David Archuleta: BEGIN. Photo Contest Ends Today, Crush Kids Cancer Auction, BEGIN. Buzz, BEGIN. on the Radio, Fan Pics and Ponderings~


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David Archuleta BEGIN. ~cred MyMusicStore.com, TDC, & Original by Russ Dixon~

*Personal note~ I absolutely love this pic!! BEST. SMILE. EVER. :)*

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“More than anything else,  people will always remember you  for how you made them  feel.”    — Shadonna Richards

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BEGIN. To Inspire 

David Archuleta Inspires ~credit @PeacesignPam~

When you share your gifts with others, it BEGIN.s  a chain reaction for others to explore their own gifts, to dream new dreams, and to imagine new possibilities where only impossibilities used to reside. I wonder who David will inspire today? I wonder who you will inspire today?   ~And on just a light note, this picture is cuteness overload! Thanks Pam! 🙂
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A BEGIN.ning Point For David~ 

Photo credit/tweeted by @Y_J_fan

~David~ Focused and taking it all in. It was the BEGINning phases of Idol…Hollywood week I’m guessing~and what a great BEGINning it was for David, and for us!!!!

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BEGIN. Photo Contest: Last Chance!

Today is the final day (last chance everyone) for submission of your phoot into the BEGIN. photo contest sponsored by the OS team.

*Reminder* You can send in any photo that represents the theme or idea of BEGIN. to you so long as it meets the rules below. Example photos might include newborn babies, seedlings, kittens, first day of school, etc. Three “Staff Favorite” photos will earn their owners VIP t-shirts and bags from the “My Kind of Christmas” tour, and the sender of the top photo will also receive a photograph autographed by David!  Send your photos to contest@davidarchuleta.com by August 14, 2012 with your name and location, as well as a title or short description of your photo. ***CLICK THE GRAPHIC ABOVE TO HEAD OVER FOR FULL INSTRUCTIONS AND TO VIEW THE  ENTRIES***
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Crush Kids Cancer News

Click Below LEFT to place your bid on this GREAT signed TOSOD cd! Less than 2 days left! Click Below RIGHT  to learn more about The Kids Chapter to Crush Cancer.


Please consider a bid or donation, and THANKS to Ashley and her team! 🙂

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BEGIN. News and Buzz

We reported yesterday that BEGIN. was now available at Mymusicstore.com.ph, and would also be available (on Aug. 24th) at Astroplus and OdysseyLive.Net.  Today we know  that Singapore will  hopefully see the little green CD soon, too!

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A New Album From David Archuleta 

….Producer Kurt Bestor said he was impressed with how Archuleta made each song his own.

“Fans will love hearing David in a brand-new way, while others will gain a deeper appreciation for this incredibly talented young man,” Bestor said. “A voice like David Archuleta’s comes along so rarely, that in my more than 30 years of arranging and producing for singers, I have only met a couple that even come close.” ***


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BEGIN. on The Radio!

Thanks Martha for sending in this news!! ezRock 106.3 is located in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, Idaho! You can listen live! Click their logo to head to the station! Andddd they’re offereing a free BEGIN. cd to a lucky listener and caller #5!!

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BEGIN. On Linda’s Radio!!

Linda from Cali in comments shared her fun experience yesterday:

You go girl!!!!! If anyone else hears tracks from BEGIN. on your radio, please let us know! 🙂

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BEGIN. Chartings!



Many updates change hourly but BEGIN. continues into week 2 with nice placement on a number of sites!

 #3 currently

 #2 of all new releases!

 Currently #6

 Currently #14

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Art For The Love of Archie & Earth

@Nie_Archie is a very special young woman and David Archuleta fan from Indonesia. She initially wrote to us with interest in being considered for a (gifted) BEGIN. album, but she also shared a heartwarming story of how she shows her love and appreciation for David Archuleta! Here is Erni’s story:

Hai I’m Erni from Indonesia.. I really want to have or buy the original of David’s album Begin, but it was difficult to get this album in Indonesia. I’ve check in music stores, is David’s album has been available here? But it was not yet available in Indonesia. This made me very confused :(. There maybe ways to get David’s album to buy it like in Deseret Books, amazon.com, iTunes, etc. But the problem is I don’t have a credit card to pay it, and I do not want to burden my parents to buy this album for me. Because I know a lot of our family’s needs, especially for the cost of my college is expensive. So, I do not want to make them dissapointed with me..

As a form of my support for David, I like make the paintings of David. I make the paintings using of things which are not used anymore, such as glasses, papers, and eggshells. This paintings could be decoration at home, and can to reduce global warming.I will always support David as best I can. 

Hopefully with the “Begin gifting Campaign” could help me to get the original of David’s album. Because I was embarrased when having download illegally. It would mean that I do not support the sale of David’s album. I do not want that to happen :(. I wish I could get David’s album Begin, it will be the best gift I ever have.. 🙂
Thank you.. **KALEI’s Working to match Erni with a BEGIN. donor**

Click Erni’s  art to view it larger! IT’s really nice!!


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 Angel In Action ~ Thank you Cindy !!!

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Furry and Feathered Fans of BEGIN!

From  MaryLee:

I think Sugar (Kitty) sensed my EXCITEMENT the day my BEGIN CDs arrived..she  loves David too in her own way..heaven knows how much she has listened to his music FULL BLAST when it’s just she & I in the house hanging out together..lol  <—ummm gee MaryLee, I’d say your birdie also looks pretty happy to see your pile of treasure! 😉
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An Interview to revisit

David Archuleta B98.7 Q&A Pt 2: credit:15263457689

Insightful, wise David!! “You never know what life’s going to throw at you….I just want to keep learning about umm how I can be the most useful with my life..what will be the most useful not just for me but for others too, cause that’s what will last the longest…” 

Oh David, …there’s no one like you, even when you’re a little  rambly, you are so thoughtful  and sooo en pointe!! Until your return, thank goodness for these recorded interviews!!! I love revisiting them!  Thx to @nhien_ph for tweeting it out last evening!

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Song For The Day :TOSOD

I can’t get enough of BEGIN, but for now I’ll post a  non “BEGIN.” song. It’s one of David’s own most inspiring songs in my opinion! The Other Side Of Down..oh how I also LOVE  that song and album!!! ~credit for this beauty is to Jonerz in Myrtle Beach! (more sweet memories)

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Lettuce Boy Ponders BEGIN. 

Jenny (alias Lettuce boy) wrote us to share her thoughts about BEGIN. Thank  so much, Jenny!!

Dear Archies,
I can see that all of you, especially who already had a chance to listen to BEGIN. are feeling so excited about this. I read some reviews and thoughts on not only BEGIN. but also on David himself. I am so thrilled because they’re all like what I feel and what I wanna say. So I think it’s not necessary for me to write a review anymore, what I am going to write in the next few lines is just sharing the feeling that BEGIN. brought to me and the “place” that it led me to, somewhere only I know.

I recall when I first heard about his preparation of a new album before he went on his mission, I was so worried. As you know he spent so much time in the Philippines before that. Everyday then was like 20 hours of working per day to finish Nandito Ako and Forevermore album. When he got back to the US he rushed to complete BEGIN., he worked until the day he left. He had no time to take a rest, not much time for his family and friends. Why did he do all of this? Yeah I was worried at first but then I realized that he must have had so much to say in the next two years so he tried his best to do as much as he could before he left. And for such a short period of time, BEGIN. is not a bad product at all. It’s somehow completely different from the previous albums, it’s so inspirational, mature, and maybe spiritual, taking into account the cover picture and the booklet as well. Most songs are covers but they are all famous and great ones. David is a singer but he loves to listen to many kinds of music as well as other artists. Therefore he must have a really good knowledge and taste of music. Those covers show it all! Each song has different meanings but in general they convey a positive message about life, personality, relationships, God, and maybe about many other aspects that I may not be precise enough to realize at the moment. It’s been only two days since its release so I think time will give me more understanding about this album.

I was so thrilled that his vocal coach said that he recorded this album with his raw voice, there were not much technical touch. Yes I can see it clearly after listening to this album. There’s no way to be disappointed because his true voice is always the most touching. That’s why not until he came to Vietnam and performed live did I recognize the beauty of his voice. And frankly for some songs, I prefer his live versions. This album is just his live performance to me, bringing me back the feeling I got that night when he performed here. I am surprised, I am choked, I am amazed, and I am completely brought to, yes, as I told you, somewhere only I know. That place I can see the magic. That magic is so real that it let me see many positive things in this life. How many kind of lives in this world? You don’t know, I don’t know, David doesn’t know. What we know is that whoever you are, how rich or how poor you are, you should always live with the real you. Stay true to yourself, be who you really are, people will always see your true colors, your true beauty, in return you will receive their true and long-lasting love. In any circumstances, never give up, keep trying, you may not get the best, but you can overcome the hard time at last. In the mess of this life, you can always find the peace in your heart, it’s like you’re safe in the arms of an angel, throwing away every sorrow and sadness and that will bring back the spirit to you. You may be broke, but as long as you still have a smile on your face, you’re never broken. It’ll never be too late to BEGIN.

BROKEN, I must say, it is the most favorite song of mine so far. When I first listened to the snippet, I cried. It lasted just about 20 seconds, no clear meaning but the melody is so beautiful and touching. And after I listened to the full version, I can’t completely say anything. Those beautiful 4.29 minutes are dedicated to the Invisible Children. He’s such a kind-hearted young man who always think of others, especially those kids. This song reminded me of my charity trip to the children hospital in my city, reminded me of the poor disabled kid sitting under a bridge near my street, selling toothpicks everyday. They looked so miserable, I couldn’t stop my tears when I saw them. But I still see the smile on their faces. That’s when I truly understand the phrase “broke but not broken”. I hope that they would never give up and can get through all the troubles of this life. There are still many good people out there to offer their help. There are many beautiful artists like David out there to sing such beautiful songs to raise the spirit. I always not only support David but also support what he supports. I believe all Archies have the same feeling and opinion with me. Together with David we are making the world a Good Place.

To David: you hope that your fans could feel your heart through this album, I know all the fans do, I do too because I’m listening to BEGIN. not just with my ears, but with all of my heart.

Thank you for reading this. I know I’m kinda ramble, just wanna share a bit. I look forward to read more writings about BEGIN. from Archies!

Have a GREAT day everyone! I’ll update as needed!

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367 Responses to David Archuleta: BEGIN. Photo Contest Ends Today, Crush Kids Cancer Auction, BEGIN. Buzz, BEGIN. on the Radio, Fan Pics and Ponderings~

  1. Sharon Mc. says:

    Good Morning Everyone…..:)

    Thank you Joanie for all the specialness of the front page. I mostly lurk here…but I just had to come out and thank Jenny (Lettuce Boy) for your wonderfully written, heartwarming and inspiring “Ponderings” about BEGIN. I just cried real big tears reading this about David , BEGIN. , BROKEN and your innermost thoughts and feelings. Your heart is so loving and caring! It will be the highlight of my day!! It is long….but so worth reading to the very end. I hope that Kari will be able to show this to David. It is just so full of love!! 🙂

    Thank you Joanie for posting this, and thank you Jenny so much for sharing your heartfelt feelings ….so very beautifully! Big Hugs….(J)

  2. kimk says:


    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    @DavidArchie’s rockin’ it \m/

  3. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 139th day!!! Thank you, Joanie for a super wonderful Tuesday post!!!
    Great that some radio stations are playing David’s music!
    Fantastic article from Deseret News….love what Kurt Bestor said about David!
    BEGIN. still doing well in the retail sites! Yay!!!

  4. MunkFOD says:

    Good day FOD family!

    Jenny! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. They are wonderful!
    Joanie! Thanks for the wonderful post today! You did an awesome job! It is much appreciated!

    Hope you all have a great day! BEGIN. is truly a gift! LOVE IT SO MUCH! 😀

  5. kimk says:


    DavidArchie’s chick ‏@davidschickipoo
    Pic of the Day: I like @DavidArchie’s bashful smile here on the CFTH tour at Santa Rosa, Nov 2009

  6. sarahhazel says:

    Cute gif from Sam! Love rockin’ drummer boy David!

  7. jhen says:

    Nice Beginning point picture of David. His face doesn’t change much. David is so bless to have youthful face.
    Very artistic art of David Indonesia fan Erni.
    Shanny- David is very appreciative person, I’m sure he will be happy to read our postcards and letters.

  8. Lucy says:

    Good morning! I was just checking where BEGIN is on the overall chart and it’s nowhere to be found!? It was 71 last nite and this morning I can’t find it. It’s 17 on pop. Hmmm.

  9. sarahhazel says:

    This is so cool! Click on arrow for more pics!

  10. kimk says:

    Lucy #17 Pop itunes is great thanks!

  11. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOL…you read my mind!

  12. kimk says:

    sarahhazel 😯

  13. olemr2001 says:

    Lucy, I found BEGIN. at #110 on the overall chart at the iTunes store.

  14. sarahhazel says:


    OK I’m done with that one…..Just go there, it’s cute!!!

  15. kimk says:

    sarahhazel ha we are ARCHIES.. but of course!

  16. kimk says:

    cracks me up.. his scruffiness combined with that gorgeous baby face of his!!

  17. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–he carries scruffiness really well.

  18. sarahhazel says:

    I’m confused with BEGIN.’s rankings on the iTunes albums.

  19. sarahhazel says:

    confused *on*

  20. Thank you Joanie for posting my excitement yesterday on the front post. It was a special day. If i hear anymore i will share. Sorry for the caps, was in a hurry.
    Jenny what a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Loved it.
    Were still charting except that we are dropping. I guess it was expected.
    Does sales in the Phils and Indonesia count here in the US.
    Have to get ready for work, but will check in later, have a nice day everyone. Hope we have some good news today, but any news about David are good news.

  21. olemr2001 says:

    sarahhazel and Lucy, I checked again just now and it is now #112 on the overall chart at iTunes. (I found this chart by going to the iTunes store, scrolling down until I saw Top Charts, then Albums under that, and I clicked on “See All.” That led me to what is presumably the current list of the Top 200).

  22. sarahhazel says:

    olem–thanks for the info!

  23. kimk says:

    Joanie thank you!! love that pic of David waiting for his turn.

  24. Lucy says:

    Thanks guys! I looked again and found it at 114, I have an iPad and it wasn’t on the overall list for a bit. I wonder if he will be on Billboard? Have a good day all!

  25. sydnie says:

    Joanie great post full of fun & intersting info, love every bit, thanks so much! Erni’s quite the artist, very creative! Looks like Marylee’s birdie & kitty are coexisting well haha, how cute!
    Hello everyone! Great to see BEGIN. doing so well while D is a missionary now in a foreign country & no where near the showbiz scene! Very impressive it’s even charting anywhere at all with zero promo! 😀
    Linda, great job in getting a spin out of your DJ! 😀

  26. sarahhazel says:

    sydnie–just very glad it is selling at all….without him here and no big nationwide promos!

  27. sydnie says:

    Janel, just got caught with the last thread & you’ve got mad arts&crafts skills, should start your own business haha! Have a great time at the get together, can’t wait to see pics! 😀

  28. Grace says:

    Morning FOD!
    Thanks Joanie for the wonderful post!!

    Just want to share on gifting for an international fan via US iTunes. She was able to create a US iTunes account and then entered the code off an iTunes card I sent her in an email. She emailed me back that it was a successful download! This method is very easy but you just need to trust your giftee that she would use it for BEGIN. Her downloading would count in the next week’s US sales.

    But I heard that most of giftees want a physical CD. I want to hear how you gift physical CDs overseas with expensive shipping. If physical CDs are available in their countries but can’t afford to buy, would it be better to send money like money order instead of mailing a CD? That way, you spend less money and more gifting opportunities for other giftees?

  29. sydnie says:

    sarahhazel, isn’t it the truth! 😀 I’m not sweating sales at all this time, quite sure BEGIN. will more than break even with little overhead & be profitable! I remember from his prior CDs that DB sales don’t count & not reflected in the BB total, and DB represents the majority of the sales this time I believe? Most importantly, we have this amazing cd to enjoy! 😀

  30. sydnie says:

    Grace, I’ve gifting to foregin countries since the debut cd, it’s around $6 & usually between 7 to 10 days for shipping! I’m I’m SF FYI.

  31. tami lyn says:

    good day everyone 🙂 wonder how david is surviving without his phone and the internet? simply cannot imagine my everyday life without these 2 things. hope he is ok.

  32. Martha says:

    sydnie – where are you buying your cds to gift internationally?

  33. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–It’s quite a sacrifice for him to do that…& pretty sure it was really difficult at first…..but it’s part of his mission.
    Remember back in the day when we didn’t have cellphones, pc, GPS, internet & all these social media stuff? Seems like ages and ages ago!

  34. Martha says:

    sydnie – sorry, and to what countries are you sending?

  35. Anita says:

    Good morning everyone! Thanks Joanie for the marvelous post, and for finding the Hollywood Week picture. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it before! The post couple of days, Don’t Give Up and SOWK have been in constant rotation on my Ipod and CD. I saw yesterday that someone said David’s vocals on DGU are delicious, LOL! That’s an excellent word to describe it I think! I also love to listen to Libbie’s parts. She’s got a lovely voice. I’ve listened to the Peter Gabriel and Kathy Bush original version, and I don’t like the instrumentation of it. It’s rather bleh and uninspiring to me. Whereas David’s version is so beautiful, rich, and stunning! The guitar sounds gorgeous to me!

    David’s vibrato on SOWK just kills me! WOW!! This song really captures David’s journey over the last 4 years. He’s had his struggles radio stations not playing his songs, people trying to put a stop to his MKOC tour, etc. Now, he’s begun a new chapter in his life by serving the Lord for 2 years. I appreciate David recording this song even more than I originally did. It’s almost as if David actually wrote it.

  36. sarahhazel says:

    lovefrommich ‏@lovefrommich
    I made an archu calendar! @kariontour @davidarchie I love it! http://pic.twitter.com/r7noLsFh

  37. Grace says:

    sydney, just $6? I remember when I ordered Forevermore from Astro, it cost as much as the album. Anywayz, I am thinking what would be the best way to send out internationally.

    I am still kinda sad that big retail stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Kmart don’t sell BEGIN in my area. Best Buy said their store is too small to carry variety of CDs and Walmart had only one CD from the start which was purchased by me. They don’t have the CDs yet as of yesterday. BEGIN is missing great opportunities for sale at retail stores.

  38. Hello everyone! Getting ready for houseguests! One thing about living at the beach, you have alot of visitors! LOVE it though!

    THANKS Joanie for a SUPER post! Really LOVED all the David goodies, thanks so much to all for sharing with us! Glad that BEGIN. still is doing well…waiting for some to come to the beach…Aug 20th Need more !!

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and BEGIN.!! A SPECIAL gift from a SPECIAL young man! THANKS DAVID!

  39. sydnie says:

    Martha, I order my CDs from amazon & Walmart, target……I’ve sent them all over the world, southeast asia/Asia , eastern europe, etc….same shipping $!

  40. Martha says:

    sydnie – thats great! I was wondering about extra fees like import fees, but apparently not. $6 isn’t bad

  41. sydnie says:

    VaBeachArchie, did someone mention houseguest hehe….I know what you mean! 😀

    I’m sending D a thank you card to show my appreciation for BEGIN. 😀

  42. Grace says:

    David Filice ‏@davidfmusic
    @happyforBEGIN hi! Always nice to hear from @davidarchie fans on here. Hope you are enjoying his new album

    David Filice ‏@davidfmusic
    @happyforBEGIN just heard about it. Haven’t heard it yet but I will.

    I want to hear more from his friends.

  43. sydnie says:

    Ugh ‘s’ iPad’s annoying me this morning, blaming typos on the machine haha!
    Martha, nope no other fees unless you want tracking then it’s a lot more expensive!
    Hopefully D’s team’s working on getting the big box stores to stock BEGIN. & CFTH for the holidays!
    K, must get to work now! Bye all! 😀

  44. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel- yes exactly lol! i cannot remember what i did before the internet! and since it is the only place we can talk about david and see his beautiful face when it goes down it’s like he doesn’t exist 🙁

  45. I heard Beautiful by David archuleta on my radio again,this morning. Needless to say, I had a nice ride to work this morning.

  46. tami lyn says:

    linda- that is so awesome! what a nice DJ. too bad they aren’t all like him!

  47. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–I know what I did–more chores, projects and really important things I was supposed to do….haha!
    Well, that was before David and AI….but I know even without all the tech stuff….I’d still have ODD…LOL

  48. sarahhazel says:

    Linda– 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel- yeah i can’t remember what i did every day before david and idol season 7! must have been reading or watching TV or blabbing on the phone alot lol!

  50. Anushka says:

    Grace – gifting international fans using itunes
    Any one can create a US itunes account as long as they have a US address. After that person creates a US itunes account you can gift the album to that person just like you would gift anyone that lives in the US. That way the sales are counted in for the US charts :). As long as the person your gifting to has a computer she can download and burn a CD using itunes. so she can play on a CD player even if she does not have an i pod.. Little more work but you save money and the sales count for the US charts. 🙂
    I live in Sri Lanka so I use my uncle’s US address and he brings me a gift cards when he comes 🙂

  51. Grace says:

    Trent Toone ‏@tbtoone
    @DavidArchie has a new album out, he recorded it before leaving on his mission to Chile. Learn about it… http://fb.me/1FlEQgw9H

    This guy had a nice interview with David, right? At least, he gives a promotional shout-out to David.

  52. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–did watch TV more then….there was a time I got hooked on daytime soaps!

  53. Grace says:

    So they need a valid US address to create a US iTunes account? That doesn’t sound easy. What if they know no one in the US?

  54. sarahhazel says:

    Grace–no wonder his name sounds familiar.

  55. sarahhazel says:

    Anushka–Hi!…interesting info you have there…will be helpful for overseas fans who have relatives or people they know who will let them use their US addresses.

  56. Grace says:

    sarahhazel, ya, nice guy.
    I haven’t heard anything from David’s celebrity friends who I tweeted to. lol.

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Grace–hopefully they will, later on.

  58. nora says:

    sydnie-I thought somebody in yesterday’s comments said that they checked with Deseret Books, and they said they send a total of sales to Billboard, maybe I’m mistaken but that is what I thought they said.

    I hope everybody is voting on Wise Radio, he is like 2,000 votes behind . If you can try and throw a few votes to him. can’t believe he is losing to Didi Benani?

  59. I watched a lot of tv. Novelas. Now not so much. Actually I’m thinking of buying a new comp. Well put it on lay away. I have met so many nice and generous people here on the internet. Yes I mean all the archies on all the sites. But mostly here on FOD. You will have to run me out because I’m not going anyplace, unless the good Lord has other plans for me. Hope he doesnt for quite a while.

  60. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel- yes lol! that’s what i was doing! used to watch Y&R, amc(canceled) one life to live(canceled) bold&beautiful, and days of our lives! after amc(my fav soap) was canceled i kinda stopped watching TV cuz i was soooo mad at ABC! lol and oh that’s right, i used to chat on the soap boards almost all day, then those got taken down and i was so upset about that! wwow how quickly one forgets lol! i used to be so crazy in love with michael e. knight(tad, amc) and vincent irizarry(david, amc)! thanks for reminding me. good times lol 🙂

  61. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–LOL…all those soap characters….I only watched All My Children, One Life TL & GH (my fave then)….I think I lost interest when I discovered David on AI.

    Linda–you too?…..haha….but I’m with ya….not going anywhere either….#DA2014

  62. Anushka says:

    I was just trying to make an itunes account without an address but you can’t 🙁 So I guess its only an option for people who knows someone that lives in the US thats willing to allow them to use the address and phone number.. having multiple accounts for the one house is not a problem though coz as far as 3 of us use my uncle’s address for 3 different accounts 🙂

  63. Anita says:

    Linda-That’s soooo wonderful the DJ in your area played Beautiful!

  64. janey says:

    Grace, with packaging and shipping, it costs about $5.00 to ship BEGIN. to the Philippines or Indonesia. Those are the 2 countries requesting most often. I’ve also shipped to different countries in South America, and it’s about the same.

  65. sarahhazel says:

    johanna ‏@Caskett_Rizzles
    I don’t know why but last few days I’ve been listening David Archuleta. He’s songs are not my usual choises but I got to say he is good! 🙂

  66. kimk says:

    Patty Ann translated this!!
    it is from his momma LUPE talking about BEGIN and David!!
    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.. made me tear up!

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie
    wow great article in spanish but this is the google translation


    The fruits of the efforts of the musical star, David Archuleta, weeks before going to provide a proselytizing mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came to light this past week.

    This is his latest, which was recorded weeks before taking the missionary training center.

    With this album, Archuleta, gives a gift to his followers and strengthens their love and passion for music and its appreciation.

    “It was hard work that it required a great effort,” said Lupita Mayorga, mother of musical idol. “He gave all his efforts and his whole heart.”

    He worked long days, not just memorizing the songs, but each practice, as his mother says, rehearsing until his voice gave him no more. “For him it was very important to make this gift to his beloved public and remind them that love music and never will. That he will keep singing, “says his mother, very proud of the fruits of labor of his son.

    Lupita recognizes that David is a very responsible young man and would do anything to achieve their goals.

    “Besides being a very responsible young, very talented, and that helped him in this great task, which I did not know like,” he adds.

    Lupita is very exalted of the decision that your child took, because it is a once in his life and although she misses him, he knows what is best for him.

    “Very soon, when his mission, we will have him back among us singing, because music is his life.”

    The album

    The songs on the CD, were chosen very carefully by Archuleta, in order to be a source of inspiration, hope and spiritual connectivity.

    The new album contains popular songs such as “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, “Bridge Over Trouble Water” by Simon & Garfunkel, “In the Name of Love U2 and a song that never before heard, written by Archuleta himself, called “Broken”.

    “Fans will be delighted to hear David in a totally new, while others will gain a deeper appreciation of this talented young man,” says producer Kurt Bestor.

    He said a voice like Archuleta appears so infrequently, that more than 30 years of organization and production for singers, has only met a couple that even comes close.

    “What really surprised me and amazed me was how David was able to do these songs with people as diverse, and can not be compared, although they have been written and sung by a disparate group of singers in a wide variety of styles, his voice wonderfully merged each of the styles and songs.

    According to Archuleta left a video pre-recorded, the new album has songs that are relaxing, enjoyable to listen to because he wanted as he entered this new phase of his life, his fans would understand the reason for their decisions , and why are they so important in your life.

    His followers

    As soon as the album was available to the public, comments flooded social networking. Comments like, “I can not stop listening to” BEGIN. “David … I definitely loved it! Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I can feel the feelings of your heart and passion in each of the songs. Truly, you’ve spoiled your fans. ”

    Another comment says it’s an album that has filled your heart, and that has motivated him to do something beneficial to anyone.

    David Archuleta’s voice continues to amaze. It’s impressive how he could capture their emotions and feelings through the lyrics of different songs that are playing.

    David for his followers

    Wow, I can not believe that the release date of the album “Bigin.” Has finally arrived!

    There was so much to do in so little time, but I needed to let my fans know how much this album means to me. It is certainly an album that has been made against all odds, but made for people who have meant so much to me, and one way, so to speak, to bring them to live in the moment in which I am currently. These songs have a reason behind them, and I hope that through this album can better understand why I’m here in my mission.

    Many thanks to all who give me their support. I hope you can feel the heart that is in each of these songs!

  67. Was there a message from lupe. Saw something on tweeter. Am at work and can’t check it out. Think it was under pastel. Can someone check it out.

  68. kimk says:

    here is the original link for the article above!! 🙂


  69. kimk says:

    lol I am a mush mess.

    loved that article!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–thanks!…(excuse me while I stop these tears)

  71. sarahhazel says:

    “He worked long days, not just memorizing the songs, but each practice, as his mother says, rehearsing until his voice gave him no more.”

    Dang, I. CANT. EVEN….

  72. angelbymyside says:

    Just when you think you can’t love and admire him any more…..boom you read something like that!!! <333 *tears*

  73. kimk says:

    sarahhazel and from his momma. I know I CAN’T STAND IT!! ahh!!!! he is just the BEST!!
    oh his momma is too!!!

  74. sarahhazel says:

    Yes, we love his momma too!

  75. angelbymyside says:

    Kids are missing out on a wonderful experience!!!

    Record Store Day ‏@recordstoreday

    Just saw a statistic that 63% of teens 13 to 18 listen to their music primarily through YouTube. That’s just sad. We must help them.

  76. WhY a beautiful message. Gracias,lupe Que Dios me la bendiga a usted y a si hijo David

  77. sarahhazel says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    My sis and I are taking mom to see Hope Springs. Looks like a cute movie. I wonder if I will hear the ad for BEGIN. like some of you have?!

  78. lct#DA2014 says:

    This is why we’re still here voting, gifting, commenting!!! This brought tears to my eyes! He worked so hard that I feel the least we can do is continue to keep his name out there – and shout out to the world about what they’re missing!

    Do vote on all things David!!

  79. sarahhazel says:

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    David Archuleta’s “Somewhere Only We Know” from his BEGIN album has an LSS-quality. I hope @gossipgirl uses it as part of their OST.

  80. We must try to keep Davids name out there until he gets back. We can do it somehow. Also vote on everything David. This message from lupe gave me a boost. lupe we will do what we can to keep Davids hard work not go in vain.

  81. sarahhazel says:

    MyDear Writer ‏@MyDearWriter
    The song BROKEN [by David Archuleta] on the other hand is perfect for the series @CrimMinds_CBS or @CW_VampDiaries #OfficialSoundTrack

  82. sarahhazel says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Just wanted to wish @Nellie1983 and everyone heading to Simple Thai a wonderful time. I love that you guys are getting together. Have fun!

  83. angelbymyside says:

    Great video 😀


  84. tami lyn says:

    angel- thanks for sharing 🙂 i always think of david whenever i hear that song!

  85. NorthCarolinaGirl♥Marylee says:

    “Very soon, when his mission, we will have him back among us singing, because music is his life.”

    So touched by Lupe’s words in the article translated/shared above. The dedication that David showed to his fans just before departing for his Mission is undeniable~so many other things he could have been doing & yet he thought of us ~ *tears* God Bless You David Archuleta ~I can never say that enough.

    Great post Joanie & BTW folks..the birdie in the picture I shared above is CERAMIC lol ~given to me by my G’son many years ago..a treasure.

    Have a lovely afternoon & evening you guys ♥

  86. sarahhazel says:

    Joan Bernal ‏@chunnie210
    David Archuleta returns from his mission is in 594 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes http://mycountdown.org/

  87. kimk says:

    Rachel Selke ‏@brookedavis421
    David archuleta is my artist of the day.#sexyvoicedmen


  88. Joining in on the tear fest …that article sure brought the tears! He is just AMAZING! No words …..

    Listening to BEGIN. I came to the conclusion that David NEVER sounded better…and the production was AWESOME! David’s voice clear and front and center…like LIVE! Ohhhhh….can’t wait for that day…DAVID LIVE!

  89. sarahhazel says:

    Barb W ‏@EL_FOD
    @Mix94.1 How about playing some @DavidArchie (David Archuleta) BEGIN. – new album of great cover songs…Angel, Beautiful, etc. Thx!

    Barb W ‏@EL_FOD
    @Mix941Canton : Would love to hear some of David Archuleta’s new album BEGIN.

  90. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–David’s voice + Kurt Bestor’s arrangements=Perfection

  91. They are playing In the name of love on radio right now, by David Archuleta. I just died and went to heaven.

  92. Reine says:

    Linda what radio station played it here in california?

  93. nora says:

    David worked so hard to leave us with all the music he could, because we mean so much to him, I hope he realizes how much he means to us, we are so fortunate to have such a loving, caring person, I don’t know of any other artist that has given so much of himself to his fans, just when you think you couldn’t care any more this pops up and his Mom, Lupe is wonderful too just love the both of them. Am in tears just writing this. I agree we should do anything to keep his name out there, I think we have done a good job so far, and sure we will continue.
    Keep voting all things David!!!!!!BBL

  94. Grace says:

    janey, thanks for your answer. $5 is not bad at all.
    Anushka, good that you have relatives living here. I wonder how other international fans with no relatives here handle that when creating a US iTunes account.
    kimk, thanks for the article. Good find!!

  95. Thank you to those that emailed him, I’m sure he appreciated it. Maybe he will play more of his songs. So far he has played Beautiful and pride

  96. olemr2001 says:

    From HDD (Final)

    31. David Archuleta BEGIN. Highway — 9150 “power index”


  97. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Wow, love all the things Lupe said about David. Tears!!! Just give us more reason to adore him, love him and miss him like crazy!

  98. Reined, its my local station here in Blythe, Calif. KJMB 100.3. I asked the dj before cd came out if he would play davids songs, he said yes. He liked David ever since Imagine.

  99. Anita says:

    kimk-Thanks so much for sharing that article. David surely gave BEGIN. and his fans all he could. Gosh, I’m proud of him. David just knows how to pull at our heart strings!! We are all certainly lucky!!!! This makes me want to continue to support David and BEGIN. in any way I can. David so much more than deserves this!

  100. kimk says:

    over 9000.. wow that is better then I thought!
    especially for someone who isn’t even here!!

  101. Reine says:

    David did great-Nice to see his name in the top 50

  102. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–9,150 is not bad , when they said it might go 5000 or something like that…and no big promo in the US…….hopefully will continue to sell!

  103. sarahhazel says:

    Lisa M_#DA2014 ‏@lizmag3_DA2014
    @AMC Will see an increase in movie sales due to Archies just wanting to hear @DavidArchie’s song & BEGIN. promo #notthereforthemovie LOL

  104. sarahhazel says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    Just leaving the movies @AMC and heard Beautiful by @DavidArchie and the promo for BEGIN. So proud!!

  105. sarahhazel says:

    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie
    I seriously need some @DavidArchie music from his new album, BEGIN played on some NYC radio stations. That album is ridiculously great!

  106. kimk says:

    sarahhazel yup no promo outside of the movies or Utah I think pretty darn great!!
    looking forward to be able to go to the store and buy one soon too.
    hopefully on the 20th at my local Walmart!

  107. sarahhazel says:

    Serena Marie ∞ ‏@SerenaAllstar
    Why are all these people all of a sudden finding my David Archuleta tweet & tweeting me about him? I was just wondering, idc what hes doing.

  108. judieann says:

    I can’t believe this: I got my “Begin” CD at Wal-mart today…their last one…my daughter wanted one as well…so I went to another Wal-Mart….I couldn’t locate any, so I asked the clerk for help….he checked on the computer, and they had one left…he walked over to the area and found it BUT…someone had sliced opened the top and took the CD from the pkg…I can’t believe this, sweet David’s CD…I have a terrible time opening CD’s when I get home…I always have to use a knife…unbelievable….that’s a first for me!

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Chrissy Archuleta ♥ ‏@GoDavidArchieGo
    Blasting @DavidArchie’s BEGIN in the car hoping people will hear it outside & wonder who the angel that’s singing is. (;

  110. sarahhazel……PERFECTION! If that ain’t the truth! Wonder if ordering more cds would be faster than waiting till my Walmart gets them…Aug 20? Have a few more friends that need a copy!

  111. sarahhazel says:

    judieann–OMH….someone actually stole the CD inside???

  112. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Well Kimk, there are over 14 million Mormons in the World so even if we can get 10% to buy a CD…..LOL

  113. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–it depends where you’re ordering them…but you gotta do the math first….if you wanna save some Archu$$$.

  114. judieann says:

    Yes, I was shocked…the clerk said this is quite common…I just can’t imagine one of David’s fans doing this…I felt so sad 🙁

  115. sarahhazel says:

    judieann–stealing is wrong, no matter what….it’s just plain selfish to do that and not fair to David…..really sad.

  116. sarahhazel says:

    Susan ‏@SusanFOD
    I bet @AMC Andrew McClain is wondering what all these tweets are about @DavidArchie and the movies.

    So AMC means Andrew McClain? Didn’t know that LOL

  117. judieann says:

    I called Best Buy and they have several copies…I’ve going to buy 2…to make up for the stolen one…that will make me feel better….right now I feel terrible…

  118. sarahhazel says:

    judieann–nice that BB has some!

  119. sarahhazel says:

    Gwen Porea ‏@GwenPo
    WE FOUND HIM. What a beautiful sight.@kariontour @DavidArchie http://pic.twitter.com/OnggDk7s

  120. blue says:

    wow over 9,000 and that doesn’t include deseret book sales. that’s actually great. 🙂 it’s already profitable.

  121. sarahhazel says:

    blue–ain’t that great?!….wonder if we’ll know about the totals from Deseret?

  122. Grace says:

    That’s what I was thinking. I am sure Deseret Book last year didn’t report to the Soundscan in the first week because what I heard from Mormon Tabernacle Choir workers behind the curtain was that Glad Christmas Tiding was one of the best CDs that they sold from their Christmas concerts for years, but the number I saw at HDD didn’t tell so.
    judieann, OMG, someone actually did such a thing? Wow, why David’s ???? There are not enough CDs in stores already. 🙁

  123. sarahhazel says:

    Tara 🙂 ‏@TaraKeely93
    They were playing a @DavidArchie song in the mall 🙂 Made me smile

  124. Grannycrush says:

    Didn’t I see that Deseret only turns in their sales to Billboard? That number probably doesn’t include Deseret.

  125. kimk says:

    Grannycrush they did but what is the difference?

  126. kimk says:

    judieann lol.

    Begin is the lil engine that can!!

  127. blue says:

    grace – deseret book said they don’t report to soundscan. but that they do give a sales total to billboard. so the sales from them won’t show up in his total sales numbers.

  128. blue says:

    yes that’s why GCT had such low sales numbers, besides also splitting it’s sales with it’s DVD.

  129. LCT #DA2014 says:

    Actually these numbers are Great. I read on twitter that Rihanna came out at #1 with only 10,000 sold.

  130. sarahhazel says:

    Wonder why Deseret doesn’t report sales to Soundscan? Anybody know?
    Oh well, those DD numbers are great and so is #31 for first week!

  131. bychance says:

    Oh……Lupe’s words!!! What more could we possibly ask? And Kurt Bestor’s comments, too!!!! What a privilege to support David!!

    Loving everything about BEGIN., but today in addition to the vocals and orchestration, I am LOVING the ooooooo’s, ohhhhhh’s, whoa…oaaaaaa’s. ehhhhhhh’s, and hmmmmmm’s!!!! So good and so David!

    AND…..I found a copy at B&N today. Bought it, for sure!!!

  132. I’m home from work. I see where Forevermore is not on the Hitlist chart anymore. You know it had a good run. Made Gold, i hope someday it will get to platinum.
    So lets keep Broken and I’ll Never Go on there for a while.
    Get #s up on Forevermore MV and I’LL Never Go MV

  133. LCT #DA2014 says:

    Would love to know if Desert Books would share their record sales with his fans.

  134. Sorry forgot that I’ll Never Go is still on MYX. we need to keep voting there too.

  135. Candy says:

    That lead picture is now my new desktop picture! There really isn’t another smile quite like it in the world!! No matter how grey the day, turning on the computer and seeing that wonderful smile, will instantly brighten the gloomiest of days!
    *waving to Sugar* like my sweet Jill, you too have great taste in music! I miss her terribly! One of these days I WILL get a new furry friend…or two in her honor! 🙂
    Thanks Joanie for another great post!

  136. sarahhazel says:

    Priti Kothari ‏@PritiKothari
    Beat Jason Mraz’s first week sales effort as well as the Black Keys effort. Being away w/ no outside communication, decent sales, A+ effort

    David charted higher!!!

  137. Candy says:

    OHMYHECK those words from Lupe just did me in…how she must miss her sweet son! To see her say with pride that he sacrificed, memorized, practiced, and rehearsed till his voice was gone…just adds to the bazallion reasons why I love, admire, adore and support this young man to the moon and back!!

  138. seven7swans says:

    blue, it is my understanding (according to the Deseret Book twitter account) that the bookstore does report to Billboard: “We don’t report actual sales of units but do pass on our numbers to Billboard.” Therefore, the #s that Brian Mansfield posts tomorrow (on Idol Chatter) will have total sales, including Deseret Book sales of BEGIN.

    blue & Grace, the last #s I saw for GCT was 46k. It is my understanding that this included Deseret Book sales as well. A lot of David fans bought the DVD and/or just downloaded the songs featuring David or ripped them. As for being one of the better sellers, I’m sure it was. I don’t think I’ve seen the Christmas MoTab CDs chart.

    I’m 100 percent positive that CFTH would not have sold ~260k without Deseret Book #s included. I hope tomorrow we can put this ? to rest. It comes up every time David releases music.

  139. blue says:

    i see earlier there was some wondering about how much shipping is to other countries for gifting. when i send cds i get a manilla envelope a little larger than the cd and then bubble wrap it before i put it in. it’s usually a little more than $4 for postage. i’ve sent cds all over asia and i remember one to africa and some to south america and the shipping always seemed about the same.

  140. Ali says:

    I think both Mraz’s and the Black Keys albums are were not new last week — they just reentered the chart.

    I am so impressed with the sales though. I had thought the 5-10 thousand range was reasonable but then I dropped it down to just 5K after I saw how hard it was to find the album in stores. So to see it at an almost 10K estimate after that, awesome!! 😀

  141. Ali says:

    LOL I have no idea why I said “are were” in that first sentence. Just ignore one of those words.

  142. Elysian says:

    On the one week anniversary of the release of BEGIN, I have a confession to make. I have totally fallen head over heels in love with this CD, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!!! The more I listen to it, the more deeply in love I become. I am smitten, besotted, enraptured, and hopelessly addicted to David’s latest masterpiece. There is something very special about this CD. Although I have loved, for different reasons, each CD David has recorded, this one is affecting me more than any other. In part, it’s the fact that the songs David selected are some of my all-time favorites, and to hear David’s incomparable voice interpret these beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics, elevating them to a level even higher than that of the originals, is like a dream come true. The absolute beauty of these songs is riveting, and they demand my full attention because I can hardly believe that any voice can be so gorgeous.

    But it is more than just the fact that David’s voice sounds AMAZING on this CD. His voice ALWAYS sounds amazing. Its how these songs make me feel. As his velvety vocals wash over me, I experience an incredible sense of peace and calm as I feel the message of hope and perseverance, even in the face of hardship and despair, which these songs convey. They are life affirming and inspirational, and in the end, I feel renewed and uplifted.

    The primary reason that BEGIN is so special to me, however, is that David has said that he intended it to be a gift to his fans, to show his appreciation for all of the love and support we have shown him in the past, and for our faithfulness and dedication for sticking with him now that he is away. It is a musical love letter of sorts, as well as a thank you note, and an explanation of his reasons for going on a mission, all rolled into one, telling us in song, what is difficult for him to put into words. That he worked tirelessly, up to the eve of his departure, to make sure that we could enjoy this CD while he is on his mission, speaks volumes. He did not have to use up the precious limited time he had before he left to record this for us. The fact that he did is yet further evidence of the special bond that exists between him and each of his fans, and the fact that the affection we feel for him is mutual.

    I cannot express how grateful I am to David for BEGIN, and how fortunate I feel to count myself amongst his fans. I would have been content to simply listen to the wealth of incredible music from his other CDs and recorded performances to carry me through until his return. That he has gifted us with new music of such outstanding quality is more than I could ever have imagined or hoped for. He obviously poured his heart into every song, and I can truly feel it in my own heart, with every beautiful note he sings. For all of these reasons, I will treasure BEGIN forever!!

    Woah, I see that this is really long! I sincerely apologize for my chronic long-winded-itis. I didn’t mean to blather on as I have. It’s just that these feelings have been building up in me as I have been listening incessantly to BEGIN this past week, and you are the only ones who can possibly understand where I am coming from. Thank you for listening and allowing me to get this off of my chest. I love all of you here at FOD. 🙂

  143. By chance says:

    Elysian……beautiful. Thank you for every word you wrote!

  144. sarahhazel says:

    David Archuleta AFS ‏@FanScene
    Signed @DavidArchie Photo Book donated by Abuelita benefit Manila Flood Victims. Ends 8/15 – You know you want this! http://po.st/oXJP7b

  145. Grace says:

    sarahhazel at 4:35 pm,
    It could have been me who responds to a silly question about David, but this time, I am no part of it. haha.
    But I exchanged tweets with some non fans who expressed negatively about the album simply because it’s a cover CD. And some of nice ones apologized me for their rude remarks when they understood his situation. It’s not easy to communicate within 140 characters. lol. Sometimes you harvest crops, other times, you annoy the heck out of them. lol. But the best way is always to keep being humorous. lol.

  146. sarahhazel…Funny thing I ordered more cds from Walmart a couple hours ago! The delivery date was earlier than the store pickup date! The pickup date here in Va Beach was moved back to the 21st If they keepselling on line…..who knows when and what the stores will get!

  147. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on David and this incredible album, BEGIN….it is much appreciated….and we feel exactly the same way!

  148. sarahhazel says:

    Grace–I agree, humor is the best way to go!

    VaBch–oh, you did already?….it’s great that you’ll get it sooner!

  149. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Elysian 🙂 😥

  150. seven7swans says:

    I’ve never brought a post over from MJ’s, but this is the same thing I wonder:

    by HelloMusicGirl
    “I’m still a little confused about how all the estimates happen with HDD. Given that he wasn’t in the top 50 at all in the first partial estimate (which showed sales down to around 1300) and then jumped to #31 with an estimate of 9150, I do wonder if they’ve attempted to estimate in the Deseret sales in the total. I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow when the Billboard numbers come out.”

    I remember once when HDD was off by about 8k for CFTH (a week in December). I don’t expect that this time, but there’s always hope. ;o)

  151. seven7swans says:

    VABeachArchie, I did the exact same thing — from Amazon. In fact, I am buying more CDs in week 2 and week 3 than in week 1.

    Elysian, you rock!

  152. Elysian, what a beautiful way to express your feelings. I think you speak for alot of us like myself who can never find the right words to say what we really feel about David and BEGIN. For my part, thank you.

  153. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi.. Joanie your post was super. Jenny loved your post. Erni is so talented. That video of David explaing what he wanted to do in 10 years was priceless. Lupe’s comments on David and Begin Is a Kleenex moment. David’s spirit is remarkable. Lupe is a sweet mom. Linda your DJ Jim is amazing. Did he say if he had more requests?

  154. kimk says:

    judieann sorry I misread your post.. nothing to be funny about someone stealing a Begin cd. 🙁

    Janel ha if he sells 1.4 millions copies of Begin I will.. well I don’t know what I will do except to say I might not be able to contain myself with excitement.
    talk about support for David!!!!

  155. seven7swans…That’s awesome! I’m hoping to get some more at a store in the next few weeks…just want to see BEGIN. stacked in a display in a store!

  156. Martha says:



  157. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks, Martha!

  158. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hi all! 🙂
    I love love love that pic of david waiting to see on idol! Little did all those people know there was a young guy with a stellar voice sitting in their midst! Unsuspecting greatness. 🙂

    Sydnie, only $6 shipping and 7-10 days! Ok, I am officially buying through you from now on! 😆 😉

  159. kimk says:

    Martha interesting and thank you.

  160. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Martha.. gracias!!

  161. seven7swans says:

    VaBeachArchie, I’ve checked a lot of stores (Best Buy, WalMart, Target, B&N). I live in the Northeast. I finally found one in the second B&N store I went to. The sales asst. asked if she could order me another one. I said yes. Once it comes in, I’m going to put it on the new releases rack right by the register.

  162. sarahhazel says:

    MissionaryFail ‏@MissionaryFail
    Gets called to Chile. Doesn’t see David Archuleta. #MissionFail

  163. Candy says:

    Thanks Martha! I was glad to see a blog that wasnt a carbon copy of every other blog Ive read. A mish with a definite sense of humor!
    No surprise that David is in the boonies, or that he isn’t well known…or so they would like everyone to think. Hates cameras…nah, I think its more like selective timing when it comes to photos…and being on a mission isn’t a camera priority. We’ve all seen him hiding in group photos…which in a way is kind of silly. Typical David but silly.

  164. kimk says:

    Candy it was refreshing. seems a cut up.

  165. sarahhazel says:

    Pastel ‏@pastelpastel
    RT @Nellie1983: Utah fan dinner cake http://bit.ly/R1a485 <–oh I love it. The BEGIN. behind @DavidArchie is perfect!

  166. ksf says:

    As much as fans want to see and hear about David while he’s away, I wonder if it’s frustrating to him that he can’t necessarily have a normal experience? Obviously he’s grateful for the support but I mean he’s said over and over and in many different ways how he feels about the fans but it’s like it’s not enough for some? Either he doesn’t want to or have time to write notes to the fans and I don’t really expect him to; he probably barely has time to keep in touch with family and friends. Plus, he’s focused on Chile and what he’s doing there. Why does he need to reaffirm his feelings for the fans? I’m pretty sure he’s just fine and doing what missionaries do, lol. Personally, I’m fine not “hearing” from him; after all this is something that he’s doing personally, outside of his career. The music he left is a message in itself and that’s why he worked so hard to leave it. So, I’m happy not hearing directly from him until 2014. 🙂

  167. nora says:

    sarahhazel-I am so happy that his cd has done better than we expected. Does the total include digital downloads from Itunes? I’m kind of new to all these #s and how they are tallied up, just wondered if they were physical copies or everything except Deseret.

  168. sarahhazel says:

    Holly ‏@hollyreFOD
    @pastelpastel @Nellie1983 We ate around @DavidArchie ‘s face. http://pic.twitter.com/KNTfey5Q

  169. sarahhazel says:

    nora–not sure about that but I’m just happy it is doing well than expected!

  170. sarahhazel says:

    Holly ‏@hollyreFOD
    @pastelpastel @Nellie1983 Here is @DavidArchie ‘s face in my freezer. http://pic.twitter.com/UGxZC311

  171. tami lyn says:

    it always seem so weird to me to hear david hates the camera. the camera certainly does not hate him lol! all the videos, photoshoots, NA, vlogs, tour performances, TV performances does not seem like something a person who hates the camera would do. and he always seemed happy doing those things so it’s like another david mystery i can’t figure out. why on earth is he hiding now? i don’t get it. it’s like there are 2 completely different davids.

  172. Elysian says:

    By chance, sarahhazel, supergrandjudie, seven7swans and Linda From Cali- Thank you all for your kind words. I’ve been wanting to comment on BEGIN for a few days now, but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to collect my thoughts. It feels really good to get that out of my system! LOL!

  173. Ali says:

    nora – the HDD number is an estimate based on sample sales from specific retailers. Its an educated guess. They are very good at guessing but they are NOT the actual sales. (Thus their estimate being off on CFTH one time, as seven7swans mentioned above.) You’ll notice HDD calls the sales estimates a “power index” on their site and not unit sales.
    Billboard will have the sales data tomorrow. And yes, iTunes totals will be included. I would say they were figured into the HDD estimate as well given that they are a large music retailer.

  174. Candy says:

    ksf-wanting and or wishing for a note directly from David isn’t a personal declaration for not being satisfied with all he has done. Just the opposite, or at least it is for me. Its just a statement that I miss him…nothing more. I’m not asking him to reaffirm anything…he knows where I stand.

  175. Candy says:

    Elysian…your words were so beautifully expressed..thank you for taking the time to share them with all of us. I can echo many of the same thoughts but just not as eloquently as you have.

  176. Charlotte says:

    Hey guys,
    Had a cool find today. Symphonie Jeunesse, the youth symphony that accompanied David for a few shows last December, has their regular rehearsals at my church and while I was there working my shift at the receptionist desk, I found the following on a music stand in the hallway. The Archuband strikes again(see highlighted part)

  177. kimk says:

    ksf I am happy for you.

    me I miss him like family and would love it.

  178. sarahhazel says:

    Sam Guevara ϟ ‏@SamLouiseG
    The moment you discover that your sisters and cousin follow @DavidArchie because of your influence #LikeABoss

  179. Charlotte says:

    Also, very pleased with the sales numbers for BEGIN despite no promo. And I loved that article with the quotes from Lupe. I’m sure she must miss David terribly, but she knows he made the right choice for him and I’m sure that, and a weekly email, bring her comfort 🙂

  180. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Charlotte. 😎

  181. kimk says:

    Ali whatever it is seems pretty good by me considering all things. I just
    love seeing all the fan support on here and around.

    know this sounds silly but is that billboard by a road.. or in a field?

  182. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–LOL…The David Archuleta Band…Is that really their official name?

  183. kimk says:

    Charlotte no promo and no David!! fabulous!

  184. Elysian says:

    Candy- Thank you, but I disagree with you regarding your ability to be eloquent. I have read many of your comments over the years, and you are definitely no slouch when it comes to being eloquent, or in being incredibly witty either for that matter! 🙂

  185. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Elysian, I loved your words. They actually reflect what I was trying to share here on FOD a few days back after my first few listens to the album…but everytime I hit ‘post’ I got kicked off the site. But my main point in what I had tried to share is this album makes you FEEL THINGS. Beautiful, good, peaceful, uplifting, hopeful, profound things. And it kind of surprised me because after all, they were just……well known pop songs, albeit nice ones. But there is something about bringing them together in one place that builds a bigger picture, greater than the sum of each song really. The arrangements, the orchestration, David’s sublime vocals and interpretation and I think the specialness of it all because you know this isn’t just a well crafted album, these are messages of love from one very special man. I don’t think David could have left us a better gift. 🙂

    I love what Lupe had to say too btw. I noticed she was careful to emphasize that David would be back singing. Beautiful people. Beautiful gift. Beautiful journey we are all on together. Just a bunch of happiness. (haha, can’t even talk in complete sentences now. Just words to describe feelings, lol)

  186. tami lyn says:

    hi ksf! what are we gonna call our tour?? lol 🙂

  187. tami lyn says:

    we should do a practice tour first so we’ll be ready when david returns! lol 🙂

  188. Charlotte, I just love it. ( The David Archuleta Band ). Could it be that they are waiting for #2014 too?.

  189. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Shanny Ditto 😀

  190. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, I know we call them the Archuband, maybe they’ve decided to go along with it. It at least shows their support for David and I love it for that 🙂

  191. sarahhazel says:

    Lisa #DA2014 ‏@txarchie
    @MyDearWriter Maybe you can write a movie starring @DavidArchie with BEGIN. as the soundtrack!! 🙂

  192. Charlotte says:

    Linda, that’s my thought. DA2014 is growing and going strong 🙂

  193. Ali says:

    kimk – I agree 🙂 Really what I was trying to say was to not be surprised if the Billboard number tomorrow was a bit higher than the estimate.
    And I saw someone post on twitter earlier that the billboard location is along the freeway between SLC and Provo with lots of traffic. If that’s where its at, I agree! I drove from SLC to Provo one time and there were crazy lots of traffic lol.

  194. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–no problem with me & I don’t mind them touring with David again when he comes back. 🙂

  195. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Candy, I agree with Elysian…just the way you worded one of your comments a little earlier, was well spoken and eloquent. 🙂 And you make me laugh plenty. 🙂

    I love the sales of this album. Better than I would have dared to hope. And besides….really the most important thing would have been that the costs of making the album were covered. Anything beyond that is probably a cherry on top considering this album is for the fans and David is not here to promote.

  196. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    sarahhazel.. Lisa has a good idea. I like it.

  197. Elysian says:

    Shanny- Thank you, and I totally agree with you when you say “there is something about bringing them together in one place that builds a bigger picture, greater than the sum of each song really. ” You are exactly right! The emotional impact of each song builds on the next until, after listening to the entire CD, it feels like your heart is brimming to fullness with the cumulative emotional impact of all of the songs. It is so powerful! While each song alone is wonderful, this effect is lost if you listen to each song in isolation. I also agree that David could not have left us a better gift! 🙂

  198. Charlotte says:

    Sarahhazel, I’d love to see them tour together again, too. They’re a great fit for David 🙂

  199. kimk says:

    Ali would imagine it would be. lol the field pic looks like poor David is in the middle of nowhere. thanks.
    wish I had one here in NC!!!

  200. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ha, would love to see Archuband back together again with David knocking our socks off singing.

    That’s awesome about the billboard being on a busy highway.
    Billboard, tv advert, movie theatre adverts, lots of promo on Deseret’s website and in store. Not bad….Not bad. More than I expected that’s for sure. 🙂

  201. ksf says:

    tami lyn – lol! I don’t know…any ideas for a name? I like the idea of a practice tour, haha! 🙂

  202. angelbymyside says:

    I wonder if David likes being out in the “boondocks”??

  203. breanne says:

    Sorry, wrong link for @WISE_RADIO’s Music Challenge link. Be sure to download Firefox browser & then type in the link:

  204. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone 🙄 anything new happening??? I heard theres a new fab cd out by a man who’s not even here, neat trick 😉 I just listened to Broken several times & Pride several times, I just want to hear them over and over and over and over again 😀 Look who I’m talking to, you all know where I’m coming from, Begin is where its at, all the hipsters have this album, can ya dig it, cool 😎

  205. sarahhazel says:

    The billboard does seem to be very far from the road…LOL….but it’s still an awesome promo!!!

  206. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Elysian – yes! Absolutely! That is exactly the experience. I’m glad we concur. 😆

  207. nora says:

    Ali- thank you so much for the info on cd sales, it can be quite confusing, but all in all sounds like he did well.

    tami lyn-I don’t think David hates the camera, I think it is where he is, he is there for a mission and he wants to keep himself separate from David the singer, he does not want attention taken away from what he is there for. JMO

  208. sarahhazel says:

    Jasmine Abelgas ‏@quinnxwaldorf
    I seriously want @DavidArchie to have a movie in 2014. Please. He doesn’t even realize how good of an actor he is. @kariontour

  209. Candy says:

    ABMS-I had that same thought, going from the stage, and star of a TV Soap to the boondocks must have been quite a culture shock. Im sure he is making the best of his time there. That one picture on that blog of the local area was down right scary…very third world looking!

  210. ksf says:

    tami lyn – what about Archies Unleashed World Tour? 🙂

  211. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    ABMS, I would guess David likes the anonymity and being a regular mish. I think he also knew he would serve in areas like that, gathering from what he once said in an interview.

  212. Candy says:

    Now that I think about it, going from a TV soap star and recording studio life style to that of a missionary must at times have seemed surreal. I know he has heard stories from friends who have gone but hearing stories and actually living them are two very different things.

  213. ksf says:

    abms – Lol. Well, no matter how he feels about being in the boonies I guess he’ll have to get used to it. He’s got a long way to go! 😯

  214. josie says:

    The more you guys to try explain the sales numbers, the more confused I get. lol. I’m not gonna try anymore. But yeah. I’m happy with those numbers. Whatever they are. 🙂 And the pic of him in the beginning phases of Idol….omygoshhhhhhhhh. That just did me in.

  215. ksf says:

    Hi Beth 🙂

  216. Miss Vicki says:

    Linda from Cali….so so jealous and elated all at the same time to hear your DJ played songs from BEGIN….How can we all get this started all across the US….I just love the pic of David at the top of this post while he is sitting in the Idol crowd during Hollywood week… Even though he is 16 he looks like a wise 30 year old crooner….Miss Vicki

  217. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 We dig it! 😎

  218. Miss Vicki says:

    Where do I find the article where Lupe is talking about David??????

  219. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Miss Vicki.. kimk 1:12p.m.

  220. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey ksf!!!!!!!!!!!

    supergrand, Right On 😀 FOD, my kind of scene man, it’s a with it, groooovy kinda place.

  221. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey Beth…I dig it too!!!! Miss Vicki

  222. Miss Vicki says:

    Thanks supergrandjudie…..I work all day and can’t access this website at work….Have to rely on FOD friends to keep me up to date…..Miss Vicki

  223. Miss Vicki totally agree. He already looks like he’s in command. I’m very pleased with my DJ. I’m lucky that he likes David. He would play the live Imagine when he sang it for the first time. I hope he keeps it up.

  224. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Miss Vicki You’re cool 😎

  225. josie says:

    ksf~ Your 8:37 post. Heyyyyy….don’t remind me. 🙁

  226. tami lyn says:

    maybe david is trying to detox from fame. maybe it was all just too much and he desperately wants to feel normal again.

  227. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Miss Vicki.. You’re welcome

  228. josie says:

    I need to learn how to make more than 2 smileys. lol.

  229. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda Me too and wish some other stations would pick up Begin songs.

  230. ksf says:

    josie – oops! Lol.

    tami lyn – I can see how it could start to wear thin after a while. I guess too that just because you become a celebrity you still have other plans/dreams that you want to accomplish outside of that lifestyle.

  231. tami lyn says:

    ksf- yeah i think david wants to do music but somehow still be a regular person. don’t know if that’s possible or not.

  232. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    tami_lyn, David said it was a difficult decision, he went with his gut feeling, that he needed to do this, he didnt want to have regrets. He always planned to go, he planned to go when he was 19, but was under contract with Jive. When he left Jive, while I think he wanted to sign with a label, several wanted him, I think he realized this was his chance to go on a mission & he did. I dont think it was fame or anything like that, its just what he said, he had a feeling, to trust that feeling, no regrets, he went. Once he got there, the change of pace might be nice for him, but he was pretty popular at that function they had a little while back. We all miss him so much, but the one thing that makes it a bit easier, is the fact he’s doing something that is obviously incredibly important to him 😀

  233. Miss Vicki says:

    Oh my gosh….the article with Lupe’s comments made me choke up a bit and tears came to my eyes……..David wanted to give us this wonderful gift so so much….No one comes close to David……Miss Vicki

  234. josie says:

    ksf~ “Oops.” That’s all ya got? lololol. It’s OK. I’ll forgive you. This time. 🙂

  235. collegemom says:

    Nora – I think that you are right about not hating the camera. I think he is using this to discourage most missionary picture-taking because bringing out the camera starts the cycle of attention being directed toward him while he is trying to do his missionary duties. We saw him let that guard down at the singing event but in day-to-day missionary things, I think he is trying to keep it to a minimum.

  236. ksf says:

    tami lyn – yeah I think you’re right…it’s a tough thing to figure out. Maybe this hiatus will give him the break and boost he needs to continue his career when he returns. Although he’s always wanted to go on a mission and it wasn’t necessarily to escape from fame, I’m sure the break will do him good so that he doesn’t get burned out. After all, we Archies are quite demanding, lol! 🙂

  237. tami lyn says:

    beth- yes well said but i just hope he doesn’t think he has to do this to get God’s love and approval. that’s the part that bothers me 🙁

  238. Elysian says:

    Goodnight everyone! I hope that you all have a great evening!

  239. tami lyn says:

    ksf- i agree!

  240. ksf says:

    josie – 😆

  241. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    tami-lyn, No I dont think that at all, I think he’s thanking God for all his Blessings, David is a very appreciative person, grateful for all he has 😀

  242. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Elysian. Sweet dreams

  243. tami lyn says:

    beth- yes that is true. hopefully he sees it as giving back for all his blessings. still doesn’t seem right tho that he can’t call his family 🙁

  244. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Hello Elysian, loved your comment, not
    too long at all 😀 Goodnight!

  245. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Beth. I’m going to turn in too. Goodnight all

  246. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    tami_lyn, He speaks to his family,
    through email every week. I know
    he misses them like crazy & they, he,
    but I think the fact he’s been on tours,
    long trips to the Phils & Far East, etc….
    it’s prepared them, at least a bit, for
    him being away. OK, gotta go fold laundry
    & stuff before bed. G’night!

  247. josie says:

    Everyone goes to bed so early around here, lol.

  248. ksf says:

    tami lyn – I agree about the isolation from family and friends. There are many many ways to show gratitude for all that God has done; in fact we can do it every minute if every day, without having to go 7,000 miles away and its no different to God But, this is the path that David chose so…I don’t agree with the varied reasons why he left but kudos to him for wanting to sacrifice. His heart is admirable and commendable.

  249. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Good night Elysian, good night Bethy. 🙂

  250. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Josie, I reckon! It’s only midday right now!

    😆 😉

    Ok more bad jokes from Shanny……

  251. josie says:

    We’re starting to sound like The Waltons. haha.

  252. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    In fact that one had to win the award for ‘worst ever’. lol………

  253. MunkFOD says:

    Good night FOD! love coming here at night and reading all the comments! You guys are awesome! I am always lurking here but I’m not all eloquent like Candy, so what can I say! 😀 Have a great evening/day! love y’all!

  254. josie says:

    Shanny~ “I reckon”. lol. Do they say that alot in Australia?

  255. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, so true Josie. lolol

  256. MunkFOD says:

    PS…. loving that David is out in the middle of no where! What an awesome experience! He’ll come home with some great stories! 😀 Think of the songs he will write! love it!

  257. Charlotte says:

    Beth, ITA. David is definitely saying his ‘thank yous’ to God with his mission work.

  258. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ummm…..not sure. Maybe it’s just a Shanny-ism. Slang talk. I should know better really. lol People do use it though. Just never really noticed how often others do.

  259. Miss Vicki says:

    Hi Josie…I don’t go to bed that early…I’m a nightowl….Like David…Miss Vicki

  260. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Neat to see ya Munk! 🙂 Oh and I agree – think of the songs he’ll write! Actually….we’ll probably get more things like Broken. Maybe David will write the next ‘Imagine’.

    Charlotte, david said in the Philippines – I think it was the press conf when he first arrived?…..that he wanted to serve a mission because he felt he had been greatly blessed in his life and he wanted to serve as a way of showing his love and gratitude for his blessings.

  261. josie says:

    Shanny~ Where I come from, it’s a term they use in the Southern U.S., like in Texas. I’m imagining a cowboy with a ten-gallon hat in the movies. lol….Actually, I love Australian accents, though. I could listen to you guys talk all day. 🙂

  262. josie says:

    Miss Vicki~ Yay for night owls. I’m not one. lol.

  263. MunkFOD says:

    HI Shanny! *waves* good to see you! I’m heading out but wanted to say HI before I left! Have a good one! 😀

  264. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Cow boys with ten gallon hats! lololol
    Oh boy, I can hear it and see it!
    Actually, when I say it, I am kind of saying it with that kind of slang tone, an image of a cowboy in a big hat would conjure up. lol

  265. I’m watching a novela right now that is filmed in Santiago Chile?

  266. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Waving back Munk. It was nice to just pass by each other again. Hope you’ve been well. Take care till next time. 🙂

  267. tami lyn says:

    i do believe that what david is doing is way more important than making music, touring, etc. just makes me sad to think that alot of his fans might be gone by 2014 🙁 i so hope that we can find ways to stay interested until then.

  268. Anita says:

    Elysian-I love what you said about what David and BEGIN. means to you. What an incredible man he is, being so thoughtful to all of us, leaving us this priceless gift! Have a good night!

  269. kimk says:

    tamilyn he will still have his voice.. may have to start over again of sorts if a lot of folks leave him but he is still young so sure it will work out. ha maybe by then there will be another American Idol type show he can go on.
    still going with his team having a ton of stuff to keep things going for the most part.

  270. josie says:

    tami lyn~ I understand what you’ve been saying. I don’t have any answers, really….And I may or may not have had too much caffeine today. lol.

  271. tami lyn says:

    josie- thanks 🙂 i have definitely had too much caffeine today lol

  272. Miss Vicki says:

    tami lyn….I have faith that David’s true fans will still be here for him…Two years is not that long….And who knows what David and Kari have up their sleeves!!!!!! Miss Vicki

  273. kimk says:

    ha and hoping two of those things to keep things interesting are a Rainbow and Everything Hurts MV!!!! 🙂

    if you think about it we haven’t even seen one video of him singing all these beauties.. and from the vlog clips it sure looks like they were recorded!!! 🙂

  274. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey josie…where are you from????? Miss Vicki

  275. josie says:

    Miss Vicki- Somewhere in Central Standard Time. 🙂

  276. kimk says:

    wondering if he will come back matching the voice he has at the end of his commercial.. rather mature. ha or still be looking 15.

  277. josie says:


  278. ksf says:

    kimk – I think he’ll look forever young, lol. It’s in the genes. 🙂 Maybe his voice will be a bit different.

  279. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    I also think that while we might need stuff being fed to us regularly in order to have something david related to talk about online….in terms of being interested in david himself and his music….i don’t think we need ANYTHING. lol He has already proven himself interesting so that when he gets back and decides to connect again, people will prick their ears up and listen in.
    Even if the online chatter has slowed down…the sales of Begin. have shown that people are still interested. They’re just in ‘waiting’ mode. Which is a good thing. People need to live their lives in as fulfilling and meaningful ways as possble.

  280. ksf says:

    Bye josie!

  281. Miss Vicki, i agree with you. Davids true fans will still be here. Some will go and return when he comes back. And yes 2 yrs can go by fast sometimes. In two weeks time it will already be 5mos since he left. We have had alot going on in these 5 mos. I think there is still more. Just think after its been a year and a half we will be celebrating his return. God willing.

  282. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    See ya Josie. 🙂

  283. ksf says:

    Shanny – hi! amen to your last sentence. After all, isn’t that what David’s doing?

  284. Anita says:

    Goodnight everyone!

  285. ksf says:

    Alright, time to say goodbye. Goodnight all! 🙂

  286. kimk says:

    Shanny a lot of the young ones will move on.. have already but I think they liked David for other reasons then his voice. that being said the more mature fans should come back. and why not.. all he has to do is make some noise.

  287. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Ksf, absolutely. And I think david would be the first to say…’go, do, be happy, do something productive and useful and i’ll meet ya back here on this spot in exactly 2 years’. 🙂 😆

  288. ksf says:

    Shanny – yep! Now…if I could only detach this iphone from my hands I could be even more productive! I’m always doing, but where I go, it goes. I may have to have it surgically removed. Lol. I’m working on it. 🙂

  289. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Nite nite Anita and Ksf. 🙂

    ”…all he has to do is make some noise.” Right on Kim. I definitely think the mature fans will be back. And for every change or decision that David makes that might cause him to lose some fans, those very same changes/decisions will attract new fans.

    I’ve always found it hard to worry about David’s career. He is an intelligent and thoughtful person and I don’t think he makes any decisions lightly without considering all the potential consequences. So whatever his career becomes is exactly the career he chose and designed for himself. Plus he’s pretty optimistic and has got good coping mechanisms, so even if things have/do take a less favourable direction, I think he has the ability to make lemonade out of lemons as the saying goes. No, I don’t worry about his career. Now, his heart and soul….that’s another story…. 😆

  290. kimk says:

    should always be productive.
    not just cause David is gone.

  291. blue says:

    i know i’m way way behind but the david billboard is right on the side of the freeway. if you are driving southbound, it’s on the left side of the road. the picture is taken at a strange angle. there’s a ton of traffic that passes it.

  292. Miss Vicki says:

    Shanny, I agree…David will be here in this same spot it two years, mature, ready to take on the world and gain new fans….Night all…..Miss Vicki

  293. nora says:

    goodnight everyone

  294. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, I 100% agree Kim, although i’m not so sure that being productive and chatting on FOD is always the most condusive to being productive. Well at least, not for me unfortunately. lol But being involved in David’s career is also important to me, so in that regard it is productive. 🙂

  295. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Nite nite Miss Vicki, nite nite Nora. 🙂

  296. kimk says:

    what makes all of this so interesting besides David is his fans.. their diversity.
    pretty darn cool.. keeps things going
    even on the down times.

  297. Anita says:

    Shanny-Thanks for the goodnight!! You must still be waiting for your CD’s. I’m sure you’ll let us know when they arrive!

  298. kimk says:

    gosh I do hope the fans that have flown the coop for whatever reason check in every so often and buy Begin.
    he has worked so hard on it.. and he deserves the fan support.
    the article from his momma got to me. she is so sweet!!
    maybe what Janel said is true and when the DB numbers pop up
    there will be no hiding the fact he has a ton of support while away!!

  299. ksf says:

    “In this proud land we grew up strong…we were wanted all along…” Awesome songwriting. Great singer. 🙂

    Goodnight for reals this time! 🙂

  300. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim – ‘even on the down times’ …haha! ESPECIALLY on the down times it seems! lolol (thinking of all the debates/arguments we get into, lol) Gosh, this fandom is so much like a family sometimes it’s crazy! Get into squirmishes down in the dirt, then pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, put our arms around each others shoulders and run off to, play ball together. lol Was thinking a little earlier of all the ups and downs we’ve been through together. It sure has been a roller coaster but we’re still hanging on half screaming with terror and half with the thrill and then when the ride is over, we line up for more! lolol ~ laughing and shaking head~ 🙂

    Anita, I surely will let you all know when they arrive. 🙂 Think they’ll be a while yet though. To get them here within 7 days was going to cost me something like $60 so I opted for the middle option, which still cost more than the $6 people were quoting for shipping earlier but means they could take up to a month. Hallelujah for digital downloads I say! 🙂

  301. Goodnight everyone. Ive been lurking more then commenting. But enjoyed the conversations tonight.

  302. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Been thinking about the comment david made to a fan at the last My Kind Of Christmas concert – the one after the announcement – he said it had been an emotional two days. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for David too. We share this crazy ride together. 🙂

  303. kimk says:

    Shanny a lot of folks can multi-task.. know I do. you have to be careful though.. have fallen posting and walking, etc.
    ha I don’t do that anymore.

  304. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Nite nite Linda. Love that you’ve been getting to hear Begin. on your radio! 🙂
    Bye again too Ksf. 🙂 I’ve listened to those words also and wondered how much those words may have resonated with David. Americans are very patriotic. 🙂

  305. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha! By the sounds of things you might need to take out insurance for posting Kim, in case you hurt yourself! lol
    Yep, definitely have to multi-task sometimes to fit enough FOD time in. 🙂

  306. kimk says:

    Shanny has always been that way with David at least.. have a feeling it will always be.
    kind of think why he is still popular in a way. yes he has an amazing voice and is as cute as all get up but if you think about it he really hasn’t been front and center in the biz in quite some time. remarkable if you think about it.
    quite a dedicated fanbase.
    love it.
    ha sometimes I just sit back and watch the feathers fly. fun stuff.

    just read that Paul Ryan is a P90X nut.. even on the campaign trail.
    ha hope Romney makes it to Pres.
    I like these guys!!

  307. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hmm…my previous comment is awaiting moderation. That shows up eventually doesn’t it? It was mostly saying good night to Linda and Ksf. 🙂

  308. kimk says:

    Shanny I did unfortunately.. fell flat on my face on the pavement.
    but hey nothing broken so you learn and not do that again.

  309. kimk says:

    blue thanks.. think it was just an odd angle.

    Shanny that happens sometimes. site may still be fluey?

  310. kimk says:

    good night guys.. off to Seattle in two days for a week to see my grandbabies!
    ha trying to now talk the hubs into moving there sometime soon.
    having the whole family together again in one area.. is what makes life the best!

  311. Goodnight shanny, mine will probably show before youre. Its happen to me before.

  312. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Hmmm…kim you could very well be right. This fanbase is somewhat unique in how diverse it is. Does keep the interest factor high I guess. Gives us things to blab about. I too am impressed and love this fanbase for their dedication. Think it’s cos we have a good cause we’re dedicated too. 🙂

    Paul Ryan? Haven’t heard of him. I haven’t been following a lot of news the last few months I guess.

  313. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Oh my goodness Kim, that doesn’t sound like just a little fall! 😯
    So neat that you’re getting to see your precious grandies soon! Family sure is what makes life richer! 🙂 Hey, weren’t you going house hunting earlier this year? How did that go? Did you change your mind? Anyway, take care. 🙂

    Thanks Linda. 🙂

  314. Anita says:

    Shanny-I couldn’t get myself to wait until my CD’s arrived, so I bought BEGIN. on Itunes. That sure was an exciting night when we could all download it! Well, I better get to bed! Have a great day Shanny on your side of the world!

  315. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Anita, days like that, don’t you love technology! 🙂
    Thanks for the well wishes. I’m a little sick today but it’s a public holiday so hubby is home and i’m just having a restful day. 🙂 It’s a nice sunny day and i’ve had a fun time chatting with my FOD friends while hubby did some yard work. 🙂
    Take care. Sleep well. 🙂

  316. jeani/ut says:

    Fan dinner was fun

  317. Robin Tuyen says:

    Elysian, are you still here? Please check email. We have a lunch date for tomorrow.
    Wow and wow!! for all your beautiful words! I see you show your True Color , bowing to my counsel “orz.”

  318. Pickles says:

    just came back from the fan dinner!!!

  319. pocoelsy says:

    Hey all,

    Sorry can’t comment much lately, big celebration and busy week is approaching fast here in Malaysia, don’t even have time to lurk these past 2 days, but I have good news to report !!!!….my “green gems” have arrived from Amazon safe and sound !!!! <3 this is so fast since the eta they gave was mid Sept . haha not complaining at all 🙂 be still my heart on this busy day …I'll find my quiet time to drown myself in this emerald pool lol all the pics look sooo good when the cd's actually in my hand not looking through the pc screen !!! having said that I'm more than greatful for all the pics that posted on fansites 🙂

    I miss talking to you all, have a good night/day.. wherever you are…. epppppp i'm so happy nowww – happy happy happy 🙂

  320. pocoelsy says:

    Elysian, Oh what you said at 6:30 pm. is soooo beautiful and that exactly how I feel (dare I say most of us 🙂 )

    Lupe interview’s just so …I dunno what to think ..make me so happy to be David’s fan and make me wanna cry to be David’s fan, he is indeed no ordinary guy !!!

  321. Pickles says:

    I will talk about the fan dinner tomorrow!

  322. pocoelsy says:

    Door bell ring and the postman was waiting!!! what !!!! I got another package from Onedavid too , haha 3 hours apart and all my order is in my hot hugh hand lol, today is such a good day, excuse me while I go and “study” my cds, see you all in a while…la lal la lal la la, I’m ok … I’m ok!!! or am I !!!? hehe.

  323. kimk says:

    Shanny either FL or Seattle the way it seems now.. maybe this trip will give us a clearer picture of what our choice will be. I know my mind is already made up.. Seattle is fabulous and the fact my kids are there almost a no brainer. only issue the cost of living is high and for those planning retirement that is something you must take into consideration.

  324. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Poco, your posts are cracking me up! Awesome that you’re buried in an avalanche of david goodness. lolol 🙂

    Pickles and Jeani – that’s wonderful to hear that you both attended the fan dinner and enjoyed yourselves! Look forward to the deets when you can. 🙂

  325. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Haha, oh Kim, we posted again at the same time lol.
    Yeah, I was thinking it was Florida you had mentioned back, in Feb/March. Any chance your family would eventually move to Fl if you and hubby moved there? That’s what we did when we moved to Australia – left our family but hoped that given time they would follow. And they have and they are! 🙂

  326. kimk says:

    Shanny FL is fabulous but not really the place for business these days. lived in north FL for about two years a few years back with hubs traveling back and forth to work. maybe I would see him about every two weeks?
    we love the weather, palm trees and the beach.. that is also another thing to consider when we finally have to make that decision.
    we still have a year or two to decide so there is no rush.. getting done my redo here though so when the time comes my house will be ready to go and hopefully won’t take too long to sell. things are still kind of tough on that front.. you never know how long it will take to sell and for what price for that matter.

  327. kimk says:


    Patty-Ann ‏@pabuckie
    Vote for @DavidArchie every hour. I’ll Never Go #5; Broken #7 Archuleta

  328. kimk says:

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    Thank you to everyone that submitted a photo for the BEGIN. photo contest. Will post winners soon. So many wonderful photos! (ks)

  329. Good morning FOD! HAPPY Wednesday!

    Another day to enjoy BEGIN. , David’s AMAZING GIFT!

    kimk…Being with family is SPECIAL, moved to the beach which is expensive in comparison to where I lived in PA to be with my new grandchild. Never regretted it!

    Off to do my David duties and get some coffee! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  330. ksf says:

    Good morning! 🙂

  331. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    Hmm…something going on with this site. My comments are not posting. Will this one? 😯

  332. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    Oh, it actually worked! Yippee! Lol. The comment I’ve tried since last night to make is that we all miss him like family and would love to hear from him more but he can only do so much, especially since he has so precious little time to communicate with those that are close to him. But, he often surprises us when we least expect it so maybe a special message is on its way! 🙂

  333. nora says:

    good morning, another great Begin day, hope everybody is well rested.
    those Didi Benami fans must stay up all night to vote they are almost 4,000 votes ahead of David voting ends on 8/17 on Wise Radio. I guess if he loses this one doesn’t matter because he has already with us in a big way. We will be here no matter what.

  334. sarahhazel says:

    Good morning, folks! Excited for the Billboard numbers coming out today!….but whatever it is…I’m still thankful and happy that BEGIN. did very well in David’s absence and with limited promo!

  335. sarahhazel says:

    Aaron Paul ‏@AaronPaulSongs
    When I listen to BROKEN by David Archuleta I can hear so much emotion and the orchestration supports his voice so well. Best Song overall.

    He’s the guy who wrote Nandito Ako (song). 🙂

  336. sarahhazel says:

    Darren Xtina-BIONIC ‏@lausurpadora7
    fellow fighter have you guys heard David Archuleta’s Beautiful cover song? He did it so good, Xtina must be proud of him 🙂

    Must be a Cristina fan.

  337. sarahhazel…Good morning! Thanks for bringing over the tweets…really love to see people commenting about BEGIN.! People not necessarily David fans…means they are curious and liking what they hear! YES!

  338. kimk says:


    Local recording artist David Archuleta may be serving a mission, but his music lives on. We talk with Libbie Linton, a Utah performer who had the chance to sing a duet with him on his new CD. You’ll see how it all came together.


  339. kimk says:

    Annie ‏@AnnieDAFG
    Libbie Linton, feat. on Don’t Give Up on David’s album BEGIN., will be on Mormon Times TV, KSL, Sun 8/19 @ 10am/4pm, to talk about the duet.

  340. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim, I see your points about Florida because even if your hubby retires and doesn’t need to worry about the business aspects so much, if you were hoping your sons would follow and settle there, then they would still have to consider the business/job prospects. I guess another thing to consider is…will your kids stay in Seattle if you retire there? Although that is always a risk a person runs unfortunately when moving to be closer to loved ones. The modern dilemma I guess. It’s the reason I feel compelled to settle down where we are. We’ve done the distance thing and much prefer being able to have our kids grow up with the close family bonds. And since family moved to be closer to us in part, we feel a responsibility to stay put now. Well at least you’ve got time to figure things out, hopefully it will all become clearer for all of you as the time approaches. 🙂

    Morning all! 🙂
    Thanks for bringing the tweets over Sarahhazel. 🙂
    I saw a tweet from Kari, saying she shed a tear when she saw our guy’s advert at the movie theatre. No denying she doesn’t care about him now! 🙂 But it was pretty obvious she cares about him anyway. That makes me happy. She’s a sweetie. I hope she finds plenty of happiness in her life too. 🙂

  341. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    eep! Hope someone tapes that programme! 🙂

  342. sarahhazel says:

    VaBch–hope he gains more fans, young and old, with this album!

  343. sarahhazel says:

    Shanny–Kari’s done a wonderful job and she really seems to genuinely care for David!

  344. kimk says:

    Shanny true to my sons maybe not staying there forever and we don’t want to move again. we are going apartment hunting (even going to look at houseboats) as an investment where other family members can use to. so it might end up we will do both? like that as well.. best of both worlds!

  345. kimk says:

    Shanny I sure hope someone tapes it.. maybe there will be a way to watch it online too! 🙂

  346. Shanny…. Moved to Virginia Beach before my first Grandchild was born…leaving my home of over 50 years! It was a no brainer for me….my only child and now a Grandchild! Being a widow and needing to down size any way made the decision easier. NEVER thought twice…now I can’t imagine going back! LOVE the upbeat life style here at the beach and being part of the lives of my Grandkids for the past 12 years! Nana patrol FTW!

    The more I listen to BEGIN. the more FABULOUS I think it is! EVERY song , David’s INCREDIBLE voice and the the production has me speechless! Thank youDavid!

  347. sarahhazel says:

    Aisim ‏@aisimchan
    Aaawwww THANKS Zher @thepeenut for playing @DavidArchie ‘s CRUSH as Fly30 Flash Back in memory of Crush 4th Anniversary on @FlyFM958 ♥♥♥

  348. sarahhazel says:


  349. Shanny in australia #DA2014 says:

    Kim, wow a houseboat sounds all kinds of exciting! 🙂

    Vabeach – I can see why it would be a no-brainer for you and i’m so glad it worked out so well for you! My grandmother was/is very similar to you actually. Lived in the same area for over 50 years and 3.5yrs ago moved to Australia to be closer to us and she has said many times how she wished she had done it years ago. Her life has completely opened up for her. In fact all of my family have pretty much said the same thing. Now just one brother left over there and a couple of siblings on my hubby’s side. Haha, as you can probably guess…there are plenty of New Zealanders who have adopted Australia as their home (although many of us are still fiercly patriotic when it comes to sports between the two countries! 😉 )

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