David Archuleta gets us inspired! David on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition Philippines, David and Andie, the Fix lives, David Archuleta fans making a difference, Your personal DA pix ~ want to share? AOL sessions revisited


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  MKOC Tour 2011 ~credit Rhiminee (Tina) ~

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Forty-seven days of inspiration

 “20 years from now you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the one’s you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain

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David Archuleta on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition Philippines

Woohooo!  How wonderful to see David help make a dream come true for little Andie.  Look at the Makeover that transpired!  Wow!

David’s segment stayed very true to the preview from a few days ago.  Still a joy to watch for those who were able to see it yesterday!  And if you haven’t….here it is!

Thanks a million @JackRyan4DA

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…and what a perfect addition to Andie’s new room!

 Thank you TV5Manila and Extreme Makeover Home Edition Philippines for doing a great edit of David Archuleta and Andie and her family in the show.  We appreciate it too!

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Can never get enough of my Fix

Credit to @FerjiPerj

Both Ferj and David look awesome here!  Two thumbs up indeed.

And Kari’s comment……

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…and can never get enough of TOSOD

I love @seattle_D’s neighbours!

Woahhh…that would make me stop in my tracks.  And then, it continues…

I HOPE  you fed them!  It’s GOOD PLACE, after all! lol.  Thanks for tweeting that awesomeness, David.

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 David Archuleta fans making a difference!

A number of folks ran/walked races this week-end for great causes as well as for personal fitness.  You are all leading the way and inspiring us in showing us what can be done!

Congrats to Heidi @walls6, Nancy @mssisk, Claudia @Patty467 who ran/walked in the Susan  G. Komen Race for the Cure.  See below:

Lisa @lizmag3_DA2014  and Sam @Zammie289 had 5 k runs yesterday too.  If there was anyone else, let me know at fodfrontpage@gmail.com   and give me your story if you like!

Follow @DA2014FitClub to get inspiration and support from like-minded pals who are working to make improved/fitness and health part of their two year plan, and beyond!

As an added bonus, no membership fees either!

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Everything is coming up roses….

As found on Twitter this weekend.  David gathering up floral gifts from fans.  No one stomping on his roses.  Credit to:  8throwcenter (Nancy/Muldur)

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What’s on your hard-drive?  Got any David Archuleta pix to share?

Heidi gave me a great suggestion for posting…. Do you have any favourite David Archuleta pix that you have taken personally that you’d like to share?  Over the years, many of these have been lovingly shared with fan-friends, but it might be fun to pull them out again and send them in for posting here on FOD.  I will put your name on them in watermark format before sharing to ensure you get proper credit.

So if you are able, and want to share with others, send them along at fodfrontpage@gmail.com with perhaps a few sentences indicating where they were taken and any stories to go along with the pictures.  I will post some all week long!  Such a fun idea Heidi!

To get you started, here is a set of pics from our gallery!  These are from Cassi in Atlanta. (Not from 2007 lol)

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More from Mother’s Day

From Larissa….

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One final final pic and vid

When I first saw this vid, I fell for My Hands, hard.  I had no idea what an AOL session was before this haha.

As I worked on this post last night, there was 324,128 views.  Wow! I added a few more, for good measure.  Add yours. Great to listen to.  Great to watch.

Which of the AOL Sessions did you like the most?  (Crush, You Can, My Hands, Touch My Hand, A Little Too Not Over You).  Discuss!

Can you guess which vid has the most views at 1.3 million from Annalisasinger84’s account?  And which as the least?

I put together a Youtube playlist so you can enjoy them all here!


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A lovely picture from Nareejo.  This has to be one of my very favourites.

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  Have an inspiring week!

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