David Archuleta Forevermore Music Vid this weekend! #DA2014 Art, Digital Forevermore NOW available! It’s Not Goodbye Buzz, Pay it Forward Friday


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Day 2 Pic!

This is the first solo pic of David to appear in our media library,

which is almost 4 years old.  An American Idol signature pic.

Credit: Emily

Counting UP!  Instead of a countdown clock, why not a Count-Up clock, which counts the days of service for David, and days elapsed in the #DA2014 campaign, where we will be finding creative ways to come together to support the person that brought us all together in the first place… David Archuleta.  Slightly different spin, perhaps….

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Very futuristic!  Thank you Juan!

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Kari says “Bring It On!”

We are so blessed and happy to learn that Kari will continue to be David’s eyes and ears while he is away, and will be our source of communications from David.

I expect Kari’s twitter followers’ graph to look a little bit like this lol

Today, Kari took a few minutes to answer some questions about Forevermore and new music!





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US and Canadian fans can buy digital copy of Forevermore!

Credit: ‏ @JamaeLukban: @DavidArchie You sang all my favorite songs in one album! I'm so glad. ☺

MyMusicStore Philippines offers digital downloads for purchase to international fans!  I was unable to get through on my Facebook account last night, so I can’t tell you if I was successful.  Let us know if YOU are!  Click to go!

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“My newest OPM album is out now!”

I never tire of hearing David get excited about music!

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Forevermore Music Video Premier!

As found on the Ivory Music & Video Facebook page

On April 1, 2012 catch the premiere of David Archuleta’s newest video “Forevermore” on MYX. Keep on watching MYX or visit www.myxph.com for more details. Get a dose of David Archuleta’s Forevermore video, only on MYX. Your Choice. Your Music. Starting April 1, 2012 you can vote for Forevermore, just visit www.myxph.com to vote for the video. For fans outside the Philippines, you can catch the online premiere on April 1, 2012 (Manila Time) on Yahoo! Philippines. Check ph.yahoo.com for more details.


On March 31, 2012 there will be David Archuleta Fan Gatherings in select partner music stores in the Philippines. Fans who visit the designated stores on March 31, 2012 will get the chance to be one of the first to view David’s newest music video “Forevermore”. Lots of exciting activities are in store for fans who visit the designated stores on March 31. There will also be exclusive freebies, lots of fan interaction and of course – the Forevermore album! Keep checking http://www.facebook.com/ivorymusicandvideophilippines for updates.

Astroplus The Block – March 31, 2012
Unit A & E 229 2nd Flr., The Block,
SM City North Edsa
Telephone No: 442.03.72, 442.03.72

Odyssey Megamall – March 31, 2012
SM Megamall , Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: 633.92.96, 633.49.81

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MyDearWriter keeps us in the loop!

She says these are everywhere!  Can you package one up and send overseas?  Pretty please?

@MyDearWriter: He's @ Bench store in Ali Mall

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David on E! News

Thanks to Michelle (@hazeleyd71) for recording this…..

E! News Now!  Click on the pic to go directly to the vid….I couldn’t embed it, since it played automatically upon opening this page.  I think it might have driven you all crazy!

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The It’s Not Good-bye Vid buzz

David Archuleta’s “It’s Not Goodbye” fan vlog is getting alot of buzz.  And hits!  It’s at over 63K as of 11 pm Thursday, March 29.  I’m posting as many links as possible.

Just so you know, many of these posts have comments enabled.  Go on in and post a comment or two, if you are so inclined.  You can even tell them what #DA2014 means to you!


 From Blogamole.tr3.com

From ClevverTV.  If you look closely enough, you can see PecanPie (Stacie), Marge, and moi lol.  Part of the Red Carpet interviews at the Stand Up to Cancer event in 2010.  Great memories!


IdolChatter on USA Today



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It’s Not Goodbye Poem

Hello, it’s Monse here. Just wanted to share a poem I wrote and also let people know that one of the things David has inspired me to do over the next 2 years is start a blog, so
if anyone wants to check it out they can go here http:/waitingforarchie.tumblr.com/ Thank you!

It’s Not Goodbye

It’s not goodbye
It’s hello to a new world
And see you soon to the one left behind

It’s not a time to be sad
It’s a time to rejoice
For all the wonderful things we’ve been blessed with

It’s not a day to feel lonely
It’s a day to surround yourself with others
And share all the great memories you’ve gathered

It’s not a time to lose hope
It’s a time to have more hope
That things will get better and easier

It’s not a day to dwell on the past
It’s a day to look ahead to the future
And realize there’s many great things to come

It’s not something we will get through alone
It’s something we will get through together
As long as we remember one thing:
This is not goodbye

* * * * *

The David Archuleta Music Scholarship is celebrating today as Pay It Forward Friday!

To Pay It Forward means that if something good happens to a person,
i.e. David blessing our lives, that person in turn does something good
for someone else, i.e. supporting a music student by giving to
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship.
This is a great way to Pay It Forward and also
honor David at the same time.
Please check out the scholarship website below.

The donor total currently stands at 91.
Our goal this year is to get 300 donors!
and we’re hoping YOU CAN help us reach our goal

~Thanks for your support~

Click to play this Smilebox slideshowCreate your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox

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Lookie what came in the mail!

Beautiful T shirt!  Thank you Karin/ @zerogravity1. Can’t wait to wear it in pride as #DA2014 is launched! Even Mr. Archuleta is promoting it.

Look for more information on this campaign soon!

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Have a wonderful Friday everyone.  By the way, how is the Two Year Plan coming???

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