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Whenever we see your smiling face….

~ credit to Naree

Shall we have another pic from Naree?

~ Why YES we shall! – credit to Naree

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Nandito Ako #14 Recap – Bus Ride! (Reader’s Digest Version)

At Anya’s house Josh tries to give Teresa some money to thank her for helping him – he says it’s not much but he want’s to help out.  Teresa gives him the money back telling him he can use it to help find his mom.  Volta seems concerned that people will find out Josh is there.  There’s a knock on the door and they all scramble to hide Josh – he tries to hide behind Teresa lol – it’s Anya returning home, and she tells Josh that Holly is ok but that she won’t be able to take him to Batangas, and that Uncle Stevil has hired a private investigator to find him.  Josh says he understands and that he’ll go to Batangas on his own to look for his mom.  During this whole exchange, Volta is giving Josh & Anya “the look” – he is definitely trying to be a matchmaker!

As Josh packs his magic backpack with the never-ending supply of clothes, Alladin enters and asks if Josh really needs to go?  Josh & Alladin have formed a close relationship and they seem almost like brothers.  Anya is kinda spying on them – she’s not a good hider either – and Josh makes eye contact with her, which basically melts her and she has to leave before she becomes a puddle of goo (too late).  Alladin asks Anya why doesn’t she feel sorry for Josh?  Anya says why should she pity him?  He’s rich, and anyway, they have their own problems to deal with.  Alladin – who is a little Josh in training – looks at Anya and says if he could only help Josh, he would because he understands how Josh feels.  Alladin says he wants to meet his dad the same way Josh wants to find his mom, so that’s why he wants to help Josh.  (Now, how can Anya refuse to help?)

Anya is pretending to be asleep – but she’s not a good pretender either – and Teresa calls her bluff, saying that Anya is the only one who can help Josh by taking him to Batangas.  Anya makes a lame excuse that she has to go to school – but she can’t fool mom!  Teresa reminds her it’s the WEEKEND!  Teresa says she’ll pack some swimsuits since they are going to the beach – Anya seems less than thrilled – she says what about Teresa and Alladin? But Teresa says not to worry – that they will be fine on their own.  Anya is now out of excuses.

THE BUS SCENE:  First off, this has got to be the bumpiest bus ride ever!  It sounds like a freight train!  But we digress – Josh is a stealthy ninja in his electric blue hoodie and oversized sunglasses, and Anya looks annoyed that she is forced to go with him to Batangas.  She has a giant backpack on her lap – hopefully it’s magic like Josh’s.  Josh thanks Anya for going with him, she replies that she did it because her mom asked her to, Josh says “You could have said no!” He thanks her again and puts his hand on hers and she pulls her hand away (Whyyy?)  Then Josh says that Anya reminds him of his mom.  She is insulted and takes it the wrong way (like she always does) and tells him ” What? Do I look old?”  Josh laughs and says no, that Anya is smart and strong willed, and that his mom was a strong woman who had to raise him on her own.  Then he gives Anya a sly look and says “She was also very pretty”, Anya blushes and says he is just kidding around.

Holly calls and asks how Josh is doing?  She thanks Anya for helping fulfill her promise to Josh to help find his mom.  She asks if Anya got her text with the address of her beach house?  Anya says Josh has the map so it should be easy.  Holly asks to talk to Josh, and Josh tells her he understands why she couldn’t go to Batangas, and that he hopes she  makes peace with her mom.

Back at Anya’s house, Alladin asks Teresa if she’s mad at his dad, and didn’t she love him?  Teresa replies that she did love his dad, but that his dad didn’t love her and when she got pregnant, he left her.  Alladin is upset because he feels like he is the reason that his dad left.  Teresa hugs him and says even if he left, he left her with a very special son, and that Alladin is one of her wishes come true – they both hug each other tight.

Back on the bus Josh hears a bell ring! (it’s the bus ice cream vendor??)  He remembers his driver telling him that’s how he’ll know it’s true love – when he hears bells ringing!  He looks at Anya with a huge smile and she she tells him “What? Do I look like ice cream” (paraphrasing based on the translation) Josh laughs and says he thinks Anya is funny and that he likes her smile – then he pinches her cheek!  She half smiles at him and he has a HUGE smile and says he just can’t “Sorta smile”

At Holly’s house, Yaya is talking to Holly who confesses that she has done everything her mom asks, but it’s still not good enough.  Yaya encourages her to listen to her mom and to be humble.  Holly confesses  that sometimes she wishes she had different parents, that even if they weren’t rich, she just wants to live in a happy family.  Yaya says she will talk to Holly’s mom on her behalf, but that she still believes her mom loves her.

Josh is fake sleeping and Anya is watching him – he says in a sing songy voice “You’re looking at me!”  Anya adjusts his hoodie to act like she was trying to disguise him.  She asks for the address in Batangas, and Josh pulls out the map but admits he doesn’t know where he’s going.  Anya says she’s not good at geography and Josh is staring at her.  She asks why he’s staring and tells him to stop messing with her!  He says your boyfriend is a lucky guy and she replies “I don’t have a boyfriend FYI!”  he asks why?  She says she doesn’t have time  for a lovelife and tells him to stop asking silly questions.  He says it’s not silly, it’s MAGIC!  That’s what his mom told him, and that when his mom & dad met it was true love and it was magic.  He asks Anya if she believes in magic?  She says no, and he asks why?  She says she used to, but it doesn’t exist – he says she’s only saying that because she’s never been in love!  The bus screeches to a stop, and they are in Batangas!

Yaya tells Margaret she has something to say about Holly – that she feels sorry for Holly because of the way Margaret treats her, and that she shouldn’t have adopted Holly if she was going to treat her so badly.  Of course Holly overhears the conversation and is shocked to learn that she is ADOPTED!  (I thought she already knew she was adopted from the previous episode where Margaret says that Holly isn’t her daughter – this is a mystery)

Trailer for episode #15:  Margaret confronts Holly, Josh & Anya start searching for Josh’s mom, Josh carries Anya!  There is a boat! They meet a woman who says “boy – girl together, you know!”  Teresa gets into yet another hair-pulling incident, this time at a food stand.  Josh yells at Anya “You’re treating me like a child!  Anya slaps him – Josh says “Why are you like that?  You’re always angry with me, or are you pushing me away ’cause you’re falling in love with me?”  STUNNED – tune in tomorrow for all the drama and romance you can handle!

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David Tweets a Task!

This task tweet relates to another tweet that David previously posted letting us know that he had visited 3 different cities/towns in Utah that he had never been to before.  That must have inspired him to extend this task for us to be adventurous and try something new – even if it’s close to home – a new shop, restaurant or whatever we find!  Share your adventures with David & with us!

Since I’ve been to every town on this island, I’ll try out a new restaurant!  Yeah – don’t have to twist my arm for that!

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Music to our ears!  Literally!

David is hard at work creating music for us to enjoy while he’s away.  There’s been much speculation regarding how many songs there will be, whether the release will be all at once as a whole album or individual singles released over time.  And the hottest topic of discussion – what covers will he, well – cover? 

I would love to hear the alternate arrangement of Longer that Idol didn’t let David sing *adds to wish list.  Twitter was alive with suggestions, and I’m sure you have some of your own.  Share your wish list in our comments section!

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TV5Manila Scores!

~ Click on the graphic to read the article – credit to LionhearTV

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Congrats! Eula wins Best New Actress!

~Click to see the article – credit to PEP News

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CarlaCharisse Blogs – the random Pinay

~ Click the graphic to read the entire, very detailed blog!
~ Click on the graphic to read the whole blog & leave a comment!


Part II of the Blog – click below to read the rest of the blog & comment!

~Click on the graphic to read the entire blog & leave a comment!

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The Angels in our Life

PaBuckie shared a very special video she found on You Tube – while it was originally posted in 2010, it’s very timely!  Vid credit to huskeglemme.

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More Nandito Ako – Because we can never hear it enough!

~ Vid credit to interaksyontv5 – the end of this vid is super sweet!

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Team Jonya – Just a Dream

This is really cool!  Team Jolly your turn next!

 ~ Vid credit to ohnopurple

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Showbiz Portal

~Click the graphic to read the whole article

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Creative Fans Strike Again!

violet4ever was successful in making her first gif!  I was less successful (read NOT successful) at getting it to post – so click on Josh’s lovely face to go see the gif in motion!

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~ credit to Shelby Bohmer

Team Jonya is on a roll!  Now that Anya is on her way with Josh to Batangas, we can be sure to see many more of these longing looks!  Now that they have met – when will their halves of the watch meet?  Tune in to TV5 and find out!  #TeamUnitedWatch

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Velvet on a Red Cupcake

It’s no Sweet Tooth Fairy, but Sprinkles debuted the next big thing for satisfying your middle-of-the-night cupcake cravings!  Seems like it would also make a great last minute birthday gift – so grab your credit card and head for your nearest Sprinkles Cupcake ATM – technology… it’s a good thing!

~ Vid credit to LucyBlodgett

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Trending Anyone?

No one can get their Trend On better than Archies – since Nandito Ako aired back on February 20th (seems like a lifetime ago) our efforts have resulted in 29 World Wide Trending Topics (WWTT)!  We succeeded again last night!

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Forevermore Snippet!

21 seconds of awesomeness!  Word on the street is that Forevermore the OPM album will debut on March 15th – so beware the Ides of March – new David music is on the way!

 ~ credit leslienique

Need to order Forevermore?

~ Click on the graphic to order from OneDavid

For bulk ordering use Astrovision

For International fans who want to save on shipping, Astrovision offers bulk pricing on orders of 5 or 10 cds shipped to one address.  If a fan would like to coordinate a group order, then distribute the cds when they arrive, this is a great option!

~ Click above for Astrovision ordering info

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The DA Music Scholarship

Help support young musicians achieve their dreams!  Donate today!  Click on the graphic below for more information.

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Photo Gallery

Here’s some pics for you to enjoy!

~ credit akamaihd.net
~ Archies with Ben Chan – credit Naree’s twitter
~ credit Naree’s twitter
~ credit jenleighbarry

~ credit Ewin Nieto
~ credit Ewin Nieto
~ with Jasmine – credit Ewin Nieto
~ Uncle Stevil & Chit making peace – credit Anafeleo
~ Where’s Josh?? – credit anafeleo
~ New haircut thanks to Pin! – credit anafeleo

~ Jasmine & her mom – credit Jasmine’s Instagram
~ David’s autograph! – credit to jon daza’s lockerz
~ Group pic – credit kevin rosario
~ Nice watch!  And it’s the whole watch!  – credit to naree

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We can’t sorta smile….

In the infamous words of Josh Bradley, there’s no half-way when it comes to David.  When you got aboard the ArchuTrain – or in this case, the ArchuBus – heading straight for ODD Town, you should have read your ticket carefully – because the fine print clearly states NO RETURNS.  Why is it that we can’t “sorta smile” when David is involved?

This whole David journey has been an adventure from the get-go.  For me it started with Idol – I should have known something was up when that first night of voting I frantically voted for 2 whole hours!  After that I was caught in the Archuvortex that somehow resulted in me with 5 phones voting like a madwoman for 4 hours straight on Finale night.

The madness didn’t end there, like I thought it would, instead I found myself in the middle of the country in Tulsa, Oklahoma happily meeting other inflicted individuals who were just like me!  The revelation that I was not crazy was comforting – or at least I was not crazy alone.  Somehow, handmade David shirts and posters seemed perfectly normal – fast forward 4 years, and the number of David shirts has multiplied to over a dozen and the posters have become full blown banners.  Fan lunches are the order of the day so that we can meet even MORE people like us and welcome them into this, our adopted family.

Concerts prefaced by VIP meet & greets have become a magnet for friends who have traveled from all over the world not only to see David, but to see each other.  We have gone from the comments section to live chat to a 24/7 presence on Twitter and Facebook – all in support of this artist who can’t help but give 110% of who he is in everything he does.  The feeling is mutual, because to be a Fan of David means there is no half-way, no “I’ll just sit in the middle”, no “sorta smile” – it means we’ve called our shot…. and we’re ALL IN.

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