David Archuleta Wows Them in Beaver Creek! WOTWTC; Fan Pics; Masterclass Lady Shares Her Thoughts


More Precious Than Gold….

~ credit Shelley

An actual photo from the Beaver Creek Villar Performing Arts Center! Word on the street is that if anyone can get a ninja photo, it’s Shelley!  We’ll never know why photo security was dialed up to MAX last night, but anticipation for this final show of the MKOC Tour was running high throughout the fan base ~ and David DELIVERED!

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Flashback!  David Comes Full Circle

We didn’t have to wait long for our world to change when David auditioned for Season 7 of American Idol.  Watching this now I’m transported to 2008 when David’s impromptu duet with Randy Jackson resulted in an enthusiastic 100 million% YES from Randy, an “I wanna squish you” from Paula and “You’ve got three yes’es, you’re going to Hollywood” from Simon.  And the rest is history – I remember standing up in my living room and cheering when David got his golden ticket!

Waiting On The World To Change – American Idol Audition ~ credit radiatedspider

Fast forward to December, 2011 – nestled amid the snowy mountains of Beaver Creek Colorado,  the final show of the MKOC Tour features another duet – this time David and Jeff LeBlanc turn out a decidedly jazzy rendition of WOTWTC, a fitting way to bid farewell to this magical Christmas tour…. 100 million % YES! ~ credit marknilanjr

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Waiting By the Buses

Ahh memories, I’ve been waiting by the buses since the Idol Tour, and more often than not David has come out to sign autographs and take pictures.  A lot of my Tour memories have been waiting by the buses to see David haha! ~ credit youcancallmetina Hi There Mr Smiley!

David at the bus ~ credit Koko

~ credit zerogravity

~ credit zerogravity

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Love when David is in the newspaper!

Promo! ~ credit zerogravity

More Promo! ~ credit zerogravity









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Plethora of Pictures!

Pattycake24 shares some gorgeous pics of David from the SLC concert! Click to make bigger!

Shelley shares some of her lovely pics as well!

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Masterclass Lady shares her thoughts

Click the pic of David to read the article:

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This Crush Ain’t Going Away

As the tour bus rolled off into the snowy Colorado night, you could hear the collective sigh of a fan base coming to terms with what had just happened.  The last note of the MKOC tour had been sung, the last Christmas poem read on bended knee, the last Rockstar stance with drumsticks held in victory formation  – what do we do now? I put on CFTH and let David’s voice fill the room, looking for comfort in this uncertain time, wanting things to stay the same, yet knowing change is inevitable.  I am absolutely happy for David and support him 100%, but I do understand why some fans feel a sense of tremendous loss.  We’ve had David in our lives for four years, we’ve made friendships that we cherish, we have become an extended family that spans the globe.  We don’t want to lose that connection, we don’t want that feeling to end. There was a front page chat yesterday – and we logged in over 1,300  people who came to talk and share their feelings.  Many fans who had been less active over the years had come back to reconnect, and seeing them gave me a renewed sense of hope.  We have learned many lessons by being fans of David and one of them is to cherish what we have while we have it.  To treasure each moment we have together and never take anything or anyone for granted.  Jenny announced that FOD will continue to provide a meeting place for fans, and I plan on staying here for the long haul – two years will fly by – and we’ll be here to welcome David home – I can only imagine the music he will have to share with us then.  That thought makes me smile.

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