David Archuleta Tweets Christmas in July! Newly Posted Ann Arbor Vid, David-Ology #1 Again! Deseret Books Tweets, Extra Buzz, Bench Signs Idol Finalist Jessica Sanchez, Remembering Pittsburgh 2009, Fan Goodies, Interesting Vids, Tweets, Pics & a Gif


Rockin’ the hair & a plaid tie….

- AI9 Finale - credit Albert L. Ortega

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- credit to VejOut

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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David Tweets: Christmas in July!

I don’t know about you, but my heart still skips a beat whenever I see a tweet from David pop up on my phone!  Most of the time it’s a RT but sometimes it’s from Kari – like in this case, announcing a special sale on some MKOC Tour merchandise from the OS Merchandise Store.  If you were not able to attend a VIP for the MKOC Tour, the awesome David tee & mini backpack were the VIP gift bag items, and now you can own them too!

- click to go to the merch page

While we’re thinking about Christmas in July, 8throwcenter just posted an amazing vid that has the full version audio of Angels We Have Heard on High from the CFTH Ann Arbor show!  So crank up the AC and take a listen – you can almost hear jingle bells…

Angels We Have Heard on High – Ann Arbor (credit 8throwcenter)

*  *  *  *  *

David-Ology Back to #1!

WE DID IT!  Go-Getters Got It Done!  David is back at #1 on the Ology Best AI Finalist contest!  Let’s make sure David stays in the #1 spot through August 3rd at 5:00pm EDT when the contest ends.  I’ve been commenting on the posts, and it’s so easy to get lost in all the David awesomeness posted there!  Some new vids and pics that I haven’t seen before too!  I think fans are digging into their files and finding stuff they had not posted before – so Ology has been great for pumping up the promo for David & his music!

If you have not yet joined Ology & followed David’s feed, click below to get started!  It’s easy to sign in using your twitter or facebook account, or you can use an email address.  Be sure you are following the David Archuleta Feed pictured below, because this is the only place he will earn points for the contest!

- click to go to David's Ology Feed

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It’s Getting Closer Now!

- collage credit to canadianarchie

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Deseret Books Tweets!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy (or copies) of BEGIN. now is a great time because you can get 30% off at Deseret Books!  This album will make a great gift too!

*  *  *  *  *

 Extra Buzz!

The following tweets mentioned David’s album BEGIN. and linked to the Idol Chatter article with David’s mini vlogs talking about what inspired him to record it!

- click to read the article mentioned in the tweets above

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Bench Signs Another Idol Finalist!

David will be getting some company from another Idol Finalist – Jessica Sanchez was announced as a new Bench endorser!  Jessica is very popular in the Philippines so maybe we can look forward to a Bench Idol campaign in 2014 featuring David & Jessica!

- credit BLUJAYfromMars

In case you forgot what David’s Bench campaign looked like (yeah, right) here’s a vivd reminder!

- BenchTM

*  *  *  *  *

Pittsburgh Concert 07/28/09

That would be 3 – count ’em – 3 years ago today that David performed a summer concert in, as he likes to say, Picksburgh!  I believe he was on a break from the Demi Tour, as he makes a mention of it in one of his wonderful rambly intros to a song.  The red NORD shows up on To Be With You – I wonder what happened to that keyboard?

To Be With You (credit ryco62)

Don’t Let Go (credit ryco62)

Somebody Out There (credit waitingforyesterdayx)

My Hands (credit ryco62)

*  *  *  *  *

Fan Goodies

With David away on his mission, fans have taken BEGIN. promo into their own hands!  Linda from Cali went straight to the source & asked a DJ to play BEGIN. on the radio when it debuts on August 7th!

*  *  *  *  *

Do you get Deseret Books catalogs mailed to your home?  Then you’re in for a treat sometime soon!  Ron (@postalidol) who works at the post office, shared this very cool story!

Hello my fellow Archie fans! I just wanted to share something that happened to me at work yesterday. I work for the US Postal Service at a processing plant here in West Sacramento, CA.  As I was doing my normal routine sweeping one of the 10 lanes of our tray sorter machine, I noticed a couple of trays that had bundles of what looked like small catalogs. What caught my eye was the green cover. Then I noticed a face on the cover. The face looked very familiar. So I decided to take a very good look at the cover. I was very surprised to find out who the person was. It was none other than our own David! I looked at the heading of the catalog and it turned out to be from Deseret Books! I was thinking to myself this must be the new months issue and they were featuring David’s new album! You could not believe how I felt at that moment! I soooo wanted to take a quick picture with my cell phone to share with you guys but working for the Postal Service that is a big no-no! If I would have been caught taking a picture of any mail piece I could have gotten in a lot of trouble. So I continued working but I was really having a hard time concentrating. I was so caught up in deciding whether or not to take that picture I almost could not do my job. I eventually cleared my head and it was back to work as usual. So for you out there who are customers of Deseret Books, a nice piece of mail will be waiting for you in your mailbox! And if you do get it, don’t forget to share a pic with the rest of us 🙂

Ron (@postalidol)

*  *  *  *  *

Interesting Vids

By interesting I mean they are “covers” of sorts – one is a Techno Dance Radio Edit of ALTNOY – very catchy and totally dance-worthy!  The second is a symphonic version of Crush – gotta love a good orchestra!  The third is a mashup of favorite vlog moments. (I spend way too much time on You Tube lol)

ALTNOY – Jason Nevins Radio Edit (credit typhorayne)

Crush – St. Martin’s Orchestral Academy of Los Angeles (credit horsegerbil)

Fave Vlog Moments (credit TherealNoelia)

*  *  *  *  *

Tweets, Pics & a Gif

- click to activate

- credit to naree

*  *  *  *  *

Wishing you all a Super Saturday!  Who’s watching the Olympics today?  Well Google is definitely in the Olympic spirit! Bullseye!

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  1. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! 10 days till BEGIN. Getting closer, closer!!

    Kalei… another MEGA post!! The lead off pic by Alberto Ortega is AWESOME! David is just so naturally handsome!!

    THANKS to ryco62, Ron, 8throwcenter, waitingforyesterday, Linda From Cali, typoranye, horsegerbil, TherealNoelia, anagfelo, Rosaria, Novi Diah N and Naree!
    Your contributions are truly appreciated!

    Keep posting, liking and commenting on Ology! David is #1 ! htp://ology.com/ology/1784 I’m off to comment …

    ENJOY YOUR DAY and all things David! The Olympics start in full swing too….LOVE IT!

  2. kimk says:

    good morning folks!!

    I have been trying to comment and clicking on ‘love it’ on ology.. I hope that helps!!

    Kalei thank you!!!!!!

  3. Jana OREGON says:

    FUN FUN FUN! Great post Kalei. Feels like “The Saturday Post” rotfl! Love.

  4. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 122nd day!!! Thanks for another fantastic post, Kalei!!!
    The hair! LOL….yeah, he’s gorgeous on that top pic!
    Love the random post office story! Happens when you have ODD…haha!
    Memories of that epic Pittsburgh concert….he was on fiyah! (where’s my fave, Bubbly?)
    Interesting mash-up/edit of David’s songs….never seen those before!
    Woot! #1 on Ology!….Keep going, Archie go-getters!!!

  5. cq#DA2014 says:

    Kalei thank you for the great Saturday post.

  6. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello kimk, Jana, sarahhazel and cq! Olympics on morning, noon and night!! LOVE IT! Will really be a TV junkie for the next 17 days!

    sarahhazel… Thanks for the links! LOVE tumblrs!!

    Back to Ology…to comment! Have to work a long day…so got to get some comments in now! Also my other David duties!!

  7. Lucy says:

    Hi guys! Kind of out of the blue question but does anyone know where a person could get a Nandito Ako poster? I have wanted one for a while but don’t know how to get one. Thanks! Also thank you FOD for everything you guys post for us, I love coming here! Have a good weekend everyone!

  8. Miss Vicki says:

    Top of the Morning to all FOD….Only 10 days to go…..Watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night…..Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get David to sing the National Anthem for the US in Rio in 2016!!!!!! Happy Saturday….Off to the pool to keep cool……..And Hi to VaBeach Archie!!!!!! Miss Vicki

  9. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!

    WOWOWOW!!! What a post Kalei, everyone at FOD continue to out do themselves with these FABULOUS posts. We are so grateful to you all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, many chores to do, as my so-called fine feathered friends have already left for the local beach, for sun & fun, while I clean house. Something wrong with this arrangement, thinking me & the boys will have a little talk later 😆 Take care all, have a great day, will lurk when time permits, Adios 😀

  10. Grace says:

    Morning everyone!
    Going to leave soon for a day trip to St. Louis. Last night, the Olympic opening ceremony was getting better as it went on. Some athletes were in tears, must be thrilled /overwhelmed at the same time.

    Miss Vicki, from the previous thread, about Paul McCartney…. You said exactly what I felt about his vocals, but still a legend. haha. You are so straightforward. lol.
    Marie, be encouraged. No one knows who David is going to marry. It’s a personal decision and I’ve seen people convert their religion for their spouse. So never say never.

  11. kimk says:

    I fell asleep at the end no Sir Paul.. looks like he had a hard time last night.

  12. tami lyn says:

    thanks marie 🙂 i mistakenly thought shawn was LDS. there’s another cutie we can cross off the list, lol!

  13. Good morning Kalei, thank you for a great post again. Thank you for including my comment on your post. I know the DJ will follow through when the album comes out.
    Beth you need to put your foot down on your feathered buddies.
    No beach unless Mother goes too.
    Well got to go vote and ology comments
    My computer is getting very slow so my grandson is coming over to clean it out
    so wont be using it for a while. BBL

  14. tami lyn says:

    jennette and david are so cute together and she seems like the perfect girl for him but i just can’t picture anything romantic going on between them. she doesn’t seem like his type, whatever that is. who knows i could be way off, maybe they are secretly engaged lol! and now we have to wait until 2014 to find out.

  15. tami lyn says:

    good morning linda 🙂 good luck with your computer! i know how frustrating that is.

  16. Miss Vicki says:

    Question for all you Fans of David this morning before I head off for the pool…..Does anyone know why the Olympic ceremonies were held in the middle of the night ending about 5:00 AM……Is it a tradition of does the actual torch take that long to get there from whereever????? Any thoughts????? And yes, Sir Paul struggled last night…….Miss Vicki

  17. tami lyn says:

    good morning miss vicki- not sure but think they are like 5-10 hours ahead of us? anyone know?

  18. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    Good morning everyone! Just popping in to say hello. It’s been a difficult week…haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately. But, hopefully the cloud is lifting.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Loved the opening ceremonies last night, although I didn’t see Sir Paul, lol. He’s not my cup of tea anyway but I guess there’s something to be said for someone who’s had such an amazing career and is still performing.

    Btw, tami lyn, thanks for sharing your singing with us on soundcloud. Maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to do the same! 🙂

  19. tami lyn says:

    ksf- good morning darling 🙂 (trying to talk like mariah now after watching her crazy HSN video LOL)! thankyou so much! i was so afraid to put my voice out there and now i realize only a handful of people even care to listen so now i don’t have to be so afraid anymore, lol. thought i would have a bunch of comments saying like- hey shut up, you suck! so thank goodness that didn’t happen lol! next songs i’m gonna do will be Christmas songs i think since i know so many of them by heart but i need to get a microphone. i was using some old crappy headphones to record cuz someone told me they would work but not very well so hopefully i will sound better with a new mic! yes hope u put some stuff on there, would love to hear your voice! 🙂 i’m sure it’s very nice 🙂

  20. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello Miss Vicki, Grav, Beth, Linda From Cali and Lucy! HAPPY Saturday! Full coverage of the Olympics! AWESOME!

    tami lyn…Jennette and David are so in tune with themelves, careers, family and desires for the future…and at such young ages! The both have a GREAT future David and Jennette are VERY private about thir personal lives…so who knows!

    Off to work…HAVE A GREAT DAY everyone!

  21. Donna says:

    The Olympics opening ceremonies were not broadcast live. It was night in London, but not 5 Am.

  22. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–Hi! glad you’re back in FOD circulation….and whatever it is, hope it gets better for you. 🙂

  23. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–keep singing, girl! 🙂

  24. tami lyn says:

    good morning sarahhazel 🙂 thankyou sooo much! your encouragement means alot to me! 🙂

  25. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    tami lyn – that HSN video was just hilarious! I’m looking forward to seeing her on AI. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s like with all her diva behavior, lol. Can’t wait to hear your Christmas tunes 🙂

    Well, I’ve gotta get ready for the day. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday 🙂

  26. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–you’re welcome 🙂

  27. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    Hi sarahhazel! Thanks! Glad to be back. Missed you guys!

  28. tami lyn says:

    ksf- yeah i think mariah is gonna be wildly entertaining on idol! have a good day! 🙂

  29. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    tami lyn – you too! Talk to you guys later 🙂

  30. kimk says:

    ksf hi!

  31. tami lyn says:

    sarahhazel~ awesome david pics, lol! thanks for sharing 🙂

  32. tami lyn says:

    hi kim 🙂

  33. tami lyn says:

    hi VaBeach 🙂 yes they do seem to be the perfect couple!

  34. tami lyn says:

    altho to me demi seems more like his type. i think he likes brown hair, brown eyes. don’t remember who said that.

  35. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–I’m sure the appearance will attract him first….but didn’t he say it doesn’t matter what color the hair, eyes, etc….it’s the personality that is most appealing to him?

  36. tami lyn says:

    sarrahhazel- yes i do remember him saying that too. 🙂

  37. kimk says:

    tamilyn Hi!!!

  38. kimk says:

    think he likes girls with pretty eyes.. like him.

  39. tami lyn says:

    kim- i agree! bet he notices eyes first. wonder if that girl who got the “look” in that video ever saw that video and if she did, did she freak out?lol! or maybe he does that “look” all the time and the camera just doesn’t always catch it? either way, haha!! 🙂

  40. kimk says:

    tamilyn saw two vids of gals he seemed to like who had pretty eyes and well they were gorgeous. one dark hair and one a cute blond.

  41. tami lyn says:

    maybe he did that on purpose so we can’t pin him down to a type! lol

  42. Heidijoy says:

    Thanks for another great post Kalei!! That recording of Angels We Have Heard on High is such a hidden treasure. Wish I could have been there :))

  43. tami lyn says:

    yes one of the best Christmas songs ever! love that one too!

  44. tami lyn says:

    did you guys see what i just RTed on twitter???!!!! 🙂

  45. breanne says:

    Be sure to vote for ING on MYX. Currently #8:

    Vote hourly for ING on Chart Central. Currently #2:

  46. tami lyn says:

    it’s something a charice fan tweeted about some movie that charice has been cast in and rumored that david was also offered a role! can’t tell if this is old or new or some kind of joke! ???

  47. breanne says:

    ING has 134,000+ views:

    Forevermore has 995,000+ views. Let’s get it to 1 million:

  48. kimk says:

    tamilyn lol!

  49. sarahhazel says:

    tami lyn–a joke.

  50. cq#DA2014 says:

    The opening day ceramonies for the Olympics were awesome, if David was not able to watch, hoping that someone has recorded for him so that he will be able to watch when he returns. Watching Sir Paul was great, such an iconic song. Just couldn’t help but think about David’s wish to someday be able to sing at the Olympics, he has a long ways to go before that would be possible, but he has the megia talent to make that happen…only time will tell.

  51. olemr2001 says:

    “Wait” has 498,764+ views. Should reach 1/2 million mark this weekend.

  52. Martha says:

    David takes a second look at girl with pretty eyes:


    He’s an eyes guy

  53. tami lyn says:

    love that vid! lol! seriously wondering if that girl even knew that david looked at her like that?! can u imagine if david looked at u like that and u missed it and spent the rest of your life not even knowing??! wow. if that girl is smart she will try to meet him again when he gets back!

  54. kimk says:

    Martha she was gorgeous.. looked like a girl version of him.
    there is also another vid of him with a blond haired girl.. asks her if she wrote him a
    letter in a gift she gave him. they take a pic together.

  55. josie says:

    Hi guys. Just checkin’ in to ask what David’s fan mail address is. I’ve only written it down and lost it umteen million times. lol.

  56. Ali says:

    It would be really cool if Wait hits half a million and Forevermore hits one million on the same day! They’re both SO close.

  57. Ali says:

    josie –

    David Archuleta
    PO Box 4297
    Apopka, FL 32704

  58. josie says:

    Muchas gracias, Ali! 🙂 Maybe I need to staple it to my forehead this time, lol…Welcome back, ksf. 🙂

  59. Ali says:

    josie – the fanmail address is also posted on the homepage at the OS; about halfway down the page, right above his music videos 🙂

  60. kimk says:


    karin ‏@zerogravity1
    Just stopped at @DeseretBook in Salt Lake! I love seeing these at EVERY register!!

  61. kimk says:

    Vicki ‏@VickiFOD
    At the theater & they promo’d @DavidArchie’s Begin cd!! OMG! playing snippet of “You R Beautiful” now!!

    Vicki ‏@VickiFOD
    Here w/ Hubs, 1st ones in the theater. To see Dark Knight. @DavidArchie promo made my day! #Begin

    YES PROMO!!! 😀

  62. kimk says:

    tamilyn as I remember it it was a Cook fan?

  63. tami lyn says:

    kim- omg a cook fan? isn’t that just like it?! he looks at the one girl there who probably wasn’t crazy in love with him! how ironic and how typical. lol!

  64. kimk says:

    tamilyn lol that is always how it is.. you want the one you can not have or at least the one who is not interested in you. David fans should take note!

  65. tami lyn says:

    kim- so true, haha!

  66. sarahhazel says:

    Promo at a theater?! Awesome!

  67. Vicki, how awesome can that be. OMJ. Did they use the voice over on that promo?

  68. David had killer eyes back they, he’s got dreamy killer eyes now. Some girl is going to be one lucky person

  69. josie says:

    Tks again, Ali….BEGIN promo at a theater? Cool beans!

  70. CindyUT says:

    Hello everyone!

    ksf ~ great to see you back! I hope you’re feeling better!

    So, today is July 28th…… Has anybody else realized that David has been gone for four months today?

    Oh, and speaking of David, I found out some very interesting and exciting news today. My Dad, my Aunt and I went to visit one our cousins we haven’t seen in many years. Since she lives in Murray, I had silently wondered if our cousin had ever heard of David, especially since she’s in her 80’s. Well, to make a long story short, not only has she heard of him or knows of him. She actually KNOWS him! Apparantly, he visited the house acrossed the street from her all the time and they live in the same stake as each other. We shared some stories with each other and she mentioned that she wanted to write him a letter and will write to him about me. Eeeekkk!!!! Now I really have something to write to him about, too. I have to tell him he knows my cousin! Okay…so I must say I’m on cloud nine now.

    Okay, I better go so I can get ready to watch the Olympics!! Have a great night!!!

  71. Cindy UT How exciting, happy for you and your cousin.
    Ksf, Glad to have you back. I think everyone has been a little busy this week.
    So much going on. Voting, Ology posting, Olympics, promoting BEGIN. and last but not least our own family and home duties that have to be taken care of.
    Can,t wait for BEGIN, Aug 7
    Forevermore close to 1 million views.
    Back to Ology

  72. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Just stopping by to say an early Goodnight!
    The next couple weeks around here will be
    pretty busy with the debut of Begin. just
    around the corner. See ya guys tomorrow 😀

  73. Goodnight Beth, yes the next two weeks will be busy with time getting closer for BEGIN to be released. How exciting.

  74. angelbymyside says:

    Looks like Deseret Book is giving BEGIN. more promo than Jive ever gave to TOSOD!

  75. angelbymyside says:

    Cindy ~ love your story 🙂

  76. Miss Vicki says:

    Hi all….Just for fun I’ve been watching the David videos at the top of this post…the ones from 2009….It blows my mind to think how much David has grown since those early days….OMG…He could hardly let go of the mic and now he runs around and bobs up and down and goes electric in front of the crowds….Our man child has grown into a powerful perfomer and is destined for STARDOM….Miss Vicki

  77. Miss Vicki says:

    CindyUT…..How marvelous….I’m jealous….Miss Vicki

  78. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey Martha…I love the short video of David taking a double take at the girl in the line….He loves the girls with pretty faces and eyes….Just love the way he looks back at her!!!!!! Wonder how many other girls have caught is eye on tour……LOL…..Miss Vicki

  79. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello! Home from work and catching up on the Olympics and all things David!

    Miss Vicki…David has matured in every aspect of his career! Cn’t wait to see him perform again!

    Cindy…Thanks for sharing your story…Lucky cousin!

    Off to Ology to comment while I watch the Olympics!

  80. sarahhazel says:

    Love Cindy’s story….I’m kinda jelly too….hehe….

  81. sarahhazel says:

    Forgot to say that last pic (from naree) from today’s thread is so dang PERFECT.

  82. Miss Vicki says:

    Hi again to VaBeachArchie….You’re up late tonight!!!!!..We are going to the VA Beach tomorrow for the day…. We usually go up around 39th Street near the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort….Love how they have the umbrellas and those nice lounge chairs with the comfy blue chair pads you can rent….Makes a day at the beach so relaxing…..Miss Vicki

  83. CindyUT says:

    Thank you everyone! It’s kind of funny how I found out my cousin knows David. My cousin has a Y sign for BYU in her window. But, she also had a red truck with the Utes (University of Utah) logo on it. My dad was teasing her and asked her which team does she really root for? She didn’t answer but turned to me and asked who I root for. After I gave my answer, my Dad just blurted out, “Well actually, she roots for David Archuleta!”. That’s what started it all! Just so that you all know, my 83 year old cousin adores him just as much as we do. She had nothing but high praises for him. I just hope and pray she is still around when he comes home in 2014.

  84. ATX #DA2014 says:

    Cindy – so happy for you. What a special story.

    Ksf – So happy you are back, was concerned about you. Please continue to join us. Hope all is okay.

    Just submitted my BEGIN picture. Will see how long it takes to get posted.

    Happy Olympics to all.

  85. VaBeachArchie says:

    Miss Vicki….Have to work tomorrow. Would have loved to meet up…we’ll get to do it yet!! Hope you have a GREAT time!

    sarahhazel….EVERY PICTURE of Naree’s is amazing! She takes the most naturally beautiful pictures of David. LOVE performance pictures the best…David is in his element there!

  86. CindyUT says:

    Thanks, ATX!!!!

  87. pickles says:



  88. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    Hi kimk 🙂

    Thanks josie, Linda, Cindy, and ATX! I am feeling a lot better. To be honest I’ve been a bit depressed…no rhyme or reason to it at all but then I guess that’s kind of how depression works, lol. But, again, thanks for your kind words. 🙂

    Cindy – that’s awesome! Did your cousin tell you any David stories that you can share? 😉

    Anyway, it’s late so think I’ll turn in. Goodnight everyone. Take care!

  89. Goodnight Ksf, Life is good. God Bless yoy , We miss you and Javid very much.

  90. kimk says:

    Vicki ‏@VickiFOD
    @Maureen_abms The guy mentioned “David Archuleta” had a new cd coming out, a collection of covers & new material. Then the snippet started

  91. Elysian says:

    Anne-Marie- I wanted to thank you so much for answering the question I posed on yesterday’s thread about how to post comments on Ology. It never occurred on me to press the enter button. LOL! Thanks to you, I have been posting comments like crazy! So much fun. Thanks again!

  92. Elysian says:

    Kalei- Thank you for posting the videos of the techno version of ALTNOY and the symphonic version of Crush. They are diametrically opposed treatments of David’s music but both are totally cool in their own way. I have never seen either of these videos and I really enjoyed them!!! 🙂

  93. Anita says:

    pickels-I’m confused about that video. David never released a song called “Don’t Tell Me! It took me awhile to notice that he was in the video.

  94. kimk says:

    good morning folks!

    uh oh I think Josh and Anya are in trouble!!

    saw this on the voice..
    rofl isn’t that Josh’s friend?!! 😯

    We all shouldn’t miss the 3rd episode of Pidol’s Wonderland presents “Maria Carpa” later on TV5, 5pm. ♥ @jascurtissmith


  95. kimk says:


    looks like Billy? lol.. poor Josh!

    ha we need a new chapter from ksf.. a new romance for Josh!!!

  96. MunkFOD says:

    Anita, Don’t Tell Me was a song that David sang when he was very young.. never released.. There is more information about it over at David Archuleta Fanscene.

  97. sarahhazel says:

    new thread

  98. breanne says:

    Vote for ING on MYX. Currently #8:

    ING is currently #2 on Chart Central:

  99. breanne says:

    Someone posted this on David’s ology page “Remember guys, there are more points for COMMENTING than POSTING”. If you aren’t posting be sure to comment as much as you can!! We have until 8/3 to keep David #1. After you comment press enter to get the comment to post.

  100. Betty says:

    I enjoy the olympics, too. Noticed in women’s gymnastics today (Sunday) that the floor seems bouncier than usual. I don’t remember it caving it as much when they come down on it. It’s no wonder they turn into slinkys and jump off the mat–if they are on sort of a trampoline! I guess they are trying to make the sport safer–but makes one wonder.

  101. Betty says:

    Oh, a funny thing I heard was how some of the athletes use stuff like honey to mix in the chalk on their hands to grip the uneven bars better. I shared the story with a couple of male family members and within a short time they had me wondering if I was losing my mind…but, I googled it when I got home today, and I am validated! They do do it and it is the responsiblity of the next contestant’s crew to clean all the guck off the bar in the minute prior to his performance, at which time he can add his own secret potion to the chalk on his hands. CRAZY!

  102. Betty says:

    supergrandjudie#DA2014 I couldn’t help but smile when you were describing your ineptness with the computer….been there….am there! B

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