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David Archuleta MKOC Salt Lake City~ credit Kim T~

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Beaver Creek VIP: We’ll Be There

(from Monica @starrynites01)  My pal Karin and I changed the lyrics around to the Jackson 5 song I’ll Be There to help articulate a message to David from all of his fans around the world. We wanted him to know how happy we are for him right now and how much we’ll always continue to support him. We performed the song at the last VIP for the My Kind of Christmas tour.

Thanks to everyone at the Beaver Creek, Colorado VIP for participating and thanks to Kari (@Kariontour ) for recording video for us!

We’ll Be There

~ lyrics by Karin (@Zerogravity01) and Monica (starrynites01)

You are on a special path
Your light will shine the world and back
Let your heart guide you
And we’ll be there

We’ll support this dream for you
We have faith in all you do
Whenever you need us
We’ll be there

We’ll be there
We’ll be there

Just call our names
And we’ll be there

* * * * * *
And here is the accompanying video ~

This expression of love and support to David from ALL of his fans both present in body and those in spirit in the Vilar VIP room was truly felt. David listened intently beaming throughout the song. It was a beautiful way to begin the last VIP of his “My Kind Of Christmas Tour,” and a way to bring all of his fans throughout the world into one room and one moment with David. 🙂

A huge thanks to Karin and Monica for their heartfelt lyrics! During the next 2 years, let this song serve as a fans’ anthem showing David that we are happy for him and we’ll always “be there” for him!
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The VIP in Beaver Creek was set up to celebrate David’s upcoming 21st birthday along with  the “My Kind Of Christmas” Tour coming to an end. It was also a time to congratulate David on his upcoming LDS Mission. The atmosphere was festive with a 20 foot fully decorated Christmas tree lighting the cozy lobby space, plenty of lighted garland adorning walls, and fancy mini cupcakes lacing plates on the refreshment table.

The room was also filled with emotions in anticipation of seeing David for the first time after his “special announcement” just two nights before. I think there was uncertainty as to how David was feeling and how it would be for him greeting others and then saying “good bye” in a sense to so many faces he’s come to recognize. But as David entered the room with Kari, all fears and apprehensions seemed to melt away. David came in wearing his 1000 mega watt smile, and HE WAS HAPPY. He was happy, joyful, and seemingly at great peace!! He greeted us and quickly addressed the question in some minds regarding music in his future: He assured us that although he will be leaving on his two year mission, he WILL NOT be leaving music and WILL continue his music career upon returning. He also shared that he will be able to use music (in some capacity) during his mission. And so many times he thanked the fans for allowing him to do all of “this.” Then after we sang to him, we lined up for photos.

It was a beautiful thing to stand back and watch as fans progressed through the greeting/photo line with David. Although the time was short, it was not rushed or interrupted (Thank you to Kari and Stix for being so amazing!!) There were so many  smiles, hugs, and tears. David was also told about the cards, letters, and gifts that had also been brought to BC for him by others!  It was all sooo good because David’s demeanor made it easy for us! As we moved into the theater to continue the acoustic and question portion of the VIP, I had a feeling that the entire night was going to be like a big celebration…and it was!!!

*note* I’ll be writing more of my recap when I catch up on a little sleep~ (hope that happens soon. 🙂

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A Beautiful ThankYou Vlog from David:

David uploaded a vlog from the side stage of the Vilar Performing Arts Center immediately following his show on Wed. night and uploaded it for us yesterday! He thanks everyone for the MKOC Tour, and lets us know that he’s “not finished yet” and there are a few more things to be done before he leaves on his mission. <—We’ll be watching and waiting David!

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Kari’s Nice Tweet

I think the tour has been a lot of fun for both David and Kari! I’m so HaPpY that she tweeted about future shows! “WE WILL DO IT AGAIN! ” <—I’m holding you to that @KariOnTour and @DavidArchie :)))

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VIP: Good Place/ Let It Be (uploads credit to Shelley)

VIP: Mary Did You Know

David singing Mary Did you Know  at the VIP was completely sublime. I am so very thankful that he shared this song with us! Thanks Shell_eeeyyy for the upload!

VIP: I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus

David chose this song to sing for us because he said it’s always been one of his favorites and that he tries to live by the lyrics. This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard!!!

I LOVE it so much, I’m going to follow it with another uploaded “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus”~ from Nancy @muldur (8throwcenter) Close your eyes and listen to David sing these lyrics that are so important to him…this is the “David” who has rocked my world; he truly is a beautiful child of God, and he’s following his heart 🙂

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About the Vids and Pics at The Vilar

I want all  of you to know how sincerely sorry we are for the lack of vids and pics there are from this (extremely important) concert in BC.  While there were no restrictions placed on cameras and recording devices during the VIP, it all changed prior the the show starting.

There were security personnel running back and forth incessantly stopping the use of any cameras or camera phones whatsoever. Unfortunately it became very disruptive. 🙁 We were told eventually that it was the artist’s desire that no photography be allowed. With that additional info, people put away their cameras….. well pretty much everyone I believe~

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Kim T’s Slideshow

Kim T. sent us the link to her photos from SLC and they are verrrry NICE!  Thank you Kim!!

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Lovely Photos From Janel In SLC

Janel also sent a NIIIIICE bunch of photos from the SLC show! Thank you Janel! You can click on the thumbnails to make them larger, or watch the slideshow. 🙂

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“Wait” Video to Premier Christmas Day!

(From JackRyan4DJA) Jack Ryan has uploaded a “teaser” for the “Wait” video which is due to debut on December 25th, 2011 at 8pm on Channel V in Hong Kong! David has told us this video is about losing someone, and from the little sneak peaks, he’s sure playing the part well; he looooks soooo sad. :((  😉 If these times are based on HK time, then the video might airing tomorrow (12/24) on our side of the world.


I used all caps on that title because I think it’s all cap worthy! I arrived back home last evening and opened my email for the first time in 3 days. (no smart phone and without internet for 3 days). EEK! I saw (counted) well over 40 Google alerts regarding David’s announcement to begin a mission and temporarily put his music career on hold. Also, his announcement on his The OfficialArchuleta  You Tube account has well over 360, 000 hits!!! Wonder where these same people are when David releases new music, but there’s certainly an interest in David going on a mission for his church, and that’s spreading another type of good news! 🙂 Click to read each of these articles (just a sampling for today.)

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