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Much ado….

~ What is he thinking? Credit to Naree

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#DA2014 – We Will Be Here!

Hi all-

DA2014 is a new campaign that is being created to unite ALL David fans around the world together over the next 2 years around one idea – WE WILL BE HERE.  If there is any doubt out there about the loyalty and strength of this fan base, this campaign will put those doubts to rest.  There will always be different subsets of the fandom, but this campaign is meant to promote that one singular message and to include absolutely EVERYONE who wants to be a part of it.  No boundaries, no exclusion.

The other main goal is to have a centralized place where projects (charitable and otherwise) can be tracked so that at the end of 2 years, we can all see how much good we were able to collectively do. This campaign has no fan site affiliation. Anyone who has a good idea and is willing to take the lead and put the energy behind it is welcome to run with it. The hope is that there will be many different projects over the next 2 years but that we’ll all continue to do things under the DA 2014 umbrella just to keep track of everything that is happening. With inspiration and motivation, anything is possible so the sky is the limit. More on how this will be rolled out later. Right now the focus will be on the following:

We are kicking off the launch with 2 exciting projects. The first is Karin’s (@zerogravity1) #DA2014 merchandise line, which should go live this Friday March 16th. A portion of all sales of #DA2014 merchandise will go to ChildFund International in David’s honor. More details to follow soon.

The second is a special video to highlight the incredible size and diversity of the fan base and to officially launch the DA 2014 campaign on Friday March 23rd.

We need as much participation as possible to make this video happen, but we also have a very small time frame to complete it, so please read the following instructions closely and spread the word to every fan you know. Please include the hashtag #DA2014 in any tweets you send but please DO NOT attach David’s @DavidArchie twitter handle.

Here’s what we need:

A photo of YOU holding a sign that says the words: I’ll be here, your name, your location and the hashtag #DA2014.

So a generic example of a sign would be:

I’ll be here

Your name
Your location

Group photos will be exactly the same except the first line will be: We’ll be here. Feel free to write that line in your native language if you prefer.

You are welcome to get creative with the background of the sign or photo but please keep to that exact wording and format (no additions) and make sure the sign is clear and large enough to be legible. Pretty simple and straightforward!

Please keep all photos under 2MB and send to DavidArchuleta2014@gmail.com ASAP but no later than Monday March 19th at noon PDT. The completed video will be unveiled on Friday March 23rd to the entire fan community.

We want to collect as many photos as humanly possible. The more photos we can gather, the bigger the impact the video will make. If you’ve never participated in a project like this before, please make this the one time you make an exception. This is our chance to gather ALL David fans from around the world into one space and celebrate the power that we have when we all work together. There is strength in numbers.

Please address any questions to DavidArchuleta2014@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!


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Well that deserves another pic!

~ Now who wouldn’t wait for this face? Credit to Naree

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Nandito Ako episode 19 Recap (Reader’s Digest Version)

The two evils meet!  After Margaret realizes that Teresa is Anya’s mom, she confronts Teresa about Holly’s whereabouts, Volta prevents yet another cat fight and keeps Teresa from pulling Margaret’s hair out for insulting Anya.  Margaret then uses the information from the rude neighbor lady (evil in training) and seeks out Uncle Stevil to rat out Teresa & Anya, and accuses Teresa of kidnapping Josh!  Uncle Stevil jumps in his Evilmobile and zooms over to Teresa’s house with the police in tow, and they arrest Teresa for kidnapping and throw her in jail!

Josh returns from Batangas – he brings Cara with him and confronts Uncle Stevil about his no good dirty dog lying ways!  We get to see Angry Josh in his full glory as he yells at his Uncle “You lied that my mom was dead!!” (intense, angry face).  Uncle Stevil, who apparently can’t read facial expressions or body language, tries to calm Josh down by re-telling the lie in a patronizing tone, “Your mother IS dead”.  Then Josh pulls Cara forward (couldn’t Uncle Stevil see her standing there?  Maybe his eyes are bad, or Cara is a good hider)  Cara lunges at Uncle Stevil and slaps him “That’s for stealing my child!” Uncle Stevil is not off the hook yet – Cara slaps him again “That’s for all of your lies!”  Josh has to hold her back as she goes into full mama bear mode “The next time you meddle with me & my child, I will KILL YOU!”  Uncle Stevil goes after Cara, but Josh is having none of that!  Josh pushes Uncle Stevil hard “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY MOM!”  Uncle Stevil gets up from the couch and admits “So I lied, it was for your own good – you would be nothing without me – she couldn’t even give you an education”  Josh has had it with this nonsense and finally stands up for himself “I’m not a little kid anymore – I am what I am today because I worked hard!” (the working hard part sounds like David).  Uncle Stevil continues his threats and says that Josh is nothing without him, to which Josh replies:

(All together now in your Donald Trump voice)  “YOU’RE FIRED!”

At the jail:  Anya is upset because Teresa is in jail and she blames herself – Teresa says that crying will not solve anything and that Anya needs to take care of her brother and make sure he goes to school, and that she needs to go to school also.  Anya says she will find a way to get Teresa out of jail, and Teresa bursts into tears and tells Anya to go home.  Things seem pretty bleak in the Dionisio household.

Back at the mansion:  Margaret is having what appears to be a mani-pedi when Holly returns home.  “Ah so my prodigal daughter returns!”  Holly asks, “What did you do to Anya and her family?”  Margaret says ” That’s what you say after being away?”  Holly’s tone is angry now, “You know they didn’t do anything – Anya’s family treats me better than you, mom!”  Margaret spits out the bombshell, “You value your friend?  The daughter of your dad’s mistress?”  Holly is stunned “Oh you don’t believe me? What will you say?  That I’m making up bad things about your friends?”  How much bad news can Holly take poor girl – she looks confused then upset, then leaves the house.  Margaret yells “Come back here!”  But Holly ignores her.

At the Dionisio house:  Anya serves Alladin his breakfast, and he asks “Ate, when is mom coming home?” She says she doesn’t know and to eat his breakfast.  Alladin asks “Is mom eating? Will she ever get out of jail”  We hear a shriek and Volta bursts through the door “Anya! Anya! Come out and look!”  He drags her outside and she asks “Where are we going?” Then (queue trumpets), arriving on a white steed masquerading as a passenger van, Josh arrives to save the day! Josh & Anya’s eyes meet and she asks “What are you doing here?” he beams a bright smile “I’m here to pick you up Anya!  Let’s go get your mom out of jail!”  Volta and his purple fan are spazzing in the background and you can just see the matchmaking wheels turning in his head!

Jailhouse:  They spring Teresa from the Big House and Josh is apologizing for involving everyone in his “mess” and he thanks them for all the help they’ve given him, especially Anya, who instead of answering with her signature retort, sincerely replies ” It’s nothing, all the help we gave you, we were happy to do it” (adds warm, genuine smile)  Volta has also come to the prison release party and is hovering over Anya’s shoulder mentally counting all the hairdids he’ll have to do for the future wedding.  Josh tells Anya that Cara wants to see her again, but Anya says that she can’t go back with him to Batangas – no worries because Cara is in Ma-nee-la!

PressCon:  Josh is here to set the record straight!  He was not kidnapped he was in Batangas looking for someone very special to him, and he found her!  The media thinks he’s talking about a girlfriend (because that’s all the media thinks about) but Josh proudly announces that he has found his mom!  He goes on to give an Oscar-worthy speech about how she inspired him to be a singer and that “Everything that I am now, I owe to her.  She means the world to me and inspires me in everything I do.  And even those years when we were apart, it was her love and the memory of her voice that kept me strong.”  Cara blushes at the attention, and Anya watches from off stage.  Holly arrives late and tells Anya they need to talk about the situation between their moms, but Anya stops her and says her mom is out of jail!  At this point, Anya still doesn’t know that Teresa had an affair with Holly’s dad.  Holly says Josh wants to meet them for dinner and that he has something important to tell them.  A reporter asks them which of them is Josh’s girlfriend?  They quickly duck the question and go watch Josh finish his PressCon.  The media must be from TMZ because they immediately ask him about his love life and if he has a girlfriend.  Apparently none of them read the book “101 Interesting Questions for Pop Stars”  Chit has perfect timing and cuts off the questions saving Josh from the awkward questioning.  I’m guessing that Kari has done this on several occasions.

Girl Talk in the restroom:  Anya comments on this is what it’s like to be a celebrity, and Holly said she doesn’t mind, as long as it’s Josh! (Holly thinks like us!) Holly is wondering what Josh wants to tell them – she asks if Anya remembers anything Josh told her in Batangas?  But Anya says she doesn’t remember anything.  Holly asks “Anya have you ever been in love?  It’s hard because I don’t even know who my competitor is – I love someone who loves someone else.”  Anya replies  “That’s life – nothing’s perfect”  Holly grabs her head in pain, and Anya asks “Are you all right?”

Boy Talk on the lanai:  Josh is clearly in a happy mood and Billy picks up on this asking him what’s going on?  Josh tries to dodge the question (Where’s Chit when you need her?) but is unsuccessful and Billy quickly figures it out “You’re in LOVE!”  Josh doesn’t deny it but says he has a problem, Billy asks “You’re in love with both girls?”  Josh says no – that he’s in love with only one girl, but he doesn’t know how to tell the other girl without hurting her and ruining their friendship.  Billy tells Josh ” That Fortune Teller was right!”  He tells Josh to “Trust your heart”

Back in the restroom:  Holly has locked herself in a stall and is having what seems like a giant migraine.  Anya keeps asking if she’s ok, but Holly says she’ll be fine and to go meet Josh because he’s waiting.  Anya reluctantly leaves and Holly calls Yaya for help.

Back on the lanai:  Anya is pacing waiting for Holly and she has a flashback of the fire when Josh arrives and says he has something important to say.  Anya says they should wait for Holly who will be there soon, but Josh says he needs to talk to her alone.  Anya looks confused, but she is about to be even MORE confused!  Josh goes into a full handstand in front of everyone and exclaims “This is how you make me feel Anya!  You turn my world upside down!”  Anya is surprised and says “What are you doing?  People are looking at you!”  Josh says my heart is racing – he reaches for her hand and places it over his heart ” Feel it? My heart is beating your name” (Swooooon)  Anya says to stop because Holly might see them. He faces her and says “I love you!”  Anya is not as impressed as the rest of us, and pulls away from Josh and tells him that Holly loves him and that she has sacrificed so much for him, that he should learn to love her.  Josh thinks maybe Anya didn’t understand him the first time, so he tries it in Tagalog “Mahal Kita!”  He hugs her tight and lurking in the shadows is a TMZ reporter who snaps a photo of them on his instamatic camera without flash – not sure how that pic is going to come out – they really should hire any one of our Archie Photographers for crystal clear, in focus, well lit photos!  Anya pulls away from him saying ” This isn’t right – don’t do this – you’re making this hard on me”  She leaves Josh in the lurch standing alone after baring his soul and professing his love for her.  At this moment, she is not my favorite person. (Don’t break Josh’s heart!)

Trailer for episode 20:  Holly is at the Dr with Yaya, the Dr says it may be more serious than they first thought, and that Holly will need several tests.  Back at home, Margaret brings in the newspaper and with a smug smile shows Holly the photo of Josh & Anya hugging.  Holly looks hurt and asks Yaya “What if Anya is Josh’s true love?  I’m scared Nana – I might not be able to take it!”  Tune in tomorrow for potential love and possible heartbreak – it’s never a dull moment on Nandito Ako!

~ Earlier trailer for episode 19

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Go-Getters are Trendsetters!

We continue our trending streak into Nandito Ako Week 4!


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Joujou from Arizona sent in some pics of billboards that dot the I-10 freeway between Tucson, AZ and El Paso, TX.  I’ve seen these signs on road trips through Arizona, and I always wondered what the THING actually was?  For whatever reason, we never stopped to find out, (it’ll cost you $1.00 if you want to find out!) but you can be sure that we won’t miss the THING on Nandito Ako!

~ We’ve been wondering! Credit ChrisEpting04
~ We’re getting closer now! Credit signsofarizona
~ Can I borrow a $1.00? CreditAZCOCthing_sow
~ David what is the THING? credit to naree

This is what you do to my world! Awwwwwww

This is not the first handstand that we’ve seen!  The form is still a perfect 10, but previously he had some competition from Cookie!

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Southeast Asia Fans – Bench Contest!

Ooooh I would LOVE to win an autographed Bench tee!  In fact, I would PAY for one, but I can’t seem to find them at the Bench online store – patience is a virtue.  Hopefully Bench will have promo contests that are open to all fans internationally too!

Southeast Asian Fans Enter to Win!

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Win A Nandito Ako sa bench/ Tee!

All fans, internationally, can enter to win a special Nandito Ako sa bench/ tee like the one David wore at the Bench Launch Party!  Thanks OneDavid & Pinoy Archies!

See the directions to enter below – OneDavid Facebook

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David Buzz in ClicktheCity.com

~ Click on the graphic for the article

Idol Chatter Promo for Forevermore

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David Tweets About Music!

Time is getting short and David chooses to record new music for us – he will never cease to be AMAZING!

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Snippet of Someone Like You – On Piano!

This just uploaded!  A fan vid of David playing the piano while she sings Someone Like You – David joins in for a little bit at the end, and he did I say he’s playing the piano??  Oh pretty pretty please let Someone Like You be one of the covers on his new album!

~ credit to mikaelahahn

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Jealous Josh – Snowangelz cracks us up again!

Click on Jealous Josh to see the whole hilarious blog & leave a comment!

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Fan Creations!

David through the years collage ~ credit ohnopurple
Jas&David Banner using pics from Naree ~ credit Shelby Bohmer
Jasmine Art Project ~ credit Gene De Ramosjas
A picture’s worth a thousand words ~ credit Katrina Rada

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Jasmine’s Bloglovin’

~ Click the photo above to go to the blog

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Reminder:  Order Forevermore!

If you still need to order your Forevermore album, or want to order more copies for gifting, WOWhd is taking pre-orders now for delivery on or about March 20th.  Price is $12.99 with FREE shipping!  Now you can’t beat that with an oar!

Click on the graphic to order! $12.99 & FREE Shipping!

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Amazon is also offering pre-ordering – the price has gone up to $20.32, but if you buy 2 copies you qualify for free super saver shipping.  Click Here to check it out.

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Make a young musician’s dream come true!  Donate to the DA Music Scholarship!

Click on the graphic for info & to donate!


The David Archuleta Music Scholarship has named this week of the campaign,
Thank You David Week.
This is a way for fans to say “thank you” to David for everything he’s done for us.
We will be posting a new category each day, and we encourage EVERYONE to tweet or comment about something specific to that category for which you are thankful. Be sure to include @DavidArchie when sending a tweet so he’s able to see all that his fans are
thankful for!

Thursday—Thank You David for your Vlogs

Thank You David— for your vlog about “Meeting Marius”.
Thank You David— for singing “Ribbon in the Sky” in your vlog.

David gives so much of his time and talents to his fans, so why not say “thank you” by honoring him & giving the gift of music to aspiring music students at Murray HS?  This will help in giving students the opportunity to live out their dreams as David is doing.
Gifting Others….is Gifting David

Please click on the scholarship link below to donate. Thank you!
@DAScholarship ~ Twitter

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Pics & Gifs Gallery

First up – some gifs from ilovechudavidarchie!


Jellus David!  The eyebrows say it all!!


I think this comes later in the series – but THIS is a hug!!

David + Kids = LOVE ~ credit fallingslowlyy


~ credit Jenleighbarry
~ credit Jenleighbarry


~ Aww remember the Asia Tour – light sticks!
~ credit Jasmine’s Instagram


~ credit to naree

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You turn our world upside down

So the THING was Josh pulling off a handstand worthy of an Olympic gymnast and then baring his soul to Anya and telling her those three little words… no, not Let’s Volt In – he told her “I LOVE YOU”.  He said it multiple times and in two languages!  This episode was really sweet and emotional and filled with intense moments offset by fun cheesy moments – much like this endless ride we all signed up for when we bought our one-way ticket to Archuland.

Like his alter-ego Josh, David is full of surprises.  Not necessarily the wicked left hook type of surprise, but definitely the I can do a handstand in public kind of surprise that always keeps us on our toes (or in this case, palms) and basically makes life a joy.  I would venture to guess that each of us has once considered ourselves “normal” – then the scale slowly tipped to unconventional or hyper enthusiastic or just plain crazeh!  Whenever you experienced that “aha!” moment, there was simply no turning back – you were committed – (not the type that requires a white jacket with wrap-around sleeves mind you) – maybe dedicated would be a more accurate term.  And nothing says dedication like staying up til 3:00am 5 days a week to watch a Filipino soap opera in a language I don’t speak, followed by an hour on twitter dissecting and analyzing each scene followed by watching several replays of each episode with English subtitles to ensure that I understand how to correctly apply the term lampaaaaa.

I find myself perpetually amazed at this artist/fan relationship that has been built on a foundation of music, vlogs, tweets and perhaps live interactions at concert meet & greets.  Josh asked if we believe in magic – and we must, because nothing else can explain this topsy turvy rollercoaster of a ride where we simultaneously feel both happy and sad that David is leaving us for 2 years.  To be a fan of David takes fortitude and courage and patience – I’m thinking we’ll need a lot of the latter to help us on our journey to 2014.  The new #DA2014 campaign invites fans from everywhere around the world to make a pledge that no matter what, WE WILL BE HERE – we’re not going anywhere, because David’s music completes us…. yeah, he had us at “Hey guys”

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