David Archuleta Forevermore Music Video premiers! MTC choir at General Conference; A more Silent Sunday at FOD


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From LDS Living Facebook page:  In case you missed it… Here’s ELDER David Archuleta singing in conference today. :).

Same pic posted by Larry Richman on his Facebook page.

Kari gives us a heads up


Elder Archuleta at General Conference

You can see the KSL coverage of the General Conference here.  Click on the video for a few mentions of David Archuleta.  For those who watched, it was an emotional moment indeed.

Spontaneously, after the session closed, “Elder Archuleta” trended on Twitter.  Some insight is that the trend was a reaction from those watching the LDS General Conference all over the world, who reacted to seeing him in the choir.

And friends noticed too….

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Forevermore Music Video Premiere!

Online premiere of David Archuleta’s new music video “Forevermore.” (Video courtesy of Ivory Music and Video)

It’s a GORGEOUS music video, and it’s all about THE HANDS!


Enjoy some of @samlousieG’s gifs too.  Click on it to go Sam’s tumblr account.

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On being respectful

In our attempt to follow David’s lead regarding David Archuleta’s next two years as Elder Archuleta, the missionary, we plan to go back to our former practice of a Silent Sunday with a shorter post than normal.   It’s a time with family and friends, a time of reflection and faith, away from the frenzy of the regular week.  We’ll pick up all the rest of the news and excitement on Monday for you…no worries!

It also reminds me of David’s words in his “It’s Not Goodbye” vlog from Wednesday asking fans to be respectful of the separation between life as David Archuleta, the singer, songwriter and actor, and Elder Archuleta, the missionary.  Unless specifically indicated as did Kari today with his MTC performance, that means the rest of his activities during the mission would fall within that latter category.  We support his wishes for privacy in this area.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, and a blessed Palm Sunday for those who celebrate it.

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