David Archuleta Valentine’s message! #Nandito Ako Trailer is here! David to endorse Bench clothing! Signing for Forevermore today in Manila, Nandito Ako Music Video premiered TODAY – LIVESTREAM! SIGN the Valentines Cards! Tributes and congrats, Articles from Manila, Whew!


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Credit: @bcbench

Credit: Ben Chang @bcbench: “@BCbench Guess who’s the next @benchtm endorser ? ? @benchtm”

GUESS WHO!  Hey, no one is fooling anyone here!

I have to think David is having a good time on that photoshoot yesterday!  Take a look at the tweets!

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Happy Valentine’s from David Archuleta

“It’s important to show those that you care about, how much you care about them”

Simple.  I will definitely be doing that tomorrow.  No candy or flowers are needed to accomplish that. I’ll be making many calls. How about you???

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David Archuleta’s Forevermore!  HERE. IT. IS!

Credit @archieholic_30: Woooo hoooo Got my album in-lay 🙂 See you later, @DavidArchie 🙂 @kariontour

Credit @QueenBWardrobe: Woohoo! Just got my #Forevermore inlay! See you later @DavidArchie @kariontour! :)))



An all OPM (Original Philippino Music) album of classic love songs as interpreted by American Idol sensation David Archuleta

Well, looks like the inlay is here!  Woohooo!

Notice that the CD title is not capitalized.  And that the CD title “Feels Like Home” was a rumour, and was never confirmed by the OS or anyone else on David’s team.  Just goes to show lol…….

And it seems like its all love songs!  Dreamy!


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Forevermore CD Inlay Signing today!

From the OS!  Between 6 and 7 pm PHT ( 5 – 6 am EST), David will be able to pre-order “forevermore” and, it appears from the tweets above, get the inlay signed.  The event takes place at

Sm Megamall

Manduluyong City, Philippines

Will bring you all the pics as they come in!  Fans are already gathering as of 4 am EST!


Credit: jon daza: @DavidArchie's meet and greet! SM Megamall Activity Center! Album pre-selling ongoing!

Credit: showbizjeff. Meet and greet w david archuleta, big success sa sm megamall!

Credit: ShowBizJeff

Also on the AstroPlus site, as exclusive distributors of the CD.  We are looking into availability elsewhere for all fans, based upon license agreement.  We’ll keep you informed!  

David Archuleta Nandito Ako Music Video to premier TODAY!

There is a new promo vid promoting the NanditoAko Music Video.  Got that?  The music video is to be premiered on Valiente on TV5,  at 9 pm local time, 8 pm EST.  We’ll post it for you as soon as we track it down!!!!

Thanks for the promo vid here JR4DA2012

GORGEOUS TRAILER!!!!!  Love the pace of the music, the gorgeous song, the drama!  Can’t wait!

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Great Week 3 Recap!

JRforDA2012 (aka JackRyan) posted a great, subtitled vid that summarizes Week 3 in the Philippines.  Worth watching

Also from Week 3

Credit @mykapalaran: @DavidArchie and @oheulacaballero during their @TalentadoTV5 guesting. #NanditoAko


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Early Monday Tweets

David Archuleta tweeted about a variety of things yesterday!

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Lost one of the most amazing voices and most influential people in this woman…

David Archuleta tweets his tribute to Whitney Houston. How fitting he selected this song by an amazing talent that was nurtured in gospel music.  This is stunning.

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Congrats to the Civil Wars!

The good friends of David Archuleta had an amazing night at the Grammy’s last night!  hey won two Grammy’s:   best country duo/group performance honors for their recording of the song “Barton Hollow,” and Barton Hollow album claimed the best folk album prize.  Well deserved!

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Bruno rawks Bench

A Bruno Mars’ Bench commercial.  Like it!  Wonder if David is shooting one (wouldn’t be surprised!),  together with the photoshoot.  We will see!


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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day!

MYXPhilippines is tugging at your heartstrings on the most romantic day of the year!  See the announcement on their website!

Tomorrow, MYX gets a love make-over! Profess your love on national TV via our on-screen dedication box. Post your love notes for your ultimate love confession.  Join the conversation by using #LoveOnMYX hashtag on Twitter! Follow@MYXPhilippines.

Here’s David Archuleta, inviting you to feel the love by tuning in to the MYX Valentine’s Day special — #LoveOnMYX!



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No time like the present to sign! Valentines Day Group Cards For David and Kari

Last Day to Sign!   We’d love to see as many international fans on the card as possible.  Deadline is TONIGHT:  Monday Feb 13th at 10 pm EST. The card will be delivered to David on Tues.Feb. 14th  Valentine’s Day

And below is a special card from all of the fans for Kari Sellards (@Kariontour) Please click to sign by Monday night 10pm EST February 13th

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David Archuleta is Addicted to Acting!

Click to read from PhilStar.com

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are “welcoming, warm and inviting,” David Archuleta says. That’s why he doesn’t miss home that much while taping for TV5’s Nandito Ako, his acting debut on Philippine TV. David is not new to acting as he has done cameo roles in shows like Hannah Montanaand iCarly. Also starring Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, the mini-series will premiere on Feb. 20 after Wil Time Bigtime.

“I’ve had a great time (working with TV5),” shares theAmerican Idol Season 7 runner-up to winner David Cook. “They are respectful.” It’s with a heavy heart for David to see the taping come to a close because he has enjoyed the company of all-Pinoy cast and crew and the challenges of TV acting. For someone who is built for singing and performing on stage, what David has shown is promising.

“I play Josh Bradley. He is an international artist who is half-Filipino with a Filipino mother,” describes David of his character, who is in the last leg of his concerts in the Philippines. “He is someone who got separated from his mom.” G Tongi plays the role.

“It’s a love story, too,” shares David. “It is fun. The lines that I had in Tagalog weren’t too hard. They tried to keep them pretty simple. It’s a challenge because the rest of the cast are speaking in Tagalog. And I respond in English.” David also sings the Ogie Alcasid original Nandito Ako as theme song with near perfect Tagalog accent and straight-from-the-heart rendition.

How is it working with Jasmine and Eula?   “They are great people to star along side with the series,” answers David. “They are just both really great — great actresses and really great girls… This has been a great and fun (experience). Everybody is great. I’ve been spending (the past) weeks taping.”

In the story, David as Josh will meet Holly (Eula) in a promotional activity for his concert. Then, the two click instantly and start to like each other. The boyish, carefree Anya (Jasmine) also appears in the picture as Holly’s best friend. That creates some twists and turns — and a possible change of heart.

Before the cameras started to grind, David and Eula had a workshop with actor-director Gina Alajar to get a feel of their characters. During the recent Nandito Ako presscon, a footage showed David laughing with Eula and enjoying the acting exercises. David and the young Kapatid stars have a coach on the set assisting them in every scene.

Also in the cast are Perla Bautista, Gelli de Belen, Aiko Melendez, Ana Capri, Alwyn Uytingco, Mon Confiado, Ana Feleo, Joseph Bitangcol, RS Francisco, David Bianco and Byron Ortile.

According to director Mac Alejandre, Nandito Ako has a 15-day shooting schedule with timetable. The mini-series aims to tell “a simple story that will validate basic family values.”

“He is true to his character considering this is his first major acting (assignment),” says Eula of David’s work habits. “He gives his all. There was an instance where he even asked for a take two or take three.”

“Working with David has been a pleasure,” adds Jasmine. “It’s light and easy. He is ready to adjust and willing to do anything. It’s overwhelming. (Every time I wake up), I ask myself if this is true.”   When the klieg lights are off and the final scene is shot, Jasmine and Eula will surely miss David’s talent and goodness.

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Archuleta wonders if he’s crazy to have done what he’s done

David Archuleta Nandito Ako credit @MyDearWriter

“Reluctant,” David Archuleta replied when asked how he felt when he received the offer to do the drama series “Nandito Ako,” coming from TV5. The 21-year-old singer, who shot to fame as an “American Idol 2008” finalist, admitted that the thought of setting foot in another country to do something he had never done before gave him the jitters.

“I was very nervous—I’m thinking, I’m not really much of an actor,” he confessed during a recent press con. “I definitely had concerns, doubts.”

Becoming vulnerable  But after 15 consecutive filming days with director Mac Alejandre and leading ladies Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero, David said he was finding the experience fulfilling and instructive at the same time. “Acting is very much an art,” he said.  He added that he now had a newfound appreciation for actors and all the hard work they put into their craft.

“Looking back and just going through it each day, this was so worth it…just getting to know people, being able to express in a way other than music,” David said.  “Being open and emotional on cue” was one of his biggest challenges on set. But thanks to his experience in singing and performing, David pulled through. “Ultimately, acting and singing are very similar in a way—you open yourself up and become vulnerable,” he said.

But more than the technical aspects of the exercise, the one thing that David is most thankful for is getting to explore things that matured him, both as an artist and as a person.  “I had to step out of my comfort zone,” he said. “This is not something I normally do, or think I’m good in, but I took the challenge. It taught me a lot about myself as a person as well, which was so weird. I didn’t expect that.”

More projects with TV5?

Asked if he plans on pursuing more acting projects with TV5, David, who’s now in Singapore, said that he’s looking forward to coming back, adding that working with the Kapatid network is “one of the best experiences I ever had.”

“I’m not the greatest actor, but I can’t wait to keep growing and improving with it because it’s something that’s so much fun; something I would love to keep working on since it’s such a great thing to share with people,” he said.

The mission

“Nandito Ako,” is one of David’s last few projects before embarking on a two-year religious mission for the Mormon Church. But before officially going on show-biz hiatus, David said, he would record a couple of songs, “because I don’t want to leave my fans with nothing.”

But in the entertainment industry where everything is fleeting, is he worried about losing his fame or career after his mission?  David admitted that it was a “scary thing,” and likened his current situation to when he decided to quit school because of his commitments with “Idol.” David followed his gut feeling, and ended up with a career that’s “so much more fulfilling.”

He wonders, “Am I crazy? It was a hard decision to make and took me a couple of years to make. But I know it’s going to be worth it because I’ve learned to trust that feeling.”

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Refuelling as we speak!  I’ll be back!

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