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David Archuleta Singing Contigo En La Distancia At the Alma Awards Sept. 18th 2009~ Cred. Just Jared

It’s now time to step out,”move forward,” and grow as you immerse yourself in the Hispanic culture of South America ~ May God bless you on this new adventure of your 2 year journey, David~

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Today’s calendar “count up” pg is brought to you by Shelby! Thanks Shelby for creating this great “21” pg ! 🙂 **Click to make it bigger**

In her tweet yesterday, Kari gave us a commitment along with a “hope” that we’ll do as David requested in his last vlog. As we reach the 3 week mark today, I posted this “treasure” once again.

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Forevermore Survey Results

Jenny posted this survey yesterday asking us to rank the 10 OPM songs on “Forevermore.”  Even though she promised that the songs wouldn’t “feel hurt” with the rankings, I found it to be verrrrry difficult to rank these songs. Seems like I have a different favorite every day! I think that happens with all of David’s released albums for some reason. 😉 Thank you Jenny for this tough but fun survey! 🙂

FROM JENNY: Surveys that ask fans to rank items are a bit tricky to explain.

 Here are how the songs ranked in the #1 spot.  In other words, the song that got the most votes for #1 favorite was “Tell Me.”

1. Tell Me

2. Forevermore

3. Rainbow

4. You Are My Song

5. Nandito Ako

6. Wherever You Are

7-8 (tied). Maybe and Reaching Out

9. Hold On

10. I’ll Never Go

Here are the top three songs in the #2 spot. 

1. Forevermore

2. You Are My Song

3. Rainbow

Here are the top three songs in the #10 (last place) spot. 

1. Nandito Ako

2. Hold On

3. Maybe

It’s safe to say that for most fans who took the survey, Tell Me, Forevermore, Rainbow, and You are My Song were the favorites.

I’ve attached the graphic as well.

Thanks everyone for participating in the survey!


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Only on OMG

And here’s a newly uploaded video; it’s part of a 1:1 interview with David following his “Forevermore OPM” press conference on Feb.18th. in the Philippines. Thank you JR4DA2012! Watch it here or on you Tube where you can also see the rest of the interview. Another very heartfelt informative interview!!

Sam’s GRREAT Gifs “We’ll Be Here!! Thanks Sam!


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Forevermore CDs Available!

We received a lovely email from Judy along with this message:

 I have three extra copies of David’s Forevermore cd that I would like to find a home for. Do you know of any fans that perhaps didn’t get one because they just didn’t have the funds or other extenuating circumstances? I would like to give these cds a good home where the music will be appreciated. 🙂

If you fit the description above and would like to receive one of Judy’s cds, please email us at FODfrontpage@gmail.com and we will put you in touch with her. 🙂 Thank you so  much Judy!!!

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MYX Vote!! Forevermore Still At #1 x3!

The Forevermore mv is currently STILL at #1 on the Daily Top Ten along with “Hit Chart” and the “Pinoy Countdown.” Click below to continue your voting and also vote for “Wait” (a 2nd write-in) as we attempt to reinstate it on the MIT20  chart and bump it back to #1!


Kari will give us a pic if we make it 10 days in a row!!

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Chart Central Voters Hit List

David now has 3 songs on the Hit List: Nandito Ako. Forevermore, And Wait! Click below to head over and vote!

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More Mentions:

Forevermore Favorites  Mentioned On BSC

~SOURCE~ David Archuleta has reached out to his fans on Twitter to find out what song on his new album Forevermore was their favourite.

The American Idol finalist began his journey to become a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by entering the Missionary Training Center in late March.  But even though David would have limited access to social media like Twitter and Facebook, but photos have been snagged of the singer while he is on his mission.  The 21 year old is set to be out of the public eye for about two years where he will reportedly be spending much of his time in Chile.  Forevermore is the fourth studio album and it is composed of Filipino cover songs and was released on March 26, 2012 exclusively in Philippines.  International fans are able to purchase the physical album from the official website of Archuleta or download them digitally from MyMusicStore International, a music store website based in the Philippines.

The album pays tribute to not only OPM (Original Pilipinio Music) but also to David’s countless fans who have been loyal throughout his career. David wants his fans to know, that he loves and appreciates them wherever he may go, Forevermore.  Have you heard the new album?  Which song is your favourite?

Original Source News:  Disney Dreaming

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Apr 18, 2012 ~

Video playlist: Carrie Underwood, David Archuleta, more

***• David Archuleta talks about his new CD, Forevermore, his recent miniseries in the Philippines and his mission in a new interview with Yahoo! OMG! “I’m not sure what to expect, because it’s not something I’ve done before,” he says of his mission. “But I’m very excited about it.” A recent blog post at The Salt Lake Tribune website shows how David is being received — and perceived at his Mormon missionary training. Also, before setting off on his training, David put together a special care package for one of his fans.

CLICK the IDOL CHATTER logo above to head over and read the entire article. At the bottom Brian Mansfield contains a tab with recent David Archuleta pics and Stories Topics Page, too! Click the pic below head over!! It’s a great piece!

Thanks McKenzie Harris For bringing this story to comments today!!

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About that “FIX DID” of Kristian’s…

@SuperBuknoy_FOD (Kristian) tweeted the other day that he’d been to “Fix Salon” for a cut/style. MaryLou included this info with pics in her post on Monday, but Kristian had forgotten to tweet us a pic of his new “FIX DID”. We have a pic now, and as much as we can see, it looks AWESOME!! Hmmm his hair (and the hiding)remind me of someone else! 🙂 Thank you Kristian!! Next time *ahem* boys, no hiding, ok? 😉

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Español Is In The Air…

Elder (David) Archuleta is now in South America! He worked very hard I’m sure over the past 3 weeks to polish up his Spanish speaking skills in preparation for his mission. Over the past few years, David has treated us to some veeeeery nice performances in Español. To go along with the lead photo today, from the 2009 Alma awards,  I’ll share some of my favorite David Archuleta Spanish performances!

First up: David singing Contigo En La Distancia at the 2009 Alma Awards. Has it really been 2 1/2 years ago already?? I’ll never forget the tears that welled in my eyes that September night as David appeared with his beautiful mother, Lupe, on the red carpet, and later on stage~He was a mature handsome proud Latino, dressed to kill in a dark suit, knit vest, and tie along with perrrfect hair as he sat on a stool confidently with his guitarist next to him. His performance that night was pure magic! He carefully rose and strode across the stage caressing each Spanish word and phrase of the song. No one could have matched his vocals, passion and charisma that night…no one.  The guitarist was also entranced and mesmerized, as he gazed upon David near the end with an approving little smile. Swooning was most certainly an appropriate adjective that accompanied David that night because he sure caused a tidal wave of “swooning”! This performance still ranks as one of my favorites! The video upload is credited to *THOP1984*

Next up from earlier in 2009: David on tour in San Antonio is asked by the audience to sing something in Spanish. He consults his mother who is in the audience and she suggests a “Selena” song: Como La Flor. Everyone loved it and sang along. He even treated us with his infectious laugh near the end! He would later sing this song at the Tejano Awards in Texas.

**credit video to Erikcray***

At the end of 2009 with David’s UNFORGETTABLE CFTH tour, he treated the fans to both Riu Riu Chu and Feliz Navidad live! Feliz Navidad in Westbury, the final show of the tour was SO. MUCH. FUN….The whole show was a festive funfest with plenty of lighthearted action and humor! Thank goodness for videos for all of us who weren’t at that show! 🙂 And thank you **DjBell 13** for this video from Westbury!

Forward to 2010 at the Tejano Music Awards David Archuleta “Latino Extraordinaire” wooed the crowd with  No Me Queda Mas complete with a Mariachi Band in tow! **credit vid to Hazeleyd71 **

David’s performance with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in December 2010 was both surreal and magnificent!! I was so blessed to be in SLC for the weekend! Los Patores A Belen showcased his Spanish pioneer heritage while energizing the crowd! Ay Yay Yay!!

Last Fall, Elena  recorded David’s Contigo En La Distancia performance at Noche De Gala in Washington DC. Even more “Latino” passion and flair for the crowd that night! *Shout out to ATX#DA29014 who was also reminiscing about this performance in the FOD comments yesterday!* Thx for the link!

There are other songs David has performed in Spanish and “watermarked” for us over the past four years; these were just a handful  I chose to share today~ This is only the beginning. He will be so fluent in Spanish in two years time and I’m hoping there will be a Spanish album in our (sooner than later) future when he returns! I for one, can’t wait, and I know thousands who would echo the same sentiment!!

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The Singing YES, and How About That Dancing?

Credit this darling gif also to @SamLouiseG. I definitely think Dancing With The Stars could be in David’s future, don’t you??

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AI Corner: Looking Back

Rewind back to AI Season 7 TOP 6 week.
The Group Performance that week was one of a few that season where solos within the song weren’t present, but it’s a pretty song nevertheless: All I Ask Of You ~video credit DavidArchuletaSpain~

A few weeks ago I posted David’s AI performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Think Of Me. Instead of repeating that specific video today, I’ll show Think Of Me  performed by David on the Today Show. It was cold  outside in New York City that morning, but David went through it a number of times to get it “just right!” it was awesome!

And his  Today Show “on air” performance !

~credit IDOL4LIFE2008~
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Living Your Life Like It’s Golden

Yesterday I think there must have been some of that “Golden” feeling going around the Archuworld. @Anagfeleo tweeted about this  Jill Scott song ~

And we also received an email from LeahH. (@HeidiJoy05 I think?) yesterday morning as she’d been looking back through older FOD posts and stopped on the one which featured David’s vlog and screencaps “Finishing Up The Album”.

The “Archiekins” quickly jumped on twitter to let Ana know that she and David shared that same love for Jill Scott’s “Golden” and pointed her in the direction of his vlog link! Great Minds think alike in our world no doubt!! Thanks Ana and Heidi for bringing this vlog and great JS song back! Joyful swaying singing David to a Joyful song by Jill~  Life is good!

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Have a great Wednesday everyone! 🙂

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