David Archuleta starring in Nandito Ako: Day 3, OPM Ordering info!! More Bench Blitz, Performance Vids at Trinoma Activity Center Courtesy Of Bench TM, Mamey Shake Love From Mom


David Archuleta credit: Bench tm and Ivory Music *I LOVE this photo!*
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OPM Ordering Info From Astroplus!!!

Dear International David Archuleta Fans,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing David Archuleta’s upcoming album, “David Archuleta… Forevermore” which is set to be released in the Philippines in March 2012. Attached is the press release from Ivory Music & Video, the local label which will be releasing and distributing the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) album.

As promised, we now have several payment options for international fans: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union.

(For those who still prefer to pay through Western Union, feel free to just respond to this email for more details.)

To purchase the Forevermore album, please follow these steps:

1) Create an account on www.multiply.com.

2) Click here:  http://astrovision.multiply.com/products/listing/10002/David_Archuleta_OPM_album_Forevermore_International_Shipping

3) Start shopping! 🙂

Standard shipping fee (up to five (5) albums only in one package) for all international orders is PHP950 except for SEA countries which is PHP550.

Please note that we will send out all of the albums on the day of the release. We will update you again via email on the release date once the label sends out a formal announcement.

For those who are asking whether CDWow will release the album or not, we were advised by the label that the OPM album will be exclusively released in the Philippines so it may be unlikely for CDWow to distribute it.


If you will be ordering two or more albums, please order through this link instead so we can properly adjust your shipping fees before you proceed payment: http://astrovision.multiply.com/products/listing/10003/David_Archuleta_OPM_album_Forevermore_International_Shipping_-_Bulk_Orders

Please feel free to repost the link on your Facebook walls/David Archuleta fan sites/Twitter and share with other international fans so they too can buy a copy of the album. 🙂

Thank you / maraming salamat po!

Astroplus Online Shopping Team




Nandito Ako : Day 3!

This is the trailer posted earlier for Day 3! More hair pulling!! Slapping!! Cat Fights!! EEP! But then, Josh visits his mother’s grave site. Oh my Josh… raw emotion and tears…. for Josh, David, and meeeee  🙁   David Archuleta, you are a really good actor!

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Watch Day 3 on Hayag! Click Below!

Remember to use  Nandito Ako ,  Josh Bradley, @DavidArchie etc. in your tweets to continue the “trending success!”  And for translations while viewing, open a page to Archuleta Philippines for their live blog of the episode with translations ( Kricket, Jack Ryan, Lorms, & Nareejo you ladies are awesome!!)

***And what else are we in for today? Seems like our readers are loving every minute of Nandito Ako so far~ as always, you’re invited to join in on commenting!***

David Archuleta as Josh Bradley day 4 filming Nandito ako ~credit Kariontour~

Josh visits his mother's grave cap credit @mykaparalan

@MydearWriter promised that we’d need tissues for today and tissues were in great demand! David Archuleta proved in scene after scene today that he is a “real actor!”

Click above to head to her twitter page for more commentary on Day 3!

How popular IS Nandito Ako?? Look at where it’s been trending today!!! Incredible!!! Click below to make it bigger!! It’s Nandito Ako Love folks!

Nandito Ako Tending! Credit @AlbertDaryll

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From Day 2 ~ Holly’s Dream Sequence

David and Eula on the set ~credit RJ Ferrer

SamLouiseG’s  gifs!!Click below and ENJOY!! Sam is a queen of David Archuleta /Nandito Ako gifs!! Pure fun & loveeeee!!

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Let’s Volt In!!

In each of the first 3 episodes of Nandito Ako , we’ve seen Anya, her mom, and her younger brother gather in a circle, put an extended arm with their fists meeting at the center and together lift them while calling out “Let’s Volt In!!” Am I the only uninformed soul who hadn’t seen the cartoon sequence of  “Voltes v completing a volt?” Well, thanks to @Spidey, now I know!  It’s a pretty cool way to demonstrate being part of a unified team!

Thanks Spidey!! and Hey! Let’s Volt In!!! 😀
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Bench Photos and Sugarsmile Blogspot

Thanks and shoutout to @CanadianArchie who brought this blog to twitter yesterday. Click the pic below to head to the blog and read the entire piece.

Bench Photos ~Some Seen Before/Others New

Bench photoshoot credit ~BenchTM~

Included  in the Sugarsmile blog are photos from the Benchtm photo shoot. The are also found on FanDavid Archuleta HN fb Click each to bigger them:

David “Bench” Shopping :

Also, some new photos posted on fb David Archuleta Bench /SM Megamall


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Trinoma Activity Center Vids From Bench

Bench TM Uploaded GORGEOUSSSS HD Videos Recorded of David’s performance at the Trinoma Activity Center last weekend During the Bench Campaign Launch. A HUGE thank you to them for these “beauties!”
Touch My Hand

Nandito Ako

Good Place/ Let It Be

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Singing  To Acting Click below to read!

The Cricket:

Sean P. Means

Why is David Archuleta calling me at 6 in the morning?

** Click on the the SLC Trib logo above to read! **

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A Mom’s TLC

David is home!! And Lupe, his lovely and loving mom is taking good care of  him in this precious time at home before embarking on his mission!

David tweeted once before about mamey fruit (mamey sapote). His mom loves it and she was so happy to find a market near home that carries it. David loves the mamey shakes Lupe makes! (<—unintentional but kinda cool rhyming there)

Thanks Pastel for tweeting this great info pg on the shakes..Click below for the recipe!

* * * * * *

Have a great Wednesday~ will update as needed! 🙂

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