David Archuleta Monday memories! A poignant Part 2 vlog from @davidarchie: talking about upcoming BEGIN. CD and more; July 23 ~ what was David up to over the past years? The smile and the dentist! A fitness challenge! Tumblriffic.

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 David Archuleta on the Idols Live! Tour, Summer 2008, credit to Emily

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“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.”

~ Buddha

Today’s quote was provided by Jana.  Thanks for a great quote!

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BEGIN. and more.  Part 2

Just after 8 am EDT, a new tweet from @DavidArchie @kariontour talking more about BEGIN., finishing the process and the decision to go on the mission.  Love this production too @deseret!

Ahhh….so nice to hear from David.  Just so nice.

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The count down is ON!!!

Compliments of Cindy @CanadianArchie.  Have you pre-ordered BEGIN. yet?  iTunes coming soon, but until then, you have many pre-order options!  As per the OS

→ Deseret Book
→ Amazon
→ Barnes & Noble
→ Best Buy
→ Sears
→ Walmart

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July 23….looking back at the past 4 years

We’ve been with David for four July 23rd’s now.  Let’s reflect in pix and vids, shall we?

In 2008, he greeting fans in Cincinnati

….and talking on the phone while on AI7 Tour!

and here is a slideshow from the Cincinnati show from Bobbi Jo (@nicepretty)

We cannot display this gallery

And from @IceCreamKPie!

We cannot display this gallery


2009 – Chicago, the  Lovachuleta tour

From my friend Roberta!  We were there, but barely. We owed a huge thanks to our cabbie for getting us there just before David’s set started.  And it was great!  Check out 2:44.  Seriously.  Had he ever done that before?   I remember that ALTNOY being extra special in Chicago.  And Chicago LOVED David.

In 2010, David was getting ready to release The Other Side of Down

…. and was filming Something Bout Love music video.  Here is a release from AceEntertainment:

In 2011, David arrives in Hanoi

The Asia tour coming to a close, the Concert in Ho Chi Minh City done, and Hanoi concert on July 24, David arrives to a huge welcome in Hanoi.

David Archuleta at Hanoi Airport in Vietnam July 23, 2011



Wow, I got a little dizzy from watching that one.  This is why security is worth every single penny lol!

I could post so many vids and more pix, but we’ve been having some site issues lately, and I’m fearful of awesomage overload!  In other words, death by HD vids!

Hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane!

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Who’s looking after David’s teeth now?

Random, but important!  Another great collage by @CanadianArchie.  I know there are dentists in South America, but do they have TV’s mounted close to the ceiling??

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From #DA2014FitClub

A BEGIN. fitness challenge!  Inspired by this!

From DA2014FitClub: 

On Aug. 7th start reporting how many miles you walk/run each day & we’ll tally it up & see how long it takes us to get to 1000 miles!

That’s 1000 miles as a Club…not individually lol Might take a bit of time individually. You must be following @DA2014FitClub 4 it 2 count!

We’ll play @DavidArchie singing 1000 miles to celebrate when we get to 1000 miles of walking/running.

Be inspired!

And speaking of healthy living….

A funny post from It’s a Rush World.  Click to go to @rusharr’s  site.  I really like it…some cool goodies there!   I encourage you to take a look! 

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“It’s really important to do everything that you possibly can to stay true to yourself.” ―

David Archuleta, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance

No specific rhyme or reason for the quote and pic.  I like them both, so I thought I’d share 🙂

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From innfatuated

From ohmyarchie

From ilovemecastroleta

From ohnopurple.  A two-for:

David the warrior!  Love this!

And this next one speaks to being Monday, and the start of a work or school week.  Tell it the way it is, Josh.


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Have a great day everyone!  And thanks to Joanie and Kalei for posting for many days in succession!

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199 Responses to David Archuleta Monday memories! A poignant Part 2 vlog from @davidarchie: talking about upcoming BEGIN. CD and more; July 23 ~ what was David up to over the past years? The smile and the dentist! A fitness challenge! Tumblriffic.

  1. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Wow Pastel, I see you’re up late posting today’s post already (12:20 AM here). I was up late and was able to post a Happy Birthday message to my brother Allen on FB. I love the post. Don’t know if it’s done. I always love seeing what pictures and videos you’ll have to share each day. Reminiscing is so fun.
    The look with him taking off the sunglasses in Nandito Ako, priceless!!! I’ll have to look at more of everything when I wake up later. Off to bed.

  2. your so cute david…..
    i <3 you

  3. Huong_DAVN says:

    Hi everyone,
    I made a playlist of David’s 2 days-stay in Hanoi- from his arrival at Noi Bai airport on 23 July, M&G with him at Sheraton Hotel, the soundcheck, to David’s live performance for Idol Music Event 2011, at Giang Vo Exhibition Center, Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, on July 24.
    Here you are:
    Hope you enjoy!

  4. Pastel says:

    Hi everyone and good morning!! I love the playlist Huong! I’ll add it to the post a bit later…thank so much for sending it!

  5. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello Janel, jonalyn, Huong and Pastel! HAPPY MONDAY!

    THANKS Pastel for the GREAT post and the walk down memory lane!!The playlist from Huong is AWESOME….thanks!! LOVED the whole 2011 Asian Tour!! Emily’s lead off pic is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! PERFECTION…that beautiful face!!!

    BobbiJo, IceCreamKPie, Roberta, CanadianArchie, innfatuated, ohmyarchie and ilovemecastroleta…THANKS! David the Warrior…awesome job ohnopurple!

    Off to vote and more coffee! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

  6. Martha says:

    David Archuleta‏@DavidArchie

    David Archuleta talks about his upcoming BEGIN. album and more. Pt. 2 Check it our here —> http://youtu.be/awguyBZtG4c (ks)

  7. kimk says:

    good morning!!


    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    David Archuleta talks about his upcoming BEGIN. album and more. Pt. 2 Check it our here —>

  8. Martha says:

    “I don’t understand why” – that surprised me. Love you, David.

  9. OoO says:

    David r u thinking about getting ready to have a special someone????!!!! Sound like he is ready to open up his heart to someone this time. Oh my. I could be wrong. But I hope he found someone for real. Sorry I don’t know what make me think this way.

  10. Jhen says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Awesome pictures and video reminishing all the great days that David shared with fans.
    It’s been a year that David had a concert for the first time in Vietnam.

    Huong- thanks for the video in Vietnam. That is so nice.

    Everytime I listened to Broken, it seems it fit for the incidence in Colorado, the war in Syria and some other unrest bombing in some countries. Wish all the people in the world find peace. No more guns, no more war.

  11. Jhen says:

    wow! 2nd part of David talk about his Begin and more, I guess there a lot more in that interview.

  12. cq#DA2014 says:

    Thank you Pastel for the awesome Monday post.
    Love that David made p2 vlog, but dang, it just left me with such a heavy heart. I know now that I will be a puddle of tears listening to every song in BEGIN.

  13. Grace says:

    Morning FOD!!
    Thanks Pastel for the wonderful post!!
    Vietnam fans were so enthusiastic to promote David there. I remember watching their videos on putting up posters and handing out flyers on bikes everywhere!! Hope David keeps all the fans there when he returns.

    Thanks Kari for the video! Great to see him in early Monday morning. Made my day!!!
    Jhen, you may be right. I smell more videos coming as the release day approaches!!

  14. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 117th day!!! Thanks for the wonderful start-of-the-workweek post, Pastel!!!
    Great to start FOD with a PRV from David! Hope we get more!
    Love the quote from Chinese Proverb!
    Thanks to Huong for the VN concert playlist….I really enjoyed watching it! (memories)

  15. sarahhazel says:

    I would love to see more & longer PRVs with David explaining the song choices for BEGIN….and hopefully see him with bigger smiles?…..Not used to semi-smiley David in a vlog LOL

    (PRV–pre-recorded vlog,….made if up, of course)

  16. kimk says:

    sarahhazel that would be nice.. looking forward to him talking about why these song choices for the cd as well all about Broken!! also can’t wait to see his Rainbow video I know that will be a ton of sunshine!! plus dancing!!

  17. Martha says:

    Hi, everyone! Thanks, Pastel for the great post! You guys are awesome!

    sarahhazel – its been mentioned that maybe David made these vids right after he had teeth or a tooth extracted (remember, dry socket). His jaw is a little swollen. If thats true, that explains not smiling so much.

    You can tell the weight of his decision is hitting him.

  18. kimk says:


    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog
    David Archuleta on BEGIN and more, Chris Colfer Teen Choice red carpet (VIDEOS)

  19. kimk says:


    Disney Dreaming ‏@Disney_Dreaming
    David Archuleta @DavidArchie Talks About The Decision To Go On His Mission

    David Archuleta is spending two years on a Mormon Mission, but making the decision to do so wasn’t easy for David. Listen in the video below as David talks about what brought him to make the final decision to leave for two years, and hear him talk about everything he had to get done before leaving.

    Here’s what was shared along with the video:

    While in the studio recording the BEGIN. album David talks about the next 2 years, the decision he has made and what some of the challenges he might face.

  20. kimk says:

    Martha could be.. he did look a lil.. puffy! 🙂

  21. pocoelsy says:

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the wonderful new post, that vid from Vietnam..David the rock stahhh treatment at the airport!!!!crazy haha people were so excited about him like… everywhere lol. Always love the collage the fans made, they are lovely.

    David and his team are so good to us , we’ve got new vlog, love his talking voice <3 it's so calming and everyword he said seem sooo sincere and the voice is so low too so manly, omg I'm rambling hehe.

  22. Jhen says:

    Grace- Vietnam fans are very energetic, all or majority of them are young fans and they had a lot of opportunities to talked and to be near David.

    It must be hard for David to decide about going to Mission or not, but he seems know what he want and what’s good for him. I have so much faith in David, he can conquer all the challenges that he might face along the way.

  23. sarahhazel says:

    pocoelsy–your chirpiness is making my morning. 🙂

  24. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- did you went to Vietnam or just Malaysia concert?

  25. pocoelsy says:

    Grace, Jhen, Kimk, Sarahhazel, Martha, Pastel,Houng, I can smell more vids comming too, aren’t we lucky or what.

  26. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen, I went to only Malaysia, couldn’t effort to go elsewhere hehe because if I go my daughters would insist to follow me too it’s David ya know !!!<3

    Sarahazel, hehe oh why …thank you…I chirp a lot after watching his new vid, that guy know how to make a fan's day…love him 🙂

  27. kimk says:

    yup I can smell them!! 🙂

  28. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- sure David is manly and his eyes, tantalizing eyes lol
    There is a Thai fan who went to Vietnam concert, I saw her picture somewhere, she got a chance to meet David sound check and gave him gift from Thai fans.

  29. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen, yes that girl from Archie Thailand (FB) she’s a very sweet and nice and smart girl in fact she wrote on her FB that yesterday(or today) is excactly 1 year anniversary that she met David…she misses him sooo much and still his hugh supporter 🙂

  30. pocoelsy says:

    I like David the “Knight” that photo shop pic is nice, he must be the most handsomest (lol) knight of them all!!! and David take out the shade …cool… haha “deal with it !!!”

  31. Jhen says:

    pocoelsy- Did David know you are Thai when you watch his concert in Malaysia?
    David might be very happy that there was a Thai who come to his Vietnam concert.

  32. pocoelsy says:

    Jhen, unfortunatly no he didn’t, he doesn’t even know I exist haha, I never got a chance to meet him then 🙁 everything was so rush, I just attended his sound check and concert!!but it’s all good though since I don’t know how I would react when/if I meet him face to face!!! I prolly have brain freeze haha and he would think ….wahhhh this is one cucku aunty hehe, poor David!!!

  33. Martha says:

    pocoelsy – thats is what happens, you get a brain freeze when you meet him. Or you become mute like I did, could only get one sentence out.

  34. breanne says:

    Pastel thanks for the great post!! The picture at the top is AMAZING!!

    Keep voting for ING on MYX. Use all your email addresses:

    Vote 1 song hourly for ING, Forevermore & Nandito Ako on Chart Central:

  35. Martha says:

    This is interesting, seem to have everything:


    Old pics though.

  36. Jhen says:

    Pocoelsy, Martha- sounds familiar, brain freeze and mute lol

  37. sarahhazel says:

    963,504 views! 1 million is the goal!!!

  38. sarahhazel says:

    122,364 views and counting! 200,000 views, please!!!

  39. pocoelsy says:

    Martha, Jhen, haha, dang that boy and he must think that all his fans are so well behave!!! but then I haven’t met him in person…who knows I might be able to stare him down….nahh… who am I kidding.

    breanne, I vote 🙂

    Oh Martha thank you for all the links ..some I can’t open..like ricky mmm dunno why, let’s all the buzzzz BEGIN.

  40. pocoelsy says:

    Think I have to go to bed now it’s kinda late here, so good night / day all, have a nice day/night too.

  41. Jhen says:

    Sarah- wow! Forevermore is close to 1M. I’l never go need a lot of push.

    Pocoelsy- You have to stare him lol, it’s different feeling, like your in heaven lol, but you might freeze lol

  42. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnite, pocoelsy!

  43. Jhen says:

    I had read or hear somewhere before , I think it’s Archuleta Vietnam, that Jeff jokingly said to Vietnamese fans that he have a lot of daughter in law lol

  44. Jhen says:

    Wonder if David come back after 2 years, if he will look for serious relationship and eventually marry. Because that’s what I heard about missionaries in LDS, correct me if I’m wrong. But whatever it is, I just hope he find the perfect girl for him.

    Have to sleep now FOD family, bye for now

  45. Good morning Grace, Jhen, Kimk, Sarahhazel, Martha, Pastel, Houng. Just got on, haven.t read all the comments yet, but wanted to say hi! first. I did see the video from David. What a difference in the way that he delivers this video compare to his others. More serene, still not sure if he made the right decision. But i know that by now he has his ans. He did do make the right decision for him. You can see it in his pics from Chile. Back to read comments and to vote.

  46. As soon as Forevermore hits a million views although i will still keep viewing it ,but i will do more views on I’ll NEVER GO. We need to push it.

  47. sarahhazel says:

    Goodnite, Jhen!

  48. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–thanks for the links…..some buzz is better than nothing….2 weeks and 1 day to go!!!

  49. sarahhazel says:

    More great pics from the contest gallery

  50. kimk says:

    sure are some fabulous pics at the BEGIN contest!!

  51. Martha says:

    Story on Miranda Cosgrove, David mentioned under “dating history” (?!)


  52. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–that’s great!….what a nice find there!

  53. sarahhazel says:

    Last comment for Martha was about the Celebrity Auction.

  54. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–LOL…..funny how they made it look like they dated…..
    “American Idol” alum David Archuleta and tween star Miranda Cosgrove filmed an episode of her hit show “iCarly” in July 2009, and that made everyone wonder if these two were more than friends.”

  55. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – thats how rumors get started. (Of course, me reposting doesn’t help.lol)

  56. kimk says:

    lol. think he went out to dinner with her and Jennette after the filming of iCarly?
    such a playah…

  57. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–that’s true…haha….but maybe there should be more rumors about David so he can get more publicity/exposure like most celebs…LOL….problem is, David is NOT like most celebs.

  58. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–one of the naughty things he did….hehe….

  59. Martha says:

    I tried to post on twitter about the auction with a link to the site and my tweet never appeared. This has happened before. Tweets without links will post or if I reply to a tweet, that will post. Does anybody have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
    Help, please!

  60. kimk says:

    Martha happens to me sometimes too. not sure why.

  61. kimk says:

    sarahhazel rofl. he is such a bad boy.

  62. Martha says:

    kimk – Its been happening to me for 2 or 3 weeks and it just seems like the ones with links. Thought maybe my settings are wrong, but it didn’t used to happen.

  63. KC says:

    *facepalm* Why do people ship him with EVERY GIRL WHO EVER LIVED? It’s absurd.

  64. Tweet from ArchuletaPhilippines.

  65. Sorry not all caps.
    Songs Of An Angel Begin

  66. Martha says:

    Linda – I may be wrong but I think the Archies in Argentina are planning trending on Friday since we postponed this past Friday.

  67. Martha, your right Sorry my mistake.

  68. Well gotta go do chores BBL

  69. kimk says:

    KC lol.. especially where he is concerned too.

    I like that trend! 🙂

  70. kimk says:

    Martha just tried to link the longer snippets for someone and it wouldn’t do it. sure there is a reason.

  71. kimk says:


    I’ll Never Go was #7 on MYX Daily Top 10!!


  72. blue says:

    I bid on the signed cd for the grammy auction thing. I hope I don’t win. lol

  73. sarahhazel says:


  74. sarahhazel says:


  75. Martha says:

    blue – I hear ya. You want to put in a bid so that he won’t be there without bids.

  76. Janel aka Nellie says:

    There are so many different emotional expressions David shows during that pre-mission feelings blog from this morning. I screen capped several. I’ll give my FB group link to it, and my link to my Twitpic. On Twitpic, it’s the first 36 pictures, counting backwards from 36-1 “Pre mission blog screencap”
    FB Utah Fans of David Archuleta: http://on.fb.me/P4tNC8
    Twitpic: http://twitpic.com/photos/Nellie1983?page=1

  77. sarahhazel says:

    Janel–very nice job!….love them!

  78. kimk says:

    apparently Mariah Carey is a new judge on American Idol!

    here she is with David.. When You Believe!!

    ahh so cute and young and.. church pants!! 😀

  79. Martha says:

    The Grammy Auction info is on the OS:


  80. Martha says:

    Janel – like the screenshots!

  81. Theres just 1 bid for Davids signed cd for the other side of down. Bid is for 50:00

  82. Charlotte says:

    Hey guys,
    My family is in need of your prayers today. Our oldest dog, Magic, aged 11, was rushed to the vet over the weekend and, after two days of IV fluids and antibiotics an ultrasound discovered a tumor on his heart. The tumor is causing fluid to build up around the heart and the heart muscle to fail. Surgery is an option, but there’s a high likelihood that the tumor is malignant. Please pray for Magic and for our family. We’ve lost three pets over the last decade and it’s extremely difficult to face going through it again.
    Thank you.

  83. Martha says:

    Charlotte – I will pray for your dog, Magic. I love dogs and I know what you’re going through. I’ve had ill dogs before and its hard.

  84. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, Martha. I just spoke to my mom and we’re not going to go the surgical route. Our regular vet is advising against it. We’ll probably have to put him down in the next few days.

  85. My prayers are with you charlotte hope you pet dog will not suffer too much.

  86. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, Linda.

  87. Martha says:

    Charlotte – I know exactly how you feel. In 2010, my sweet poodle Sparky got sick, he was 12, and passed on my birthday. Five months later, we had to put down my other poodle, who was 17! It was still hard. But its the way it goes sometimes, with animals; they were my companions. I will be praying for you; we do get through these things.

  88. Violet says:

    Just because there is a video of David doesn’t mean there needs to be screen caps for every one. It’s a little weird.

  89. I just bid on Davids CD for the Grammy auction. My first time ever bidding on anything.

  90. Charlotte says:

    Awww, Martha. That’s like what happened to us in 2002. We had to put down our 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel in January of that year after she had a massive seizure and then eleven months later one of our cats passed from cancer at age 12. Thank you for your prayers and I’ll be praying that all our pets will be together in heaven.

  91. Martha says:

    Thanks, Charlotte.

  92. sarahhazel says:

    Charlotte–praying for your dog, Magic….I’ve lost 3 dogs in recent years and it’s hard. (((HUGS)))

  93. Charlotte says:

    Thanks, Sarahhazel.

  94. ray says:

    violet onely to you maybe

  95. kimk says:

    Charlotte ahh praying for Magic.

  96. kimk says:

    Janel love all the screencaps! thanks!

  97. We appreciate anything David that is shared with us.

  98. Rapport says:

    Charlotte, I am sure Magic feels all the love around him. I have two beautiful pit bulls and they feel the love every hour of every day.

    My heart and prayers go out to you and Magic.

  99. Martha says:

    Brad Ziffer ‏@BradZiffer
    In the studio, recording the VO promo for David Archuleta’s latest album, BEGIN…

  100. Charlotte says:

    Thanks, kimk and rapport. Rapport, hugs for your pit bulls, too. The world needs to be kinder to that breed.

  101. sarahhazel says:

    A Voice Over for the promo?!….Yay!!!

  102. kimk says:

    wonder if that means TV and/or RADIO!!!!!????!!! 😯

  103. Martha says:

    kimk and sarahhazel – how exciting! Lots of buzz and things happening!

  104. Grace says:

    That guy’s voice is pretty cool!!
    Hello everyone!

  105. May i ask? What is a VOICE OVER?

  106. Violet says:

    Onely to me? Uh ok.

  107. sarahhazel says:

    Brad is also a singer/songwriter and did VO for Gen. Motors too….

  108. sarahhazel says:

    Linda–voice or narration you hear over visuals on commercials, movies, etc.

  109. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–thanks for that exciting update….something about promo to spazz about!

  110. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Linda, voices put into Cartoons and animes are also voice overs. If you see a commercial sometimes you’ll do the speaking part in the studio as well as at the place (like car dealerships) to filter out the background noise, then you sync up the audio and video together.

  111. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Sarahhazel and Martha, thank you. It was pretty easy. He had so many different expressions in that video. Loved them all!

  112. Thank you Sarahhazel. I,m still not understanding but if its something good for the album, i’m glad.

  113. Martha says:

    Janel – his eyes were very expressive

  114. Wil says:

    Linda, here’s an example of how voice over was used on David’s original album

  115. Janel, OH! I get it. Thanks, sometimes it takes me a while to understand things. So thank you for breaking it up for me.

  116. Wil, Thank you very much for that youtube. Visual always works for me. DUH!!!!

  117. cq#DA2014 says:

    Yipee looks like some promos for BEGIN.

  118. Greetings from the PNW! Haven’t posted for awhile but just want you all to know how much Davids songs give me so much peace and inspiration when things all around us can be very overwhelming at times. Sometimes I don’t think he realizes how much these gifts he left us mean to us. I guess we can let him know when he gets back! Hoping his future concerts will sell out just like before, and everything will just be as it was. I’m sure of it, not doubt at all. He’s such a w0nderful young man…

  119. ooops, no doubt at all….

  120. kimk says:

    Wil oh I LOVED that voice over.. thank you! pretty excited!

  121. kimk says:

    wait a minute.. a voice over of WHAT!!??

    there is no video for Broken… or is there?!
    or maybe another song or songs???!!!!

  122. Besides sharing with some awesome people, i am learning so much about the music business. I love my FOD family.

  123. Kimk, didn’t Kari say that there was going to be a surprise for us. I wonder? have we had the surprise yet.

  124. CindyUT says:

    Hello everyone!

    It’s so nice to see another vlog from David! It brought me comfort to hear David describe how he made his decision to serve a mission.

    Charlotte – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved dog, Magic. I understand what you are going through. This past January my cat got sick and I thought he just caught a cold. One night he just didn’t act like his normal self, so I rushed him to the animal hospital. The vet kept him over night for observation and testing. They discovered my cat had cancer. Chemo was an option, but he was approx. 16 years old and I didn’t want to put him through that. I had to make the difficult decision to have him put down the following morning. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. So, as I mentioned before….my prayers are with you.

  125. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone! WONDERFUL vlog from David 😀

    Hey kimk! They did film somethings in the studio, especially the day before David left, so there is some kind of video(s). Cant wait to find out, cant wait to hear BEGIN. in its TOTAL GLORIOUS EPICNESS 😀

  126. kimk says:

    hehe here is my screencap!


  127. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Finally. Hi everyone. Charlotte, so sorry to hear your pet, Magic, is in poor health. Hope he is not suffering. I’ll say a prayer for him. My best wishes for you and your family.

  128. kimk says:

    Beth kari hinted at videos on the cd.. and think she said she recorded the studio sessions? all I got!

  129. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOL…such a pretty lamp (from the vlog)…..I want one like that.

  130. sarahhazel says:

    OMJ….would love to see the studio sessions!!!

  131. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Pastel, your pictures and post are amazing. Janel thanks for Those shots of David. My WiFi here is so slow so I pnly got to see the first ones on Twit Pic. I haven’t even seen orheard what David said in vlog 2. It takes forever or not at all. I am missing a lot of videos. Dang!! Wondering what all the Voice Overing is about. Oh well, we’ll find out sooner or later. I tried to view some of the pics that were sent in but I only got the first two pages. They all looked so good. Wish I was creative. I see we are trending July 27. Is there any trending before that?

  132. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    kimk, not sure if the videos would be included in the cd or released separately, not sure. I think they might want to let people in on it soon, if included in the cd, would be more incentive to buy it. Hope, its not a deluxe cd, not that I would mind one, but some people would’ve ordered that instead of just a cd. Just dont know whats happening yet, what they have up their sleeves. Their crafty little buggers, arent they 😆

  133. Hi! SGJ and Beth, Isn’t exciting about the vlog we got from david. I just seeing and hearing him talk even if it was 4 mos ago. He looks confused, but i think by now his confusion has turned into an ( I’m glad i came ).

  134. kimk says:

    Beth kari said no deluxe cd and no bonus cds.

  135. kimk says:

    lol I thought the Grammy Auction was by a grandmother!!

    dang wish I had money.. and WHY DO WE HAVE TO CLICK ON 1D!!!!??


  136. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth, howdy. Yes they are crafty little buggers. 😆 😆

  137. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    kimk… 😆 Linda , I didn’t see the video. Wouldn’t come up for me. What did he say?

  138. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    kimk, oh, ok, then it would just be part of the cd or maybe released on his Website??? Cant wait to find out 😀 Wish I had money to bid on it, I would bid a ton on it, if I had a ton, 1/2 a ton, 1/4 ton, 20 bucks 😆

    Hey Linda!

    Hey sgj! You cant see Davids vlog? Dang it, will you be able to eventually, something wrong with your computer, other than the week wi-fi?

  139. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth, I’m in Maryland and we don’t have regular Wi-Fi here so I’m tethering Wi-Fi from my I Phone. Something like that and it’s slower than molasses and sometimes it just conks out. Might be here for another week. I like being here but miss my Wi-Fi at home.

  140. SGJ, to make the story short, he talked about how things were rushed but he didn’t feel overwhelmed. He worried about the things that had to be taken care of at home that he wouldn’t be able to get his hands on for two years. He had doubts if he should go or not to this mission, but deep inside he knew it was something he had to do.
    SGJ, if david had any doubts i think this mission in Chile confirmed that he did make the right decision because he raelly looks happy and fulfilled.

  141. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    supergrand, oh dang, what a bummer. Well, we’ll do the best we can to make sure you’re up to date all all things David 😀

  142. kmb says:

    My goodness, the most recent vlog has to be one of the most poignant ones David has given us so far, right up there with “It’s Not Goodbye.” David has such great faith. He’s gotten so good at doing things despite not knowing exactly what to expect and trusting that it’s all part of God’s plan for him. I don’t think any of us can know all the affects of each of our actions. All we can do is do the best we can and be the best we can. It’s so true that only in hindsight can we see the benefits (and in some cases, the harm) of our decisions. I can’t wait for David’s vlogs after he returns because I’m sure he will have gained even more perspective on why he went on his mission which will shine through in all he says and does and it will be awesome. Thank you, David, for sharing your example of courage and faith with us. Thanks also to Kari for always being here for us and being able to share these gems with us.

  143. Anita says:

    Charlotte-I’m so sorry to learn about your dog. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  144. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Awww Thanks Linda. He’s so sweet. You’re right, he looks happy in Chile. Pretty soon he’ll have two year Mission under his belt and then the skies the limit. Aren’t you glad we love him to smithereens!! 🙄 😉

  145. SGJ, yes i am glad we love him to smithereen.
    KIMB, you said so beautifully. Thank you.

  146. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Beth Thanks 😀

  147. bds says:

    I heard a mission story about David and thought some might find it interesting although it isn’t anything different than I imagined David doing. It seems David and his companion were talking with a lady at her door and she told them she was not interested. David asked her if they could leave her with a song and she said yes. I am not sure if the companion helped David sing but after the song the lady invited them into her house.

  148. SGJ, can you get the vlog on you cell phone?

  149. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks bds, love that story 😀

    sjg 😀

  150. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda, I don’t know. I didn’t try. After a while I get annoyed fooling with everything. I go see if I can Do it now

    bds. Nice story. 😀

  151. kimk says:

    bds lol can he come here and do this in the states!?
    oh my what lucky peeps.
    thank you.

    I don’t know why but that has me chuckling.

  152. sarahhazel says:

    bds– 🙂 🙂 🙂

  153. Bds, Oh my gosh, that sounds so much like something David would. Bless his heart. Wish he would knock at my door and sing to me too. NAAAAA!! Don’t want to be greedy, have to share him with the world.

  154. mango#DA2014 says:

    I’ll bet the lady who said she wasn’t interested had no idea who he is. She was probably thinking this kid can sure sing.

  155. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Linda. Nope, nada, nothing. I think some towers aren’t working or whatever is wrong with the transmission. At&t is stinkerino!!!

  156. kimk says:

    you don’t have to know who he is.. he sings the world listens.
    never heard such a beautiful voice.

  157. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    mago. Hi, long time no see 😀 Yup, she sure was sung to by the best in the world!

  158. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    oops mango sorry

  159. mango#DA2014 says:

    Hi sgj. I’ve been here reading. I keep getting behind on reading the comments and it takes me a couple of days to get caught up to the point where I can comment.

  160. SGJ, do you get the screen caps that janel posted. His different face features say alot.

  161. breanne says:

    I’ll Never Go dropped to #7 on MYX:

    Vote 1 song hourly for ING, Forevermore & Nandito Ako on Chart Central:

  162. Martha says:


    Love this 🙂 @DavidArchie ‘s When You Believe performance & judges comments was highlighted here>Mariah Carey Is The .. http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/reality-rocks/mariah-carey-idol-judge-5-reasons-why-she-190515591.html

  163. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi everyone! I sent in my photo to the OS but worried it might meet the standards that they want. I figured out the dimensions are 324 px by 244 px (scaled to 722 px to 342 px) Is this okay? I have no clue how to make it any bigger. Lol. Thanks!

  164. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–Cool!!! Don’t like L.Parker but I’m still glad she put the S7 pic & vid with Mariah Carey. Should be interesting to have a diva like here as a judge……

  165. sarahhazel says:

    How could anybody say no to an angelic face like that, huh?….I would open doors and windows for him & his co. if they knock on my door! LOL….Good thing he has a “secret weapon”….. 😉

  166. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Been listening to the Begin Longer
    Preview you tube vid, cant stop listening,
    lol. Need to get a good nights sleep, so
    saying G’night 😀

    Charlotte, so sorry your dog is so sick 🙁
    We’re thinking of you.

  167. sarahhazel says:

    like *her* not here

  168. Charlotte says:

    CindyUT, SGJ and Anita, thank you. We just brought Magic home and he’s out back with his sister, Destiny. You’d never know he was so sick from looking at him. Hopefully we’ll have a few more days before we have to go through with the inevitable.
    CindyUT, my prayers to you, too, for your kitty. I went through that with one of mine ten years ago, though they didn’t know for sure that she had cancer. It was what they most suspected and what we accepted. We had to put her down the day after Christmas. I know they’re all together in heaven and seeing Magic content is definitely comforting. Thank you and everyone for your prayers.
    bds, I LOVED that mission story. I’m not surprised that the lady let them in after David sang. That voice has heaven’s powers and those who hear it are powerless to resist. I bet he had that lady eating out of his hand and he’s not only gaining investigators, but new fans as well 🙂

  169. Beth Goodnight. Sweet David dreams.

  170. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey guys….been away for a few days…..Love David’s explanation in the second vblog on why he needed to go on this Mission. David is staying true to himself and only he knows what is right for himself and important in this life….GO DAVID….BTW….Just love the pic of him in the striped shirt and white pants above…He looks darned good in white pants….. Also loved seeing all the videos of July 23rd over the years as David has evolved…..He was such a shy young kid (I know he is still shy but not like he was….) and now he is this articulate and dynamic performer……Blows my mind sometimes…..Miss Vicki

  171. Charlotte says:

    Beth, thank you. Hug our feathered friends for me and let them know I’ll be needing a reservation for the archuhospital when BEGIN comes out. As always, David’s keeping a smile on my face.

  172. Angelica says:

    Charlotte, very sad about your dog. Hope all goes well.

    kimk, lol at your screencap! Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

  173. Grace says:

    Hi all,
    bds, OMG, where did you hear the story about David? Thanks! Loved it!!

    Kurt Bestor ‏@kurtbestor
    Got an email today asking me if I want 2 go pick up my producer’s copies of David Archuleta’s CD “Begin.” Love when a project “lands.”

  174. Miss Vicki says:

    Loved watching David singing “When You Believe”… I think he sings it better than Mariah…..BYT….Mariah being the new judge may help Idol….I’m not a fan of her music but she seems to be a serious singer and may tell it like it is……She did when she commented on David…LOL…..Miss Vicki

  175. Janel aka Nellie says:

    bds, love the story! How did you find that out? So cool!!! Sooo sounds like David. He should leave everyone with a song at the door. 🙂

  176. bds, loved that story! Music (the right kind of music) touches peoples souls. It oviously touched hers and David must of felt he needed to ask her that. Maybe he asks everyone at door approaches if he can sing to them, heaven only knows!

  177. Anita says:

    Charlotte-You’re welcome! Pets sure have a way of pulling at our heartstrings, and it’s so difficult to let them go, especially when they’ve been part of the family for a long time.

  178. bds says:

    Grace – Found out I know someone who is in David’s Ward. A letter was read from David to the congregation but not sure if the letter was sent to his Bishop or if a family member shared it.

  179. angelbymyside says:

    Hi everyone 🙂

    bds ~ that story just made my day. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    I’d be more than willing to go and pick up Kurt Bestor’s producer’s copy of BEGIN. for him! 😉

  180. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Reminder of the Utah Fan dinner 3 weeks from tomorrow! (holy cow!)
    Tuesday August 14 at 6 PM, Simply Thai in Sandy, Utah.

  181. Amanda Jane says:

    Just poppin in for a sec; so excited that Begin is just around the corner! Felt like just the other day that it was a month out and now here we are! Can’t get here quick enough ;-).

    The vlog was adorable. I appreciate his honesty and openness. 🙂

    Have a great evening/day/etc! 🙂

  182. Good night everyone. Going to do some voting and see a my favorite episodes of Nandito Ako. This mini syre iis one of the best gifts that David could have left us. I never get tired of seeing it over and over again.
    Also all the videos of the concerts in manila, vietnam, indonisia. Vlogs, past concerts. Oh my! just so much to enjoy. How can we get bored. And then the new BEGIN album.
    I am so lucky to be a fan of this wonderful young man. Pray that i will be able to see him live in his next concert. Is it 2014 yet!

  183. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Another fabulous post!! Love the new video….David may have sounded a bit like he may have been having second thoughts about the mission but I agree that anything we have seen about him in Chile confirms that following his heart has once again worked out in his favor 🙂

    Bds….love the mission story!! As much as I’m supporting David through his mission, going door to door is the one thing I have issues with but even I’m going to admit that if he showed up at my door and opened that mouth of his to sing, he could probably convince me to do anything!! Honestly, who the heck could resist that voice!! He’s got a powerful tool and he knows how to use it 🙂

    Loving then pics being submitted for the contest….I’ve picked my winner already!! The new mother with cancer melted my heart!!

    Does anyone else have Javid withdrawals!! Lol….missing ksf….please come back soon!! 😀

  184. Miss Vicki says:

    BTW ALL….Love the pic of David at the top of this post…He looks so young and angelic….GAH………Can’t wait for BEGIN………Night all…..Miss Vicki…

  185. kimk says:

    the yahoo piece about Mariah and featuring David and When You Believe is on the front page!!


  186. lurker#1millionth&9 says:

    Hello, I visit FOD everyday scanning for any mission story or pictures. Thanks for the story about him singing at the door of the lady.

  187. kimk says:

    Brad Ziffer ‏@BradZiffer
    @HUNNZY a VO is a “Voice-Over”… 🙂 Basically, my voice, recorded… for use in promotional radio, tv and internet commercials, etc.


    Good morning folks!!!!

  188. kimk says:

    Mykapatid ‏@mykapalaran
    Hello there @DavidArchie 🙂


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