David Archuleta at Beaver Creek Tonight! SLC Vids & Pics; Archubuzz; KUED Interview; Tweets from Friends!


Voice of an Angel ~ Heart of a Lion

~ credit to ArchFan4ever

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An EPIC Experience! Beaver Creek Tonight!

Click on the pic of David to read all about it in the Vail Daily!

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Twitterlist for tonight’s VIP and Concert:



KUED – Utah Conversation Interview

David discusses the things that are most important to him – family, music, his charities and following his heart.  An insightful look at his journey from Idol to Mission.  He reveals his favorite song(s) – he couldn’t pick just one – and muses about his youthful looks and his future as a father – he has a soft spot for kids! (We knew that already) Click on the picture of David to watch the entire interview.

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Let’s have more pics!  Because we CAN!

~ credit to jenleighbarry


~ credit jenleighbarry

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SLC Vids from Abravanel Hall

TOSOD – SLC MKOC Tour 12/19/11

~ credit to ariespatty1

Sleigh Ride – SLC MKOC Tour 12/19/11
~ credit The DAmusicLover

Falalalala – SLC MKOC Tour 12/19/11

~ credit jtmim1234

Little Drummer Boy – SLC MKOC tour 12/19/11

~ credit to jtmim1234

O Holy Night – Anaheim MKOC Tour 12/17/11

~ credit ArchFan4ever
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Click on the picture of David to read the whole article

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Good Things Utah Discuss David’s Special Announcement

42-42 David Archuleta @ GTU’s TableTalk – TO SERVE A MISSION

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Tweets From Friends

Benton Paul, Jeff LeBlanc and Steven Rob hit twitter in support of David’s decision to pursue a full-time Mission.  Steven offers his observations to assure fans that David has no intention to quit music.

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Slide show of some pics from the California concerts courtesy of ArchFan4ever.  Love our pic with Stix!

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Bittersweet At Beaver Creek – We Bid Farewell To the MKOC Tour

Time flies when you’re having fun – in the case of the MKOC Tour, it was a time warp! How did three weeks go by so quickly? We blinked and here we are at Beaver Creek, the final stop on a wildly successful MKOC Tour.  The last stop on any tour is particularly memorable – all the energy built up over the weeks explodes at the final show.  Artists give 110% because they don’t have to “save” anything for the next show – I have always wanted to attend the last show of a David tour.

But this last show carries the weight of being the last show for at least two years – we are in unfamiliar territory – I want to be ecstatic, but part of me is simply sad.  Sad that I didn’t find some way to be there in Beaver Creek when David gives his farewell performance of the MKOC Tour.  Since Westbury I have watched David’s performances become more relaxed, more free.  Everyone kept saying “something is different about David” he is so happy and so smiley and really connecting with the fans. I got more autographs in a week than I have at all the previous concerts combined!

I think it was his way of saying goodbye to us for the two years that he will be away from music.  We have all gone through the gamut of emotions and arrived here at the final show of the tour as excited for David’s future as we are uncertain of our own as fans of this incredible artist.  I think we have all connected more with each other over the past few weeks.  I have witnessed amazing acts of generosity and kindness with fans helping each other in true DA fashion. This show is going to be EPIC – I’m praying for a live stream – and I’ll be sure to have a giant box of kleenex on hand!  When the final note is sung, I won’t say goodbye, I’ll stick with Aloha ~ until we meet again David, until we meet again.







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