Week-End (Inevitable) Nandito Ako Withdrawal; Forevermore Gifting Campaign; Time to Get Your Groove On…..


 One more time…..

I’m posting the cover art for David Archuleta’s Forevermore single again today because it’s a beautiful thing….and it’s so nice to see new music being released by our fave vocalist….

~ Forevermore Cover Art - credit Odysseylive.net

 International fans can get their official download of the single legally by following these instructions from Archuleta Philippines, who have created a gifting campaign for us.  Because they are super-grand fans and we love them!

I  have  copies of #forevermore single to gift.   Just email jrforda2012@gmail.com

And make sure you follow the mechanics below:

1. Create a dummy email acct, and a  dummy facebook account (using that email), with the password “forevermore”. (We will need to sign in with an FB account to purchase the song, and only 1 song per FB account is allowed, so every FB account needs to be unique.)

2. Email me the fb details [email address used for fb acct] [twitterusername]

3. Wait for our tweet confirming you’ve been gifted. Check your email account for the file. (If the gifting list gets long, please be patient.)

 I received a couple of questions as to why giftees still need to create the dummy FB account when we can easily send the file over email. That is true. And that would be easier for us in Manila. But that will not go (count) toward the sale of David’s #forevermore single.

That’s why it’s important that we do it via the FB thingy. I hope you understand.

Thanks JR!

You can also  head on over to the site yourself by clicking on the graphic below:

Pinoy Archies have also posted the gifting campaign on their Facebook. Click on the graphic to go:



Week-end NA withdrawal…..

It’s inevitable, isn’t it?

And if you missed Kalei’s epic post yesterday, don’t worry, you can still scroll down and catch her awesomeage re-cap of Nandito Ako, Episode 15.

Or create your own Nandito Ako Marathon by clicking on the link above this post, which takes you to all the previous episodes over the last 3 weeks.  Has it really been 3 weeks already?  My how time flies….

But wait!

JONYA moments from Episode 15:

Relive the Josh/Anya moments from yesterday’s episode, all in one handy-dandy vid!  Thanks to cheche3d!

“Admit it, Anya. You’re falling in love with me!”    Eep!


Or…..re-live it with gifs…

Thanks to Sam (ohnopurple).  She’s amazing.





Visit her tumblr and leave some love HERE.


Time to get your groove on…..

In just 2 short weeks, Nandito Ako will end *sobs* and David will embark on his mission at the end of this month.  He’s promised to leave us with music and I, for one, will anxiously wait to see how this all unfolds for us.  Perhaps he’ll detail it all for us in a final vlog?  I hope so, and I hope it’s a long, rambly one that will make us laugh (and probably cry).  But in the meantime, what will you do with all that time we’ve all expended combing the internet for All Things David?  It’s gonna be weird, isn’t it?  Let’s hang together and make it the best 2 years we possibly can!


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