David Archuleta on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition Philippines! David Archuleta Day coming up May 9…let’s trend! Let there be singing and dancing! David is a Wonderful Star.


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Entitled BEGIN, we got this note from Juan:

Hey guys, its been a while since i made anything David related, but with the announcement of his new album I got inspired! This new design isn’t anything too exciting, but I quite like how it turned out. The background is one of my own photographs and I felt like it fitted the atmosphere I was trying to portray. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it.

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And, to go along with BEGIN, we have our retrospective pic for today.

Credit:  May.  Idol tour, 2008.

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Day 41 of Service:

“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey.”


We are all on a journey, but we often don’t realize we are on it.  Where, and who, do you want to be two years from now?  Something to ponder 😉

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Let us. BEGIN.

Beautiful.  Credit @SamLouiseG

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David Archuleta on TV5 this Week!

Appearance on Sunday!  

David Archuleta is supposedly making a guest appearance on Sunday’s edition of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition Philippines, on TV5.  Woohooo!

So tune in to Hayag on Sunday, May 13th at 8:30 AM EDT!!!

I watched the premier of this program and loved it, although I couldn’t understand it.  But the designer with the pink hardhat was a hoot!  Make sure to join other David Archuleta fans to watch!

Appearance tonight  THURSDAY MANILA TIME, Wednesday nite in US!  

And you can also see David  in a primer (preview) on TV5.  The Road To Makeover will appear after Face to Face 11:30AM Manila time Wednesday Thursday(that’s 11:30 pm EDT on Wednesday night).  (Pastel’s note: This was originally to be aired Wednesday, as per @joannbanaga, changed to Thursday) We EXPECT it can be watched on Hayag.  Keep checking back on FOD to see if there is a change to this. Here is the link:


A few tweets from Joann Bañaga of TV5 here here.  Again, this was pushed back one day so tune in Wed night if you are in the US

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….and speaking of TV5

Who is going?  Let us know!  Gotta think some familiar faces will be there!  FUN!

If  you miss this one, there is another….

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Forevermore at #1

Check out the Philippine Music Charts!  Amazing!  18th day at #1.  Forevermore has staying power, thanks to all the wonderful fans.

 And keep voting for Forevermore Music Vid at MYX!  David has some stiff competition!

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May 9 is David Archuleta Day!

FLASHBACK to 2008!  When David visited his hometown of Murray, Utah for his American Idol Homecoming, the governor of Utah declared May 9th to be David Archuleta Day.

So as you tweet on Twitter tomorrow, be sure to tweet

Happy David Archuleta Day

at 9 am EDT 

There may be other spontaneous tweeting at various occasions throughout the international 24 hour period….. Check back here and on twitter if there are updating of the times.

Another blast from the past.  David is overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support.  What was quite a journey as well……


Let there be singing!

According to Kari ….

Let there be dancing

…..from a very energetic David.  Thanks Sam!  Ohnopurple tumblr


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A Wonderful star

What a great way to end this post.  A simple, lovely song composed and sung by Tom Paul. Enjoy…..

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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