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He’ll Be Back!

~ credit Kariontour

There we have it from the man himself – proof positive that after his 2-year mission he is returning to music – and returning to us!

Let the celebration begin!  We have so much to be thankful for and so much to anticipate as David, in his wisdom, left us some  amazing parting gifts:

1.   Forevermore the OPM Album
2.   Soon to be released Forevermore music video
3.   Nandito Ako DVD – release date TBD
4.  As yet untitled US album – tentative Fall 2012 release
5.  Possible, as yet untitled music video, from the above mentioned album
6.  A Fan Mail address so we can send him cards & letters
7.  Kari will keep his Twitter active!
8.  An archive of vlogs that we can visit any time
9.  4 years-worth of the most amazing music on the planet
10.  EACH OTHER – this fan family ain’t going awayyyyyyy

I love that David did a play on the fan vid making his own handwritten sign with his name, location and #DA2014 – he was certainly paying attention!  I also love that David left knowing how much his fans love him and that we’ll be parked right here waiting for his return in 2014.  So where’s the committee planning the Homecoming party? Sign me up!

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Family Pic!

David entered the MTC in Provo, Utah around 11:30am on Wednesday, March 28th – per a Utah fan’s info – we understand that he’ll be in class every day taking language immersion classes, so if he wasn’t already fluent in Spanish, he will be soon!  As much as we’ll miss him, it can’t even begin to compare to how much his family will miss him.

~ credit to ohsweetrain’s tweet

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Live chat TODAY at 1:00 pm EDT!!


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More Recording Pics from Kurt Bestor!

From Kurt’s Facebook page:  Before David left on his mission, John Hancock and I were asked to produce a new CD of classic tunes.

Hmm classic tunes?  Does that mean Sinatra-type classics?  Inspirational classics?  Whatever type of music is on David’s upcoming album, I’m sure it will become an instant classic with us!  And there’s word on the street that there may even be a music video associated with the album – while we don’t have concrete information – the thought of a possible music video makes us seriously giddy!

*  *  *  *  *

David on KSL TV News

KSL TV News reported twice on David’s entering the MTC in Provo, Utah.  They featured snippets from David’s vlog as well as interviews with fans!

~ click on the graphic to see the vid & read the article

Be sure to click on the “Top 5 on 5” video in the right sidebar of the article above to see the top 5 reasons Utahans love David!

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Tons of David BUZZ!

~ Patheos Article – click to go read

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~ E-Online article click to go read

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~ Deseret News article click to go read

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~ Deseret News David’s haircut click to go read

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~ Huffington Post David’s Haircut click for article & vid

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~ Click to read the article

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– LocalNews8.com click here for the article

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~ Click to read the article & take the poll

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~ Click to read the article

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~ Article credit to cartermatt.com

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#DA2014 Merch – Get Yours Today!

No Fan Get-Together is complete without your #DA2014 attire and accessories!  Order yours now and be prepared for any fan event in the upcoming 2 years!  It’s also the perfect tee to say Welcome Home David in 2014!

~ Zerogravity models her #DA2014 tee

From Karin, @zerogravity1…

Hi all…..To fully support the #DA2014 We Will Be Here Campaign, I’m excited to unveil a merchandise line that, once again, unites all of use together in support of David over the next 2 years. As you can see the message is simple…  #DA2014.

The shirt does not have David’s full name anywhere on it.  So, when wearing or carrying your #DA2014 gear you may be asked what the meaning of this slogan or logo is. Take that opportunity to hand over that CD you always carry in your purse or car just in case you run across someone that has never heard David’s voice. Or just let them know in your own words what it means to you in terms of supporting David.

As you can also see the site is a Facebook page. Marshmallow Dreams is a local company that I worked with in creating all of the Nandito Ako Viewing Party items as well as the #DA2014 merchandise I had for the same event. They do beautiful work, have quality products.   The cost of the #DA2014 merchandise is exactly the same as what is in the establishment. Regardless, the company has agreed to donate 10% of the price of all merchandise sold back to the #DA2014 We Will Be Here Campaign which will then be donated to ChildFund International in David’s name. ChildFund International is the organization that David had join him on his My Kind of Christmas Tour over the holidays http://www.childfund.org/

This company also ships internationally so no one will be excluded. All of the shirts are vinyl heat pressed. The color options, size options and price are in the comment section when you click on each item. The ordering instructions are directly on the page itself.  You do have to be logged into your Facebook to place your order in the comment section however if you do not have Facebook or Paypal you can phone in an order at (770) 405-8777 using a major credit card.

It was important to me that the global message of this campaign stay consistent… WE WILL BE HERE making a difference. Even if you do not purchase from this site you can still represent the campaign strong by making posters, changing your Twitter handle to #DA2014 or think of your own creative ways to support the #DA2014 We Will Be Here Campaign. Everyone is included in this campaign so just be creative and have fun!   I look forward to seeing everyone in the David fan community proudly representing this campaign in your own creative ways over the next 2 years as we come together to support the person that brought us all together in the first place… David Archuleta.  

Here’s the link!  Happy shopping! http://www.facebook.com/MarshmallowDreamMonogramStudio

If you have any questions about any of the merchandise please send us an e-mail at davidarchuleta2014@gmail.com.

Check out Facebook too!

Click the graphic below to visit the Facebook page for more info!

 * Coming Soon!  

Women’s baseball hats with embroidered #DA2014.  2 colours:  Pink, with black letters.  Black with white lettering.  $24.

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Fan Poem By Kristin

Goodbye for Now

Good bye for now my love
for now we must part
You’re following the one from above
but also your own strong heart

Good bye for now my friend
a man who made me feel hope
when I thought there was no end
You helped me be able to cope

Good bye for now my role model
you sang with a voice of a gold
Unlike others who give up and dawdle
You persisted and regained your hold

Good bye for now my singer,
Good bye for now my artist
Good bye for now my idol as in ‘American Idol’
Good bye for now my inspiration

*  *  *  *  *

Tweets of Support for David


*  *  *  *  * 

 Photo Gallery

~ Photo edit by Jenleighbarry – pic credit TV5Manila
~ We miss Nandito Ako! Credit to Ana Feleo
~ She’s cute even brushing her teeth! credit Eula’s twitter
~ “Muchos Besos” – credit Jasmine’s Instagram
~ credit ohsweetrain’s twitter
~ Sold Out Concert in Boston for Jeff LeBlanc! Credit Jeff’s twitter
~ We miss Batangas & Nandito Ako!

*  *  *  *  *


We waited all day Tuesday hoping for a farewell vlog.  Twitter was abuzz with questions – Was that his last tweet? Will we hear from him before he leaves?  Has he already gone? Emotions were high and there were more than a few tears shed in anticipation of the final goodbye – the words that would both break our hearts and signal the beginning of David’s dream to fulfill a 2-year Mission for the Church.

It’s strange how you can want something so badly and also hope it never happens.  That odd limbo of anticipating the inevitable “other shoe” dropping, and hoping it doesn’t knock you out like a whack from an oar.  I had a “moment” while I was shopping for a picture frame for my autographed MKOC photo – I had already done a fair bit of crying earlier in the day, but there had been no vlog, no final farewell to make his departure official.  So I turned to Retail Therapy in the hopes of keeping busy and keeping my mind occupied.  Suddenly the familiar chords of CRUSH were broadcast from the overhead speakers, and I literally froze for the few seconds it took for my mind to comprehend what I was hearing.  Then the floodgates opened, and I was standing in the frame aisle, clutching my picture frame and crying in public.  I wanted to run and hide – people were looking concerned – but the emotions trumped embarrassment as I tried to pull it together.  Oddly, I had the presence of mind to tweet this scenario as it was unfolding, which actually made me feel better.

Many of us slept fitfully that night, if we slept at all – the anticipation growing because, we knew that the sand in the hourglass was flowing quickly now, compounding the uncertainty of whether or not we would hear “Hey guys, it’s David here” one last time for the next 2 years. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!  The “It’s Not Goodbye” vlog was greeted with a bittersweet mixture of elation and sadness.  Happy for David that he was getting to live his dream, and a bit of sadness because goodbyes – even the “Not Goodbye” ones always tug at your heart – such is the way love works.

When I watched the vlog, I was surprised at how calm I was – not too many tears – just a few when David kind of struggled to maintain his composure – and in that vulnerable moment, I knew he would miss us too.  That this artist/fan relationship was the real deal, and could withstand any test, any challenge, any hardship that was thrown our way. We’ve come a long way together in 4 years, and there is a long way yet to go over the next 2 years, but we look forward with anticipation to all of the enriching experiences David will have in the service of others, all the people whose lives he will touch and change forever, and especially for that day when another vlog is posted, and we hear…. Hey guys, it’s David here.  I’m back.

* * * * *

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