “hurt” in its various forms, and to see David sing this gorgeous song, obviously lost in the emotion of the lyrics, makes the MV truly special.

    Like so many of you who have stated that the scenario that is the most emotionally compelling is the one in which the military mom who reunites with her young son, I too find that one the most affecting. It’s probably because my only child is a boy. The look of complete adoration on that adorable child’s face when he looks into his mom’s eyes totally melts my heart! Kudos to David and everyone on his team involved in creating this fantastic video!!!

  220. Beth and By Chance, i’m guilty too. Now don’t make me go out and buy a snicker?

  221. Charlotte says:

    Linda, welcome to our club 🙂

  222. ksf says:

    We all know how much he loves that song.

  223. Elysian says:

    Hey Beth, although I see that you are adding new wings to the Archuhospital to accommodate all of the new patients who are dropping like flies, bowled over by the awesomeness of BEGIN and the Everybody Hurts video, I think you should give some thought to increasing staffing levels as well. I recall that you had secured the services of Dr. Suess to help treat the hoards a while ago, but I think that the numbers warrant also calling on Dr. Oz., Dr. Phil, and for David’s four legged fans, Dr. Doolittle. 🙂

  224. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Charlotte, thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately, I dont like yogurt. I’ve been drinking alot of low fat chocolate milk, but starting today, I’m going to cut down on milk for a few days, to see if it will help my allergies, I’ve been so stuffed up lately. I like York Peppermint patties, they’re better for me than other candy 😀

  225. Elysian, and don’t forget the head of Archuhospital, Dr Archuleta, who is away for the moment but will be back.

  226. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Elysian! With the vast expansion of the Archuhospital, you bring up very good points, staffing has become an issue. Dr Schol has done wonders with the fine feathered friends feet, its tough for chickens to wear moonboots, wrecks havoc with their feet, but their walking on sunshine now 😀 We will be having staff meetings, accepting resume’s, etc…..We will take your suggestions under advisement 😀

  227. By chance says:

    Elysian…..couldn’t agree more!.. with both of your comments.

  228. Elysian i forget to say, that he is away, curing the , soul and bringing out the goodness in peoples hearts.

  229. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey Sarahhazel….I love SNY…..different pop kinda sound than what David is growing into now, but I still love it….BUT I LOVE NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO MORE……Such a fun, Jimmy Buffet feel to it….and I love the the lyrics……”You’re velvet on a red cupcake, the sound a violin and and cello make”……GAHHHHH…..Start singing that song everytime I’s in a grocery store or bakery and see a Red Velvet Cake…..OK….I know I am random….Just like David……..BYT what was all of this about David’s My Space being hacked….What did someone tweet or post……I sure miss out on a lot of things…….Miss Vicki

  230. sarahhazel says:

    LOL you guys are still in the ACA meeting???….brownies, choc cake, choc yogurt, choc milk…choc factory….could it be that majority of Archies here are certified chocoholics???…..Yup, need to add a new Archuhospital wing just for that!

  231. Frankie says:


  232. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki—yes, Jimmy Buffet feel….true and I love that song!

  233. Elysian says:

    Linda- If Dr. Archuleta was actually in, there undoubtedly would be a stampede of “patients” seeking treatment. LOL! If any of you remember Dr. Kildare, I always thought he was way too young and too good looking to be a doctor, even for a TV doctor. I prefer my doctors to be older and less hunky, like Dr. Welby! LOL!

  234. sarahhazel says:

    VakeoMusiC.CoM ‏@VakeoMusicCoM
    New post: David Archuleta – Everybody Hurts (Official Video) http://vakeomusic.com/web/2012/08/24/david-archuleta-hurts-official-video/

  235. Charlotte says:

    Beth, you’re welcome. Peppermint patties are better than some other kinds of chocolates. Lower calories than some and the peppermint is always good for the stomach. If your allergies are anything like David’s cutting back on milk might help. You could do chocolate soy milk, though. There’s also chocolate ice cream, too, in regular, soy and even almond milk based varieties.
    I also agree with Elysian’s suggestion for staffing the Archuhospital. Dr. Oz for cardiology(a must in this fan base, LoL), Dr. Phil for psychology(we can go see him on days we’re really missing David) and, of course Dr. Doolittle for our animal friends. Almond the squirrel and David’s puppy, Teddy, will thank you for bringing him on board.

  236. sarahhazel says:

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr
    David Archuleta song Broken from new cd BEGIN #2 Chart Central Voters Hitlist XL Aug 21-27 @kariontour @IvoryMusicVideo http://pic.twitter.com/NGxlrcz7

  237. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I’m back. Just came from dinner with family. So Beth I see your plans for the Archuhospital all all set. I love all the wings and the garden and exercise room. 😆 :lo: :lo; You are so clever. I love every inch of it. And I see we will need a “I ate the whole box of chocolate wing”!! Sounds like the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory in here. Looks like we need a CA twelve step program too. BTW ksf that video was 😀 🙄

  238. Elysian, you liked Dr Kildare too. Dr Welby was Ok but LoL! Kildare was my Dr back then.

  239. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    I want to be admitted to the Archuhosptial too….sounds like such a cool place to be….LOL…..Miss Vicki

  240. sarahhazel says:

    Wow, McKenzie is tweeting many more sites about the MV….what a go-getter!

  241. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    FYI, Tonight on NBC at 9:00 Central, theres a show called Mormon in America. Whether they mention David, I dont know, but I’m going to watch it, hoping its a good show, fair & honest. I dont have much faith in news organizations lately, they seem to have an agenda instead of telling us the actual news or stories or just general info.

    Hey Frankie!

    Elysian, lol, Good old Dr Welby 😀

  242. sarahhazel says:

    The Archuhospital is more like an Archuresort now…LOL

  243. Elysian says:

    Beth- I forgot that Dr. Schol is already a treating physician at the Archuhospital. An excellent acquisition for your medical staff. I have absolute confidence in your judgment in hiring only the most qualified doctors to treat the fan faithful! They deserve only the best!

    Linda- You are so right about David curing the soul and bringing the goodness out in people’s heart. Whether through his voice or through this compassion and desire to serve others, many lucky Chilean’s hearts will be touched by David.

    By Chance- Thanks! 🙂

    Frankie- HI there!!!

  244. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth I see on Channel 4, NBC Brian Williams is going to have the history, controversies and customs of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day saints. 10P.M. eastern time.Think I’ll check it out. It’s on a couple minutes from now.

  245. Charlotte says:

    Beth, thanks for the info on the special. Might just have to check it out 🙂

  246. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    As far as tv doctors, I loved Dr Joe Gannon on Medical Center (Chad Everett) I liked Dr Early & Dr Bracket on Emergency, but I really liked the two Paramedics on the show, never could decide which one I liked best,lol.

    Charlotte, Yes, peppermint is good for the stomach, learned that one, will think about the other options you mentioned, Thanks 😀 good thoughts on the Archuhospital medical staff too!

    Hey supergrand, well, I have a surprise, there will be a Chocolate Fondue Falls, operating 24/7 😀

  247. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Gotta share David story with you from work today…..We park in this huge parking lot and are shuttled in to work at my place of employment…..So today I am in my car just blasting David’s EBH and Pride and I am so into it……Then the shuttle bus arrives…….I get on the bus and several of my coworkers who really don’t know me well enough to know I am a David fan say……”Hey you were really jammin’ to some awesome music in your car…..It sounded GREAT….Who were you listening too?????”…….Well ,needless to say,…..I did some David promotion right there on the shuttle bus ….My coworkers all remembered David but were blown away by how mature and fantastic he sounded…….So proud to be a David fan…..Told them all about BEGIN….Hope they will go out and buy the album….. call it “My Kind of Marketing”……Miss Vicki

  248. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – just realized that you posted SNY. Thanks! Hadn’t heard it in a while…guess I’ll file it away under “Songs That Should’ve Been Released
    But Weren’t” — right next to Senseless, lol. I, for one, hope he doesn’t completely abandon a pop sound in the future. 🙂

  249. Elysian says:

    Beth- Oh, I remember Dr. Joe Gannon! He was kind of a tough guy doctor as I recall, just as likely to administer a punch in the nose as he would a prescription for an ailment. LOL!

  250. Hi! Frankie. I think after my chocolate rush, it will take me all night to comment on all these buzzes on EH MV. At least a few words on each. Just to let them know that Archie fans are supporting him.

  251. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Sarahazel….I’ll check into that Archuresort any day…..Miss Vicki

  252. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- I love your story and how you grasp every opportunity to promote David and his music! Well done!

  253. sarahhazel says:

    Woohoo!!! Chocolate Fondue Falls!!! So how are we suppose to get cured???

  254. sarahhazel says:

    Miss Vicki–that’s cool!…you are now awarded a gold-plated Go-Getter badge!

  255. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand & Charlotte, yeah, it could be interesting.

  256. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–I will be sad if he abandons POP totally.

  257. By chance says:

    miss Vickie….I love those kind of stories!……way to promote!!!!

    I’m saying goodnight, FOD friends. It’s been fun. sweet dreams.

  258. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnite, By chance!

  259. Charlotte says:

    Beth, OMG a chocolate fondue falls? You will never get me to leave at this rate.

    Gotta go as family time awaits. Talk to y’all later 🙂
    P.S. Miss Vicki, great job on the marketing 🙂

  260. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight everyone I’m going to watch the show. See you tomorrow

  261. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    sarahhazel, I dont think anyone is looking to get cured, just maintain 😆

    Elysian, My kind of Dr,lol

    Love your story Miss Vicki, way to promote 😀

  262. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – 🙁 I’ll go into mourning and wear sackcloth and ashes. Lol.

  263. sarahhazel says:

    “I have to wonder what kind of pain AND inspiration David Archuleta was feeling when he chose to record this song.”

  264. sarahhazel says:

    Beth–you mean….stabilized….LOL

  265. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–I’ll put on a black veil and hang all his pop CDs on my neck. 😥

  266. Elysian says:

    Beth- I agree, there is no cure for ODD– it is a chronic condition. The most that we can hope for is to deal with the symptoms so that we can function adequately in other aspects of our lives! LOL!

  267. Miss Vicki. i love your shuttle story. You can really promote.

  268. Elysian says:

    Goodnight By chance, sleep well!

  269. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – ROFL 😆

  270. tami lyn says:

    i think david is like most of us christians. he likes pop music and also traditional hymns. think he should continue on that path. how many artists do that? very few.

  271. Elysian says:

    Good night supergrandjudie! Enjoy the show! It sounds really interesting. I would love to watch it as well tonight but I won’t be home then. Hopefully I can see it on youtube.

  272. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–double ROFL to you….hehe…..(think I’ll just go to therapy instead)

  273. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – I’ll tattoo the titles of all of his pop songs on my forehead. 😯

  274. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–maybe he will create his own kind of pop/R&B sound….would love that!

  275. CindyUT says:

    Beth ~ it sounds like you’re going to need to add extra floors to the Archuhospital in addition to new wings.

  276. Elysian says:

    Well, I have to go too. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

  277. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–LOL are you sure???….that won’t look attractive….plus your husband’s gonna worry.

  278. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–or worse……he’ll take custody of the children…. 😯

  279. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnite, Elysian!

  280. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel- yes definitely some R/B too, jazzy stuff. he is great with that.

  281. tami lyn says:

    ksf- that makes me wonder if any fans out there actually have a david tattoo?? lol

  282. ksf says:

    sarahhazel – ohmergerd!! You’re right…maybe I should rethink that, lol!

  283. sarahhazel says:

    Concept Hunter ‏@concepthunter
    @ABSCBNNews new David Archuleta music video for Everybody Hurts featured on new album BEGIN. http://youtu.be/-UrNy_YtMUo

  284. ksf says:

    tami lyn – maybe my next one will be, haha!

  285. barbs says:

    I’ve been doing a bit of research and have found some interesting things:

    Sept. 2010-David signs with WEG, who employs Kari Sellards. Gina Orr, David’s Publicist, quits Jive and is not replaced.
    Dec. 2010-Jeff Fenster, David’s AR person, leaves Jive and is not replaced.
    Feb. 2011-David parts ways with Jive, after he refuses “offers”. David parts ways with WEG at the same time.
    July 2011-Gina Orr is listed as part of David’s management on TOSOD Asian Tour Edition. Kari Sellards acts as David’s Tour manager.
    Oct. 2011-Jive goes under.
    Feb. 2012-Gina Orr and Kari Sellards thanked on David’s Forevermore CD.
    Aug. 2012-Gina Orr and Kari Sellards thanked on David’s BEGIN. CD.

    I find it interesting how David dumped the albatross companies, yet kept key people working for him.

  286. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–tattoo?….hey, you’ll never know…..

  287. sarahhazel says:

    barbs–wow, interesting info….so what co. do GO and KS belong to now???

  288. frio says:

    just dropping in to say I agree with what someone earlier in the thread said about the Everybody Hurts MV showing different degrees of hurt. All types matter 🙂

  289. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    You’re all signed up for the Archuhospital,
    for incredibly extended stays 😀

  290. tami lyn says:

    ksf- yeah u should, then take a pic and send it to david! 🙂 he’s so strong and brave

  291. sarahhazel says:

    Oh my….getting late…..gotta sign out for now, guys!

  292. frio says:

    barbs, that is interesting. Am actually curious about this too. Was wondering about Gina…

  293. barbs says:

    Sarahhazel- As far as I can tell, Gina has her own company, she may manage a few other talents, as well as David, and I think Kari just works for David, though I could be wrong.

  294. ksf says:

    tami lyn – haha! In second thought the hubby might have something to say about that…lol.

    Goodnight Beth & sarahhazel 🙂

  295. frio says:

    oh, that makes more sense 🙂

  296. Ali says:

    barbs – love that list!!
    only thing i would add is that while david parted ways jive, he also kept a relationship with sony music. they sponsored parts of his asian tour, released tosod:ate, were involved with the impetus of david being in nandito ako, released forevermore and are now releasing begin in several asian countries. so yeah. looks like he is talented at keeping the good parts of things. 😉

  297. tami lyn says:

    ksf- oh yeah i suppose he wouldn’t be too happy about that! haha 🙂

  298. tami lyn says:

    wonder if gina and M know each other? gina also manages crystal bowersox

  299. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Hey barbs…..thanks for the timeline….David really knows how to market himself and surround himself with positive talented people……He will SURVIVE BIG TIME…..Night all…Gotta get up early….Helping to pack up my son and take him back to a new apartment with his friends at VA Tech this weekend…..Will miss him so so much this fall…..Miss Vicki

  300. Goodnight everyone, have a goodnight sleep and pleasant David dreams.
    I;m going to go down the list and add a little comment where i can. Alot of buzz to go through.

  301. josie says:

    Hello. Am busy with unexpected company, but wanted to stop in and say hi. 🙂

  302. barbs says:

    Ali- Good points:)

  303. Ali says:

    Comment from a non-fan dude after someone posted the EH vid on fb: “That Archie’s got pipes.”


    hello josie & barbs! just had to drop back in quick and share that. i don’t know why it makes me so happy when non-fans appreciate david, but it does. i’ve stopped trying to understand my insanity. i just embrace it now. heh.

  304. Betty says:

    Happy Birthday, Aladin

  305. Jhen says:

    Wow! couldn’t believe the location of Military was located in Utah, very realistic, look like middle east. The women soldier kid is also cute like David lol
    I guess the next MV we will see is Rainbow.

  306. ambber says:

    Hi Jhen, how is the weather, rain and flooding in Manila?

  307. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good mornng FOD! Summer winding down and all we’ve got is RAIN here at the beach! NEED that sun!!

    LOVE the BUZZ for the Everybody Hurts MV! David and his TEAM sure did a INCREDIBLE job! It exceeded any expectations by a mile!!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and BEGIN., forevermore and the Everybody Hurts MV! WOW! We sure have some FABULOUS music from David….what a GIFT!

  308. Miss Vicki DA#2014 says:

    Top of the Morning to you all at FOD…..Ready to move my son back to VA Tech today………Dad is driving the truck and I will be in the car with our son…..sure hope he lets me listen to BEGIN all the way to Blacksburg……..Have a great Friday everyone….Miss Vicki

  309. angelbymyside says:

    NEW THREAD!!!!

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