David Archuleta Will Serve a Full LDS Mission; SLC Celebrates David’s Kind of Christmas; Buzz Has Begun; Looking Forward to Beaver Creek and Beyond


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The timely and eloquent post by Joanie (Suttygal) and Mary Lou (Pastel) last night deserves a re-post so I’m bringing it here in all its Archuwonderfulness:

We don’t always know where we are going or why we’re heading in a particular direction~ But if we trust in Him, He will lead us to the place where we are supposed to go. ~David Archuleta~

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A Mission Announcement

***Just a short post by Joanie (Suttygal) and Mary Lou (Pastel) to change the thread and update with David’s important news***

At the close of the climax of an incredible Christmas tour in his hometown among family, friends, and fans, David Archuleta made an announcement~ David has crossed a very critical bridge in his life…

He stood tearfully but proudly on the stage of Abravanel Hall and announced that he has chosen to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Normally these missions are two years in duration, and as to any specifics, we have none to offer at this time.

We here at FOD fully applaud and support David unconditionally knowing that he is a man driven first by his faith. David is also an artist who has consistently expressed his great love and gratitude for his fans. We have been blessed incredibly to have been “brought together” and dwell in this “Good Place” for well over three years now. We will continue to support his music and example in his absence.

I personally couldn’t be more proud of David tonight! This decision has been a desire (as he expressed) for a long time, and he shared it with bravery and poise in front of a packed Hall. Kari and David tweeted a recording of his announcement…..

David~ I hope you’ll know how much you are loved and supported in this decision. You, sir, are an amazing man who follows his faith, and follows his heart while sharing so much of yourself with all of us. What could be more beautiful?

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Salt Lake City – Home Sweet Home

~ credit to jenleighbarry

David Rocks Our World!

And last night was no different – I rushed home from work to catch the last 30 seconds of Little Drummer Boy on livestream – I even tweeted that there’s a downside to living in “paradise” – when it’s in a different time zone.  I watched the standing O and heard the thunderous applause as David exited the stage and I thought “Rats, I missed it!” I was not prepared for what came next.  The applause did not stop, and David came back on stage – ooh another encore…. and it was the encore of a lifetime.

O Holy Night
~ credit to booradleigh

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Take your pick! The gamut of emotions were as diverse as the fan base itself.  Twitter literally exploded when David made his special announcement in person, face-to-face in front of his hometown crowd.  Mr Archuleta never dials it in.

The courage of conviction it took to stand on that stage, as he has stood on countless stages before, and to speak from his heart, as he has spoken countless times before, to deliver this message to his fans – uncertain of our response, yet completely certain of his decision – David did what he does best, he etched himself onto our hearts… forever.

peacesignpam (@peacesignpam)
@myheartsong i still have this lump in my throat that will not go away

canadianarchie (@CanadianArchie)
we will cry, we will move forward, but we will never be the same. Been loved by the best.

Shelley (@Shell_eeeyyy)
I’m crying and am pretty much in shock!! I’m not crying as much as I was. I will be giving him the biggest hug in Beaver Creek.

JuleeK (@momJulee)
He does not exist solely to entertain us. He has principles he loves and holds dear. Be as ecstatic for him as he is right now.

Monica (@Monica2112)
He will be back, if we love him as much as we say we do, we must let him go.

zully g (@Zully_FOD)

jana (@Jana__OR)
It has been an honor to watch @davidarchie become the man he is today. He has given more to his fans than should be expected. I can WAIT. 🙂

Diane (@DianeFOD)
@peacesignpam My hubby said, are you crying? Duh, my heart is breaking, I will miss him so. Happy for him, sad for us. So many emotions!

annyo84 (@annyo84)
i’m so happy i can burst

jenn (@jenlalalovesdja)
david was my therapy. now what?

Fuad $teven (@FSteven)
So now what?

Danny Rasmussen (@dannyras)
This kid is a REAL American idol. Way to go, David!

nesireeeee ϟ (@nesdavey)
Days like these……. it’s hard to breathe…..

Vania Amelia (@vaniarchie)
“Hey guys, it’s David here” <- I’m gonna miss that :’)

Capri (@Capri_Andrea)
Worst Christmas/birthday present ever. But I have to be SO happy for him cause he’s doing what he’s been waiting to do. <3 @davidarchie love

JustMean SunToss (@jAsZcaLLmejAsz)

Arlene Larsson (@miasmom1)
@davidarchie So incredibly proud of you…you are such a shining example. Tears of joy and sadness…already missing you….

Weiyan haha. (@weiyannn)
the best standing ovation he’s ever received in his life. @DAVIDARCHIE YOUR WHOLE LIFE DESERVES A STANDING O.

Every possible emotion and still not enough to capture how we feel.  Every emotion is valid, every feeling is real – he said it would be the ride of our lives – now all we need to do is hang on.

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Buzz hit the news in a flash!

The Hollywood Reporter – click on the text below to read the article:

Deseret Newsclick here to go to the article

USA Today Idol Chatter – Brian Mansfieldclick here for the article

Watch for more buzz – there’s sure to be a bunch!

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To quote my bracelet:  No one sings it betta than David Archuleta!

~ credit to jenleighbarry

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SnowAngelz: Canadian Fans of David Archuleta Blog:

click here to read the entire blog and leave a comment!

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A Celebration of Music

Abravanel Hall was filled with an array of emotions as David gave an incredible performance singing the music he loves – Christmas music that captures the very essence of the season.  In my mind, David Archuleta and Christmas music are inseparable.  No matter how many times you’ve heard that old chestnut – when David sings a Christmas song, it is reborn and takes flight on the wings of angels.

This Christmas

~credit to 8throwcenter

Sharing what’s special about Silent Night- sings The First Noel

~credit to pattycake04

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Beaver Creek: Predicting an EPIC close to an AMAZING tour

If you don’t already have a ticket you’ll be at home, like me, waiting for pics and vids and hopefully a livestream!  As David brings his My Kind of Christmas tour to a close we can all reflect on what it truly means to be a Fan of David.  FOD has been a haven and a home for us – a place to gather and chat, share concert stories and plan our next tour adventures!

When one tour ended, I immediately began anticipating my next trip, waiting to hear David sing live again.  Four years goes by and one can get a little comfortable, it was easy to think we would go on like this forever, meeting up with friends and taking the infamous road trips that led us across  the country or watching grainy livestreams beamed to us from the other side of the globe.  With David, not only did we get to see a concert, we got to see the world.

David connects us.  Here there is a rhythm, a flow to our days that feels like a warm quilt and some hot cocoa – something we can count on.  It’s not surprising that David’s decision to go on a mission maybe caught us a little off guard – well, a LOT off guard – because change, even a good change, can be a scary thing.

When I read the tweets and talk to friends who have become my second family, there is the undeniable thread that we are all in this together, that being a true Fan of David means supporting him unconditionally 100%, no ifs ands or buts… it will be easier for some of us then others, but we have each other.  Like David sings – Lean on me when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on – I am comforted that in this time of change we still have each other and we will always have David’s music.

So you lucky fans who will see David in Beaver Creek  – BRING IT!  Celebrate his music and who he is as a person.  Represent for all of us – show him that we believe in him and support him unconditionally – because one thing I know to be an absolute truth is that in times like these, we just need to let go of our fears and…. Trust the Archuleta.












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