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Our love for you will be Forevermore….

~ Forevermore Cover Art – credit Odysseylive.net

*Naree tweeted that the term “Minus-One” refers to a “no vocals – music only” track that can be used for karaoke

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Forevermore – The Single

Let the fainting commence!  The fandom was rocked by the release of David’s new single, Forevermore – which dropped in the wee hours of the morning US time.  I saw the first tweet and thought it was just a snippet that was being released as a teaser for the album, but it soon became clear that it was the ENTIRE song!  Squeees turned into exclamations of NOOOOOOO as it quickly became apparent that the single was only available for purchase in the Philippines.  I know this because I clicked on the link to purchase and was greeted with a big fat FORBIDDEN!

Not to worry! (Flourish of trumpets) Pinoy fans to the rescue!  This is what I love about this fan family – no one is ever left behind.  An international fan gifting plan was created and became operational faster than you can say David in a bunny suit!  So if you are interested in being gifted a copy of the single, please follow the instructions posted below from Archuleta Philippines ~ click on the graphic below to go to their site.

Thank you All International Fans for helping to bring Forevermore to us!


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To address concerns regarding the possibility of illegal downloading of the Forevermore single, we are removing the GrooveShark link.  While there is no way to download songs from that site, we understand the concern.  Fans who do not have access to purchase the single, please see the post above to participate in the gifting program.  

Forevermore Lyrics – David Style

There are times when I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night
There are times when I just want to feel your embrace
In the cold night
I just can’t believe that you are mine now
You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just can’t compare you with anything in this world
You’re all I need to be with forevermore
All those years, I’ve longed to hold you in my arms
I’ve been dreaming of you
Every night, I’ve been watching all the stars that fall down
Wishing you will be mine
Time and again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as the time keeps going on and on
My love for you will be forevermore
0hhhhhh yeahhhhh
I just can’t believe that you are mine now
You were just a dream that I once knew
I never thought I would be right for you
I just can’t compare you with anything in this world
As endless as forever
Our love will stay together
You are all I need to be with forevermore ~ forevermore
You are all I need
To be with forevermore…

*  *  *  *  *

Nandito Ako Episode 15 Recap (Reader’s Digest Version)

First off, please watch this episode sitting down because almost EVERYONE falls down at some point!  However, if falling down means being rescued by Josh then….  well, you take your chances lol

We join Yaya and Margaret still discussing Holly being adopted as Holly eavesdrops from the stairs.  Margaret tells Yaya that she didn’t really want to adopt Holly and that it was all Jamie’s idea.  Yaya says, so you’re just going to be mean to her?  Margaret responds angrily (like that’s a surprise) that Yaya can’t speak to her like that!  Holly runs upstairs to her room and Yaya goes after her.  Holly is obviously upset and confronts Yaya about knowing she was adopted and kept the truth from her all these years.

On to the Batangas and Josh & Anya are walking in an open plaza near the beach and Josh is exclaiming how beautiful everything is.  A woman approaches and asks if they are Holly’s friends?  She then asks if they are BF/GF – a couple?  Anya says no, they are just friends, but Josh looks at her suspiciously as he doesn’t understand the Tagalog term for “couple”.  The woman explains, using her index fingers “Boy +Girl together = brings fingers together – Josh has an AHA! moment and the woman says too bad they aren’t a couple because this is the most romantic place in Batangas.

Over to Anya’s house and Volta is going over a long list of bills and debts that Teresa owes.  Teresa is upset because she doesn’t know how she will pay the bills without a job.  Alladin enters with an envelope and says it’s from Josh.  Teresa opens it and reads a very sweet letter from Josh, thanking her for her kindness and hospitality and that he hopes the enclosed money will help her and her family.  He says maybe Teresa can open a business with the money.  It must be a lot of money because Volta spazzes that it’s like Teresa won the lottery! He exclaims that Josh is too good and that he votes for Josh to be her son-in-law! (Josh gets our vote too!)  Alladin smiles and says “We can pay our debts!”.

Anya has a dream-like sequence where she wanders around thinking about the bus ride and all the things Josh said to her about being beautiful – she is CLEARLY smitten – even if she won’t admit it. She remembers Josh talking about magic and asking her if she believes in magic – her answer was “I used to, but not now, it doesn’t exist”

THE TRUTH:  Over to Holly’s room and she is confronting Yaya about keeping the truth about the adoption secret for all these years.  She says “You already knew!  All this time you knew, but you let me believe in nothing!”  Yaya is distraught and asks for forgiveness, but Holly is not in a forgiving mood.  Yaya says Holly is still Margaret’s daughter, but Holly says on paper and in surname only. “She’s my mom on paper, but not in heart or in mind.  Now I understand everything”  Margaret storms in and yells at Holly “How dare you say that!  You should have been adopted by another family!  What did I not give you?  Clothes?  Food? Did I make you go hungry? What did I not give you??”  Holly replies LOVE!  “Why can’t you give your love to me?  You’re so selfish.  All these other things – I didn’t ask for them, it’s you that I want and need”.  Holly storms out and Yaya tries to stop her, but Margaret says to let her go. “She knows how to leave, she must learn how to come back.”

CARRY ME AWAY JOSH:  Back to Batangas and Josh & Anya are walking on the beach, she’s kind of quiet and Josh asks if she’s mad at him?  She says no, then he asks why does she act like she’s angry or “insert Tagalog word that sounds like masumi” which means something like surly/disgruntled, she asks how he knows that word and  he says Alladin taught him some Tagalog like Mahal Kita (I love you) – Anya doesn’t even flinch – I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl!  They see a boat and since they need to go to the other side of the island, they flag the boat owner down, but as they run to the boat ANYA FALLS DOWN and the music swells as Josh comes to the rescue, scooping her up like she’s Katsu the floppy cat and carries her over to the boat!  At this point, if Anya hasn’t completely flipped for Josh then she needs her head examined.

BBQ & BRAWLS:  Segue to Teresa, Volta and Alladin opening their new business – a BBQ meat stick stand!  The rude neighbor lady comes over and insults Teresa saying”From flesh to another kind of flesh – I wonder where you got that?  Perhaps your daughter has finally learned the trade?” (makes rude body motions)  Teresa goes ballistic and a hair pulling fight ensues – Volta is a good BFF and tries to hold Teresa back, but apparently running a salon doesn’t build muscles, and Teresa breaks free and goes after the neighbor lady again “You can insult me but never my daughter!”  *Hair pulling brawls are probably not good for the BBQ-meat-sticks business.

CONFRONTATION:  The boat has landed and Josh thanks Anya for helping him find his mom, that he owes her.  She says he should thank Holly, and to hold his thanks until they actually find his mom.  Josh sees a woman and thinks it’s his mom – he runs over and grabs her calling Mom, Mom!  But it’s not his mom and Anya yells at him to stop it!  Josh says he just wants to find his mom.  Anya continues yelling at him and calls him immature.  Josh actually gets angry and yells “Stop talking to me like that!”  Anya “Like what?” Josh “Stop treating me like a child! I just want to see my mom”  Anya says that the only one who wants to find his mom more than him is her so her responsibility to him will be over and she can go home!  Josh: Why are you like that? You’re always angry with me!”  Josh says something in Tagalog and Anya responds angrily that he’s a burden – Josh responds – wait for it….

“Do you really think I’m a burden Anya?  Or are you just pushing me away because you’re falling in love with me?!”  intense staring as we go to commercial

Updating with the short but intense SLAP SCENE!  Josh continues to ask Anya if she’s falling in love with him and just can’t admit it?  He gets closer and closer to her and she looks uncomfortable, then angry, then she slaps him saying something to the effect “You be responsible for your own life!” and she storms off – Josh is STUNNED into silence.  (Who could ever slap that face?  Now THAT was acting!)

Short scene where Volta tries to console Teresa who is upset because everyone always meddles in her life.  Volta says people are just jealous and that Teresa should continue running her BBQ stand.  Meanwhile Holly has taken a taxi to Batangas to meet up with Josh & Anya – she’s at the beach house wondering where they are.

OAR SCENE:  Back to the beach and Anya is muttering under her breath about Josh – who does he think he is and that he’s so full of himself and that she would never fall in love with someone like him! (methinks she doth protest too much)  She sees another boat and a guy is stumbling down the beach, she asks him something, but he is not a nice boatman and he attacks Anya!  She is screaming for help and Josh rounds the bend and for the 2nd time today rushes to her rescue!  He DECKS the guy and they brawl on the beach, but the boatman doesn’t fight fair and grabs an OAR and gives Josh a whackity whack upside his head and JOSH FALLS DOWN unconscious with blood trickling down the side of his head O_O

TWO HEAD  INJURIES:  Meanwhile back at the house Holly has another mega migraine attack, clutching her head and screaming in pain.  She staggers over to the couch and FALLS DOWN onto the couch writhing in agony.  Cut to the beach and Anya is screaming for help when who should appear in the distance….. Josh’s mom!

Trailer for episode #16:  Josh has a bandaged head and Cara is crying – Anya is beginning to put together the pieces about who Josh is – Holly is crying saying Josh is in love with someone – Anya tries to leave without saying goodbye to Josh – Margaret tells Uncle Stevil who took Josh and that she’ll take him to Teresa’s house – Josh confronts Uncle Stevil about lying that his mom was dead, when Uncle Stevil insists his mother is dead, Cara comes forward and slaps him – Uncle Stevil goes after Cara but Josh comes to the rescue and pushes Uncle Stevil who FALLS DOWN ON THE FLOOR and Josh yells “Don’t you touch my mother!”  Now we have to wait a whole weekend to find out what happens next!  Tune in next week for more madness and mayhem, love and loss and the continuing adventures of Nandito Ako.

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David Tweets!

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Creative Fans Strike Again!

ilovechudavidarchie:Remember the kid who saved me from the fire a long time ago? That’s the boy I would want to fall in love with. - Anya Dionisio~ Gif credit to ilovechudavidarchie
~ Smile! – credit Shelby Bohmer
~ Team Jonya – credit Shelby Bohmer

~ Viva la Volta! – credit Zaren89

~ Fan Cover Art – credit Zaren89

~ Anya he said you’re beautiful! Gif credit to ohnopurple

~ Zerogravity aka “David Basket Queen” makes cute Nandito Ako baskets! – credit Trish0400

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DA Music Scholarship – $5 Friday!

What better way to spend $5.00 than to invest in a young musician’s dream?  Help The David Archuleta Music Scholarship reach its goal of 300 donors!  All donations large or small are appreciated!  Click on the tweet above for more information & to donate!

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Vote on Chart Central!

Let’s help the Pinoy Archies keep Wait and Nandito Ako at the top of the charts!  Click on the graphic and vote every hour – alternate between the songs.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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Mindful of Music – Reviews Forevermore

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Trending Streak Continues!

We’ve kept the trend going and had WWTT for the entire Nandito Ako series so far!  Can we keep it up for 2 more weeks?  YES WE CAN!

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Jasmine Blogs

~ Click above to read the entire blog – credit Jasmine’s tumblr

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Photo Gallery

Pics to share!

~ On the beach in shorts!
~ Josh & his mom – credit missitii91
~ Josh’s parents Harrold & Cara & Uncle Stevil – credit JoAnn Banaga
~ Volta spots Josh! – credit JoAnn Banaga
~ Volta squeeeeees! – credit JoAnn Banaga
~ Teresa, Volta & Alladin – credit JoAnn Banaga
~ Anya on the beach thinking of Josh – credit JoAnn Banaga
~ Forevermore is a HOT PICK! – credit DigitalExclusives

~ Fan cover art – credit davidarchuletanews

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I’m Coming to Save the Day

He may as well have shown up in shining armor riding a white stallion – Josh Bradley rescued Anya not once, but twice in episode 15 of Nandito Ako.  When Anya fell on the beach, he scooped her up like she weighed no more than a magic backpack – then Anya is attacked on the beach and it’s Josh to the rescue again, decking the unfortunate boatman who has to resort to cheating by taking up an oar to defend himself.  Josh is fearless.

On this point, David mirrors Josh, despite his tweets to the contrary that Josh is NOT David.  Over these past 4 years we have watched David blossom from a shy, reserved lad of 16 into a mature, self confident young man who is not afraid to speak his mind or try things clearly outside of his comfort zone.  He has literally grown up while we weren’t looking – well we were definitely looking, but we blinked and David is getting ready to set out on a two-year mission, taking a hiatus from his music career and from his adoring fandom. *In the future, remind me not to blink.

We have had a few months to get used to the idea of being Davidless for 2 years – some of us have fared better than others on this point, but I venture that none of us is 100% sure what the next 2 years will bring. What we do know, is that David is well aware of the fact that his absence will be noticed and felt and will definitely affect us.  Queue the white stallion and polish up that shiny suit of armor because right on cue, he rides in for the rescue of all rescues – an entire fandom of damsels in various states of distress.

The saving grace appears in the form of music – new music to help us cross the 2 year long bridge to 2014 when we can hopefully return to our usual revelry in the form of concerts, tours and of course, more music.  With the release of the single Forevermore, we can see a glimpse of the gift that is yet to come – music that, while not original, bears the unique stamp of David’s voice and emotion, which transforms cover songs into bright gems to be treasured in the coming years.

Many of us have personal stories of how David’s music has changed our lives, enriched our lives and simply brightened our days ~ in effect, rescuing us on a daily basis.  Some fans go so far as to say that David’s music has saved them when it seemed nothing else could.  So as these last 2 weeks of Nandito Ako gives us closure to the adventures of Josh Bradley, so too begins the new adventures of David Archuleta –  and watch out world, because he’s coming to save the day…

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