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I never want to open up your heart….

- credit kariontour

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- credit maanumberaday

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

~ Albert Camus

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BROKEN Preview Released!

It’s official! All 10 snippet previews are now on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure! In related news, I have absolutely no willpower to resist listening to anything David sings and while I pondered for a full minute whether or not to listen to this snippet, it didn’t take long, with the “encouragement” of other fans, for me to take a listen.

This original song may just be the most beautiful (sorry Beautiful) one on the album. His voice is flawless and the lyrics are killer. Whose heart is broken??

“…and I-I-I-I never want to open up your heart, everything’s broken…do you see what I see?…”

What do you think of BROKEN?

- click to listen

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BROKEN Preview & Promo Vids

Broken Preview (credit JR4DA2012)

Broken Snippet & Promo (credit pocoelsy)

BEGIN. 10 Snippet Preview (credit pocoelsy)

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Forevermore MV Goal: 1 Million Views!

Let’s give Forevermore some views over the next few days to get it over 1 million views!  We’re almost to 896, 000 views – so 1 million is within reach!

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Promote David Archuleta on Pinterest!

- click to request an invite

Already addicted to Pinterest, just learning about Pinterest or still in the “What the heck is Pinterest?” stage?  This is a great social media site for promoting David and his music!  In a nutshell, Pinterest is a collection of virtual bulletin boards you create to reflect your interests.  You can then “pin” photos, recipes, You Tube videos etc… onto your boards – much like you would cut out a recipe from a magazine and pin it to a cork bulletin board – but this is all done online!  So saving trees is a bonus!

Here are some sample boards and a sample pin that feature David!

- Sample Boards

- Sample Pin

You can pin anything you find on the web, and it will be linked back to its’ original source, giving proper credit.  If you see a pin that you like, for example the Forevermore photo above, you can “Repin” it to your own board.  Which is like making a photocopy of a recipe from your friend’s bulletin board then going home and pinning it onto your bulletin board.

The possibilities for sharing all things David is limitless!  And it gives not-yet-fans an opportunity to learn about David and listen to his music!  You can “Like” pins and follow your friends and other David fans, much like you would on Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest is currently a “By Invitation” site, so you will need to request an invitation or be invited by someone who is already a member of Pinterest.  Below are 2 video tutorials by mamacheaps that give you a good step-by-step process for getting started on Pinterest.

If you’re already on Pinterest or want to get started, please consider creating a David Archuleta Board and sharing all the things you love about David – hmmm if it’s ALL the things we love about David, we’re going to need multiple boards for sure!  Happy Pinning!

Already on Pinterest?  Share your experience with others in comments!

Pinterest 101 Episode #1 (credit mamacheaps)

Pinterest 101 Episode #2 (credit mamacheaps)

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Kari Tweets!

There is a process to get cover songs approved, so David started picking songs for BEGIN. in early February!  The Musician’s Wages article below (thanks to Ali from comments for the link) gives more detail about the process David may have gone through to get approval for the cover songs he chose.

- click to read the article


No matter how many times we say it, we can’t say it enough – Thank You Kari for everything you do to support David and his fans!  We love you!

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BEGIN. Now at Sears & Best Buy!

- Great price! Click to order


- click to order

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Rainbow Music Video Soon?

We’re still a little too not over the I’ll Never Go music video, but since we are the luckiest fans on the planet, we can look forward to a Rainbow music vid in the future!  This series of tweets confirm that production is just wrapping up on a Rainbow MV – and Jack Ryan kindly created a short “sneak peek” of some clips where David is dancing!  Can’t wait!

Rainbow MV Sneak Peek? (credit JR4DA2012)

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Buzz & Other News

– Cookie is in Manila doing promo for David! haha

- BEGIN. Promo - click to go

- click to read more

- click to read more

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There’s Always Room for JELLO!

Utah loves Jello!  Especially Lime Jello!  This cute & informative news broadcast shows us a few of the many ways to prepare Jello – from sweet to savory – it’s not just a dessert anymore!  Start grating some carrots!  Funny, I’ve never seen a Jello food tweet from David haha! (vid credit to ksl.com)

- click above to watch the vid

- Green Jello Olympic Pin

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Kurt Bestor Confirms:  Backing vocals on Beautiful are all David!

When the Beautiful snippet debuted, Comments was a flurry with discussion about who was singing the backing vocals – options ranged from a choir, one or all of the Osmond Brothers, a local singer or the most popular choice – David himself.  Heidijoy tweeted Kurt Bestor, who responded that, indeed, the backing vocals are all DAVID!

Beautiful Preview (credit JR4DA2012)

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Ben Antelis & The New Velvet Band

Ben played drums for David’s Tour in 2010.  He tweeted a link of his current band, The New Velvet, playing for Ed Sheerhan’s “Lego House” video.  I personally love Ed Sheerhan’s music, and it was great to see Ben on the cajon and singing some backup vocals!  Give this video some love and leave a comment for Ben!  Once an Archie always an Archie!

Lego House – Ed Sheerhan (credit TheNewVelvetBand)

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Vid’s From the Treasure Chest

Here are 2 of my favorite vids from the vault – I love watching these and re-living the excitement and pure joy of watching David on Idol.  No matter what anyone says about Idol and despite all the drama and the constant musical chairs with judges, and even despite the fact that I still believe David was ROBBED – I will always be grateful to American Idol for bringing David into our lives – I can’t imagine life without him and his amazing music ~ so thanks Idol, you done good!

David Archuleta’s Idol Journey (credit beautifulsoulxxx)

David Archuleta Montage – Stolen (credit OhmygoshBananas)

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Fans’ Creative Corner

- Let It Begin - credit juanart31

- credit ddavidarchuleta via ohmyheckdavidarchie tumblr

- credit @lunagrover

- Seen at On The Border - credit @sherbear91

- A recipe for David! credit @sherbear91

- credit DA2014FitClub

- Inspired by Broken - credit juanart31

*  *  *  *  *

Wishing you all a lucky Friday the 13th!  We have 10 song previews to enjoy for the next 3 weeks – then we’ll have BEGIN.!  We are lucky fans!  Happy Friday!

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316 Responses to David Archuleta Has Broken Into Our Hearts! Preview & Promo Vids, Get Forevermore MV to 1 Million Views! Promote David on Pinterest, Kari Tweets, BEGIN. at Sears & BestBuy, Rainbow MV Soon? There’s Always Room for Jello! Backing Vocals on Beautiful Confirmed, Ben Antelis and The New Velvet, Vids from the Vault, Fans’ Creative Corner

  1. sarahhazel says:

    Happy 107th day!!! Fabulous super post, Kalei! Thanks you so much!!!
    Love the top pic of David recording Broken!
    Juan’s artwork are so beautiful…..what a talented Archie!
    Nice pic of Cook holding D’s pic…haha!
    Great fan promo vids and collages!!!

    BROKEN is absolutely heavenly, uplifting and beautiful and all kinds of awesomeness! Tossed and turned last night for a few hours and woke up with that song in my head…Aaaaaahhhhhh! ODD overload!!!

  2. sarahhazel says:

    Just based on the snippets….Broken is #1 and Beautiful is #10 for me….I’ll see if that changes when I hear all the songs!

  3. bridget says:

    Duh…just listened to Broken…O.M.Gosh! I gotta start preordering more than the one copy I already did…I KNOW I’ll be making more friends with THIS CD! 🙂 Thanks for the post Kalei 🙂

  4. TGRArchie says:

    Great post as usual! I joined Pinterest primarily to promote David. Just joined this week actually without any invitation and already have my David Archuleta board set up and have been sharing promos and snippets about Begin as well as my favorite photos of David. David Cook is such a good sport to have his pic taken with David’s Bench photo! (“,)

  5. sarahhazel says:

    TGRArchie–that’s cool!…gonna look at it…..sounds like a great way to promote David!

  6. angelbymyside says:

    Happy Friday the 13th! 😀

    Kalei ~ THANK YOU for such a great post!

    I love the snippet of Broken so much…can’t stop playing the Soundcloud over and over again.

    I got a chuckle out of the pic of Cook holding David’s Bench pic. He’s probably looking at that and saying to himself….dang, little Archie done grown up! 😉 heehee

    Finally signed up on Pinterest this past weekend. I think I am already addicted to it lol! I’ve got lots of videos of David on my music board and I can’t tell you how many people have re-pinned and liked them already. It is a fabulous way to promote David and his music! I think I need to do a board entirely on David! 😀

    The video “David Archuleta’s Idol Journey” made me cry. I had never seen that video! I will be forever grateful to American Idol for bringing David into my life! I simply cannot imagine not having his music to listen to.


  7. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    sarahhazel – I agree with you…Broken is near the top for me, along with pretty much everything else, lol, except Beautiful, which is #10. Even Pride has grown on me.

    I’m a big Pinterest addict!! Don’t know if I’ll do a David board necessarily, but I can see how it’s a good way to promote him. That site just rocks 🙂

  8. TGRArchie says:

    Hi Sarahhazel! This is my link at Pinterest:
    Hope to see you there!(“,)

  9. sarahhazel says:

    TGRArchie–thanks! 🙂

  10. kimk says:

    Kalei fabulous post.. thank you!!!


  11. angelbymyside says:

    TGRArchie ~ I think I have seen your David boards as I was looking around. I will follow you if that is ok?

  12. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hey, I’m at the airport in Frankfurt! So far so good!

    TGRArchie, I’m so glad you joined Pinterest! It’s the fasted growing social network and what better way to promo David?

    If we all shared our screen names for Pinterest here and went over to click on follow – we could pin each others’ David’s stuff and all your followers and their followers would see what David’s been up to! I’ll go first. My screen name is LCT and several will come up in the search but mine will have (Germany) in parenthesis. By the way I have found several FOD including Kari! 🙂

  13. TGRArchie says:

    Hi Angel of course and I hope to follow you back too! (“,)

  14. lct#DA2014 says:

    Here’s my link too!

  15. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hi ksf, I couldn’t find you on pinterest!

  16. TGRArchie says:

    Thanks lct! Pinterest is really fun I’m glad I joined! Hope to connect with more Archies there (“,)

  17. cq#DA2014 says:

    Fantastic post Kalei.
    From the snippet, the man didn’t disappoint with the song Broken and went 1000% over what I was hoping for….I’M HOOKED!!! I guess releasing it as a single wasn’t in the cards, or plan, sigh….because, from the snippet, might of been a hit.

  18. TGRArchie says:

    Thanks for the link lct! (“,)

  19. lct#DA2014 says:

    I think we can get more of the public curiosity going about what David is doing and perhaps want to follow him on twitter or Facebook. I’ll work on my David board in the next few days….

  20. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–We’ll see when we hear the whole thing. It took me a while to warm up to a few of the songs in TOSOD….though Falling Stars, Complain and MKOP caught my attention right away.
    Is it Aug. 7 yet???!

  21. Martha says:


    Orange Magazine TV: Do you still get in touch with David Archuleta?

    David Cook: Uhm, you know, it’s been a while. Archie (David Archuleta’s nickname) just went on his two-year mission a few months back and I just haven’t got a chance to talk to him since then. But before that, you know, we did stay in a pretty steady contact… and a lot of us in Season 7, I think we all had a good year and everybody got along with each other and so, to this day, we still talk to each other as a group and just awesome. I love this guy and I’m so glad that I got to experience it with him.

  22. sarahhazel says:

    cq–I agree….sounds like it could be a hit song….well, maybe they’ll change their mind and release it as a single…that’s my wishful thinking….haha….

  23. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    lct – Hi! Sorry — my Pinterest account is under my full name — Keisa Fruge’
    There’s no David stuff though.

    Here’s the link: http://pinterest.com/ksfruge/

  24. lct#DA2014 says:

    thanks ksf! 🙂

  25. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    sarahhazel – that’s funny…those are also the songs that grabbed me on TOSOD too, with MKOP being my favorite. We’ll definitely have to wait and see 🙂

  26. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello sarahhazel, TGRArchie, angelbymyside, kimk, ksf, lct, cq and FOD! TGIF!

    SUPER POST Kalei! BROKEN has me hooked…can’t wait to hear the whole son!LOVE the pic from Kari of David at the piano while recording Broken..sure looks lost in the song! THANKS also to JacjRyan and pocoelsy for the GREAT promo vids…such creativity!

    Juan’s Art is ALWAYS AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing

    sarahhazel. lct…..Beautiful is my least favorite also! BEGIN as a single would be AWESOME!


  27. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi everyone! What can I say about Broken? I was floored last night after listening!! It’s absolutely beautiful & I can tell it’s going to be one of my favorites, if not THE favorite song David has recorded/written! Such emotion coming out of that song..gosh! I can’t wait to hear the song in it’s entirety! August 7th can’t come soon enough!

    Really excited to join Pinterest after watching the tutorial above. It looks really cool and fun to do! Already thinking about different boards to do, starting with one dedicated to everything David! Am I correct in that you pin videos to your board? Also thinking about doing a board with teaching ideas, one with recipes, crafts. This is going to be fun!

  28. kimk says:

    Odysseylive ‏@odysseylive
    I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album “BEGIN by DAVID ARCHULETA available SOON at Odyssey Music!”


  29. angelbymyside says:

    Anne-Marie ~ I have lots of videos under my music board that I have pinned from youtube. You can pin anything you want…it doesn’t just have to be a video.

  30. lct#DA2014 says:

    Anne Marie, you can post just about everything. Go to my boards and check out my “School” and “For the HOme” The technology one’s not too shabby either! 🙂

  31. Grace says:

    Morning all!!!
    About K Bestor…
    I have seen a TV commercial on the Foundation for a Better Life where a child gets lost at a concert and plays the piano on stage, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star…., and then this pianist shows up and plays the piano with the boy. I’ve always thought the pianist looks a lot like Kurt Bestor and yesterday found out HE IS Kurt Bestor indeed. lol.

    Couldn’t resist the unbeatable price from Sears, so ordered more CDs!!!

  32. angelbymyside says:

    Anne-Marie ~ Sent you a DM! 🙂

  33. VaBeachArchie says:

    Hello sarahhazel, TGRArchie, angelbymyside, kimk, ksf, lct, cq, Martha and FOD! TGIF!

    SUPER POST Kalei! BROKEN has me hooked…can’t wait to hear the whole son!LOVE the pic from Kari of David at the piano while recording Broken..sure looks lost in the song!

  34. angelbymyside says:

    LCT ~ I have a question. How do I follow someone on their Pinterest page? I can’t figure that out.

  35. Anne-Marie says:

    LCT & ABMS- Thanks! Now I can sign up either by asking Pinterest for an invite or by following somebody else/requesting an invite? 🙂 Going to have spend some time looking around the site to learn how it works! Lol.

  36. Ali says:

    lct –

    That list of top earning idols is from money earned May 2010 to May 2011. Its pulled from the Forbes list. Honestly though I would take those numbers with a grain of salt. They really are just guessing about what each one earned based on if they were touring that year, put out an album, etc. They don’t have any actual accountant numbers.

  37. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    lct – I’m following you on Pinterest!

    For those of you who are just getting on Pinterest, a word of warning — it is VERY addictive, LOL! Some friends told me about it months ago and it’s AWESOME! A couple of things I’ve noticed about myself since I’ve been a “Pinner” —

    1. I’m REALLY picky about what I pin and like and comment on and I don’t really know why, lol!! It’s not like I can’t delete pins…maybe it’s because I feel like its a reflection of me? LOL. I tend to make things more complicated than they should be.

    2. Just as in my non-virtual life, I’m disorganized. I sometimes pin things under the wrong board and there are some that I need to rename altogether. I guess a scatterbrain is a scatterbrain, no matter what the medium, lol!

  38. Ali says:

    Can I just say that the snippet of Broken….AHHHHHHHMAZING! I mean, wow. Wow.

    I honestly don’t know what I expected from the original song but it wasn’t that. Its only 19 seconds so its really hard for me to judge overall but I can say that its sounding phenomenal so far!!! I won’t even mention how many times I’ve replayed it. I think I’ll cry the first time I hear the full song. And I’m not normally much of a crier lol. David, see what you’re doing to me???! ;p

  39. VaBeachArchie says:

    How did that comment post again? Well wanted to say HELLO to Martha, Grace and Annea-Marie! Think all this David info and promotion is AWESOME! You guys are really tech savy! Something NEW always on the horizon when it comes to social networking!!

    Grace…Cute story about Kurt Bestor! Think he really gets David and understands where David wants to go with his music. GREAT production on BEGIN.

  40. It took a while for me to do this one 🙂 so here you go… 10-clip promo vid for BEGIN.



  41. kimk says:

    I think David is coming into his own with this.. going deeper? saying more? always felt his writing before never touched folks on a real level. case in point MKOP or Elevator. nice songs but in real life there are real folks.. real life experiences.. real people.
    this song speaks to me right from the get go.. like Adele’s 21 did right from the start.
    hope he keeps doing whatever this is and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  42. lct#DA2014 says:

    Hi Ali, thanks!

    ABMS when you on someone’s page – for example mine – you’ll see the red follow button – simply click on it. If you want to see who I follow or my followers then that link in on the right hand side. Click on following and you can see. Look at my list and click on who you recognize on my list. That’s what I did for TGRarchie. Or you can put their name in the search section and find people that way. Hope I’m making myself clear!

    AnneMarie, if you look at the people I follow – you will see a bunch of the “gurus of education” They have some neat things!

  43. Martha says:

    Odysseylive ‏@odysseylive
    I posted 4 photos on Facebook in the album “BEGIN by DAVID ARCHULETA available SOON at Odyssey Music!” http://fb.me/1N6dK8WGC

  44. Martha says:

    ***sorry, repeat***

  45. lct#DA2014 says:

    Ok, I am now following you too ksf. You’ve got classy pins! 🙂

  46. Martha says:

    Hello, VaBeachArchie!

  47. angelbymyside says:

    lct ~ thanks….still getting the hand of things on there! 🙂

  48. angelbymyside says:

    jackryan ~ That promo is FABULOUS! ♥

  49. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    lct – thanks! As I said, I think I’m too picky, but I love your pins! Are you a teacher?

  50. sarahhazel says:

    Thanks for the fabulous promo vid, jackryan!
    Cool story on Kurt Bestor!
    BEGIN. will available at Odyssey! Woot!!!
    Ali–I’m sure I’ll get teary too!

  51. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – yes!! I totally agree. That’s why people identify so much with Adele, Jason, etc. I hope David’s hiatus will help him to feel more free to express himself on a deeper level as well. He definitely has that potential!

  52. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–David’s songwriting is developing tremendously…..evolving as he gets more mature, having more enriching and challenging life experiences along the way & I guess, him getting more open about himself & his emotions?…..I can’t imagine what he’ll produced in 2 years and beyond!

  53. sarahhazel says:

    P.S. I guess he’s just BEGINning to unravel his real musical genius…..(gives me chills just thinking about it!)

  54. sarahhazel says:

    he’ll *produce*

  55. breanne says:

    Let’s get I’ll Never Go to the #1 spot on MYX!!! Currently #2:

    Vote 1 song hourly for I’ll Never Go (#1, YAY!!!!), Forevermore & Nandito Ako on Chart Central:

  56. Martha says:

    After listening to Broken, its like all of a sudden I’m seeing him a little differently; I knew he was getting older and maturing, but its hit me all of a sudden that he’s really changing, maturing, and especially when he gets back, we will see the man he has become. Not a kid anymore….

  57. breanne says:

    I’ll Never Go mv has 97,000+ views:

    Forevermore is getting closer to 1 million views, currently 901,000+:

  58. kimk says:

    Annie ‏@AnnieDAFG
    @DeseretBook Hi there, will you have @DavidArchie’s BEGIN. as mp3 too, like his & @MoTabChoir’s “Glad Christmas Tidings”? Would be great! 🙂

    Deseret Book ‏@DeseretBook
    @anniedafg I believe we will.

  59. Martha says:

    Sunday is the Devotional Concert at the Mission! Its at 6:00 pm (think that 6:00 pm Eastern time). Hopefully we’ll get at least an audio from there!

    Herer’s a larger pic of David from the poster:


  60. angelbymyside says:

    WHAT????????? THIS IS INTERESTING!!!!!!!


    Spoke w/ @MarkNilanJr The Archuband is going to play for yet another one of your favorite Idol’s. Not DA, but we’ll let you know who soon!

  61. VaBeachArchie says:

    Incredible vid JackRyan! David is one AMAZING talent….and sure is GORGEOUS! That’s some deadly combination! THANKS!

    Hello breanne! Been doing my David duties.. thanks for the reminders! David sure has been doing GREAT! LOVE the forevermore album….EVERY SONG!

    When you look back on Idol vids…David was so ADORABLE…now he’s HANDSOME and in contol…BIG DIFFERENCE! Two years….HOLY MOLEY!

  62. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    abms – that’s great! I wonder who it is?

  63. angelbymyside says:

    ksf ~ it will certainly be interesting. It will be strange if the entire band is together playing for someone else. Hope it’s just a one time thing though!

  64. kimk says:

    not David not interested.

  65. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    Hi. Didn’t have time to read posts or comments. I’m heading down to Ocean City, Maryland. What is the exact trend for tonight. Please respond. I have to leave in a little while. Thanks

  66. kimk says:

    angel David can find another band.. they do need to make a living. but for me it is and always has been about David.

  67. djafan says:


  68. kimk says:

    Martha he is so handsome! gah.. I hope for an audio.. anything!

  69. angelbymyside says:

    I wonder if they are going to play for Jason Castro? I think he has a new album he is releasing!

  70. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    angelbymyside. Do you know what the exact trend is for tonught????

  71. angelbymyside says:

    kimk ~ i know they need to work but i find it interesting if they are all re-grouping together as a group to play for someone else. Don’t know if I like that lol!

  72. angelbymyside says:

    so be it

  73. angelbymyside says:

    sgj ~ let me see if i can find it… saw it earlier this morning.

  74. kimk says:

    angel doesn’t bother me too much.. not like I follow any other idol much besides David. now I like some.. loved Kelly Clarkson on Duets last night but have not bought her music. now if they joined Bruno Mars I might go see them. rofl.

  75. angelbymyside says:

    sgj ~ I can’t find it but when I do, I will post it here.

  76. djafan says:

    This is what’s been tweeted for trending tonight at 9pm eastern time >

    Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

  77. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    angelbymyside.. I saw it last night. It was LET THE FEELINGS BEGIN, and it was all caps. I don’t want the caps to botch things up. Is it just Capitalize each word??

  78. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    djfan .. Sorry to be a pest. Is it 8pm est or 9 pmest??? Thanks

  79. supergrandjudie#DA2014 says:

    I have to go now. When I get there I’ll try to check it out before 8pm.

  80. Grace says:

    kimk, agree. Not David related, not interested.
    But I don’t know why he still calls Archuband. I thought everyone in the band is doing his own thing for living. Perhaps they are planning to get together for David when he returns?

    I don’t think twitter likes all caps. We should avoid all caps. Check out what’s trending now.

  81. djafan says:

    super I saw 9pm eastern time.

    Martha, I saw that but if a hashtag is being used you can’t have spaces between the words and I’m not sure about the all caps. The last trending party was really frustrating because we tried for hours to trend and it wasn’t happening. What has worked without a problem, is no punctuation, no hash tag, the first letter of each word in caps. So I say stick to what has worked 🙂

  82. Martha says:

    djafan – sounds good. So its:

    Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

    or Let The Feelings Begin

    Sorry to be picky but last time was so frustrating…

  83. angelbymyside says:

    sorry i posted that tweet from Steven about the band! 🙁

  84. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Kalei, love your post, and oh btw, the jell-o thing with Utah is even bigger than Funeral Potatoes. Church functions, funerals, picnics all with some kind of Jell-o salad. The one my niece likes to make is a raspberry jell-o salad. I’ll have to find the recipe to share. Me, I like just taking peach jell-o (large box), you dissolve it with 2 cups of hot water first, then add enough peach juice from your can of peaches and cold water to make 2 cups, pour the peaches to the bottom and let set. Really good! Makes for a stronger peach taste with the jell-o too. Include Cool-Whip on top. 🙂
    My FO(O)D for the day.

  85. kimk says:

    mjsbigblog ‏@mjsbigblog
    David Archuleta – Listen to 10 snips from his upcoming album of covers, “Begin”


  86. kimk says:

    Grace why.. to get more folks to go see them. tag on.

  87. kimk says:

    At #5 on the Top Ten Most Requested Artists of the Week Countdown is.. @DavidArchie!

    no way around it.. with David gone things will change even if we get new music from him.
    folks need to fangirl/guy way it is.
    best I got is I hope the fans
    come back to him or at least check him out when he comes back.
    now.. that is not to say we can’t keep his name out there by spazzing and gabbing on him til the cows come home!!
    like we do now!!!

  88. VaBeachArchie says:

    THANKS guys for posting the info for the trending tonight! Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

    Idol replacement judges make me laugh! It’s NOT about the judges…it’s about the TALENT of the contestants and THEIR STORIES that should be the focus! That’s what draws the audience…or it use to!

  89. kimk says:

    audry ‏@canarchaudry
    For those who fell in love w/ @DavidArchie voice on American idol 7, I think,BEGIN. will stir ur heart like U wud not believe!! @kariontour

  90. kimk says:

    40m audry ‏@canarchaudry
    @DavidArchie @kariontour I’ve been listening to the entire snippets BEGIN. Finally, I can now say BEGIN is going to be an aamazing CD!!!:))

  91. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is about the band. As was already said, they have to make a living and I think we often forget that first and foremost it is a business. Should they just sit and twiddle their thumbs for TWO YEARS? LOL! I’m pretty sure David didn’t expect them to put their own careers on hold simply because he did. I think it’s great that they are working and doing what they love — making music. Am I alone in this?

  92. kimk says:

    not sure if I understand the trend?
    will put in something like

    Broken David Archuleta

    let the feelings begin? what does that mean as it pertains to David and the cd?

  93. kimk says:

    ksf so why announce it to Archies? why would it matter to us?

  94. VaBeachArchie says:

    Glad I found David on Idol Season 7…sure has been one AMAZING ride! Ready to see what Mr Archuleta has in store for us down the road….FAN FOR LIFE!

  95. Janel aka Nellie says:

    I agree with ksf. The fact is David’s band members played with other bands before David. We would love for Steven and the others to return with David when he returns but the fact is, even David has been through a few different bands. They definitely shouldn’t keep their careers on hold just to wait for David. They have families or themselves they need to support. He has always done a good job choosing band members and we’ve loved all of them. I’m sure he and his mangagement will give us a good band when he returns.

  96. kimk says:

    VABeach lol I have no choice.. only problem I got is I am old here. I really need that fountain of youth!!

  97. Martha says:

    kimk – when I see the trending topics on twitter, I click on the ones which sound interesting enough for further investigation. I don’t know about “Let the feelings begin” unless you add David Archuleta. I think you would want miscellaneous people to click on a topic and when they do, let them know about the album. JMO

  98. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Oh, should have gone back and read all the posts. Sorry about my last comment.

  99. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – why not? They’re a great band and it’s like with anything else…everyone does promo. I don’t understand having animosity towards them…it’s just strange. They are musicians and they want as many people – including Archies – to listen to their music…just like David or any other artist for that matter.

  100. djafan says:

    I like to include David Archuleta in any trending. How else is the connection going to be made to him. I didn’t create the phrase, just suggested we add his name 🙂

    I ditto’d kimk on the Archuband because I have no interest if it doesn’t involve David, sorry. Of course they need to make a living, no problem with that. The use of Archuband is to grab the David fans.

  101. kimk says:

    no one begrudges them making money. knew that great guitar player left cause he found out David was going on a mission. no money in staying with David. just why does it matter what do they do? unless that is you are a fan of the band they are joining?

  102. kimk says:

    guys if I sound upset I guess I may be.. sorry about that. I see a lot of folks around flying the coop. just hope they buy his music and come back in 2014 ready to spazz again even more so then before!!

  103. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    My point is what’s wrong with them “grabbing David fans?” Fans don’t “belong” to only one artist, lol. Personally, I don’t care who they play for — if I like their music I will listen, no matter who it is. I wish them much success.

  104. sarahhazel says:

    I don’t mind SJR using the name Archuband in that tweet. It’s part I guess of promoting themselves…reminding peeps who have seen them who they were. Doesn’t mean a gazillion David fans will actually flock to that gig just because of that.

  105. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – lol…as long as David makes good music people will listen. To follow other artists doesn’t mean you are “abandoning” or “disloyal” to David. No worries…both you and I follow many different artists and still follow David. I’m sure it’s the same for many others. Jmo.

  106. Angelica says:


    It’s OK, sweetie. You didn’t do anything wrong so don’t feel bad. 🙂

    Hello FOD’ers! Love Broken. Love our guy. Happy TGIF!

  107. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    I hope that people do go to see them. Good for them 🙂

  108. Janel aka Nellie says:

    Well, I’m not going anywhere Kimk. Here for the whole time he’s gone and here when he’s back and beyond. I love other artists, and I wish David’s band members well, all of them he’s ever had. But, David is my wake up call in the morning, my music I listen to when I lie my head down on my pillow. He is the assuring voice I listen to when I’m troubled, he is the bounce in my step when I need a pick-me-up. He has changed my life for the better and is the example of the kind of caring person I want to be. Fans can sometimes be fickle and go from artist to artist. But, David has left us with stuff to hang on to while he’s gone and I’m thinking there might be more he and Kari has in store for us. I think (I hope) there are enough fans that aren’t going anywhere!

  109. sarahhazel says:

    abms–no need to say sorry. 🙂

  110. Martha says:

    Well said, Janel

  111. kimk says:

    ksf might be a little different for me.. I follow and love other artists true. but like I do with David no. can’t say as I remember the last time I saw another artist live besides David. only one I would go thru the hoops I do to go.
    did try to get the hubs to go to see Gotye in Oct but nope. dang too as he is only 20 minutes away.
    will go thru those hoops if Adele comes close.. think she is worth it.

  112. kimk says:

    Jackryan4DA ‏@jackryan4DA
    @DavidArchie. Re BROKEN – that is our question for you “♫ Do you see what I see♬ ?” You are one magnificent creation David Archuleta!

    Jackryan I love this!!

  113. djafan says:

    Janelle and a ditto to you 🙂

  114. kimk says:

    Janel gosh didn’t think you were going anywhere or anyone here for that matter. more some of the folks I follow on twitter. mostly the young ones.
    thing is I do understand but I guess the fangirl side of me is not listening to the rational side of me.
    lol if there is one.
    they have to come back to him.. would be ridiculous not to!!!

  115. kimk says:

    ha yeah how could they not come back to him.. him speaking Spanish forgetting how to speak English and singing in SPANISH!
    looking chiseled and tan!
    not to mention 23!!

  116. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – I guess it’s different for everyone…I must admit that I really don’t understand…No disrespect to you or anyone else here but…my soul does not belong to David or any other artist for that matter. It seems like people feel like David is all there is and I just don’t agree. It’s as if to be a “fan” around here means that you take some kind of unwritten oath. But for me, I love David, but I just plain love good MUSIC, and will follow whoever makes it. I will not pledge to only follow David to the exclusion of all others; there is so much more to life and to music for that.

  117. sarahhazel says:

    ksf–no Javid today? 😉

  118. kimk says:

    ksf do understand that too..guess if I think about it it is David who left first not the other way around. best I got is the fans are doing exactly what he is doing in his I’ll Never Go vid.. door is open but got other things going on right now. see ya later alligator!!

  119. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    sarahhazel – maybe later…if not today then I may post tomorrow. I haven’t had time to write it.

  120. kimk says:

    was thinking when David came back maybe he could open for a big act.. would jump start things?
    first came to mind 1D.. to get back the young fans.
    if he does mature.. hmm maybe Jason Mraz?
    Adele of course.
    also wonder if he will go right back to the Philippines?
    that was fun and wild and I wasn’t even there!!

  121. VaBeachArchie says:

    kimk…My thought is when he comes back..that man will be on FIRE! Bet he can’t wait to get back on stage! Hope to be at one of those KILLER concerts when he comes back…think alot of fans will want that too!

    See you all trending later…plans for dinner before I leave on VACATION! Need to get going!

  122. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – that would be great. That way people will certainly take notice and he’ll probably gain new fans as well 🙂

  123. VaBeachArchie says:

    ksf, kiml…Living here at the beach, we have live music all the time in the summer! Some BIG time entertainers and then some that are really good but NOT big stars! Can say that I do go to see others…but it’s easy here…right in my own backyard! Traveling all over to see someone perform I do JUST for David! HE’S SPECIAL!!

  124. violet4ever says:

    Thanks for that Sears price info – I could afford ordering 3 more for my 3 sisters 🙂

  125. sarahhazel says:

    LOL Don’t want him to have a Spanish accent. It will be sm**y but weird!

  126. Candy says:

    I am still in awe of BROKEN. I’m not one of those fans that does backflips everytime David opens his mouth, but this the type of song and material I’ve been waiting four years to hear David sing. And the man sure didn’t disappoint! What I love even more is that he wrote the material.

  127. cq#DA2014 says:

    ksf, totally agree that you should follow whoever you want and just because you like David doesn’t mean that you don’t like any other artist at the same level. Holy cow I and I’m sure other fans, listen to other artist, but we, or at least I, don’t feel the need to bring information about them to David’s fansite. for me it’s what I personally won’t do. If I want to revel about another artist, I will go to their fansite to revel away.

  128. kimk says:

    sarahhazel lol what? smexy?
    I would love it!!

  129. kimk says:

    ha another thing when I first heard the Broken snippet.. I went PHEW!
    was a tad worried the song would be umm a clunker!
    boy do I feel better today about all that!

  130. kmb says:

    OHMYHECK!!!!!! I just listened to the Broken snippet. I WANT MORE!!! It sounds AMAZING and HEARTFELT and WONDERFUL! Maybe it’s about mending someone’s broken heart? That’s my guess anyway. August 7th will surely be a glorious day and I am SO EXCITED for it! 😀

  131. kimk says:

    Candy I know.. still sends my stomach into flips!!!

  132. kimk says:

    lol still think it is funny we haven’t heard anything about the duet.

  133. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hello Everyone!.

    Hey abms! Nothing wrong with posting the info about the former Archuband. I think that name used by them is out of affection for David & his fans & if some of us take a bit of an interest in what they’re doing, cool. Everyone posts something here about someone else all the time, so no big deal. David is #1 for me, dont vote, buy or support any other artist like I do David, but there are other artists I enjoy. I understand that on a David sight he is #1 here, thats how I feel too, but David is the first one to show support of others, so ok if we do. However, we all know here at FOD & in many of the hearts here, David is #1 😀 kimk, I understand being concerned about some of the fans who may have drifted away, but I believe they will drift back. More than that, I think when David returns, people will see him differently, at least those who have this image of a teenager on AI & the way AI tried to present him. David is a man now, has been for a while & when he comes back, look out world, because the Archuleta will knock you all for a loop 😀 Cant wait for BEGIN. , cant wait for any other suprises that might be in store for us(Rainbow vid 😀 ) & Davids return!!!!!
    LOVE all of you guys, ((((((HUGS))))))

  134. Candy says:

    I hope by the time David comes back at almost 24, fans can be more comfortable calling him “sexy.” He is a wholesome guy that oozes sex appeal but not in a vulgar way. Smexy worked when he was 17.

  135. sarahhazel says:

    kimk–LOL…yes. 😉

    Candy–Broken got me at first listen…and that’s just a teensy weensy snippet!

  136. sarahhazel says:

    Candy–OK….SEXY AND HOT then. How’s that?! 😉

  137. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Sorry, didnt realize my comment was so long, lol, never looks that long in the comment box 🙄 😀

  138. Candy says:

    Interesting article headline on my AOL homepage “Secrets of the Mormon Financial Empire.” I guess we’ll see a lot of that type media with a Presidential Candidate that happens to be Mormon. I found the article fascinating.

  139. cq#DA2014 says:

    Candy, yes, sexy not in a vulgar way. He just is sexy naturally.

  140. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    kimk, no clues, nothin’ about if DGU is a duet or not? Maybe thats the surprise about the cd. If a duet, wonder who. The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd say its none of them. Well, knock me over with a feather on that little bit of info 🙄

  141. Candy says:

    Sarahhazel LOL- well, I think its time he and his fans own his looks and appeal. Yeah, I know at the moment its hard to see that…but the man is sexy in a good, wholesome way. Is there something wrong with that?

  142. jennyfromthebay says:

    Broken is amazing. The end.

  143. Candy says:

    jenny-Ha, you’re right, BROKEN may just be our demise! The END!

  144. jennyfromthebay says:

    And I have no problem calling David sexy. Because he is.

  145. Candy says:

    Go jennyfromthebay!

  146. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Hey Candy! Do you like having AOL as your homepage & is AOL your browser? Sorry if I sound ignorant with this stuff, but I’ve had so many websites tell me my browser is out of date & I did try to change to Google Chrome a little while back, but I didnt like it. For example, when I try to look at Targets website, its extremely slow, beyond slow, but at work, its much faster. I’m just wondering if you can recommend a browser for me to switch to. You dont have to tell me what you have if you dont want to, but any suggestions would be appreciated 😀

  147. Candy says:

    Beth-I use AOL as it is easier for my hubby to navigate. I personally use, and prefer, Firefox and Goggle Chrome.

  148. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Candy, nothing wrong with that, he’s 21 for gosh sakes, all grown up. In fact I tend to blush, saying things like that, but well, here it goes: David IS sexy in a classy, down to earth & respectful way 😀 (how did I do for the first time saying something like that? 😀 )

  149. Candy says:

    Beth *Applause* 🙂

  150. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Candy – I agree!! Let’s call a spade a spade….he’s sexy and no one can argue that fact 🙂 I have no issues saying it. He has matured past the cute teenager and is now a man and will be even more so in 2 years (God help us!!). Love the guy to death and hopes he never, ever changes his values but he has to get really come out of that innocent comfort zone of his if he’s hoping to continue his career when his mission is over. I, for one, think he’ll be ready to do that in 2 years! JMO

  151. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Candy, I tried Google Chrome, but it was difficult to move my favorites there & some other things I dont remember 🙄 Did you always have Google Chrome? & if not, when you moved to it, did you have trouble moving your favorite list? Have you gone on the Target site before, is it slow or fast or just like other sites? I’m thinking I might try to switch my browser tomorrow, things seem to be slowing down a bit on my computer. Sorry for all of the questions 😀

  152. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Thanks Candy 😀

    Penny, I agree. I think, in part, thats what he meant by going on the mission, he will be able to grow in a way he hasnt been able to. As much as I miss him and wish he’d come back right now, lol, I think this mission will be great for him.

  153. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    cq – nothing wrong with talking about other artists here. We can revel away, at least I will. Apparently I’m not alone when I do, lol 😉

  154. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    cq – and…there will be more to come 🙂

  155. kimk says:

    think Pitbull and Enrique are sexy and hot.. David well he is working on it.

    asked a young David fan who is a 1D fan too if the other 1D fans like D too and she said that if they know him they do but most she knows were David fans before they were 1D fans. but it isn’t like JB and David where there is a little friction. which is good.
    she and I also agree if David were to come back it would help his career to open for them when he comes back.
    that is if he wants to go the youngen route still.
    and now with his Broken.. it sure doesn’t seem to speak young at all!!

  156. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Beth….I think you’re bang on! He’s ready to move forward….and us lucky fans get to reap the benefits 😉

  157. Penny (dangitdavid) says:

    Lol…Beth, just seeing your post at 3:31….applausing along with Candy 😀

  158. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk – reminder: this is a David site. Please don’t bring up other artists, lol.

  159. Candy says:

    Time to fire up the BBQ! BBL

  160. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Gotta go for a while, will check in later, Ciao!

    Thanks Penny 😀

    kimk, Dont want David touring with 1D, he’s far more mature & I think it would’nt
    be wise if he’s looking for an older demo, such as people his age & older. Yes, David has young fans, but he’d be right back in the same boat, people looking at him as that 17 year old from AI. JMO, could be wrong, I am alot 🙄 😆 See ya later!

  161. kimk says:

    ksf lol! well they are!! umm and they are latino!
    think I got a thing for them.. and mormons.
    love Derek H and M Rom too! ha
    that is so odd.. seems almost like they are opposites.

  162. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Candy, if you can answer my question at 3:34 after your bbq, I would appreciate it 😀 Hope you’re not having chicken 😉

  163. Jana OREGON says:

    Popping in to say that I Love BEGIN. This is the classic CD fans have been talking about sense the beginning, since we first hear that voice coming out of a 16 year old young man and we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves… or admiration for David.

    The fact that there is an original song on it is all the more incredible and encouraging! Really looking forward to hearing ALL of it. And really looking forward to the future! Bring it on DAVID…To 2014 and Beyond!

    Hey BEYOND. (next CD title..? HA)

  164. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    kimk – lol 🙂

  165. ksf (a.k.a. RIP Senseless...we'll never forget) says:

    kimk – as far as THIS site is concerned, David is the sexiest man in the history of men…he is the hottest of the hot, no questions asked. All others are dogs, lol!!! Just keep that in mind before you post… 😉

  166. Kalei says:

    Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Glad to see some of you are on Pinterest or considering joining. If you have a Pinterest account but don’t want to create a David Board, you can still help promote him by “Liking” & commenting on other David pins you see. This helps spread the word & people who may not know about David yet may check out the pins and listen to his music!

    You can pin photos, videos, recipes – just about anything! It’s fun to create boards about your interests and share ideas with others – Happy Pinning!

    Also, if you have not yet signed up for The Official David Archuleta SoundCloud, please consider doing so – we are trying to increase the number of followers on his account. Instructions on how to sign up are on yesterday’s post (Thursday) – Thanks!

  167. Martha says:

    Re: Our conversation the other night, an online Christian Radio Station which plays all the top Christian artists, played the following on their list of recent plays:

    ChristianTraxAlive ‏@ChristianTrax
    Crush – David Archuleta



  168. Martha says:

    **Sorry if my post repeats itself, the first one I did was awaiting moderation**

  169. kimk says:

    Martha ha yeah.. sexy and he knows it!

  170. kimk says:


    Shontelle Layne ‏@Shontelle_Layne
    * I miss Archie tbh v.v * RT @vianinadia David with Shontelle

  171. ray says:

    no way david open for 1d you out of your mine ,plus they and jb may not even be in the lime light in 2 years,

  172. DA2014 says:

    “She’s so good and what’s scary about it is she’s young. It’s Archie [David Archuleta] territory, honestly,” he says with a laugh. “Archie is so good at such a young age… I think of Jessica the same way. She’s just really, really good…” – (Manila interview of David Cook http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/365855/david-cook-on-first-manila-visit-i-almost-got-forcefed-balut)

  173. Hi everybody, just got home. Getting ready to start trending. I’m too far behind on the comments, but i can say, that yeah he is getting to be a sexy young man. Even if he doesn’t see it.
    All the 10 snippets are my favorites right now. I have hear the entire songs to pass a judgement on them. But i can say that BROKEN, has me in awe. i know it will be my #1.

  174. pocoelsy says:

    Great post Kalei, and thank you for putting my vids up there and thank you all for watching my vids, it’s just my little way to show support and appriciation to our guy and you all :), 4 years and counting for all the good times in Archuland <3<3

    Just a quick stop to say "hello", scroll up a few comments to check what you all been up to !!! so "sexy" is a hot topic today 🙂 like to join in but to have go to daughter's sport day event, but yeah the guy has always been oooozzzing his sex appeal through his pore so naturally but at the same time innocent too if that makes sense lol… "sexy" he's getting there I mean he's always there but climbing up the ranking as time goes by, when he comes back age 23+… oh sweet mercy !!!

    Joined soundcloud, never heard of pinterest before yesterday (ha sometime I think I live under the rock hehe) but will check it out and see if and what I can do.

    Kimk nice to see he still doing well at Walmart, thanks for the info.

    Gotta go now, have a good night/day all.

  175. kimk says:

    ray ha why not.. what makes you say JB and 1D won’t be around.
    folks thought JB would go poof a while ago and he hasn’t.
    was just using that as an example of a way for David to take his fans back after his hiatus.
    if he grows out of the young thing that he is in.. then say Jason Mraz, Adele, or whoever is popular at the time? or
    Michael Buble for all I care just someone big.

  176. Martha says:



    Everyone looks relaxed…

  177. kimk says:

    Martha says error.

  178. kimk says:

    Martha oops never mind it worked and thanks! nice pic!!!

  179. Martha says:

    kimk – when I click on it, it comes up…here it is again


  180. Martha says:

    Ok, good..

  181. It was so nice to see a tweet from shontelle, saying she misses Archie.

  182. kimk says:

    Martha thanks.. I think it was my computer? guessing that is the choir.. for Sunday? they look happy and that makes me happy!!

  183. Martha says:

    Kimk – He does look happy, actually I think its his fellow missionaries serving in his district or region, whatever it is.

  184. DA2014 says:

    who is shontelle again?

  185. David does look happy. I’m glad he’s doing this mission so that he will feel complete and come home to us. Hurry home David, everytime i see a picture i miss him more.

  186. kimk says:


    BEGIN. – David’s upcoming new album set for release on August 7, is now also available for pre-order at Amazon.com.
    You can pre-order BEGIN. online at:
    → Deseret Book
    → Amazon
    → Barnes & Noble
    → Best Buy
    → Sears
    → Walmart
    Click on the Play button to preview the album here:

    1 – Beautiful
    2 – Somewhere Only We Know
    3 – Everybody Hurts
    4 – Don’t Give Up
    5 – Angel
    6 – Bridge Over Troubled Water
    7 – Broken
    8 – True Colors
    9 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    10 – Be Still My Soul

  187. DA2014. David and shontelle met at one of his first xmas ball tours. They tour together. I forgot he name of the tour. They became good friends.

  188. Martha says:

    TE ESPERAMOS!!! 1 + 20


    Public Event….

  189. kimk says:

    Martha is that for the event?

  190. Martha says:

    kimk – yes, for the concert on Sunday

  191. sarahhazel says:

    Martha–thanks for the Chile pic!

  192. kimk says:

    looks like they want folks to come!

  193. sarahhazel says:

    Devotional’s this Sunday, right?….don’t wanna sound greedy but I’m really hoping for an audio of anything David from that gir, Bruny (?) who’s going to attend that event.
    Maybe we’ll have pics!

  194. Martha says:

    sarahhazel – Yes, this Sunday


  195. kmb says:

    All 10 snippets in one AMAZING video, thanks to the supremely talented JR4DA!!!


  196. Elysian says:

    jackryan and pocoelsy- Thank you both for your FANTASTIC promo vids for Begin. You ladies are amazing! I have no idea how you can produce such quality work so quickly! Hmmm…. does that remind you of someone else we love? 🙂

  197. muldur says:

    Linda, they performed together for radio promo events when David was releasing TOSOD in 2010

  198. Muldur, thanks for corrections.

  199. kmb says:

    pocoelsy – I love your videos also!

  200. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki and jennybythebay- If either of you are here today, i just wanted to apologize for not responding to your comments to me last night. I was trying to respond, but none of my comments would post. This has happened to me several times before and I get locked out for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. It usually happens after I have been commenting for awhile. It is so frustrating!!! Apparently, my computer decides when I have yapped long enough and it prevents me from posting. I hate my computer!!!!Anyway, I didn’t want you to think I had ignored you.

    For future reference, I always say goodby when I am leaving, so if I haven’t done that but I am not responding to a comment directed to me, I am being held hostage by my computer rather than being rude. SEND HELP! LOL!

  201. ksf (a.k.a. kilig 4 David) says:

    kimk @5:50 – yep 😉

  202. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- Anyway, what I had wanted to tell you last night is that I totally agree with you that David being away will allow him to start with a clean slate in terms of distancing himself from the preconceived notions that some have had about him since AI. The snippet of Broken gives us a glimpse into the kind of music that David will be writing when he gets back, and I would venture to guess that more songs in this vein will win him a legion of new fans! At least I hope so!!! 🙂

  203. tami lyn says:

    i’m doing concert on sunday the 15th too. feels good to have something in common with david and i will think of him the whole time, he will be my inspiration! part of me doesn’t feel like singing anymore sing he left.

  204. breanne says:

    Let’s get I’ll Never Go to the #1 spot on MYX!!!

    Vote 1 song hourly for I’ll Never Go, Forevermore & Nandito Ako:

  205. Elysian says:

    jennyfromthebay- In terms of your comment to me last night, Broken is also my new favorite song from Begin. It is on autoplay in my head. I love all of the songs, but the tone of his voice and the maturity of his sound on Broken, is simply out of this world!

  206. Elysian says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else hear a kind of Chris Issack vibe in Broken?

  207. kimk says:

    Elysian YES!! oh my gosh was trying to place what I was hearing!!!
    whatever it is I love it!

  208. Elysian says:

    kimk-Thanks for confirming what I thought! 🙂 I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of music like many of you do here, so I am never confident about my musical assessments.

  209. sarahhazel says:

    Elysian–yeah, it does sound like a C. Isaak song! 🙂

  210. Elysian says:

    I have a stupid question. When I see the words “Your comment is awaiting moderation” written above my comment, does that mean that I am the only one that can see it, because it looks like my comment has posted? My second stupid question is why are some comments chosen for moderation?

  211. cq#DA2014 says:

    I really wonder why Broken was not released as a single? It is a real crazy business so maybe, so maybe there is a lot of money involved in releasing a single, who knows…LOVE THE SNIPPET OF BROKEN!!!!

  212. Elysian says:

    Sarahhazel- Woohoo! Double confirmation, I’m on a roll!!! Since I am sure that both you and Kimk know a heck of a lot more about music than me, and you both hear it too, it must be true!!!!

  213. Martha says:

    Trending in US!

    Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

  214. Elysian says:

    tami-lyn- That’s great about your concert! What kind of music do you sing??

  215. tami lyn says:

    spent the day in duluth. the mall area is back to normal !(after the massive flooding) 🙂

  216. tami lyn says:

    elysian- christian music. it’s a fundraiser for haiti.

  217. Elysian says:

    Wow, trending already?!!!! Go Archies!!!

  218. Elysian says:

    tami lyn- That’s cool, and for a great cause!

  219. tami lyn says:

    elysian- thanks 🙂

  220. sarahhazel says:

    Tending!!! Woot!!!

  221. tami lyn says:

    better go look at twitter! 🙂

  222. Elysian says:

    Juan- I forgot to tell you that your latest artwork of David is Beautiful as always! The photos from the Bench shoot are some of my all time favorites, and you made this one even gorgeous! Great job! 🙂

  223. Martha says:

    Trending Worldwide!

  224. Elysian says:

    oops- more gorgeous

  225. Elysian says:

    It has only taken 40 minutes to achieve WW TT! AWESOME!! The coordinated efforts of the fans this time is really working as compared to the last attempt!

  226. kimk says:

    if it says it probs won’t show.
    site has been fluey today.

  227. kimk says:

    David can sing like Chris Issack any day!
    DGU he wails too!!

  228. sarahhazel says:


    Yay!!! Trending Worldwide!!!

  229. Elysian says:

    kimk- Thanks for responding but the words “Your comment is awaiting moderation” are now gone and I can see my post. 🙂

    I love it that David can wail. In fact, David’s voice is like a musical instrument. He can make it do anything he wants and it always sounds amazing!!!!! He has more control than anyone else I have ever heard!

  230. Martha says:

    Still trending United States and Worldwide! #6 on both

  231. Elysian says:

    Martha- Thank you for the mission pic. 🙂 David looks great! The elder who is lying down in the front of the group made me laugh! Not a traditional pose I would imagine for a mission pic. More like Burt Reynolds! LOL!

  232. Martha says:

    Elysian – Yeah, that was funny! They were having a good time!

  233. tami lyn says:

    martha- yes thankyou so much!!! awesome pic! 🙂

  234. kimk says:

    Dang I am in jail!!!

    but it is worth it…

    Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta is WW TT #5!!!!!

  235. kimk says:

    Elysian!! lol thanks for saying that.. what I thought.
    ok the Burt Reynolds thingy. rofl!!!!!

  236. Elysian says:

    Martha- I have a feeling that David is making lifelong friends while he is on this mission. This makes me so happy because he has always said that he likes spending time with people his own age, and since AI, he hasn’t had a lot of time to spend with his peers. Most of his friends seem to be those with whom he went to school, so this experience will enable to really develop meaningful friendships! 🙂

  237. Elysian says:

    kimk- I couldn’t help it, it really reminded me of Burt’s famous poster, only with clothes of course! LOL!

  238. kimk says:

    Elysian I remember that. wasn’t it a hat?
    ha not that I ever saw the pic. just heard about it. 😉

  239. Miss Vicki says:

    Hi guys…Happy Friday night to everyone….Love to see that David Cook is promoting David in Asia…..They truly are buds…..Also love how Begin is on preorder not only at Walmart, but Best Buy and Sears to boot…..Looks like this album is going to do really, really well….Not surprised Stephen Tyler is leaving Idol……Maybe David will come back and be a judge in 2014………(.that is if the show is still on!!!)…..Someone made a comment that David was robbed of the title on AI….and I certainly agree…..But I also agree with the comment that AI gave us David Archuleta and for that I am truly blessed and thankful…..Miss Vicki

  240. Elysian says:

    oops- I meant to say meaningful “new” friendships. I am sure that all of David’s current friendship are very meaningful. I need to proof read before I post!

  241. Miss Vicki says:

    Elysian….I agree…This is the time for David to connect with his peers and find life long friends and perhaps his true love who meets his criteria for “his kind of perfect”…….Miss Vicki

  242. Elysian says:

    kimk- LOL! Not sure about the hat. Burt really wasn’t my cup of tea so I think I blocked it out of my memory!

  243. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- HI!!!! I wrote you a comment up thread apologizing and explaining why I didn’t respond to your comment to me last night. Have you seen it yet?? I was having computer problems!

  244. jeani/ut says:

    jackryan and pocoelsy Wow what a lot of work and Awesome results. Love the videos promoting the album. Juan awesome pict. I can’t believe how talented his fans are. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  245. Miss Vicki says:

    Elysian…no I didn’t……..Went to bed last night and have been so busy at work today I am just logging on to all things David….About what time did you comment….I will go look for it…Miss Vicki

  246. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- I wrote you two comments at 7:47 and 8:00 on today’s thread.

  247. Beth, The Freud, Lloyd, Boyd & Floyd #DA2014 says:

    Goodnight Everyone, Take Care All!

    Was trying to help trend David on Twitter,
    computers a little slow, so saying G’night 😀

  248. Elysian says:

    Beth-Goodnight and good job!! Today’s trending was a resounding success!!!

  249. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey Elysian….I found your post…no need to “Apologize”……he he he….That’s a song David “owned”…….forgive me ….I am quite loopy tonight after a killer week at work…..Hope your computer gets better soon…..Miss Vicki

  250. kimk says:

    still WW TT!!!!!!!!

  251. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey Elysian…. I saw your post from 8:00 PM….Totally agree….David is gonna come back all grown up, a new image and hopefully no one will remember him from his Idol days….I sure like the thought of a radio station playing one of his songs without letting anyone know that it is him …that would make the American people truly judge him on his talent….GO DAVID…..Boy I am getting wound up tonight…….Miss Vicki

  252. kimk says:

    Elysian lol googled Burt and the pic came up. no hat!

  253. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- Awww thanks! I agree about Apologize. I LOVVVE that song as sung by David. David owns all of the songs that he covers!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend to recover from your workweek. I could suggest some amazing snippets to help you de-stress. LOL!

  254. josie says:

    Shanny, are you here tonight?

  255. Elysian says:

    Miss Vicki- Maybe Kari will read this suggestion and actually try releasing Broken anonymously! That would be AMAZING!! If David was judged solely on his talent, no one would else even comes close! By the way, I love it when you are wound up. Enthusiasm is always GREAT!

  256. Elysian says:

    kimk- ROFL!!!!!!

  257. josie says:

    Just listened to Broken. Pretty awesome. 🙂

  258. Elysian says:

    LOL, I have dyslexia today. My words keep coming out backwords. Sorry!

  259. Evening Everyone 🙂

    Since the “SEXY MOUSE” is away, the “COOL CATS” at FOD are playing up a treasure trove of Outrageous Archugoodies!!! jackRyan and pocoelsy, your fan promotionals for Begin. are fabulous!!! Love seeing those gorgeous eyes everytime David sings ,”Do you see what I see” LOL!!! Speaking of OUTRAGEOUS…the snippet of “Broken” still has me its hold…as someone said earlier his voice is like an instrument and it’s soooooo evident in that snippet. There are so many shades to his voice in that tiny little clip…just UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  260. Elysian says:

    Goodnight everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!

  261. kimk says:


    janey79 ‏@janey79
    #5 WWTT Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta :)))

  262. kimk says:

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @GrayAAA @DavidArchie You guys are amazing! Once again WWTT! Thanks everyone! Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @MT952 @DavidArchie I cannot wait for you all to hear the complete version either! Let The Feelings Begin David Archuleta

  263. Oops… looks like I missed the trending party 🙁 WOOOOOHOOOO …..it trended Worldwide!!!!!

  264. kimk says:

    idamae not trending right now but was for a while.. was fabulous seeing his name up there again! 🙂

  265. I know what you mean, Kimk 🙂 I can’t imagine Begin. just chugging along…I feel it’s gonna SOAR BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! The songs are OUTRAGEOUSLY SUPERB!!!!!!!!

  266. Kimk, I love Kari’s tweets… she’s such a sweetheart and she knows her stuff!!! Diplomacy is one of her strong suits and she doesn’t try to ruffle any feathers…ahm 🙂

  267. blue says:

    trending was fun

  268. kimk says:

    Chris Issack Wicked Game


    David’s Broken


  269. It was so much fun trending for David. I get this energy that doesn’t let me stop even if i’m tired. YEA! trended wwtt #5. It might still be trending.

  270. kimk says:

    Idamae Kari is fabulous!!

    Elysian lol looking for Chris Issack songs.. woah the MV for Wicked Game.. I remember when that vid came out and said yikes that is hot!
    wouldn’t mind David singing that song!

  271. blue, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It usually takes me a while to get in the groove with the tweets but once you get in the swing, they start flowing. I can’t wait for the next one cuz I missed this one 🙁

  272. kimk says:

    ★SkyGirl★ ‏@LisaMurray
    @McKenzieHarr @davidarchie how is David releasing new music on his mission?? ‪#confused‬ Nice song though!

    McKenzie Harris ‏@McKenzieHarr
    @lisamurray check out this clip of David Archuleta new song Broken from his BEGIN. cd @DavidArchie via ‪#soundcloud‬ http://soundcloud.com/officialdavidarchuleta/broken-preview

    kimak ‏@kimak
    @LisaMurray @mckenzieharr @davidarchie pre-recorded.

  273. Kimk, both songs practically start out in the same key!!! HA!

  274. hahaha, I know I saw the same video and was a bit distracted 🙂

  275. kimk says:

    ida mae songs are just a little similar.. same flavor with his voice. he can do.. twang!!!

  276. kimk says:

    idamae ha I remember when that came out.. thought oh my I like that Chris guy!

  277. Kimk, a lil twang+flirty posture=YEDL!!!! Oh!!! the memories 🙂

  278. Miss Vicki says:

    Hi Idamae…how have you been??? I agree Begin is gonna be HUGE and Kari is the best manager David has had yet….GO KARI…Have a good night all….Miss Vicki

  279. Hi miss Vicki, I’ve enjoyed your stories of your travels. You sounded very pleased with your vaca 🙂 Was in Va for a long weekend a month ago…love it there. Stayed in the Manassas area and soaked up a lot of Civil war history. Now, I’m into family trees and I’m hooked!!!

  280. Good-nite, Miss Vicki 🙂

  281. Miss Vicki says:

    Hey all…Friday the 13th is officially over….(nope haven’t gone to bed just yet—-got sidetracked listening to snippets from Begin……. I just love Broken)….And Idamae…hope you had a great time in Manassas…….I live in the Richmond suburbs and we have a lot of civil war battlefields all around us. You should come and visit sometime…..Now I am really headed to bed…..Gottta get up and go watch my son play golf tomorrow morning. Just love having him home for the summer from VA Tech…..Night all…..Miss Vicki

  282. kimk says:

    The Rainbow video.. he may of recorded another version!?
    maybe a faster one??!!

    almost seems sped up some.. he is very bouncy! 🙂


    Kari Sellards ‏@kariontour
    @betsyjane25 yes, when he was recoding Rainbow. A little info…there was was a few versions of Rainbow recoded…..

  283. blue says:

    idamae – i almost missed it too. was a half hour or so late but it turned out that’s around when it started trending so it was nice. 🙂

  284. Jhen says:

    Hello everyone!
    Very excited for the Rainbow MV, since I think David dance a bit there in one of the version or is it behind the scene?
    Yesterday when I saw the picture of Cook holding the Bench picture of David, I laugh so much lol, I think it was given by the fan beside him, I saw that fan in David Nandito Ako promo tour at MOA, Cook said in one of the interview that if he was given chance to do a movie, he want Comedy. From what I heard from Cook fans, he gave all his fans a hug in the meet and greet at the hotel yesterday.
    David was also mentioned when Cook guested in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

  285. Jhen says:

    David went to the Philippines for NA on Friday the 13th, Cook arrived in the Philippines on Friday the 13th also lol, coincidence.

  286. rarchiefan says:

    Wow Kalei your post is wonderful!! Seems like the old days with David right in UT and a new album coming out around the corner. Only this time the album seems like it’s in UT and David is right around the corner. 🙂 Either way I LOVE ARCHIELAND!!

  287. rarchiefan says:

    kimk Rainbow is a great song!!! Can hardly wait to see David in a video for it. :))))))

  288. Jhen says:

    I like the relax group pic of David in Chile. He is the most baby face and the most handsome among them lol just saying.

  289. Jhen says:

    I wonder what David will look like after 2 years, if he is still baby face or mature one or sexy one lol If he will be more open, letting loose or still on his somewhat restricted zone, but I have to admit he let loose a bit already when David was here in Manila not only in front of the camera but also behind the camera.

  290. Miss Vicki says:

    Jhen…What group pic of David in Chile are you referring to????…….How can I manage to see that pic??? Miss Vicki

  291. Martha says:

    Miss Vicki – You can see the group pic from Chile on my post at 6:38

  292. Jhen, your right , David is the more baby face and more handsome one, no offense intended. He still looks young in that pic. I don’t really think his looks will change a whole lot. Feature will probably a little stronger. I hope he does let loose a little. Glad to hear he let loose a little in manila.

  293. Martha says:

    Jhen – I believe David going to the Philippines and being involved in all that he was there was very good for him and really has helped him to grow in alot of areas.

  294. Jhen says:

    Vicki- Yes from Martha, post 6:38 , soory late reply, I was out on computer

  295. If we keep getting these mission pics once in while, we will be able to see Davids feature changes as time passes. Can’t believe that its almost 4 months .

  296. Jhen says:

    Linda- I also have a feeling he will still look the same baby face when he come back after 2 years, he is one of the lucky few who doesn’t look his age, young looking.

    Martha- I believe so, he grow up in his character when he was in the Philippines, he throw some of his inhibitions. He doesn’t afraid anymore even behind the scene, he did what he want to do, without being afraid who was there seeing all his movement.

  297. Jhen says:

    Linda- I think once in a while we can get some pic of David, until he come back. We can see how his features changes or not , but as of now, he still look the same.

  298. Jhen, I hope David will do a little more acting along with his singing too. He did a pretty good job for bring his first roll. You can tell he enjoyed it. I think he can improve a lot if he does. Of course he has to do concert tours too.

  299. sorry, meant bieng his first roll.

  300. VaBeachArchie says:

    Good morning FOD! FUN trending Let The Feeling Begin David Archuleta last night! WW TT at #5! ARCHIES ROCK!

    David looked GREAT in the mission picture! Looks like he’s comfortable in his situation and with his fellow missionaries…happy for him! He’ll be singing tomorrow…wonder if we’ll get some audio ? Fingers crossed!

    Well off to finish packing…leaving on vacation early! A week of fun, sun, food and NO WORK! ENJOY YOUR DAY EVERYONE and all the David goodies we ae so lucky to have!

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